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  • Riley Lallier
    Riley Lallier 3 minutes ago

    I give it a B and a 8.5/10

  • Rachel Friedl
    Rachel Friedl 4 minutes ago

    Bella's every line is delivered with mumbling and trembling.

  • Epiphanny Taylor
    Epiphanny Taylor 4 minutes ago

    Explain why they had to change her from black to white but no one was as mad as they are over Ariel. Pshhhh lolol

  • Patrick TAYLOR
    Patrick TAYLOR 7 minutes ago

    You went way to easy on this one.

  • Amanda Campos
    Amanda Campos 7 minutes ago

    I'm over five years late but it got me thinking... I agree with everything you said, but I still can't quite come to the terms with "Adam Bell" being on the official school website and having an e-mail address. I know "it is a delusion" could be an answer, but his wife saw it too, and I can't figure it out.

  • Debora Cyclone
    Debora Cyclone 7 minutes ago

    sorry chris but this movie was very annoying and the shaking camera gave me a dizziness

  • TheGuyWithPants
    TheGuyWithPants 8 minutes ago

    Once Upon A Time In The West is the best western movie.

  • Kyle Garcia
    Kyle Garcia 8 minutes ago

    I didn't find the movie scary at all, but I thought it was very good.

  • Letitgo101
    Letitgo101 11 minutes ago

    I love the first movie but yeah, this one is just mediocre

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru 12 minutes ago

    Must suck when you have to paint.

  • TheFnames
    TheFnames 16 minutes ago

    The final monologue from the dad was one of the best moments in film this year

  • Ian
    Ian 24 minutes ago

    Skinny Stuckmann

  • Camille McALoon
    Camille McALoon 24 minutes ago

    It was nessie

  • RockstarrClarke
    RockstarrClarke 31 minute ago

    I enjoyed the movie. I do not think it’s a satisfying terminator sequel. That hole Paul thing was just cringe .....

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 31 minute ago

    This is the best movie reviewing channel on youtube by far. Its not good, but its the best. This is so sad.

  • Smattless
    Smattless 33 minutes ago

    Thumbs up for the movies are like radio now observation.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 36 minutes ago


  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 37 minutes ago

    Why? Dude. Dude. Pain and gain was really awesome.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 37 minutes ago

    How? It was so good. Pain and gain is easily his best movie and one of the best movies like this ever.

  • Larz Jarrod
    Larz Jarrod 38 minutes ago

    Joaquin Phoenix is not great of actor he jrtt yells and is over the to be over the top. Hes fooled everyone second he looks like a crackhead if you seen him on the street you'd think he's a junkie. He to pretentious. Being over the top is good acting at the end of joker he turns into like this gayish person no offense dancing scenes were wak. Seen it in the master he just a weird guy thats all

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 38 minutes ago

    WHAT!?!! pain and gain was amazing. Gtfo.

    DJ BASS 42 minutes ago

    Wow this movie was HOT garbage!

  • Baie Rogers
    Baie Rogers 43 minutes ago

    "Hey, you know that storyline that we all know and love? Doesn't fucking matter! We are going to replace it a with blueprint of it, but just with a different character now." It is a shame that studios feel that erasing/practically copying its predecessors and an over-abundance of nostalgia is synonymous with great storytelling *side-eyes Star Wars and Terminator.* Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max: Fury Road are recent examples on how to properly create a sequel that actually enhances and expands their universes WHILE paying homage to their predecessors, rather than erasing them.

  • Jacques Media Reviews JMR

    Booked this for Wednesday which will be my first experience at an independent cinema. I live in Northern UK and all my local cinemas are Vue/Cineworld so I'm really looking forward to this experience. Scorsese's my favouite director so seeing this review makes me feel very excited

  • Y P
    Y P 45 minutes ago

    To be fair it took them 10 movies to make a bad one, it wasn't that bad just meh. But I'll still watch all of them just for the story.

  • Monica Vidal
    Monica Vidal 45 minutes ago

    After the Joker / Masterpiece movie / i dont feel like see another one / i know that is 2 different kind of movies _ probably is good too/. For me the joker is the best movie!! / this 2019!👍👏🤡😪😘

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 50 minutes ago

    Chris.. If you can't pronounce his name and you wont show his written name, then dont include him at all... Jesus christ.

  • Antonio Picon
    Antonio Picon 53 minutes ago

    Your dad was awesome

  • Fabian Patrizio
    Fabian Patrizio 55 minutes ago

    it's brilliant...we need more movies like this....sick of peudo 'good' movies :)

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 58 minutes ago

    Taron edgerton: well that definitely didn't help my career Elton john: give a few months they'll love you again

  • T.B. Productions
    T.B. Productions 59 minutes ago

    The only way to protect yourself from the dark web is with... Express VPN

  • (Kopfschmerzen)
    (Kopfschmerzen) Hour ago

    I really liked it .... I like these kinda vibes

  • nel 9
    nel 9 Hour ago

    Awesome😂 👍

  • Alex youtube channel

    Boy you really hated this movie😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Nicolás Rodríguez

    - - - SPOILERS - IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT, STOP - - - I went to the cinema expecting nothing and fully aware of the negative reviews (not only Chris's). So without the possibility of ending up pissed off after watching another probable shitty sequel the movie started. They killed off John in the very beginning and that made the movie explore some new horizons, even though some fans feel that events in T1 and T2 were for nothing. For me, the film was doing alright up until Schwarzenegger was in play. He was the comic relief and that felt a bit forced and odd. Other than the unnecessary humor... I liked it. It isn't by any means a perfect sequel, I enjoyed it way better than T3 but it's fun, it took risks, they didn't use Sarah Connor and disrespected the character as I feel they did with Princess Leia for example. Schwarzenegger should step aside for further Terminator films. Dani, Grace and the Rev 9 worked really well. That's it, I don't get the hate for this new delivery. I still think Genisys sucked (by far the worst of the franchise), 3 was ok except for the last 15-20 minutes that were amazing, and finally Salvation, which I enjoyed.

  • s n
    s n Hour ago

    Since finding Stuckmann, have been agreeing with most videos thus far, accept this one. It was obvious early into the movie he was dead. The movie wasn't bad, it just wasn't great because you already knew he was dead. The movie was relying on people not to notice his attire, or where others were looking when he was around, as well as ignore the first shots of the movie.

  • oscar wiklander
    oscar wiklander Hour ago

    Spoiler talk on this one please.... Pretty please with sugar on top!

  • Gino Corbrietti
    Gino Corbrietti Hour ago

    made better sense than star warzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Matías Infante Melloni

    i had NO idea this film came out in 2011, to me it was faaar more recent… sh*t i'm old… i never saw it tho, opposite to the other 3

  • Dwayne Frierson
    Dwayne Frierson Hour ago

    This movie is fun to watch lol stupid yes but fun and some lines hit home and some are just hilarious af I enjoy bad movies sometimes

  • Ned Ruse
    Ned Ruse Hour ago

    The last 15 seconds almost ruined it for me

  • Him Soni
    Him Soni Hour ago

    If i'm not wrong, the main character of the movie did 5 murders just because he was mentally unstable.. And people Love this? How Stupid?

  • B I
    B I Hour ago

    I went the the movie theaters to watch this shit

  • Rhapsody Reviews

    I love this concept!!

  • No name
    No name Hour ago

    I mean a premise of the movie is to explore the background behind Han solo's character and why he acts and thinks the way he does in the original movies so I think it makes sense that he isn't like he is in the originals. In this movie we get a much younger, inexperienced and naive Han compared to the much more experienced guy we see in the later movies. Frankly I think saying that Han always had been the character that he is in a new hope would make his character feel flat if anything.

  • Dot Deed
    Dot Deed 2 hours ago

    there is so much more depth to this film than what you just did it justice soooo clearly your not a logical thinker

  • emil engen
    emil engen 2 hours ago

    All movies are made for money. All movies are investment movies.

  • Eran Orgad
    Eran Orgad 2 hours ago

    The worst of 2011 is twilight saga breaking dawn part 1

  • Eran Orgad
    Eran Orgad 2 hours ago

    The Smurf’s is fantastic

  • Miki’s Missing Marbles

    I agree with almost everything you've said except in contrast to you I had an extremely deep invested with the characters and the story. However, I think this may partially be due to my own bias towards the film as it is my heritage as a young Mexican girl. I really appreciate your analysis of this in-depth film and I hope everyone, Mexican or not, will get the opportunity to see this amazing movie and some point!

  • Billion Bites
    Billion Bites 2 hours ago

    anyone notice Lando bumps his head when he reveals that he's at the palace?

  • TorontoJon
    TorontoJon 2 hours ago

    Anyone that can't understand parody or mockery of Hitler and the Nazis in 'Jojo Rabbit' must never have seen Charlie Chaplin's 'The Great Dictator' made to mock Hitler in 1940, in other words, it was made DURING WORLD WAR II when no one against the Axis powers had a problem with Hitler or Nazis being portrayed as buffoons.

  • James Green
    James Green 2 hours ago

    The people who actually write his great movies never get much credit

  • Mastre Leti
    Mastre Leti 2 hours ago

    This movie is a masterpiece!! Loved every second of it. I just had to watch it in the Cinema :) 10/10

  • RobCon26
    RobCon26 2 hours ago

    I'm kind of surprised to not see Fangoria Presents: Axed not on here. Wait, No one has seen this movie, have they? It is the worst movie ever made.

  • silvio le
    silvio le 2 hours ago

    Is a shit film

  • Fill a Void Podcast
    Fill a Void Podcast 2 hours ago

    I'm a huge movie buff. And this is my NEW ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE

  • Душан Станковић


  • Robby Claire
    Robby Claire 3 hours ago

    It looks like a boy nun directed this movie

  • Alfonso Matador
    Alfonso Matador 3 hours ago

    No Rating?

  • Damien Pol
    Damien Pol 3 hours ago

    Editing could have been a lot tighter but other than that, it was excellent.

  • Christfollower Love
    Christfollower Love 3 hours ago

    Shawshank should have one an award.

  • HobbitzMoth23
    HobbitzMoth23 3 hours ago

    I...Kinda fucking loved it too :)

  • Recluse Reginald
    Recluse Reginald 3 hours ago

    I just saw this movie and holy shit, it’s seriously awesome. I would have given it a+

  • Amelia C.
    Amelia C. 3 hours ago

    Awe chris was so cute here! What happened? 😂 jk

  • Kuramadeus
    Kuramadeus 3 hours ago

    I just watched Jojo Rabbit yesterday, and it was kind of fantastic. It kind of felt more along the lines of "American History X" and "Great Dictator."

  • Moheeb Asif
    Moheeb Asif 3 hours ago

    Hey, any movie that's like heat i'm up for it I love heat i want to watch movies like heat

  • zach egbert
    zach egbert 3 hours ago

    i live in ut help me film a movie for sundance really well shot really well filmed

  • chandlerredhead27
    chandlerredhead27 3 hours ago

    I was so hoping that they would show Harley Quinn in the hospital with him in that final scene ;-;

  • The Film Boof
    The Film Boof 3 hours ago

    I think everybody just moved on from it, but I still want to know what he thought of Zombieland 2 😂

  • Hunter Weeks
    Hunter Weeks 3 hours ago

    Those lines aren't cringey. They're just kind of there

  • enkiitu
    enkiitu 3 hours ago

    Bohemian rhapsody... Malik’s “imitation” was ok. The script is bullshit. And the scene with the producer saying “we can’t play this song on the radio...” was appalling. what Queen did with that song is exactly the opposite of what producers did with this “safe” film.

  • Brevon Thompson’s Film Reviews and Gaming


  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 3 hours ago

    I saw it today. I thought it was really well made. Enjoyed it.

  • Hatesh Warkio
    Hatesh Warkio 3 hours ago

    Isn't it idiotic that the base model, T-800, that was used to eliminate humanity suddenly decides to have conscience? Where does that come from? Did the rest of them have conscience too but every time they developed it they were scrapped by the Skynet? I would get it if it was a different model. Some later model that has been so modified to simulate humans in order to outsmart humans with creative and abstract thinking that it actually developed conscience of its own and became something like mechanical human, basically. But this is their base model that was used to wipe out humanity. This is their first model capable of at least looking like humans. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?... Everything in order to have Schwarzenegger play a good guy, amirite?

  • Jason Murillo
    Jason Murillo 3 hours ago

    This was legitimately one of the best movies of 2019. Smart script, fully fleshed out characters, an amazing cast and as a bonus a great soundtrack. Also I agree with you Chris that Rebecca Ferguson was exceptional.

  • What Up
    What Up 3 hours ago

    THE MOVIE WAS NOT THAT GOOD. Don’t fall for these bs reviews

  • Anthony 101
    Anthony 101 3 hours ago

    When you said mark ruffalo i jumped i didn't realise he was in this maybe cause he got old just sad he died in the movie , also the body scenes i don't why but when the body landed on the cab and max freaking out i just burst out in laughter

  • Roger Lynch
    Roger Lynch 3 hours ago

    I like this movie. interesting, there were some other realized projects before but they were not as good. I am looking foreward to the follow up. I was more intetrested in the actors and there performance, really great. The visuals were mere deco to me, nothing new but still well done.

  • Anthony 101
    Anthony 101 4 hours ago

    I just watched the movie it's so good i tom cruise is a awesome sociopath also love the camera shots and the low res made it feel like one of those chase scenes on the news

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey 4 hours ago

    Two scenes: when they held Linda Hamilton back from killing Arnie, that was IDIOTIC. that's Sarah motherfucking Conner, she'd kill everyone to kill him. Second: "give me the girl" WHAT?! Dafuq?! Nothing can possibly explain this stupid exchange. Nothing.

  • Naia Lee
    Naia Lee 4 hours ago

    Sam Raimi should of directed this

  • Meaningbird
    Meaningbird 4 hours ago

    Your lucky I got like 30 glitches in the 2 months I played it for.

  • Legend Prince
    Legend Prince 4 hours ago

    I have just watched the directors cut and 163 mins of this film and it’s really really great :’)

  • enkiitu
    enkiitu 4 hours ago

    Whiplash is a very bad movie. My opinion.

  • Adil Master
    Adil Master 4 hours ago

    Finally a car film without having the cars fly out of a plane or going through three buildings.

  • Mike Cairns
    Mike Cairns 4 hours ago

    Can we agree that the 3D attraction at Universal Studios was the true T2 sequel?

  • Selene MacLeod
    Selene MacLeod 4 hours ago

    As you know, in the book she chased someone around on a riding lawnmower (the sheriff, I think) before killing him. Kathy Bates was all in on shooting the scene and later said she was disappointed it was cut. KathyBates is fucking awesome!

  • Marcus Drake
    Marcus Drake 4 hours ago

    Chris, what about get him to the Greek

  • Brenden Goodman
    Brenden Goodman 5 hours ago

    I didn’t see this one until last night because I felt that it was going to be a disappointment. But I actually really liked this movie!

  • Jason Crain
    Jason Crain 5 hours ago

    Best review ever. When Chris lost his mind near the end, I laughed out loud and kept laughing.

  • Rapolas RA
    Rapolas RA 5 hours ago

    Prequel of Prestige. Alfred quits working with Batman so he wants to work with Wolverine. Meanwhile Black Widow wants to quit the Avengers so he joins with Wolverine too. But Black Widow as much as she loved the x men, she couldn't resist Batman.

  • Jr Martinez
    Jr Martinez 5 hours ago

    You should review last black man in San Francisco

  • Rapolas RA
    Rapolas RA 5 hours ago

    Saw it today. I'll tottaly gonna see the rest ChrisNolan movies

  • Matthew McIntyre
    Matthew McIntyre 5 hours ago

    Idk about you guys but I wanna see one more hilariocity of Chris talking about his childhood home movies!!! Like so he can see!!!

    hine HFIE JUIWKQK 5 hours ago

    Didn't except this movie to be so great my favourite movie this year

  • Debeljko
    Debeljko 5 hours ago

    they should have infected newt or hicks also with alien and then they burst open in ripleys face

  • Brenda Martinez
    Brenda Martinez 5 hours ago

    You put words to my feelings about this movie.

  • guille040690
    guille040690 5 hours ago

    This is the kind of movie that people who like to play the victim would like, I mean, girl, if you feel he ain't worth it and he's not for you, just leave him, don't burn him and his friend and be happy about it, you're kind of crazy, well, not kinda, you crazy

  • J Adam
    J Adam 5 hours ago

    Can you review Lost Highway?