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  • Age of Reason
    Age of Reason 4 hours ago

    Apple dropped the ball when it ruined music with iTunes. I haven't bought an Apple product since 2013.

  • WhunderWhoIAm
    WhunderWhoIAm 4 hours ago

    More pixels means more noise. Have fun taking pictures on 108MP when youre not in direct sunlight

  • Thuglife DogeLoaf
    Thuglife DogeLoaf 4 hours ago

    My guy Markass brownie back at it on trending 🔥

    NEWBIE MOBA 4 hours ago

    Just a GIMMICK that's it 🙅

  • Numerno Qinto
    Numerno Qinto 4 hours ago

    we going to ignore the off-white sandles in the background 9:13

  • bruh hi
    bruh hi 4 hours ago

    Hey Juan Bagnell called you out the whole time in his video 😂 ahhhhh I love him

    DARK BLADERS 4 hours ago

    Trump: bans Huawei: China: Bans apple: Xiaomi: Starts to kiss Samsung Samsung: starts to kiss Xiaomi Apple: bruh we get it you guys ain't banned Huawei: ya Xiaomi and you to Samsung

  • croslowj
    croslowj 4 hours ago

    Only way I'd buy it, is if it sells A unlocked version. Verizon SUCKS. So does the phone bill per month... Straight talk for the win...

  • Jay Raphael
    Jay Raphael 4 hours ago

    Most consumers know by now that megapixels don’t guarantee great photos. Companies like Xiaomi demonstrate their reliance on consumer ignorance by pushing out 108MP cameras, when 12MP will suffice.

  • Reyan D
    Reyan D 4 hours ago

    15 hundred dollars!!! hell nooo!!

  • Ken Okada
    Ken Okada 4 hours ago

    Look at how far we’ve come. We can now watch cat videos in 8K

  • James Benjamin
    James Benjamin 4 hours ago

    You can give a man a fish and he eats for one day, but teach a man to fish and he can eat everyday.

  • Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly 4 hours ago

    Fantastic t-shirt plug

  • Workin Workin
    Workin Workin 4 hours ago

    Damn My guy sounds like a 100% articulate white guy not being racist but it's funny

  • Ariel Segieda
    Ariel Segieda 4 hours ago

    OMG the nostalgia is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!! back in the days folding the phone after a call was the best thing!!!! as a 35 years old dude, i'll buy one for sure

  • Nightmullet 69
    Nightmullet 69 4 hours ago

    If only it wasn't 50k

  • The King of Potatoes

    A dual screen, no compromise phone with a small notch for 700$? I'll just sit right here and order my new phone now

  • Infernal King
    Infernal King 4 hours ago

    What phone us ip68 rated that also has the best video/audio and pictures?

  • Ezret
    Ezret 4 hours ago

    Lol nice one Marques :D. Looking for a tutorial and this shows up. Your voice is too young here

  • Jacob Romero
    Jacob Romero 4 hours ago

    Imagine using Snapchat on this phone 😬😂

  • Aviel Orwhatever
    Aviel Orwhatever 4 hours ago

    Why was I supposed to pause?

  • Erico Kompatzki
    Erico Kompatzki 4 hours ago

    It's running Xiaomi's UI, MI UI, which has plenty of its own *quirks and features* * Doug DeMuro intensifies *

  • AL Villareal
    AL Villareal 4 hours ago


  • Sota Maehara
    Sota Maehara 4 hours ago

    Love the subtle merch plug

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful 4 hours ago

    My next phone.

  • HLNinja
    HLNinja 4 hours ago


  • Edward White
    Edward White 4 hours ago

    Use the 108mp is light only and use the 12 mp in low light. I saw u didn't even display a photo from the 12mp lens in low-light

  • Adam King
    Adam King 4 hours ago

    Smartphone of smartcamera ? These days its becoming more a smartcamera with phone functions

  • alberto gil
    alberto gil 4 hours ago

    Am i late for the giveaway? Watching this on my cracked iphone 5s :’(

  • Mukit
    Mukit 4 hours ago

    NordVPN? The ones that got hacked?

  • Atiq ur rehman
    Atiq ur rehman 4 hours ago

    No way don’t want to book a taxi as such........... still have to support family.....

  • DylPhoenix
    DylPhoenix 4 hours ago

    AYYYY That Madeon intro tho!

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 4 hours ago

    It's very skinny so it isn't good for videos. And $1,500 is way over priced.

  • Edward Pollei
    Edward Pollei 4 hours ago


    RAJESH JAIN 4 hours ago

    What phone u use for your daily driver? IPhone or pixel 4xl?

    OTRXKZ 4 hours ago

    Thx for the review I’m going buy this one 💯

  • Li Lo
    Li Lo 4 hours ago


  • 010100100111010101110011011000100110111101110100

    Why are you still shilling NordVPN after the hacking fiasco? Or any VPN for that matter? Most countries that can provide infrastructure for a VPN business have data retention laws that require logging and give government and intelligence agencies access to those logs, so basically a VPN only protects you from anyone who isn't a hacker or government/intelligence representative.

  • ameen koya
    ameen koya 4 hours ago

    When he said 20,000 dollars for a headphone I almost chokes

  • larry cowan
    larry cowan 4 hours ago

    Why the hype on 5g in 2019????? And people buying first generation 5g devices??? They wont even work properly when 5g rolls out, most don't have all the 5g network bandwidth, I'm passing on 5g devices until 5g is fully launched, like Samsung's devices this year the note 10 5g and s10 5g all hype!!!!

  • Cuthbert Melville
    Cuthbert Melville 4 hours ago

    That was an awesome PLUG!!

  • Kenneth Asibal
    Kenneth Asibal 4 hours ago

    Ive been waiting to see your this year's smartphone awards 2019! 🤘❤️

  • MrDragon1968
    MrDragon1968 4 hours ago

    It's kinda pointless right now. Your average phone user doesn't need 108 mega pixels. They're not going to be blowing their pictures up to giant poster size. It also uses up a lot of data storage. And a 108 MP, on a phone with tiny lenses, and probably not comparable to a decent full-frame chip SLR or medium format, is still going to be significantly inferior and less flexible than a good 40-50 MP SLR or medium format camera with a nice piece of glass in front. If your goal is to take high quality images, buy a decent SLR or medium format camera. You don't even need 108 mega pixels.

  • harold angulo
    harold angulo 4 hours ago

    2011: Galaxy Nexus, but I wanted htc one X 2016: Huawei p8 Lite but I wanted nexbit Robin 2017: LG K10 but wanted htc m8 2018: xiaomi mi a 1 2018: iPhone 6s 2019: iPhone se

  • JTorres 17
    JTorres 17 5 hours ago

    I need these

  • TheBongGamer
    TheBongGamer 5 hours ago

    Twice the fuvked up notch

  • Abdullah Shareef
    Abdullah Shareef 5 hours ago

    I hate your shirt

  • Chris Dvorak
    Chris Dvorak 5 hours ago

    Where did you get the ASCEND key for your keyboard?

  • Yiwei Huang
    Yiwei Huang 5 hours ago

    this might be late, but there are already PD battery bank, like ravpower, with 30W PD charging. Might be helpful if you are working with ipad pro

    MSMGTA 5 hours ago

    Sorry you lost me at 2:38

  • Caleb M. F
    Caleb M. F 5 hours ago

    I don't understand why people buy smartphones just because they have a good camera... just buy a real one

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden 5 hours ago

    The Chinese government was strapped for cash and sold their spy cameras to Xiaomi

  • Heck Off
    Heck Off 5 hours ago


  • PeaCe.
    PeaCe. 5 hours ago

    Xiaomi Made in China. :)

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro 5 hours ago

    Smooth plug!

  • Adrxnn Eats
    Adrxnn Eats 5 hours ago

    Everybody like this if you watching this on iPhone

    FAIYABRAND 5 hours ago

    I'd love to see your review on the Oppo Reno 2Z. It's very similar to this one.

  • Joni Designer
    Joni Designer 5 hours ago

    The future has to start somewhere. Don't look at the price, the future will have folding (rolling) screens everywhere, tv, news papers, wall frames, windows etc, just like in movies. Everyone wants big screens, but also portable.

  • 李善德
    李善德 5 hours ago

    On October 26, 2019, Fox News reported on the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, including the Chinese regime’s killing of practitioners for organs. Reporter Hollie McKay interviewed practitioners and independent researchers and cited a report from the independent China Tribunal in London. The testimony and findings affirmed that organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners still continues in China today.

  • Bruno Garcia
    Bruno Garcia 5 hours ago

    op7t or mi note10?

  • ballersac32
    ballersac32 5 hours ago

    Disappointing specs

  • david smith
    david smith 5 hours ago

    $1500....more like $150

  • K1dCharlemagne
    K1dCharlemagne 5 hours ago

    Just because somebody has a fancy camera doesn't mean they're a photographer. It doesn't matter what camera I'm using, I'm gonna edit the image anyway.

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden 5 hours ago

    The next Samsung phone wont have a camera in it. It will have a 3D printed eyeball.

  • Chris Thor
    Chris Thor 5 hours ago

    What about Huawei Mate 30 Pro?

  • RockBandRS
    RockBandRS 5 hours ago

    The OG RAZR was so satisfying to open and close. I can't wait til this tech matures, and that early adopters price isn't a thing. Or at the very least it's speced properly for the price point.

  • Parvesh Khatri
    Parvesh Khatri 5 hours ago

    iPhone 11 vs mi doesn't feel like 12MP VS 108MP . It's like 12MP VS 16 MP .

  • The Jobemiester
    The Jobemiester 5 hours ago

    Just happy he used a song by Madeon in his intro that just made the video 1000% better

  • Es-Cada Dia-Bro
    Es-Cada Dia-Bro 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who wants a slide out qwerty smartphone ?

  • YoiBoyPete
    YoiBoyPete 5 hours ago

    Grandparents with a flip phone: I will never upgrade to a smart phone unless it’s a flip phone. Razr: Bet.

  • Mindofagogetter
    Mindofagogetter 5 hours ago

    This phone may not work in the USA

  • Devin Rhode
    Devin Rhode 5 hours ago

    dude you should use the iPhone SE for a week or more in preparation for the SE2

  • Zachary Hardgrave
    Zachary Hardgrave 5 hours ago

    iPhone 20: 🎛🎛⬜️ 🎛🎛⬜️ ⬜️🍎⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️

  • πingu
    πingu 5 hours ago

    Dam that has got to be one of the coolest transitions I've ever seen. Keep up the good work

  • Badhon Ebrahim
    Badhon Ebrahim 5 hours ago

    One step away from becoming gay Michael Jackson.

  • Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez 5 hours ago

    Me: finally a Motorola phone that’s descent, smart, and worth my money My wallet: am I a joke to you?

  • Роман QK
    Роман QK 5 hours ago

    Хмммм пора насыпать русских комментов

  • LoneLightSkin
    LoneLightSkin 5 hours ago

    1500??? iight imma head out

  • Lennon Roberto
    Lennon Roberto 5 hours ago

    Great take on the subject

  • Crucial
    Crucial 5 hours ago

    Probably wont work on verizon because its GSM and that's what at&t and t-mobile, etc. Looks like a good phone.

  • Maxwell Izydorek
    Maxwell Izydorek 5 hours ago

    Where can I buy Xiaomi phones in the US?

  • Felipe Cervantes
    Felipe Cervantes 5 hours ago

    5G= Cancer.

  • Vladimir Vasiltsov
    Vladimir Vasiltsov 5 hours ago

    If they did the same for $300, I would get one even if it had 2 separate screens with a small bezel-divider.

  • Tech review vps
    Tech review vps 5 hours ago

    Pls some times appreciate competitor of iPhone too

  • Aris Vlachopoulos
    Aris Vlachopoulos 5 hours ago

    this has got to be the weirdest recommendation for the most overpriced product i have ever seen on this channel.

  • J r
    J r 5 hours ago

    I've never noticed the fans and all the background conversations in your video as I have with this one.

  • killer ninja
    killer ninja 5 hours ago

    Really just the level of detail of a mid range dedicated camera

  • Kemil Belcaries
    Kemil Belcaries 5 hours ago

    Buy my merch (pull a linus )

  • Jawad Sharif
    Jawad Sharif 6 hours ago

    Exactly its just like size does not matter...hope u got what i mean😜

    TALENT MANTUL ID 6 hours ago

    Smartphone only not iphone 👍😁

    TRESILLIAN 6 hours ago

    so the lighting was bad?

  • Isaac The legend
    Isaac The legend 6 hours ago

    I like the faraday zero 1 better

  • Carlos Aguilo
    Carlos Aguilo 6 hours ago

    Why is this video on my home page? The TVclip algorithm is stupid

  • Boss336
    Boss336 6 hours ago

    Whoever thought of this needs to be slapped

  • daniel atunlese
    daniel atunlese 6 hours ago

    Found this page on ig ...thealpha_tech ,if you lost your mobile phone just text them ,they gonna track it for you asap.

  • Firsttime God
    Firsttime God 6 hours ago

    Not like it has the power to utilize it all

  • Aaronduhmoron
    Aaronduhmoron 6 hours ago

    But you can't watch native 1080P tho

  • Matteo De Vellis
    Matteo De Vellis 6 hours ago

    1:24 I legitimately thought he brought a budget phone to compare to the Razr and then I realized it's the Pixel 4.

  • Sarafina Alex
    Sarafina Alex 6 hours ago

    Jeez no need to explain why you want the phone. You want it simply because it's cool 😎

  • Mike Hog A Nator
    Mike Hog A Nator 6 hours ago

    I would take what China States on Paper with a grain of salt. They love to Overrate their batteries. However, when tested they are now where near what China Stated they were. I don't believe 40+ megapixels