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  • Samar Vora
    Samar Vora Hour ago

    I like to imagine Jeremy Clarkson at the controls. SPEEEEEEEEED AND POWEEEEEEEEEEEERRR!

  • Susan Conner
    Susan Conner 2 hours ago

    Definitely take the GE, sounds softer

  • ajcook7777
    ajcook7777 14 hours ago

    I wonder what the efficiency of the GEnx is with its forward sloping cowling compared to others that attached level and plumb, I'm sure they save on fuel costs!

  • Mr Keefers
    Mr Keefers 23 hours ago

    Oh WHATEVER! This was so biased!

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande Day ago

    Love the 747 engines more because nothing beats that power of the 747 engines on the graceful elegant takeoff. Long live the Queen.

  • Allen Richards

    I love the tailfin camera view option from the screen in the seats in front of you, that's something new.

  • Mark J
    Mark J Day ago

    A330 was my favourite

  • 3dkiller
    3dkiller Day ago

    787 makes way less noise so i liked it.

    MICHELLE PINTZ 2 days ago

    I pick the boeing 777300

  • John Orven Tano
    John Orven Tano 2 days ago

    Boeing 747

  • H L K Travels
    H L K Travels 2 days ago

    Boeing 777's GE-90 115B is Love ❤️ it is more louder then 747's but still that high power whistle is my fvt since my childhood 😍

  • Lucas Calma
    Lucas Calma 3 days ago

    747 is always my engine type because it sounds better than the 777!

  • Floyd R. Turbo
    Floyd R. Turbo 4 days ago

    Only thing louder than a GE90 is a bunch of kids.

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham 5 days ago

    Best looking forward tilting gear in aviation! B767!

  • Rogério Andrade
    Rogério Andrade 6 days ago


  • Wei Yan
    Wei Yan 6 days ago

    so many brainless trolls

  • Chuckk Finnley
    Chuckk Finnley 7 days ago

    Not much variety. Repeats galore.

  • RamSLade On WoTB
    RamSLade On WoTB 8 days ago

    Rolls-Royce sounds better but very loud, GE is quite silent and comfortable. Rolls-Royce is better in sound but GE is quiet and better in performance.

  • David Hussaine
    David Hussaine 9 days ago


  • satos1
    satos1 9 days ago

    2:23 Ebola pax?

  • stein1385
    stein1385 10 days ago

    Why suck, when you can swallow?

  • M38 A1
    M38 A1 11 days ago

    pw is original 747 engine. also i like pw engine sound. pw sound is real aviation sound!!

  • M38 A1
    M38 A1 11 days ago

    very nice plane and sky!!!! queen of sky!!!

  • Hi How are you
    Hi How are you 11 days ago

    Rolls Royce is always what you shall go for. I enjoy it

  • Graeme Williams
    Graeme Williams 12 days ago

    I've flown on the 787 with Gen X engines 3 times. They are definitely LOUDER than that but pleasantly so. I suggest you've doctored the sound in favor of the American engine.

  • Tony S
    Tony S 14 days ago

    The thumbnail shows the front of both engines but in the video the GE engine is being filmed on the side. Dishonest and clickbait if you ask me. Probly why you have so many dislikes.

  • RacerX2016
    RacerX2016 15 days ago

    Hello! First of all: Very nice Video! I really enjoyed it! :) But now I have a stupid sounding question. Why are these engines actually "roaring" during the climb? I´m refering to 3:40 when this roaring sound appears. If I hear correctly the pilot is reducing the throttle right there? I really want to know this bcause I actually travelled a lot on planes in my life but only two times this exact "roaring" sound appeared: 1. Airbus 320-200 (Swiss Air) 2. Airbus 319-100 (Bangkok Air) On all others flys I was not able to hear this sound even if the type of plane was the same. Keep up with your videos! :)

    • Fernousdu972 HD Aviation
      Fernousdu972 HD Aviation 13 days ago

      Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment. It is indeed associated to thrust reduction. It is can be linked to noise abatement procedures (thrust reduction once an altitude is reached, in densely populated areas) and preservation of engine life (to reduce engine wear, among other factors). As far as I'm concerned, I've witnessed it on every airplane I've flown on. Of course it's less easy to notice on quieter aircraft such as A350s, A380s, etc...

  • AaronArmstrong030792

    I can only echo what others have said. For refinement, the Rolls Royce has the edge. Much quieter. For absolute noise value, the GE90 is almost unbeatable. Hearing them bad boys spool up is just glorious.

  • TheWalde
    TheWalde 16 days ago

    I like A350 Bec. its my favorite plane

  • Shane Walton
    Shane Walton 16 days ago

    The GEnx engine is QUIET. Rolls Royce has a quiet engine too. Damn!!!!

  • vignesh rags
    vignesh rags 16 days ago

    Trent 1000 is way to quite but ge90 ,helllll yeah 🔥🔥

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards 16 days ago

    I've been curious on why so many airlines since the 1990s have discontinued 747s. And DC-10s and 727s also have become almost obsolete

  • The Blue Stone Project

    2:05 Takeoff

  • XxForever ProxX
    XxForever ProxX 17 days ago

    Rolls Royce Trent 1000 wins

  • Raheem Ridore
    Raheem Ridore 18 days ago

    1:19 wow when they throttle down, sounds so nice

  • Rhyen Wilson
    Rhyen Wilson 19 days ago

    The trent 1,000 was the best sounding one.

  • DT 297
    DT 297 19 days ago

    🤔 Ryanair pilots First Day by Delta Airline

    • AmRGohst
      AmRGohst 7 days ago

      Yeah an ex ryanair pilot by delta airlines 😂😂

  • Mahendra Pathak
    Mahendra Pathak 19 days ago

    My favourite is Boeing 747

  • death2pc
    death2pc 19 days ago

    The superior level of accumulative engineering a la GE is beyond evident..............................

  • Mateo Botha
    Mateo Botha 19 days ago

    Genx, like a silent fart. Trent 1000, like an atomic bomb compared to Genx. Definitely Trent 1000

  • MinecraftAndRobloxProFanAnd SCRFan

    Trent 1000: Genius Engine Sound GeNX: Very Quiet Engine Sound

    • ajcook7777
      ajcook7777 14 hours ago

      I wonder what the efficiency of the GEnx is with its forward sloping cowling compared to others that attached level and plumb, I'm sure they save on fuel costs!

  • No No
    No No 21 day ago

    The Air Force way of landing

  • Wildfeuer Günther
    Wildfeuer Günther 21 day ago

    Trent xwb is better

  • ProCraft327
    ProCraft327 21 day ago

    Thats not what a 787 rolls royce engine sounds like

  • Andy
    Andy 22 days ago

    To think that all those flaperon and wing movements are done by the pilot doing his best, whew!

  • Andy
    Andy 22 days ago

    Not only does it sound fabulous but the design of the Trent looks so slick too! :)

  • Sven F
    Sven F 23 days ago


  • Daniel Pratama
    Daniel Pratama 23 days ago

    I dont care what people said, GE90 still the beast

  • Divyansh Bagga
    Divyansh Bagga 25 days ago


  • abO Omar
    abO Omar 25 days ago

    GE is better 👍🏼

  • HQ Coy 1JR
    HQ Coy 1JR 25 days ago

    Damn, that 777 sound transition from Max Thrust to Climb Thrust is epic.

  • Giday Gebrekidan
    Giday Gebrekidan 26 days ago

    i choose A350

  • RPDC
    RPDC 26 days ago

    I have flown the b777 from tokyo to los angeles and the b787 many times within tokyo to Seattle tokyo to manila manila to tokyo sandiego to tokyo

  • Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak 27 days ago

    The Rolls Royce family of engines always seem to sound more dramatic when they spin up, even the little IAE V2500 that RR had a hand in makes a similar noise at take off.

  • Kareem Gamal
    Kareem Gamal 27 days ago

    Trent 700 without thinking

  • Luckiest
    Luckiest 27 days ago

    Cfm56 2b for the life

  • Mark Norris
    Mark Norris 29 days ago

    These are both crap. I have flown on 777 Etihad airlines. One way we were on Rollers the other way we were on GEC. Both are as efficient and both are as quiet when cruising. Plus they both sound the same when taking off and landing. Though the RR was a lot quieter on reverse thrust.. We were sat in the same seats going and returning. Aprox the same seat as the first film.

  • Idk What's the name
    Idk What's the name 29 days ago

    The a350 sounds like a lawnmover

  • Swiss002
    Swiss002 29 days ago

    *B777 screaming sound A350 woah B777 is louder GE90 TURBINE A350 ROLLSROYCE*

  • Mohammad Badjie
    Mohammad Badjie Month ago

    Produce by elder

  • ricky Brown
    ricky Brown Month ago

    The 123 inch ge90 Boeing 777 200er and 128 inch ge90 Boeing 777 300er is best ge90 engine

  • Champi D' Torti
    Champi D' Torti Month ago

    Whatever the objective of this video might be, i have jumped to one conclusion, and that conclusion is that both engines, eitherway or any aircraft carrying any jet engine, sounds fucking worse in cruise mode compared to takeoff mode

  • DUDE
    DUDE Month ago

    I vote GE, Cincinnati GE Avaiation proud!

  • Leanne Curtis
    Leanne Curtis Month ago


  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia Month ago

    A350 is quite sound

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia Month ago


  • The flight sim guy

    I really liked the 787

  • Bryce Wakefield
    Bryce Wakefield Month ago

    I would choose the fuel efficient one

  • Netro sphere
    Netro sphere Month ago


  • Kittiwakki
    Kittiwakki Month ago

    The Ge-90s were too intense for the mic to handle.

  • hazim mohamed
    hazim mohamed Month ago

    RR all the way ..It sounds much quieter ..

  • John Huang
    John Huang Month ago

    Not better than a Lexus LFA Sound

  • The Rolls Royce Trent

    Definitely quieter than the Trent 800.

  • interesting video's


  • Jim McCuin
    Jim McCuin Month ago

    Neither.....today’s engines are getting more quiet. I don’t like it.

  • alex kyte
    alex kyte Month ago

    Rolls royce should stick to making cars, not engines because they suck at it. All of the RR fanboys are crying in the comments by saying it isn't fair because of the camera angle/position etc. I've flown on both 787's, one with the RR engines and the other the GenX. The GenX is by far the quietest, so please be gone RR crybabies

  • Yechein Jiang
    Yechein Jiang Month ago

    Such a quiet one

  • Levent Nizamoğlu


  • Anthony Parker
    Anthony Parker Month ago

    this seems an unfair comparison as the RR sound was taken from in front while the GE was filmed while sitting level which would make it sound quieter, however the RR is still my favourite engine always as been and always will be

  • Saroja Parasuraman

    Rolls Royce has more thrust soooooo.......

  • Nick DeCapua
    Nick DeCapua Month ago

    is this even a question. the GE

  • Elkku
    Elkku Month ago

    I think is straight piped

  • Юрий Юрков

    GE for sure

  • Gian Adventures
    Gian Adventures Month ago


  • MinecraftAndRobloxProFanAnd SCRFan

    I like that engine sound

  • Tiaan Van Der Nest


  • Starky 10
    Starky 10 Month ago

    The sound of GEnx sounds better in the time of take off

  • MinecraftAndRobloxProFanAnd SCRFan

    I like both. But the Boeing 747 is more better because its quiet



  • Chris Kelling
    Chris Kelling Month ago

    AWESOME! I love seeing the operation of the forward slats (I'm probably using the wrong term), too.

  • MinecraftAndRobloxProFanAnd SCRFan

    They sound sound like similar, but A350-1000 wins because its quiet

  • Atlantic realm
    Atlantic realm Month ago


  • jfk gtw
    jfk gtw Month ago


  • Tanmay Gupta
    Tanmay Gupta Month ago

    The GE-90's are loud and amazing but don't the Trent 1000's feel more refined and effortless?

  • Phil Montejano
    Phil Montejano Month ago

    Not filmed in the exact seat so hard to tell but the RR is a winner

    • Anthony
      Anthony Month ago

      that ge is so quiet for being the same power

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Month ago

    The Trent 1000 @ 10:00 gets my nod for best sound - honorable mention to the Pratt and Whitney & GE90s

  • Mason DeJonge
    Mason DeJonge Month ago

    Rolls royce

  • yodarthip thasphoalintomg

    GEnx great job so cool sound

  • Joss_FPV
    Joss_FPV Month ago

    Most of the aircraft are not even heavies, you probably want to change your title a bit.

  • Rogério Andrade
    Rogério Andrade Month ago