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  • Erich von Manstein
    Erich von Manstein 32 seconds ago

    *Buzzfeed sucks but this is good* *It feels disgusting to say that*

  • Ricas Trays
    Ricas Trays 4 minutes ago


  • bob bob
    bob bob 5 minutes ago

    Why is their a dollar or two on the table of a british intelligence office???

  • Odd Bird
    Odd Bird 12 minutes ago

    You NEED to name the next baby/s something purple inspired! Purple hair or NO! Suggestions: Lilac, Lavender, Dahlia, Periwinkle, Tyrian (a shade of purple & the only one boyish sounding) EDIT: I also agree with @Megan Campbell who suggests Indigo or Morado for a boy

  • ben
    ben 14 minutes ago

    I just loudly screamed "yes" a couple of times because I saw y'all uploaded this. I'm always like 18-25 hours later to uploads because my subbox suxxs but I really really enjoy this and I'm planning on buying a ps4 just so I can play this game haha. Thanks you guys!

  • Maegan Kaley
    Maegan Kaley 15 minutes ago

    Ha ha they are way too loud to see any animal, let alone a Bigfoot, LMAO!

  • da beast
    da beast 16 minutes ago

    The gayest vid I have ever watched

  • 9thDayOfSpring
    9thDayOfSpring 25 minutes ago

    You could call him flyboy

  • New Runrocks26
    New Runrocks26 26 minutes ago

    Me: runs In 12 seconds. Usain bolt: you turtle

  • SS Squid
    SS Squid 30 minutes ago


  • The Turkey
    The Turkey 34 minutes ago

    All cubers here learned cfop in like 30 minutes

  • Ellie Megan
    Ellie Megan 46 minutes ago

    Plot twist: the one room that was ‘occupied’ above Ryan and Shane’s room actually wasn’t occupied, and Ryan was actually talking to the Ghost that was causing all the loud footsteps 🤔🧐

  • cristfin World
    cristfin World 46 minutes ago

    Scp scp scp scp O wanna Know about scp

  • Kawaii Kitten
    Kawaii Kitten 52 minutes ago

    It's nice to experience it without having to be in the sky 😂

  • Salim Ibrahim
    Salim Ibrahim 56 minutes ago

    3:36 someone tell me why thar man has a boner.

  • Minou Jacobsson
    Minou Jacobsson Hour ago

    Hiiii❤️❤️👶👶 I LOVE THESE VIDEOS😻😻...... okey, sorry for being tooooo loud.... anyway.... here is a suggestion on a babygirl name: MINOU......luv u🤗

  • Time is Precious live as good as you can

    I love these guys!!!

  • jenna Harding
    jenna Harding Hour ago

    5:27 anyone else see the yellow light?

  • BwaBwa Games
    BwaBwa Games Hour ago

    Sister: hey sis, ur pretty normal today. U feeling goo- Exorcised person with a complicated name: *yeet*

  • Juliathebooknerd MT

    commenting before watching... I SWEAR. IF THERE ISNT A MIDGE IMMA THROW HANDS

  • VanDriel27
    VanDriel27 Hour ago

    If its a girl sage if its a boy axel

  • Tatiana Constant

    Am I the only one suspicious about Esther Pepitone? 🤔😂

  • aeronelise
    aeronelise Hour ago

    Hey Kelsey, just an FYI that if you feed the family more nutritious food they need to eat less and they are happier. I suggest the tilapia! Also, I’m super happy you made garden salads this episode because I want Cesar to only eat salads (pun greatly intended).

  • David Reid
    David Reid Hour ago

    Why doesn't he actually make a dance instead of using someone else's dance?

  • syarif Mirza
    syarif Mirza Hour ago

    What's the music name from 5:16-5:32?

  • saby khan
    saby khan Hour ago

    It is real i also joined this group

  • Hannah Geldenhuys

    Liya and alaya

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Hour ago


  • Secrelight
    Secrelight Hour ago

    You guys need to cover the ss Ourang Medan mystery

  • Bea Bautista
    Bea Bautista Hour ago

    If u guys didnt know, Shane is doing the voiceover.

  • Fingal Fingal
    Fingal Fingal Hour ago

    In my game I got Luther killed and I was so sad.

  • Brennin Warnell
    Brennin Warnell Hour ago

    Love 1812 overture in the background

  • Ariel Lefkovits
    Ariel Lefkovits Hour ago

    I think we need merch that says "You're doing great, sweetie."

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Hour ago


  • Garret Snyder
    Garret Snyder Hour ago

    Physically impossible for Oswald to shoot jfk due to bullet trajectory angle and how JFK WAS SHOT IN THE FACE FROM INFRONT OF HIM. Anyone believing Oswald did this doesn’t understand simple physics

  • Diana Gajic
    Diana Gajic Hour ago

    your not supposed to take your hand off of the ouija board until you say goodbye oh no there is a spirit is in your house or in your life now😯😯😨😨😢

  • GRENDO 707
    GRENDO 707 Hour ago

    That black guy is going to make that skeleton noise in minecraft when he gets slammed

  • Garret Snyder
    Garret Snyder Hour ago

    THE TRUTH HAS BEEN LEAKED ALREADY IN DECLASSIFIED MILITARY DOCUMENTS. The driver of his limo turns around and shoots him in the face, a pistol is in the drivers left hand while he turns around and visibly shoots him. Blood spatter tells us the shot came from JFKs front due to the bloods travel directly towards windshield. Oswald was a scape goat that’s why he was murdered publicly on purpose. GEORGE BUSH SENIOR WAS HEAD OF CIA AND KILLED JFK CUZ JFK WAS GOING TO TELL THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE TRUTH OF UFOS AND HOW THE GOVERNMENT WORKS WITH ALIENS. This is all in military unclassified documentation. Truth.

  • Jake Lindelberg
    Jake Lindelberg Hour ago

    Bring this back

  • Ed
    Ed Hour ago

    There’s so many legit voodoo priests and juju witches but they used this crackhead

  • Tania S
    Tania S Hour ago

    I love how Kelsey talks about the characters like they were their babies from 100 baby challenge 😂💙

  • Connor Gws
    Connor Gws 2 hours ago

    U brought 2 spirits or more with playing with the board.

  • aya levy
    aya levy 2 hours ago

    I want Serena to be Kasey's Craig.

  • Annabella Cruz
    Annabella Cruz 2 hours ago

    If she is a girl with purple hair name her Pixie ❤️

  • Raven Winter
    Raven Winter 2 hours ago

    Names: Thorin(Thor) for a boy and Raven, winter, or dahlia as a girl :) also, you should change out her hair from blonde to brunette but also red :) gingers are so cute

  • sawyers
    sawyers 2 hours ago

    wait what happened to chelsea

  • anon anon
    anon anon 2 hours ago

    I ship Barbie with Lea now.

  • Adrienne Catchot
    Adrienne Catchot 2 hours ago

    love that house

  • featmyself
    featmyself 2 hours ago

    Kelsey hating on Bran for 29 minutes straigh #Justice4Bran

  • Ben Santini
    Ben Santini 2 hours ago

    My favorite series

  • Bluebird Xbella
    Bluebird Xbella 2 hours ago

    Loving this series ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Also, can u guys play goat simulator 😂

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson 2 hours ago

    Is it just me who thinks it's a no brainer that "Gary Oliva" was the murderer?

  • Tianzhao Han
    Tianzhao Han 2 hours ago

    We all know where the LIKES come from!

  • Slim Jadey
    Slim Jadey 2 hours ago


  • Srijit Bhattacharya
    Srijit Bhattacharya 2 hours ago

    Hey guyz u need to check out the bhangar fort

  • hndez_13
    hndez_13 2 hours ago

    I should be at school right now but instead of watching people trying to wrestle a sumo

  • Rochelle du Plessis
    Rochelle du Plessis 2 hours ago

    Squats don't give you booty, it gives you thighs.

  • Jamie Nelson
    Jamie Nelson 2 hours ago

    Shoutout to the Steelers hat!!

  • Dorian Mills
    Dorian Mills 3 hours ago

    Girl 》 Claire or Anya Boy 》 Gio or Alec

  • Aaron Sabo
    Aaron Sabo 3 hours ago

    bro in the 17th century they wouldn't understand a word of what we speaking today the language was so diffrent then so you wouldnt understand it `

  • Graham Otoole
    Graham Otoole 3 hours ago

    u should get bounty hunter Patty mayo and do hide and seek again.

  • Lancet Fencing
    Lancet Fencing 3 hours ago

    must say i do change or skip to the next video once the hotdogah thing starts

  • TreX Lunatic
    TreX Lunatic 3 hours ago

    whose brain was that?!

  • Fliqs
    Fliqs 3 hours ago

    Honestly Mike actually looks good with his hair shaved off

  • Kimberly Diaz
    Kimberly Diaz 3 hours ago

    I couldn't get the comments to load, so if someone else has already brought up this other case, I apologize. This case is very much like the Tamam Shud/Somerton Man case. You should definitely compare the 2.

  • TheSamuraijim87
    TheSamuraijim87 3 hours ago

    Whether or not the Goatman has followed Shane and Ryan home, and resides in the Mannequin, will remain *unsolved*

  • Fliqs
    Fliqs 3 hours ago

    “If he had to i think he’d drink it” Yeah, me too..

  • Lucifer666
    Lucifer666 3 hours ago

    How was Shane not freaked out by the flashlight?

  • Pokemon lover 567
    Pokemon lover 567 3 hours ago

    Name the purple haired baby : Boy = Mauve Cole or Ocean Girl = Violet Skye or Prim (short for primrose )

  • Holly monie
    Holly monie 3 hours ago

    Ok buzzfeed make fun between it

  • YouTuber1256
    YouTuber1256 3 hours ago

    Yo, she legit just spit on the floor. Wtf???

  • Kambes world
    Kambes world 3 hours ago

    Kambe for a girl and Jacob for a boy

  • Pokemon lover 567
    Pokemon lover 567 3 hours ago

    Name the : Boys : Noah Joe or Jayden Girls : Kay Lexie or Hazel

  • sksksk sksksk
    sksksk sksksk 3 hours ago

    Boy: Hayden, George Girl: Jane, Violet 🙏🏻

  • Lee Reitz
    Lee Reitz 3 hours ago

    Miy are Zoe

  • Zero001 LP
    Zero001 LP 3 hours ago

    I desire more... I REQUIRE more...

  • Ndinae Mukwevho
    Ndinae Mukwevho 3 hours ago

    Please upload more

  • Princess Peach
    Princess Peach 3 hours ago

    23:01 *cue Greg from Everybody Hates Chris*

  • SahgamerZ
    SahgamerZ 3 hours ago

    Mike plays fortnite and he has 2 hp vs a guy skybasing with no ammo. *Little did the last player know I spend the last decade planning the perfect victory Royale/ assassination

  • Ghina
    Ghina 3 hours ago

    Lol the last one. There's still like two hours worth of gameplay, guys 😂 Just take it easy and don't let our sweet baby Connor die again 😂

  • Janice de Weerd
    Janice de Weerd 4 hours ago

    "You gotta be f*cking shipping me." Not bad.

  • Maja & Matilde
    Maja & Matilde 4 hours ago

    Girl: Maya Boy: Lucas