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  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 54 minutes ago

    Moylan’s been treading water for so long he’s actually submerged nowadays

  • Dark Black Knight

    Up the Kangaroos 🦘

  • Auckland Uati
    Auckland Uati Hour ago

    Freddy looks like he wants to punch joey hahah

    JEGS BAE Day ago



    Aaa Soccer is massive in more than 240 countries (4 billion fans) > Rugby League is only big in 4 countries (9 million fans) clap Clap

    • Rory McNicol
      Rory McNicol 22 hours ago

      Mate the Viking clap is amazing. Rugby league is an amazing sport it's just unlucky that the British didn't introduce it to many countries. So let's just hope it can grow which I think it will.

  • nuggety3
    nuggety3 Day ago

    Ben cummings"six to it jk

  • Bulldogs Nrl
    Bulldogs Nrl Day ago

    Like however thinks raiders got robbed. If why not comment.

  • AFL IS the best
    AFL IS the best 2 days ago

    Like= addo-car Comment=sivo

  • JS2 Bro
    JS2 Bro 2 days ago

    Seibold and Lodge needs to be let go! When disappointed and hope broncos and be the great team they used to be!

  • Gossip
    Gossip 2 days ago

    Put that statue of Joey near the back gate.

    MANCHESTER UNITED 3 days ago

    Aaa Soccer is massive in over 240 countries (4 billion fans) > Rugby League is big in only 3 countries (9 million fans) thgnbc Lvjgxx

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 4 days ago

    Up the blues 💙💙

  • ronnie saras
    ronnie saras 4 days ago

    ROOSTERS RUST PROOFING SERVICES - Special offer for all the salty fans out there.

  • Kon Foooshus
    Kon Foooshus 4 days ago

    As usual, Sterlo makes a lot of sense. The problem with the 6 to go, was that they were denied the opportunity. They may not have scored. It could have gone to extra time, but the Raiders were wrongly denied the opportunity, when scores were level. The Roosters may not have even gotten the ball again before extra time. Not a fan of either side, but the Raiders & fans were wrongly denied.

  • Lorenzo Ciaglia
    Lorenzo Ciaglia 4 days ago

    They were robbed

  • Tongan-JP
    Tongan-JP 4 days ago

    Union boy but still love watching good footy and state of origin is great footy!!! Up the blues!!

  • Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler

    Freddie is quite handsome

  • Esteban Fuenzalida
    Esteban Fuenzalida 4 days ago


  • Sergio Ortega
    Sergio Ortega 4 days ago

    Fk yeah!

  • I_A_M_ C_F
    I_A_M_ C_F 4 days ago

    As a blues supporter I personally hate Freddy because he dropped my fav player Latrell Mitchell when Latrell was going through a lot

    • Sally May
      Sally May 4 days ago

      Dropping him might’ve helped him though

    • Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler
      Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler 4 days ago

      I'm a big fan of Latrell as well, but Freddy did the right thing by Latrell. If Latrell isn't aware of it now he will acknowledge it in the future.

  • 712Menzies
    712Menzies 4 days ago

    Why do everyone idolise Brad Fittler🤷‍♂️ he started coaching when all the big names in the Queensland side/dynasty retired... it was quite obvious NSW would start winning.

    • Bensubscribedtojoelmcmanus Magic
      Bensubscribedtojoelmcmanus Magic 4 days ago

      Your probably a QLD supporter who doesn’t know brad fitler he’s not only a good coach but was also one of the best player to play the game he also supports lots of charities and is a great person to be around.

  • Chaz the Dingo
    Chaz the Dingo 4 days ago

    Was I the only one who had a glitchy screen when it was showing the blues score the try at the end?

  • Judd Atkins
    Judd Atkins 4 days ago

    Thanks Freddy for what you guys did with the jerseys. We all appreciate it. GO THE BLUES 2020

  • Suleiman Ali
    Suleiman Ali 5 days ago

    Good on you Freddy you are legend

  • Ronald White
    Ronald White 5 days ago

    I did enjoy SOO Freddie, thanks for a great year. See ya 2020.

  • Phil Butler
    Phil Butler 5 days ago

    Teddy the superstar or should I say best player in the league

  • Riley O'Brien
    Riley O'Brien 5 days ago

    Should of just named it top five nsw moments instead of origin moments

    • Second Shoah
      Second Shoah 4 days ago

      @Riley O'Brien What do you mean, QLD was jacked off for the last 14 years with nsw being snubbed all the time lmao

    • Riley O'Brien
      Riley O'Brien 5 days ago

      @crazy eddie I guess we'll have to see, you have to admit that nsw is favoured in the nrl and I was just sorta pointing it out

    • crazy eddie
      crazy eddie 5 days ago

      The *NSW* coach picks *his* favourite moments. No doubt the Qld coach will be afforded the same chance, if he can find any.

  • Bondo QBN
    Bondo QBN 5 days ago

    Since Cronk is gone just wondering if Easts will offload any more players to fit under the salary cap. Will JWH be moved on or will they buy another class back and forward?

  • The Australian Health Show

    Very good to enjoy the wins blues as its over for you guys for another ten years

  • Steve Pygram
    Steve Pygram 5 days ago

    Here's a thought for next year's series Freddy, Have a die hard Blues supporter give a speech to the players what means for a supporter to follow the origin. Just a thought.

  • Luke Sky walker
    Luke Sky walker 5 days ago

    Go the BLUES!!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 5 days ago

    Was there any doubt in the number 1 moment?

  • John Curtis
    John Curtis 5 days ago

    Make maroon from triple m the caller and league will be top sport in Australia again

  • John Honner
    John Honner 5 days ago

    Should really be a better side

  • Kieran Larkey
    Kieran Larkey 5 days ago

    6th Brace , and i am a Manly fan .Not sure how you got that one mixed up.Bring in the Kinesiologists to treat injuries in the year 2020 .It's about time!

  • Braith Long
    Braith Long 5 days ago

    Raiders were robbed

  • Dallas Mitchell
    Dallas Mitchell 5 days ago

    Go cnk

  • Mat Cole
    Mat Cole 5 days ago

    We need Maguire to build that foundation that will make us great again. Too many disruptions over the past few years with the change of Coaches. I am surprised we haven't finished lower on the ladder considering the circumstances. That shows me that they are a team that wants to win and also wants to play finals footy. As a supporter and to my fellow supporters, be patient it will come. Go Wests Tigers.

  • Greg Hallanan
    Greg Hallanan 5 days ago

    It was awesome to see Dezy, going off his nut. After Manly got rolled by South's in that Semi. 😂

  • mohommad habibi
    mohommad habibi 6 days ago

    Canberra deserved that much more papali made a couple of costly mistakes, if crocker had caught the run thru chase. Then the charge down he would've had a 10 metre lead. Then the 6 again. Raiders had double the chances. They were robbed.

  • Scotty Mclaren
    Scotty Mclaren 6 days ago

    There was a lot to love about South Sydney this year, but there was also a lot to dislike. I’m a member of this great club and I’m going to start off with the negatives. - George Burgess Brain Explosion on Robbie Farrah. Had just come back from injury and previous to that a suspension for eye gouging. Cost him a contract extension. - Injuries played a massive role. Let’s not forget we lost Greg Inglis at the beginning of the season. Put injuries to Sam Burgess, Alex Johnston, Adam Reynolds, Tom Burgess, Braidon Burns and others, alongside rep selection for Ethan Lowe, Cody Walker, Cam Murray and Damian Cook and it left us a bit thin. - Spot on call from Joey about our sliding defence. Needs work - Fullback proved problematic this year. While Douhi did a great job, he’s definitely not a fullback. - James Roberts and Jaydn S’ua came in midway and had to learn their team mates style of play. They also lacked confidence. A full pre season should fix this - Penalty’s given away is another area that needs work THE POSITIVE - Liam Knight, Mark Nicholls, Ethan Lowe and Tevita Tatola stood up when we had nobody left - The confidence Bennett got back into Cody Walker and Adam Reynolds towards the end of the season was outstanding. They will only get better - Dane Gagai proving he is a centre and having a red hot go - Braidon Burns start to the season showed he belonged. Lost our way a little in attack til Gagai took over the role. - Cam Murray and Damian Cook proved to be lethal. - Campbell Graham cementing his wing spot for years to come - The rise of Cory Allan. - John Sutton’s Final year showed the old fella still had it. Could possibly go around again if he wanted to. - Wayne Bennett smiling and enjoying himself That’s what I’d take away from season 2019. A gritty season til the very end. Looking ahead to 2020 and Souths have incredible backline depth with Bryson Goodwin returning to the club. Throw competition in for spots from Johnson, Gagai, Roberts, Graham, Burns and Allen and the backline needs to be firing on all cylinders next season if players want to keep their positions as there is only 4 positions up for grabs and 6 of them will be fighting it out. Don’t underestimate Goodwin. Fullback looks to be a problem once again in 2020. Douihi will likely move back to a bench utility role which suits him and the team. Johnston will likely open the season at fullback, but if he struggles there he could find himself in trouble as I expect PNG Fullback Evene Gebbie to steal the number 1 jersey off him as the season progresses. With the competition in the backline so hot, I can see Bennett developing former Knight Cory Denniss into a Second Rower to play a role like Chris McQueen did. It also boosts our 2nd Row stocks which are extremely thin. Because of this and the shoulder injury, Sam Burgess will likely move out of the forwards and back to the 2nd Row alongside Ethan Lowe with Cam Murray locking down the scrum. Souths have an intimidating forward pack, but their marker and fringe defence needs to be better in 2020. Prediction - 2nd

  • VerySuspiciouslyLongUsername

    The raiders literally got robbed by that ref and the trainer Jesus Christ

  • Peter Jongsma
    Peter Jongsma 6 days ago

    How many bombs did Morris defuse? Unsung hero Awesome player .

  • Thomas Swieconek
    Thomas Swieconek 7 days ago

    this rules

  • Thomas Mansfield
    Thomas Mansfield 7 days ago

    Joey says all this stuff and how it should work but he never does anything about it

    • Michael Horn
      Michael Horn 5 days ago

      Yeah, Joey hasn't done anything for Newcastle.

  • Rabbitohs Rule
    Rabbitohs Rule 7 days ago

    Glory Glory to south Sydney

  • XxKingz TryHard
    XxKingz TryHard 7 days ago

    The guy should of stayed in marko

  • kev2669
    kev2669 7 days ago

    I've been a parra supporter since I was 5 years old. You just lost me sterol, what a puppet

  • Tyson Vincent
    Tyson Vincent 7 days ago

    Well go Help them John’s I’m over you guys sitting on TV saying all this is wrong that is wrong so they need to do go and help them

  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 7 days ago

    They need to bring back Dave Taylor

  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 7 days ago


  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 7 days ago

    Raiders have a really well balanced team with a couple of really talented game’s up to them to take it to the next level.

  • minibeast21
    minibeast21 7 days ago

    Perth & QLD need teams!

  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 7 days ago

    Adam Douehi was the stand out player for me. He’s skilful, tough, and can adapt well to playing in several positions. He could really develop into a key player. Cameron Murray is incredible.

  • abe linc
    abe linc 7 days ago

    alot of whingeing people on the public purse come from Canberra

  • Luke Richardson
    Luke Richardson 7 days ago

    there was another call against the roosters where the raiders dropped the ball but then was changed to a penalty... Don't get salty raiders youll get em next year...!

  • Luke Richardson
    Luke Richardson 7 days ago

    Sterlo explains this perfectly!!!

    WHY JUST WHY 7 days ago

    Up the dogs if they play like they did at the end of the year we will make the gf

  • Darnell Robinson-Johnson

    The Riders were cheated.

  • Ryan Symons
    Ryan Symons 8 days ago

    Raiders don't have the mongrel to win a premiership, look for Manly in the 2020 GF

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 8 days ago

    Most over hyped team in the game.

  • Julius Mensis
    Julius Mensis 8 days ago

    volume is getting lower every video

  • Nath69
    Nath69 8 days ago

    No way does Gagai receive the pass and then pass inside again with Jake right there. No-one mentions the 2 handed grab of Olam 's jersey by Waka Blake when Melbourne scored their first try against Parra in the Semi. Jake's was a clumsy attempt to get to the ball runner and only had eye's for the ball runner, Gagai was in the way.

  • Songs and fun
    Songs and fun 8 days ago

    I love NRL on online I can keep watching there video again and again there SOOOO GOOODDD

  • Eatbeavers Savetrees

    Stero stfu U r old and need a nursing home

  • Crazy prayingmantis

    Need a 9, can't keep waiting for Liddle. Also need some speed and a prop that runs like a lunatic

    JOEY_YT 8 days ago

    Titans should’ve dropped... My players that shouldn’t have been playing for them this season. Phillip Sami Jesse Arthers Ash Taylor Jarrod Wallace Tyrone Peachy (Well he should’ve not left penrith) Bryce Cartwright Mitch Rein THE PLAYERS THEY SHOULD SIGN. Richard Kennar (Broncos) Hymel Hunt (Knights) Shaun Johnson (Sharks) Add Carr (Storm) Marion Seve (Storm) Kodi Nikorima (Auckland)

  • Ian Hussain
    Ian Hussain 8 days ago

    Brad stop comparing what you did in your time at the roosters? The players play a huge part in a teams success so credit needs to be shared.

  • Ryan Symons
    Ryan Symons 8 days ago

    Manly play the right style of hard aggressive football that can potentially unsettle the Roosters. Roosters Manly 2020 GF

  • Ryan Symons
    Ryan Symons 8 days ago

    The only shining light for the Warriors was that the season ended

  • Ryan Symons
    Ryan Symons 8 days ago

    if only the Newcastle club had as much heart as its supporters do.

  • Crazy prayingmantis

    Raiders to miss the 8 next year

  • craig Stevens
    craig Stevens 8 days ago

    If manly stay fit they win the comp in 2020

  • R T
    R T 8 days ago

    Robbed by the refs against Canberra and Roosters in the Finals, What would you expect from a NSW game!

    MANCHESTER UNITED 8 days ago

    Aaa Soccer the most powerful sport on Planer earth has 4 billion fans and loved by more than 240 countries. Soccer is massive in every country on earth> Rugby league has 9 million fans and its big in 3 countries Australia, PNG and NZ. Its a minority sport in England, France dgxvj Fjjmbb

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo 7 days ago

      @Alex. C never said anything about faking an injury just faking for a foul or milking for one

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo 7 days ago

      @Alex. C ref says milking cause the player trying to decieve the ref for the advantage like most sports lol and yer we all know soccer players carry on like girls

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @John Rambo They milk wen they are being held down in a tackle, not to fake an injury coz they know they mite b taken off the field if they do. If they do stay down for an injury its becoz they are playing a physically tough sport and do get injured from the collisions. Nrl players r more likely to hide thier injuries now the HIA has been introduced. A sport where acting is a skill is not a sport i want to follow. It happens too often in soccer, roll on the grass crying like babies than spring up wen the ref blows a free kick.

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo 7 days ago

      @Roonoon2 why do i see nrl players milking for penalties these days

    • Roonoon2
      Roonoon2 7 days ago

      I used to love Soccer I played it in high school but I haven't watched a game since the 2014 world cup because players keep pretending to be hurt and fall over from nothing. Also Man U is one of the clubs that are rigged to perform well every year because that's what lines shareholders pockets the most, unlike the NRL which has a salary cap.

  • bailey colliiins
    bailey colliiins 8 days ago

    STERLO ur my dad

  • Rock TV
    Rock TV 8 days ago

    As if they didn’t talk about Ryan Maddison maybe leaving the club

  • Sydney Rooster
    Sydney Rooster 8 days ago

    You Raiders fans really need to move on already. It's becoming quite sad with all the amounts of whining little girls in the comment section I've seen over the past day! Let alone last week!!.

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @Kev from Canberra yeh thats true. Its all the Rooster haters complaining. Ricky was gracious in defeat n layed off the refs mistake. Hope Canberra win 2020 they deserve it. Ricky bringing in pommy players was a genius move. Who else would want to live in freezing Canberra?

    • Sydney Rooster
      Sydney Rooster 8 days ago

      @Kev from Canberra. And a very gritty win it was. Thank you Kev. You are what they call a real Rugby League Fan who knows exactly what he's talking about. I should've worded my comment a bit better as in regards to all Raiders fans being a bit too hard on the Roosters achievements. Once again cheers Kev! Your Raiders are going all the way next year!..

    • Kev from Canberra
      Kev from Canberra 8 days ago

      To be fair mate I think most of the outrage is coming from the other teams fans who wanted the roosters to lose. Most (real) Raiders fans are happy and proud, and have congratulated the Roosters on a really gritty win.

  • Dark Black Knight
    Dark Black Knight 8 days ago

    Wow Sydney Roosters minor premiers 2014, 2015 no grand final😃😃

  • Trustfire
    Trustfire 8 days ago

    Raiders had 79 minutes and 45 seconds to win that game and they didn't. Roosters defended with 12 men (controversial send off at the worst possible time) and Raiders couldn't capitilise. Joey Leilua throws that pass to Rapana at the right time and Raiders score, but he didn't, he bombed it. Roosters deserve every bit of that trophy, all these whinging fans are taking that away from them. Back to back premierships with a salary cap is near impossible, but they did it. Roosters iced their ONE chance of the whole game. Raiders didn't. Epic grand final.

    • cjh68
      cjh68 6 days ago

      @iwillfactcheck Counting last year's GF, it's four tries conceded in four finals matches. Remarkable.

    • iwillfactcheck
      iwillfactcheck 7 days ago

      @Alex. C correct

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @iwillfactcheck I think we know now what the problem was *cough* pearce *cough* I love Cooper Cronk.

    • iwillfactcheck
      iwillfactcheck 7 days ago

      @Alex. C robbo = champ remember a few years ago when they didnt do so well one year... At the club review. They had to decide. Was he part of the problem. Or part of the solution.... Yeah champion

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @iwillfactcheck thats 4 tries in 6 finals games if u include 2018 finals. And 1 was an intercept try wen the game was already won. Just simply too good. Robbo shuld take a lot of credit for that.

  • arbootieoaks
    arbootieoaks 8 days ago

    My wish: Raiders to go all the way next year. Tedesco to get a terrible injury (after origin), JWH to get a record length suspention, and Keary to make a shock mid season transfer to the gold coast.

    • Guan Fee
      Guan Fee 6 days ago

      Wow. Wishing for players to get injured. That’s is low. It also shows that you don’t believe in the raiders to get into the GF, and that the only way they will make it is through other teams injuries. Lol

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @arbootieoaks make sure its a government car...

    • arbootieoaks
      arbootieoaks 8 days ago

      @4by Story lol it'd be funny if all of those things happen, included me getting hit by a car. Fingers crossed I either die, or make a full recovery and get an amazing insurance settlement. I don't want to be paralysed.

    • 4by Story
      4by Story 8 days ago

      my wish is that you get hit by a car

  • Shan Ri Ha
    Shan Ri Ha 8 days ago

    Glory Glory to South Sydney. Peace

  • Paul Maheno
    Paul Maheno 8 days ago

    Poor Raiders, had every chance, against 12 for 10 mins & still couldn't post a score....

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @iwillfactcheck willie mason? Check the footage out urself, its clear as day. Its on the Sterlo GF wrap.

    • Ryan Symons
      Ryan Symons 8 days ago

      yeah but their fans still blame their poor attack on one moment

    • iwillfactcheck
      iwillfactcheck 8 days ago

      Willie mason said The kick that hit the trainer....... He kicked got taken out without the ball... Professional foul 10 sin bin

  • Blake Von Sanden
    Blake Von Sanden 8 days ago

    Weighton asking for more money on his contract was RUDE especially when he was given 2 lifelines you deserve to wear GREEN!!!!!

    • tall dufus
      tall dufus 6 days ago

      @Blake Von Sanden The only reason Jack came on for NSW was becos Cody was hooked-unheard of for a half in SOO.

    • Blake Von Sanden
      Blake Von Sanden 6 days ago

      tall dufus if I remember Jack sat out 2/3 of last season and it’s taken all this year for him to click Jacks kicking game WAS erratic kicks out on the full kicks going dead come to think of it he threw tha interception that QLD won on!!!!!! Actually he’s lucky getting offered that extension I’d rather Cody walker!!!!! Get him in tha green machine INSTANT results!!!

    • tall dufus
      tall dufus 7 days ago

      @Blake Von Sanden They've got to pay him. The club offered Blake Ausin $700k, he wanted $800k, let that sink in. Jack just delivered us to the GF. It's not worth going backwards over an extra $250k for a player who is a difference maker. Anyone with a half decent memory would still have nightmares abt the kicking games of Ausin/Sezer/Williams.

    • Blake Von Sanden
      Blake Von Sanden 8 days ago

      iwillfactcheck theirs a chance of that happening seriously!!!! I’ll be dirty if he does!!!!!!!

    • Blake Von Sanden
      Blake Von Sanden 8 days ago

      tall dufus I fully agree we are going to lose a few players nxt year!!! Going to be interesting next few weeks-months!?!?!

  • Chris Sheather
    Chris Sheather 8 days ago

    How do you stop Nelson from swinging in Bali. Good bloke sticking up for his teammates

  • Mitchell Clarke
    Mitchell Clarke 8 days ago

    I have hated channel 9 commentary this year but I have to admit that James Bracey has done a magnificent job!!

    • Max Kurth
      Max Kurth 5 days ago

      Mitchell Clarke sterling is the only commentator who isn’t biased he is neautral and honest. Johns is the worst

  • Noble Tenshi
    Noble Tenshi 8 days ago

    STFU all those people whinging they were robbed.. There has been worse calls. All it was that it was declared the last tackle on a signal mistake. You dont see Melbourne whinging about their touch judge call do you ? Dont turn into sore loosers. Raiders could of won the game, but they didnt. Roosters too strong. Raiders also beat the Storm on a Storm mistake, and the Bunnies bombed 3 tries in their game. Raiders did well to make the Final and werent good enough to beat the Roosters.

  • Oliver Galvin
    Oliver Galvin 8 days ago

    You need to lose one to win one. We lost 87, won 89 90 and 94. The second golden era for the raiders is coming up and I’m excited

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      I liked ur comment becoz unlike other fans u seem to take that lose on the chin and looking to a brighter future for ur club. All the best hope raiders do win nxt yr.

  • Julian Ryan
    Julian Ryan 8 days ago

    Green machine got robbed

    • ronnie saras
      ronnie saras 2 days ago

      Roosters rust prevention team suggests not to mix tears with salt

  • Gorilla Team Tutors

    10th -> 3rd defensively. They concomitantly went from 10th place to 2nd place. Premierships really are won on the back of defence

    • Gorilla Team Tutors
      Gorilla Team Tutors 16 hours ago

      @vanillabear that is crazy

    • Gorilla Team Tutors
      Gorilla Team Tutors 16 hours ago

      @Alex. C agree

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      If raiders didnt play the number 1 defensive team in the GF they would have won.

    • vanillabear
      vanillabear 8 days ago

      What's even crazier is that their attack wasn't as strong as it has been in previous years. So they went from 10th place to 2nd place, even though their attack went down.

  • Bogan Bob
    Bogan Bob 8 days ago

    In a Rugby League Week players poll a overwhelming 49% of players voted the Storm as the dirtiest team in the competition.

  • Gamerz
    Gamerz 8 days ago

    iPad:1percent Me:celebrating when roosters score iPad:dies Me:throws my iPad away

  • Dnoopsogg
    Dnoopsogg 8 days ago

    Like if raiders were robbed

    • Ryan Symons
      Ryan Symons 7 days ago

      @Dnoopsogg oh no, what will I ever do

    • Dnoopsogg
      Dnoopsogg 7 days ago

      U have no subs pahahahahha

    • Ryan Symons
      Ryan Symons 8 days ago

      nope... not even a Roosters fan either... better team won.... should have capitalised on their opportunities

  • Smox
    Smox 8 days ago


  • Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler

    Peter Sterling is actually quite handsome.

  • ιiαm δαιιο
    ιiαm δαιιο 8 days ago

    Raiders were robbed. Full stop.

    • ronnie saras
      ronnie saras 2 days ago

      Roosters rust prevention team suggests not to mix tears with salt

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      @Ryan Evanson ur an idiot.

    • Ryan Symons
      Ryan Symons 8 days ago

      robbed by what? losing in the first 20 when JWH was running all over them

    • Soupez
      Soupez 8 days ago

      Roosters won. full stop baby.

  • rj
    rj 8 days ago

    We kept the roosters to 3 tries so improve the attack and keep the defence up and we will win on grand final day and I’ll be their

  • Kawasaki 59 59
    Kawasaki 59 59 9 days ago

    The guy he bashed was only 5ft 2 inches Solomon's 6 ft 2 inches miss match indeed.

    • Kawasaki 59 59
      Kawasaki 59 59 7 days ago

      @Alex. C He did the right thing.

    • Alex. C
      Alex. C 7 days ago

      If u decide to take on someone the size of NAS u deserve to get a beating.

    • Kawasaki 59 59
      Kawasaki 59 59 8 days ago

      @ιiαm δαιιο well a few inches off who cares

    • ιiαm δαιιο
      ιiαm δαιιο 8 days ago

      Kawasaki 59 59 Solomona is 6 ft 7 inches

    MANCHESTER UNITED 9 days ago

    Aaa Soccer is the biggest sport on planet earth has over 4 billion fans and loved by more than 240 countries. Soccer is massive in every country on Earth> Rugby league has 9 million fans and big in only 3 countries. Australia, PNG and NZ. Its a minority sport in the UK and France ffgg Fffhk

    MANCHESTER UNITED 9 days ago

    Aaa Soccer is the biggest sport on planet earth has over 4 billion fans and loved by more than 240 countries. Soccer is massive in every country on Earth> Rugby league has 9 million fans and big in only 3 countries. Australia, PNG and NZ. Its a minority sport in the UK and France ffjdg Sgjdbn

    • Boom Toy Reviews
      Boom Toy Reviews 3 days ago

      Bobby Brown You just roasted him so well

    • Boom Toy Reviews
      Boom Toy Reviews 3 days ago

      Guess what mate you are wrong,ya know why? Coz rugby league has a World Cup and every country watches it

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown 4 days ago

      There are only 195 countries in the world you uneducated fool no wonder you like soccer