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First Wins For Ferrari
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Anthoine Hubert Remembered
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  • Empire Mapping
    Empire Mapping Hour ago

    Ferrari back Vettel back Leclerc good as usual Awesome

  • HCG
    HCG Hour ago

    When will we see the Telemetry on Board Camera?

  • tembak bakar
    tembak bakar Hour ago

    Where nico's Egle ? She was the highlight of the night for sure

  • Ziradan
    Ziradan Hour ago

    Its pretty fickin amazing race driver

  • Spartans5499
    Spartans5499 Hour ago

    He got a hat trick for poles.

  • MystiK-MaK21
    MystiK-MaK21 Hour ago

    boooo dirty scumbag hope you crash tommorow!

  • DanPloiesti
    DanPloiesti Hour ago

    Fantastic job!

  • Paul Kiarie
    Paul Kiarie Hour ago

    Lewis extracted everything from the Mercedes. Hope he wins tomorrow.

  • mac
    mac Hour ago

    When will vettel get a lap in when he doesn't have to leave the track

  • Axelass
    Axelass Hour ago

    Anybody knows exactly what is displayed on the top right of his steering wheel ?

  • Zed Harith
    Zed Harith Hour ago

    Ferrari got pole..... having 2016 Singapore crash flashbacks..... God no...

  • ROB112
    ROB112 Hour ago

    They did bring out a new nose

  • Midnight Reggie
    Midnight Reggie Hour ago

    Need an a b replay of Hamilton and Leclerc and there speed traces

  • Handoko Said
    Handoko Said Hour ago

    New star is born

  • Elizabeth Sterling

    I don't think he could have pushed any harder than he did.

  • Squeezy Hugs
    Squeezy Hugs Hour ago

    its is true...he cut th chicken!

  • matheus alexandre

    Thank you lecler

  • kiran babu
    kiran babu Hour ago

    Get in there, Leclerc.

  • denzyl casuela
    denzyl casuela Hour ago

    he got pole by making mistakes

  • Luigi Gigi
    Luigi Gigi Hour ago

    Grande piccolo Charles

  • Rubén Alejandro

    FORZA FERRARI....!!!!

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade Hour ago

    Charles Leclerc will probably win

  • brewno
    brewno Hour ago

    Absolutely incredible. Félicitations, Leclerc!

  • young casper
    young casper Hour ago

    Daje charlessssss

  • D.M.A.
    D.M.A. Hour ago

    Forza Ferrari...suck it Nazimobiles...

  • KMX- Rider-UK
    KMX- Rider-UK Hour ago

    Was really rooting for Seb here and im a Hamilton fan, loving the qually result, fingers crossed for a good race !

  • Ray M
    Ray M Hour ago

    I respect his talent, but boy do I hate that frog. There's just something about him I don't like.

  • Skyscrapers & MegaProjects

    Leclerc now has more poles than any other driver this season!! Merc fans: *Wait that’s illegal*

  • Kieran Rankie
    Kieran Rankie Hour ago

    LeClerc is going to end Hamilton's dominance next year.

  • denzyl casuela
    denzyl casuela Hour ago

    he got pole, by making a mistake

  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav Hour ago

    That dashboard on the steering wheel looks stunning under the lights in Singapore.

  • Jan Giefing
    Jan Giefing Hour ago

    whats with the sound in the video tho? is it only me or is the sound mostly coming from the right speaker? atleast the audio & video is synced tho. great drive from lecrec!

  • 28 StAB woUnDS???

    He made like 3 mistakes I think during this hot lap and still got pole lol wut

  • Tomasz Plasota
    Tomasz Plasota Hour ago

    He made three errors and still gets a pole. To bad that VET did not try to the end.

  • Jitesh Amrutkar
    Jitesh Amrutkar Hour ago

    happy to see how Toto has a ugly ass face every time that Red Ferrari screws the Silver arrows

  • Bojan Marsetic
    Bojan Marsetic Hour ago

    turn 4 nailed to perfection

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Hour ago

    Very impressive by Ferrari! The aero update is certainly working. I predicted a struggle for them and a triumphant weekend for Red Bull and VER. Merc and Red Bull looked strongest on race pace and tyre wear in FP2. Here's hoping tomorrow delivers the epic race we all deserve!

  • Wohnmobilaufachse


  • Idioticcheeze
    Idioticcheeze Hour ago

    Ferrari: Singapore will be very difficult for us Also Ferrari: nose upgrade and gets pole in singapore

  • Lazles_ Boney
    Lazles_ Boney Hour ago

    Ferrari: Ah shit here we go again in Singapore Mercedes:Easy 1-2 Front wing from Ferrari:See my new air Charles:Wohhohoohohohohohooh

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson Hour ago

    WOW look how happy Toto Wolf is, even pinching his nose.

  • andrew
    andrew Hour ago

    Love these lap videos from night races because of all the data on the steering wheel. Would be great to have some video editing or extra graphics, so we can see it in the daylight as well!

  • Antonio Labaš
    Antonio Labaš Hour ago

    Charles was on limit through whole lap, amazing car control too. This lap reminds on some Senna pole laps, he was always driving on limit too. 👏👌

  • Cool Crush Ice Killa

    Kubica is a disgrace

  • Martin
    Martin Hour ago

    I'm just proud the McLarens are in q3

  • MFUnicornBey
    MFUnicornBey Hour ago

    4:21 That was some mad speed from Vettel damn

  • Aditya A
    Aditya A Hour ago

    Hamilton will come back strong tomorrow for sure. Race Win !

  • Benjamin Koh
    Benjamin Koh Hour ago

    What a legend

  • Albin Joseph Roy

    Unbelievable. How did he managed to be on pole even after having all those under steers. That means Ferrari has serious pace advantage of Mercedes. If they get their strategies on point then I guess we are looking at a Ferrari win 📍

  • William Kang
    William Kang Hour ago

    Leclerc is a SUPERSTAR.

  • Juan Julian Espinal


  • Jellymann
    Jellymann Hour ago

    Kvyat is one of the best drivers in the field. Just unlucky he has a shitty car. He would easily win if he was in mercedes

  • h burbano
    h burbano Hour ago

    Leclerc smashing the qualifying and Vettel's future in F1

  • Dux Drive
    Dux Drive Hour ago

    From a Vettel fan, this was second time you outright beat Vettel and there is no denying that you deserved this pole. It was stunning lap! For myself, I hope Vettel gets in there tomorrow and wins like he well used to. Obviously today pushed too much and made crucial mistakes in his second run, his first lap was flawless but with the mistake in the end it wasn't just enough. Anyway on a circuit which was supposed to give Ferrari lot's of troubles this year considering their car package, this performance levels are outstanding and evidently they are finally going in the right direction with the car and will be definitely able to fight on till the remainder of the season, which is good sign for 2020 if anything else. #neverstopbelieving

  • Joaquim Méndez
    Joaquim Méndez Hour ago

    One name: Charles LeClerc

  • Lex
    Lex Hour ago

    #GoCharles 💪

  • Matt768
    Matt768 Hour ago

    I am a Hamilton supporter but Le Clerc smashed it with this lap good luck to the lad he deserves it.

  • Peeetza
    Peeetza Hour ago

    Everyone was thinking it would be hamilton vs verstappen. Who would have thought ferrari would make such a run.

  • gagah antero
    gagah antero Hour ago

    Lap comparison LEC vs HAM pls??🙏

  • Samuele Marcolongo

    When you order some downforce on Amazon

  • eja narinn
    eja narinn Hour ago

    Max will win it tomorrow

  • pine tree
    pine tree Hour ago

    Can you still buy into F1 if you have enough money?

  • Ankou Sama
    Ankou Sama Hour ago

    Fucking Awesome!

  • UYNiko
    UYNiko Hour ago

    Ferrari most be really happy with Leclerc, looks like they found a really good driver.

  • DieselDan09
    DieselDan09 Hour ago

    That is the ragged edge for sure!

  • Junior
    Junior Hour ago

    "Oversteer? NEVER MIND!!!"

  • NSI TV
    NSI TV Hour ago

    Vettel= Paper champion

  • Adam O'Shaughnessy

    Crap. F1, which I used to love, has become boring. The new young drivers have as much personality as a turnip.

  • Blame
    Blame Hour ago

    He did 4 mistakes, but still beat everyones ass!

  • sphere 528
    sphere 528 Hour ago

    typical sergio perez still trying to crash ppl out of races, just like verstappen

  • OldSchoolRims
    OldSchoolRims Hour ago

    rising star

  • RalfsStuff
    RalfsStuff Hour ago

    Where did that pace come from!? Vettel was a second clear of both Hamilton and Bottas!?

  • Pol1na Egorova
    Pol1na Egorova Hour ago

    Well done👌

  • bynahelemaal
    bynahelemaal Hour ago

    Dang... normally red bull’s aero updates post summer break are the best... somehow ferrari’s aero is rb levels! Newey’s either been sleeping or focussing on that new extreme e challnge thing!🤔

  • BendtFender28
    BendtFender28 Hour ago

    A Pirelli banner but no telemetry. :(

  • sharer sharer
    sharer sharer Hour ago

    Leclerc !!

  • JDecker Media
    JDecker Media Hour ago

    This reminded me of a rally stage more than anything else! What a lap!

  • It’s Vizor
    It’s Vizor Hour ago

    I let out a dying seal screech when Leclerc went to provisional pole. It was a combined reaction of Seb being knocked down to third and Charles going first. I really wanted Seb on pole but, goddamn, Charles was a devil out there. What a quali, really.

  • Tardelli Marques

    Hamilton Wins. 👊👊👊

  • Naif T. Ahmed
    Naif T. Ahmed Hour ago

  • vNecrum
    vNecrum Hour ago

    Get in there Lewclerc

  • Vlad :D
    Vlad :D Hour ago

    Lec the best!

  • Scor Davies
    Scor Davies Hour ago

    When Hamilton's engineer screams "get in there Lewis!' It sounds like he's watching a gay porn video of himself taking it from behind!

  • Angel Alonso Lozano

    Grazie Ragazzi intensifies

  • TexasRunIt
    TexasRunIt Hour ago

    He's a baaaaaddddd maaaannnn!!!!!!!

  • Sam Holder
    Sam Holder Hour ago

    cast iron balls

  • FMoreno14
    FMoreno14 Hour ago

    Is this apt to be on TVclip? I think this is +18 video...

  • Csorólajos Dso Milan

    f fe fer ferr ferrra ferrari!!!!!!!! <3

  • Guilherme Tieppo

    Bring us a Leclerc vs Hamilton vs Vettel (1st attempt) comparison.

  • Flare Animo
    Flare Animo Hour ago

    "from i am stupid" to "WOOAISHVFBDUHEHSJDHDVBEEIU"

  • dysnomia
    dysnomia Hour ago

    Really happy for Ferrari, actually shocking for me as I have already written them off, but their upgrades actually worked wonders.

  • Kaushik Songarwala

    Vettel about to go all ba ba ba bam bam yee haaa! Leclerc - probably gets the pole lap of the season.

  • Diego
    Diego Hour ago

    Grazie leclerc ci fai sognare!

  • Brian O'Conner
    Brian O'Conner Hour ago

    This is not pole position??

  • Kibo
    Kibo Hour ago

    That's an interestic tactic just to... keep pole position. Just being the quickest around the lap

  • Essence of Racing

    Sick absolutely insane!

  • aceDriver53
    aceDriver53 Hour ago

    3rd time a charm good job Leclerc

  • Federico Landi
    Federico Landi Hour ago

    That's an amazing drive! Leclerc is THE FUTURE OF F1! We have two driver incredible in F1 with Leclerc and Hamilton. Forza Ferrari e Forza Carletto!

  • TL98
    TL98 Hour ago


  • Blame
    Blame Hour ago

    Well done guys? WELL DONE CHARLES WHAT THE FUCK MAN! Its all you baby!