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  • Vagina Crusher
    Vagina Crusher 7 hours ago

    “We’re not ladies who brunch, we’re ladies who tailgate” that was hot 😤

  • Joshua Nichols
    Joshua Nichols 11 hours ago

    Go Pack Go!!!

  • Romaro Brandon
    Romaro Brandon 11 hours ago

    It's been a long time since anyone mention Becky and Seth as an item and I forgot they were until CBS Sports reminded me and I really wish they hadn't because (for the 10 millionth time) Nobody Cares!!!

  • Z Man
    Z Man 14 hours ago


  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 15 hours ago


    • anandguruji83
      anandguruji83 15 hours ago


  • mohin pat
    mohin pat 16 hours ago

    James Wilks is a real real badasssss!!! Thanks for making the documentary......a million blessings to you!!! Thanks for producing and delivering such an impactful and significant piece of art of work! Loved the parts featuring your you and your dad...

  • Art Gutierrez
    Art Gutierrez Day ago

    Good for Floyd. He deserves to enjoy all the money he has earned. Just remember, Floyd... "You can't take it with you"

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 2 days ago

    Andrew yang 2020

  • soundwavs1961c
    soundwavs1961c 3 days ago

    Millenial Disease

  • Daniel McCreary
    Daniel McCreary 3 days ago

    I am glad the Rams Moved to Los Angeles.

  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 3 days ago

    CBS Sports 2019-2020 College Basketball Schedule

    • anandguruji83
      anandguruji83 3 days ago

      CBS Sports 2019-2020 College Basketball Schedule

  • John Free
    John Free 3 days ago

    Everyone thought the cowboys would win I’m an eagles fan btw

    LYTE SKYN 4 days ago

    Get rid of "WACK Dak Prescott"

  • Heinz Moleman
    Heinz Moleman 5 days ago

    LMAO It didn't ruin baseball.

  • Canal BWS
    Canal BWS 6 days ago

    Song please 3:26

  • MrTeatreeoil
    MrTeatreeoil 7 days ago

    Washington redskins fans don't celebrate Columbus Day 👎👎👎

  • DaVonte Williams
    DaVonte Williams 7 days ago


  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 8 days ago

    Pick your M0nk3y quick, before someone else wants to own him.

  • Saint Robert's
    Saint Robert's 9 days ago

    Omg, the first time I didn't here Trump blamed.

  • the82spartans
    the82spartans 9 days ago

    Don't forget Antonio Callaway.... oh.... wait....

    BOLT HEAD 11 days ago

    lets get healthy LA ⚡⚡⚡

      BOLT HEAD 9 days ago

      @John Holmes i agree with u. but rivers is a fighter i just hope his window hasn't closed. and Anthony lynn is the coach we need.

    • John Holmes
      John Holmes 9 days ago

      BOLT HEAD True He’s just let me down soo many times n the past

      BOLT HEAD 9 days ago

      @John Holmes every qb has there moments

    • John Holmes
      John Holmes 9 days ago

      BOLT HEAD He’s good QB just makes awful decisions in crunch time.

  • Masterofall Gaming
    Masterofall Gaming 11 days ago


  • Slim Dawg
    Slim Dawg 13 days ago

    You seem so obnoxious

  • Mac Ronan
    Mac Ronan 13 days ago

    Patriots now have 6 Super Bowls

  • TheBasketballfan93
    TheBasketballfan93 13 days ago

    W/T and W/R/T positions... Start who... Mixon, M. Gordon, A. Robinson, D. Adams, or P. Dorsett. full PPR

    • Justin Case
      Justin Case 12 days ago

      Start Mynuts Onyochin... he has a good matchup

  • WhoDeyRob
    WhoDeyRob 14 days ago

    Where are the bengals and cardinals

  • Timothy
    Timothy 14 days ago

    Pick 2 flex for this week: S. Shepard (NYG), Damien Williams (KC), F. Gore (BUF), R. Jones III (TAM)

  • Mr.mixes piglets
    Mr.mixes piglets 14 days ago

    Fake sports as real sports Someone pass me Kit Kat bar I need a break🙄

  • Randy Segovia
    Randy Segovia 14 days ago

    Ok. But what's your point?

  • Stew L
    Stew L 15 days ago

    This dude squeezed my nuts! People had been bothering him.

  • Donte Lewis
    Donte Lewis 15 days ago

    Marvin wit the hands and the vocalz👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Luciano Alonso
    Luciano Alonso 15 days ago

    I'm stopped

  • Denver Hays
    Denver Hays 16 days ago

    Seriously, FANTASY FOOTBALL is news worthy??? This country is doomed!!

    • Emmett
      Emmett 16 days ago

      Denver Hays calm down, most news companies have sports news such as “Fox Sports” and “CBS Sports” they don’t actually put stuff like this out into their main news sources. And btw, this channel isn’t the real CBS, there’s a reason they are hiding their sub count from people and nobody watches it

  • AWretchLikeThee
    AWretchLikeThee 16 days ago

    CBS is not only fake news, it's fake sports news too.

  • Brian
    Brian 16 days ago

    I found it odd seeing commercials about this on tv. Who the bloody hell still wants to look at wrestling? Let me rephrase that, who the bloody hell wants to look at bad and dumb acting?

  • Mdb
    Mdb 16 days ago

    Ring Of who!

  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones 17 days ago

    Why is this on a sports channel?🤔

    • matt ford
      matt ford 16 days ago

      Scorpius Jones Maybe because it's sports related.

  • Rip VanDam
    Rip VanDam 18 days ago

    The Vikes were totally dominated by the Bear defense. Minnesota needs to spend some money on offensive linemen, today they were embarrassed.

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger 18 days ago

    Spoiler alert, Bears won

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 18 days ago


  • Myelle Culicchia
    Myelle Culicchia 18 days ago

    Sigh, this season isn't looking too good for the Bears.

    • Myelle Culicchia
      Myelle Culicchia 16 days ago

      @LilBozee MegaMatt Have you seen how they've been playing lately? Defense is fine as always, but offence? Not so good

    • LilBozee MegaMatt
      LilBozee MegaMatt 16 days ago


  • Nastia
    Nastia 18 days ago

    You Da Man, Chase!! 🐻🐻🐻💯💯💯

  • Miguel I
    Miguel I 18 days ago

    As a viking fan someone in the offence need to be fired

    • Louis Gilmore
      Louis Gilmore 18 days ago

      Bruh your right SPEILMAN,ZIMMER, COUSINS and all of 84m back from his SORRY A** TOO!!!!!!!!

    • Mr.L.A.
      Mr.L.A. 18 days ago


  • William Finnegan
    William Finnegan 18 days ago


  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams 19 days ago

    Giants win 55 13.5

  • Samy Montoya
    Samy Montoya 19 days ago

    Another Pathatic attempt 2 get people to care. Boycott NFL Kneelers, Thugs, Beaters, Worthless Fucks. Sheep n the stands wasting hard earned$

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf 19 days ago

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life for God did not send his son into the world to condemn it but that the world through him can be saved. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by me. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖

  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    Media hates Trubisky and Cousins, so they are praying for a defensive struggle.

  • Tracy Lands
    Tracy Lands 19 days ago


  • Mr LoL
    Mr LoL 19 days ago

    Oooooh the fight for second place begins!!! Who’ll face T-Bray in SB? They should change name of super bowl to boss fight. It’s just that the other teams are sooooo boring.

  • Hallands Menved
    Hallands Menved 19 days ago

    GoogleTube is increasing the sports recommendations and suppressing alternative news and Fox News. I don't consider celebrity gossip and sports news.

  • E-Rock 1776
    E-Rock 1776 20 days ago

    Ohh look, another Bantu session. NFL=NBL, National Bantu League, Football has become a corrupt disgraceful sport. Damn shame.

  • billy bugaloo
    billy bugaloo 20 days ago

    🖕🏻 the eagles

  • Ross Harris
    Ross Harris 20 days ago

    1Cor. 10:31

  • Lenny James
    Lenny James 21 day ago

    Bear Down


    Talent-less bimbos given a job just because they're females. Unreal.

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman 21 day ago

    I bet she taste so good

  • liloreolil
    liloreolil 22 days ago

    1:22 I like that

  • Corey Dias
    Corey Dias 22 days ago

    Dorsey really took a 5foot 11 bust in baker over Saqoun Barkley..what a Clown

    • Corey Dias
      Corey Dias 21 day ago

      @No Name sure tyrod wasnt rhe answer but why not Darnold and saqoun, instead of Baker and Ward Both who are Currently playing Horrible.

    • No Name
      No Name 21 day ago

      Corey Dias we didn’t need a running back I don’t know if you feel the same but tyrod Taylor was a complete bust if anything they did the smart thing to get rid of him

  • Corey Dias
    Corey Dias 22 days ago

    Baker Sucks..another cleveland draft bust..

    • Corey Dias
      Corey Dias 21 day ago

      @No Name we are a month in and its Obvious too anyone with Eyes Baker stinks..

    • No Name
      No Name 21 day ago

      Corey Dias damn give the man a chance he hasn’t even played an entire season we haven’t even reached week 4 yet 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • FunkyCold
    FunkyCold 23 days ago

    Lol Gallman is not a veteran in the league

  • Shawn P Greene
    Shawn P Greene 23 days ago

  • Александр Винников

    В насилии добился конечно многого,но поведение не мужское,да и выделывается слишком,аж противно.Стыдоба.Почему не быть мужчиной и не помогать умирающим детям всего мира.

  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 24 days ago


  • MikeThe Ryan
    MikeThe Ryan 25 days ago

    Yea, about AB......

  • The New York Guy
    The New York Guy 26 days ago

    Red Sox suck

  • Chris R
    Chris R 26 days ago

    Great!! I can finally see a Seahawks game in Cali.

  • Kevin Costello
    Kevin Costello 27 days ago

    Who would you start at quarterback this week Matthew Stafford or Baker Mayfield

    • Mexican Eagle
      Mexican Eagle 26 days ago

      I am in the same exact boat as your brotha. I'm going with Stafford, Philadelphia has been getting gashed in the air

  • Shane Healey
    Shane Healey 27 days ago

    flex spot - john brown, tyler boyd, sony michel, or royce freeman?

  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes 27 days ago

    Yellow mustard is a Spiedie's best friend

  • J T
    J T 27 days ago

    😴😴😴😴 Yawn Why and how is this trending?

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman 27 days ago

    I bet she taste so good

  • j h
    j h 28 days ago

    It's boring but tbh it's more action than raw and smackdown

  • Claudio Jenkins
    Claudio Jenkins 28 days ago

    Who would you start for flex? Kerryon, James Conner, or Thielen in full PPR

  • The Ultimate Bbunnyy


    STEVEN EVENS 28 days ago

    So... where was the "heated exchange"?

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 28 days ago

    I think that Steelers pick from Bob Pompeani was with his heart more so than with his brain. Obviously it's any given Sunday but I definitely give the edge to a 49ers team that have won twice while the Steelers looked horrible in their first game of the season and then failed to win at home against a Seahawks team that is known to be weaker on the road. Tough times in Pittsburgh right now. If Steelers win by a point I'll give Bob Pompeani all the credit in the world but I doubt that happens. I have the Niners comfortable winning in their home opener. These two football teams look like their on two different paths. Niners a positive path while the Steelers a negative path. Niners also know they have to keep up in a tough Division with both the Rams and Seahawks.

    • shakespeare jeru
      shakespeare jeru 28 days ago

      @TTV-TryHard dreamer!

    • TTV-TryHard
      TTV-TryHard 28 days ago

      Steelers signed minkah fitzpatrick and their defense is looking good mason Rudolph isn't that bad so I got Steelers winning

  • Joe Koo
    Joe Koo 28 days ago

    You're assuming Taysom Hill is the No. 2 QB, Sean Payton said.

  • Bloxhedude
    Bloxhedude 28 days ago


  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 28 days ago


  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger 28 days ago

    Who gives a shit u Jew bitches at CBS

  • Shawn Chinn
    Shawn Chinn 28 days ago

    I literally traded Big Ben and Le'veon Bell 1week before they sustained their injuries for Carson Wentz. My league laughed at me.. HA... HA... HA...

  • kora_live SA
    kora_live SA 29 days ago

    kora_live SA blease share and like

  • Tim Barnett
    Tim Barnett 29 days ago

    Absolutely stupid.

  • JasnoGT
    JasnoGT 29 days ago

    That sexy girl was the best part of this video.

  • Robert Mosley
    Robert Mosley 29 days ago

    Roll Tide!!!!!!!! 🐘🐘🐘🐘🏈🏈🏈

  • TheBeastAnimal
    TheBeastAnimal 29 days ago


  • Phil Capone
    Phil Capone Month ago

    All these Irish people in mass say they hate Felger and Mazz YET THEY DOMINATE THE RATINGS

  • Insanity22
    Insanity22 Month ago

    He was so wrong about the styles and Cedric match. Gosh it was unfortunate

  • 7 7
    7 7 Month ago

    I'm going with Terry Bradshaw. Week 3

  • christo90th
    christo90th Month ago

    That was the 3rd time WWE has done this spot and every time it was involving Big Show.

  • Firebrand
    Firebrand Month ago

    Fake news reporting fake wrestling lol