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  • Padme Amidala
    Padme Amidala 8 minutes ago

    Bohemia is older/traditional name for Czech Republic but these names are not ours 😢

  • Jacq Paschoud
    Jacq Paschoud 22 minutes ago

    Cissie, not Seesee. My mums nick name from “Cecilia”. My Nans nickname from her brother saying he had a “Little Sis” (ter).

  • faith jackson
    faith jackson 27 minutes ago


  • dmallow22
    dmallow22 30 minutes ago

    Forgot to mention Daveigh Chase is an actress

  • Teacup Squad
    Teacup Squad 33 minutes ago

    I think the name Evora is a good name

  • dmallow22
    dmallow22 35 minutes ago

    I know a baby Wrenley and Wrinley. My friends has the made up name Jayca (like jacob) which I've heard one other time. Lots of beautiful options but the one that stood out was Haisley (I would turn it into a form of Hazel and add eigh (my middle is Leigh)). And Everliss was quite pretty and I adore Ever! My own made up name is Poema. Never seen or heard it and obviously a feminine take on poem.

  • Karina Nielsen
    Karina Nielsen Hour ago

    I considered Alba for my daughter! She is almost 8 now. I ended up with a very Danish name instead, we are just that, from Denmark. Mille Viola is her name ❤ We are trying to get pregnant now, and I just love your baby videos. Right now I like the Viking name Astrid.

  • Ladybug 1239
    Ladybug 1239 Hour ago

    My name is Beth

  • Mariah G
    Mariah G Hour ago

    Just a heads up if y’all name your babies any of these names you’re giving everyone consent to roast tf out of them

  • Angela Greenfield

    I recently heard of the name Shepherd and I think that is such a beautiful biblical boy name

  • C&M Celestine & Mario

    I love the name Indie for a girl and Harlow for a boy

  • Murphdawg1 gaming

    I think Mairéad is actually Irish? Maighread is the dominant Scottish Gaelic spelling

  • Macie Edwards
    Macie Edwards 2 hours ago

    The first "unique" H name that came to mind was Hester. As in Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter

  • Nasir Chowdhury
    Nasir Chowdhury 3 hours ago

    Nice ur sexy

  • Jani Polk
    Jani Polk 3 hours ago

    I knew a Quimby that I use to babysit . Very cute name ! The last name of Ramona Quimby who’s a character in a children’s book series.

  • Bianca Jody
    Bianca Jody 3 hours ago

    My teacher has three girls, Vivianne, Loralie, and Tillie and I’ve always thought that they are so girly and beautiful!

  • Caitlin Parenteau
    Caitlin Parenteau 3 hours ago

    Kuranda Huckleberry Heinrich Hamilton Bebop Sorrel Chester Sparrow Whimbrel Wilbur Tommen Maverick Afton Miranda Otto Hemlock Devine Delphine Zillah Fabian Goldwyn Brandon Louis Adair Whimsy Newton Brayden Wisdom Alberta Christine Redvers Turner Thornton

  • Yezzy v. Oorschot
    Yezzy v. Oorschot 4 hours ago

    As a writer I absolutely love these namelists. There were so many interesting and fun names on this list I'm bound to use one day. :}

  • Victoria Anne
    Victoria Anne 5 hours ago

    These only sound good with an accent lol

  • leigh reynolds
    leigh reynolds 5 hours ago

    My french bulldog is named Grayson ❤️

  • Danielle Price
    Danielle Price 6 hours ago

    i love the name emerlie

  • Monica Ford
    Monica Ford 6 hours ago

    Bud i meant

  • Monica Ford
    Monica Ford 6 hours ago

    My father in laws name is bub. Cmon nw. Mke sense

  • faze_ quake
    faze_ quake 6 hours ago

    Did anyone else click on this so they could find a girl name so they can use a name for your gamertag so you could troll?

  • M.M videos
    M.M videos 6 hours ago

    Anaeve ana+eve

  • Natalie Clack
    Natalie Clack 7 hours ago

    It’s so funny to see Sheena on the list. My mum is called Sheena and she is 68! I knew it was a Gaelic name, the original spelling is Sine 😀

  • Mike Pierce
    Mike Pierce 7 hours ago

    I wonder if Priya is the top girl name in India? I’m not of Indian descent but I’ve fallen in love with this name ♥️

  • The Jenna Diaries
    The Jenna Diaries 8 hours ago

    1) Baxter and Odette 2) Raymond 3) Ezekiel and Vivianne 4) Zoë 5) Kai and Quinn; Zachariah and Arianna 6) Violet and Hazel (Emily Blunt’s kids) - I like the idea of siblings names that are the names of colours, but I’d probably pick Hazel and Scarlett 7) spring - Heath and Rain 8) Flynn (Tangled) and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) 9) Hazel 10) Dylan and Cordelia (son and daughter of the sea) !

  • Miss Matti
    Miss Matti 8 hours ago

    Dorothy was popular awhile after too. My husband’s aunt was one and I have two exes (one Swedish even) who had aunts named that. 😅

  • Zara Anderson
    Zara Anderson 13 hours ago

    What about Zara? It means princess in Arabic

  • Fabulous Dhahabu
    Fabulous Dhahabu 14 hours ago

    I wanted to see is my name was here

  • It's Lana
    It's Lana 14 hours ago

    My name is Lana which means little rock 😂

  • Frida Hamad
    Frida Hamad 14 hours ago

    Do more Arab names!!!

  • Lauren Tomlinson
    Lauren Tomlinson 14 hours ago

    I love the name Laurel, and it’s actually on my list but I am so hesitant because my name is Lauren. I have it on my list as a middle name right now but it deserves to be a first name.

  • yarixza mendoza
    yarixza mendoza 16 hours ago

    i made up a name for my daughter her name is Maraylah Ma-ray-lah. ppl can say her name idk why tho.

  • Adrianna Milley
    Adrianna Milley 16 hours ago

    My mom's name is made up: Janalea

  • Adventures with Tabby
    Adventures with Tabby 16 hours ago


  • Kim Huebner
    Kim Huebner 16 hours ago

    I am so surprised at how many names I know from this list! I love all of these names and your channel! ❤️

  • Lisa Oaks
    Lisa Oaks 16 hours ago

    Supply teacher nightmares: "My name is Catherine, with a Q. Qaxthryen."

  • Kaitlyn Timmermann
    Kaitlyn Timmermann 17 hours ago

    A boho name I thought of and love but my husband didn't buy was Prairie. Luckily we had a boy and a much easier time agreeing on boy names.

  • Carley Hudson
    Carley Hudson 17 hours ago

    1.Dahlia Luna 2.Paxton 4.Girls- Emilia and Paisley Boys- Miles and Deacon 5.Isla Drew

  • Erin Nansel
    Erin Nansel 17 hours ago

    I love love love Jessalie!

  • Cherokee Clarice
    Cherokee Clarice 17 hours ago

    I think native american baby names list would be beautiful! My name is Cherokee (chair uh key) or simply (chair key) and they are very unique but have such wonderful meaning

  • Heidi NC
    Heidi NC 18 hours ago

    i know an anaveah and a lizelle these are real names lol

  • Destini Newby
    Destini Newby 19 hours ago

    I know a Whitley and there is a girl named Emberann at the school I work at.

  • Caitlin Parenteau
    Caitlin Parenteau 19 hours ago

    Rhapsody June and Rhonwen Sybella Tazmyrith Lilias Bishop and Conrad Beatrix Hazel-Grace and Bryony Helene Rachel Fatima and Robert Erasmus Sarah Elliott Geronimo Stilton Sorrel Crispin Soren Tracey Tiberius Theodosia Thaddeus Maxine Powell Temperance David Blaine Anderson Delta Malaysia 🇲🇾 Venice Valerian Valorie Tempest Gideon Armenia 🇦🇲 Gladys Oakley Gretel Grady Fabian Flint Finnias Dansmuseet Flora Floyd

  • Mary Dimity Christofis

    I’m 17 and my name is Mary

  • Olivia Beach
    Olivia Beach 20 hours ago

    heartleigh and haisley

  • •rxd_deer• xoxo
    •rxd_deer• xoxo 22 hours ago

    I’m 11 I am just trying to see how many girly names you can come up with that I might really like

  • Lottie Grew
    Lottie Grew 22 hours ago

    We’re naming our daughter Brinley-rai x

  • lucinda monger
    lucinda monger 22 hours ago

    I am surprised that Berths was not included. Also Hortense

  • Lisa Llewellyn
    Lisa Llewellyn 23 hours ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing 😊x

  • Nicol Desiree Maeso
    Nicol Desiree Maeso 23 hours ago

    I like Annaleah or Evaleah

  • Romy sews
    Romy sews 23 hours ago

    I'm not a mum but I'm trying to save these tips away for when I am! I used to help look after my niece one day a week and loved walking her to school (once I'd got her out of the door :P ). It was such precious one on one time and I always made sure to give her my full attention, and we'd often turn it into a game like jumping in all the puddles on the way, or one day we pretended we were using our umbrellas to fly to school. Someone once told her mum she'd seen us out the window and how happy we looked, and that's a very precious memory for me :)

  • Howltastic 11
    Howltastic 11 23 hours ago

    My name is Cortlyn haha 😆 pretty unique ig

  • Aila DiCaprio
    Aila DiCaprio 23 hours ago

    Have you ever heard of the name Aila? Also spelled Ayla, Ajla. Actually its spelled Isla too. With a silent s. Pronounced "ila". I was named Aila and I’ve never met anyone with the same name 💛

  • Natalie Hodgson
    Natalie Hodgson 23 hours ago

    Such wonderful tips - thank you! X

  • Olivia Joanna
    Olivia Joanna Day ago

    my favorite baby boy name is totally made up! it is the name messitt or messi for short

  • theworld withoutus

    My daughters called Arleigh in old English it means hare meadow it's the most beautiful name in world for the most beautiful girl in the world

  • lucinda monger

    My granddaughter is name Bayleigh

  • Sunny Bunny
    Sunny Bunny Day ago

    I’m saving this video for the future 😂 who knows might come in handy in 10+ years lol

  • M Lenard
    M Lenard Day ago

    imagine being named after an ice cream brand

  • Meekah Iman
    Meekah Iman Day ago

    Im supposed to be studying right now im not even pregnant

  • Hellybelle
    Hellybelle Day ago

    Jed, and Diana (but I think they'd get called Jedi lol) Jed, and Cole.

  • Naomi Coppinger

    Emily sent me here 💓

  • Hellybelle
    Hellybelle Day ago

    I've always LOVED the name Ariadne; I was going to call her Ari for short 😊

  • Bean Hill
    Bean Hill Day ago

    My name is Ila and it usually an older women’s name but now it’s becoming more popular.

  • Herta Schneider

    Amel? You mean Amelia? :p and Whitley has been around for a while but still great, Sophiel is an angel name too, Daveigh Chase is famous :p brilliant video though!(: have a lovely day and be well all of you!

  • Llamas Love Hamilton

    I now a Ameliana

    • Llamas Love Hamilton
      Llamas Love Hamilton Day ago

      Tessa Dora ♥️ Anavayah ❤️ Lissele ❤️ Kyndra ♥️ Isbri ♥️

  • Lysa Turreda
    Lysa Turreda Day ago

    As a teacher, I know a lot of weird names lik Hzara, Haevryl, Scy, Wenbie. And also most of them starts with Princess or Queenie for a girl (Princess Trixie, Queenie Jane etc)

  • Me
    Me Day ago

    I know a Whitley

  • Diana Stephoni

    How do you spell your daughter's name

  • xxxmakeshiftwingsxxx

    Tuppence is an old fashioned term for your lady parts, just as an fyi!

  • Melissa Laracuente

    I love Marisol!

  • Dean McLaren
    Dean McLaren Day ago

    My name is serenity I personally think it’s a girly unique name

  • Sandmaedchen
    Sandmaedchen Day ago

    Hello SJ 😊 i really like the names Ezrah & Shiloh

  • Rachel S.
    Rachel S. Day ago

    Raelora hit me funny because my name is Rachel and my sister's name is Laura... I'm pretty sure she's been called "Ra-Laura" hundreds of times before 😂😂

  • zowie hood
    zowie hood Day ago

    My name is spelled Z-O-W-I-E and pronounced like Zoe or Zoey

  • Kerstin Bishoff

    LOVE Faelynn

  • Florence Dee Milleza

    Blazyl basically just popped in my head i think its actually nice

  • Natalie Bober
    Natalie Bober Day ago

    Mad Men takes place in the 60s

  • oldhoes
    oldhoes Day ago

    Avie is actually a dutch name, it’s spelled differently tho: Evi / Evie, but it’s pronounced the same. such a beautiful name!!!

  • Emily Salinas
    Emily Salinas Day ago

    u look JUST like saoirse ronan!!!

  • Elizabeth Sydney

    You look just like Saoirse Ronan omg

  • Kayla Titus
    Kayla Titus Day ago

    Wrenleigh was actually my secret name I had picked out for a future baby that I probably won't ever have.... guess it wasn't as unique as I thought!

  • Kayla Titus
    Kayla Titus Day ago

    I actually know two different Bryerleigh's so it's a different spelling but same pronunciation.

  • Clare Garnet
    Clare Garnet Day ago

    Elisobelle or Elisobel is so pretty! I like this idea of combining names to create something new. I like Claramay, Ellyrose, Ellarose, Avabel, Evabel.

  • Autumn Anderson

    My horse's name was Avie! 🐴🐎💜💜

  • Holly Maschari

    I'm obsessed with the name Skye but theres so many variations of the name that are already popular so my partner and I have agreed to name our daughter Skylaina if we ever have one. :)

  • Emily Engle
    Emily Engle Day ago

    Top 2: Ameliana and Maevry

  • Katie Zalejsky

    I also love the names Edeline & Fallon

  • Megan West
    Megan West Day ago

    Have you done an American/western name video? Fun theme! Love that vibe.

  • Megan West
    Megan West Day ago

    These videos get more and more off the wall 😂. That said, here I am🤷‍♀️

  • Fatou Diallo
    Fatou Diallo Day ago

    Mydow (MY-Doe)is a name I just made’s a unisex name

  • Sierra S
    Sierra S Day ago

    Have you heard the name Creighton?

  • Nataliah1130
    Nataliah1130 Day ago

    my name is Natalia and my sister's name is Katalina and we always get compliments over how unique and girly our names are (:

  • Jake Hurran
    Jake Hurran Day ago

    I know someone named Ameliana

  • Chris Juliette

    One that i came up with as a kid was britalia bc i didnt like Britney nor natalia and thought i could make it better... Britalia? I actually like it

  • Lilia Burdett
    Lilia Burdett Day ago

    I think the show sex educations characters have the coolest names! Love Otis ❤️

  • Sugar Cain
    Sugar Cain Day ago

    Both my name and my moms name are Whitley and I never hear anywhere and I finally heard it in a baby names video so thank you for putting it in