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Q203 Out Now!
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NEFFEX - Q203 Sessions
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NEFFEX - Numb (Official Video)
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NEFFEX | 2019 Update 🤘
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  • DuyGaming YT
    DuyGaming YT 45 seconds ago


  • Ian Cuadra
    Ian Cuadra 15 minutes ago

    Who is here because of Noobqueen?

  • alex nooijens
    alex nooijens 28 minutes ago

    The best part about Neffex is that they have fans all around the world. Not just the USA

  • Subhojit Mondal
    Subhojit Mondal 39 minutes ago

    Only nayeem alam mp-40 king

  • ADU
    ADU Hour ago

    Neffex ты топ!)🔥

  • 개새
    개새 Hour ago


  • 알로항
    알로항 Hour ago

    Just like that

  • Rushikesh Kokane


  • 김상혁
    김상혁 Hour ago

    cvMax brought me here :)

  • Hadi Hassan
    Hadi Hassan Hour ago

    Neffex=eminem+marshmello(but better)

  • Saiyan Amv
    Saiyan Amv Hour ago

    Amazing guys 💓💞💞💕💞💪😍😍

  • ke tiga
    ke tiga 2 hours ago

    Lagu yg sangat semangat

  • John Louie Broqueza
    John Louie Broqueza 2 hours ago

    Epic Minecraft music

  • Nada Nada
    Nada Nada 2 hours ago

    The best of songs

  • lepote gelaps cr7
    lepote gelaps cr7 3 hours ago

    a quem e fã de Neffex deixa aquele chute no like quem e o brasileiro

  • Abeii Hnamte
    Abeii Hnamte 3 hours ago

    I love gaming never stop gamers yea

  • 유승호
    유승호 3 hours ago


    SLAYER ADI 3 hours ago

    Awesome song🤘

  • Tattoo & Laser
    Tattoo & Laser 4 hours ago


  • Jamarie Bonac
    Jamarie Bonac 4 hours ago

    Neffex where you from

  • Creed tv
    Creed tv 4 hours ago

    Free fire?😍❤😅

  • Iceberg
    Iceberg 4 hours ago

    Gua kira lagu K-Pop, soalnya musiknya energik gini wkwk

  • Poor Bulldog
    Poor Bulldog 4 hours ago

    2019 hala7

  • Poor Bulldog
    Poor Bulldog 4 hours ago


  • Ádám Tóth
    Ádám Tóth 5 hours ago

    2019 BEST SONG ❤

  • Night Shifter
    Night Shifter 5 hours ago

    Damn you guys are unstoppable with making music!!! This one is on fire🔥🔥💪

    IMAD GAMER 5 hours ago


  • Party Gaming
    Party Gaming 5 hours ago

    Love Neffex❤

  • Boss Dear
    Boss Dear 5 hours ago

    Very nice BASS!!!

  • Kinja Janger
    Kinja Janger 6 hours ago

    I just learned one thing from this song (Be a legend not a myth)

  • Kinja Janger
    Kinja Janger 6 hours ago

    Damn I thought it was Eminem 😲 similar voice wow

  • RETRO STYLE gamer
    RETRO STYLE gamer 6 hours ago

    Is this non copyright

  • Kinja Janger
    Kinja Janger 6 hours ago

    Super awesome 🤘

  • Kinja Janger
    Kinja Janger 6 hours ago

    Hey y'all share Neffex songs on twitter, Instagram and also on Facebook etc

  • Kinja Janger
    Kinja Janger 6 hours ago

    A band full of bops

  • Ricardo Contreras
    Ricardo Contreras 6 hours ago

    Me gusta si piensas que canta igual que Eminem

  • Dolce Tài
    Dolce Tài 6 hours ago

    Bản nhạc lấy để làm Highlight Free Fire là đây chứ đâu 😆 Việt Nam đâu rồi?

  • Helda Sunardi
    Helda Sunardi 6 hours ago

    Indo mana suaranya

  • Freeze Panda2
    Freeze Panda2 6 hours ago

    Lagunya bagus tapi sayang dipake banyak bocah FF jadi imagenya jelek. Emang tuh yang seharusnya haram FF

  • Trevor Stutts
    Trevor Stutts 6 hours ago


  • Skrill_ Zett_
    Skrill_ Zett_ 6 hours ago


  • Nikki niks
    Nikki niks 7 hours ago

    Shit!! The beats .. 😍😍😍

  • JorrvaskrnMusicWolf
    JorrvaskrnMusicWolf 7 hours ago

    My white Christian family: so what music do you like to listen to Me: it’s complicated

  • ༒ΔΝΓΕΙ༒ ༒УТ༒

    very good song

  • ༒ΔΝΓΕΙ༒ ༒УТ༒

    Eso cracks

  • Juan Ureta
    Juan Ureta 8 hours ago

    Esta canción te deja re obsesionado!!

  • ขวัญชาติ ไพรวัลย์คีรี


  • Adalberto Guilherme
    Adalberto Guilherme 8 hours ago

    Musica muito boa god morning FREE Firi

  • HE RO
    HE RO 8 hours ago


  • JM Dasma
    JM Dasma 8 hours ago

    I like Eminem so much but it's ok 👌🏿 to you

  • ʊ ʟ ɨ ֆ ɛ ֆ ຖ ค l ē ຊ

    Suena como el rapero krono ಠ◡ಠ

  • Ardiansyah Laitupa
    Ardiansyah Laitupa 9 hours ago

    indo +62 yang lagi read mana

  • ícarø prj
    ícarø prj 9 hours ago

    Quem é do país mais zueiro deixa o like.

  • summer manlun
    summer manlun 9 hours ago

    I love NEFFEX! ♡

  • KyleAxo HD
    KyleAxo HD 9 hours ago


  • Cauã gamer
    Cauã gamer 9 hours ago

    I keep on moving forward

  • IsEspectroYT Roblox
    IsEspectroYT Roblox 10 hours ago

    I like u voice! I already know you cuz i listen your music but now i know your music

  • IsEspectroYT Roblox
    IsEspectroYT Roblox 10 hours ago

    You are spanish or english?

  • แดน'น แดน'น

    แล้วพบกับผมz man

  • Diego D.T.
    Diego D.T. 10 hours ago

    1:16 intro de TattoVlogs

  • Convexity
    Convexity 10 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, to a stranger walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the road it looks like B-Ho is a happy little kid going nuts and skipping around, and Cam's just walking behind him like an embarrassed parent. xD

  • gabriel legal
    gabriel legal 11 hours ago

    Love you music ;)

  • 4r14n Guillén
    4r14n Guillén 11 hours ago

    Holy shit it's so epic!!🤘🤘🤘

    CRAZYN JK 11 hours ago

    Música top seu mito

  • HolyGamer PH
    HolyGamer PH 11 hours ago


  • Fernando Rodrigues
    Fernando Rodrigues 11 hours ago

    Quem usuobora ff

  • Alexander Vashchuk
    Alexander Vashchuk 12 hours ago


  • Khanh Nguyenvan
    Khanh Nguyenvan 12 hours ago

    C4 lm tôi lạc trôi tới đây ae vn đâu 🤚

  • Superkick party
    Superkick party 12 hours ago


  • TwoZeroThree
    TwoZeroThree 12 hours ago

    This song makes me want to study before and after the test

  • Ottéma Bly
    Ottéma Bly 12 hours ago

    1 year 😃

  • Pablo
    Pablo 12 hours ago


  • The Dinoking
    The Dinoking 12 hours ago

    Is this going to be on the next zoo season

  • krill
    krill 13 hours ago

    Spor salonlarinin vazgecilmez sarkisi

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C 13 hours ago

    awesome !!!

  • Sub To KD
    Sub To KD 14 hours ago

    Another white kid who thinks he is Afro.

  • Just Boring
    Just Boring 14 hours ago

    저라뎃 아웃트로 보고 온사람 ^•^

    PHIONIX PUBG 14 hours ago

    The best music 😍 from algeria ;-)

  • C. Fritz
    C. Fritz 14 hours ago

    Awsome! Keep up your great work!

  • Brody Colbert
    Brody Colbert 15 hours ago

    so cooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life 15 hours ago

    WHO 2019?!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • azooz saad
    azooz saad 15 hours ago

    I love you gyas

  • MB Studios
    MB Studios 15 hours ago

    I want Neffex+The Score+Imagine Dragons now!!

  • najs skskw
    najs skskw 15 hours ago

    Just Like That

  • Kuba Henglewicz
    Kuba Henglewicz 15 hours ago

    I love how one of You is ripping the crap outta him and the other is just walking there in the background 😂

  • Jakub Jakub
    Jakub Jakub 15 hours ago


  • Valeria Morales velazquez

    Like si ablas Español pero cres que esta chingona la cancion👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤😆

  • Chiheb Bekakra
    Chiheb Bekakra 15 hours ago

    Belive me if you do a Nice vedio clip for music "cold" you'll get a lot of veiws. Clip must be in snow and Rain......

  • gamer justik
    gamer justik 16 hours ago

    Kiber gamer yoooooooooooa

  • Hades Theon Chthonius
    Hades Theon Chthonius 16 hours ago

    [Verse 1] Rollin up to the frat house and we bout to rock it Get them ladies on the dance floor about to drop it Once the music starts we ain't never gunna stop it Listen real close man all you hear is gossip (yeah, yeah) Gossip All you hear is gossip (Yeaah) All I hear is gossip (Yeah, yeaah, Let's go) She is talking gossip [Verse 2] Yo I heard that Trevor couldn't fit into a magnum Got Becky pregnant cuz it broke during action Dropping out now was a football captain Working at a subway what the fuck happened Annie in a push up bra lookin fantastic Heard they're both fake man chest full of plastic Always in trouble for a lack of wearing fabric Got the boys staring at a school girl catholic Stacy's like a tutor cuz she loves giving brain Timmy's hella hung with his third leg dang Joes an alcoholic addicted to Bombay Wait Kelly gave Dave an std in 9th grade?! Katie likes to dance and they say her ass will not quit Once you get her going man i hear that she can't stop it Ricky hit it from the back said he kinda popped quick This is all the shit I hear man call it gossip (That's right) Call it gossip I hear this people fucking talking man All I hear is gossip That shit is fucking gossip (yeah, Let's go, Let's go) (Whoo, gossip) [Verse 3] Jason's falling down after drinking several mickeys Kevin's got a whole neck full of jennie's hickeys What's in all her hair and why's it so sticky? Wait they all hooked up David, Tess and Nicky?! Meg's a small town girl welcome to the big city She's a nice country girl and she lookin real pretty Get her to the bed room to get busy And little did you know damn this girl is filthy And we're getting hella fucked up Talking bout who knows what Talking shit and getting lit while fillin up my red cup Jackie's got a nice butt Heard she likes to try stuff Tellin lies to pass the time we're never gunna shut up Eddie's still a virgin even tho he says he lost it David says he wants a threesome with two hot chicks Kellie says she's down if he wants it then he got it This is all the shit I hear man... call it gossip (Whoo) Man, I hear is gossip (Okay, yeah) All you hear is gossip (yeah, gossip) (yeah, Let's go) (Let's go) [Verse 4] Yo Andy in the basement hookin up with Jason Always has another guy in the Rotation All this temptation bed's never vacant Now I hear the mormons are in an engagement This shit is crazy Heard about daisy Lost 50 pounds now she's looking amazing Oh baby Double d's Amy Flashing all the boys now she got em all chasing You got Jessica She looking real buzzed Hookin up in the back of her boy's truck You got Erika She looking real drunk Straight A student now she lookin star struck This the last verse but you know we'll never stop it Love it too much man always wanna talk shit Ladies all around keep it going they will not quit This is all the shit I hear man call it gossip...

  • Maryann Zegarra
    Maryann Zegarra 16 hours ago

    NEFFEX! I don’t know what I would do in my life right now without your talent and words! I listen to your music on a daily! You’re one of the major reasons! How I am able to work a full time job, being a single mom to a 4 yr old, hitting the gym 6 days a week, and earning my high school diploma!!!! Thank you! For the positive encouragement! Love your music so much!

    ROSANIA CUNHA FREITAS 16 hours ago

    BR é oq liga

  • The Wise Wolf
    The Wise Wolf 16 hours ago

    I wish my childhood was like that

  • wadim harkevish
    wadim harkevish 16 hours ago

    Neffex - Careless this is the music you were looking for here it is

  • yuno ya-chan
    yuno ya-chan 16 hours ago

    I was listening to a NEFFEX's playlist thinking about my classmates and that song arrived when I started thinking about crush..I checked up the date...19 October 2019...I searched on my agenda and then I discovered that on that date I fell in love with him Life is strange

    EGNxHAYABUSAx 16 hours ago

    This is sick, I just ran across this group and song, WOW!!!!

  • GamingwithDisLul
    GamingwithDisLul 16 hours ago


  • Paolo Serra
    Paolo Serra 16 hours ago

    Italiani ci siete?

  • AnPikt M02
    AnPikt M02 16 hours ago

    Continuez, vous gérez 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Pixelsword 2007
    Pixelsword 2007 16 hours ago

    Neffex you can understand me with that song