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2 months ago
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multipass & baby!multipass & baby!
multipass & baby!
5 months ago
5 months ago
Harry Potter N00b.Harry Potter N00b.
Harry Potter N00b.
6 months ago
6 months ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Q&A PART 2 !Q&A PART 2 !
Q&A PART 2 !
2 years ago
How To DietHow To Diet
How To Diet
2 years ago
How To InstagramHow To Instagram
How To Instagram
2 years ago
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Comments • 200

  • Vicky B
    Vicky B Month ago

    TE AMO

  • Miss Terious
    Miss Terious 2 months ago

    Just found you here. You're hilarous and you kinda give us the oportunity of seeing another side of a kpop idol, very interesting :) Take care! Saludos de España

  • Literal BTS and Korean Trash

    The real question is: Will f(x) ever make a comeback???

  • Meranie
    Meranie 2 months ago

    Amber, react to reggaeton :v

  • Sændy
    Sændy 2 months ago

    Damn, Amber, I love you girl! Your new video just made my day.

  • Chris B.
    Chris B. 3 months ago

    Watching Busan One Asia Festival and thinking of F(x). Love you Amber.

  • Justine Langoy
    Justine Langoy 3 months ago

    you're totally my hero~~ *mwah-mwah*

  • Kim Faura
    Kim Faura 3 months ago

    why is Scott out of WTP? thought they were good friends

  • Cj Lagman
    Cj Lagman 3 months ago

    Amber just gonna get straight to the point. Lets. Be. Friends. <3

  • Dvyne POV
    Dvyne POV 3 months ago

    hey amber just to let you know
    one day we will work together.
    and it will be one of the best musical experiences in my life
    look forward to it because i am.

  • Dara Mawar
    Dara Mawar 4 months ago

    f(x) react to their own MV please~ It will be fun and you can put some target views for the MV and when we reach certain views you'll react to the MV. Just an idea. I miss f(x) so much.

  • lodetoone
    lodetoone 4 months ago

    adore you forever please be happy sunshine... i always believe in u

  • deafsinger89
    deafsinger89 5 months ago

    I wanna sign to your song ON MY OWN in American Sign Language, your song is amazing I can definitely feel the emotions of the song as i could relate to. Check my page to see my talent in American Sign Language. <3 <3

  • Alba Zels
    Alba Zels 5 months ago


    DELZXY 5 months ago

    hi amber : )

  • Amreen Salma
    Amreen Salma 5 months ago


  • Maya Sone
    Maya Sone 6 months ago

    Hey, was wondering if scott left the channel for good ?

  • Jo Li
    Jo Li 6 months ago

    When will you come back??? I've been waiting for a new vid!!!

  • little shrimpy
    little shrimpy 6 months ago

    pls come back guys !

  • Haifa K
    Haifa K 6 months ago

    It's been a year T_T .. when we will see somthing new ??

  • Elizabeth Sha'Oulle
    Elizabeth Sha'Oulle 6 months ago

    I love watching your videos!!!!

  • AntisocialSleeper
    AntisocialSleeper 7 months ago

    Amber, Scott, Please come back. Give us an update on life.

  • Sam Hailey
    Sam Hailey 8 months ago

    Miss you both!

  • Như Phương
    Như Phương 8 months ago

    When are you guys coming back?

  • Christina Yu
    Christina Yu 8 months ago

    I hope you're doing well, and that you aren't feeling stressed. I know from your instagram, that things have been difficult. I hope that what ever you end up pursuing, that you are happy. Thank you for all the hard work, you are an amazing individual!

  • Emily Torres
    Emily Torres 9 months ago

    can you do video like painting monkey

  • Emily Torres
    Emily Torres 9 months ago

    amber can you react to unsolved from buzzed please

  • Lunacia Vargas
    Lunacia Vargas 9 months ago

    Aw please do another video! ^^

  • Micah Kim
    Micah Kim 9 months ago

    Amber, what the pineapple my dude. When are you coming back with videos? This was great! You got to fully express yourself and have fun I miss them!! I know you are busy being a star and all haha but when you have time, do come back and shine even brighter!

  • Subscribe for Jimin
    Subscribe for Jimin 9 months ago

    i hope scott and amber is okay,. I havnt seen scott with amber for so long

  • Kawthar
    Kawthar 10 months ago

    we miss you ='( when's your next video?!?! we're dying heeereee

  • Molly Yan
    Molly Yan 10 months ago

    WTP stops updating and you two don't seem to interact with one another as much on instagram recently, even some previous posts about this channel and you two having fun were deleted. Is everything between you two OK? Or it's just you are both too busy to keep this updated anymore? I wish my worry was too much. I really love Scott & Amber friendship and really hope you guys can come back to us surprisingly one day. <333

  • Andee Rebaya
    Andee Rebaya 10 months ago

    will you guys be making more youtube videos?

  • Stacy Gonzalez
    Stacy Gonzalez Year ago

    ps. stay healthy so maybe take a break. we love youuu<3 and manager oppa!~~

  • callmykoe
    callmykoe Year ago

    Amber, have you received your silver playbutton yet? xD

    • Wonho's Ramyun
      Wonho's Ramyun Year ago

      it is not only her channel!!!!!! and besides it looks pretty dead to me.

  • khadija djarraya

    Hey Amber! Can you guys do the PPAP song?
    thank you so much, you're my inspiration ♥♥♥

  • Last First
    Last First Year ago

    What happened to the channel trailer? Anybody know? I'm just curious, it was pretty groovy and I really dug it. I am always sad whenever a video is taken down and fades into the ether.however if it is the channel owners wishes to not disclose I understand.

  • B2NG03
    B2NG03 Year ago

    when are you going to upload a new video? T.T we miss you guys! ♥

  • Desiree Martinez

    Hey Scott, oppa I think your very cute ;) AMBER!!!!!!!!!!! Your amazing :)

  • Sophia Prettypaws

    Is this channel dead?

    • I Don't kare
      I Don't kare Year ago

      no solid word on that, however Amber has started her own series on called ranting monkey, you can find links to it on her twitter.

  • YS
    YS Year ago

    Amber reacts to fanfiction!!

    • javier GALAZ
      javier GALAZ Year ago

      yeah it willl be funny her reaction bout people putting her and soo Jung and min ah

  • Gordon
    Gordon Year ago

    I wouldn't mind if Amber just did vlogs on this channel

  • Joann Crawford
    Joann Crawford Year ago

    Amber, I heard about Ranting Monkey. What channel is that officially going to be uploaded to? I've seen snippets on multiple channels. I'm excited to see more Amber! You're so fun and relatable!

  • CTGOtaku
    CTGOtaku Year ago


  • meeks96
    meeks96 Year ago

    Question for you Amber, which language do you prefer to speak in, English or Korean? Thank you! <3

  • India Tillson
    India Tillson Year ago


  • Jackie
    Jackie Year ago

    WHEN YOU MISS AMBER (AFTER SEEING RANTING MONKEY AND ETC) I come here to replay the videos!!!!

  • Nicole David
    Nicole David Year ago

    Ambberrrrrr when will you update? I miss your goffyness guys, so please update soon. Loves from Philippines

  • Dinni Putri Subekti

    dear amber and scott when will the next video come up? i have one request here hehe how about make carpool vid with some friends that would be fun and do stuff while driving with your friends, thank you amber

  • Alissa Hollar
    Alissa Hollar Year ago

    I just noticed that they never reply to any comments... BUT that is not why I'm here. Can we see a reaction video (Like the salt & vinegar lays one) to taste testing vegemite? I know you've tried it before but I want to know what others think of it.

  • Anna Malloree
    Anna Malloree Year ago

    I have been on WTP constantly today. Thanks Amber!

  • AllBLoverJ
    AllBLoverJ Year ago

    Please invite Taehyun and Yunjun again!

  • joeshy saharan
    joeshy saharan Year ago

    waiting waiting... WTP~~

  • Nitasha K
    Nitasha K Year ago

    CAN YOU PLEASE DO A REACTION TO Candy Quahog Marshmallow- its a family guy parody of bubble pop!

  • Dana Scribbles
    Dana Scribbles Year ago

    react to BgA - Dong Saya Dae!!

  • Chan Eung
    Chan Eung Year ago

    Amber react to BgA - Dong Saya Dae.

  • Jessie Lorainne
    Jessie Lorainne Year ago

    Hello? Is anybody home? We miss you guys :( It's been so long since we've seen your beautiful faces. Hope everything is going well for you guys and hope to see you very soon.

  • Katlynn TenTen
    Katlynn TenTen Year ago

    borders!!!!!!!!!!!Llama swag beautiful heart

    KRYSTaHEART Year ago

    HOPE U CAN UPLOAD SOON! And if things have been tough recently, I truly hope it'll clear up soon, fighting!

  • Emi jo
    Emi jo Year ago

    What'supp Amber we are waiting for you

  • Judith Gonzalez
    Judith Gonzalez Year ago

    I want more videos.. TnT Are you busy..?

  • Damn Cheese
    Damn Cheese Year ago

    Please upload more videos! Regards from Spain <3

  • btsfx velvet7
    btsfx velvet7 Year ago

    Hey Amber and Scott do you know when the next WTP is coming out

  • Bree K.
    Bree K. Year ago

    Heyyy! where yall at?!!.... jkjk. I was just stopping by to say we miss your pretty faces ^_^. You should do another food reaction video. Either other people trying American snacks or Scott trying new food. Btw Hi Scott!! (your my fav but dont tell Amber *shhhh*)

  • beanmalt88
    beanmalt88 Year ago

    Borders is amazing! congratulations guys for the amazing work!! may i request amber to cover english songs? it'll be an amazing experience to hear amber sing something i understand!! "dont know what to say" cover was amazing, waiting for another cover!!! :) :)

  • lemonademegan
    lemonademegan Year ago

    Hope everything is good on both your ends. We love and support you both!!!
    (I personally really miss you guys... WTP!!!) God bless! Keep going!

  • Feeqa Abdul Sabur

    Amber!! Whenever you and Scott happen to upload another video.. I was wondering if you guys can do the Korean Fire Noodle challenge Please? :D:D

  • Soldrakenn
    Soldrakenn Year ago

    Amber, you're just so cool. whatever could I say, I'll keep on following you :)

  • Caratlife
    Caratlife Year ago

    Where'd you gooo, es been two mONTHS

  • dumb triangle
    dumb triangle Year ago

    Dear Amber and Scott,
    I need the new video now. I'm dying here..... please save me!!
    Sincerely from me :)

  • AK K
    AK K Year ago

    Amber I love your new song "Borders"! It's awesome and really inspirational!!! Both you and Scott (and DPR team), thanks for producing such a great song and mv! Have a good rest and we'll wait for the new video :D

  • Haifa K
    Haifa K Year ago

    WHAT THE ...................P
    Like your ideas ...wating for the next... ^_^

  • sysmmhg
    sysmmhg Year ago

    omg just how to find a way to describe how much i love Amber??? there is no words can describe this love its soooooo additive !!!!! fangirling confirmed!!!

  • Linda Xing
    Linda Xing Year ago

    Amber your song is so inspirational that we(fans) think that it should go on the us radios so fans pls do these #s #amberbordersonusradios
    and were so proud of u

  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham Year ago

    Amber! when are you going to upload another video wee miss you! PLUS borderss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i sooooooooo flyyyyy omg its sooooo inspirational and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mychmellow
      mychmellow Year ago


  • Ahara Ahara
    Ahara Ahara Year ago

    AMBER'S NEW SONG "BORDERS" WAS AWESOME! Be strong, and stay true, both of you. :)

  • Sophia Prettypaws

    Come back to us!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kawthar
    Kawthar Year ago

    Please upload a new vid... IT'S BEEN AGES!
    love you Amber and Scott <3

  • 소피 89
    소피 89 Year ago

    I'd love to see Henry on your channel!!

  • DenyMX D
    DenyMX D Year ago

    Still waiting for "Your dog speak chinese" merch...

  • I get turned on from Min yoongi's tongue technology

    Amber, when you and Henry are not busy, invite him to one of your videos! OwO and do a challenge! any kind of challenge! henber 4 ever!!

  • Alondra Jimenez
    Alondra Jimenez Year ago

    Amber you are honestly someone I look up to. You always cheer up my days. Thank you.

  • Linda Xing
    Linda Xing Year ago

    Im still waiting...i think? Hope you(amber) and Scott get to hang out with friends a lot and SLEEP!! Dont get tired(dont skip sleep) Its bad for the body and mind...(Forever Fan girl of Amber and Fx)

  • ヘッドダンゴ

    Hi Amber ! I'm from France i ask please you can insert a french susbtitles please (I know my english is very bad)

  • Naciah Tobias
    Naciah Tobias Year ago

    Did you know that JRE made Amber his Valentine!!!!Well one of his valentine you know he cant just have one,that is like picking a bias.

  • pa houa Yang
    pa houa Yang Year ago

    You guys must be very busy lately but i'll wait!!! I love watching your video's they make my day!!!

  • Thalia A
    Thalia A Year ago

    I love you guys!!Please make merch.I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Tamara Djuric
    Tamara Djuric Year ago

    Hey, IIama, are u still in fx? I HAVEA CHALLENGE FOR U!!!

    • javier GALAZ
      javier GALAZ Year ago

      she is not but she has her own TVclip cannel caled Amber J liu is like 2 or 4 videos

  • Welch76
    Welch76 Year ago

    your darn videos are addicting and hilarious, i end up watching each episode more than three times!!!! your chemistry is so definitely on fire!!!! you two seriously need to date each other NOW! SUP!

  • Sophie Louali
    Sophie Louali Year ago

    Could you guys do the Fire Noodle Challenge pretty pleaaasee!!!

  • Jill Garcia
    Jill Garcia Year ago

    I wanna see Jackson with you guys! That would be sooo funny!

  • Wasabi
    Wasabi Year ago

    Amber your fabulous! You really do inspire me and I wish I knew you personally. You seem like such an awesome person to hang around with >w< LLAMAS FOREVER

  • visi 95
    visi 95 2 years ago

    if Scott and Amber will win two tickets for holidays where would they choose to go together (alone is not allowed) . :)

  • Yooni S.b.d
    Yooni S.b.d 2 years ago

    Amber love you 😘

    KEYANA SCOTT 2 years ago

    Is it just me or do I want to see Amber and Minho from SHINee do 'We Got Married'!!!

  • September Lemcke
    September Lemcke 2 years ago

    I spent an entire day watching all of your videos and I love them so much!! You guys are great! Btw Amber I am totally with you I think GD says Bangya. Thank you guys for the entertainment! And keep it up! <3

  • Annisa Nuriowandari
    Annisa Nuriowandari 2 years ago

    Huh, I didn't know Amber has a youtube channel. It's been awhile ago since I stopped following kpop. Wow, glad to find you here, Amber! Might as well try to watch some videos.. I always love youtubewalking. Maybe you should try reacting to cyriak' videos.. xD

  • carisma dejavu
    carisma dejavu 2 years ago

    bring jackson and do a food challenge :)))

  • Alex Turner
    Alex Turner 2 years ago


  • Yiling L.
    Yiling L. 2 years ago

    Happy (late) New Year, Amber and Scott!

  • Andre Sartor
    Andre Sartor 2 years ago

    Thanks for making a youtube channel. Hope fx comes to the states soon or you of course ^_^

  • Vivian M
    Vivian M 2 years ago

    Can you guys do a video of following Amber for a day or Scott for a day, like a "typical day for Amber & Scott" ? It would be supah dupah cool!!

  • Sapphire Hinamori
    Sapphire Hinamori 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas Amber and Scott~!!!

  • 테릿 theresseee
    테릿 theresseee 2 years ago

    scottber HEHEHHEHEHE! Love your vids guys! keep it up XOXO

    • 테릿 theresseee
      테릿 theresseee 2 years ago

      +Samantha Ramirez 😃😂😁

    • Monkey MC
      Monkey MC 2 years ago

      thats awesome lol

    • 테릿 theresseee
      테릿 theresseee 2 years ago

      +Samantha Ramirez 😂😂😂😂 My best friend and I created that <3

    • Monkey MC
      Monkey MC 2 years ago

      +??DoodooLlamaBanana?? LOL scottber thats a grate name

    BTS ARMY 2 years ago

    This is now my favorite youtube channel

  • UchihaMadara
    UchihaMadara 2 years ago

    I watched all of the videos in less than a day and am now sad that there aren't anymore videos to watch. can't wait for the next one. I love amber so much.

  • Taslima Tabassum Samiha

    Amber please upload your makeup tutorial! Thanks in advance!

  • Sapphire Hinamori
    Sapphire Hinamori 2 years ago

    Could you do a video on Amber and Scott reacting to F(x) 4 Walls please?

    • Kalina
      Kalina 2 years ago

      +Sapphire Hinamori omg yea 0^0

    • Monkey MC
      Monkey MC 2 years ago

      +Sapphire Hinamori yes thats a great idea

  • Tommy Aaj
    Tommy Aaj 2 years ago

    Amber~ You're such a beautiful woman!
    I really like you (^w^)/ <3(Apart from that, have you ever cooked or eaten fried platano? {I think mama would know about it} So I was thinking, what about fried platano with spicy kimchi or something like that? *drools* )-CrazyAlienLeaves

  • Allysa Ramos
    Allysa Ramos 2 years ago

    Please make Jackson and Mark of GOT7 be your next guests! :)

    • Monkey MC
      Monkey MC 2 years ago

      +Allysa Ramos Mark & Jackson, Jackson & Mark, TOGETHER THEY MAKE MARKSON hahaha lol

    • Allysa Ramos
      Allysa Ramos 2 years ago

      +Samantha Ramirez good idea right? Hahahaha. 😁

    • Monkey MC
      Monkey MC 2 years ago

      +Allysa Ramos that will be so awsome YYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS

  • mimsredjelly
    mimsredjelly 2 years ago

    What would it take to get Key on here? He would be golden.

  • 24h 7/7 watching Machine

    Can you guys make a video about your reaction while playing a video game?? !!! i think it's gonna be funny and exiting !! Thank youuu !! Fighting

  • LMNOP777dd
    LMNOP777dd 2 years ago

    make a video with got7 jackson!!

  • eseul lee
    eseul lee 2 years ago

    you guys are awesome =) yay~

  • lilyzize Sham
    lilyzize Sham 2 years ago

    Amber unnie can you do video with Red Velvet unnie
    In fx I like You and In red Velvet I like Seulgi
    can you to hang out and do a video together..

  • 啊啊啊
    啊啊啊 2 years ago

    lol solo scott adventures while amber is working on her comeback

  • Rose Kennard
    Rose Kennard 2 years ago

    I love you guys! You make me laugh all the time and just so happy :)

  • Mad Hermit in a Box
    Mad Hermit in a Box 2 years ago

    It might be interesting for you guys to react to other peoples reaction of Amber and F(x)'s m/vs. I realize that you have already reacted to several videos, but this might offer a fresh perspective. A good choice would be, but there are many out there.
    P.S. Though I have been a kpop addict since 2010, I am a rookie fan of F(x) and Amber specifically. :D Look forward to your next videos.

  • Susan Lim
    Susan Lim 2 years ago


  • Rikkulyoko1
    Rikkulyoko1 2 years ago

    Since you're promoting with f(x) now, would we be able to see a video with them in it?

  • Sophia Prettypaws
    Sophia Prettypaws 2 years ago

    Can you please talk about how you became a kpop idol? What made you decide and did you always know about kpop?

  • test
    test 2 years ago

    Thanks for creating this channel.
    It's great to see how people (even famous ones!) live in Korea.
    I would also like to support your efforts more concretely.
    Please let the viewers know if you have a Patreon or similar site (assuming the contracts permit this).
    I'd like to help cover your entertaining food experiments, if anything.

  • Sleepy Owl
    Sleepy Owl 2 years ago

    I found this channel. On my birthday. I'm happy...

  • kcuanny
    kcuanny 2 years ago

    Please talk about 4 walls! Do a reaction video! Explain the story behind the music video! I love it so much!! Also yes to merch!! Love you both! <3

  • iLoveChoiTOP
    iLoveChoiTOP 2 years ago

    You should do a reaction to 4 walls mv !!!!

  • Revontulet D
    Revontulet D 2 years ago

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
    I actually saw this channel before I learnt that amber is in a famous KPOP group, TBH it took me by surprise, I used to think idols are somewhat.......fake, but OMG you guys are so genuine!!!!!!! Now i'm like F(X) FOREVER!!!!!!!!(totally a fan girl)

    • Monkey MC
      Monkey MC 2 years ago

      +D Revontulet welcome to f(x), we as fans of Amber (llama) love her personality and MUSIC check out her solo album

  • 327 818
    327 818 2 years ago

    Yes MERCH!!!!!

  • Pani Tita
    Pani Tita 2 years ago

    Do the "Pizza Challenge" :)

  • Funny undertale
    Funny undertale 2 years ago

    Oh, and Amber, I just wanna say how sorry I am that you have lost your precious Princess Gongju!!! I only JUST heard that she passed away. Please accept my condolences on your loss and know that you are in my heart and prayers!!!!!

  • Funny undertale
    Funny undertale 2 years ago

    Hey Amber!! Hey Scott!! What is your favorite WTP video and which one was the most challenging one to make??

  • Lulia
    Lulia 2 years ago

    Amber good luck on your comeback!

  • MexiCoreaPonesa
    MexiCoreaPonesa 2 years ago

    I'm happy you guys are able to create online content on TVclip!

  • lildumpling0916
    lildumpling0916 2 years ago

    Came for Amber, but stayed for Scott...dang that guy is hot >.<

  • Rebekah Suarez
    Rebekah Suarez 2 years ago

    this show is awsome

  • Myst1cal
    Myst1cal 2 years ago


  • BishounenLuvr
    BishounenLuvr 2 years ago

    Hello pineapples! I am a hamster.

  • Sophia Prettypaws
    Sophia Prettypaws 2 years ago


  • Tamialuz
    Tamialuz 2 years ago

    Congratulations on the number of subs! It will rise to millons soon!!!

  • Mari S.
    Mari S. 2 years ago

    Had an idea after seeing the random sounds video. Why won't you try making music out of toys meant for babies and kids. I mean the ones that make sounds. :3

  • Cibouboux
    Cibouboux 2 years ago

    The try guys are making a bunch of video about kpop, you might be interested x)

  • Alex Turner
    Alex Turner 2 years ago

    you guys are awesome but it would really be cool if you started vloging

  • Tamialuz
    Tamialuz 2 years ago

    You two need to loose all shame to make your videos. Learn from Eat Your Kimchi.

  • Elen P.
    Elen P. 2 years ago

    Hey Amber, today u released ur gift, the beautiful MV that so many ppl wanted to see for so long and I was curious to see the reactions. Watched a bunch, they all saying how much u mean for them, so many tears of joy, how important u are as a role model for being so unique and so bright. Well I just wanted to thank u, for being that person for them, is very heartwarming to see that. Hope u can reach many more and make ur music heal when their soul ache. U are a very cool person! :) As a mom I am pretty sure ur parents are very proud of u. Keep shining!!

  • Jezza S
    Jezza S 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Amber!

  • Demi1DVioletta〈3
    Demi1DVioletta〈3 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Amber !! <33

  • fatima medina
    fatima medina 2 years ago

    llama ! Happy birthday !

  • MN97eeeeeer
    MN97eeeeeer 2 years ago

    Amber you're the coolest one ever!^^ thank you so much for making these videoes with Scott^^

  • Mary Lou Paule
    Mary Lou Paule 2 years ago

    when do you update? Every week???

  • Paulin365
    Paulin365 2 years ago

    When you have time can f(x) post a cover just like the BEAUTIFUL cover you made? I think it would be a hit and make people adore you more. If SM isn´t going to promote you you can do it :)

  • dsegundo
    dsegundo 2 years ago

    Any way to get that hot EDM version of shake that brass that you did at Korea fest?

  • Gucci Kookie
    Gucci Kookie 2 years ago

    awesome <3 my bias opened her channel

  • lemonademegan
    lemonademegan 2 years ago

    I know this is somewhat unrelated to the channel, but I was watching a mukbang, and totally thought you should do a mukbang style video, featuring Luna. I thought Luna would make a really cute mukbang person, as she is so happy whenever I saw her eat things like pizza on various shows, and is appealing to see when she is so happy like that... just my weird thought ^_^ I was like, yes, she should be a mukbang star, haha... oh and kyrstal too likes food (as I saw on her show jessica + krystal) I just remembered that... ahaha they should do mukbang... okay sorry for my rambling >.<;;;

  • kaisootrash
    kaisootrash 2 years ago

    You guys make awesome videos!

  • Isabelle Barbosa
    Isabelle Barbosa 2 years ago

    yo if you listen to bang bang bang with the mr removed they clearly say 빵야 so theres your answer lmfao

  • Akira
    Akira 2 years ago

    never knew amber had such an amazing voice ..... good that scott was not in the video ...hate to see his face

    FUCK WILLIAM JOSON 2 years ago

    you should really do a fanfic reading.

    That would be amazing

  • Akira
    Akira 2 years ago

    amber i wanna see your tits in the next video

  • JustASone
    JustASone 2 years ago

    this is why i love you so much amber.

  • RagdollAngelcat BTS
    RagdollAngelcat BTS 2 years ago

    Amber please react to King Bach Vines!~ <333333

  • Wanting kong
    Wanting kong 2 years ago

    love you amber~❤

  • kcuanny
    kcuanny 2 years ago

    This channel makes me so happy! It's such a nice way to get to know you two (especially Amber) without all the formalities of TV shows. It just feels so genuine and real. Love this channel!!! <3

  • Maria Joseph
    Maria Joseph 2 years ago

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