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  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz Hour ago

    Oh my goodness I wasn't see her cold speak 🦍👏👏👏

  • OG Woot
    OG Woot Hour ago

    The only thing this monster hates is unborn babies that can't be used as profit!

  • Gerry Woodman
    Gerry Woodman Hour ago

    What is wrong with her? She talks like a zombie. A monotone voice. I think she’s higher than a kite.

  • Clauddots
    Clauddots Hour ago

    Im not use to hearing her talk so calm! usually she is screaming"IMPEACH 45" She is another one that lies through her teeth.

  • Maxxq123
    Maxxq123 Hour ago

    Great analysis Varney! Keep up these insight of the lunatic left.

  • J M G
    J M G Hour ago

    This is a prime example of how republicans/fox news has desperately spun every word and ignored the facts since day one. So ridiculous. If you heard what the woman said you would know it was a dig at trump, not his son. Get over it.

  • eileen ward
    eileen ward Hour ago

    This woman is so stupid ,the crimes in 2016 .Democrats cheated for Clinton using FBI ,CIA ,and Obama spying on our chosen President Trump.

  • ddrcal1
    ddrcal1 Hour ago

    Grandma Pelosi sounds like 'Cloris Leachman.'

  • jackief54
    jackief54 Hour ago

    I want to thank Nancy Pelosi for giving the BEST president we have ever had, a LANDSLIDE VICTORY in 2020 !!! :-D HOORAY !!!

  • K L
    K L Hour ago

    A catholic by baptism not by practice, as a catholic i am offended she groups us together. Only wants the votes, period!

  • Ling li
    Ling li Hour ago

    He should also include his wealthy donors too

  • Chris Xavier
    Chris Xavier Hour ago

    Still, Pam, it turned out to be more than enough. Prof Turley smacked them silly.

  • Ablestar Official

    Creating? He was a puppet of it. Along with Bush. Jr. and Sr. Who was in the CIA when Kennedy got assassinated. I'm afraid Trump is no different. Along with the Clinton's and Biden and AOC and the FBI. It's all puppeteered.

  • TheCoffeePie
    TheCoffeePie Hour ago

    So basically ruin America? Good plan Dems

  • Anti Fn
    Anti Fn Hour ago

    Like JJ Abrams but he ruined Star Wars.

  • Kenneth Turner
    Kenneth Turner Hour ago

    Some people still mad at 2016. They aren't going to like the end of 2020 much either...

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert Hour ago

    Dems hate America, which is why they hate Trump and his supporters. I am reminded of the pointy headed perfessers who kept insisting that we were going to get to keep our doctors once Obamacare made all of our health records public.

  • Devonne Clinton Amos

    So she recognizes that this move to Impeach, is definitely against her own benefit, then. LOLOL shameful is right!

  • Bill Bosch
    Bill Bosch Hour ago

    God bless you girl I work with a lot of them and you hit it right on the head

  • Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg Hour ago

    Says “harvard’s first native American law professor” 💀💀💀 someone need to SCHLAP dat Librarian

  • John McCall
    John McCall Hour ago

    Democrats are a joke, Democrats are not for America or Americans they are the party of the nwo out to collapse America and end freedom!!

  • Interesting World

    The moment that cartels are labeled as Terrorist organization means that America will be free to attack the middle east.

  • The PURGE
    The PURGE Hour ago

    Climate Change. Few dem’s working for ppl more conservative taking back the government! That’s a real climate change.

  • K L
    K L Hour ago

    Dear in the headlights.. she is an absolute joke!!!

  • Prince Harming
    Prince Harming Hour ago

    Technically, they are not trying to 'remove' the President.. for the simple reason that they know it is virtually impossible. (Based on pesky little things like 'facts'.. AND a Republican majority in the Senate.) So, what they A R E trying to do... is slight of hand and misdirection in order to A) keep their dwindling number of believers Believing.. and B) to distract attention from their own egregious crimes and abuses of power.

  • rtbrain rules
    rtbrain rules Hour ago

    We apparently need to follow the new Ukraine presidents lead. We have more corruption in our damned government than Ukraine does.

  • rafael duran
    rafael duran Hour ago

    disgusting! As a noble they can win in the elections, they will try to eliminate it illegally before the elections! these democrats are disgusting rats

  • RB Anonymous
    RB Anonymous Hour ago

    Lets impeach all the democrats that would be a better thing to do for the planet

  • Russell Decker
    Russell Decker Hour ago

    Pelosi is mad as a hater, time to investigate the affairs of this demo criminal for all her transgressions. She is dirty and evil.

  • steve ziwicki
    steve ziwicki Hour ago

    still cant believe she is on the Financial Committee

  • Anon user
    Anon user Hour ago

    Anyone who uses religion as a sword or a shield is manipulative, not religious.

  • Inxsy Blotto
    Inxsy Blotto Hour ago

    3:27 Watch witch Nancy cast a spell!

  • Stephen Gleason
    Stephen Gleason Hour ago

    Nancy is at the END of her life. Hopefully it will be a very painful cancer.

  • lavonne younan
    lavonne younan Hour ago

    Is this TREASON ?? A Treasonous Coup Against President Trump and Attempted destruction of our Constitutional Republic? Patriots? Where are you ?

  • Kerry Weston
    Kerry Weston Hour ago

    Is Pelosi DRUNK, DUMB or in late stage DEMENTIA ??

  • Catherine costanza

    Don't bring religion into this. You will burn burn burn for what you have done with the position God gave you. You have done nothing for the American people. You need to resign.

  • Deonna Kamradt
    Deonna Kamradt Hour ago

    "We The People", will not let this happen.

  • truth warrior7711

    Absolute DeepFriedState Circus Clown Show! Read the transscript weeks ago!!!!!!! The democrats are a embarrassment to MERICA, can't believe I voted for these clowns for 20+ years, never again will I ever vote DEM!!!!

  • Patsy Faulkner
    Patsy Faulkner Hour ago

    it's over, get rid of Nancy Pelosi.

  • JR Walters
    JR Walters Hour ago

    with a heart full of love wtf this crackpot has had one to many

  • John mac
    John mac Hour ago

    Poor Cameron and his wife shaggefpigs

  • Jeffrey Surrency

    These people don't care about us calling them shameless! they don't care about how much call them out. They are tyrants and tyrants don't care about the people or their votes. The only things that tyrants understand is equal and overwhelming force. It's time for Americans and the military to form militias and fight these tyrants.

  • Cathryn Moody
    Cathryn Moody Hour ago

    Nancy, How did You get so Rich hmmm? I hope we soon find out Hypocrite!

  • Russell Decker
    Russell Decker Hour ago

    Pelosi is insane and she has just declared war on America, she worships Satan she is definitely not a Catholic

  • Paul H
    Paul H Hour ago

    When Professor Karlan speaks emphatically I think she should calm down. When Senator Lindsey Graham has a hysterical, finger-pointing hissy fit, I admire his strength and passion.

  • truth warrior7711

    Too late for that he's already sinking in the DeepFriedState Swamp! Trump will win 2020 in landslide victory! Trumps' got this former Democrats vote!

  • Jeffrey Pardy
    Jeffrey Pardy Hour ago

    the dems want to overthrow this president to place a monarchy over the land, get Trump out and put their king of darkness in the whitehouse

  • James Swing
    James Swing Hour ago

    Yeah the fact are uncontested because you wont let the president defend himself and what you think is fact are just made up lies and Nancy, Adam and others should be arrested and shot on the front lawn of the White House.

  • Brian Whippen
    Brian Whippen Hour ago

    On what grounds she needs to be removed from Washington she has lost it.

  • rma flat
    rma flat Hour ago

    Flush her down the drain where she belongs. What a MORON.

  • Bettye Lemon
    Bettye Lemon Hour ago

    Oh wow. Pull out that Catholic card, you apostate.

  • Classic rock Lover

    "...with a heart full of love for America..." Pelosi is full of something, but it's not love

  • middy vanhoose
    middy vanhoose Hour ago

    The left r all puppets of the demons, that can be used by the powers that be ... OMG, that is y they hate Trump he is no puppet lol sweet Trump 2020 … *Nancy's Agenda 21, a way for the elites to herd us into overcrowded mega city's and to make laws that prohibit us from being able to enter the open countryside, where of course they will live. OMG FIRE !!! Once again the TRUTH will not get AIR time sad when they won't let the people even hear the TRUTH !!!

  • Marthy Hall-Cooper

    Americans please stand up and say we want an investigation into 2016 from Ukraine.

  • truth warrior7711

    already has,,, every Democrat I know including myself will NEVER Vote for these Clowns ever again!

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae Hour ago

    Democrats must think the American people are STUPID... This impeachment is an INSULT to the INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Joe James
    Joe James Hour ago

    Feldman and Karlan are freakin biased and should NOT be teaching your children they should be teaching in China for the commies.

  • Ратмир Курманов

    Everybody loves Jim Jordan. So does Pam Bondi. )

  • John Matthews
    John Matthews Hour ago

    Good to see more RINO's dropping out or announcing they are not running again. Get some good candidates together in your State!

  • middy vanhoose
    middy vanhoose Hour ago

    Our God sent Christ to save us and other messengers to help guide us pay attention, God is working through His people. Trump doesn't need to be here, r u blind?

  • David Arenas
    David Arenas Hour ago

    Here say shall NOT be admitted! 😛 don’t worry guys the demz just gave trump an early Xmas 🎁 !!! Only Trump can win the 2020 election in 2019! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stalin John Manuel

    He is a number one thief and I don’t why Democrats are protecting him. Is this not a crime. Impeach these evil people like Pelosi, Schiff and so on in Democrats

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown Hour ago

    The democrats are all mentally ill.

  • Charles/Sofiya Jose/Ilyashenko

    She is talking about herself about abusing powers and crimes She needs to take care her dentures and diapers. She is total out her mind. Pilosos is crazy 😜. Get lost smear rat

  • Whole Foods Market

    Really sad to see people defend this scumbag because they have been tricked into thinking that capitalism will one day make them rich. If you defend this shark you are no better than any MSM pundit or politician

  • DUBZ285
    DUBZ285 Hour ago


  • Model629
    Model629 Hour ago

    when voting I cant even look at the democrat side and their lame anti american members...they make me want to vomit...

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Hour ago

    How do you trust someone that says they're catholic but for abortion?

  • leroy umland
    leroy umland Hour ago

    Nancy is read for retirement

  • Suzie Q
    Suzie Q Hour ago

    If we stop sending hundreds of billions in USAID maybe finances will be better for all of us...not including the ones reaching into the cookie jar.

  • Ria Milhous
    Ria Milhous Hour ago

    What a big bich . Sche is a liar a very bad women. Sche is only ful of hate. Hat hate hate hate Mrs Nancy HATE

  • TyteMind 888
    TyteMind 888 Hour ago

    Schiff thinks he’s the chosen one. Of what his delusional mind is saying to him. Lobotomy necessitated

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin Hour ago

    Seriously, this is war; let your elected representatives know that you stand with Trump and his team. God bless America

  • John McMordie
    John McMordie Hour ago

    Trudeau is just jealous trump is more famous & 10 times as smart👍🏻😁😁

  • fibsernum30
    fibsernum30 Hour ago

    Donald Trump is a prescription for fraud. For the cost of one trip to Mar a Lago, which puts millions into the Trump family coffers, we could fund food stamps for 2,000 Americans for a year. Every time Trump takes a swipe at a golf ball a child goes without supper. Now he wants to cut their food access more. The Trump fraud is obscene!

  • Polaris Stanley
    Polaris Stanley Hour ago

    Be thankful and give thanks to The Lord for this blessing. The only thing Pelosi, and Schiff have accomplished is the Guaranteed re-election of President Trump for a 2nd Term in 2020! And he will WIN by a landslide. Pelosi has committed career suicide and firmly dismantled the remaining remnants of whatever was left of the Democrat Party.

  • Edith Glover
    Edith Glover Hour ago

    You will regret it.

  • The Beast
    The Beast Hour ago

    Impeach Pelosi for dereliction of her office, per the trade agreement with Canada, and Mexico.

  • indigo jones
    indigo jones Hour ago

    Schiff and Pelosi should be impeached for real! This behavior approaches treason!

  • Ralph OB
    Ralph OB Hour ago

    The Democrats will not let any facts in because there are no facts that support impeachment. The phone call was not a bribe as they say now since the money was not discussed.

  • Kerry Weston
    Kerry Weston Hour ago

    YOU CAN NOT IMPEACH A PRESIDENT FOR NO CRIME. Democrats continue making themselves look like FOOLS.

  • Littlewhite petals

    Pelosi Stinks!

  • shawn johnson
    shawn johnson Hour ago

    Same GOP lies the majority of Americans saw through from the beginning. Trump will do anything to stay in power to get money for himself and his family. What has he done for you? Ask yourself that. Must be nice to lie and steal and have a cult of personality to defend you.

  • rafael duran
    rafael duran Hour ago

    This only reflects how dirty and disgusting the Democrats are, when it comes to damaging and destroying all those who are in their path of power they will lie, invent and even worse use children who have nothing to do with the matter. .. they are disgusting rats

  • N Ex
    N Ex Hour ago

    Biden's son gets money from corrupt Ukraine. Pelosi's son gets money from corrupt Ukraine.... Who else is on the corruption payroll?

  • Joe James
    Joe James Hour ago

    Go back to liberal land Karlan you leftist pig

  • Dar Knappster
    Dar Knappster Hour ago

    I laugh over the names of these committees.1) Intel- short for intelligence... nope none of that here2) Judiciary committee- Judicial.- of, by, or appropriate to a court or judge. Nope none of that here!We need to rethink what these committees are called since most of them(Democrats) in power now don't even closely reflect there own committees purpose!!

  • Casale Smith
    Casale Smith Hour ago

    Nancy the whole world is watching you. I can just see what will be wrote in history books about you. What a waste.

  • apd0923
    apd0923 Hour ago

    Impeach CROOKED Polident pelosi. Head of witch hunt, soros puppet, and hater of WE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL PREVAIL!! WE TAXPAYERS DEMAND OUR MONEY BACK!!

  • Sandman 123
    Sandman 123 Hour ago

    When is Monopoly man Bolton testifying ?

  • N Ex
    N Ex Hour ago

    "The facts are uncontested"???!!!! What the F is she talking about? She's just trying to outrun the IG Report which drops on Monday.

  • Jesse Reynard
    Jesse Reynard Hour ago

    Poolosi takes the bar exam every day. 😆🤨🤔. She doesn't hate anyone she is the definition of it.

  • William Jones
    William Jones Hour ago

    i think pelosi is trying to get biden

  • T. A. Stingbatt
    T. A. Stingbatt Hour ago

    Nancy is just a messenger for the Globalists. They want to bring the US down. This is one democrat that is voting a Republican straight ticket come November 2020. Oh in the democrat primary; I'm going to write in George Soros -- the puppeteer. Time to put the real face to the democrat party.

  • E O
    E O Hour ago

    Why don't we go off on Obama's drug addict children and alcoholic children that have been caught on camera drinking at least the president's son is upstanding but no one talked about them idiots have the Obamas

  • Maria Mulford
    Maria Mulford Hour ago

    She needs a mental appraisal, she is bi polar, dementia, she delusional, abnormal and mentally ill shame on you democrats, thank you +Thank Creator for our Commander in Chief help him save us from The pelosis of our government please! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw Hour ago

    *WHO can watch "Maxine 'UPRISING' Waters" do/say anything!? (DISGUSTING EXCUSE for a human)*

  • Model629
    Model629 Hour ago

    since when is Pelosi and democrats worried about our national security ? Then she brings up the constitution...PLEASE.....pure hypocrisy !!

  • DQ Simpson
    DQ Simpson Hour ago

    I’ll bet $1000 Melania didn’t write that Tweet herself