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  • mehrnaz barangbou
    mehrnaz barangbou 14 minutes ago

    it was awesome! it helped me a lot. Thank you so much

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan 4 hours ago

    yall ever realize the slides are added after editing so when they film hes just pointing to nothing over and over

    MAYA GORBUNOV 7 hours ago

    Most of the comments here are mean. TIME is MONEY, I am sure he spends a good amount of time shooting the videos and editing them. He does not even have to do it, but he does! He deserves appreciation!! Also, college books cost like $100s. Jacob only charges $10 dollars for a good amount of papers! That is way cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all you do Mr. Clifford:)

  • SoosUnknown
    SoosUnknown 7 hours ago

    Boutta walk into exam room soon oof

  • Crossover 69
    Crossover 69 8 hours ago

    U talk really fast

  • Sai Unnam
    Sai Unnam 9 hours ago

    I know this vid is more than 3 years old and you probably wont see this but for #10, shouldn't the answer be C? If the formula for unemployment is (# unemployed/# in labor force)*100 and those guys don't want to work, the labor force should decrease thus increasing the unemployment rate. However, still if they quit their job, although they are not unemployed, they are still not employed which is why I would put C.

  • Vivian H.
    Vivian H. 11 hours ago

    Studying for my micro econ final exam = -100 utils

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller 11 hours ago

    Hi! Mr. Clifford, I love your videos and did purchase the ultimate review packet for both micro and macro economics. In your videos in the review packet that I purchased it says if you need to learn more to click on the videos here but when I click on them it just pauses my summary video. If you could help me I would really appreciate it. Best Regards, Jen Miller

  • Nicole Klappas
    Nicole Klappas 13 hours ago

    I'm taking microeconomics right now and I truly believe I wouldn't pass the class without your videos, YOU'RE AMAZING

  • Abraham Kazmir
    Abraham Kazmir 15 hours ago

    Watching this before final one like equals one point

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 15 hours ago

    Midterm in two days, lest get this

  • Sleepy Toast
    Sleepy Toast 17 hours ago

    Socialism does not equal state ownership. Then it's just state capitalism. Socialism is where the workers own the factory they work in and everyone gets their needs met. Ofc ppl who work more will earn more but saying that someone who works 16 hrs instead of 8 hrs per day deserves 300x the salary is just ridiculous. Socialism is essential for a democracy to function properly

    ISSA ALHMOUD 18 hours ago

    you are talking very fast please slow down, thanks

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    zekai zhang Day ago

    Yo whats up bro?

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    Jamie Roussel Day ago

    This guy is a legend thank you doctor you saved us

  • Asela Mary Vosarogo

    Why I study economics? hate to be honest, but the truth is it's a compulsory subject that i have to do as part of my entire degree. I love how you made me reconsider this and think deeply about the essence of what economics is about which you mentioned is about decision making. I'll keep this in mind while preparing for my microeconomics exam. Do you have any tip for preparing for an ECON130 exam? My tutor said to go through past year papers and find common trends because they will likely come in the exam

  • Dylan Liong
    Dylan Liong Day ago

    UBC desperate students wya

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson Day ago

    Banks do not loan out money they receive from deposits. What they do is accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers transaction accounts. Read "Modern Money Mechanics" printed by the Federal Reserve specifically the section "How The Multiple Expansion Process Works" last paragraph. I also recommend reading "Who Creates Money" in the same booklet. It can be found through a Google search.

  • Mahnoor Fatima

    You're the coolest teacher ever! My college should hire youuu, where can i find youu!?

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    Kim Jun Hee Day ago

    You are the best econ teacher ever!

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    xvm conlex_ Day ago

    Econ final exam just like high way to hell.

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    Showny Mercy Day ago

    Why does everything make sense 🤯

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  • Giselle Yao
    Giselle Yao Day ago

    Hi Mr.Clifford! I found some profit organizations are using ur econ videos as their training courses for NEC.

  • Paul George
    Paul George Day ago

    I think I understand bro but ima watch it one more time

  • Miyo
    Miyo Day ago

    in 4 minutes i understood everything my macro teacher failed to explain during a whole hour....

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    Noah French Day ago

    why are you so awesome?

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    Who is watching before 1 hour of exam?

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    Evan Menon 2 days ago

    Exam starting at 8am. Which is 4 and a half hours from right now. Guess who isnt sleeping??? Wish me luck :))))))))) help

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    MaryAnn Marichal 2 days ago

    amazing, thank you for making this video

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    Paper lunla 2 days ago

    please keep doing the video is really helpful

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    Nasimov Bobur 2 days ago

    You are absolutely amazing Mr Clifford ! Helped me ace Econ back in the day

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    Thank You

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    Official Retnuh 2 days ago

    I'm out here trying to learn a semester of content on youtube the night before my final. smh.

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    Esayas Shibeshi 2 days ago

    I participate your Video every day. You are excellent lecturer.

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    Sarah Harmon 2 days ago

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    Finals got me binging Jacob's videos. You are a saint for having all this knowledge on youtube

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    Learning micro in 4 days wish me luck

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    you talk tooooooo fastttt

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    arshiaxxx 2 days ago

    i passed because of your videos in just one day of studying , so thank you Mr.Clifford , i wish more teachers were like you

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    Dana Khlayfat 2 days ago

    Not all heroes wear capes....

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    hippopajamas 2 days ago

    Thank you for forcing my non-econ-major brain to finally understand this concept.

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    Sarvesh Sundaram 2 days ago

    5:36 oof he's good at this I just can't say no

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    princekwamiso 2 days ago

    You just saved my day for my Economics exam today. Thanks. You explain it better than any other video I have watched online.

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    Awesome Name 2 days ago

    Come back to 18:00 to 20:00

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    Run Scrubs 2 days ago

    If I'm struggling just on the pinky and thumb thing, this final should be a breeze.

  • Ordinary Sessel
    Ordinary Sessel 2 days ago

    There is one group of people who do not believe that women earn less - the owners of retail stores. They dedicate far more floor space to women's products than to men's products. Why do this when men have more money? Women don't have less money, they spend more money than men. How is this economic miracle achieved, spending more than you earn? - the men share their wealth with the women, but only the men have to do the work for it! Which one is oppressed, the one who has to work for the money, or the woman who spends the money someone else earnt?

  • Ordinary Sessel
    Ordinary Sessel 2 days ago

    Women are th eonly people who get a choice about having kids - men get no choice in reproduction. So women are choosing to earn less.

  • Ordinary Sessel
    Ordinary Sessel 2 days ago

    Women earn a lot less than 80% than the earnings of the average man. This figure is only for women who work more than 34 hours per week. There are more women who do not work or work part time than men who do.

  • David Hou
    David Hou 2 days ago

    nice example Mr.GOODSIR

  • Hi
    Hi 2 days ago

    No long run economic profit as a bartender

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    take your time when talking . we want to understand .... thank u

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    Thanks, 2 weeks no sleep or eat Mark Cuban

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    Harry Gaul 3 days ago

    If you hadn't read any economics books this video wouldn't make any sense since it's taught at blazing speeds. It is a good quick review.

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    Alexandra Snyder 3 days ago

    thank you for saving my life my microecon final is tomorrow so now I'm binge-watching this channel

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    Haha , this man really helped me ace my final exam in less then a min lol

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