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  • Joshua Haubrick
    Joshua Haubrick 5 hours ago

    So we have a cracked Xbox, the queens cousin, and another golem variant?

  • 7ahmo0d tech
    7ahmo0d tech 5 hours ago

    Hey guys can you subscribe

  • Adrianplayzz_ YT
    Adrianplayzz_ YT 5 hours ago

    8:57 how is the king attacking the tower

  • Gacha Cat
    Gacha Cat 5 hours ago

    2:20 Tiny?

  • Reymart Valerio
    Reymart Valerio 6 hours ago

    Royal queen wak

  • Abysmal Gaming
    Abysmal Gaming 6 hours ago

    Why is the Barbarian king the one giving the orders? Talk about toxic masculinity. This openly supports the patriarchy.

  • dasan i
    dasan i 6 hours ago

    The silent potion made sound- *wait bu-*

  • Robin Lazo
    Robin Lazo 6 hours ago

    0:14 en visto :'v

  • Jusbert Meza
    Jusbert Meza 6 hours ago

    Lol its hilarious how they keep doing updates for like the 1% of players that have maxed out bases. Feels like they push out new content for the youtubers or people that spend their money on the game. I have been organically playing for 5 years and I’m TH10

  • Abysmal Gaming
    Abysmal Gaming 6 hours ago

    Should have made a valkary queen or a goblin king. Maybe even a flying hero this time!!! But no, we got this dumb royal champion. Pretty boring.

  • Franco David Martinez


  • jakseros
    jakseros 6 hours ago

    I didnt know the king had a thing with the royal champion

  • Anthony Stark
    Anthony Stark 6 hours ago

    When they first showed her leaks I thought it was a young dude lol.

  • Timon Nagele
    Timon Nagele 6 hours ago

    The goblin village looks cool 😅

  • Boriszka Borisz
    Boriszka Borisz 6 hours ago

    4:57 she so familiar

  • hi
    hi 7 hours ago

    Crazy how a mobile game still be viral after all these years

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  • Code S
    Code S 7 hours ago


  • Aleksa J
    Aleksa J 7 hours ago

    10.51 skeletons jump off the motor

  • Joey Matsumoto
    Joey Matsumoto 7 hours ago

    Bruh durn down that audio compression

  • اسف يازمن انا الغلطان

    هي اول مرة اشوف فديو يحمس😁

  • MalcomeFamily
    MalcomeFamily 7 hours ago

    The camps being smaller ruined my base, who else can say the same?

  • ツClaut
    ツClaut 7 hours ago

    Retreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ting is for the weak

    SHEHRYAR RIZVI 7 hours ago


  • Larry Quick
    Larry Quick 7 hours ago

    Like Rick. He is awesome and funny.

  • Spot & Mono
    Spot & Mono 7 hours ago

    Edi huwaw

  • Adris Lopez Alonso
    Adris Lopez Alonso 7 hours ago

    global chat

  • Jose Mario Gonzalez Henriquez

    Y así es como el rey bárbaro le pone los cuernos a la reina arquera .Si quieres saber cómo terminará está historia no te pierdas el próximo capítulo !!!

  • Ali Gaming
    Ali Gaming 7 hours ago

    No Jack were hurt during filming.

  • Jesus 666
    Jesus 666 7 hours ago

    Nononononono wrong emoji

  • T3ddy
    T3ddy 8 hours ago



    Stupendous video, I love it so much .... Par Excellence part is 1:37. *I up 1st dancing, Pls check and tell your opinion* 💝 💙 💓

  • miguel zaragoza
    miguel zaragoza 8 hours ago


  • 12 Ri
    12 Ri 8 hours ago

    7:11 can i look at your mom again?

  • Iron max1234
    Iron max1234 8 hours ago

    OK so here’s the thing and deck one you don’t even see the skeleton warrior but when the princess goes onto the battlefield he’s his only deck one troops so this shows that he’s actually lying.

  • Nichole Miscuso
    Nichole Miscuso 8 hours ago

    so sick

  • Rodrigo Osornio
    Rodrigo Osornio 8 hours ago

    this hero was probably made by feminest

  • Alan GamePlays _PY
    Alan GamePlays _PY 8 hours ago

    0:13 F

  • Larry Quick
    Larry Quick 8 hours ago

    The giants like bikers.

  • melimccool
    melimccool 8 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me why aq is the only hero without shoes!?

  • Tyrxs
    Tyrxs 8 hours ago

    Battyboy Darian

  • Larry Quick
    Larry Quick 8 hours ago

    I love her. She is awesome.

  • Rey Games
    Rey Games 8 hours ago

    How build wiout builder?

  • hoopsmaltwaiter
    hoopsmaltwaiter 8 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey eats 🏰 Castle.... 😐 He's disgusted 🤢

    SEBASTIAN MOLINA 8 hours ago

    Ooh so barb king has a new thing Yh a new WOman so now we know what the other duo is....

  • Reiquen XD
    Reiquen XD 8 hours ago

    Primero de argentina

  • Biggs Fam
    Biggs Fam 8 hours ago

    Just started doing Clash videos come check my channel out guys!

  • hell minotaure
    hell minotaure 8 hours ago

    Elle c est pris un gris vent

  • Indriyanto Candra
    Indriyanto Candra 9 hours ago

    She *attacc* She wears a round shield not to *blocc* But to throw it into defense That mean she *protecc* the king Also she is *blacc* But most importantly She is *t h i c c*

  • Loubens Joseph
    Loubens Joseph 9 hours ago

    This is y u don’t talk shi🤬 about traps builder 👇like

  • Svanticki
    Svanticki 9 hours ago

    Is Barbarian King Cheating on Archer Queen???

  • MlgChristian Valverde

    Imagine having a coward king

    BAYKUŞ 9 hours ago

    130 subscribers, friends 150🙏

    BAYKUŞ 9 hours ago

    130 aboneyim arkadaşlar 150 yaparmıyız 🙏

  • Truth Balm
    Truth Balm 9 hours ago

    there are zero words for how ridiculous you look..could find a decent polynesian female huh?

  • LaurenForRealz Gaming

    Archer queen isnt in this cause she was busy attacking a wall.

  • Matthew Liu
    Matthew Liu 9 hours ago

    Who else noticed flight of the bumblebee was played while the rage was thrown

  • ELECTRO Dragon
    ELECTRO Dragon 9 hours ago

    This hero is amazing the only thing thats bad is that you can get her at town hall 13 i am town hall 8 i know town hall 8 is low but i dont really play that much Clash of Clans P.S in 2028:Princess that throws her crown and hiting all the buildings with 1 shot

  • Amit Dey
    Amit Dey 9 hours ago

    Please bring Global chat back, Who wants Global Chat Back, Hit Like 👍

  • Sr Tomato
    Sr Tomato 9 hours ago

    0:15 √√

  • Enas Enas
    Enas Enas 9 hours ago

    ممكن ترجعو العالمي للعبة

  • Beach Epsiodes
    Beach Epsiodes 9 hours ago

    So basically she is better then King?

  • Dead zombie
    Dead zombie 9 hours ago

    Hello, please go to the office to the developers of the game "brawl stars" and tell them "please update the game as soon as possible" will be grateful if you pass

  • Jose daniel Chinchilla

    Es carta estaría muy espectacular

  • Levi Ivel
    Levi Ivel 10 hours ago

    Jeah im gonna Upgrade in 3 years 😂 and then there is th 14

  • majd alsmak
    majd alsmak 10 hours ago

    اكو عرب

  • *サッカー選手〜

    3:41 :o

  • *サッカー選手〜

    Golem ----> cute 💕❤ 10:08

  • Cosmin Balaban
    Cosmin Balaban 10 hours ago

    I just love the Clash of Clans universe

    JEVIL GAMER YT 10 hours ago

    Porfa canal en español

  • GSeniorPlay
    GSeniorPlay 10 hours ago

    The game continues surprising me. I have 8 years playing it 😢😭

  • *サッカー選手〜

    I love night with and with ❤💕 15:55

  • Ivan Stevic
    Ivan Stevic 10 hours ago

    Normal Barbarians:AAAAAAAAAH Barbarian King: *R e T r eAT*

  • Mauro Ayllon
    Mauro Ayllon 10 hours ago

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Supercell: vamos a meter una copia del capitán América 😂😂😂

  • Gamer Minato
    Gamer Minato 10 hours ago

    I wish the chat came back global

  • Matéo Tainier
    Matéo Tainier 10 hours ago

    Nice im banned for two days ... for speaking to my friend

  • Дмитрий Бунецкий

    Блет это она или он

  • Christian Allen
    Christian Allen 10 hours ago

    Everyone: Why does the Barbarian King saying retreat when the attacker is a th13 that's also attacking with a royal champion ? Me: Probably a failed queen walk with a full health enemy electro dragon attacking whilst there is no air attacking unit left

  • Zulekha Chouhan
    Zulekha Chouhan 10 hours ago

    mean b king is forgot the a queen he fall for new r camption

  • you gamer
    you gamer 10 hours ago

    2019: town hall has inferno 2020: town hall has single inferno 2190: all walls has Tesla , single inferno and multi inferno.

  • one piece lovers
    one piece lovers 10 hours ago

    Clash A Rama?????

  • KWS DiamondH7
    KWS DiamondH7 10 hours ago

    Well walls are useless now

  • مصطفى العبادي m

    الي شاف الفيديو لايك

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez 10 hours ago

    Rip goblin 0:07

  • ᄆᄆ
    ᄆᄆ 10 hours ago

    Hello, I am a user who enjoys Clash of Clans. First of all, this article is translated, so please forgive me if there is something strange about it. I think Clash of Clan is a great game. But I've been thinking that the game is going to go down with updates these days. First of all, the difference between people who spend money on games and people who don't spend money on games is very big. Please improve the Gold Pass a little and I don't like the remake of the hero Originally, Clash of Clan was a simple and neat graphic, but after the hero was remade, the graphics became too messy. I'd like to tell you that the old hero graphics are much better. I'd appreciate it if you could just improve this. Thank you.

  • celprialvarez
    celprialvarez 11 hours ago

    That's was cool like clash of clans

  • Matheus FEC
    Matheus FEC 11 hours ago

    Cade os brs pra meter o pau no like

  • روان مرتضى
    روان مرتضى 11 hours ago

    اللعبه تقريبا انتهت صارت خامله ....مممله اضحكتني اللقطه 0:15

  • أحفاد محمد
    أحفاد محمد 11 hours ago


  • Imran Hossen
    Imran Hossen 11 hours ago


  • Annan Gouske Brew-Arthur

    7 builders... Wait that's illegal

  • frootie pep
    frootie pep 11 hours ago

    How do I upgrade to town hall 13 I'm on 12 and it anti gotta go to 13

    SEMAJ DXD 11 hours ago

    Barbarian king has a voice love it

  • Lyndon Berkeley
    Lyndon Berkeley 11 hours ago

    The arows change teams

  • Lyndon Berkeley
    Lyndon Berkeley 11 hours ago

    Check 5:37 and 5:40

  • J C
    J C 11 hours ago

    Still waiting for the better recruitment update!! The present one sucks!! 🙄

  • Георгий Ломашвили

    It's new Hero or not?

  • xX_Blitz_Xx 0955
    xX_Blitz_Xx 0955 11 hours ago

    A day in the life of an introvert

  • WideREKXX gaming
    WideREKXX gaming 11 hours ago