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  • Bandityt Gaming
    Bandityt Gaming 6 seconds ago

    Girls: ill it’s on me Boys: having Vietnam flashbacks of agent orange dropping on them

  • Uteballa1
    Uteballa1 12 seconds ago

    i wonder if like the flu or cold, you could just treat it with lots of fluids and medicine? if the virus can blow over.

  • Fan Jia
    Fan Jia 14 seconds ago

    Some comments pls show at least some respect to the people who suffered

  • Tina Quinn
    Tina Quinn 17 seconds ago

    Ppl will never give Jlo her credit movie star singer producers stop 🛑 hate she beautiful in shape Shakira is vary beautiful you got two powerful lady’s coming together it’s going be fire 🔥 hate for Jlo is unreal 💯 I love ❤️ both

  • Safdar Akbari
    Safdar Akbari 45 seconds ago

    I fail to understand why cop would take or would given any credit on this recovery

  • Hazox
    Hazox 54 seconds ago

    Get used to it, that's the future, at one point we're gonna have to move away from polluting fossil fuels and cavemen like cars

  • Deluxe Mapping
    Deluxe Mapping Minute ago

    Man: i need the cops someone chased my daughter all the way home 911:Sorry we can only help after shes been traumitized and molested

  • Cassandra B
    Cassandra B Minute ago

    Contagion movie : deadliest virus Corona virus : hold my beer

  • Leana Carter
    Leana Carter Minute ago

    How we all...miss him.

  • Zamiiz
    Zamiiz Minute ago

    God bless the shelter for not giving up on her

  • TK24
    TK24 Minute ago

    Feminists at its finest

  • BigWasabi
    BigWasabi Minute ago

    It’s a very American approach to ” problem solving “ or “ I don’t know how to solve any problems” Gabbard is obviously welcome to start a lawsuit that can take 10-15 years but she also has to pay her attorneys The case can not be won!! and it will be dismissed at first hearing something she should be smart enough to figure out herself but is NOT because the segment from Clinton that really foolish does not name her and it’s not solid US court material for any kind of lawsuit it’s simply a tool for attorneys to profit on a case that’s non substantial and again it’s disappointing that Gabbard is so thin skinned she reacts to and wastes time and supporter money on irrelevant primitive behavior like an irrelevant Clinton’s narrow language spectrum

  • jaxsun72
    jaxsun72 Minute ago

    Littered with Churches. Human beings are the only species that claims a God and then behaves as if they have none. .

  • Jacie Savino
    Jacie Savino 2 minutes ago

    Fry in hell you piece of shit

  • Hupfulley
    Hupfulley 2 minutes ago

    Have they found out what's the mystery behind this?

  • U WOT M8000
    U WOT M8000 2 minutes ago

    Sooo who collected tax before the IRS hmmmmm... hence why we need it to be remove it from existance.

  • mike boultinghouse
    mike boultinghouse 2 minutes ago

    dead man was right. dead right heheheh

  • Márton Bussay
    Márton Bussay 2 minutes ago

    Crooked Hillary

  • Howard Roark
    Howard Roark 3 minutes ago

    These far-left Hollywood assholes yell at us about climate change ... then go bulldoze 100 acres of forest for their new mansions and swimming pool.

  • boss optimusprime2979
    boss optimusprime2979 3 minutes ago

    I always wanted to be transgender

  • Terrence Pierson
    Terrence Pierson 3 minutes ago

    Dude is retarded. He need to leave them drugs alone

  • StarBucks 42367
    StarBucks 42367 3 minutes ago

    Jeez not even February and this new decade SUCKS

  • ghw1985
    ghw1985 3 minutes ago

    Grounds child unjustly Two choices 3 months jail or i put you in a coffin for 2 days

  • Horvtio
    Horvtio 3 minutes ago

    they would have done mean dirty shit to him with a smirk on their faces too - theyre all scum and they got a mercy killing for what they would have done to someone else

  • Clemmy And Gigi
    Clemmy And Gigi 4 minutes ago

    Awww :(

  • Mike Cekic
    Mike Cekic 4 minutes ago

    not very smart

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C 4 minutes ago

    Time to find all the other passengers to be tested

  • StarBucks 42367
    StarBucks 42367 4 minutes ago

    I hope that person stays in that hospital forever

  • Donny Detroit
    Donny Detroit 4 minutes ago

    Vindman is an arrogant pompous asshole!!

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott 4 minutes ago

    another sad day, when one of the last true news reporters is gone.

  • Horvtio
    Horvtio 4 minutes ago

    dumb fat bitch

  • GunHoPark
    GunHoPark 4 minutes ago

    Gabbard sues Clinton, Clinton sues Trump for the same reason, Trump sues Obama just because

  • Linda DeGriselles
    Linda DeGriselles 4 minutes ago

    Way to go Oprah!

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 5 minutes ago

    yeah it's too bad you guys don't follow his honesty you corrupt communist news networks of lying fake trash you're a disgrace to America and everybody that holds news in journalism sacred your corrupt communist garbage and a disgrace to America that's your news Network fake garbage

  • Crazy JK
    Crazy JK 5 minutes ago

    Mission failed Hiest

  • Malena Tully
    Malena Tully 5 minutes ago

    Check into the Biden’s and send Hillary to prison along with her evil minions.

  • luan trieu
    luan trieu 5 minutes ago

    She look like a psychopath

  • David Walker
    David Walker 5 minutes ago

    They should legalize it

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 5 minutes ago

    ....and I should care about this gold digging THOT why????

  • Bro Brah
    Bro Brah 6 minutes ago

    His hands knew he was full of shit

  • Clive Nyathi
    Clive Nyathi 6 minutes ago

    Once the money stops flowing people turn to snitching .

  • Amanda Billings
    Amanda Billings 6 minutes ago

    May his memory live on.

  • Chase Dawwwg
    Chase Dawwwg 6 minutes ago

    She's probably a champion at a staring contest.

  • Try Not To Comment
    Try Not To Comment 6 minutes ago The most likely source of the virus

  • Joseph Biancardi
    Joseph Biancardi 6 minutes ago

    Complaind up to 10 times to Tesla Still used it and doesnt have his hands on the wheel... Hes responsible if your driving ur suppose to still act as if ur in control.. dumb people.

  • Mats Sundin
    Mats Sundin 6 minutes ago

    always when there's a tradgety no matter how small or big. Cameras weren't there or not on or couldn't see his cell. can u say suspicious as fuk

  • Leena
    Leena 6 minutes ago

    VOTE OUT ALL re-POOP-bli-CONs.

    • Malena Tully
      Malena Tully 3 minutes ago Democrats are pooped.

  • Aldredo Burciaga
    Aldredo Burciaga 6 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but I would of punched the fuck out of my mom if she tryed something like this

  • Leena
    Leena 7 minutes ago

    VOTE OUT ALL re-POOP-bli-CONs.

  • GamerCalledBen
    GamerCalledBen 7 minutes ago

    Not doing a very good job of “containing it” 😂

  • OPz :D
    OPz :D 7 minutes ago

    I know a solution *gReEnLaNd*

  • Leena
    Leena 7 minutes ago

    VOTE OUT ALL re-POOP-bli-CONs.

  • Leena
    Leena 7 minutes ago

    VOTE OUT ALL re-POOP-bli-CONs.

  • TheIxtlan
    TheIxtlan 7 minutes ago

    There is 4000 cases estimated. We are going to die. You can google it.....

  • Jing Sheng
    Jing Sheng 8 minutes ago

    All he needs is a Tylenol.

  • Debbie Burton
    Debbie Burton 8 minutes ago

    Right let's sue the ship for not realising some dipshit was going to hang a baby out a window 150ft in the air.... He is charged with negligent homicide because his negligence caused the death of this child.... Most people would not hang a baby over a closed window never mind a open one... I've seen the cctv and he clearly hangs out that window before he picks up the little one far enough to know it's open..... And if you look really really close you can clearly see his right elbow and forearm meaning he was holding her with one arm at the beginning.... End of the day his actions were negligent and stupid.. I don't believe he did it on purpose like some are saying... But how dare you sue people for your mistakes

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 8 minutes ago

    The Republican Senators defense of Trump is pathetic and nonsense.

  • Logan Pro
    Logan Pro 8 minutes ago

    Bro these boomers are so fucking bad😂. Us Zoomers are going to fix this Country

  • V LM
    V LM 8 minutes ago

    Did nancy pelosi get the outfit from Michelle Jackson’s bad music video?

  • IWashMyOwnBrain
    IWashMyOwnBrain 8 minutes ago

    Liberal tears coming again soon......

  • R. Long
    R. Long 9 minutes ago

    I've never meet anyone who is '"LENGENDARY". Must be overwelming ha! ha!

  • 1v1 BEATS
    1v1 BEATS 9 minutes ago

    I really wouldn’t know how to get out of being jumped by like four people, the gun was definitely excessive but it was self defense, unless that’s not the actual story then idk lol

  • Sandie Harding
    Sandie Harding 9 minutes ago

    Oh !! Oprah ... Shhh !!!!!!!

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 10 minutes ago

    YOU GO GIRL.,....oh wait,....I don’t give a shit.,...piss off

  • Patricia Ann Oderbert
    Patricia Ann Oderbert 10 minutes ago

    You do whatever you want to do to Protect you Family. God Bless 🙏🙏 You Harry, Megan and Archie.

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G 10 minutes ago

    This sounds like the vulnerability that Upright Law takes advantage of

  • Digby Will
    Digby Will 10 minutes ago

    What a load of bullshit .. that was well set up

  • David Krauss
    David Krauss 11 minutes ago

    A good man from birth to last breath

  • Sledge
    Sledge 11 minutes ago

    Doesn’t this just make tulsi look petty?. I hate Hillary but if a gold star family can’t sue trump for all the heinous things he’s said, what gives you an exception?.

  • Drizzy Dru
    Drizzy Dru 12 minutes ago

    Lawsuit incoming

  • TheIxtlan
    TheIxtlan 12 minutes ago

    There is suppose to be 4000 cases. You can even google it. It's look like we are sure doom.

  • MrBigangry
    MrBigangry 12 minutes ago

    This doesn't make it ok but there may have been some other ass hole passenger making an issue of it. My point is the pilot may have been trying to avoid a confrontation. The unruly passenger may have been someone else other than just the girl.

  • Robert Buchwald
    Robert Buchwald 13 minutes ago

    This country is so caught up in consumer crap.Who would pay for some $1300 sneakers endorsed by anyone famous...Hey, get your priorities straight. I notice teens paying $85 for ripped jeans...why not go to a thrift store,buy a pair for $6 and cut them up yourself?

  • Cory Griffiths
    Cory Griffiths 13 minutes ago

    There’s some men waiting for your old wrinkled ass in prison so you better enjoy your time on the outside because once you’re locked in the cell your life is going to be a living hell.

  • lisacarden
    lisacarden 13 minutes ago

    You are in court..there is a time and a place for joking and the court room is not it.

  • Gooner Westlondon
    Gooner Westlondon 14 minutes ago

    Yeah yeah yeah.. Now she’s saying it’s rigged we’ve always known this how come she’s saying this now why not years ago🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ she was part of the system now she’s not she calling it out....

  • Almighty
    Almighty 14 minutes ago

    Breaking news Coronavirus source Chinese gutter oil. Chinese eat anything that moves

  • Mr ArcticFox
    Mr ArcticFox 14 minutes ago

    Recomened yey

  • That kid Outside
    That kid Outside 14 minutes ago

    Why does Elmo always seem like he got a bucket of water poured on him

  • RaidJV
    RaidJV 14 minutes ago

    This is the most chill guy ever

  • Sean Chaney
    Sean Chaney 15 minutes ago

    The campaign is, Democrats have spent so much time on this, they have NOTHING to offer....The President is his own defender (He'll be defended well at trial, too) He'll get his say at the State of the Union when people are paying attention, and they see him compared to what Democrats are running on. They Prayers are for sanity to prevail.

  • Renee W
    Renee W 15 minutes ago


  • Stacy G.
    Stacy G. 15 minutes ago

    Just one of the reasons I gave birth to my child at home. Hospitals are cesspools of potential disasters like this.

  • Shelley Everton
    Shelley Everton 15 minutes ago

    I have had many panic attacks

  • Stephen Cotton
    Stephen Cotton 15 minutes ago

    BUT some coal miners have become talented coders... although the numbers are low... so maybe we should give them more choices? My point is to help people believe in themselves more... When I meet people - and the convesation continues for a while - I always ask them one question - asides from your job - which you are great at - what is your talent or the thing you enjoy doing the most outside of work? Some people have great answers that we continue talking about - and some people have no answer - but that question gives them food for thought... maybe I should do more outside of work... And I always walk away from those conversations encouraging people to do something which brings them joy - which a freedom dividend could provide to US citizens. And if a coal miner wants to code - then they can code for my company - or if they want to do art, then I could also work with him or her. Empower people!

  • Brianna Graham
    Brianna Graham 15 minutes ago

    Yes Oprah.. thank you!!! I support Meghan and Harry too

  • Costeno 714
    Costeno 714 15 minutes ago


  • Quick Hype MX
    Quick Hype MX 15 minutes ago

    Reporter: “Very likely good parenting” *All kids with with earings at 10*

  • Sakanda Linus
    Sakanda Linus 16 minutes ago

    Why do democratic wants reason for Trump to investigate Bidden? From Tz🇹🇿 Supporting Trump

  • Potato does gacha!
    Potato does gacha! 16 minutes ago

    Anyone from TikTok?

  • Lee Bruce
    Lee Bruce 16 minutes ago

    If she doesn't epstien herself first.

  • Angela Creek
    Angela Creek 16 minutes ago

    Yeahhh no!

  • RaidJV
    RaidJV 16 minutes ago

    What if somebody kills someone else?

  • Бдмӎд-ЅЇХ
    Бдмӎд-ЅЇХ 16 minutes ago

    Whoever gets laid and gets hurt and depressed afterward? Maybe if you get laid with Jabba the hut, you sure will.

  • omelveny45
    omelveny45 16 minutes ago

    Ana Navarro is not a Republican.

  • Infinity
    Infinity 16 minutes ago

    Snipper dipper

  • Star Anna
    Star Anna 16 minutes ago

    Allissabeth! Your outfit

  • Allaan Snackbar
    Allaan Snackbar 17 minutes ago

    China’s starting their biological population control

  • Ealswythe Angelic Realms
    Ealswythe Angelic Realms 17 minutes ago

    Harvey is going to use a insanity defense. He said he was acting real crazy at the time just like actor George Goony Bird.

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox 17 minutes ago