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  • Isa Argueta Mosquera

    I prefer the camera of the Google pixel.

  • Matthew Dubovik
    Matthew Dubovik 3 hours ago

    6:40 Now that's what you call a tech reviewer!

  • Average Gaming
    Average Gaming 3 hours ago

    You can’t be called iPhone 11 Pro because of the camera and screen! It doesn’t even have an Always-On display. How “PRO” is that? The Series 5 watch does, but not the newer phones? C’mon!!

  • Long Ho
    Long Ho 3 hours ago

    holy shit that's a p100d!

  • Nixon john
    Nixon john 3 hours ago

    Love to have the red one..

    ABHIJITH M B 3 hours ago

    I am sorry to say that apple iphones era is over

  • Mahyar
    Mahyar 3 hours ago

    Why TVclip recommended this now?

  • FalconGamer777
    FalconGamer777 3 hours ago

    "the price is 669, Nice"

  • Abdo Sobhy
    Abdo Sobhy 3 hours ago

    No one : TVclip : *recommends this*

  • Soumick Dey
    Soumick Dey 3 hours ago

    Didn't like the idea of making videos only for TVclip premium service. Maybe it's time to head for other channels who doesn't restrict video download for offline or for premium service. 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Rhythm's creativity
    Rhythm's creativity 3 hours ago

    Apple has removed 3d touch but why don't they fill the space with an headphone jack¿¿¿¿¿¿

  • A1marco 16
    A1marco 16 3 hours ago

    Apple's mitosis

  • JesusIsTheLord
    JesusIsTheLord 3 hours ago

    I am not on Twitter, therefore it would be better for me and all the people who are not on Twitter either if you did the giveaway through the TVclip comments. Thanks for your review.

  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry but it's ugly.

  • Maikel Peeters
    Maikel Peeters 3 hours ago

    Why skip this phone??? I have it for 19 months now...i bought a galaxy s10 plus last month...still liking the htc u ultra more! Planning to sell my galaxy s10 plus and just keep the bump? Not a problem 99% uses a case... No headphone jack...who cares... Analog old fashion connection..just use a good bluetooth headset! Mine is 19 months old light bleed in the have a faulty one

  • Snorré H
    Snorré H 3 hours ago

    You stole the Casey Neistat music intro thingy thing, y'all know wadda mean ya'll know maddafakkas, this is gangstashit raithear hahahahahahahahahahah

  • Turi AE
    Turi AE 3 hours ago

    1:16 now I understand why keeps on talking about his big hands 😱

  • Elijah Davis
    Elijah Davis 3 hours ago

    Apple copies Samsung

  • Elijah Davis
    Elijah Davis 3 hours ago

    Samsung does not copy apple

  • Mobius147
    Mobius147 3 hours ago

    Who found this on his recommended page in 2019? 😂

  • something new
    something new 3 hours ago

    Wow osm phone

  • Zycklacon
    Zycklacon 3 hours ago

    That phone looks mad tiny

  • soulXXXtaker
    soulXXXtaker 3 hours ago

    WTF TVclip ...why....😳

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 3 hours ago

    why is this in my recommended lol anyways wow 5.5" is huge.

  • Iam Boltzmann
    Iam Boltzmann 3 hours ago

    Just seeing how slow the Touch ID felt that time shows how long it has come and improved. Back then that was “Faster unlock”.

  • Nielsjan9
    Nielsjan9 3 hours ago

    Yes because this is what i need after the new iphone 11

  • pollutedelta
    pollutedelta 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to find his wallpaper?

  • David Foo
    David Foo 3 hours ago

    Can I just break the news to you...I just broke it

  • gerrit K
    gerrit K 3 hours ago

    whats up with caseys 368 intro music??:D

    JASON 3 hours ago

    Google pixel 4 will kill this trash iphone

  • KMo
    KMo 3 hours ago

    Marques Brownlee: "Comparing All the New Green Iphones" Markass Brownie: "Watch me flex these fly ass camo retro 1's with the new iPhone"

  • MD Ferdous
    MD Ferdous 3 hours ago

    mkbhd full form??

  • R P
    R P 3 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020!!

  • Vaggelis Grammatikos

    Casey neistat intro?

  • Niels Deckmyn
    Niels Deckmyn 3 hours ago

    The only thing missing is the double tap on the screen to switch from front to rear camera or the other way around.

  • Saddan Hussain
    Saddan Hussain 3 hours ago

    I am here to see comments from 2009

  • Ankit Srivastava
    Ankit Srivastava 3 hours ago

    MKBHD's sold out????

  • KDBM4
    KDBM4 3 hours ago

    Totally took this intro out of the Verge’s playbook. I see you 👀 ... still cool though

  • Aw Au
    Aw Au 3 hours ago

    The phone is a killer

  • Semih M
    Semih M 3 hours ago

    Little Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Jack Curley
    Jack Curley 3 hours ago

    Sick intro

  • Tahj Mynatt
    Tahj Mynatt 3 hours ago

    i needed this upgrade 😅 6 to 11 is well deserved

  • Gelo710
    Gelo710 3 hours ago

    50k ?! How tf was that not a salvage

  • Fardin Yousefi
    Fardin Yousefi 3 hours ago

    F*CK, I LOVE 3D touch !!

  • Lisa Lettse
    Lisa Lettse 3 hours ago

    That is not a phone. IT IS A FREAKING IPAD

  • Iftyyy
    Iftyyy 3 hours ago

    Give me 1500$ loan😭

  • Shahrin Shahon
    Shahrin Shahon 3 hours ago

    woo! Great

  • Turjo D Venom
    Turjo D Venom 3 hours ago

    Wow..great to see

  • White Lotus
    White Lotus 3 hours ago

    Did anyone need the plant move

  • Lyric
    Lyric 3 hours ago

    My favorite phone of all time

  • Rick Jasper
    Rick Jasper 3 hours ago

    If you’ve ever seen what happens to a membrane switch when a person with long fingernails tries to press them, you’ll know that the soft screen of the Galaxy Fold won’t last long with a person with long fingernails tapping and dragging their fingers across the screen repeatedly... and GOD FORBID a stylus is used on this screen.

  • Arnold Mslnkv
    Arnold Mslnkv 3 hours ago

    literally no one : ...... TVclip algorithm: HEY BRO wanna check this dope Note 2 video from 2013?

  • Nivedh Pradeep
    Nivedh Pradeep 3 hours ago

    Oh god is that you

  • Mario I/O
    Mario I/O 3 hours ago

    They change little stuff to make last year accessories old.

  • Nielsjan9
    Nielsjan9 3 hours ago

    because this is what i want to watch after looking at the iphone 11

  • nizar amanchar
    nizar amanchar 3 hours ago

    thank you man

    TRE BANDZ 3 hours ago

    It looks like they were inspired by the first Nintendo 3DS’s design

  • Joevanni soy yo
    Joevanni soy yo 3 hours ago

    OMG! You look so different

  • Azry Azizi
    Azry Azizi 4 hours ago

    love the camera. and the design of the cameras are not that bad actually.. coming from a pixel user

  • John Henry Grzyb
    John Henry Grzyb 4 hours ago

    I know that 5G is the big thing we’re pushing for in our society today. I do wonder why we are not talking about Li-Fi. Have you done any research on it yourself? From the TEDTalks I’ve seen, and the website of pure LI-Fi and a couple others, it seems like this would be better than 5G.

  • Rofern Fernandes
    Rofern Fernandes 4 hours ago

    Nah the istand is better than iphone 11 pro

  • Annaban
    Annaban 4 hours ago

    Love your review, really detailed! thank you

  • Team Stuffy
    Team Stuffy 4 hours ago

    2019: iPhone 11 is out TVclip recommendations decides to show me this cause I’m broke

  • CyKA BlyAT
    CyKA BlyAT 4 hours ago

    That dope 20 second intro deserves a fat dislike! Edit : untill 5 seconds later when i saw the intro 😅

  • natev3030
    natev3030 4 hours ago

    I love how you can just tell Marques thinks the notch is ass ugly. You know because it is.

  • Anonymous Peace
    Anonymous Peace 4 hours ago

    Back to the future: youtube algorithm edition

  • Christopher Metcalf
    Christopher Metcalf 4 hours ago

    It gets the ugliest phone award. Looks like to two phones with protruding camera lenses stacked on top of each other. I may consider once they're able to make it as thin as a normal phone and when it's folded, function like a normal phone with a full edge to edge screen. Right now it looks like a wallet with a palm pilot screen on it. Samsung needs to make kindle white type products with this. It could be a lot thinner and more practical because you could use it like a book.

  • Casey Ayuk-Tabi
    Casey Ayuk-Tabi 4 hours ago

    Windows 7lol

  • Casey Ayuk-Tabi
    Casey Ayuk-Tabi 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me watching this in 2019:😂😂😂👋🏿

  • Yong Jian
    Yong Jian 4 hours ago

    anyone has problem with notification for reminders? also they added a zoom box previously not there which is pretty annoying

  • Ismee
    Ismee 4 hours ago

    I will never own a phone with facial recognition unless it could be hard disabled. Hard to hang on to these skinny little phones with screens reaching right to the edge. Why not just make them thicker and DOUBLE (at least) the battery capacity. 7 days standby should be minimum standard.

  • Tommaso Carnabuci
    Tommaso Carnabuci 4 hours ago

    Why is this in my reccomended?

  • mud gamer
    mud gamer 4 hours ago


  • Chinedu Henry Anosike

    Does the phone have reverse charging feature?

  • king darius
    king darius 4 hours ago

    Love this damn phone

  • Salman Abdi
    Salman Abdi 4 hours ago

    I hope 🤞 u find a comment of 9 years a go

  • Aadi Srivastava
    Aadi Srivastava 4 hours ago

    Are you living in building which is in construction

  • Jure Lavtar
    Jure Lavtar 4 hours ago

    the intro gives me chills everytime

  • Juairt
    Juairt 4 hours ago

    Glass is glass

  • Ammar Wazir
    Ammar Wazir 4 hours ago

    Yo pixel 4 🤜🤛

  • Tolulope Oladele
    Tolulope Oladele 4 hours ago

    i really wish i could buy it but i got a question why is it not in the microsoft store

  • Adam Julian
    Adam Julian 4 hours ago

    Oww shss, recommendation

  • Isak s
    Isak s 4 hours ago

    i can't say that i like tessla, but i don't hate them either. they are pretty nice cars which are stupidly quick in a straight line. what i can say is that i really don't like the tessla styling, it really doesn't look good to my eyes. another thing that i really dislike about tessla is what they think about people fixing their own cars. they really dislike when people fix their own cars. it can for example be changing out a damaged door, but if you do it yourself aren't you allowed to charge at the supoercharging stations. so the big thing i don't like about tessla is how they handle the people who enjoy fixing their cars and want everybody to drive their cars to a tessla dealer so they can fix the car at stupidly high prices. but i really think the porsche looks good and i would rather go for an entry line porsche over the top of the line tessla

  • Jon G
    Jon G 4 hours ago

    Oh what that behind me? That’s just my $40k video file storage’s ok, I’m pretty happy with it.

  • Insert name HERE
    Insert name HERE 4 hours ago

    *Misaligned Wall Panels*

  • フレデリック
    フレデリック 4 hours ago

    Kreaspy kream green

  • Pro Rebel Separatist

    Could never get round this guy's weird mouth..

  • Corentin Vallet
    Corentin Vallet 4 hours ago


  • Dhamodharan V
    Dhamodharan V 4 hours ago

    Why TVclip doing this

  • Lego Blur Sotong
    Lego Blur Sotong 4 hours ago

    Nobody is complaining bout the price?

  • Arturo Gutierrez
    Arturo Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    Mark Ass Brownie

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie 4 hours ago

    why do we need so many cameras give it a year and your just going to have phones with cameras all over the back fucking stupid

  • Alessandro Stoli
    Alessandro Stoli 4 hours ago

    Well, it looks like you made it :D

  • Aristocrafied
    Aristocrafied 4 hours ago

    "pretty damn good" for that price ain't good at all..

  • Lewis Jason Roxas
    Lewis Jason Roxas 4 hours ago


  • Saloni Wadhwa
    Saloni Wadhwa 4 hours ago

    My wallet dose not hurt because I did not buy this phone. Yours did hurt

  • Ralph Lin
    Ralph Lin 4 hours ago

    Tooooo many DBRAND sponsored videos, Im starting to hate DBRAND

  • Omar F. Issa
    Omar F. Issa 4 hours ago

    What update is running now?

  • hafizkhan143
    hafizkhan143 4 hours ago

    Question for including in full review: is iphone 11 pro portrait mode photo better than iphone 11 portrait mode photo due to additional telephoto lens?

  • Ramesh s.a
    Ramesh s.a 4 hours ago

    Am here to know what is K in his name