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Gabe Grunewald dies at 32
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  • ItzMoonlight Wolf
    ItzMoonlight Wolf 2 hours ago

    The dog got harmed because of the owner and the poor lil girl tried to follow the tased dog at 1:52

  • Kane Samuel
    Kane Samuel 5 hours ago

    Fuck the police

  • Sparkly Cupcake
    Sparkly Cupcake 6 hours ago

    And I'm that girl where I curse a lot and everyone is cool with because they know they'll get messed up by me 😂 The girl that no boys like 👌 And the girl with the most sports knowledge 😏

  • lindsay
    lindsay 6 hours ago

    Who ever disliked is horrible

  • Mikell Horne
    Mikell Horne 8 hours ago

    "Who desideds what is "perfect" who gets to say that I am not "perfect" because let me tell you something I am "perfect" not because I do everything right, not because I have the "perfect" Body its because I don't, its because I'm me and sure I have flaws but that DOES NOT mean I am not "perfect". - Mikell Horne

  • Sophia Adler
    Sophia Adler 8 hours ago

    8th grade me saw this as gospel

  • terrydabossbich2.0 Mr.terrydaboss

    man she speaks tough how is she ugly man RESPECT

  • terrydabossbich2.0 Mr.terrydaboss

    if I was a girl I would say the story if my life no homo

  • Luke Feuda
    Luke Feuda 8 hours ago

    Although this is a very powerful poem and it has a lot of truths, I feel like a lot of it is stereotypical which I just can’t stand. I’m sorry if u don’t agree with me but I’m not really

  • Lizzie Does things
    Lizzie Does things 9 hours ago

    She's good enough to write and memorize this poem.....

  • Cj Jones
    Cj Jones 9 hours ago

    😂🤣😂🤣😂 champ I give up I give up I give up🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Hayden Rinkenberger
    Hayden Rinkenberger 12 hours ago

    I hear both

  • Keisha Walker
    Keisha Walker 13 hours ago

    😰o 👎 BAD

  • MrNotSoNoob YT
    MrNotSoNoob YT 17 hours ago

    Yanny : I love you (no name) Me: I love you too laurel Yanny : ??

  • A Roach
    A Roach 19 hours ago

    she said “other girls are looking at you, wishing they were you” nobody wants to be the shy girl who sits in the back of class crying, everyday :/

  • Evan Olinger
    Evan Olinger 20 hours ago

    After it charged then it stopped it was walking to the yard and wasn’t doing anything so then they decide to tase it after it walked away and wasn’t barking or charging them that’s dumb

  • Itz_ Ashley's
    Itz_ Ashley's 22 hours ago

    Those who unliked this video are the popular kids at school, I mean everyone CAN relate to this

  • Davross
    Davross 22 hours ago

    The first picture is a bit misleading because you can't make out the scale properly but in the second image you can see the true size isn't that big. The hinge on the door gives it away, nonetheless, it still makes my arse clench with fear 😖

  • chinmay pande
    chinmay pande 23 hours ago

    Tina Maya and Amy for Oscars 2020

  • Ashley _Vivi
    Ashley _Vivi Day ago


  • Jamie
    Jamie Day ago

    Great for quad & glute training. Who needs a weighted sled when you've got the wind.

  • Heee
    Heee Day ago

    My school speech: 1. Get up early. And get ready for another crappy day, you put on your school uniform (or your casual clothes.) 2. You brush your hair, brush your teeth, and ‘MOST’ importantly you put on lip gloss, mascara, do your ‘instagram baddie’ eyebrows, highlighter, and perfume. 3. Before getting out of your room, you make sure your legs don’t look ‘skinny’ you make sure you look ‘Thicc’ (Thick). 4. But you realize “Pft, I’m skinny. I don’t have a small waist, or have a big bum.” 5. You head in the car, while your mother talks to you about what time she will pick you up. 6. Your near your school and reapply your lipgloss, mascara, and highlighter. 7. You text your friend from middle school where you should me because ‘YOU DO NOT WANT’ Your freshman peers, sophomores,juniors, or seniors staring at you. 8. When your friend texts you back where to meet up you go over where he or she is at. 9. You have a conversation with your friend and “RING” your first period class starts. 10. It’s currently /8:00/ and when doing the pledge of allegiance you see a really pretty freshman girl Who has curvy hips, small waist, and a big bum. You realize: “what am i doing?” 11. Walking in the halls, you see all these freshman girls who are ‘Thicc’ and or have a small waist. While your skinny self CANNOT COMPETE WITH. 12. It’s lunch, your get hot Cheetos, sub sandwich or something big that can hopefully make you ‘Thicc’. 13. P.E you get in the lockers, you see all the freshman girls including your friend who either have: huge breasts, big bum with a small waist. While you probably haven’t started or you have nothing but small breasts and flat bum. 14. You walk out and see cute guys or girls, but they are taken or your not: their type, or not ‘THICC.’ 15.You grab your things and head out and your moms there to pick you up, you wave bye to your friend. And leave the school. 16. You finished homework, and you go in your room. 17. You look at yourself and think: “why am I not ‘curvy’? Or ‘thicc’?” But the main question you ask is: “Why am I not pretty?” 18. You wash your face and get ready to head to bed. 19. You think about what will happen tomorrow, and PRAY to GOD THAT YOU WILL BE ‘THICC’ or ‘PRETTY.” 20. You finally head to bed, and wake up in the morning and repeat everything you did yesterday. Why, why do WE humans think about ‘looks’ is cliché but FOR REAL. why DO we NOT think about the personality? As a example. On Friday I was in algebra class, and our teacher asked if he wanted our grade said out loud. Of course got a 80% on my quiz. But one of the really pretty girls got a 44% all the guys who liked her was so confused on why she didn’t get a good grade. Like she didn’t have the brains- but she had the beauty. So freshman class(es) if all you care is about looks.. I hope later in life it’s about that persons personality.

  • Jewel Hernandez

    I thank her for reading this aloud

  • Paisley Russell

    She’s being too emotional 🙄

    • Ashley _Vivi
      Ashley _Vivi Day ago

      Paisley Russell I dont mean to be rude, but If you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all. 😕

  • 『lunastar』


  • Mustafa A
    Mustafa A Day ago

    Care about Flint first, Cappie

  • Tina Huynh
    Tina Huynh Day ago

    My teacher showed this video to my class

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi Day ago

    Why do I feel her pain but I wouldn't be afraid to talk back to the popular kids even if I would get bullied like right now I'm getting bullied by my ex bff, my ex boyfriend and the whole school 😔 But I'm not gonna listen to the bullishit and I will still carry on my high school years 😁 ...hopefully...

  • Ar L
    Ar L Day ago

    Way to make a start. I watched 30 seconds and deleted.

  • Rocky Goldendoodle

    Why are pretty girls always complaining about how ugly they are?

  • FirstName LastName

    7.1k of those people who disliked are those who never felt this pain

  • Mitch Burns
    Mitch Burns Day ago

    Supervisor said "The Postmaster doesn't want to hear about traffic!"

  • Happy.4747!
    Happy.4747! Day ago

    I've been bullied a lot people say it wasn't bulling but they were doing it over and over again they were calling me a brat and other rude name . this is all going down when I lost one of my friends to suicide cuz he was being bullied. I got depression I overcame it. It took a while but I did find some friends that actually like me and know I'm smart in my own . My parents also didn't make much of a help during that 😔

  • LxBx Love
    LxBx Love Day ago

    I am crying.... its the sad truth

  • Sendyo Fujisu
    Sendyo Fujisu Day ago

    Boi I'd kick da popular kids

  • Bolicious1981
    Bolicious1981 Day ago

    That’s scary as heck!!

  • Hey it’s me AGAIN

    I swear I’m crying HAPPY tears!

  • TIO SAM 100 tempo irmão


  • Alayna DiGiovanni
    Alayna DiGiovanni 2 days ago

    This girl is gonna be president someday

  • 잔돈
    잔돈 2 days ago

    How about just regulating guns?

  • Layla Whitten
    Layla Whitten 2 days ago

    OMG she is brave i would never be able to do something like that and everyone you guys are special in your own ways dont change who you are you are always loved and if people dont say they love you well i love you with all my heart guys be yourself and live a happy life.

  • Willie Johnson
    Willie Johnson 2 days ago

    I would've beat the shit out of those cops if that was my dog they tazed!!

  • C Marshall
    C Marshall 2 days ago

    This is beating up my heart. The feeelsssss

  • dreams of turtles
    dreams of turtles 2 days ago

    Drunken morons with a dog. Im sorry doggo.

  • Jessie Sineath
    Jessie Sineath 2 days ago

    I grew up in South Carolina...pollen is the devil. This amount of pollen would take me out of commission

  • Rose
    Rose 2 days ago

    I feel like this gonna help my social anxiety to calm down this girl is brave im only 12 and ive suffer from social anxiety for 4 years even maybe more

  • Crocs are Kool
    Crocs are Kool 2 days ago

    i actually teared up

  • Charlotte Gill
    Charlotte Gill 2 days ago

    The dog felt it’s owners were being threatened so the dog did what it felt was right there is no need to be putting dogs through pain like that shooting them there were children there watching the officers taser the poor dog how do u think that makes the family feel, there family member has been hurt. No fucking need

    • James Torti
      James Torti 2 days ago

      The use of the word OWNER, is vile. If he would have put the dog in the house after his piss, Cheech and Chong could have handled his situation in peace. Those were cops, not animal control.

  • Arda Ergin
    Arda Ergin 2 days ago

    Also i don't think that she has a not good enough appearance lol

  • DarthWill3
    DarthWill3 2 days ago

    Oh my goodness! Look at the little puppies!

  • horses and Conor Maynard are life

    *She reminds me of the girl from Dog With a Blog*

  • Avi Mizrahi
    Avi Mizrahi 2 days ago

    Rin Tin Tin turns out to be a John Wayne... A chickenhawk!

  • Leia Davidsson
    Leia Davidsson 2 days ago


  • B a s i c x B e e
    B a s i c x B e e 2 days ago

    Im trying to hear laurel by I hear yanny.. like omg

  • this ladybug is on fire. Tucker

    I can't. I cried so hard... I feel the pain..

  • vianca
    vianca 2 days ago

    The right way to eat things is to swallow it. Key to eating.

  • Binda Lei
    Binda Lei 3 days ago

    Sad for the mourning daughter ? Naaaaah .. she ate food, wear clothes from her daddy killing elephants for their tusk for money !!! Taste of her daddy’s medicine.. those elephants have families and children’s too No sorry for daughter of elephants killer!!! Rejoice Rejoice to the dead poacher!!! Please Please elephant Kill more poacher !!!

  • Joe King
    Joe King 3 days ago

    Drink much idiot?

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator 3 days ago

    Lmao- now that was funny. Ol' Champ ran down the street to call ASPCA! 📞🐶💬"whats that?, you've been tasered?"

  • Yuwen Tjhin
    Yuwen Tjhin 3 days ago

    *Love yourself*

  • Regan Burke
    Regan Burke 3 days ago

    What happens if I feel the same exact way but except with my family

  • Sophia Perez
    Sophia Perez 3 days ago

    I can relate to every single word that came out of her mouth. I’m glad I clicked on this video.This inspired me to forget about what people think and just be myself!!🥰😋

  • Descendants 3 girl Fan

    I hear yanny

  • CM Vogt
    CM Vogt 3 days ago

    An Elderly Man, A Boy, A Dog and a Bird how Cool.

  • SO Storms
    SO Storms 3 days ago

    Maybe if stop trying so hard people will like u more think that out

  • Destinyy Girll
    Destinyy Girll 3 days ago

    the boys sitting there accepting everyone because we all know all of the boys are friends with everyone

  • Shawn Avelli
    Shawn Avelli 3 days ago

    Yanni all day everyday

  • ella pscl
    ella pscl 3 days ago

    how long did it take her to get all that stuff in her mind?

  • Magnolia Cole
    Magnolia Cole 3 days ago

    This is so real bruh like being a13 year old anti social black girl feels like the worst thing

  • just anna
    just anna 3 days ago

    Me: this video My teacher: HAH, What do you mean this is A nO bUlLy zOnE I AlReAdY tOlD yOu tO iGnOrE tHeM.

  • Offaly Lens
    Offaly Lens 3 days ago

    This is American emotional bs lol In a land proud of claiming its 'free' like its the only Nation thats free; Americans are more 'Trapped' than any other Nation.

  • u n k n o w n
    u n k n o w n 3 days ago

    Okay but how tf did she remember everything?

  • Mariam Yousri
    Mariam Yousri 3 days ago

    This is so true and it’s so me

  • GamingWithCreeperBoy // GWCB

    1st time I heard Laurel the 2nd time heard yanny

  • allberrypie
    allberrypie 3 days ago

    At fist time I heard it as Yanny. Several hours later I tried again and it's definitely Laurel. Wtf happend to me?

  • Krissa Animes
    Krissa Animes 3 days ago

    I felt this hard...Honestly for awhile I thought I wasn’t good enough and I still do...All of This kind of reflects with my life everyday 😓 Honestly I just want to be accepted and I wish I was like other girls....Honestly this was just inspirational to me, because in the end I was told I was good enough by the video and loved ones. But honestly if I were to say this in front of the class idk if they would laugh. But I wouldn’t care I’m still me ig. 😅

  • Jeon Junglebook
    Jeon Junglebook 4 days ago

    This is true to me..

  • Alyza Kashif
    Alyza Kashif 4 days ago

    The Three Queens

  • Devel Oppa
    Devel Oppa 4 days ago

    That's strange. I hear "Your All". I admin English is NOT my first language.

  • Palos Sebastian
    Palos Sebastian 4 days ago

    the dog run away beaten and humiliated 😂😂😂

  • Heartbroken
    Heartbroken 4 days ago

    Who had the guts to dislike this

  • Stevie G
    Stevie G 4 days ago

    5:18 what society wants Me:*complete opposite* hey I like my paleness

  • steelerfan757
    steelerfan757 4 days ago

    You see this stuff goes on with dogs and their incompetent owners. Dogs are bullies and when they get punked they wanna play the victim with the wimpering and owners wanna say you shot my dog....the officer used verbal commands and it was justified.

  • Mariah Wilson
    Mariah Wilson 4 days ago

    I wish I did not smell all the time I wish I was cute I wish I had a cute face I wish I had real friends I wish people liked me I wish I was popular 😭

  • Mariah Wilson
    Mariah Wilson 4 days ago

    That's me I get bullyed why am I not good enough 😭

  • Gacha Bean
    Gacha Bean 4 days ago

    The best thing ever created that I have seen

  • Brianna Scarson
    Brianna Scarson 4 days ago

    PREACH IT SISTER!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Kayleetje Verschoor

    So true.....

  • Yoonyoung Choi
    Yoonyoung Choi 4 days ago

    So Laurel

  • Lisa Lanham
    Lisa Lanham 4 days ago

    Yes there is a God looking over all of us

  • Deesha Jhanvii
    Deesha Jhanvii 4 days ago

    It just me there... - *crying instead of doing my homeworks*-

  • 성이름
    성이름 4 days ago


  • 김병준
    김병준 4 days ago

    뤄뤌이라 하네

  • Hazel Hyunjin Kim
    Hazel Hyunjin Kim 4 days ago

    What? That is exactly Laurel.

  • 쩡Jenny
    쩡Jenny 4 days ago

    100% laurel

  • 박하
    박하 4 days ago

    What if I hear Ya Rel...

  • Touss C
    Touss C 4 days ago

    This video is sooo stupid

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee 4 days ago


  • evobusa
    evobusa 5 days ago

    It's just antilag lol

  • Macayla
    Macayla 5 days ago

    this has been in my recommened for months and i just watched it