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  • Larisa Lashay
    Larisa Lashay 13 days ago

    Please b good lol

  • Layn Milner
    Layn Milner 19 days ago

    I typed in like always on the search bar Full length movies. And a know one popped up on the list HBO movies I clicked on it. It said there was 88 on here. I scrolled down to see what was on I've taken a chance on lots on here the pitchers don't do justice. And this isn't a HBO movie this is a Lifetime one I love this channel. So there might be more wrong on someone's download 🤔.

  • Yessenia Cisnero
    Yessenia Cisnero 26 days ago

    I declare the blood of Jesus upon every person reading this !! For his blood breaks chains , loosens ever demonic power

  • Letsheia hanson
    Letsheia hanson 26 days ago

    Dumb dumb dumb

  • sailorpilaa
    sailorpilaa Month ago

    Im high asf & its 2am why am I watching this

  • Marilyn Shelton
    Marilyn Shelton Month ago

    Lizzie was an idiot but at least she turned around. What an idiot.

  • goku the ki god master

    Is this really a true story

  • Merissa Russo
    Merissa Russo Month ago

    This was a really good movie💜Thanx for the upload ⭐⭐⭐

  • David Hurtado
    David Hurtado 2 months ago

    False Relgion

  • Kgaugelo Kgaugelo
    Kgaugelo Kgaugelo 2 months ago

    Look at me when u ignore me😂😂😂😂

  • Brenda Otin
    Brenda Otin 2 months ago

    When people in a movie say "it's not a movie it's real life"

  • Laylani Harro
    Laylani Harro 2 months ago

    Look at me when you ignore me... (is that even a thing😕😕) lol😂...soo you ignore but still look at the person

  • Carita Conley
    Carita Conley 2 months ago


  • Standley Charles
    Standley Charles 3 months ago

    En français banm chien gèt manman nou

  • Sara Manch
    Sara Manch 3 months ago

    i knw it looks like lizzie got off easy...and also dat she didnt responsibility like she should hav but shes 17....all her friends were ws raining....they hav being drunk and driven alot of times before....dat doesnt justify anythn...but she ws a good person...a good student....came from a good family...if she went to jail....u would just be destroyin her completely and another member of the society might hav been lost to i knw lookin from the other side she looks guilty as hell....but if u look at the whole thing her whole life i think it ws right to giv her another chance....

  • starflightkk
    starflightkk 3 months ago

    lol lizzie is a ugly drunk that needs her head busted open with a bottle of vodka

    • starflightkk
      starflightkk 2 months ago

      lol ya much better @Lîvīñglïfétø thëfùllêst

    • Lîvīñglïfétø thëfùllêst
      Lîvīñglïfétø thëfùllêst 2 months ago

      starflightkk no not the vodka 😦😦 that’s a waist of good alcohol there what about a hammer ? 🤔

  • Carmen Avelar
    Carmen Avelar 3 months ago

    Good movie

  • Lady Wander
    Lady Wander 3 months ago

    Lizzie got off so easy at the end wtf?

  • Lady Wander
    Lady Wander 3 months ago

    Lizzie got off hella easy and she STILL drinking to cope? brah I can't

  • Christina endsley
    Christina endsley 3 months ago

    So sad 😥😢😢 lifetime movie and on TVclip and my heart 💔 for mom loss her daughter

  • hiba mishal
    hiba mishal 3 months ago

    Harper from wizards of Waverley place

  • Ika Taufa
    Ika Taufa 4 months ago

    I loveeeee this movie I don't why I loveeee this movie

  • Fanny Perez
    Fanny Perez 4 months ago

    Can someone explain at the end what did that chick write in jer notebook amd what and why did it say???

  • imran fazal
    imran fazal 5 months ago

    It's slow and boring till 30:00 I don't want to watch ahead

  • Derby Lane
    Derby Lane 5 months ago

    The judge should have taken her license

  • Danielle Weaver
    Danielle Weaver 5 months ago

    this move is cool I love it!!!! WELL MOM LOVES IT

  • Lucy Marion
    Lucy Marion 5 months ago

    Need more

  • Megan x
    Megan x 5 months ago

    Damn Olivia snappeddd

  • as as
    as as 5 months ago

    Where can I find a friend like that

  • kateca west
    kateca west 5 months ago

    Did he say divorce is a bitch???

  • Patricia Odom
    Patricia Odom 5 months ago

    Like movie

  • old lady falling
    old lady falling 5 months ago

    God when was the last time you worked on a computer and it made sound effects when clicking on stuff...probably never....boopbeepboop....hate when movies tv do that....

  • Laura Pearson
    Laura Pearson 5 months ago

    Justice is revenge.

  • Isabel Erwin
    Isabel Erwin 5 months ago

    Mona from PLL and Harper from Wizards Of Waverly Place

    • Johanna Kampstra
      Johanna Kampstra 4 months ago

      most of the time people believe the crazy one dont get fooled with

  • Bunny Reign
    Bunny Reign 5 months ago

    Wait we got mona from pll and harper from wizards

  • voyager2119
    voyager2119 5 months ago


  • Anna Witt
    Anna Witt 5 months ago


  • Anna Witt
    Anna Witt 5 months ago

    No such thing as possession but what ever floats your boat

    • Angel 505
      Angel 505 5 months ago

      Yeah you need to expand your mind. Possession isn’t all crazy like the way they show it In scary movies. But there are such things as evil spirits and evil energy that can get attached to people and places for many different reasons. I’ve experienced it first hand.

  • Tanya To Hot
    Tanya To Hot 5 months ago

    Its disgusting how they keep labeling all these Lifetime movies (true stories) such lies.

  • Diane M Kuchins, too
    Diane M Kuchins, too 5 months ago

    punchout at 2:30 min does happen in women's sports, especially when an umpire lets fouls go uncalled more than once...

  • always be strong
    always be strong 5 months ago

    So the Reverend said that she needs medical attention and her friend believes a bunch of preaching students And by the way from being completely sick Chloe becomes suddenly okk and is helping Louren😏😏😏😏, and finally Chloe s father is here 😋😋

    • Billy T.
      Billy T. 5 months ago

      Chloe was suddenly ok because her demon moved into Olivia, because Olivia was being a lousy exorcist, with a tendency to get back at Chloe for messing with her boyfriend. When the reverend visits Chloe at the end, I could tell from the look on his face that he understood exactly what had happened and that his advice had been wrong.

  • Rahab Njeri
    Rahab Njeri 5 months ago

    iam so sad about this movie...because people who are christ followers dont do this..the movie is lying and that why i say the writer of the story of the movie is antichrist..

    • Paul Curran
      Paul Curran 5 months ago

      Life is hell, evil is promoted in hell

  • Ken Vorland
    Ken Vorland 5 months ago

    Another sleepless night...

  • Universal Run
    Universal Run 5 months ago

    These movies only scare people away from the church and from God. How wicked these movies are. People like Olivia are not true followers of Christ. They are the tears Christ talk about, don't be discourage by this movie evil is everywhere.

    • Rai Ssa
      Rai Ssa 5 months ago

      It doesnt matter. Jesus is fake and Christianity is bullshit.

  • Universal Run
    Universal Run 5 months ago

    When Father Jesus healed people, he would sometimes rebuke the illness; that shows that illnesses are demonic possession. Mental illness is most definitely a demonic possession. It's a method the enemy uses to control people and make them do bad things, like hurting themselves and others.

  • Micheal Isbell
    Micheal Isbell 5 months ago

    It's the wife calling

  • Be Good To Yourself
    Be Good To Yourself 5 months ago

    OMG 😮 why do all the so called women look 👀 a lot like men !???????🤢🤮🤔🤔

  • Derby Lane
    Derby Lane 5 months ago 😘

  • Manes of Melanin
    Manes of Melanin 5 months ago

    Is that the girl from white chicks?

  • Susan Williams
    Susan Williams 5 months ago

    This movie is also about. Dont trust enemies and friends.

  • Susan Williams
    Susan Williams 5 months ago

    I never knew cloe had more than 2 names. Joey,charlie People must watch how there are editing there movie

  • Melanie Galay
    Melanie Galay 5 months ago

    I did not understood the end. Good movie though.

    • Emma Rose
      Emma Rose 5 months ago

      Chloe demon got relases n that girl got possessed

  • Rosalynn CSV
    Rosalynn CSV 5 months ago

    The movie isn't to discriminate against anything. It was a movie made from a true story that happened to someone.

    • Rosalynn CSV
      Rosalynn CSV 5 months ago

      Check what? And do u know the person in real life. To who they made a movie about?

    • Diane M Kuchins, too
      Diane M Kuchins, too 5 months ago


  • Charming101
    Charming101 5 months ago

    Is it just me? Where do you find high schools like these? My high school was very different. It had no lockers, except for PE lockers. It was also an outdoor school - no stairs or various floors, just lines of buildings with numerous classrooms. We didn't have cliques, either. Everyone was just focusing on graduating.

    • Constance Williams
      Constance Williams 5 months ago

      I'm from Mississippi and my highschool had lockers stairs and elevators

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  • Tshegofalo Siele
    Tshegofalo Siele 5 months ago

    I think Olivia is the one that needs help

  • Tip Top
    Tip Top 5 months ago

    The reverend is Bruce Jenner

    • Megan x
      Megan x 5 months ago

      I thought that 😂

    • Kaylee Bain
      Kaylee Bain 5 months ago

      drpigable that’s not him

  • Anthony Fernandez
    Anthony Fernandez 5 months ago

    Dumbass movie

  • Stephen Piper
    Stephen Piper 5 months ago

    This is such a disgusting perversion from the Truth of the Gospel. All of it. From the "pastor's" form of exorcism, to the girls at the end. If you knew what the Bible said about who you are in Christ Jesus, you would know that power has been given to EVERY child of God. Every TRUE follower of Jesus Christ has the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons through the name of Jesus Christ. It's not about praying a certain way or using so-called holy water. And it certainly does not involve tying a person up. You simply know who you are in Christ. It's not your own power or works. It is the authority of God, through His Son, whose blood you are cleansed by. It is God's power. If The Holy Spirit dwells within you, and you have spent the time in private building a real relationship with God, then you will walk as Jesus walked, doing the works that He did and greater. Jesus says in John 14:12 "Verily verily I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also. And greater works than these shall he do. Because I go unto my Father." It is through faith in the reality that because Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the Father and that he kept his promise, Holy Spirit is NOW present and active in the body of Christ. He is the power by which we live as Christians. You can't find a single verse in scripture that depicts Jesus or anyone else tying someone up, or using a cookie-cutter prayer to heal someone or cast out demons from them. None exists. We've been given authority over every evil thing because God said so and He paid the highest price to MAKE IT SO. The sooner we actually read our Bibles from a place of humility(God, teach me because i've followed man all my life and never actually asked You what truth is) instead of pride(Oh I'm gonna prove so and so wrong with this verse and that verse and this chapter and that...), the faster we'll grow up and become who God truly created us to be>><<One with HIM

  • BeeBee5
    BeeBee5 6 months ago

    Lauren is a really good friend anyone would be so lucky to have a friend like her

  • Elsa Torres
    Elsa Torres 6 months ago


  • Nancy Cisneros
    Nancy Cisneros 6 months ago

    It's a stupid movie

  • Luv Life
    Luv Life 6 months ago

    This is a very STUPID TEENY BOPPER MOVIE!!!!

  • Luv Life
    Luv Life 6 months ago

    These stupid teenagers think that they can vanquish the demon. Remember people the demons are more smarter than us... don't be STUPID AND IDIOT. it is not because you are certified to do exorcisms. it doesn't work like that.

  • Andre den
    Andre den 6 months ago

    quailty suck

  • Tyrone Robinson
    Tyrone Robinson 6 months ago

    I enjoyed it

  • Leigh-Anne Westwater
    Leigh-Anne Westwater 6 months ago

    No wonder so many are falling away from God. Read the bible for the truth. Jesus shows us exactly how to deliever people from demons, Prayer fasting and asking God and rebuking Satan and he will flee,

  • Ann Stone
    Ann Stone 6 months ago

    Oh, what a bunch of crapola this is! I feel CURSED by "lifetime" rubbish, WTH happened to my true crime doc's?

  • Minnie14445
    Minnie14445 6 months ago

    I watched this but shit I been looking for this movie forever

  • no regrets
    no regrets 6 months ago

    "the texas cheerleader scandal"

  • Debra Hildreth
    Debra Hildreth 6 months ago

    Awesome movie I loved it.

  • Angelic Warrior
    Angelic Warrior 6 months ago

    All of a sudden she is fine near the end yeah really when not even the exorcism was finished? ... When I was younger I went threw something like this.. I was diagnose with social fobia later on with bipolar and other stuff I also was a cutter, I've also been in many hospitalizations before. I didn't have an exorcism preformed but God healed me. I dislike this movie because it also shows like christians are the crazy ones..besides to preform a real exorcism is a serious thing to do and it can be dangerous so this movie was a waste of time for me. I dont know why they say its based on a true story because is faker then fake!.

  • Get In
    Get In 6 months ago

    Off the not worth watching. Way too stupid.

  • Durrell Kitchen
    Durrell Kitchen 6 months ago


  • Durrell Kitchen
    Durrell Kitchen 6 months ago


  • Teaira Eaton Curry
    Teaira Eaton Curry 6 months ago

    Dang who knew soccer could be so intense

  • Tracy Brooks
    Tracy Brooks 6 months ago

    This is just a bunch of religious non-sense!!! I feel so sorry for brain washed young people.

  • Faith Mauga
    Faith Mauga 6 months ago

    i knew that Olivia hoe was trouble when i first saw her in this sht

  • BruhitsCookie
    BruhitsCookie 6 months ago

    Okay but if her boyfriend really loved her, he wouldn’t have slept with Chloe.🤦🏼‍♀️ She blames it all on Chloe but her boyfriend slept with her.

    • Kaylee Bain
      Kaylee Bain 5 months ago

      anthony phillip That made no sense

    • anthony phillip
      anthony phillip 6 months ago

      people still believe that love is about who you sleep with, wow! amazing!

  • Sabbi
    Sabbi 6 months ago

    _Damn Harper snapped_

  • Arbana Pepion
    Arbana Pepion 6 months ago

    Love it

  • Jade Ruri
    Jade Ruri 6 months ago

    amazing movie

  • Sei Min
    Sei Min 6 months ago

    Wtf What kind of movie is this I will report ..... Don't waste your time by watching this movie ....

  • Francis Hery
    Francis Hery 7 months ago

    my cousin went tru somthing like this 😢😢😢very sad... demons posses😏but im always covered by the blood of Jesus 👏💋

  • Eb Bunny
    Eb Bunny 7 months ago

    Radley . (Only real pll fans know what I’m talking about)

  • noe morales
    noe morales 7 months ago

    Muy buena movie me gustó mucho 👍😁😃 very Nice

  • Nabukenya Teopistar
    Nabukenya Teopistar 7 months ago

    Any Ugandan watching with me

  • Gorbadoc Oldbuck
    Gorbadoc Oldbuck 7 months ago

    Wasn't a bad show but if you're expecting full on demonic possession scenes like The Conjuring or The Possession of Emily Rose, you're in for a disappointment. This is very light in that respect and quite obviously made for daytime TV.

  • Legend's Mommy
    Legend's Mommy 7 months ago

    I don't get it soooooooooo she wasn't possessed?? And what happened with Olivia? So she's the tyre CRAZY one???! Ugh whatever, still thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

  • Erika Walker
    Erika Walker 7 months ago


  • Marvin Norstrom
    Marvin Norstrom 7 months ago

    I made it eight minutes with this movie, and felt cheated with that. Enjoy...

  • manjari dixit
    manjari dixit 7 months ago

    This movie is on friendship n sometimes things go so wrong in life n we just need to fight with it then everything will be fine...but in that situation we really need our loved ones to understand n be wd us...

  • linda linacre
    linda linacre 7 months ago

    Exorcism is BS. The mentally ill keep getting subjected to fundamentalist religious BS that makes their life worse and keeps them from treatment that will improve their chances at a decent life.

  • Mel Eder
    Mel Eder 7 months ago

    This film is a load of crap. This girl has a mental illness and needs to be treated. I have a teenager that has visual and auditory hallucinations. Shes not possessed but has childhood schizoid disorder. Not possessed and this illness happens to many young children. This film is dangerous and irresponsible. children even young children can have metal illness,

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson 7 months ago

    😂 is that Jade like is this my childhood Bratz Jade

  • Upasana Gupta
    Upasana Gupta 7 months ago

    What was the meaning of the last scene? I did get that

  • mhel herrmann
    mhel herrmann 7 months ago

    go to the right churches and listen to the words of god not a freaking devil's crap.

  • Nancy Cisneros
    Nancy Cisneros 7 months ago

    They show the best movies

  • Rogelio Marin
    Rogelio Marin 7 months ago

    Nice movie

  • MyLifeLongFight 101
    MyLifeLongFight 101 7 months ago

    That’s one psychopath of a girl lmao 😂