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  • JV
    JV 56 minutes ago

    They should change the music to Pirates of Caribbean that would be 🔥

  • arjun s kumar
    arjun s kumar Hour ago

    He has a small look of charlie sheen

  • Nick N.
    Nick N. Hour ago

    Those tits

  • Karen Suchy
    Karen Suchy Hour ago

    Oh my god. He is creepy... that’s not even himself.

  • anoja31
    anoja31 2 hours ago


  • Simone Ferreira
    Simone Ferreira 2 hours ago

    Que casal tão lindo ❤❤❤

  • Cara Sillavan
    Cara Sillavan 3 hours ago

    them being so amazed by winning cause of their competition is so adorable🥺❤️

  • jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns

    wait did tom actually brought home one of the buzzfeed puppies? i hope he did bring that one home look how comfortable it looks on his lap uwu

  • jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns

    that's not baby tessa is it?

  • SteadyBark96720
    SteadyBark96720 5 hours ago

    Melfi has a fuckable face

  • SyyN
    SyyN 5 hours ago

    I'm gonna miss mr robot alot

  • Melvin Jacobs
    Melvin Jacobs 5 hours ago

    The mother in law.

  • cats&jimin
    cats&jimin 6 hours ago

    the way I'm watching this right after watching a compilation of scarlett johansson vs sexist and inappropriate questions......

  • D Haute Boss
    D Haute Boss 6 hours ago

    She is awkward here in the most enjoyable way possible... love her

  • Barbara Washington
    Barbara Washington 6 hours ago

    Such a fun show to watch. My new fave.

  • Sharmaine Gatmen
    Sharmaine Gatmen 7 hours ago

    She's like everyone's Gramma. Be my Gramma Betty.

  • Sagi1984
    Sagi1984 7 hours ago

    He is the best

  • Rex II ForSure
    Rex II ForSure 7 hours ago

    J lo looks younger than Alex, but I think it’s goal really the other way around

  • Lesley Gaither
    Lesley Gaither 8 hours ago

    We didn’t have that many channels back then😂

  • Simie Archie
    Simie Archie 8 hours ago

    The world loves you... Jennifer. You're such an inspiration to all. N keep winning awards. We love to watch you. You're such a sweetheart.

  • Lorraine Kopa
    Lorraine Kopa 9 hours ago


  • Gladiator 77
    Gladiator 77 9 hours ago

    Jeff Daniels is one of the best actors!

  • Lila_needs_to_go_away
    Lila_needs_to_go_away 11 hours ago

    I don't whether I should be mad or proud. So many people are telling me different things and I dunno what to think.

  • Jack Jurphy
    Jack Jurphy 12 hours ago

    If she spent half the time doing physical gymnastics instead of mental gymnastics she’d be in shape and still have sane thoughts

  • Julissa Leyva
    Julissa Leyva 12 hours ago

    Ok but manny jacinto is so cute 🥰

  • Squidward is me
    Squidward is me 13 hours ago

    All of them: betty Kj with his accent: bitty 😂😂

  • Albert Argibay
    Albert Argibay 13 hours ago

    He is so down to earth. If Ellen goes straight they should hook up

  • Braulio Flores lazarte

    Al menos habla ingles :v algo es algo maluma

  • Nadia Voilà voilà
    Nadia Voilà voilà 13 hours ago


  • Phearun Pich
    Phearun Pich 13 hours ago

    That’s a truly amazing moment

  • J S
    J S 14 hours ago

    That's not Rami that's the mastermind

  • Feel Good
    Feel Good 14 hours ago

    Koi koi hi mahila aisi hoti hain jo apne se km umar ke ladka se sadi krti hain.. Isme priyanka ka fayda hai...use kbhi Nick hadkane nai payega....aur 10 saal ke baad nick jawan hi dikhega aur priyanka usse avi se aur jyada umar ki lgne lgegi...

  • Melissa Kampers
    Melissa Kampers 14 hours ago

    He as such a great personality. He seems somewhat awkward and at that same time, there is this awesome confidence that exerts itself.

  • shani love
    shani love 15 hours ago

    First of all Leighton Meester it doesn't matter how many shows u come in, u'll always be known as Blair on Gossip girl, that's what fans know u as that's why they gravitate to you, that's what will make any other show's u do after Gossip girl a success, because people will be anxious to see how ur gonna play this one off, seems u forget but ur fans haven't, to u it was just a job but to all the fans out there it was a part of their childhood, be grateful and quit being a snob about it.

  • samridhi agarwal
    samridhi agarwal 15 hours ago

    Not many remain friends And its always awesome to be different from the usual!! I dont see it as fake! ❤️

  • Artjom
    Artjom 16 hours ago

    He's right, he doesnt need that crap

  • I_Licked_It_ So_It's_Mine

    He is the best and Kudos to lovely Jane.

  • Na y
    Na y 17 hours ago

    Colt 2.0 😂😂

  • matthewakian2
    matthewakian2 17 hours ago

    Seems really strange seeing the two of them together.

  • Thie Curtis
    Thie Curtis 17 hours ago


  • John Masih
    John Masih 18 hours ago

    First even though it is 3 years now

  • mstf mstf
    mstf mstf 19 hours ago

    King ❤

  • slytherin pottah
    slytherin pottah 20 hours ago

    Kim there‘s people that are dying

  • Уокер Пэд
    Уокер Пэд 20 hours ago

    Не пара на вид но они лутше знают что в друг друга нашли .

  • Auston Pereira
    Auston Pereira 20 hours ago

    Mr. Robot! What a show! Best I’ve seen after breaking bad. This one beats BB. Watch it!

  • Fe Kas
    Fe Kas 20 hours ago

    Nics you 👍👍👍

  • Midn Muse
    Midn Muse 21 hour ago

    who are her doctors?

  • ovaria suwandi
    ovaria suwandi 22 hours ago

    ada2 vibe menghibur macam sule dan andre.. wkwkwk

  • Gaurav Seth
    Gaurav Seth 22 hours ago

    Is it only me who think lili would have looked amazing as Tessa in After! (Btw jo is the best choice)

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 22 hours ago


  • Megan Sampson
    Megan Sampson 23 hours ago

    To be fair he already said he could barely hear her ... the crowd was so loud ahha But I agree with all the other comments that said peoples reactions to this was over dramatic. It seemed fine to me.

  • sophie mashika
    sophie mashika 23 hours ago

    They let them go because of their personality

  • Simmren Jackson
    Simmren Jackson 23 hours ago

    ugh i miss them together :’(

  • Hildara Aaserude

    Love Hannah B and Peter

  • Udokanma Ogbonna

    I haven’t ever seen the matrix before what is it ?

  • Cin M
    Cin M Day ago

    And we love you Rami 💕

    JAMKR K Day ago

    She's not missing out. She s in Heaven.

  • GhostGamer
    GhostGamer Day ago

    We are all gonna miss you Stephen..... The arrowverse will not be the same without the Green Arrow... Your last episode was mixed with many emotions.....This was a hell of a journey..

  • theworld withoutus

    Course she is who would have her the condescending gobshite

  • jakeismyhero
    jakeismyhero Day ago

    Lol Dorcas! 😂

  • Gaming Celebrity

    I’m so proud of Jen that she will never disappear like the other friends did.

  • red jaybird
    red jaybird Day ago

    She's turning 30 this year. Wtf

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise Day ago

    I feel like he got pushed into a certain direction from being a young teenybopper type star having to appear interested in girls and keep that whole fantasy that they could possibly date him one day alive. And keeping emotions and secrets hidden having to juggle all of the lies to keep up appearances if you will eats at person inside and starts to develop into anxiety and depression and other fun things like that. Add onto that the whole aspect of being in the spotlight and having things handed to you or at least easily obtainable at a moments notice doesn’t help the situation. And whatever it is he is hiding from the public and potentially from his friends and family is probably the root cause of everything. Secrets, traumas, frustrations, pressures, negative relationships, insecurities, etc undealt with can develop into mental health issues which can lead to addiction or other bad behaviors to try to mask the hurt. My advice for Cameron is no matter how hard it is disclose everything to a a few really close non-judgmental people what personal things you were keeping inside that you think could have lead to the depression and anxiety. Once you do that you’ll feel a bit of weight off of your shoulders and you’ll have people who know what it is that triggers the negative thoughts and feelings which lead to the addiction problem who can look out for you and support you when you need to talk about the hard things to talk about. OR AT THE VERY LEAST COUNSELING. GOOD LUCK MAN!! AND DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP IF YOU SLIP UP JUST GET RIGHT BACK TO TRYING TO LIVE A BETTER HEALTHIER LIFE. All too often people get help and then fall right back into the same shitty behaviors (relapse) and are too embarrassed and scared to ask for help a 2nd time. But just know it is a normal part of that process and don’t let you keep you down.

  • Ana María Alvarez

    Best of wishes to you Ana! #proudCuban ❤️ 🇨🇺

  • D K
    D K Day ago

    She looks perfect here ❤️

  • Arizona person

    He sold his soul like the rest of hollywood and the music industry. He is high priest in the church of satan. Very evil corrupt person.

  • Cooper O'Connor

    She’s keeps looking at the camera 😂 her eyes say what we’re all thinking.

  • elissa matala
    elissa matala Day ago

    I think Peter will end up with Hannah B when all the dust settles ❤️❤️

  • JordanMckeePortraits

    tvclip.biz/video/Gzd8RE1rzTs/video.html check this out amazing drawing portraits of Jennifer aniston

  • JordanMckeePortraits

    tvclip.biz/video/Gzd8RE1rzTs/video.html check this out amazing drawing portraits of Jennifer aniston

  • davidtheguitarman

    I get what he's saying. He's not mad at all. He's sick and tired of the fakeness of hollywood. When he talks about the "red S on his chest" he means socialism, in my opinion.

  • Cielle Levesque

    Rest in peace Luke Perry.

  • kamila Rozi
    kamila Rozi Day ago

    She looks sooo old...👎👎👎👎

  • kamila Rozi
    kamila Rozi Day ago

    No she is not pregnant ..she has big body..

  • kamila Rozi
    kamila Rozi Day ago

    When she gets old she will look like exactly her mother looks horrible..Nick will stay young like her grand son.

    • Riya George
      Riya George 17 hours ago

      I don't see what you get by posting such a comment

  • Ngoc Anh
    Ngoc Anh Day ago


  • Konzn
    Konzn Day ago

    Didn’t go to prison because she’s a rich while girl

  • White Heart
    White Heart Day ago

    *Be careful* 🚨 Don’t get be fooled by his cuteness This man can be dangerous if he wants

  • Dani_roblox_ playz

    Brother, your only 11 years older than me and i have same bday as u I am free

  • Roberto Diego
    Roberto Diego Day ago

    I pray to God, that my future wife will look like Kenya Moore. What a ravishing woman!

  • The Man
    The Man Day ago

    First celebrity crush was Hilary duff loved this slow glad to c it back hopefully the season will be on dvd after

  • David Flynn
    David Flynn Day ago

    How you feeling now hollywood 😂

  • Joanissia Gualberto

    you princesa = jessica lange magicbird

  • Frd Dlrd
    Frd Dlrd Day ago

    I'm happy she took J-LO spot in the category 😈

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Day ago

    I like Margot Robbie, she's awesome. Although, I know she meant well by her comment about conservative women, "suddenly feeling like a real person" - As a right leaning woman, I think that comment is also a bit disrespectful and unfair. Imagine if a conservative said that... ALL HELL would break loose! Whatever though, I get over things and move on. I still like her. Differences in politics isn't necessarily a deal breaker for me. I wish the left was more like that (poor Vince Vaughn). Anyway: I think she is my (conservative) husbands #1 crush, so I showed him this video and said "HA... ALL your ladies are LIBERAL (Her plus Scarlet J, Jennifer L, and Blake Lively I think)... and he was like "NOooooo, shhhhhhh don't say that... FAKE NEWS!!!" So I told him he needs to trade her in for Tomi Lahren 😂 But he thinks she's too mean... HA HA HAA 😂👏🏻 ok whatever dude 😂 I LOVE IT.


    Rihanna’s always so well spoken.❤️💎❤️

  • Eve Hawa Sinare

    Are they leading us to think it will be Hannah B to discract us from the real outcome?

    • Trump 2020
      Trump 2020 Day ago

      They didn't lead us there. We figured it out, lol

  • Felicia Walker

    He looks hot with his hair long and curly

  • Dan Chen
    Dan Chen Day ago

    I was hoping he would look into the camera with a "Hello friend."

  • Dora Xaburzania
    Dora Xaburzania 2 days ago

    Still not over

  • Bella Kok
    Bella Kok 2 days ago


  • maria canales
    maria canales 2 days ago

    New spin off coming "Listen to your Heart" I am better off watching The Dating Game fellow by The Newlywed Game

  • Tran Keane
    Tran Keane 2 days ago

    this is the last time they being-with after she cheated on him

  • Not Yet
    Not Yet 2 days ago

    Hate the superficial compliments like "You look great, what designer do you use? " Who cares what you're wearing, it's you people like, not a $5,000 suit. Should have shown up as Elliot, hoodie and all. Need someone like David Lynch to show up and ruffle some feathers.

  • MR . Pacman
    MR . Pacman 2 days ago

    *Idiots marvelovers believing in those awards knowing that it is favoritism of the winners.*

  • Yousaf Iqbal
    Yousaf Iqbal 2 days ago

    Emma is looking really beautiful

  • DragonSwordMountain

    ♫ If you believe she's got a picture perfect plan, she's got you fooled, cause' she only doing the best she can, she'll figure it out her own way ♫ hahaha. I’m so excited for this reboot, she still looks pretty, hope Lalaine is in this. I wish Lizzie McGuire did a cameo on Fuller House with DJ Tanner, would be so funny.

  • J -
    J - 2 days ago

    I guess thus is big news in Hollywood because anything over a month is long. Smh. I'll check back in about 3-5yrs if they are still a thing.

  • Nanette Valencia
    Nanette Valencia 2 days ago

    I agree with him

    HANTUCOVA 2 days ago

    Didn't she wear that dress in the series?