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  • Seth G
    Seth G 7 hours ago

    So Simmons was bald back then too? Man, that was one convincing wig he wore in the trilogy

  • no
    no 23 days ago

    3:06 bro that looked even better than the final costume

  • Delano Morgan
    Delano Morgan 24 days ago

    My teacher was in the audition for the first spiderman film

  • Xpzilla
    Xpzilla 27 days ago

    2:07 this looks so damn good

    VIPIN ANAND K Month ago

    What is this! Tobbey Bruce lee ???

  • Mike Bolton
    Mike Bolton Month ago

    MJ is the reason why I fell in love with redheads and she so happens to be the first in my childhood next to Kim Possible

  • Dutch
    Dutch Month ago

    peter parker was bitten by a radioactive bruce lee

  • Offbrand
    Offbrand 2 months ago

    2:07 if we got that suit in the CGI instead than that would be more accurate. IM NOT SATING I DONT LOVE THE 2002 suit it was awesome. But like ya know. He was dummy broke and he could’ve in no way made that suit with just some needle and thread. At least the one in the CGI take looks like more of a I took time and used what I had with my budget.

  • neiljuice
    neiljuice 2 months ago

    the hero we need, but don't deserve edit: isn't it incredible that the cg spiderman looks almost as good as the mcu cg spiderman? marvel cg has gone downhill for sometime now.

  • Memper
    Memper 2 months ago

    5:12 SpiderMan4

  • Nathan Romero
    Nathan Romero 2 months ago

    The first clip was like a Bruce Lee movie.

  • Gerson Nials
    Gerson Nials 2 months ago

    Hermosa Kirsten Dust

  • Jeoni Tao
    Jeoni Tao 3 months ago

    The way of the dragon

  • wade3108
    wade3108 3 months ago

    3:06 Looks like The Amazing Spiderman Suit

  • The Test Dumby
    The Test Dumby 3 months ago


  • Kamdan
    Kamdan 4 months ago

    Tobey had the right look here and in the first film. He lost it in the second and third.

  • Andrew Date
    Andrew Date 4 months ago

    What’s with that first clip? Why is he shirtless? Why is he so silent? Why are they swearing?

  • Hisyam Nct
    Hisyam Nct 4 months ago

    tobey maguire fighting like a bruce lee style

  • Haiqal is Batman
    Haiqal is Batman 4 months ago


  • Canisticus
    Canisticus 5 months ago

    3:33 Kirsten Dunst looks great. Actually gorgeous and seductive with dark red hair. I wonder why they didn’t keep this look and style for her in the sequels.

  • nicolas hernandez
    nicolas hernandez 5 months ago

    5:08 :(( that´s creepy

  • · Clayfrog ·
    · Clayfrog · 6 months ago

    Just occurred to me. Don't Miles' shoes in ITSV look like the wrestling suit's shoes?

  • jkl46
    jkl46 7 months ago

    the first scene they should have put in the first movie. It looked 2x better than the fight scene where he saves MJ. All you would have to do is put the costume on and a bit of editing and your good

  • Morkymoose
    Morkymoose 7 months ago

    The last part of Spider-Man running was actually Usain bolt before he broke records

  • catynna nieto
    catynna nieto 7 months ago

    Tobey Maguire is the best Spiderman for ever

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 7 months ago

    3:54 MJ looks straight out of the comics

  • Jiko Vicko
    Jiko Vicko 8 months ago

    Tobey 'Bruce Lee' Mcguire

  • L.A. Prodigy
    L.A. Prodigy 8 months ago

    Tobey GOT JACKED

  • Mark Miki
    Mark Miki 9 months ago

    We need our hero back.

  • Adair Murray
    Adair Murray 9 months ago

    hang about. Wouldn't Uncle Ben be a Mets fan?

  • Adair Murray
    Adair Murray 9 months ago

    JK Simmons still probably the greatest performance of a comic book character on film

    • Adair Murray
      Adair Murray 7 months ago

      @Trevor Philips I love RDJ but his performance is great because he makes Stark a human. Simmons is so large he's a moving comic book character

    • Trevor Philips
      Trevor Philips 7 months ago

      Robert Downey Jr appears

  • Adair Murray
    Adair Murray 9 months ago

    Maguire looked like friggin Bruce Lee in that first bit

  • Mohan Chawake
    Mohan Chawake 9 months ago

    nice tubey

  • OnlyMyOpinion •
    OnlyMyOpinion • 9 months ago

    3:48 MJ so sexy like the comics omg💦

  • LTKArtwork
    LTKArtwork Year ago

    The nostalgia kills me..

  • Thunder ABADDON
    Thunder ABADDON Year ago

    5:12 Best Ending

  • Travis Blackburn

    No sound after

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales Year ago

    4:02 ❤

  • rockys201
    rockys201 Year ago

    Willem Dafoe is so much more terrifying without a mask, it's a shame we don't see much of his face when he's the Goblin

    • Deathpool_04
      Deathpool_04 11 months ago

      rockys201 He would've made a pretty amazing Joker.

  • kakao3188
    kakao3188 Year ago

    rip uncle ben

  • Frosted FlakeTV
    Frosted FlakeTV Year ago

    the bruce lee feels.. man LOL!

  • Vedata Plays
    Vedata Plays Year ago

    Ben reilly confirmed at 3:05

  • Flavio Leandro
    Flavio Leandro Year ago

    lembre se tobey maguire com grandes poderes vem grandes responsabilidades, perfect spider men.

  • Natasha Wells
    Natasha Wells Year ago

    Is that tobey ?

  • M. White
    M. White Year ago

    4:23 was kind of sad in retrospect

  • Creation29 Polk
    Creation29 Polk Year ago

    I can’t hear

  • Rankz
    Rankz Year ago

    Legend has it he is still flying 0:55

    • GreatfulGert
      GreatfulGert 6 months ago

      He made the TIE fighter sound as he flew, wtf

    • Trevor Philips
      Trevor Philips 7 months ago

      I just saw him pass by my trailer looks like he crew a beard

    • Peace .i
      Peace .i 11 months ago


  • The Secret Service

    Does the beginning first one reminds me so much of Tyler Durden

  • damedashjr
    damedashjr Year ago

    This is awesome lol

  • ini the man
    ini the man Year ago

    worst spiderman

    • Lucas Araújo
      Lucas Araújo 11 months ago

      You gonna cry ?

    • ini the man
      ini the man Year ago

      Well, I think your opinion is shittier.

    • Firas
      Firas Year ago

      Well, your opinion is shit.

    • ini the man
      ini the man Year ago

      This was the worst spiderman that I ever bore witness.

  • sampad rabha
    sampad rabha Year ago


  • Inzam Haque
    Inzam Haque Year ago

    The cgi spiderman looks like spiderman homecoming

  • Jacquo Bangalter
    Jacquo Bangalter 2 years ago

    Mary Jane looked real hot in that time. The red hair and the curves.

  • Jason Mike
    Jason Mike 2 years ago

    Damn Tobey Maguire's body built on the first clip looks so much like Spider-Man's in todays comics.

  • gabrielwillames
    gabrielwillames 2 years ago

    this is gold !!

  • Denzel O' Riley
    Denzel O' Riley 2 years ago

    3:19 That is creepy as hell

  • ThisIsWEB
    ThisIsWEB 2 years ago


    • Jmgjgdjd5
      Jmgjgdjd5 Year ago

      sounded like a TIE fighter

  • UmadatmeBRAH
    UmadatmeBRAH 2 years ago

    1:45 "we've had eddie on it for weeks". Brock was originally supposed to be in spiderman 1?

    • John Doe
      John Doe 25 days ago

      In the finished movie they reference eddie but he ain't in it

    • iDOESYT
      iDOESYT Month ago

      Well yes, but actually no

    • CoNnOr5899
      CoNnOr5899 11 months ago

      He was, but he was cut out of the movie.

    • James Hetfield
      James Hetfield 11 months ago

      Brock was a freelance photographer, and worked for a long time at the Bugle.

    • BL4CK0U7
      BL4CK0U7 Year ago

      No, it's just a reference.

  • Chris HP Le
    Chris HP Le 2 years ago

    1:19 the beginnings of a legendary role.

      GOHTENZ 2 months ago

      And appears in far from home at the end

    • DeltaGem
      DeltaGem Year ago


  • Black White
    Black White 2 years ago

    4:38 :3

  • Black White
    Black White 2 years ago

    4:38 :3

  • Tony Thomas
    Tony Thomas 2 years ago

    perfect cast....

  • MiskandarS
    MiskandarS 2 years ago

    Only if hes like this when he turns black. Not the emo spiderman. But this fierce brutal badass.

    • prufan
      prufan Year ago

      he is during his fight with sandman in the subway also the photos he gives to jameson

  • GP Channel™
    GP Channel™ 2 years ago

    4:15 Love this hairstyle for the MJ Charater :) 4:32 Uncle Ben is much younger in this scene,i think this fitts better for the character :)

    • Nick Culafic
      Nick Culafic 3 months ago

      @The Avatar Woah! I've never thought about that before. Great thinking!

    • The Avatar
      The Avatar Year ago

      GP Channel™ Those are for photos around the house.

  • Yesenia The Hedgehog

    Mary Jane look beautiful

  • Voldemort
    Voldemort 2 years ago

    The best Spider-Man ever

  • GerArt13
    GerArt13 2 years ago

    5:07 Damn that's creepy! :0 Would have been a great Joker :D

  • Captainsting
    Captainsting 2 years ago

    why the cgi from early 2000s is way better than the current one? im a vfx artist and a film maker myself but i don't understand this

    • Akshat Kumar
      Akshat Kumar 4 months ago

      Overuse of it makes it look dull

    • Ark DNT Games
      Ark DNT Games 9 months ago

      Thomas Gould and rami Spider-Man isn’t corny and plus the homecoming cgi looks like it came out even before the first Spider-Man movie

    • Average Failure
      Average Failure 11 months ago

      prufan dude the rami films don’t hold up they corny af

    • Jayden V
      Jayden V Year ago

      I think its because they were shot on FILM in 2000s , but the latest ones were shot on digital.. looks more fake

    • prufan
      prufan Year ago

      yeah the past Spider-Man films particularly 2/3 are leagues above homecomings lackluster cgi also action is weak as well in 2017 version

  • C-MC Official
    C-MC Official 2 years ago

    5:12 Spider-Man on crack ?

    • Memper
      Memper 2 months ago

      C-MC Official Nope Spiderman 4

  • Kelly Maguire
    Kelly Maguire 2 years ago

    l Love Tobey maguire2017

  • COMIXamples
    COMIXamples 2 years ago

    How long did they take making this movie!? He looks like an actual teen here but in the movie it's unconvincing.

    • SPIDER 2004
      SPIDER 2004 10 months ago

      @LeonX Yeah, it was pretty cool.

    • LeonX
      LeonX 10 months ago


    • SPIDER 2004
      SPIDER 2004 10 months ago

      @LeonX Oh yeah, that's true.

    • LeonX
      LeonX 10 months ago

      Sky Guy2000 yeah actually the original concept of a spiderman movie started at 1991

    • SPIDER 2004
      SPIDER 2004 10 months ago

      @LeonX Really? Wow that's cool!

  • Mello Jello
    Mello Jello 2 years ago

    Did I literally just hear a zombie sound coming from that guy being thrown? LOL.

  • The Pikachu of Texas

    Spider-Man is not real 😢

  • FanABD Salim
    FanABD Salim 3 years ago

    just like messi <(")

  • Sean Myers
    Sean Myers 3 years ago

    That first clip looks like a scene from some 80's action movie

  • Darth Mexihcah
    Darth Mexihcah 4 years ago

    Tobys a horrible spider man.

  • Darth Mexihcah
    Darth Mexihcah 4 years ago

    Tobys a horrible spider man.

    • jkl46
      jkl46 7 months ago

      @turbotrup96 amen

    • James Hetfield
      James Hetfield 11 months ago

      Objectively, and as a long-time Spider-man fan, I can tell you if you read the comics, Maguire is BY FAR the most accurate Spider-Man if you compare it to either Garfield or Holland. The only fault he has is he's not as much of a comedian (though not extremely dull, as people make it sound) as spidey is in the comics. Apart, everything is extremely accurate. Not only Peter, but MJ, Harry Osbourne, Flash Thompson, and most of the characters in the original universe are spot on.

    • Frank Carter
      Frank Carter Year ago

      thats not how sam raimi felt

    • Vatican Cameos!
      Vatican Cameos! Year ago


    • Olivia Magaro
      Olivia Magaro Year ago

      Ricky Martinez go die. Please.

  • Matthews Machado
    Matthews Machado 4 years ago

    J.K Simmons and Tobey Maguire are the best