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  • Señor Trotsky
    Señor Trotsky 23 minutes ago

    Either that's a really good sword or the armor is hella weak

  • Hush il mangia peccati
    Hush il mangia peccati 39 minutes ago

    Ubisoft, when developers and character are hipsters.

  • Tacti-Cool Dude
    Tacti-Cool Dude 50 minutes ago

    Ubisoft really just let Alexios roast these people who had a problem.

  • rmfx
    rmfx Hour ago

    Am I the only one here to think that the graphics are completely ugly ?? At 1:11 it's even Play Station 1 level, and I am not exaggerating even. That's a shame because since there is only one main environment (the cockpit), making a small game like this beautiful would have been quite easy.

  • ok zoomer
    ok zoomer Hour ago

    Thatcher is a boomer who doesn't like technology

  • Hunko Junko
    Hunko Junko Hour ago

    Damn when did t hunt get this good

  • Staiz Aura
    Staiz Aura Hour ago

    I don’t really like this one, but eh.

  • Omg Tranqy
    Omg Tranqy Hour ago

    Looks like Ethan from RE7 has joined team rainbow.

    NANOHORIZON Hour ago

    Oh how far the Far Cry franchise has fallen.

  • None Of your business

    This should be its own game or a permanent game mode

  • Goat Warrior
    Goat Warrior 2 hours ago

    This game is officially dead.

  • Arctic Legend
    Arctic Legend 2 hours ago

    Npc? Wait can u be a cop too??

  • Dank_Noob
    Dank_Noob 2 hours ago

    Hmmm who’s arm was that, was it Mavericks?

  • Xurx Xiz
    Xurx Xiz 2 hours ago


  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 2 hours ago

    Thatcher is so underrated bro.

    TOYI UNOFFICIAL 2 hours ago

    im done

  • Sardor Alamov
    Sardor Alamov 2 hours ago


  • CT-619 !
    CT-619 ! 3 hours ago

    Thats cool in real life but with Paintball

  • Fooking Laser Sight
    Fooking Laser Sight 3 hours ago

    Thatcher : Fookin laser sight. Ddokkaebi : (Saw his EMP Granade) Ok, Boomer.

  • bloodOntheStep
    bloodOntheStep 3 hours ago

    Arguably the best assassins creed

  • camramaster
    camramaster 3 hours ago

    That should be an Alexa voice.

  • The Ice Butcher
    The Ice Butcher 4 hours ago

    Thank god! I was so sad when outbreak left and this looks basically permanent outbreak! This looks lit!

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man 4 hours ago

    Back in time trailers also were trailers

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 4 hours ago

    Players:Ace,Drop-shot,toxic,noob,Raging Harry:That’s Us That’s Rainbow.

  • satan 1234
    satan 1234 5 hours ago

    God I hope you guys at Ubisoft see this please make a sequel to farcry primal please

  • Joshua OT9
    Joshua OT9 5 hours ago

    For someone who's a N Korean he has a strong American accent👀

  • The game time An
    The game time An 5 hours ago

    Now I want a skin for recruit in knight armor

  • Sketcher Gaming
    Sketcher Gaming 5 hours ago

    Samurai and Knights: We're gonna need bigger weapons...

  • Blake Brouillard
    Blake Brouillard 5 hours ago

    I don't even play rainbow as much anymore just got uninterested but this is arguably one of the best and most diverse game of the decade

  • Arctic Legend
    Arctic Legend 5 hours ago

    Did they remove the regular steep trailer??? Cuz i cant find it

  • There's a Fly on your screen

    Some features require you to pay $9.99 so beware

  • Kevin Frost
    Kevin Frost 7 hours ago

    The best R6 cinematic yet👍

  • EtherGR
    EtherGR 7 hours ago


  • Akavir Rivaka
    Akavir Rivaka 8 hours ago

    When will this game be released? On February 25th? Is it for sure or they delayed the release date?

  • Rigby Gaming
    Rigby Gaming 8 hours ago

    So the bliss in the movie is blue but in the game green?

  • SecretMediaGmbh
    SecretMediaGmbh 8 hours ago

    This happens after Brexit

  • Joshua Medina
    Joshua Medina 8 hours ago

    Ever since the delay their rating are going down on gamestop

  • G_ JO_
    G_ JO_ 8 hours ago

    what a waste of time had to fix my builds from last times tu6 update now everything is being changed up, Again!............. way to push ur community away,... this is why i dont purchase year one pass for any game next time im wait till ur games go on sale, since yall bring all these updates after updates braking the game at the same time, ill just wait and buy off someone selling, instead of buying a game from the store and giving you my money

  • Nerijus Žukauskas
    Nerijus Žukauskas 8 hours ago

    All you need to do to fix RNG. Ut its looks like downgrading game.

  • Matyi Tar
    Matyi Tar 9 hours ago

    Animation team: we are tired ubi: make an art animation!

  • Lee Austin Guitar
    Lee Austin Guitar 9 hours ago

    Hi Ubisoft, I recently purchased the Crewe 2. Will there be updates for better setups for the G920 wheel on the Xbox one, as the %on the steering rotation cannot be adjusted and I think it would be a better experience on the wheel if it could be adjusted.

  • Sea Bell
    Sea Bell 9 hours ago

    What a load of woke rubbish. Social Marxist Antifa foreign trash.

  • Lord Almighty
    Lord Almighty 9 hours ago

    I think they should take all agents from all systems greatest funniest moments from Div 1 to Div 2

  • David Reavill
    David Reavill 10 hours ago

    Still get chills from this and Sakura

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison 10 hours ago

    For an organization that gets funding presumably from tax payer money of various countries to go after terrorists they seem to not being using said money to go after terrorists as of recent.

  • The ink Demon
    The ink Demon 10 hours ago

    When is the robot going be added in the far cry 5 arcade editor?

  • Papa Licorne
    Papa Licorne 10 hours ago

    Sledge legit look like every dad ever

  • The Professor
    The Professor 10 hours ago

    2:37 not only can U see Mary May and Nick, but you can hear one of the cult songs "build a castle"

  • SrLucas
    SrLucas 10 hours ago


  • MoonMan •
    MoonMan • 11 hours ago

    0:31 the infamous Line

  • Bibboi
    Bibboi 11 hours ago

    In the battle pass now they didn’t use any of the cosmetics shown in the video

  • Toxzer
    Toxzer 11 hours ago

    Finka better be ready for corona.

  • P_U_R_E S_A_L_T
    P_U_R_E S_A_L_T 11 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blur I miss the old ela and so do you

  • TSM_LittleJimmy2
    TSM_LittleJimmy2 11 hours ago

    but... can’t they just make the bullets do no damage to teammates?

  • rawrinmypants176
    rawrinmypants176 11 hours ago

    "It is always that which we do not know, that we do not know." ok

    MRMALONE 12 hours ago

    ouch i better get ready for massive frame drops

  • Alex Brillon
    Alex Brillon 12 hours ago

    I thought this game died

  • King Curmudgeon
    King Curmudgeon 12 hours ago

    You’re gonna have to do better with your sales than this. I can still get a lot of this stuff cheaper on cdkeys.

  • Cris I.V.Y
    Cris I.V.Y 12 hours ago

    Readyyyy and this is great if you understand it’s the vibe and setting and character mechanics they’re showing. The game will be very different and so will gameplay, but that’s due to pc and console hardware not false advertising just isn’t in fine print because I mean why should it be

  • Prettymuchh
    Prettymuchh 12 hours ago

    how to buy the 2019 collection packs? can't find it.

  • Sanjid Rahman
    Sanjid Rahman 12 hours ago

    I wish I could have afforded it...love you guys..been playing For Honor with bots cause I can't afford ps+...played the previous Assassin's creed games and they are legendary

  • Ares Peverell
    Ares Peverell 12 hours ago

    One of my favourite "Myths" are the greeks, They made stuff that is way better than stuff now!

  • chicomanization
    chicomanization 13 hours ago

    we need Lion and Finka in Wuhan, China

  • Peacefull
    Peacefull 13 hours ago

    i cant believe i spent 600h in this game to finally realize there is no redemption for this game after this update drops.

  • gamer king
    gamer king 13 hours ago

    Marching fire update AKA make china grear again update

  • Martín Q
    Martín Q 14 hours ago


  • Kuroka
    Kuroka 14 hours ago

    Ricin anthranx sarin gas ebola VX gas CORONA VIRUSES

  • HDMultiplayerGames
    HDMultiplayerGames 14 hours ago

    The Division 1 & 2 = Bugs Bugs Bugs and Hacker ..

  • Mr KEK
    Mr KEK 15 hours ago


  • William Chen
    William Chen 15 hours ago

    Looked awesome. That reminds me of the imperial guard in Ming dynasty.

  • SgtPepper
    SgtPepper 15 hours ago

    I love Harry, his words are so wise

  • halo master foxy
    halo master foxy 15 hours ago

    1:11 why does it have blood in it I thought rabbits were kid friendly

  • Dank Bonk ripper 65
    Dank Bonk ripper 65 15 hours ago

    The first time i saw this trailer i really doubted it would be good. Turns out i was very wrong

  • Veman Jadhav
    Veman Jadhav 15 hours ago

    Every Thatcher main : technology?? *primes EMP grenade* Disabling electronics...!

  • idk what to name this channel

    Thermite look in fresh

  • idk what to name this channel

    I pay anything to watch a full R6S movie

  • han solo
    han solo 16 hours ago

    For honor arab /Persian faction

  • avery donsilva
    avery donsilva 17 hours ago

    Anyone know the song for this trailer?

  • theonefrancis
    theonefrancis 17 hours ago

    This reminds me why Siege is a complete failure. Turned from a police blitz simulator into a whatthefucksever simulator. Ugh.

  • ICE
    ICE 17 hours ago

    CRUSADER outfit is better come on ubisoft?

  • Centu Rion
    Centu Rion 17 hours ago

    Appeal to the developers! The battle system is just awful ... Make it more realistic, as in the first parts !!!!!!

  • Ryan Firth
    Ryan Firth 17 hours ago

    BROOO THATS INSANE. But I think I will stick to seige

  • Z3MECK1Z
    Z3MECK1Z 17 hours ago

    Whats the song playing in the background

  • Dark boy
    Dark boy 18 hours ago

    فديت ربج رينبو

  • Tyson Bull
    Tyson Bull 18 hours ago

    I need to use thatcher more

  • missingindy
    missingindy 18 hours ago

    I’m here because of slimecicle

  • Nelzen
    Nelzen 18 hours ago

    When it comes to The Division... I don't like it but I got so excited for it in the first half of the gameplay trailer when it was released (until I saw HP above peoples heads etc)... its because I expected the game to be like DayZ but with these graphics. If this game were like that and then they made more realistic damage to players and made food, water, disease, wild animals and survival in general more important. We'd be looking at one of the best games in all of history. I got my hopes up and I got Jebaited :( :(

    SAVAGE_GAMER 18 hours ago

    Echo: can i be in the video Ubisoft: but the players banned you again😂


    Ну да И эти мрази ебливые добавят миллион лутбоксов и внешки А ещё покупание експы

  • Jeremy Walters
    Jeremy Walters 19 hours ago

    Just imagine being in a Lamborghini or some other fast car, and out running the basic cops then having a cop koenigsegg pull up next to you

  • Trevon Barrett
    Trevon Barrett 20 hours ago

    The trailer makes the game seem way better than it is

  • Hong Wi
    Hong Wi 20 hours ago

    This is going to be great ! I really appreciate Ubisoft's good work on Anno series :)

  • Thatboirook
    Thatboirook 20 hours ago

    Jesus Christ the animation is soooo good

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli 20 hours ago

    I didn't know that but I think this was really good

  • Jacob Mendonsa
    Jacob Mendonsa 20 hours ago

    Will rainbow die when this game comes out

  • Nazmin Afroz
    Nazmin Afroz 20 hours ago

    This is not the Assassin's Creed i knew

  • Troop 317 Destrehan
    Troop 317 Destrehan 21 hour ago


  • Khris D.
    Khris D. 21 hour ago

    This was my favorite game from 2018

  • MYSchamp _i
    MYSchamp _i 21 hour ago

    A time when AC was about an exciting story with a fantastic setting and historical accuracy, rather than an exciting setting with a mediocre story. Now all the prequel games feel like spin offs rather than anything else. I wish AC ended after AC3. It was going to as well but then Ubisoft got greedy.

  • Meme man
    Meme man 21 hour ago

    00:17 follow the white rabbit 3:00 how I left your father 4:43 bromance 6:20 schizoophrenia 8:25 shut the butt up 9:48 Rabbids Royale 11:35 Bizarre Love Rabbids 13:15 argument your life 15:01 Love At First Bite 16:41 artificially stupid