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Spooky LIVE Q&ASpooky LIVE Q&A
Spooky LIVE Q&A
2 months ago
OnePlus 5 Review!OnePlus 5 Review!
OnePlus 5 Review!
7 months ago
Dear Twitter!Dear Twitter!
Dear Twitter!
7 months ago
Dear Samsung!Dear Samsung!
Dear Samsung!
9 months ago
Dear Apple! (2017)Dear Apple! (2017)
Dear Apple! (2017)
10 months ago

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  • Ivan Pereira
    Ivan Pereira Month ago

    Hey can u do a review on the Nokia 8

  • Tony B George
    Tony B George Month ago

    how can i contact u

  • night revan
    night revan Month ago

    Bro where is oneplus 5t full review waiting for that :)

  • FriendFilmsTheWorld

    Okay. I have a similar mentality to the whole "shot on iPhone" phenomenon. I am not a fan of how the videos sell an image that's largely unattainable from a stock camera phone lens. It'd be really interesting to see more content shot EXCLUSIVELY on a stock phone.
    ... actually...
    Here's a challenge: Shoot an entire video for your youtube channel on your first TVclip setup... I know you've got a few videos that you've made that highlight the gear that you use TODAY, but I'd be interested to see if the skills that you've picked up over the years (both in production and post-production) get held back by your hardware... I'm curious about how heavily you lean on you gear.
    I want to be clear, I'm not saying that your videos are good because your gear is good (your videos are good because you've gotten good at making videos, not because you shoot in 8K with skypanels in a 1 billion sq. ft. studio), I'm just curious about what would happen if you went back to your original youtube setup. Call it the "back to the roots" challenge. You, TLD, UAC, Austin, Lew, Krystal, and (oh goodness, this would be hilarious) Linus are all welcome to the challenge. Looking forward to it. It'd be an interesting commentary on all the opinions out there regarding the conversations around GEAR vs. TALENT.

  • Juan Pablo Apaolaza

    Seria genial que le pusieras subtitulos a los vídeos, realmente me encanta tu canal pero muchas veces tengo que usar los subtitulos de youtube con la traducción automática y realmente que no entiendo nada, tal vez es algo que no estes interesado pero seria algo genial.
    Espero que lo leas por lo menos XD

  • The Wimpy Kid
    The Wimpy Kid Month ago

    pls send me a phone from the giveaway I have subscribed to u and I am a big fan of yours and of dbrand as well I follow u and dbrand on Instagram as well

  • Meet G
    Meet G Month ago

    I have never waited for a movie as much as I am waiting for your today's video. *Wink Wink*

  • Ammar Fd
    Ammar Fd Month ago

    why wont you review the xz preimuim from sony, it got a 4k screen i thought you would be interessted in such thing

  • Sai Sirish
    Sai Sirish Month ago

    Hi Marques. I'm eagerly waiting for the "Dream Smartphone 2017" and "Smartphone Awards 2017" videos. Hope you upload the 1st video this year. It has been a long time since you made that video! (2014 to be specific)

  • Satwant Singh
    Satwant Singh Month ago

    Hey...its the end of the year, can please do best laptop(ultrabook) to video...that would be great..!!

  • Achilles De Pelecijn

    Just a tip - If you talk about the tesla 3 for example. Pleas give some other camera angles - like show the car a bit more you know

  • Samuel Galindo
    Samuel Galindo Month ago

    Yo MKBHD! Mad props on the vidz. Your style and crispiness have come a long way over the years. Keep up the good work! I was wondering what your stance is on the state of Android Wear. I was once a long time Android lover but I switched to Apple since the 6s. Mostly due to fragmentation and ecosystem quirks. I am considering switching back because the Pixel 2 seems dope. My Series 1 Apple watch lost adhesiveness and the screen is loose. I love it. My decision to switch may come down to smartwatch pros-cons. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? I saw Google mentioned you in the Pixel 2 commercial. They listen to you bruv!

  • Magnus Ekestubbe
    Magnus Ekestubbe Month ago

    How come you are ignoring so many great new phones? Like the LG V30 or all the HTC and Huawei phones.

  • Brian Lynch
    Brian Lynch Month ago

    Hey MKBHD,
    Will you be doing a comprehensive review of the OnePlus 5T??
    Would be interested to see how it matches up against the more expensive alternatives

  • XdestructoX 17
    XdestructoX 17 2 months ago

    LG V30 review?

  • Pablo Costa
    Pablo Costa 2 months ago

    any idea when the Hydrogen One (RED phone) will give us more info???

  • Joe Mabi
    Joe Mabi 2 months ago

    Hey MKBHD, just wanted to ask what type of phone would recommend a for a doctor? thanks.

  • tanush216
    tanush216 2 months ago

    Hi new subscriber here, wondering what phone do you use day to day? since you review so many phones and tech, what do you use daily?

  • Stu diet
    Stu diet 2 months ago

    1+5T usage review please!

  • Ellen Furman
    Ellen Furman 2 months ago

    I so very much want your opinion on a few phone cameras. You seem terrifically busy, but I'll ask anyway. Huawei Mate 10/10 Pro ( think camera unit is same on both), ZTE Axon 7 and HTC 11. Am on a budget, so have been thinking about lg v20 as well (then I watched your video on the v30). One Plus 5t was very high on my list until I did your blind test - disappointingly not once did I chose A (think that was op5t). Have a major depression so should be listening to music which I believe the lg, htc + axon 7 would be good for - haven't read about sound on op5t/mate. A while back Xiaomi looked interesting for a couple of days esp the Mi Mix and lately was thinking about Nokia 8 but think it may have been voted down. Yes. Your videos are quality best wishes for you and all your endeavors, ebf
    I learned of you via the comment section of a DXO review, watched your video on DXO, read what I thought were some misguided responses, and salutations from your many admirers, and even left a comment myself.

  • rakibul2010islam
    rakibul2010islam 2 months ago

    Your presentation is awesome man. Thanks for the videos :)

  • shashank dammalapati
    shashank dammalapati 2 months ago

    do a video on surface book 2

  • Pranay Gupta
    Pranay Gupta 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD! First of, really amazing videos that you make with a top notch quality. I would want you to make a comparison video of premium android smartphones which includes Note8, Pixel2XL, Oneplus5T and maybe one of HTC or LG phones. Thank you!

  • TommyJLion
    TommyJLion 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD why are you not doing any sony Xperia reviews? We want to know an expert review of their new devices with new features like 3d scan and super slow-mo 960fps.

  • kornel295
    kornel295 2 months ago

    you HAVE TO do a video about the new Tesla :O :O <3

  • Omar Hamroud
    Omar Hamroud 2 months ago

    I am 16 years old. I live in Morocco, Kenitra. I am dreaming that I have an iPhone but my social situation does not allow my parents to provide it to me. So I will help you if you can

  • Joshua Cremeans
    Joshua Cremeans 2 months ago

    whats you thoughts on the screen for the pixel 2 xl

  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 months ago

    Thanks for all the great videos! Definitely the first channel I turn to when something new is released. Will you be reviewing the Huawei Kirin 970?

  • daa89
    daa89 2 months ago

    Waiting for the 2017 phone lineup :)
    Keep up the good work, Marques. I feel like your channel is the best of its sort on youtube.

  • Ricky Koo
    Ricky Koo 2 months ago

    What is that apple watch red and gray band you're using?

  • Devin Bora
    Devin Bora 2 months ago

    Anyone know how Marques made his profile pic?? I'm dying to know.

  • Mayur r Mayur
    Mayur r Mayur 2 months ago

    hey... I am huge nokia fan... I am still using Nokia Lumia730, I have to switch to new phone, I hate android because it is so common and i os pulls me off... could you please suggest me to buy a new phone.... please

  • Ashwin George
    Ashwin George 2 months ago

    MKBHD - Please do the Oneplus 5T unboxing. Is it worth an upgrade?

  • Mark Woodbury
    Mark Woodbury 2 months ago

    Marques, Great videos and reviews. Keep up the great work and i will continue to tune in!!!

  • ManojloRnR1988
    ManojloRnR1988 2 months ago

    Hi there Marques, will u be doing vs test of Moto G5 Plus and Moto E4 Plus? Best regards.

    NABEEL NAJEEM 2 months ago

    Waiting for the review of Razor phone & iphoneX!

  • Renzokuken
    Renzokuken 2 months ago

    iPhone X full review please Marques!!!

  • Pradeep Kumar R
    Pradeep Kumar R 2 months ago

    Hey MKBHD, are you attending the oneplus 5T launch event ?

  • Liki Toonz
    Liki Toonz 2 months ago

    I saw one video where you had only 70 subscribers even though you did 100 videos. What was that video that changed the channel subscription to hit few mark.

  • jeslinestanly 007
    jeslinestanly 007 2 months ago

    hey marques,
    i saw a video by casey neistat abut demonetisation .how much did it affect you and wht is your comment on that

  • Preston Granger
    Preston Granger 2 months ago

    Stop talking about headphones. You know nothing about audio and are duping consumers with your misinformation. Stop.

  • santo shini
    santo shini 2 months ago

    hey I lost my oneplus one recently and i have locked my phone with the help of google .Will anyone be able to look into my phone data even after locking it and also having a pattern pass code on my phone .

  • ian badzz
    ian badzz 2 months ago

    Still waiting for the iPhone X full review even though I can't buy it :D

  • Luxury Wrist Watches
    Luxury Wrist Watches 2 months ago

    You make the highest quality videos on TVclip. Thank you for that!

  • Sahil Mishra
    Sahil Mishra 2 months ago


  • Tobias Ernstberger
    Tobias Ernstberger 2 months ago

    Mate 10 review?

  • shift23hs
    shift23hs 2 months ago

    Do you have any plans to review the Sony XZ1?

  • Timothy Durden
    Timothy Durden 2 months ago

    hey! have you heard of the "light phone"? Are they real? and are there other phones that work the same way? Like connecting to a smart phone, but just including text/call so you don't have to carry around a smart phone and be distracted by it

  • jack flew
    jack flew 2 months ago

    Marques! Why haven't you done a Nintendo Switch vid of your thoughts?

  • Dinah Bolli
    Dinah Bolli 2 months ago

    Marques, will you make videos about VR consoles? Thank's a lot for all the effort and motivation, I love your videos!

  • Shivjit Sandhu
    Shivjit Sandhu 2 months ago

    Hi Marques. Can you please do speaker comparison between the Pixel XL2 and the LG V30 and let us know which one sounds better.

  • gscmu
    gscmu 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD, Between Oneplus 5 and Pixel 2, which one would you recommend? The camera functionality is not important to me so besides that why would one pick say Pixel 2 over a Oneplus 5? I assume Oneplus 5 would also get the Oreo 8.0 update soon.

  • anoop sb
    anoop sb 2 months ago

    Hey MKBHD, No new videos.. Its been 3 days you had posted anything....

  • Baktash Gorgani
    Baktash Gorgani 2 months ago

    I feel like if your input was involved...the potential for the greatest phone ever is are literally QA

  • Dobroslav Dobrikov
    Dobroslav Dobrikov 2 months ago

    Hey Marques, I was wondering I just switched over to the pixel 2 xl from iPhone 7 plus. So far its not bad, my screen seems to be one of the better ones. I was wondering however should I return it and get the one plus5t when it comes out? $300 cheaper plus a better battery and the new larger screen seem very appealing, and it has super fast charging. Unlike the pixel with is somewhat fast but not as fast as they made it out to seem when they first announced it. As a college student both seem great but not sure if the pixel is worth the 300 difference? Maybe it's camera and stock android experience can make up for it? Only have a week to decide before it is too late to return but not enough time to see the one plus 5t release :(

  • Samawat Zakir Manob
    Samawat Zakir Manob 2 months ago

    pls do htc u11 review

  • Salman Tahir
    Salman Tahir 2 months ago

    please do a video about the pixel 2 XL screen burn in problem

  • Basel Jaber
    Basel Jaber 2 months ago

    Hi Marques, can you do full review for LG V30

  • david naidoo
    david naidoo 2 months ago

    Hi Marques what is your daily phone now that the iphone X is out? If it is apple, why choose apple over android?

  • Dilip Chawla
    Dilip Chawla 2 months ago

    Put a video on OLED vs Super LCD

  • Jeremy Catalan
    Jeremy Catalan 2 months ago

    anything on the jaybird runs?

  • p3rsi4n1
    p3rsi4n1 2 months ago

    LG V30 full review, PLEASE Marques Q.Q

  • Tyler Cyert
    Tyler Cyert 2 months ago

    Hey Marques, I was just wondering if you would recommend the Essential Phone now that its 450 dollars.

  • Jonathan Scher
    Jonathan Scher 2 months ago

    Can you do a review of your top 5 bluetooth earbuds of 2017?

  • PeppiPlays VG
    PeppiPlays VG 2 months ago

    Where do you get your pc backgrounds?

    JAYA KRISHNAN 2 months ago

    hi mkbhd you are making many videos of smartphone so what you will do with these all phones you can give it to people who did not have these all phones or you can give it to me also

  • Sanjay Menon
    Sanjay Menon 2 months ago

    Make a video about upcoming oneplus 5T or 6!

    AKHILESH CHANDER 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD, just want to know what is area of improvement for any phone as it reached to full display , leaving upgrading camera and processor things?

  • Bhavik Shah
    Bhavik Shah 2 months ago

    Hey there
    TO start with I will say that your reviews are the most reliable ones. Doing great. Keep it up.
    I am out to buy wireless earphones like AirPods. I like the beoplay E8 by Bang and Olufsen but unfortunately can't try it (not available in my country as of now). If you could do a review on E8, it will be great.
    Thanks. Cheers.

  • Shrawan Joseph
    Shrawan Joseph 2 months ago

    More Tesla S videos plis

  • Nikesh Kandasamy
    Nikesh Kandasamy 2 months ago

    Waiting for the review bro

  • thebreatho
    thebreatho 2 months ago

    Dude... 6M views in 4 days on the iPhone X video! That's insane! Congratulations! :)

  • Arepalli Hima Krishna
    Arepalli Hima Krishna 2 months ago

    hey i follow all your reviews on smartphones. I have a question....why don't you do reviews on sony xperia smartphones?

    • Sai Harsha
      Sai Harsha 2 months ago

      because sony is dead. right now it only sells camera sensors to other companies.

  • Jeff Pierre
    Jeff Pierre 2 months ago

    hey, just wondering can you do a video on how Tor network works. would be great if you did.

  • wyha7
    wyha7 2 months ago

    Any chance you have seen or able to share any updates regarding the RED Hydrogen phone.

  • robert g
    robert g 2 months ago

    do a review on the newer sony phone with the 4k display

  • Vama Shah
    Vama Shah 2 months ago

    Hi, love your videos. Really to the point and about things that matter.
    I am looking to get a new phone. SUPER CONFUSED as everyone I am sure. Pixel 2, Iphone 8, X? or 7 is the best model to get right now? (bit of an apple fan) HELLLPP PLEASE!

  • everlasting207
    everlasting207 2 months ago

    Is LG V30 full review coming? I'd like to see how the P-OLED display on that fairs compared to the same P-OLED display found on pixel 2 xl

  • Philippe Lasfargues
    Philippe Lasfargues 2 months ago

    Hello Marques, will you have a look at the htc u11 plus? thank you. Philippe

  • Peh Lambert Go
    Peh Lambert Go 2 months ago

    Hi Marques, HTC U11+ just got released. Can't wait for your review to come out!

  • Rik Arkema
    Rik Arkema 2 months ago

    Hi Marques, can you make a video on the Huawei Matebook X?

  • Isa Hashem
    Isa Hashem 2 months ago

    MKBHD. thank you :)

  • Jasper T.
    Jasper T. 2 months ago

    Can you please do a "dear xxx" video asking them to please put big batteries and good cameras together. I like the Xiaomi Mi Max 2's 5000 mah battery but want the camera on Google Pixel 2. I won't buy flagship phones anymore because of their lousy battery lives, but I miss the great cameras :(

  • TheMikinoki
    TheMikinoki 2 months ago

    sony Headphones h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless vs sony Headphones h.ear on Wireless?

  • yerbah1
    yerbah1 2 months ago

    With newer phones becoming more and more expensive, I think it would be cool to see a video about what 1 or 2 year old phones still hold their own against the new flagships in the power department.

  • Joost V
    Joost V 2 months ago

    Hi Marques,
    I truly like watching your videos! I'm not sure if it's ment to be asked here, but as you might have guessed already; I have a question. I own a Macbook pro 2012 and replaced my HDD for an SSD. However, I didn't update my RAM and also think that I don't need to. So, here the question: Do I need to clean my RAM sometimes and how should I do this? Is this something you do? I was unable to find something useful on the internet, but that might be due to my lack of knowledge on such topics. I'd very much like to hear from you, but also understand that you're not google:)
    Kind regards,
    Joost (from the Netherlands)

  • Michael Foged Petersen

    Does a phone with higer capacity use more power than the same phone just with less capacity? Like an iPhone x 64gb compared to iPhone x 256gb

  • Saeusse
    Saeusse 2 months ago

    Hey MKBHD... Are you going to review the huawei Mate10?

  • Rakesh Rajappan
    Rakesh Rajappan 2 months ago

    Hi Marques Brownlee(MKBHD),
    Thanks for all your awesome videos regarding all the gadgets and equipment's.
    Your Fan (Rakesh)

  • Keith Keller
    Keith Keller 2 months ago

    Hey MKBHD! Would you mind reviewing Samsung DeX?

  • dz merouane
    dz merouane 2 months ago

    svp abonnez fma chane

  • William Yang
    William Yang 2 months ago

    Jaybird Freedom 2 and Run Review?

  • Ahmad Zikri Nor Azlan
    Ahmad Zikri Nor Azlan 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD love all your video. Keep it up

  • Vicentiu Nae
    Vicentiu Nae 2 months ago

    Sony WH-1000XM2 - I am waiting for you video. Thx.

  • Tomasz Holizna
    Tomasz Holizna 2 months ago

    Hi Marques I just want to tell YOU,that for me Your tech reviews are the best in class and accurate, thats my opinion from EUROPE, IRELAND:)

  • Bryan Stephens
    Bryan Stephens 2 months ago

    ALCON, what do you guys recommend for the best front glass protection on your new iPhone Xs??

  • Steven Lawrence
    Steven Lawrence 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD, I'm stuck looking for a new Android phone but not sure what to buy. At the moment I'm using the Samsung note 4, can you or someone help me out??????

  • عندليب | 3ndleep

    do a video about using a smart phone as a pc monitor

  • Adrian Almeida Aroche
    Adrian Almeida Aroche 2 months ago

    Have you made a full review of Samsung Note 8? Please, I really need it, I have a Iphone 7 plus and I would like to change to Note 8, but battery stop me. are enough 3300mhp for this huge phone? greeting from Cuba.

  • Jarryd Manuel
    Jarryd Manuel 2 months ago

    Hi Marques, when could we expect a full LG V30 review from you?

  • Paul Bamber
    Paul Bamber 2 months ago

    Love your channel... Are you going to be doing a V30 review anytime soon???

  • Ivan Čarapović
    Ivan Čarapović 2 months ago

    Hey there. Since this trend with removing the headphone jack from phones shows no signs of stopping, would you do a video on Type-C headphones? Like are there any on the market we can actually buy, how they compare, would you recommend them or stick to dongles etc.

  • Dominic Ouellet
    Dominic Ouellet 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD, quick question for you... I have to change my phone ( galaxy s6 ) should I stay with samsung and get an S8 or change for pixel 2?

  • Caleb Parnell
    Caleb Parnell 2 months ago

    whats going on with the pixel 2 and 2 xl, should we cancel our pre-orders or will google take care of these problems that are arising?

  • Tanigai Arasu
    Tanigai Arasu 2 months ago

    Any idea about the Asus Z3 Venom.. Keep posting tech videos.. kudos..

  • Subroto M
    Subroto M 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD,
    I have been watching your videos on cell phone reviews and frankly like your videos. I recently checked your review of the Google Pixel 2. The phone lineage is great no doubt about it. I also heard great reviews on it from you, but also something that you should be including in your videos is the problem that we face and that google or their vendor partner never address.
    I am speaking of the boot loop issue that has marred all the google phones starting from Nexus 5. You can do a google and learn more about it. Both google and their vendor partners are aware of it but have not provided any solution yet. And just in case you face this issue with their phone after the 12 month warranty period, you have nothing but, depending on the cost of the phone a 600-800$ junk sitting on your desk.
    The reason I am writing to you is because, the way I am influenced by your reviews and make decision on whether to buy a phone or not. You should also make videos on this issue so people are aware before they decide whether to but the device or not. If i am spending 600$ on a phone, the least i expect is, it works out for at least 2 years if not more. And it should be my call to decide when i should do away with the phone rather than the fact that the the phone has faults and i need to replace it because the provider is not willing to give me a solution.
    Looking forward to a response from you.
    Please Note: This request from me to you is purely because i got into a tussle with google with their nexus 6P device that is just 15 months old and has the bootloop issue. The phone physically is in a great condition and now neither Google nor Huawei is willing to provide me a fix and instead are suggesting i buy a new device. Right now i do not have the time and means to make a video of my own. But I am requesting to all prominent reviewers this.

  • Billy G
    Billy G 2 months ago

    please review the Hasselblad x1d

  • Edy Karniawan Tunreng
    Edy Karniawan Tunreng 2 months ago

    erm what do you think about the new Huawei Mate 10 & Mate 10 PRO?

  • Karlo Vucko
    Karlo Vucko 2 months ago

    Hi MKBHD can you please do rewiew on a SONY XPERIA L1 2017 MODEL. I whould love that.

  • Pratap Ankale
    Pratap Ankale 3 months ago

    sir your my god....

  • Alexandru Bottea
    Alexandru Bottea 3 months ago

    Yo mkbhd. Could you please talk about the potential screen issues the pixel 2 might have?

  • Henderson Collins
    Henderson Collins 3 months ago

    I have been looking at two monitors, the ASUS VG278Q and the MSI Optix G27C2. Essentially a budget gaming 27" that supports freesync and these two seem like the best bang for buck. Any input would be appreciated. Also wondering if there is any benefit to having a curved display in this size and aspect ratio

  • Ajinkya Kadam
    Ajinkya Kadam 3 months ago

    have you done a play store vs app store comparison? can you please provide the link if you have already?

  • Enrique M
    Enrique M 3 months ago

    Hey Marques! I´m from Nicaragua and a lot of the technology gadgets you review are not even coming to my country and most likely will not, but I love your videos so much! Props to you man, such a master!

  • T.G.S
    T.G.S 3 months ago

    MKBHD I have been watching you since 2012. I am an Indian but live in the UK. The reason why I am giving you my background is i want to help you with editing and maybe animation. The fact that why me is really i understand you videos and its distinct style over years. The fact that you could bring this much quality with very few help is incredible but moving forward its time to get your videos up a notch and i totally get your style very similar to mine though i did only 2 videos haha its true

  • Siddharth K
    Siddharth K 3 months ago

    Hoping to see a Surface review if at all... I haven't seen any MS product reviewed by you though... and also the Mi A1 as to how google makes MI better or worse, since u did venture into the MI mix.

  • Basit Sh
    Basit Sh 3 months ago

    MKBHD, can you please do a video on Oppo F3 mobile?

  • MrDoctorDIV
    MrDoctorDIV 3 months ago

    Just waiting for the V30 and Pixel XL 2 reviews so I can understand if I'm actually missing something by going for aux/dual cam/wireless charging/better durability.

  • Junior Levasseur
    Junior Levasseur 3 months ago

    You are my favorite tech reviewer <3 My decision to keep my Pixel 2 XL pre order entirely depends on when your review for the phone comes out :)

  • Baljeet Singh
    Baljeet Singh 3 months ago

    Sony WF-1000x
    Bose SoundSport Free

  • Alun Samuel
    Alun Samuel 3 months ago

    hai marques,im a big fan of yours from india

  • Dhruv Puri
    Dhruv Puri 3 months ago

    Hey Marques! I have been following your work for a long time now. I need to buy a TV and I'm really confused. Which TVs should I consider in the mid-range? Also, are 2017 models significantly better than 2016 ones? Thanks!

  • Sangeeth Amruthalal
    Sangeeth Amruthalal 3 months ago

    Your reviews are genuine, you don't take sides when you compare tech.. Thank you !!!

  • Jonathan Daniels
    Jonathan Daniels 3 months ago

    Hey @mkbhd , I feel punched in the gut by @TheVerge saying that the beautiful LG V30 has a trash screen. Please make a review so I can make an informed decision. I was hoping to go with them because of their DAC, Form Factor, and Camera

  • Maniac618
    Maniac618 3 months ago

    Where's the LG V30 review?

  • Gabe
    Gabe 3 months ago

    You switch phones fairly often. I want to do phone factory reset. Do you have any advices what to look for, what to save on external storage, maybe there are settings which Google won't sync back?

  • eamamoo
    eamamoo 3 months ago

    Iced from the Huawei Mate 10 event and product launch :-D ? Hope you take some ques and lessons also from it... ;-)...

  • Swapnendu Sanyal
    Swapnendu Sanyal 3 months ago

    Hi! I was searching for cheap ultrabooks. I found dell inspiron 7000 13" (not 2 in 1) really good value for money. However, I could not find any reviews for it. Can you kindly review it?

  • MrHumatang
    MrHumatang 3 months ago

    Huawei Mate 10 Pro & Porsche!

  • Long Salz
    Long Salz 3 months ago

    Really hope youll do a Huawei Mate 10 review!

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym 3 months ago

    other tech things became so worse - other than MKBHD... no intro music which destroys your ears at the first tone, no simple readout of ths spec sheets... - I could watch MKBHD for hours just like TV...

  • Yoma Uttad
    Yoma Uttad 3 months ago

    Hi MKBHD, please do a full review of LG v30

  • Aditya Joshi
    Aditya Joshi 3 months ago

    Waiting eagerly for the pixel 2 review :D

  • Joyal Jose
    Joyal Jose 3 months ago

    Thinking about buying new earphones. I guess its time to upgrade to bluetooth since most phones are starting to drop off the earphone jack. Which one would you recommend?

  • Oscar Rolando Tenorio
    Oscar Rolando Tenorio 3 months ago

    so, you can help me to get an ipad pro? XD :,(

  • Sarah Naughton
    Sarah Naughton 3 months ago

    Which custom PC is better Digital Storm or Boxx?

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    Benito Alvarez 3 months ago

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  • vishnu teja
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