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  • Aph Malaysia
    Aph Malaysia 5 months ago

    North Korea and the US should be here.

  • Rajin Rajin
    Rajin Rajin 5 months ago

    Did you ever visited Bangladesh? I dont think so.

  • 7ru5u Rezu
    7ru5u Rezu 7 months ago


  • xA.L.T tornativex
    xA.L.T tornativex 7 months ago

    How about North Korea ?

  • Heartly Wanted
    Heartly Wanted 8 months ago

    Dhaka is the worst city bcz of over population and pollution. After all its the capital city of a small country (Bangladesh). Apart from this there are lots of Amazing places in Bangladesh. Full of natural beauty,hills,rivers,forest and the longest sea beach in the world. You'll be fascinated if you visit Chittagong,Sylhet,Rangamati,Bandarban and many more..

  • VITALITY Stigma
    VITALITY Stigma 11 months ago

    Nigga your Dad and Mom should've slept That Night So They Couldn't give you Birth Bangladesh is a Bad Country Country? Fuck your Mom

  • God Staff Jax
    God Staff Jax Year ago

    What we do is remove the entire continent of fucking Africa

  • Keeper Rose
    Keeper Rose Year ago

    Why Bangladesh and some countries are here? Shouldn't the most damgerous countries be?

  • ahmed hossain
    ahmed hossain Year ago

    What s*st,is Bangladesh is 3 !?!

  • Courtney Barnes
    Courtney Barnes Year ago

    Where's India tho?

    • P M
      P M Year ago


  • i am Hindu and i support god

    where is pak

    • Rajin Rajin
      Rajin Rajin 5 months ago

      Pakistan is better than Hindustan (India)

    • Fox Spirit
      Fox Spirit Year ago

      By your name I don't think your a muslim if you support isis

  • Prince Abdulrauf Vegas

    Mombasa and Kenya are the most worst places ever to visit

  • bishal I
    bishal I Year ago

    Don't forget to visit nepal

  • Sant128
    Sant128 Year ago

    Good 2 see islamic countrys

  • Rahul Bisht
    Rahul Bisht Year ago

    India should be number 1, most of the foreign visitors say so.

    • Itachi
      Itachi 11 days ago

      Yes unfortunately India is a shithole

    • Raul Kęnmy
      Raul Kęnmy 11 months ago

      And it seems like you are from nepal. stop hating each other my friend.

    • Rahul Bisht
      Rahul Bisht Year ago

      All those who visit India say so. See their comments in TVclip videos. I have also asked some people. People generally don't insult anyone on face, but if you befriend someone and try to know their actual reaction, which most of the times you will get easily, many of the foreigners say that "India is a shithole"

    • Dr pratibha y
      Dr pratibha y Year ago

      no,no one says so

  • Shawkat Khan
    Shawkat Khan Year ago

    Bangladesh is bad for visiting it's true maybe but it's worse in Dhaka but the rest of the places are wonderful. They should go to the beautiful places of Bangladesh. We have many beautiful forests in our country. I have traveled half of Bangladesh. They are wrong.

    • Ardi80
      Ardi80 7 months ago

      Nah too crowded, 1.000 people per square km

    • HeHE Boi
      HeHE Boi Year ago

      @Ayan Boishakh that's what your parents teach you! You know who said those bad things? Uneducated people's only!

    • Think Tank
      Think Tank Year ago

      language man.seems like lack of providing proper education by your parents and surroundings.

  • Hammad Anwar
    Hammad Anwar 2 years ago

    what about India

    • AVI Gaming
      AVI Gaming 7 months ago

      @Kiran felix being fake indian?😂 How easy ahh?

    • L Leight
      L Leight Year ago

      +Gaurav Yadav according to bagawat Geeta seeta pussy fucked by ravan also give 2 sons

    • Kiran felix
      Kiran felix Year ago

      Im an indian...But im sayin...its getting worst..modi n there parties..Beware if you guys are thinking about visiting with women n children

    • Sant128
      Sant128 Year ago

      Y Terorists lyk you lives in india

    • Dr pratibha y
      Dr pratibha y Year ago

      are you stupid hammad india is one of the best tourist destinations i think you are from pakistan and you guys are jealous of economy and our growth I think your country should have been there

  • Jason Jayawardena
    Jason Jayawardena 2 years ago

    Sri Lanka should be here

  • Elias Nelson
    Elias Nelson 2 years ago


    SEAM ALI 2 years ago

    Travel Versed did some good job, I don't know any information about any of those countries. But, I'm from Bangladesh, And I know what kind of country my Motherland is.. And Travel Versed was absolutely right about Bangladesh... 👍🙂

  • 0deadx21
    0deadx21 2 years ago

    Australia seems to be the only decent place in the entire Southern hemisphere.

    • Aph Malaysia
      Aph Malaysia 5 months ago

      Lies. Have you visited Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia?

    • Lunatic Visuals
      Lunatic Visuals 2 years ago

      0deadx21 Thailand is better

  • Daniel Nuteson
    Daniel Nuteson 2 years ago

    Tuvalu and Guyana should not be on this list.

    YOUR BOY MENACE 2 years ago

    the vid was cool and educational

  • epic *cilckbaiter*
    epic *cilckbaiter* 2 years ago

    we have improved a lot

  • Clickto Winiphone
    Clickto Winiphone 2 years ago

    Gabon really?

  • Billy Walsh
    Billy Walsh 3 years ago

    Fact number three is totally wrong. Computers cannot follow atc instructions also if there is a major problem with the plane sometimes pilot interference is needed often the computer does not tell the whole story to really understand what is happening with the plane pilots may use the computers but they also use visual evaluation flight control checks (to understand the flying characteristics of the plane).please fix this error because you are totally incorrect please do more research on your subject.I will admit that auto pilot may be advanced but it is not that advanced.

    • Connor Arnold
      Connor Arnold 3 years ago

      I agree there is a reason the computer doesn't land itself. say the plane was crabbing in a crosswind and when the plane came over the piano keys the autopilot might think it is straight because the localizer says it is on center line. as a result of this the aircraft will not throw out the crab but instead could land slightly sideways killing the tires and once the nose gear comes down and the spoilers are deployed the aircraft will rocket to one side of the runway. also the plane can not detect ice on the wing. well it can but usually by the time it does it is already too late. a human pilot can detect ice just by the way the aircraft is handling. also just a joke but when he said technologically advanced I think he showed a dc-8 or a 707.

    • Billy Walsh
      Billy Walsh 3 years ago

      Also pilots program the autopilot , the autopilot cannot program itself.

    • Billy Walsh
      Billy Walsh 3 years ago

      Also you said a computer does everything perfectly that is incorrect. A massive computer virus can often trick a computer into harming itself and making mistakes.

    • Billy Walsh
      Billy Walsh 3 years ago

      Please fix this error or I will report it as misleading.

  • DASC alibabason
    DASC alibabason 3 years ago

    How is tuvalu worse than afghanistan?