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What's In My Purse 2019
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  • Go Beasty
    Go Beasty 57 minutes ago

    I’m Dominican and I live in New York

  • Idontfeellikeit
    Idontfeellikeit Hour ago

    Am I the only one wondering how her younger brother is doing he was so sweet and down to earth❣️

  • Genesis Inoa
    Genesis Inoa Hour ago

    Wow you are incredible Natalie! You are your very home edit! So affordable and efficient! I am beyond impressed thank you for sharing these amazing tips! I will definitely be referencing this video to anyone who needs to get organized!

  • Pedro del valle
    Pedro del valle 2 hours ago

    Racismo, que pena.

  • Thalia Mariana
    Thalia Mariana 3 hours ago

    Southh africaa🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Mercedes Ch.
    Mercedes Ch. 3 hours ago

    No me canso se ver esta reacción, Saludos desde Perú 💕

  • angela pena
    angela pena 3 hours ago

    Too bright try to fix the settings

  • Laurine Pizarro
    Laurine Pizarro 4 hours ago

    Hey beautiful what mic do you use ?

  • Franchesca polo
    Franchesca polo 4 hours ago

    Made a playlist out of this so inspired love it

  • M. Montero
    M. Montero 4 hours ago

    Yay she’s back! Love your vids! 🙏🏻

  • Lyra C'est La Vie
    Lyra C'est La Vie 4 hours ago

    Check your aperture settings to (i.e. F stops) get the depth of field. Lower settings greater “bokeh" or blurred effect.

  • Julie Miralda
    Julie Miralda 5 hours ago

    So glad your back!!..Can’t wait for more videos

  • DuMeykup
    DuMeykup 5 hours ago

    Girl thank you so much for this video! Helped me get my life together

  • Manuel Seda
    Manuel Seda 6 hours ago

    The birthday half month thing 😂😂

  • Alexandro Pego Sobrinho

    Belo video parabéns 👍🌹

  • Nathalie Sayna
    Nathalie Sayna 6 hours ago

    Thanks this really helped me to get my room organised by the way my name is also Nathalie

  • Ana P
    Ana P 6 hours ago

    lol the girl at the train funny!

  • Myrna J
    Myrna J 6 hours ago

    I'm always here for your Favorites!!🥰🙋🏾‍♀️🤗✔👍🏾

  • Jo Ann Lawery
    Jo Ann Lawery 7 hours ago

    More travel blogs! Hauls. music playlists

  • Kauegirlbluy2 Bluyz
    Kauegirlbluy2 Bluyz 7 hours ago


  • Jackie Vazquez
    Jackie Vazquez 7 hours ago

    Hi! Where is your corner ladder plant holder from?

  • Estrella E
    Estrella E 7 hours ago

    Nathalie u have a nice Glow in this video :)🥰

  • Ash ley
    Ash ley 7 hours ago

    50mm lense should blur out your background! ♥️

  • Theresa M. aka 50Plus2013

    I enjoyed the video thank you for sharing Video I’m interested in seeing is “how you film I.e. settings and such also how you Broll ) I guess like a behind the screen. I love all the videos whenever you show City buildings. Thank you

  • Life on Mars
    Life on Mars 8 hours ago

    Okay so the vase with the white roses, where is it from? Lo necesito 😫😍

  • Nisha
    Nisha 8 hours ago

    I love your energy! ❤️

  • Mariam C.
    Mariam C. 8 hours ago

    Can't wait to watch this! 😍 I love everything you recommend!

  • Nathalie Muñoz
    Nathalie Muñoz 8 hours ago

    A little late 🙈 but here are some of my favorites from 2019! Let me know any products you think I should try... also leave me some video requests below! ✨

  • amtb87
    amtb87 9 hours ago

    Beautiful home, but my goodness 41 mins 🤯I dont need every detail of whats in your cabinets, etc.

  • Sana Sana
    Sana Sana 9 hours ago


  • John Bakuri
    John Bakuri 9 hours ago

    reacts to old Brazil songs

  • Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith 9 hours ago

    I know of this female hacker that helped me get my instagram back ...text her on

  • Clover Ultra
    Clover Ultra 10 hours ago

    Rehearsed??? Are you kidding me!??? Blurrrrrrr

  • Tabassum Aziz
    Tabassum Aziz 10 hours ago

    Please speak one by one in front of camera...

  • Marllon
    Marllon 11 hours ago

    To answer your question about 'vai', it neams 'go' in Portuguese.

  • Franchesca polo
    Franchesca polo 12 hours ago

    Loved the video please make another one made my heart so happy ❤️

  • Osorio

    Lol jenni issss everything 😍😍😍😍❤️ me muerooo de risa 😂 me encanta el videoooo de este miss universo sooo energy 🤗🤣💋🐻 love it nattyyy besos desde colombia Y congrat 🇿🇦 South Africa

  • Sagar Bos
    Sagar Bos 15 hours ago

    Bloody group of assholes.. there faces of jeasouly should have been . Wen india was announced.. More power to india

  • Upgrade Your Life
    Upgrade Your Life 19 hours ago

    Dammit im always so jealous how i dont have any culture within my life.Rim black and American

  • Femia
    Femia 21 hour ago

    this was lit!!!

  • Nani Pena
    Nani Pena 22 hours ago

    How can u find a studio apartment everytime I find one it’s expensive.

  • ins Philipp
    ins Philipp Day ago

    France? Iceland? Really? Philippines maybe🥺

  • Samantha Lugo
    Samantha Lugo Day ago

    damnnnn all the memoriessss

  • Savannah Devereaux

    The eff wrong with that hand?! freakingggg gorgeous hand writing

  • Patricia Guichardo

    You guys are too much together 🤣🥰😘

  • Jose Amaro
    Jose Amaro Day ago

    Nadie apostaba por la Mexicana y les batió palo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Sascha Thesiger

    Ketchup is gross

  • Bao Duong
    Bao Duong Day ago


  • Wajeeha dinaj
    Wajeeha dinaj Day ago

    Beautiful 😊

  • Gigi Jechelle
    Gigi Jechelle Day ago

    You literally explained too much, no offense i love your apartment, it looks cool but you dont have to over explained things. Tbh i need to fast forward too much and play this video 2x faster.

    • Gigi Jechelle
      Gigi Jechelle Day ago

      @Nathalie Muñoz yeah ik that you explained the details for everyone who wondering. But i think you could just simply explain a little or put it as words on the video or description box. Overall such a cool apartment tho.

    • Nathalie Muñoz
      Nathalie Muñoz Day ago

      Gigi Jechelle this video was originally for my subscribers who have been wanting to know specific details (hence why it’s so long) but then it got viral. So thanks anyway for giving me a view ☺️👍🏽

  • Kunita Turner
    Kunita Turner Day ago

    Has anybody tried putting belts on the shower Hooks and then on the hangers? The belts would probably look better on a black felt hangers

  • Gabrielis Alvarado

    I love you two together!😭❤️

  • Relebohile Mabona

    I agree with your predictions. South Africa came way too strong . You guys are beautiful too BUT tell me, who is the guy in cream white suit. I'll wait for the answer....

  • Jordan Martinez

    Soy orgulloso ser Dominicano 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾❤️

  • Sarah Carnielli

    Please, react to “Kevin, o Chris” songs: Evoluiu, Vamos para Gaiola, Ela é do Tipo

  • O X Y O X Y
    O X Y O X Y 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for supporting Philippines even we didn't make to the top 10 ❤️

  • Callhervivacious
    Callhervivacious 2 days ago

    Dos locos is my shit! & what about yo voy with daddy yankee?

  • Angel Renz Amihan
    Angel Renz Amihan 2 days ago

    Philippines 🤦🏻

  • Raheem Hussain
    Raheem Hussain 2 days ago

    The 400 shades seem to be only avelible in the US because it won’t let me go below the 385 when I checked every online website I guess I need to wait 6 to 5 months for these new shades 😑

  • gelissa sosa
    gelissa sosa 2 days ago

    I need friends like you two !! 😂❤️

  • Cheers freacking
    Cheers freacking 2 days ago

    The red hair gal next to the girl holding the camera really hates Thailand

  • Vanesa Boni
    Vanesa Boni 2 days ago

    I just bumped into this video. But so glad I did cuz I was thinking of getting a studio apartment. But didn't know how I would be able to decorate it. I love your decor. New subscriber over here.

  • lina astudillo
    lina astudillo 2 days ago

    You two make me laugh so much Yoency you are so funny. 😘❤❤

  • MellaBeauty TV
    MellaBeauty TV 2 days ago

    Very organized, I love it. I’m in NYC as well and it’s so hard looking for an apartment 😩😩 2020 I will be getting my apartment, speaking it into existence 🙏🏾

  • Clara. lll
    Clara. lll 2 days ago

    I have a problem, I want to break up with my boyfriend but I’m scared my friends are gonna stop being friends with me bc last year I had a fight with them and we are less close and he became really friends with them . So I don’t know what to do

  • ruth conlon
    ruth conlon 2 days ago

    Love your studio. Got some great ideas. Love that little sectional with storage from amazon

  • Jordan Mobley
    Jordan Mobley 2 days ago

    I like microphones too

  • Jordan Mobley
    Jordan Mobley 2 days ago

    You need to include your friend in more videos she's very upbeat

  • Jordan Mobley
    Jordan Mobley 2 days ago

    Great video first song is my favorite all time still have it all these years

  • Jordan Mobley
    Jordan Mobley 2 days ago

    Great video but I would like to share my routine: get out of bed get ready eat breakfast watch ESPN do some college work lunch time watch your videos because there are some like before today I never got to catch. An that's that great video

  • So Rene
    So Rene 2 days ago

    Bought lid organizer, and lazy susan...loved it so much, went out and bought 3 more lazy Susan's and used them for my medicines, seasonings, and toiletries!!! Game Changer 💟

  • Daniel Cuter
    Daniel Cuter 2 days ago

    You asked what does “vrau” mean. We have so many aceptable ways to reference sex squishy sounds Actually almost every funy phonem can be used. Artists create them every time. I could mention lots of them you can find out in our songs like “tche tchererê tche tchê” or “vem nhannhar” or “créu” or “eu quero tchu eu quero tcha” and dozens more

  • Alanna Earl
    Alanna Earl 2 days ago

    Gorgeous!!! Doesn't even look like you're living in a city with all that light

  • 803Dimeprincess
    803Dimeprincess 3 days ago

    Your hair so Prettty

  • Verbs describe us
    Verbs describe us 3 days ago

    i bought a blue black shade and it showed purple i don t know why :))

  • Yuli Flores
    Yuli Flores 3 days ago


  • Lia Margaret
    Lia Margaret 3 days ago

    we all for sure know they are most likely going to be at Aventuras Concert after all there Aventura songs in their throwback music

  • Carlos Carcada
    Carlos Carcada 3 days ago

    Hay no es justo lo Colombia ganaba tubo un año de preparación las de más un mes todo por ese traductor e ya misma afirmó que no quería traductor y que con el que estaba era otro

  • Alyssa Olmstead
    Alyssa Olmstead 3 days ago

    Lol the annoying bitches who bullied Morgan

  • Kate Simms
    Kate Simms 3 days ago

    Gorgeous apartment. I love how. You are obsessed and love 💕 most everything in your place!, just like you should in your home😊. Thank you for sharing, you gave me several great ideas.

  • Ashlyn Ng
    Ashlyn Ng 3 days ago


  • Rosie
    Rosie 3 days ago

    Love watching your vlogs They inspire me to get up clean and decorate.

  • Rosie
    Rosie 3 days ago


  • Loida Hernandez
    Loida Hernandez 3 days ago

    Isn't the Makano one actually called Te Amo?

  • Lulu kent
    Lulu kent 3 days ago

    How much is the rent?

  • Paola Lujan
    Paola Lujan 4 days ago

    The adding a background doesn’t seem to work anymore! 😪 when I click through the circle it won’t bring up the image to the front. My image is saved on png. Does anybody know what to do?

    ORTEGA•WAV 4 days ago

    At 5:30 what you call by merengue, is usually called by "Forró" in Brazil. On the real it's a fusion of a lot of Brazilian rhytms, because when this term came up in the northeast, parties had signs at the entrance with "for all" written, the rest was the time and the accent that made the name

  • Silver Stone
    Silver Stone 4 days ago

    Cyber_pro001__ on instāgrām helped me recover my hacked instàgràm

  • Kenna Harrison
    Kenna Harrison 4 days ago

    Great video! I write everything down I feel better doing that

  • Peperez P
    Peperez P 4 days ago

    Te adoro a ti pero me cae mal tu prima de al lado. Lo siento.

  • Mr Sutton
    Mr Sutton 4 days ago

    I have put my ear to some Brazilian funk. I liked a lot of what she played.

  • Messiah
    Messiah 4 days ago

    It felt that they didn't like Philippines that much compared to others at first but Catriona proved them wrong and she later caught their hearts towards the end that she should be crowned and deserved to win. I love mother's reaction towards Philippines. I just felt bad that Vietnam didn't make it into the top 3 because the translator messed up. She deserves a higher placement or even a 1st runner up finish next to Philippines.

  • M. Montero
    M. Montero 4 days ago

    Hi Nathalie, thank you for putting out this video. It has brought back so many memories. I’m Dominican but came to NYC when I was 5 and went to NYU but I have been living in Europe since a while as my husband is European and I started my own business here but watching your videos puts me in a great mood as they remind me of growing up in NYC with my 3 sisters and my crazy Dominican family. Keep up the good work 🙏🏼

  • Juliana Michelle
    Juliana Michelle 4 days ago

    I sang along to all of these lmaoooo

  • Jazzy's Art
    Jazzy's Art 5 days ago

    Yeah me either. I didnt see any blue what-so-ever. Along with all the other people who didnt

  • Scarlett Singh
    Scarlett Singh 5 days ago

    How do you flip text on stories?

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez 5 days ago

    I'm sorry. Aventura.......

  • Rosie66211
    Rosie66211 5 days ago

    Yaaaassss! All my favs. Brought me down memory lane 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Frida Vanessa
    Frida Vanessa 5 days ago

    Very nice apartment tour 😍. Your boyfriends painting is really good. That’s exactly the type of painting I was looking for!! Also any info on the crystal encrusted acrylic bookend??

  • Nate Gucci
    Nate Gucci 5 days ago

    I really have nobody on honestly.the only friends you have are ,money,and your family 💯💯