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    You like to dis communism but you realise it was established because of all the oppression before communism.

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    Thank you for posting this video about Economics. I understood it way better with the Disney theme park example than I did in class when it was taught to me. Economics is really hard for me and this video helped me so much!!

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      Alexa Rosier 17 hours ago

      Nevermind, I got it. CPI year 2 - CPI year 1 /CPI year 1 = % change in CPI (price change in market basket) CPI of 100- CPI of 80 / CPI of 80 = 25% change in prices Thank you! I thought on it for a while and figured this out. The percentage change in price is what we're looking for, or the inflation rate. Thank you! You're so helpful for my exam review. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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