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  • Etezaz Mohammed

    8:14 Nice food

  • Francisco Vasquez
    Francisco Vasquez 2 days ago

    Beginning at 46:00 western end of the Mojave desert, 5 freeway Pyramid lake, los Padres National forest , Piru lake, town of Piru, far on the horizon City of Santa Clarita which is the northernmost suburb of LA.

  • Gurnoor Bains
    Gurnoor Bains 3 days ago

    I go to that airport I live kinda near by it

  • Matt Beauchene
    Matt Beauchene 6 days ago

    Bus it from Tampa to Fargo, everything went smoothly exempt our bus overheated in Hanson KY, that caused my bus in St Louis to be late so I had to wait seven hours in KC, then it was smooth sailing after that..

  • Matt Beauchene
    Matt Beauchene 6 days ago

    Bus it from Tampa to Fargo, everything went smoothly exempt our bus overheated in Hanson KY, that caused my bus in St Louis to be late so I had to wait seven hours in KC, then it was smooth sailing after that

  • vera fortuna
    vera fortuna 9 days ago

    Hello. Thanks for the video, very informative and interesting. Please help me. I have a transit transfer to Tokyo overnight. I fly with my husband and child to Haneda Airport, and the next day I fly from Narita Airport to my city Khabarovsk (Russia). I think to take a limousine bus from Haneda and get to the asakusa station. spend the night in a hotel near the asakusa station. The next day, we will need to get to Narita Airport from the Asakusa Station. My question is how to get from asakusa station to narita airport? Did I understand correctly, we have two choices: keisei main line and airport limited express? where to buy tickets? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • cosmic voyager
    cosmic voyager 11 days ago


  • Frank piknimena II
    Frank piknimena II 15 days ago

    Driving at 01:30 to 03:30 is a trip done that many of times alone , animals, are alive and not only humans, can only imagine in the cold dead of winter this drive, lonely indeed

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards 15 days ago

    Is this aircraft an American airlines 737 just like the aircraft parked right next to it at 0:00 - 1:50? Or just like the AA 737 starting down the runway for take-off in front of this plane at 6:36 - 6:50? You couldn't even see that plane anymore by 7:19 when looking down the runway, even a small speck of it lifting off in the distance. It must've already been over the Everglades by then. Because you can see a moment later how fast this plane was moving by lift-off time

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande 16 days ago

    Love the 747

  • Burt Gummer
    Burt Gummer 16 days ago


  • ELMER Pacheco
    ELMER Pacheco 16 days ago


  • Bert N Ernie
    Bert N Ernie 17 days ago

    I've been on this flight many many many times.

  • Martin Scruggs
    Martin Scruggs 20 days ago

    I want the Parlour car back. I also would like to see the federal government fully fund passenger rail in the usa.

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 26 days ago

    Porque asen esperar tanto tiempo a la gente......... Afuera en el sol. En tiempo de frío y lluvia. Que,

  • Paul Belly
    Paul Belly 28 days ago

    Book Flights from Chicago (ORD) to Miami (MIA):

  • L. Dega
    L. Dega 29 days ago

    Imagine if the train operator was cool to put a 4k camera in front to capture the journey

  • Tom G. Smith
    Tom G. Smith Month ago


  • J Ahumada
    J Ahumada Month ago

    2014? Was Trump president then too??? Hahaha Obama sending em back in larger numbers than Trump and no one batted an eye

    • Will E. Fisturgash
      Will E. Fisturgash Month ago

      EVERY president has fought illegal immigration.Trump is changing immigration laws so it is more difficult than ever for someone to LEGALLY immigrate to the U.S. So much for Trump’s bullshit “as long as they do it legally” excuse.

  • Zabee Mohamadi
    Zabee Mohamadi Month ago

    It was excellent and fantastic.

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    42:00 - I notice how the aircraft starts sounding quieter when beginning descent, since they turn the power of the engines down to slow down the speed of the aircraft which allows it to gradually drop its height

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    I love those zoom ins and how clear they were such as Fort Lauderdale beach, those utility poles near the Everglades, and many others. It's interesting the way it looks like they're not moving that fast when zoomed in and what appears to be not that high off the ground. Until the camera pulls back and we see how far off that image really is. I understand it but I'm not sure how to explain it physics-wise, when you're moving at a fast speed and focused on something further off, it seems like you are passing by it slower whether it's a close-up or far away view of it. The first time seeing this video, I thought that the plane had turned around and was flying back over Miami airport, until I saw it was Fort Lauderdale airport and then realized that there was no way it could be Miami because when the plane took off it was facing west, then it turned right and headed north for a little ways while it was flying over all those large pools or whatever they were before turning right again and heading east into over Ft Lauderdale

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    Even Hong Kong has Starbucks

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    Even by 11:50, they were still no higher than those mountain tops in the background, and look how far below the ground looks close to under the plane. Those snowcapped mountains at 39:30 in Southern Alaska were beautiful, and the scenery in general during that whole part of the video

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    Around 2:34:00 - 2:38:00, London doesn't look like such a big city from the height and angles that they're flying.

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    I didn't know that Continental still had 747s in 2015. Aircrafts like that 777 at 11:43 are usually the long distance trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific planes of today, you can see that they're just as big as 747s (minus the second story hump up front). That 777 and the others around like it are probably either flying to Europe (i.e. Paris, Rome, Budapest, etc.) or to the Far East (i.e. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, etc.) 12:10 - 12:30, the smaller aircrafts like those 737s are for like 1 - 3 hour flights to other US destinations. They don't carry enough fuel to go trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific. Those 737s are probably flying to any of the destinations such as L.A., Denver, Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis, Las Vegas, etc.

  • The Color Red
    The Color Red Month ago

    “No electronic devices are allowed on this flight” *films the entire thing with a camera*

    • Allen Richards
      Allen Richards Month ago

      When all that someone is doing is recording a video with their phone, they're not really doing anything which will cause interference between the pilots and control towers. To create that interference, you'd need to be doing something which sends signals outside of the plane such as phoning, texting, e-mailing, or getting on the internet. The captain still advises to not use the devices at all to be on the safe side, and not everyone may know how to record a video on their phone without absentmindedly pushing something to log onto the internet, etc. These people filming these flight videos are being careful and not going onto the internet to post these videos to TVclip until after the planes have landed. I hope.

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    What do y'all think of that Captain's semi-smart ass and humorous speech after touchdown in the city of angels? I think that the person recording this video knew the captain and that he deliberately spiced up his announcement for this video. After all, what he did is what LA's all about, spicing yourself up to get noticed, and wishfully, famous.

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards Month ago

    Watching this is almost as fun as actually physically flying there. We get the good things about flying without the bad things like jetlag, fear of crashing, feeling stuck in an enclosed space for 9 hours (which is definitely more of an issue in economy), bad economy food (if any), and emptying my bank account to pay for the trip (and with me right now would even be the case paying for an economy ticket). We still get the good things watching this like the fun of take-off and landing (which I always found exciting as a kid, and I still like those parts of flying), the great views from the window (and some of them were great), and the surrounding scenery of Hawaii once landed. However, watching this does have us missing out on some things that we can only get from really physically flying there; the feeling and experience of really getting away is obviously not the same when just watching it on a screen, the experience of not just the flying but of all the attractions of vacationing in Hawaii such as the tropical surroundings, the hotel, the beach, the tropical breezes, the palm trees and tropical plantations, meeting exotic locals, tasting the food and drinks that we cannot get here at home, the smells (every country or place has their distinct smells that you can't find elsewhere, some of them are good), and the airplane food is good IF you're in first class like this video seemed to be. Economy food I would never choose over just going down the road here at home and buying food from the grocery store. I have eaten first class meals before, comparing them to economy food is like comparing an equisit restaurant to fast food, huge difference in quality.

  • Jack Daniels-Son
    Jack Daniels-Son Month ago

    Look at all of that Las Vegas traffic and its gotten even worse now honey child, lol . I was there last year. I know, lol

  • Master n
    Master n Month ago

    Your gonna gets sqished

  • Kelly Violette
    Kelly Violette 2 months ago

    Better on MUTE.

  • Renee Jordan Cook
    Renee Jordan Cook 2 months ago

    Ferry named M/V Elwha

  • IamR Banx
    IamR Banx 2 months ago

    would be so cool if you could have a drone follow your car so you can get aerial/panoramic view. but who knows how long that'll last and stuff. but God there would be such much good footage. thanks for this!

  • Jason Crable
    Jason Crable 2 months ago

    Nvm I really hate when they do that

  • Jason Crable
    Jason Crable 2 months ago

    What The Fuck?! Aw Damn it!

  • Irwin Wesley
    Irwin Wesley 2 months ago

    DETROIT looks rough...compared to TORONTO

  • No Way
    No Way 2 months ago


  • Kid Poker
    Kid Poker 2 months ago

    why on earth would you fly to philly actually anywhere in the us for that matter

  • Wendy Illa
    Wendy Illa 2 months ago

    The downtown area is slowly becoming commercialized. It took years to rebuild after a horrible failed attempt (in the 1970's) at a closed off downtown mall, effectively killing and doing away with most of our historic downtown. As of 2019 there is now two breweries, an arcade bar, several small restaurants, an art supply store, two yoga studios and a few other places I'm sure I'm missing. They have also done away with all the one way streets in downtown. It is a spec of a downtown compared to Albuquerque's but it is slowly growing. It's nice to see people actually hanging out in downtown and enjoying themselves.

  • don vanlandingham
    don vanlandingham 2 months ago

    Not enough info on location and interesting facts. ANYBODY can point and shoot.

  • dusty fireworks
    dusty fireworks 2 months ago

    Cool video JFK at night and VIE in fog

  • Nathan Petancio
    Nathan Petancio 2 months ago


  • Nathan Petancio
    Nathan Petancio 2 months ago


  • P Daniel
    P Daniel 2 months ago


  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    I have done this flight many times. Once I had such a nice sunset flying in from Europe over Mt. Rainer.

  • joseph giuffdrida
    joseph giuffdrida 2 months ago

    What a great surprise I this truly was a great old song That you would think that the Stones would never do It got that crowd going Then I found out that in Ohio the do a version of Hang On Sloppy at every big event It's and Ohio tradition You Go Rolling Stones They can play anything

  • Leslie Killam
    Leslie Killam 2 months ago

    I love I love Portland.

  • Rodney Morgan Brown
    Rodney Morgan Brown 2 months ago

    Came into Chicago from Emeryville in Feb this year. It was a wonderful trip. Folks we have got to fight for our long distance trains to keep them supported. I know people say they are expensive, but that’s because funding for them is being whittled away by highway and airline industry lobbyists. They also support small town and rural America...they need these connections...Not just big cities Folks.

  • Julien Denous
    Julien Denous 2 months ago


  • xU2x
    xU2x 3 months ago

    0:06 via rail car?

  • Allan Kiisk
    Allan Kiisk 3 months ago

    Hello Estonia!

    MAC DUNLAP 3 months ago

    did that from seattle to LA as part 3 of 5 of a trip around americas perimeter by train. loved the coastline

  • David Kaiser
    David Kaiser 3 months ago

    At the end, I see the historic American Airlines in terminal #3. The ATS is closed until this fall, but it takes you from terminal #1 to remote parking.

  • Jim Lasterni
    Jim Lasterni 3 months ago

    Spectacular video great job

  • Jim Lasterni
    Jim Lasterni 3 months ago

    Being disabled and in a wheelchair you videos make me feel very happy as if I am traveling thank you for your good work

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 months ago

    Boy, the clouds and sunset shots were off the chart. There's something about a Western sunset that just can't be beat. Our sky is some much vaster than it is back east.

  • Daniel Gillespie
    Daniel Gillespie 3 months ago

    I would fly there someday. Kanji Writing on the screen is what they are saying to read in a Japanese text.

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 months ago

    If that kudzu stuff starts spreading out West let us know. We'll burn it out. I'd rather see all our trees dead before I'd let that stuff start spreading all over them. Isn't there some way to stop it?

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 months ago

    This is my part of the country. I live about 2 hours North of hereabouts near Mt. Shasta, CA. We drive to Reno in a couple of hours and the same for Sacramento. SF about 3 hours. The forests get thicker as you come out of Nevada, and if you go 3 hours West you're in Eureka and the Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean. It's a great area to visit, best if it's not the summer. The heat can get into the hundreds in the summer. But there's plenty of lakes and rivers and if you go up in altitude in the mountains it gets cooler. The Amtrak train comes right into Redding and that's about the biggest city in Northern California at about 80,000 people. Further North you get to see the backside of Oregon. The frontside is the coast. This leads up to Klamath Falls and Eugene and all the way up to Seattle. Oh, and in case you want to gold mine there's still gold in the rivers up around Trinity County, which is almost totally trees and bigger than the State of Rhode Island. One County.

  • Derrick Huckaby
    Derrick Huckaby 3 months ago

    At about 59:17 passed right over the old Hollywood Park track which was turned down to make way for the new LA Stadium in Inglewood. Another year it will be opened.

  • Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen 3 months ago

    Used to drive this all the time. God I miss Texas. Thank you for helping with my homesickness!!

  • Shafeeq Mohammed
    Shafeeq Mohammed 3 months ago

    It took me 25:33:19 hours to get to London Toronto airport 3:05:37 hours and flight to London is 7:29:14 hours

  • Dimitris Ambient
    Dimitris Ambient 3 months ago

    The train goes straight to asakusa or you change trains?? Can i use the jr pass for this ride?? Thanks

    • SBS2803M Productions
      SBS2803M Productions 28 days ago

      and this is not operated by JR, so you cannot however you can use the metro pass to go to any Toei/Tokyo Metro lines for free

    • SBS2803M Productions
      SBS2803M Productions 28 days ago

      Dimitris Ambient goes straight

  • Mado
    Mado 3 months ago

    Man all the lights at night in california and in nevada look amazing. ive never been to either area but i would love to go there some day.were you on a greyhound 102DL3 or was it a MCI D4505?either way the bus sounds nice and the scenery wow amazing i never knew lights at night could light up a state the way it did in this video .I bet its lit in nevada and cali

  • Mado
    Mado 3 months ago

    the west coast is beautiful ahh i wish i could visit there.Los angeles looks beautiful.lots of people i know say its amazing there and very lit so ill take their word for it.Gotta love the MCI D4505 coaches man those things are beasts!!!!!

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red 3 months ago

    Went to Victoria BC last year on a cruise to Alaska and such a beautiful place.

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red 3 months ago

    Just me or the last time I flew out of Seattle I was starting to wonder if we were ever going to rotate.

  • Shafeeq Mohammed
    Shafeeq Mohammed 3 months ago

    This is there flight do not disturb theme Toronto to London 35 minute video

  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley 3 months ago

    Yes i just got threw riding amtrak on june 15th to los Angeles 16th 17th then coming back june 24th 25 it was fun i enjoy being on amtrak 5 train going to la train 6 going back to slc ut

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red 3 months ago

    It's crazy how on the ground looking up the planes look so far away but when in the plane it doesn't look that far up.

  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley 3 months ago

    I am on zephyr 6 today going from emeryville to northern california. Then to truckee calif reno slc june 25th 2019

  • Captain Steven Markovich


  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley 3 months ago

    June 25th 2019 tuesday nite on train 6 hay amtrak workers disinfect your sleeper cars please bed bugs bite my neck last week june 21st into the 22nd 2019

  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley 3 months ago

    Hay hay hay i going back to utah on 6 tuesday nite from california to utah i enjoy riding train i love trains even 844 union pacific engine

  • Grover Grandle
    Grover Grandle 3 months ago

    World class,world wide ,,Air Canada!!

  • Ride Red
    Ride Red 4 months ago

    Nice video, One of my last flights from Denver to Phoenix almost ruined it. I have never been in such bad turbulence. I love watching the planes take off and land. I live right at the 101 and 202 right where they turn and head north or south.

  • Aliens sind auf der Erde!

    Perfect video! Started in summer and landed in winter? HA, HA, HA

    • Allen Richards
      Allen Richards 15 days ago

      34:39 - 34:46 - at least they served a snack with pita chips and hummus dip. Most domestic US flights now only serve drinks, and when they do serve a snack it's a bag of peanuts or chips but with no dip because they'll look at adding a dip to the chips as leaning too close to serving a meal, which they try to avoid doing, lol. So like I said, at least on this flight they served chips and dip

  • Khu NoPie
    Khu NoPie 4 months ago

    Where you at Trot? Long time no trotting

  • Lauren Flynn
    Lauren Flynn 4 months ago

    Would you recommend it?

    MORTAL KOMBAT 4 months ago

    The bumpiest road I been on was interstate 215 at Henderson, Nevada!

    MORTAL KOMBAT 4 months ago

    That’s how the west coast is all the freeways are bumping like that

  • Shafeeq Mohammed
    Shafeeq Mohammed 4 months ago

    Stop thinking these airlines get out of this video

    • Etezaz Mohammed
      Etezaz Mohammed Day ago

      And now I almost go to j but I hate jeddah

    • Shafeeq Mohammed
      Shafeeq Mohammed 4 months ago

      just joking I am very jelous for next year j so many arrggg

  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley 4 months ago

    Hello i am righr now riding amtrak 5 from slc to sacramento. Sitting in a sleeper room. Looking out the window too june 15 2019

    • Bryen Delaurie
      Bryen Delaurie 2 months ago

      Hopefully I'll soon be doing the same thing.

    MORTAL KOMBAT 4 months ago

    Which recording did you use to shoot this film? GoPro, cell phone or digital camera?

  • Ja Net Robinson
    Ja Net Robinson 4 months ago

    Watching this video makes me feel relaxed and peacfull.

  • Shafeeq Mohammed
    Shafeeq Mohammed 4 months ago

    16:58 your pants

  • przychodzkipl - aviation & travel

    Amazing video and great channel. Liked and subscribed.

  • Willard
    Willard 4 months ago


  • cute rat Lup
    cute rat Lup 4 months ago

    But night having some things are moving , example , 👻👻

  • DrummerFF 01
    DrummerFF 01 4 months ago

    Quick question is this a 737NG or an A321 with winglets.

  • kane dale
    kane dale 4 months ago

    what mountain is that

  • Kern Ag
    Kern Ag 4 months ago

    Approximately how long would you say it takes from Terminal# 3 (Gate: 17) to National Express Bus station? I will be traveling soon. After I will land in Heathrow, I will need to go to Gatwick, I am planning to take a bus. I will have only 3 hours from plane to plane. Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kern Ag
      Kern Ag 4 months ago

      @backpacktrot thank you so much! This is a very helpful information.

    • backpacktrot
      backpacktrot 4 months ago

      Nation Express Bus Station (aka Heathrow Central Bus Station) is within a slow 15-minute walk from the arrivals exit area of Terminal 3. It may take 10-15 minutes to walk from Gate 17 to baggage claim (and additional time queuing for UK Border clearance for non-EU/EEC passport holders, which is the least predictable time factor). Best of travels to you!

  • william velasco
    william velasco 4 months ago

    Passengers are dumbasses, worse than kids imo

  • Vincent Pandraud
    Vincent Pandraud 4 months ago

    is this in the early morning or late evening?

  • Khu NoPie
    Khu NoPie 4 months ago

    Hey Chester: nuff said

  • 782 gear
    782 gear 4 months ago

    Thank You Border Patrol and Best Wishes ...

  • Rodney Morgan Brown
    Rodney Morgan Brown 5 months ago

    Sadly, when I took this train from Seattle in Feb of 2019 the parlors had been deleted from the stock, and the entertainment had long been discontinued. But, it was an enjoyable ride in the roomette none the less.

  • Nathan Applegate
    Nathan Applegate 5 months ago

    8:11 man that never gets old