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  • jas urs
    jas urs 15 minutes ago

    this is like a netflix movie sksksk

  • Imperfectly perfect
    Imperfectly perfect 27 minutes ago

    Where is your yellow dress from? 😍

  • Emily
    Emily 51 minute ago

    This video has inspired me to get out of the house more, hang out with my friends more

  • ArtsySundae
    ArtsySundae Hour ago

    this is like a whole movie!! i love this

  • Nhi Pham
    Nhi Pham Hour ago

    u so pretty (:

  • PastaArose
    PastaArose Hour ago

    What is her nationality?? She's very pretty 😍❤️❤️

    • PastaArose
      PastaArose Hour ago

      @Jessica Vu Your very welcome!! 😊✨

    • Jessica Vu
      Jessica Vu Hour ago

      PastaArose I am American and my ethnicity is Vietnamese 😇 thank you!

  • honeyluv
    honeyluv Hour ago

    your videos make me smile when i’m having a bad day which is today thanks to my friend

  • Nhana Hoang
    Nhana Hoang 2 hours ago

    Im august,17

  • Gabby Trujillo
    Gabby Trujillo 2 hours ago

    I turned 20 this month as well and made a video of my last few months as a 19 year old too! Except my editing is no where near as flawless. I do agree there was so much footage to go through though omg...It really is a weird transition from being a teenager to an adult adult. I'm hoping I'll get my shit together this year as well haha. I loved the video! Cheers to being a victim to the inevitable passage of time sjadkfwj

  • baka
    baka 2 hours ago

    "Hi my name is jessica and im turning 20" BRO I THOUGHT U WERE TURNING 18

  • youniversed
    youniversed 2 hours ago

    It’s already 9am and I’m still at bed.

  • Maya johal
    Maya johal 3 hours ago

    this makes me so happy, I’m turning 20 soon too and am dreading it, I thought I had to be reckless too while I was still a teen but having wholesome fun is way better

    • Jessica Vu
      Jessica Vu Hour ago

      Maya johal yay!! glad 2 b growing 2gether hehe

  • s z .
    s z . 3 hours ago

    that "cheers!" was so cute

  • olivia jung
    olivia jung 3 hours ago

    lmao when she said “roast peppa” i thought she was gonna say stuff about her not actually b u r n her

  • wissem
    wissem 4 hours ago

    jessica really is my favourite youtuber ever, she's so cute and she just never disappoints i can't get enough of her content

  • iiLxmin
    iiLxmin 4 hours ago

    I wish I was happy like you

  • Lil Archie
    Lil Archie 4 hours ago

    Okay, I knew that Michelle and Jessica look semi-similar but I didn’t knew that they were sisters-

    • Lil Archie
      Lil Archie 40 minutes ago

      Jessica Vu oH- sorry 😂

    • Jessica Vu
      Jessica Vu Hour ago

      Lil Archie o we r not biologically related haha crystal is her younger sister!

  • T Y L E R V A N
    T Y L E R V A N 4 hours ago

    sis your viet is good wym

  • K-pop Unicorn
    K-pop Unicorn 4 hours ago

    you a virgo too 🧸👍😭

  • K-pop Unicorn
    K-pop Unicorn 4 hours ago

    can i have friends like this?

  • kristy sargent
    kristy sargent 5 hours ago

    deja vu? TASTE

  • you thought
    you thought 6 hours ago

    okay but they’d actually be cute togther

  • Gurus
    Gurus 7 hours ago

    I like your editing sooooo much 😍😍😍😍

  • Surayia Shahid
    Surayia Shahid 7 hours ago

    Imagine if they end up dating

  • Shira Zitun
    Shira Zitun 7 hours ago

    I love the way you edit your videos❤️❤️

  • Ngoc 66
    Ngoc 66 7 hours ago


  • Quynh Le
    Quynh Le 8 hours ago

    Chị đáng yêu quá hewww :(((

  • Ana Freitas
    Ana Freitas 8 hours ago

    legenda o vídeo pra português por favor 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤ você é muito maravilhosa

  • imhao md
    imhao md 9 hours ago

    Mẹ đẹp sẵn rồi nên con theo gen mẹ, đẹp khỏi chê😍

  • Ines Ines
    Ines Ines 9 hours ago

    I love the song « la thune » 😍😍 (i’ m french)

  • Hien Giang
    Hien Giang 10 hours ago

    10:00 omg so đắng(?) lol

  • jimin’s lovely land
    jimin’s lovely land 10 hours ago

    omg i wanna be pretty as u 🥺

  • Ellisa Talma
    Ellisa Talma 10 hours ago

    I love this video so much ❤️

  • Quỳnh Chi
    Quỳnh Chi 10 hours ago

    Chị ơi chị quay bằng tiếng việt đi chị lúc chị nói tiếng việt nghe nó dễ thương lắm í

  • suzy san
    suzy san 11 hours ago

    I thought that sponge is a mango 😂

  • thuhaa _
    thuhaa _ 11 hours ago

    that “âu mài gọt so đắng” tho haha 🤣 10:00

  • FarianaR
    FarianaR 11 hours ago

    13:53 Disnelyand?😂

    • Jessica Vu
      Jessica Vu Hour ago

      FarianaR o shoot i didnt even notice sad :(

  • Pransin Sopiya
    Pransin Sopiya 11 hours ago

    lol james is so low key extra 😂

    • Jessica Vu
      Jessica Vu Hour ago

      Pransin Sopiya highkey 😂😂

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 11 hours ago

    Bạn là người Việt hả?

  • Drink Water
    Drink Water 12 hours ago

    88Rising <3

  • jungkook's broken phones

    wait, wow... why was michelle phan there? can someone explain sorry

  • Blue Kid
    Blue Kid 12 hours ago

    this hairstyle really makes me think of some powerful but beautiful greek gods

  • Blue Kid
    Blue Kid 12 hours ago

    omg i need more of this kinds of content on ytb its just really really creative and also aesthetic <3

  • happi vitamin
    happi vitamin 12 hours ago

    Happy birthday. U r always my motivation 💜 Love from Vietnam

  • Angel fairy
    Angel fairy 13 hours ago

    You guys look so cute together and I’m sad you guys are not together

  • Danielle Skylar
    Danielle Skylar 13 hours ago

    Her voice over sounds like your "Teen life narration" movie Like you get me?

  • Sharmaine
    Sharmaine 13 hours ago

    This whole video is so pure, such great ideas to celebrate being an adult.. youre so precious uwu

  • joy
    joy 13 hours ago

    Wait... intruder?????!!

  • joyousLife
    joyousLife 13 hours ago

    You were in my recommended!! You are gorgeous and such great personality! +1sub

  • kinusakina
    kinusakina 14 hours ago

    ah! i would love some videos on how you edit bc it's so gorge!! even if it's just your favourite fonts or something 🥰

  • theia
    theia 15 hours ago

    this made me miss my friends so muchh

  • Foxy kim
    Foxy kim 15 hours ago

    i also really want to live like this. 😓but i feel like my everyday is just a routine that i follow. Woke up brush teeth and wach face and then get ready for school, went home take bath, touch phone and do school works nd repeat this endless cycle i really don't want to live like this but high school has force me to be like this. 😫

  • xcarrreelx X
    xcarrreelx X 16 hours ago

    Cool life sana all

  • ShjnNu
    ShjnNu 16 hours ago

    omg, chị không nghĩ là em có thể nói được tiếng việt (giỏi và rõ) như vậy <3

  • allie o
    allie o 17 hours ago

    iffy iffy ya ya

  • Chelsea Anastassia
    Chelsea Anastassia 17 hours ago


  • ducknicorn
    ducknicorn 17 hours ago

    me: speaks fluent vietnamese also me: vigorously reads subtitles

  • Sanjana Vithana
    Sanjana Vithana 17 hours ago

    Ugly day my ass you are prettiest girl alive boo❤❤

  • The FAnTastIc
    The FAnTastIc 17 hours ago

    the thing for me is that its really easy for yall to use liners but for me i have really thick and line lashes (from my mom) so its really hard for me to apply liner

  • Lina Altheeb
    Lina Altheeb 17 hours ago

    dang you have such a beautiful calming voice please do armr

  • RM
    RM 18 hours ago

    She’s the type of person we all want to be friends with

  • Lộc Tấn
    Lộc Tấn 18 hours ago

    Hello I'm from 🇻🇳

  • Lovely Grace
    Lovely Grace 19 hours ago

    My forehead have something rashes. But i used that product ever since. What is the meaning of this? Ugh

  • dyta rallya
    dyta rallya 19 hours ago

    okay the intro of the video looks like an actual movie

  • Bao Anh Banh
    Bao Anh Banh 19 hours ago

    “Bố đang quay phim hả!?” Yes he did <3

  • Leeyan Khoo
    Leeyan Khoo 19 hours ago


  • Christy Song
    Christy Song 19 hours ago

    the chinese songs i was shoooooooook

  • Vivian Guo
    Vivian Guo 20 hours ago

    OMGG 小鬼‘s Don't call me Da Vinci♥︎

  • Vannie
    Vannie 21 hour ago

    UGH you are so gorg and good at makeup!!!

  • Gigi H.
    Gigi H. 22 hours ago

    this gives me motivation to make the most of my life before i’m grown :,)

  • yurika Love
    yurika Love 22 hours ago

    What editor do u use??? OwO

  • Constance Goh
    Constance Goh 22 hours ago


  • Felicia Jiang
    Felicia Jiang 23 hours ago

    I thought was being delusional when I saw them both in each other’s videos. Turns out, it’s true AND I COULDN’T BE MORE HAPPY

  • h o n e y b e e
    h o n e y b e e 23 hours ago


  • rebecca lee
    rebecca lee Day ago

    I’m a simple person. I see pH-1, I like the video

  • Joahnna Alcantara

    Lol i thought its ashley delmundo from phil

  • T Y L E R V A N

    fun fact she is vietnamese🥳

  • Stacey Pearce
    Stacey Pearce Day ago

    Wow an adult and and almost 1 million subs!? I wish I could grow my channel just like you and you inspire me everyday❤❤💗😁

  • Sharon Velez
    Sharon Velez Day ago

    oh my gosh girl we're almost twins by a day. My birthday's on the 26th...

  • Naiah U
    Naiah U Day ago

    im new fan. where does she live? anud whats her race? Chinese or American?

  • BagelLover410
    BagelLover410 Day ago

    Aww this video was so cute and fun to watch!!!!!

  • shado Fam
    shado Fam Day ago

    I can actually understand what you are saying 😂 I only speak a little of Vietnamese too so I understand 😂❤️

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne Day ago


  • xX Yasmin Xx
    xX Yasmin Xx Day ago

    You're so beautifullll 😍you deserve way more love and appreciation xx please please do a hair care routine 🥺❤️

  • Username
    Username Day ago

    I hope you have a wonderful beautiful lif✨💜

  • Denise Franco
    Denise Franco Day ago


  • vicky yang
    vicky yang Day ago

    Love the background music 😉

  • urfavedevil xx

    where is your construction looking jacket from?

    • Jessica Vu
      Jessica Vu Hour ago

      urfavedevil xx it’s soy’s! she got it from ASOS

  • kaitlyn ronan
    kaitlyn ronan Day ago

    this video has made me smile so much ah

  • Vegan Caliou
    Vegan Caliou Day ago

    Damn I feel this, time flies quick

  • DJ AZ
    DJ AZ Day ago


  • Roisin LQ
    Roisin LQ Day ago

    I smiled throughout the whole video :’)))

  • BloodHuntress99

    lmao fiancé finance

  • Dez Pham
    Dez Pham Day ago

    Sinh nhật vui vẻ nha chị 🎉🎊💓 Kinda late lol

  • angelene ocampo tingzon

    What’s that song at the end???😭

  • Naziema Badullah

    Oml ur glow up :O

  • Naziema Badullah

    Oml u can rock the hairstyles and then if u look at me with them..ITS LIKE POOP ON MA HEAD. And the bobby pinks the falk out XD ...AND U LOOK LIKE JENNIE FROM BLACKPINK XD. LOVE THE VIDEO AND I WATCH LIKE ALL YA VIDEOS :P U like jessica? I I

  • Earths Bae
    Earths Bae Day ago

    just got my selfi light from amazon. I think this is the best one .

  • I don't really have a name

    You're like the real strawberry shortcake 10:31

  • Helen Yenga
    Helen Yenga Day ago

    i hate it sorry