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  • J03c 15
    J03c 15 2 hours ago

    Milking it a bit much now Robbie sorry but u r gassing fans a bit too much for going to a game

  • Nkosinathi Ngubeni
    Nkosinathi Ngubeni 2 hours ago

    DT speaking the truth as always. Big ups!!!

  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo 2 hours ago


  • Alhaji Jalloh
    Alhaji Jalloh 2 hours ago

    My grandma has turned the corner but not Arsenal.We will be smashed by city on Sunday.End of.

  • Hamza Sukaiti
    Hamza Sukaiti 2 hours ago

    Chambers rb why Ainsley

  • Youssef Maarbani
    Youssef Maarbani 2 hours ago

    Going for a 4-3 arsenal 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Youssef Maarbani
    Youssef Maarbani 2 hours ago

    Going for a 4-3 arsenal 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Kyomugisa Sam
    Kyomugisa Sam 2 hours ago

    I just love Mr. DT....❤ @simon jordan...that guy needs Prayers 🤣🤣🙏🙏

  • Modupe Modupe
    Modupe Modupe 2 hours ago

    Is it possible if Robbie Can talk to Auba or Laca to tell the team to give fight vs Man City and the 100%

  • Pre-Eminent Mike
    Pre-Eminent Mike 2 hours ago

    Hi and welcome to all addz blazing

  • Lucas Sanchez
    Lucas Sanchez 2 hours ago

    City would beat you lot then personally, hmmm maybe Dk 50/50

  • Mitchell Woodward
    Mitchell Woodward 2 hours ago

    The man united treble team is the best ever

  • Mukiibi Faisal
    Mukiibi Faisal 2 hours ago


  • druzeman1969uk
    druzeman1969uk 2 hours ago

    LFC fan here I got no axe to grind .. Sorry DT and Arsenal fans but the best league team comes down to how many games you have won not drawn. City 32 Wins ...Arsenal 26 Wins 12 Draws. City all day man

    • Invicta
      Invicta 2 hours ago

      if you're looking at draws - why dont you take into account the number of losses as well? u cant nitpick stats if you wanna go that route!

  • Robbziano Bare
    Robbziano Bare 2 hours ago

    Mancity team all the way

  • yunus MAB
    yunus MAB 3 hours ago

    Why nobody talks about what happened in the summer I think what happening right now connected directly to that replacing all the experienced players with players who have no experience in the premier league was big mistake

  • Qibili
    Qibili 3 hours ago

    Anything better than a 5-0 loss will be a miracle. We will lose, trust me. Our team is less than crap at the moment.

  • FenziBeats
    FenziBeats 3 hours ago

    What is Eric Haaland doing behind Robbie?

  • Invicta
    Invicta 3 hours ago

    i think you lot forgot to mention who was the manager of that invincible team.

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 3 hours ago

    The Invincibles are better than the centurions. In my eyes going a whole season unbeaten is a more impressive achievement than getting 100 points. Getting 100 points is doable whereas I don't think what we did in 04 will ever be replicated.

  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim 3 hours ago

    Lol, this kinda evolved to being an "Ok Boomer" conversation.

  • James Pitcher
    James Pitcher 3 hours ago

    City are gonna batter you lot lol

  • LG 92
    LG 92 3 hours ago

    If he plays Maitland-Niles, I ain't watching. Rather him bring up an actual RB from the reserves or under 21's.

  • Sylvester O Johnson
    Sylvester O Johnson 3 hours ago

    Robby needs to give DT a Chance to speak. He goes on and on, monopolizing the mick. Selfish! We more from DT too

  • M. M.
    M. M. 3 hours ago


  • whateverdotcom
    whateverdotcom 3 hours ago

    Does robbie ever let anyone else speak? Stop talking over people ffs

  • Jay A
    Jay A 3 hours ago

    Robbie took them dinosaurs on and finished them

  • UKOLEX Korner
    UKOLEX Korner 3 hours ago

    If city score first forget a come back.

  • Robby 123
    Robby 123 3 hours ago


  • gal bal
    gal bal 3 hours ago

    Arsenal cant replicate united because martial > lacazette rashford > aubamayeng James > pepe McSauce > all arsenal midfielders Fredinho > all arsenal midfielders Lindelof > All arsenal defenders awb > All arsenal fullbacks

  • James Raj
    James Raj 3 hours ago

    Utmost respect for DT and what he said about talksport. Carry on sitting in ur offices soon no one will be tuning into talksport. Aftv is in touch with real people 👍🏾

  • p m
    p m 3 hours ago

    DT think he's funny the only think is funny how old he is

  • Gd2knw
    Gd2knw 3 hours ago

    You know what's underrated? All gunz blazing 😉

  • badgers bollocks
    badgers bollocks 3 hours ago

    Good to see Robbie keeping the help in the community going by including troopz

  • Cliftonhill Rovers
    Cliftonhill Rovers 3 hours ago

    The rant by DT on Simon jordan and Jim White was absolutely on the money. That’s how most genuine fans of any side who support thick and thin feel about these types of idiots who spout there mouths off

  • Alexander Mengstu
    Alexander Mengstu 3 hours ago

    I love AFTV Arsenal fan from LA love you guys

  • Jaf2k7
    Jaf2k7 3 hours ago

    Arsenal invincible is not the greatest team ever 😂😂 The United treble team played the best teams in Europe and played all the big teams to win the FA CUP. I can guarantee you the invincible would not have won against them.

    • Mad Fooker
      Mad Fooker 2 hours ago

      Jaf2k7 the 99 arsenal team beat the 99 Utd team 3-0 😂

  • Özils ShoeLace
    Özils ShoeLace 3 hours ago

    Dt out here looking like a 15yr old, grow up lad 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • THE RAY
      THE RAY 3 hours ago

      Özils ShoeLace stfu! He is speaking the truth you mug!

  • Chris DaCosta
    Chris DaCosta 3 hours ago

    To the duckers I say thank God you're not cricketers. On a different note, the only thing David Luiz should be frightened about is ending his career here and now.

  • J03c 15
    J03c 15 3 hours ago

    Luiz is shit get him out

  • Abhinav Duggal
    Abhinav Duggal 3 hours ago

    Best podcast on football! Hands down! Big up DT, Robbie, AFTV! More logic, emotion and passion than any news channel around!

  • Peaceganjareggae
    Peaceganjareggae 3 hours ago

    Spanked Tarquin with a ruler 😂

  • Alstallio Music
    Alstallio Music 3 hours ago

    Next time you do a trip like that hit me up I'll tell you a short cut. Shouldn't take more than 5 hours.

  • Goutham Vignesh
    Goutham Vignesh 3 hours ago

    "City team got 100 points so they're better than the treble winning team but they aren't better than our invincibles team." Lmfao Come on Robbie.

    • Beerus
      Beerus 3 hours ago

      Goutham Vignesh Invincibles team and Utd treble winning team would beat City.


    I would stick martinelli on the wing that sterling plays and mark him out the game.

  • N Mohammed
    N Mohammed 3 hours ago

    Blud count is massive.

    BABA BANDOOK 3 hours ago

    i support u from Pakistan and you guys help me get close to ARSENAL...many pkistanis love arsenal🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    TRISTAN03 3 hours ago

    What is he on 🤣

  • Modupe Modupe
    Modupe Modupe 3 hours ago

    you say Ozil is creative but have you seen his stats they are poor

  • Arsenal Vlogs
    Arsenal Vlogs 3 hours ago

    Always at the TVclip studio. I deserve to be there

  • Alex Humphries
    Alex Humphries 3 hours ago

    What did he do? Spank Tarquin with a ruler? DT, that was sharp. Big respect

  • Chris Montana
    Chris Montana 3 hours ago

    Sorry guys but even Mourinhos original Chelsea double winning team was better than the invincibles they basically ended wengers career so what your saying doesn’t make sense- never mind the Man City 100pts Guardiola team - they would destroy the invincibles as would this klopp team- football evolves. Facts.

  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins 3 hours ago

    Stop boasting about top of the europa league

  • StrykesV3 StrykesV3
    StrykesV3 StrykesV3 3 hours ago

    DT needs to chill with the accusations of racism. People bandy around the accusation way too much nowadays.

  • Robert Karlsson
    Robert Karlsson 3 hours ago

    Hell NO!!! And city Will destroy us

  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 3 hours ago

    DT going off on Simon Jordan is getting me pumped.

  • William Johnston
    William Johnston 3 hours ago

    For me it's the city side best prem team ever most points 12 points more than the invincibles in a league were even the both sides have international footballers in every position . In a 1 off game anything can happen

  • MrUmpaman9
    MrUmpaman9 3 hours ago

    Turned a corner? Seriously? You beat West Ham, who probably will be relegated, and played absolutely dreadful for most the game, and drew with Liege who you should be beating. Come on don’t fool yourselves

  • Karan Sreedhar
    Karan Sreedhar 3 hours ago

    39:00 Yeah DT is right. I'm from India and a couple weeks before I had no idea who talksport were, now I went on their twitter, website and also downloaded the app to hear what Robbie had to say on there. Pathetic. They used you guys for publicity man that's been their plan all along.

  • Kabelo Maragelo
    Kabelo Maragelo 3 hours ago

    Lacazette really doesn't look happy at all. He's always moaning on the pitch and not producing.

    • Hassan
      Hassan 3 hours ago

      He's just shit mate.

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce 3 hours ago

    it will a great match, pepe will score a screamer in the last minute to make it 1-6 loss to city

    • THE RAY
      THE RAY 3 hours ago

      Sam Allardyce fax😂😂

  • Aditya Korde
    Aditya Korde 3 hours ago

    Arsenal have not turned a corner. U just won a single match. City will thrash you

  • Bantot Kontot
    Bantot Kontot 3 hours ago

    you guys are dreaming arsenal 0 - 5 man-city

  • alan nava
    alan nava 3 hours ago

    which interview got interrupted ? I want to see that lol

    MARKY C_AFC 3 hours ago


  • zoe lane
    zoe lane 3 hours ago

    Robbie still FEELS that Man City is the same level as West Ham. that's why he FEELS Arsenal will win.

  • NStudioHD
    NStudioHD 3 hours ago

    DT doesn't rep Arsenal anymore,it's all about his brand and his team..he has changed a lot :(

  • Bemnet Zenebe
    Bemnet Zenebe 3 hours ago

    I'm feeling a little good about us about the game... but who knows

  • Matthew Doyle
    Matthew Doyle 3 hours ago

    DT you are on benefits

  • philip kemp bell
    philip kemp bell 3 hours ago

    When we leave the EU, you will have to fill in a application when entering countries, there is a big part on criminal convictions. Good luck.

  • StrykesV3 StrykesV3
    StrykesV3 StrykesV3 3 hours ago

    Not a fan of Ozil but he has to play over Willock against City.

  • Zac Kollis
    Zac Kollis 3 hours ago

    I wake up every weekend from 1 am to 5 am to watch every arsenal game.

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy 3 hours ago

    Poch isn’t going to Arsenal DT ffs.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 hours ago

    utds 07/08 team is the premier leagues best ever. ronaldo rooney tevez giggs scholes hargreaves/carrick evra rio vidic brown vds. record clean sheets in a row. cmon now

  • peter Clement
    peter Clement 3 hours ago

    5-1 City

  • Alf chlopecki
    Alf chlopecki 3 hours ago

    Playing Ozil against City would be pure madness.

    S. MIAGHI 3 hours ago

    City Will bring you back to reality unfortunately. You beat West Ham not Liverpool!

  • Emilio Garibay
    Emilio Garibay 3 hours ago

    I cant see the current Arsenal XI pulling a result out should they go down early to City. They’d have to score 1 or 2 and have to hold onto the lead until the end

  • Karan Bhasin
    Karan Bhasin 3 hours ago

    Arsenal will lose dawg

  • Rohan Shah
    Rohan Shah 3 hours ago

    I'm starting to fear Reis Nelson is our Jesse Lingard...

  • wildsurfer12
    wildsurfer12 4 hours ago

    If the invisibles were that good, why did they only win the title once and never won the Champions League?

    • Beerus
      Beerus 3 hours ago

      wildsurfer12 Would have won it if weren’t for some dodgy refereeing decisions

    • Drip Bayless
      Drip Bayless 3 hours ago

      What about against Chelsea in 2004. Was that a robbery ?

    • nevertheless500
      nevertheless500 3 hours ago

      Cause we got rob just for Barcelona to win. We're playing 10 mans form 15min in the game.

  • AntiochIII
    AntiochIII 4 hours ago

    DT is nothing but a wifebeater.

    • THE RAY
      THE RAY 2 hours ago

      AntiochIII that's stupid to say

  • Rutvik Bhushan
    Rutvik Bhushan 4 hours ago

    am from india i had no clue what was talksport and who or what even is a simon jordan lol, who cares about these fools aftv is famous worldwide and people around the world have no clue what a talksport is lol, and people will never care, aftv needs to stop giving them recognition lol, they only benefiting from belittling aftv.

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak 3 hours ago

      @Rutvik Bhushan like I said just because people don't know talksport doesn't mean Robbie is right, of course people outside UK won't know it, coz it's for UK public only

    • Rutvik Bhushan
      Rutvik Bhushan 3 hours ago

      @Premier League Freak lol dude talksport is nothing outside of uk, there are millions of football fans outside of the u.k, and nobody knows talksport lol

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak 3 hours ago

      Just because you don't know talksport doesn't mean talksport is nothing, of course, both had their arguments, and were partially correct

  • Anthony KImani
    Anthony KImani 4 hours ago

    I remember a famous Don Robbie qoute "The fish here is lovely" lol anyway I predict a 2-2 draw versus City.

  • Fazey Turtz
    Fazey Turtz 4 hours ago

    I was in the home end for the West Ham game, and the away support was amazing to see. Our fans never stopped. Even immediately after West Ham took the lead. To see that even with how terrible we’ve been this season was inspiring. I love this club and our fans are amazing. COYG

  • steven clark
    steven clark 4 hours ago

    Ally mccoist support's the fans and AFTV

  • Lovish k5
    Lovish k5 4 hours ago

    who is talksport again?

  • Syafiq Irfan
    Syafiq Irfan 4 hours ago

    robbie definitely has an agenda against ozil

  • Daddy Dom
    Daddy Dom 4 hours ago

    Are you sure troopz hasnt taken a trip to delusionville instead of NYC hahaha! honestly man Arsenal play well for 30 minutes against west ham, one of the worst teams in prem right now and get a 2-2 draw in the europa league and suddenly their coming away with points against Man City lol oh my daze you have to laugh at these wonky eyed delusional, blind optimistic Arsenal football club fans 😂🤣😝 Give it 2 weeks from now when all that fresh new optimism has been sucked right out of them once again "BACK AGAIN!" and there back on here broken and screaming for blood from the board, players and manager lol

  • Gareth Strain
    Gareth Strain 4 hours ago

    If liverpool go the whole season unbeaten are they the best team ever in the league?

    • The Kernel
      The Kernel 3 hours ago

      If they win the UCL as well then yes.

  • scott Choi
    scott Choi 4 hours ago

    Aftv is 30 times better than talksport lmaooo we want to hear diehard fan's opinions not some random person's opinion

    DAZZA 4 hours ago

    Invincibles better than the treble winning team? And the invincibles during that 49 run never beat man united, what is he smoking

  • Max Kent
    Max Kent 4 hours ago

    DT - ‘What did Simon Jordan do to get suspended from school? Spank Tarquin with a ruler?’ 😂😂😂

  • Theodore Voutas
    Theodore Voutas 4 hours ago

    Dt is a true arsenal fan drives all the from London to Belgium to watch a dead Europa League game

  • Junior Rodigan
    Junior Rodigan 4 hours ago

    Robbie makes good points.... because seeing the emotional roller coaster of the fans on AFTV after every match , makes me hate Arsenal less .... and I'm a Tottenham fan

  • Rodney
    Rodney 4 hours ago

    Robbie wasted an opportunity to put the spotlight on football owners.

  • Jay jones
    Jay jones 4 hours ago

    DT is delusional, how can you say winning 3 - 2 is a better performance than winning 6 - 0. I want what he's smoking

  • Humayd Haider
    Humayd Haider 4 hours ago

    Wouldn’t really criticise reiss nelson. He’s come back after a long injury

  • Benjamin Wolf
    Benjamin Wolf 4 hours ago

    Ps2 it's time talkshit radio died its death. This generation is moving with their TVclip club vlogs now.

  • Giancarlo Caroleo
    Giancarlo Caroleo 4 hours ago

    Best show on aftv! Always has me laughing