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  • Xlr8t
    Xlr8t 2 minutes ago

    “So I now have it around for two weeks and here are my thoughts”

  • Ashraf Ali
    Ashraf Ali 2 minutes ago

    Rip legend. He can never be replaced

  • A S Rajon
    A S Rajon 3 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe and Gigi 🤲🏻

  • John Wick
    John Wick 5 minutes ago

    Is the pixel better than iphone

  • Xander Marin
    Xander Marin 5 minutes ago

    It was good seeing your getting Chipotles on Friday night LOL

  • Jan Beukers
    Jan Beukers 5 minutes ago

    The point that he is trying to make is partially true. Bose was making wireless earbudds a long time before apple started doing it and still it is on the copy list (5:34). Jbl is not on the list, they started making wireless earbudds around the same time bose did. Apple (just like a lot of other big electronics developers) copied companys like bose and jbl becouse the marketpotential was verry high. However, apple did sky rocketed that marketpotential by being the first to remove the audiojack. I personally like having a audiojack on my phone, becouse I like to have the freedom of choosing myself. A lot of people did not mind not having a audiojack and got an iphone and some also got the airpods with it. Almost every big electronics company criticised apple for doing it and in a way apple deserved the hate. However all the companies that critisised apple and later copied their way of selling an extra product deserves at least just as mutch hate if not more.

  • Mirai
    Mirai 5 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe

  • Krishiv04
    Krishiv04 8 minutes ago

    wow. watching this video 3 years ago for the first time and my 5th time returning never thought i’d say, kobe is no longer here.

  • David plays
    David plays 8 minutes ago

    Just dont bend it and it will live a long happy life lol

    MUHAMMAD AZAAN 8 minutes ago

    Randomly in recommended

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 8 minutes ago

    The Brand Mpow has come great headphones, and there cheap, you should look them up... nice video !! thnks !!

  • Media and mayonnaise
    Media and mayonnaise 9 minutes ago

    Hot ones w/ Elon musk

  • WeaponControls
    WeaponControls 10 minutes ago

    Rest in peace Kobe Bryant!

  • Dhruv Patel
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    isakdinhox 14 12 minutes ago

    RIP 1978 2020

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  • Mirwais Marjan
    Mirwais Marjan 13 minutes ago

    Who is here after the death of legend KOBE BRYANT😭??

  • Komrad Jan
    Komrad Jan 13 minutes ago

    Well this aged badly

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  • Zak Super
    Zak Super 16 minutes ago

    RIP To the legend- thumps Up

  • Feer Ducker
    Feer Ducker 16 minutes ago

    jerk machine

  • Matan M
    Matan M 18 minutes ago

    Watching this after his death is kinda sad....

  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman 19 minutes ago

    R.I.P Kobe

  • Gary Evans
    Gary Evans 19 minutes ago

    I wish I could afford one of these but I could only get the 7th gen and pencil. But I don’t use my iPad for work or anything near needing a pro. I did get the pencil and I love it.

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan 22 minutes ago

    RIP kobe Bryant

  • Flxmme
    Flxmme 23 minutes ago

    Honestly, this video is ass. The airpods pro sound way better than the regular airpods, with deeper base more detailed mids and clean highs. Also the noise canceling is not nearly as powerful as he says.

  • tobs
    tobs 23 minutes ago

    “... hangable..”

  • Nicolas FERNANDEZ
    Nicolas FERNANDEZ 25 minutes ago

    the CEO of any other car company will be with his technical chief, with no fucking idea about how is actually (on site) working

  • Air Supply
    Air Supply 27 minutes ago

    you tube algorithm is generously wired ..... RIP Kobe

  • Sabir Hossain
    Sabir Hossain 28 minutes ago

    Nice 👍

  • Sarah
    Sarah 30 minutes ago

    WHY DO THE BEST PEOPLE ALWAYS GO FIRST 😖😖 2020 is doing humanity dirty

  • Samuel Oketcho
    Samuel Oketcho 34 minutes ago

    :( RIP King!!!!!

  • Jack Acer
    Jack Acer 35 minutes ago

    I imagine scrolling through TVclip videos with my S pen while the phone is not in my hand. The phone is pretty big, so some users might get tired always holding it in hand while watching or reading.

    SHΛDØWΞ 35 minutes ago

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant

  • TSM DelloRian
    TSM DelloRian 35 minutes ago


  • Panda30caleb
    Panda30caleb 37 minutes ago

    I saw this in my recommendation and I was so happy I watched the whole thing. Rest easy Legend 🤍🤍🤍

  • Illya K
    Illya K 37 minutes ago

    No google no buying

  • Ly He
    Ly He 38 minutes ago

    Mini XLR it shall be!

  • ahpadt
    ahpadt 40 minutes ago

    "a holder for the CPU" you said WAT

  • AtrumNoxProductions
    AtrumNoxProductions 40 minutes ago

    Congratulations! This is very exciting! You have put a lot of work into this!

  • Frank John
    Frank John 41 minute ago

    Justine is so pretty and she has such a beautiful voice. Calming to see and to hear her.

  • Richard Stuckey
    Richard Stuckey 43 minutes ago

    This is epic!

  • Inferno XI
    Inferno XI 44 minutes ago

    I really enjoyed this interview you posted you went over things, that I have had questions for a long time. 😎

    PRIVATE INFO 44 minutes ago

    I broken

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson 44 minutes ago

    But the way we see the 1000th one is 1001 times compressed for us

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  • Hu u Yes
    Hu u Yes 45 minutes ago

    Hello guys from 2013, i’m from the future. Iphone has’nt change from this time. Only the priceeeeee. And with 2-3 camera. Yes.

  • AlienSpirit
    AlienSpirit 48 minutes ago

    Channel name : Marques Brownlee TVclip : f*ck it imma use mkbhd

  • Pine. Apple
    Pine. Apple 50 minutes ago

    Drop a like if you remember the time in the early 1700’s when you had to listen to music live I can still remember attending a performance of Haydn when I was younger. 😁

  • Dante van Gemert
    Dante van Gemert 50 minutes ago

    3:00 5kg definitely isn't 2 liters lol More like 5 liters, or you have a very dense soda

  • Cheesy Twat
    Cheesy Twat 51 minute ago

    Lou. * face in hands " I'm switching to TVclip diamond button "

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    Ashwin sudheer 53 minutes ago

    May it would be done at the space under the notch. .

  • Shashwat Tated
    Shashwat Tated 53 minutes ago

    No matte black version found Uhhh

  • Hank F.
    Hank F. 54 minutes ago

    Why youtube always recommening old videos when someone dead Thats makes me even sadder

  • PremiumMoto TV
    PremiumMoto TV 55 minutes ago

    wow, good they didn't wrap this in old newspaper

  • Carprincess
    Carprincess 57 minutes ago

    Lots of companies laugh at Apple and then copy their ideas.

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  • Junito Punto Comm

    I'm Getting real Closed to get it Too...I'm only 9,999,830 Subs Away !! Can Y'all Help Me??

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    Blacc Keyz Hour ago

    Could’ve shine it first before shooting the vid fam. I’m just saying...

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards Hour ago

    "For you tech people" - who else is watching this?

  • Junito Punto Comm

    I'm disappointed...The Diamond Button is Not real a Diamond. Lol

  • Kareem Rashad
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  • manju karkal
    manju karkal Hour ago

    Hey Marques!! Just couple of days ago i watched your Altech Lansing speaker review!! That was roughly 9 yrs old, i guess.. And now this!! Wow!! Congratulations, you have come a loooong long way!!👏🤯

  • Carl Xu
    Carl Xu Hour ago


  • Myke H
    Myke H Hour ago

    well deserved!

  • Paul Monks
    Paul Monks Hour ago

    Those wires hanging underneath make me feel sick lol

  • Yorka Seona
    Yorka Seona Hour ago

    Hdhduc 2ux 7bc8enx Hahhahahaha Iejdwnjwjf a Marques Fieefj7ehxilofl ololol XD

    AB SHDED Hour ago

    Very cool

  • Mark Harvey
    Mark Harvey Hour ago

    Your tin foil hat is getting tighter every year. You seriously think a company develops a credit card with the primary intent of keeping you in their ecosystem? No company can deliver the amount of experience and detail this credit card product experience has, AS YOU EXEMPLIFIED IN YOUR REVIEW, without having full control of the end-to-end experience, as only Apple has. But please keep talking about the walled garden and headphone jacks.

  • iiDarkk
    iiDarkk Hour ago

    Of course this get recommended...

    • --
      -- Hour ago

      exactly... 😕

  • sunny mittra
    sunny mittra Hour ago

    T Series got the Red Diamond play button way before that Peudipie ! Improve your GK dude.

  • Tiger In the Desert

    Real question “Will it blend?”

  • vicelike cow
    vicelike cow Hour ago

    In my recommendations right after he died

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    Bugheanu Mario Hour ago

    Rip kobe

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    rest in peace

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    When he's dead everyone cares

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    Yes TVclip recommendations 2020

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    Now? Thats how you get some more views.

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  • 10,000 subscribers with 0 videos

    *Nowadays, TVclip diamond play button is a next level device and MK really reviewed it!*

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    2:35 “i think only pewdiepie has gotten" FYI MKBHD, “T-Series has gotten the first 100M play button"

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    It's a $100 deposit. Diamond play button for basically doing nothing. Welcome to the future of skill-less people.

  • Sir Luke the Modest

    How on earth is THIS on my recommended NOW?! 😭... RIP

  • Scouzeboy
    Scouzeboy Hour ago

    Greetings from Australia. A great video. After all this time the note 9 is still a valid phone in 2020. I was considering buying a new note 10 plus but from evidence supplied via this medium this phone still rocks and the audio is superior. That is why I bought an A1 grade used model for as little as Aus $500. This phone has still got it.

  • Piyush Singh
    Piyush Singh Hour ago

    No headphone jack?

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    2020: GG

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