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  • James Copas
    James Copas 20 minutes ago

    And that is why I won't work for knight transportation again...made that mistake once!

  • Bruce Allen
    Bruce Allen 3 hours ago

    Hello, do you have video with thoughts on srt?

  • 1101 2202
    1101 2202 7 hours ago

    Pro tip: turning the key makes the engine turn on.

  • Donald Matthews
    Donald Matthews 8 hours ago

    They didn't buy the equipment or driver's they bought there contract's

    • Trucking Answers
      Trucking Answers 7 hours ago

      It said "All assets of". That would include equipment.

  • Roger Bunch
    Roger Bunch 8 hours ago

    KNIGHTTRANS isn't that bad i drive for them and i ask all of u where else can a high school drop out go and start off making over $1,000.00 a week is it long hours yes but how many hours would it take at a fast food joint to do that not to mention they paid me back for cdl school and they cover tolls cat scale tickets and if u get a speeding ticket it cost me 9 bucks a week i mean what else would u like them to do

  • Eric Cutrer
    Eric Cutrer 8 hours ago

    If companies are smart they will simply say it's their policy that you have to be 21 or over for them to hire you. I also think insurance companies won't cover it because 18-20 year olds are such a high risk group in driving. They are asking for trouble and tragedy if this happens because most of these 18-20 yr olds today arent mature enough to handle driving a car safely let alone a 40 ton truck. Yes there may be some that could but it's still too risky.

  • Mary Wagner
    Mary Wagner 9 hours ago

    I never liked picking up preloaded hazmat loads , you don't know what you're getting and Illinois doesn't mind at all pulling you over on the side of the road and digging through it

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray 10 hours ago

    thanks Mark for these videos these crap company videos are awesome keep them up truck drivers need to know that and these companies that are cheating drivers need to be exposed

  • Daniel Laprelle
    Daniel Laprelle 10 hours ago

    Great tip Mark

  • Jerry Christensen
    Jerry Christensen 13 hours ago


  • GRB Major
    GRB Major 14 hours ago

    Guys get careless flipping those clips and they will pop out. Carry extras if you can.

  • Will Casey
    Will Casey 20 hours ago

    Unfortunately as a driver I'm not really allowed to mess with those

  • Fuelish Trucker
    Fuelish Trucker 20 hours ago

    In my 9 years tankin’, I deal with permanent mounted placards that have 4 classes, selectable ID numbers and white face. Never had to select all the way to the right due to class requirements. As long as the retaining clips and board are in serviceable condition it should be fine. Thanks for your tip.

  • Michael Mccoy
    Michael Mccoy 22 hours ago

    I.m talking as a 30 year driver..its time for a full blown out strike..why cant all drivers get some balls.lets stand strong and put trucking where it should be..Laws and wages..come on America what is wrong b.c. with you all..

  • dood poop
    dood poop 23 hours ago

    "Man on the street" XD!!!

  • Chad Finneman
    Chad Finneman 23 hours ago

    mega carrier drivers have been so institutionalized they should be turned into dog food

  • Josh Spragoo
    Josh Spragoo Day ago

    Wheres your back window?

  • nospam3001
    nospam3001 Day ago

    Hazmat holders are bullseyes for yard dogs.

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery Day ago

    Alright!! A rare in the cab video and field trip point of view.πŸ‘ i don't get those trailer like that but that's a good idea to flip them back. Otherwise could you imagine them blowing like fanning cards. Flips from corrosive to flammable to liquid acid. Liquid acid? Hmm.. might have some hippie hijackers following you. πŸ˜› ☠ bee🐝 safe out there.

  • MN1EXW Chris
    MN1EXW Chris Day ago

    Back when you started driving did the placard go in front of the carriage or hung around the horses neck. πŸ˜‚

  • Travis Crawford

    This happened a few days before I started my training. Heartland is a horrible company, the proof is all over the internet. I'll fulfill my 1 year my contract unless they violate it by lowering my pay, or anything else millis offered me to get me there, then I'll have an attorney get me out of it. Then go to a good company. This suck, because I wanted to work for millis, not heartland. My entire class, I believe plans to leave after a year.

  • David S
    David S Day ago

    Another thing they uaed to do is have you sign a per diem agreement. What this dis was take the $78 per day tax allowance ALREADY YOUR MONEY and pay you only an additional 2 cpm. So on an average day 600miles x .02= $12 so $78-$12 =$66 of your money they kept. Now 600miles times .32 per mile = $192 per mile they use $66 of what was your money to pay you with. So $192-$66=$126 instead of what you would earn at a full .34 per mile. Take .34x600miles thats $204 you earn and you only get $126. Sound good? $204-$126=$78 you lose $78 on a 260day work year $20,280. PLUS THE $78 PER DIEM YOU CAN' NO LONGER CLAIM! $40,560 ANNUALLY.......That is just the math on 1 example, pennies matter when you have 500 or more trucks it adds up fast. How is it so many drivers agreed to this? I got pulled out of an orientation class in Charlotte, NC for asking how to opt out and what pay rate they offered without per diem pay. I was taken to the center director and they negotiated a seperate contract for me. That was the first indication that the company was crooked, I knew it going in and used it as a stepping stone. Now there isn't a spot of orange paint on any trailers I pull. A fool and his money are soon departed. If you don't know what your signing maybe you shouldn't sign it, don't be in such a hurry to get a truck and get rolling. You are better off sitting at home if you are not going to get paid, simple as that. Tend to your garden read your Bible and let them find a different fool.

  • Dewayne Miguel

    Ive seen guys with flat bed put them on the tarp never ever its illegal ,if you lose a placard they wont except any excuse

  • Greasy nPoor
    Greasy nPoor Day ago

    They might bump u otr guys to minimum wage if u get ur act together and be professional like mark! Remember if u want 10.50 an hour make urself worth 21 and u might get it. Emphasis on "might". Just a comment from ur friendly local driver making 1400 to 1500 a week and home everynight. Just sayin.

  • Dominick Justave


  • Jeffrey Allan Harmon Jeff

    I was mislead by Cr.England !!! I went through their company sponsored CDL premiere truck driving school in cedar hill Texas back in 2016, they promised too get me my CDL licence in 9 speeds!!! Well they trained me in a 9 speed freightliner cascadia, I got a 94 on my company road test!!! In a 9 speed freightliner cascadia, but on test day, they took 4 of us too Kilgore Texas in a lousy AUTOMATIC transmission truck, I passed my CDL road test that day!!!! So now I am FINANCIALLY screwed!!! I can't get a job in the OIL field driving a truck!!! Because I now have a AUTOMATIC RESTRICTION ON MY CDL!!! And no oilfields use AUTOMATIC transmission truck's!!! Other wise I would be driving for the oilfields right now!!!!

  • Jer Lewis
    Jer Lewis Day ago

    I drove for SNI from 1997-2005 and here's what my take is. When I started it was hard to get hired, and they trained us in Green Bay for free. Half of my class worked in white-collar type jobs, thee other half worked in trucking in some form or another. Everyone passed a basic math test before they were hired. There was no physical test because you were climbing in and out of cabovers and trailers all day long if you were not in shape they would know it fast. We used to get home every weekend, the recruiting material used to say that 90% of our solo drivers are home every weekend. We used to get 48 hours off for being out a full week come in Friday or Saturday and leave Sunday or Monday, and 72 uninterrupted hours off for being out for 2 weeks. we got 9 paid holidays when I started. That was $125.00, and if you were driving you got double the mileage pay for that day. We got detention pay after 6 hours, and layover pay after 12. If we had to go to a meeting or training or something like that, we got paid either a half-day at $40.00 for the meeting or a full day at $85.00 for the day. If you went to an OC there was a company car that you could take to go run errands. In Green Bay, you just called a cab. You could ask your STL to set up a corporate tour for you. When you got it you went to the headquarters and a retired driver would take you around and you could actually sit with the load planners and they would explain how they put loads on drivers. The bottom line they told me was to keep updating as often as possible. They would take you up to meet Don Schnieder and Wayne Lubner, and that night you were put into a hotel downtown. I worked on an account for 2 months where we lived in a Ramada Inn and worked an 8-hour shift, no weekends. We could stay in a company hotel for $35.00, and you could ask your STL for a hotel night, and they would route you to an OC in the afternoon and show you available at 9am the next morning. Sometimes the STL would pay for the hotel for you. When Don Schnieder stepped down, the company went south immediately. Show me a large carrier that does not pay HHG miles. Seriously, they all do that to standardize miles when they quote rates. So if they are quoting HHG they are going to pay HHG. I drove for SNI and any load going to or through Detroit I always cut across Canada. My brother in law is a Teamster and he gets HHG miles but he gets $21.15 an hour pay also. But all the drivers are against unions.

  • Guillermo S
    Guillermo S Day ago

    In Texas it will cost you an out of service violation if half of the number is missing, say it’s flammable β€œ1075” and half of the 5 broke off you will get put out of service ask me how I know!!!

  • brian busch
    brian busch Day ago

    Slow day, Huh. Saw a huge settlement awarded for accident involving lack of trailer 'Side under ride guard'

  • John Merlo
    John Merlo Day ago

    Bend a metal coat hanger and put in front of the placard works best for paper cards.

  • Mr. Skeptical
    Mr. Skeptical Day ago

    Never thought of that! Nice

  • Devin Caliri
    Devin Caliri Day ago

    Thanks, Mark...this is a "crap" deal for company drivers. Great heads up, bud!

  • jody scott
    jody scott Day ago

    mark on average how much more do company's pay if you haul haz-mat? reason i ask my company does not require is so i have never gotten the endorsement

    • Mr Mopar
      Mr Mopar Day ago

      VL Trucking in Chicago pays up to .70 cents per mile with HM plus some good driving experience. 3000-3500 miles per week. It's real, check them out.

  • G o.
    G o. Day ago

    work hourly plus time and a half and be home everynight....

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Day ago

    Dirty company

  • snek
    snek Day ago

    I don't placard at my current gig, but do run trailers with these suckers on them. You're right, I hadn't thought of what happens if the clips or something busts, I'll grab some tape and just tape them down. Thanks.

  • Al JOHNS
    Al JOHNS Day ago

    I don't get hazmat loads anymore because i haul office supplies... *ha, but good advice. Thank you.

    • Trucking Answers
      Trucking Answers Day ago

      You're welcome. Unless places pay extra hazmat is not worth it.

  • Cash is King trucking

    I had a fart so bad I had to placard inhalation hazard ☠️

  • james gibbons
    james gibbons Day ago

    If no clips or tape zip tie them all together so one does not show

  • mike d
    mike d Day ago

    Mark carry spare clips with you ,in case you pick up a dropped trailer at a customer with one missing

  • scavengerpro88

    Some people in the comments are full of themselves beyond belief, putting down new drivers working for mega carriers, " DON'T WORK FOR MEGA CARRIERS THEY'RE EVIL, YOU DRIVE DOWN OUR WAGES!" they say, well just how the hell am I suppose to get experience, most small companies are to lazy or cheap to train new drivers and will not even look at you until you have two to three years experience! No one WANTS to work for a mega carrier but there is no other choice if you're just starting out 😑

  • caddy59
    caddy59 Day ago

    If you get the kind with an adhesive backing, put them on the side of the trailer. Don't use the holder. They aren't stiff enough to stay in otherwise.

    • GRB Major
      GRB Major 14 hours ago

      Bend a metal coat hanger into a square and slide it into the holder, over the placard, and they will stay. That way you can reuse the placards if you need to.

    • James Benedict
      James Benedict Day ago

      Mine isnt stiff enough either!

  • Douglas D
    Douglas D Day ago

    What would happen if you hauled explosives with no endorsement, or placarding asking for a friend πŸ˜€

    • pinkertonj1
      pinkertonj1 Day ago

      Nothing if you don't get caught πŸ‘

    • snek
      snek Day ago

      Nothing...... unless you got caught, then something not good.

  • Zach Bell
    Zach Bell Day ago

    Don't take my dislike personally... I hate Crete's response to you. And how he treated you. Courtesy is very important!

  • Son of Liberty

    I've never had issues wind on my placards, my biggest issue is with mud. The mud will get between the layers of the placards, and also it is problematic trying to keep them clean and readable. One of the pitfalls of running on dirt roads 90% of the time.

    • Son of Liberty
      Son of Liberty Day ago

      @Trucking Answers Yes, definitely a lot better money but it does have its downsides. There are some days I don't see more than a couple of dozen deer, antelope, moose, foxes, coyotes, and other wildlife. I rarely get the opportunity of somebody giving me a bunch of crap unloading or loading my truck. I never get the opportunity to wait in a line for fuel. Would you believe I never get to sleep in my truck out on the road for weeks on end, I have to go home every night and sleep in my own bed. And generally I have to pretty much work all day and get paid for every minute, never getting a chance to sit for hours without pay. Oh well, those were the good old days over the road, I guess I'll just have to keep suffering through this fresh air and beautiful views I have to deal with now.

    • Trucking Answers
      Trucking Answers Day ago

      Running dirt roads usually = more money.

  • Black Jack Joker

    OTR drivers have once again been put in their place. Someday they will realize this, grow a pair and quit. The mega carriers, like the Bilderbergers, have met behind closed doors and planned for it all to go down like this. The mega carriers are pushing out the smart ones and holding on to the dumb ones long enough to transition their model to autonomous trucks. When you study it all you realize mega carrier CEOs are just like the Bilderbergers. They wanna live in supreme opulence while surrounded by robotic workers that don’t complain or quit.

  • hunzolee
    hunzolee Day ago

    Great video like always. Have a question did you heard anything about the new "gig law" in California. It will effect company drives who is on 1099 ?

    • Matt Berg
      Matt Berg Day ago

      Is this in reference to the Uber/Lyft situation? I read about California forcing companies to class their drivers as employees not contractors. The article didn't discuss trucking but it would good to find out

  • Gleaming Circuits

    I deal with placards all of the time. Good tip.

  • Steadno 2006
    Steadno 2006 Day ago

    I used to use rubbing alcohol and clean the area then tape it down

    • Steadno 2006
      Steadno 2006 Day ago

      @JoePJack1 Get your own rubbing alcohol bud!

    • JoePJack1
      JoePJack1 Day ago

      Are you illegally carrying alcohol in your truck. I’m going to have to report you. Please respond with Company and truck information.

  • Trucker Todd
    Trucker Todd Day ago

    During your introduction you should have said I'm Mark your hazardous host lol

  • mcanning51
    mcanning51 Day ago

    Good points Mark. Tanks a lot.

  • Loaded Trucker

    Never heard a driver talk about this.... thanks for the info Mark!

  • William Nelson

    Use clear packing tape. I drive a tanker And I use the clear tape to keep the wind from tearing the placards out of the holders. Especially in the rain or snow..

    • Mary Wagner
      Mary Wagner 9 hours ago

      Yes they don't like that duct tape and carry a paint scraper to get the placards off that the driver left for you them buggers are hard to get off in the winter time

  • Mark of Excellence

    First 😎

  • Roy Wooten
    Roy Wooten Day ago

    Got mine

  • Robert Bleazard

    Just read they did away with 34 hr restart, but it didn't really explain.

  • Muzaffar Krylov

    *Just goes to show how much power these companies possess. Minimum wage? Yeah, if we're lucky.... good grief!*

  • kay mccool
    kay mccool Day ago

    You'll do better at McDonald's at 70 hour if you actually got 30 hours of overtime!

  • Johnny Applesead

    Truck drivers can’t strike. It violates interstate commerce rules set by president regan when the air traffic controllers went on strike. He fired them all and replaced them with military personnel. People complain about illegals now wait until drivers start going on β€œstrike” our roads will be full of them replacing drivers that β€œdidn’t show up to work” I am a driver and have been for 22 years and I can’t believe that people are arguing to be paid less, because that’s what’s going to happen. These companies are going to start paying you by the hour and you are going to have to work EVERY single hour to make decent pay check. I know this because I worked for a company that paid by the hour and I had to work my entire 60-70 hours to be able to make any money for the rate they were paying after deductions. Be careful what you wish for. Oh and by the way there are a bunch of knight drivers without jobs right now because they didn’t win, and no other company wants them because they are trouble makers. If any of you think these trucking companies are in competition with each other and care about what your doing then you are sadly mistaken. If these lawsuits keep up they are going to have their annual meetings and say ok we are going to pay 14 dollars an hour straight across the board, can we agree that every driver from every company represented in this room will make 14 an hour with 35 dollars a day for being off for a 34 hour restart. After taxes and insurance that’s about 720 net. I’m just an old driver and am able to figure this out. Oh and 35 a day for breakdown, shop pay is only 8 an hour because the company has a right to service their own equipment. Be very careful what you wish for and stop planting ideas in peoples heads making them think all I have to do is take people to court or not go to work. You just told folks to not go to work, if the don’t and they lose their job then it’s on you. With your comments you are attempting to envoys a strike.

  • Kurt McDonald
    Kurt McDonald Day ago

    We gotta get rid of per mile pay. I'm OTR and my pay is $200/day flat rate. Every day that I work, no matter how little, I make $200. Some days that averages to about $16/hr, but yesterday my pay came out to about $45/hr. Home each weekend for at least 40 hours

  • RPM
    RPM Day ago

    Do a video on Truck stops charging for parking spaces $17.00.....thats a scam there!!!!!

  • Mykie Hollywood

    The trucking companies games are pathetic!!

    KILLINGJOY Day ago

    I agree we should be paid for everything we do unfortunately what this does is set the president for the rest of these trucking companies to pay minimum wage the cat is out of the bag...

  • P. Laf
    P. Laf Day ago

    A very good pointπŸ‘.

  • Established in 1785

    Don't ever work for CR England! A friend of mine called me almost in tears because he had to spend the weekend at his trainers' grandmother's house in Montana while his trainer was nowhere to be found.

  • Gary Pierce
    Gary Pierce 2 days ago

    Hey, we agree! These indentured servants drive down all of our wages. I see factories hiring everywhere;...why don't those guys go there and stop bottom-feeding our industry?

  • Wild Man
    Wild Man 2 days ago

    Where can you get a good sun shield for windshield for a big truck. The big aluminum looking ones.

  • Eagle Eye Trucker
    Eagle Eye Trucker 2 days ago

    Night owns Swift and they pay me pretty well, but I agree on duty time should be worth paying for

  • irish Robbie Madden

    Ill love to drive in da USA!!!! Ckeck out our driving rules in Europe!!!!, its crazy!!!!!, yee don't know how lucky yee are!!!, god bless, keep da rubber on da road!!

  • Zach Wachs
    Zach Wachs 2 days ago

    Don't work for mega carriers !!!!

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 days ago

    I guess this shows what the company really thinks of their drivers'. How pathetic. Might as well work fast food.

  • Steve Bell
    Steve Bell 2 days ago

    100% right Mark....The very idea that you should have to fight for minimum wage is criminal...and you are right that if you will work for free the company will let you...Every task needs to be paid for and as long as Drivers will drop their pants and bend over ...well they will keep on getting what they keep on getting...I will never understand the how & why Drivers all hate Unions so?... Ya..... the company loves you and wants to pay you more but the mean old government and the evil Unions are what is keeping them from paying you!

  • Chris Kemmerle
    Chris Kemmerle 2 days ago

    I worked for knight right out of trucking school and never came home with more than $600 post tax and even got dicked around so bad the one week where they'd give me a 100 mile run with 24+ hours between pick up and delivery times and came home that week with just barely over $200. Talked to diff levels of management since the beginning and nothing changed. Needless to say I'm long gone and very happy running local, home every night, 66cpm and $20/stop. Averaging $1100 post tax weekly and I'm only 7 months into the industry. If you drive for knight, trust me, there are much better places out there that will treat you like family, not a number.

  • -Ryano- Ryan
    -Ryano- Ryan 2 days ago

    Drivers are a dime a dozen. Stupid mega carriers pumping out rookie drivers like a puppy mill!! I’m sure thousands a day and they pay them just enough to get by not being able to afford to leave I personally think is BS the way these companies are allowed to operate and manipulate the gov itself

    • Ralph 187
      Ralph 187 2 days ago

      That's the way it's set up

  • -Ryano- Ryan
    -Ryano- Ryan 2 days ago

    I went to Lowes bought a hatchet, went into an old bosses office and stuck that hatchet right dead center his desktop and told him his services would no longer be needed and walked out The look on his face was classic and yes it was worth the $20 spent on an axe and time, for firing a boss

  • Dead or alive your're coming with me

    I’ve been driving 22 years started at 19. When people ask me about trucking and if they should get into it I tell them to look for something else only drive if it’s your last resort.

  • Buddy Duncan
    Buddy Duncan 2 days ago

    Even though Ronald Reagan was a great president you can blame this on him explicitly owner operator's this is a product if the insurance companies wanting to RIP off owners

  • santa claus
    santa claus 2 days ago

    an we can't get Hillary Clinton' locked up:;lock her an Obama up, or else I will cry .

  • Trucker Ron
    Trucker Ron 2 days ago

    I guess I had to say it... What a Knightmare!!

  • Trucker Ron
    Trucker Ron 2 days ago

    I was almost going to work for them... But I'm so glad that I never did. Sleaze-bags!!

  • Jack Makackov
    Jack Makackov 2 days ago

    The solution to this is simple. Get rid of republican politicians. They are the ones that make these laws so their rich buddies get richer

  • Pedro Gomez
    Pedro Gomez 2 days ago

    Any job is set up to have the employer to win

  • John Dyer
    John Dyer 2 days ago

    It's that way with any job. You'll do things your not paid for as it's just part of the job. At least the trucker will be paid when fueling the truck. The Loves bonus card fuel points is a good example. Boy oh boy do those bonus points come in handy. Thank you Love's for helping out the truck driver.

  • john dada
    john dada 2 days ago

    Know why??? Cause there's thousands of people that are dumb enough to believe they still make good money.....

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray 2 days ago

    Will their drivers stay?? It is easy to quit but who is paying the bills?

  • 3 Seven's Divine Michael

    The real question is why you working for a main stream Carrier If you need experience get it some other way please... Plus you guys clog up the roads with inexperienced drivers.. I always blast by those mainstream Carrier trucks anyways and look over and feel sorry for the idiots Working there

  • Timothy King
    Timothy King 2 days ago

    Just a quick question. Are driver's not responsible for the load and equipment while in the sleeper. If so, then they should be compensated. Kinda like a security post. All time spent away from home should be paid. Even if that means 24-7 for the otr driver's.

  • W V
    W V 2 days ago

    Dont quit stick together all at once n UNIONIZE

  • American Born #WalkAway

    it is easy.... walk away

  • Ken Rose
    Ken Rose 2 days ago

    I learned long ago from a trucker at a DMV in Morris, Ill... The best way to get paid as a driver is by the hour.....

  • Morgan Overby
    Morgan Overby 2 days ago

    What did you expect? The Washington state Supreme Court is the same people who ruled politicians have a legal right to lie.

  • Matt Moore
    Matt Moore 2 days ago

    I don't know why some drivers fight for minimum wage to do a professional job, a professional job deserves professional pay, not minimum wage! Wake up drivers..... The ball is in our hands, don't let some slim ball mega carrier under pay you.... Quit!!!

    • Aj Wilson
      Aj Wilson 2 days ago

      we are "unskilled labor"

  • I8DBBQ
    I8DBBQ 2 days ago

    Funny this should come up now. I'm quitting my job with Knight this Tuesday, mostly for this reason. I'm taking a local route which pays BY THE HOUR. (What a concept!)

  • Chris Moody
    Chris Moody 2 days ago

    That company is a scamπŸ’―

  • Marc Spencer
    Marc Spencer 2 days ago

    Learn how to drive "manual shift", you'll open yourself up to more opportunities. I know a lot of you went from school, to an automatic and that's all you know. Educate yourselves and learn how to drive stick. Find an old timer at a truck stop and ask questions. TVclip has lots of videos on how to drive most all manual transmissions.

  • Brandon Kaercher
    Brandon Kaercher 2 days ago

    Knight will lose most of their drivers now and won't be able to find drivers and watch and see they'll go belly up.

  • Trevor Warner
    Trevor Warner 2 days ago

    In Australia, the Kilometer rate includes about 90mins of non driving time... So to be paid for pre trip, fueling and 60mins of unload..would be double dipping... There is still arguments over work beyond this 60mins AND detention time..... Where as a non Long Haul drivers would be paid for every hour worked plus overtime and overtime rates. It seems the same argument in each country...

  • Dog House
    Dog House 2 days ago

    I see 1 dollar per mile freight disappear from the load boards all day every day.......good luck with that shut down.

  • cmandc301
    cmandc301 2 days ago

    Lincoln freed the slaves, sounds like KNIGHT is trying to lock them back up!

    • T Rex
      T Rex 13 hours ago

      So true

  • jaboa jump
    jaboa jump 2 days ago

    I will get the violing out when are these drivers going to get trucker flu? shut them all down for one day that is all...