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What's In My Purse 2019
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  • Brian Dunlo
    Brian Dunlo Hour ago

    really well organised and aestheticaly pleasing .Quite minamilist apart from the make up stuff and shoes

  • Azazel Guatno
    Azazel Guatno Hour ago

    Catriona set the standard so high it'll be such a difficult feat to follow: the future queen should not just be about the brains and the beauty, but also the Authenticity and Sincerity of the person who'll wear the mpst coveted crown. Deeyyymmm Masyadong ginalingan ni mumsh Cat!!!

  • Amanda Doherty
    Amanda Doherty Hour ago


  • nana lulu
    nana lulu 2 hours ago

    Gonna send this video to her. Good friend of mine. How funny to see her on your TVclip channel.

  • J G
    J G 4 hours ago

    I loved it.

  • Yselssa Rodriguez
    Yselssa Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Love ya girl and love the relationship you have with your mom it's like me and my mom relationship glad to see the vlogs 🇩🇴🥰🇩🇴 love my platano with salami..

  • Adalgisa Tejada
    Adalgisa Tejada 5 hours ago

    you guys make such a cute couple. I see Eric wearing scrubs. SO AWESOME! wondering is he in medical school?

  • Neelam Bhavnani
    Neelam Bhavnani 9 hours ago

    Does the zipper on the flap open?

  • Mae Ann Anduyo
    Mae Ann Anduyo 11 hours ago

    This is my forth time watching this. I can't move on especially that Miss Universe 2019 is coming. Who's with me?

  • Lexi Vancura
    Lexi Vancura 15 hours ago

    0:23 how do you do the foggy effect. She didn’t explain

  • E B
    E B 16 hours ago

    Hi Nathalie! Thank you so much for this reaction! I really like your spontaneity. I really did enjoy your video. Geezzz! Orlando is so cute and handsome!

  • IDevuhstate
    IDevuhstate 17 hours ago

    Those are all the classics. Apple music playlists?

    • IDevuhstate
      IDevuhstate 17 hours ago

      Brings all the memories especially the house party days lol

  • ghost g
    ghost g 17 hours ago

    Can you do a video showing how you did the makeup for the event!! Omg you looked gorgeous! great video

  • naty821
    naty821 19 hours ago

    super cute! specially for NY space

  • Silvia Diaz
    Silvia Diaz 19 hours ago

    I never knew that watching someone elses reaction to miss universe could be so fun! 👍🤗

  • Juuh Chan :3
    Juuh Chan :3 20 hours ago

    Oque ela deve estar pensando: o amor é divertido sim tam tam Na verdade: tou brincando com o bum bum tam tam 😂😂😂😂

  • Haley Nicoletta
    Haley Nicoletta 22 hours ago

    I have a lot of these songs on my phone N people get annoyed when I play them They always say change that song its sooo old They slacking

  • Silvia Diaz
    Silvia Diaz 22 hours ago

    Im a new subscriber catching up on ur old videos...funny to hear how u feel about ur bday being in December. I’m pregnant with baby #1 and am due in December 💕

  • _lavishkaa_
    _lavishkaa_ Day ago

    Loved all of them. You are so creative.

  • aalya khan
    aalya khan Day ago

    I love this morning routine!its so aesthetically pleasing 🤩

  • 전작슨
    전작슨 Day ago

    Did she just say kumusta?

    • E B
      E B 16 hours ago

      Yes! But she actually said como esta. Filipinos' Kumusta is from Spanish word "como esta"

  • yildri licelot nuñez espinosa

    tu voz cambia con el español mi jajaja Dominicana totalmente

  • Karar Haider
    Karar Haider Day ago

    العربي يدوس لايك

  • Christopher Valencia

    lmao u have Luz Clarita on here.. rofl.. but hey i'm guna call u out for a moment @Nathalie Munoz and say u forgot this one.. and if i'm not mistaken, i believe it's from a novela as well.. <3 <3 <3

  • Christopher Valencia

    i didn't really watch Novelas, but growing up, my mom always did. and Rubi was my favorite xD. i loved the theme song La Descarada by Reyli Barba <3

  • axub •
    axub • 2 days ago


  • Leah Scully
    Leah Scully 2 days ago

    New subscriber here, love your amazon finds!!

  • Mariel Rodriguez
    Mariel Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Congratulations!!! It really is beautiful.

  • Claude estibals
    Claude estibals 2 days ago


  • Sentia Arnanda
    Sentia Arnanda 2 days ago

    hello I'm from Indonesia, can u give Indonesian subtitles on the video that u made, so that your channel is more developed, thank u ♥

  • Stacy Swiss
    Stacy Swiss 2 days ago

    What a lovely place! 🌸 Btw, what camera do u use? Really like the quality of the video! 👍

  • Steph Beauty Artistry


  • Dali Narvaez
    Dali Narvaez 2 days ago

    Dios miooo que ricooo ahora quiero tostones con salami y la maldita bien fria 🥺🤣

  • Cynthia C.
    Cynthia C. 2 days ago

    Your makeup always looks flawless! 😍

  • mtstar89
    mtstar89 2 days ago

    Love your vlogs! Living in NYC seems so posh lol

  • luna
    luna 2 days ago

    Lmao mashed the platanos with the tostoneras and the remove it with my abre hands 🤪 I'll try your method next time

  • Deborah Garcia
    Deborah Garcia 2 days ago

    Stealing some ideas I love it

  • Angela Coles
    Angela Coles 3 days ago

    You look so pretty in that dress.

  • Leocadio Keo
    Leocadio Keo 3 days ago

    mejor passarela is Brazil de 2017, passarela arrasadora

  • RositaApplebum
    RositaApplebum 3 days ago

    & this whole vlog made me want to get up and get busy 😭💕

  • RositaApplebum
    RositaApplebum 3 days ago

    Okay now I’m obsessed with the contraption he has to hold the big marshalls/thanxxx tote lol it’s connected to his book bag #genius

  • naomi fernandez
    naomi fernandez 3 days ago

    Loved this vlog !! So cute, and girl the way you peeled that green platano I need a “how to” video 😂 I’m embarrassed for myself

  • Nina Alvarado
    Nina Alvarado 3 days ago

    You and your Mami are so cute! So in love with your style it’s so effortless and chic ❤️ yay to piercings lol I’m planning out some for my ears as well but scared of the pain 😂

  • jigggajen
    jigggajen 3 days ago

    Frying salami is like being in a shoot out 😭

  • Sheilla_ Rose
    Sheilla_ Rose 3 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful! Your place is gorgeous 💫

  • Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife

    I love tostones hate making them though 😫 too much work since I don’t have that machine. Please link.

  • Arlene Almonte
    Arlene Almonte 3 days ago

    Omg !! you were right in the area where I work in union square! I work on E18 and Irving Place. I could’ve had a chance to meet you ! 😩 I wish I had a close relationship with my mom as you do with your mom. I am Dominican as well but my mom tends to be super old school and doesn’t approve of the idea of me moving out without being married and having a career of course. However if you don’t mind me asking what advice would you give to a young woman like myself 26 who wants to move out and be able to embark on the journey of being independent but able to afford it in order to stay out and not have to come back to prove to my parents that I am able to hold it down on my own. What advice can you give me for this dilemma ? Thank you! Love you and your videos ❤️ continue doing your amazing work!

    • Arlene Almonte
      Arlene Almonte 2 days ago

      Nathalie Muñoz Thank you so much. It truly means a lot to know you take your time to really be there for your followers and that’s really genuinely appreciated on my behalf. I do want to be happy but times in this house are just going to continue to stop me from being truly happy and being able to live my own life. I am in a relationship and have been for almost 8 years However it took him five years of trying to finally be accepted by my parents and family since they thought he would be the reason I would quit school and ultimately be a physician which is what I want to be. I feel that I need to move out but also I’ve been declined by three apartments because of not making enough. So the journey truly sucks. But I’m trying to hang in there. I was never allowed to hang out like other girls were so a lot of my meet ups with him were in my living room while my mom sat there with us. And till this day it’s still the same.

    • Arlene Almonte
      Arlene Almonte 2 days ago

      Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife thank you so much for your words of wisdom I appreciate it!

    • Nathalie Muñoz
      Nathalie Muñoz 3 days ago

      Arlene Almonte I made a video where I shared my struggle to moving out especially bc my mom also had the same believes like your mom that i should’ve waited to move till when I got married blah blah. Honestly unfortunately it’s how they were brought up and all they knew so we can’t judge them for thinking that way.. although it slows us down on learning to be independent and what real life is, so by the time we do move out it’s quite late and harder to adjust. My advice (which I mean may not be for everyone) but do what YOU think will make you happy and what will be best for you. My mom had a hard time even after I moved accepting it, so it will take some time. But trust me they’ll come around, she’s your mom and regardless will always love you. So I’d say do it, you’re 26 you don’t have to ask “permission” and but let her know that you’d like her to support your decision bc it’s something you’d like to be able to experience to be really ready for the real world. Just obviously save as much as you can before and if you gotta get a roommate at first do it (rent/bills are expensiveeee) so it’s best to split at first tbh. p.s remember us on TVclip and social media only put up the happy best moments, so by that I mean my mom’s relationship and I isn’t the most perfect but we try lol

    • Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife
      Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife 3 days ago

      Arlene Almonte I know you didn’t ask me.. but you’re 26 year old 4 years away from 30.. I moved out at 19. I enjoy my independence plus I think in American culture your parents want you out ASAP. Maybe your mom wants you around to help out with bills I know lots of ppl go through that. Which sucks. But it’s life.

  • pittarak1
    pittarak1 3 days ago

    Is a 'lie- berry' some sort of exotic fruit? Lol!

  • Chasity Taylor
    Chasity Taylor 3 days ago

    Lol the faces during the piercing. 🙌🏽😭😂 miss your makeup tutorials bring them back 😩

  • PT Barnum
    PT Barnum 3 days ago

    Your cousin made my day. Hahahaha

  • Jamiieella
    Jamiieella 3 days ago

    I love your Vlogs, they’re so entertaining and so much fun to watch. I hope more to come.

  • Madelaine Castro
    Madelaine Castro 3 days ago

    you;re soo pretty!!!!

  • the ascetic
    the ascetic 3 days ago

    why does CREATIVE PEOPLE exist uhh i just cant help but comparing why am i so -__-

  • torz wallace
    torz wallace 4 days ago

    Where did you get the music from in this video?

  • Jelissa
    Jelissa 4 days ago

    yasss i love the all the place vlog! lol gives your channel a little edge. so nice finally meeting you in central park yesterday! keep shinning 💓🥰

  • Jessica Salvador
    Jessica Salvador 4 days ago

    Omg I went to that game, it was so good lol👌so many home runs.

    ROYAKAM GAMER 4 days ago

    -1 Watch TV like first activity...

  • Genesis Inoa
    Genesis Inoa 4 days ago

    Yes more vlogs please 🙏 I loved this vlog so much! You are so beautiful (inside and out) and you inspire me so much! Every time I watch your videos I always get good energy. I love the outfit you paired with your Chanel 🖤🖤🖤

  • Ariana Ruscito
    Ariana Ruscito 4 days ago

    This video is so real. All over the place yeah. But this is your real authentic life and that’s why it’s so relatable. Love this! Keep doing them ❤️

  • Selina s
    Selina s 4 days ago

    gratulations!!! enjoy it!

  • Melly M
    Melly M 4 days ago

    I enjoyed spending a week with you 😜

  • Nikki Turbeville
    Nikki Turbeville 4 days ago

    That Mac n cheese looked bomb ... what kind is that lol.

  • Wanderlust Beauty Dreams

    what a fun week you had!

  • Leah Holt Baker
    Leah Holt Baker 4 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE the vibe of your balcony🌱

  • Bianca mcgill
    Bianca mcgill 4 days ago

    I have a replica since I can’t afford a 5K Chanel

  • Iyeida Bernal
    Iyeida Bernal 4 days ago

    I love your videos!!!... which camera and what lense are you using ? The quality is amazing !

  • Crismeirys Martinez

    Loved loved loved this vlog!!! Keep em’ coming 😃🙌🏽

  • Jenny Luz Sosa
    Jenny Luz Sosa 4 days ago

    Loved it ♥️

  • Angelica Swetha
    Angelica Swetha 4 days ago

    I actually want to Pierce too...but verrry scared to do it🙈

  • Cristina Cosa
    Cristina Cosa 4 days ago

    I loooved this vlog so much! And the ending was so nice♥️

  • Queen Iman
    Queen Iman 4 days ago

    I swear tostones con salami is ur fave meal! Lool love your vlogs

  • Nestor augusto Paz castellanos

    Hola nataly vivo en new york y e visto tu video muchas veces eres miy bella muy lindos tus videos espero el del 2019 desde ya creo q gana brazil bay

  • Christy De La Rosa
    Christy De La Rosa 4 days ago

    Is the pink sauce mayo and ketchup?

    • Ashley Chavez
      Ashley Chavez 4 days ago

      Pretty much! Its cool that they sell a bottle already made with it!

  • Jonathan Hendricks
    Jonathan Hendricks 4 days ago

    I have been starving for a Nathalie Munoz video...thanks for showing us a bit of everything... That dish you made at the beginning of the video, is plantano some version of a non-ripe banana? I’m from South Africa so I don’t looks delicious when fried like that..(I think an episode of Nat-a-Chef is in order)...also do you just have a beach-ready/bikini body by eating fried foods and pasta???? We are all jealous! Hello to your mom, good to see her in your videos

    • Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife
      Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife 3 days ago

      Jonathan Hendricks I thought Africans loved plantains

    • Charlene C
      Charlene C 4 days ago

      Jonathan Hendricks hi 👋🏾 it’s plantain/ plátano which is a starch that’s part of the banana family but isn’t as sweet and are normally cooked before consumption.

  • Laila Hernandez
    Laila Hernandez 4 days ago

    Ur so cute love u

  • Ellie C Murray
    Ellie C Murray 4 days ago

    Your videos are so inspiring. That Chanel bag is so beautiful!!!

  • Jewel Jasmine
    Jewel Jasmine 4 days ago


  • k-love
    k-love 4 days ago

    Your skin is beautiful. ☺️

  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris 4 days ago

    Holy mole'. You.Are.Gorgeous.

  • Amanda Alvarado
    Amanda Alvarado 4 days ago

    LOVE VLOGS! I vote more vlogs lol

  • vanessa brady
    vanessa brady 4 days ago

    Girl this vlog was legit i loved the variety and the ending and your piercing is so cute 💗

  • Jo Ann Lawery
    Jo Ann Lawery 4 days ago

    Love that you and your mom are Yankees fans . Loved your Mami excitement when the Yankees won

  • Vidania Belliard
    Vidania Belliard 4 days ago

    Those platanos with salami looks soooooooooooo delicious!

  • Gen Hurtado
    Gen Hurtado 4 days ago

    Loving the vlogs

  • Yamelin’s Life
    Yamelin’s Life 4 days ago

    I love your videos 😍

  • Paulina Carter
    Paulina Carter 4 days ago

    Yes on the plant 🌱 vid!!!

  • Home With Karri
    Home With Karri 4 days ago

    What nice surprise, hi Mom!! 👋🥰 And Nathalie you always look so classy! Loved the look with your baby 👜 lol & hey I’m sure you looked fine the day before because leopard print is in! 😊👍 I have the Tocca perfume in the scent Liliana & love it!

    • Home With Karri
      Home With Karri 4 days ago

      P.S. I have my ears double pierced lol. Did you get the other ear done too? And I’m 5’2 & my hubby is 6’3 lol & what are the ingredients for the red sauce?

  • Dio Dicky Fradana
    Dio Dicky Fradana 4 days ago

    waking up to this! and loving it. good morning from Jakarta ❤️

  • Theresa M. aka 50Plus2013

    Thank you for sharing. Where did you get the wooden thing to flatten the plantains 😊

  • Cash Fountain
    Cash Fountain 4 days ago

    I’m just going to quit my job so I don’t miss another TVclip notification!! Omg.

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 4 days ago

    U and ur mom looked like sisters and u both beautiful, the piercing looks good, how u keep ur teeth looking so white and brite and drink coffee? I would like to see u DIY a LV print on a wall, love ur videos blessings💚

  • Alicia Castaños
    Alicia Castaños 4 days ago

    The best part .. los fritos con salami😜 .. tu eres de las mías!! Dominicana 💯

  • Rose Dadon
    Rose Dadon 4 days ago

    great video....but hold up is your boyfriend a future doctor to be?

    • Rose Dadon
      Rose Dadon 4 days ago

      @Tatiana Sandoval totally. Hopefully we'll soon get a boyfriend tag video

    • Tatiana Sandoval
      Tatiana Sandoval 4 days ago

      Rose Dadon I was wondering the same thing or something in the medical fields now I’m curious

  • Ashley Martinez
    Ashley Martinez 4 days ago

    A studio??? Looks more like a 2 bedroom with the bedroom and the changing room! What the heck is a changing room? You’re apartment looks insanely gorgeous. You make decorating look so easy!

  • Denise Lopez
    Denise Lopez 4 days ago

    Your mom is beautiful just like you 🥰. What lip color are u wearing in this video?

  • maria peguero
    maria peguero 4 days ago

    Tengo mucha ansiedad últimamente, tus vídeos me entretienen y me ayudan mucho a despreocuparme. Gracias Nathalie❤

    • maria peguero
      maria peguero 4 days ago

      @Potato_lover1 no había escuchado sobre eso antes , ¿qué es ? Realmente no me da ansiedad constante sólo ante ocasiones que me provoquen mucha preocupación pero los síntomas últimamente son terribles.

    • Potato_lover1
      Potato_lover1 4 days ago

      Te gusta el ASMR? Busca algún Tv show divertido, videos que te entretenga. A mi en lo personal el ASMR ame a ayudado demasiado! Tengo casi 3 meses que no me da un ataque de pánico y la ansiedad estoy logrando controlar.

  • Michelle Morera
    Michelle Morera 4 days ago

    omg you are the actual cutest 😂 the piercing looks great on you!

    • Nelia Then
      Nelia Then 2 days ago

      One more hole to clean. I do not approve piercing, specially children; it should be child' s abuse, who performes and who authorizes it.

  • lunarosa321
    lunarosa321 4 days ago

    Tu mami está súper preciosa y joven parece tu hermana mayor

  • LovelyLin
    LovelyLin 4 days ago

    Like a true Dominican making plátano con salami! Lol

  • natmonee
    natmonee 4 days ago

    I love the fact that you (as a female) and your MOM went to a Yankee game ( which by the way is the best team) and went by yourselves. Ya’ll doing the damn thing and looking good while ur at it. ❤️

    • Potato_lover1
      Potato_lover1 4 days ago

      My thought exactly! I’ve never been to an event with my mom, just us girls! I love this comment...