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  • Tim Scotty
    Tim Scotty 5 hours ago

    Blah! Bunch of annoying freaks killing ppl.. mindless gore nothing more ... think I’ll pass

  • Keyila Lamour
    Keyila Lamour 6 hours ago

    One in Spiderman 3 a new one wow I think mcu make a mistake there's two venom like they supposed to be one right and three spiderman

  • Keyila Lamour
    Keyila Lamour 6 hours ago

    Wow there's three venom

  • Keyila Lamour
    Keyila Lamour 6 hours ago

    You see where it say sony. Universe of marvel comets I know all these characters gonna be in Spiderman one bye one

  • Keyila Lamour
    Keyila Lamour 6 hours ago

    Wow two venom one human inside one empty after the human wow

  • comontater
    comontater 6 hours ago

    I was very excited to see Iron Sky 1 but I hated it, I hated Iron Sky 2 even more. I thought it was a great premise for a movie that was not carried through. Iron Sky 2 showed that they had no understanding of the history or science behind the Hollow Earth Theory. It also showed that they had no understanding of the history or philosophy of National Socialism. Hardly anyone noticed that the Swastica was replaced by the dollar sighn . It was a stupid movie made for an inept audience.

  • Charles Merrill
    Charles Merrill 6 hours ago

    When is the release date?

  • Luxury.x. Sparkles
    Luxury.x. Sparkles 6 hours ago

    I hate everyone in this movie except the sister ... she didn’t deserve her hamster being ate by the snake :( also I really hate her brothers if I was the sister I would whoop the brakes off of my younger brother

  • Bass 167
    Bass 167 6 hours ago

    No wonder movies cost so much to make when your paying a bunch of moron acting like idiots 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Colombiano 504
    Colombiano 504 7 hours ago

    Movie sucked, waste of time 😒

  • Adrien Watson
    Adrien Watson 7 hours ago

    Why does TVclip think I want to watch a shitty B Chinese movie with idiotic acting and super powered special effects from YEARS ago?

  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton 7 hours ago

    gay and that movie title, how could people finance a movie with such a title

  • Alex Ermolaev
    Alex Ermolaev 7 hours ago


  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer 7 hours ago


    SPRESCAV 7 hours ago

    I won't watch Live action anime adaption, I won't watch Live action anime adaption, I won't watch Live action anime adaption, I won't watch Live action anime adaption, I won't watch Live action anime adaption, (Repeat)

  • xcop945x
    xcop945x 8 hours ago

    Please say this is fake lma

  • Daniel Aptekar
    Daniel Aptekar 8 hours ago

    Anything to get rid of Daniel Craig as James Bond. I think he is terrible. Don't like him at all.

  • Ƥяιηcє
    Ƥяιηcє 8 hours ago

    _The thumbnail resembles Golden Experience..._

  • Skap Kof Gonzeilz
    Skap Kof Gonzeilz 8 hours ago

    That Jotaro looks 48 years old instead of 28

  • raj raj
    raj raj 9 hours ago

    finally rob zombie making great movie

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson 10 hours ago

    Been a Dune lover my whole life. With the complexity of the story, I'm not sure ANY film adaptation will do it justice....I'll still go see it though.

  • Queen J
    Queen J 10 hours ago

    Watched it. Liked it.

  • PhaZe Ce
    PhaZe Ce 10 hours ago

    Sound has no effect on Carnage he traded it for some Cthulhu like demon's magic so heat and the demon's magic is his weakness

  • princess Ayaka
    princess Ayaka 11 hours ago

    Taking everything from men: Ocean's... Ghostbusters and maybe way. If it is happening I will say bye Mr James Bond 007

  • Xerxes
    Xerxes 11 hours ago


  • Abdullah Mushtaq
    Abdullah Mushtaq 13 hours ago

    Where to see full movie????

  • SidewaysBurnouts
    SidewaysBurnouts 15 hours ago

    J Edgar Hoover ordered those murders, and a 100 others during his anti hippie purge.

  • SoulscheMattiks1978
    SoulscheMattiks1978 15 hours ago

    “watching the Roseanne Bar” that was kind of funny

  • SoulscheMattiks1978
    SoulscheMattiks1978 15 hours ago

    I wonder if any bloopers are because the British accents didn’t quite level to the American ones that they seem to do so well

  • Demudu Naidu Boddu
    Demudu Naidu Boddu 15 hours ago


  • Alfayeed Salik
    Alfayeed Salik 16 hours ago

    To summarize, the characters in Hotel Transylvania are basically the roster we'll see in the Dark Universe.

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 16 hours ago

    Wait a minute...are you telling me what I watched in theaters WASN'T the bloopers/gag reel?

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big 17 hours ago

    2:55- 2:59 BADASS

    BLACKIRON 17 hours ago

    Dark times are ahead of us....

  • manoj mungde
    manoj mungde 19 hours ago

    I am indian. I don't know language but love it..

  • Sean Bayly
    Sean Bayly 20 hours ago

    If a woman takes over after Daniel, I'm done.

    • Sean Bayly
      Sean Bayly 5 hours ago

      @ALOSHY REJI hes no james bond though

      ALOSHY REJI 8 hours ago

      What about Cilian Murphy...he's Irish..but he looks great for a bond

    • Michael Denczek
      Michael Denczek 14 hours ago


  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez 22 hours ago

    Hate to say this if they put a woman for the lead role. If they don't nail female for the role write. The movie won't make any money. At least cast edirs elba for a role that would be an awesome change.

  • Devin Burns
    Devin Burns Day ago

    Almost reminds me of waking life. Imma have definitely check this out

  • chlipouno youssef

    a think i never understand why they put cable on actor ? why they aren t choose actor who can really fly ?

  • LongLiveBuckethead LongLiveBuckethead

    Venom is badass! This is real Spiderman shit

  • Pancouver venguins

    I passed this movie for so long on Netflix because I had no clue what it was. I decided to watch it not knowing anything about it at all.........a day later I've seen it four times lmao one of my favorite movies for sure.

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Very interesting

  • Quyết Nguyễn Quý

    USA đất nước của sự mơ mộng nhất trái đất

  • Row
    Row Day ago


  • Londzale
    Londzale Day ago

    That's not how black people talk and that's not what black people do. *Stop with the white washing of blacks*

  • Eric H.
    Eric H. Day ago

    Movie was wack as fk ! They didn't even include Charles Cosby being in her life . Next !

  • Hussein Bash
    Hussein Bash Day ago

    Movie was okay .. 6/10 is more than enough.. I expected some real ass horror but ended up with a bunch of random cringe dialogues .. the death game concept was great tho

  • William Nolan
    William Nolan Day ago

    Part 1-3? It starts with part 4

  • lostmangos
    lostmangos Day ago

    Why are there so many retarded posts about Vegans?!? This movie has nothing to do with vegans!? Vegans dont eat any meat (even human) 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Raptur Jragon Producing

    Kinda hard to watch a movie like this. Obvs it's going to have false heroism propaganda. What do Russians know about being heroic? They let their government do a bunch of heinous shit.

  • Edwin Sarmiento

    The movie could have been worse but this is mediocre level.

  • Praanesh Sureshkumar

    Pretty doesnt matter it's just a tool woman use LOLOLOLLl

  • gonsas ferreira

    I cried when he died in the end 😞

  • The Type of Red


  • Brandon Wright

    Damn i forgot about the space leaving. Hopefully it lands and the apes have taken over and the humans are all retarded like Nova and blah blah they all fight and it will just end come to a dramatic conclusion and will end

  • Potato Animations

    I hope Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will appear

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Day ago

    You're just a little Shark. *Glup Glup Glup Glup*

  • Eskimos
    Eskimos Day ago

    This looks shit

  • bunny fish
    bunny fish Day ago

    Now,I REALLY have to see this movie

  • Vera Gilligan
    Vera Gilligan Day ago

    I want Carnage! Hahaha.

  • Mark Hogquist
    Mark Hogquist Day ago

    As much as I enjoy Craig as 007, I'm okay with a new actor. But they have to get it right, and really nail it. Very tough shoes to fill.

  • Afif Zairuh Jekk

    Wait this is not a new this is a long movie

  • Rud500 Lol
    Rud500 Lol Day ago


  • Dorian Gray
    Dorian Gray Day ago

    So is it any good? Damn shame they went the lesbian route. Whenever movies these days try to make a main character arc part of the social justice lunatic fringe it makes it so hard for the rest of us who aren't a part of that fringe class to identify with the story or get immersed in it. This is partially why the classics remain so loved and watched. We watch the same movies over and over again because back in the day filmmakers had the freedom to really explore real life issues unlike today where they have to adhere to a strict SJW rulebook.

    • Joe Rogan
      Joe Rogan 23 hours ago

      Thanks, skipping this movie. So tired of gays being in absolutely everything, despite only making up 5% of the population

  • 上島きいな


  • Malaika Queen
    Malaika Queen Day ago

    Waiting for releasing date . Trailer is bombastic 👌👌✌

  • Jaacob Erazo YT

    None of them are overbuilt 6' feet tall characters. *T R A S H*

  • lightning boi
    lightning boi Day ago


  • Alan Mountain
    Alan Mountain Day ago

    I saw this movie a year ago and was so disappointed. Lennys's story deserved better. Yes Lenny did that face gurning to psyche himself up but he didnt wear the expression 24/7

  • Jacob Neves
    Jacob Neves Day ago

    I'm telling you right now his movies are by far the most brutal films by far Halloween 2007 was brutal

    • joeysdemise
      joeysdemise Day ago

      Lmaooooo watch the original Guinea Pig Series, August Underground 1,2, and 3, Martyrs (2009), Maniac (1980), Inside (2007) those moives make Rob's films look like Veggie Tales. Don't get me wrong I love his movies but their not as brutal as they should be

  • Alvin Eng
    Alvin Eng Day ago

    LOVE the original book, Dune, along with Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. I'm actually looking forward to a film adaptation. I just hope it follows closely with the novels!!

  • AwfullyAndi
    AwfullyAndi Day ago

    Scary gay shit, I live for it.

  • B Sadi
    B Sadi Day ago

    Yall can keep charging folks :netflix, apple, disney, hulu, etc you fucking nuts? 5-10 dollars each per month? Like people need more individual bills .. ill stick to my putlockers

  • Matilde Vasquez

    Was that picture jataro was holding supposed to be dio and the world if so then it looks terrible

  • Da GamerAlternates

    When will this come out on DVD it would be a perfect gift for my friend johny

  • الــ جنــرآل

    اااااخ متى ينزل بسسس😍😍

  • Mochi Sensei
    Mochi Sensei Day ago

    If I can see the koichi pose I'm satisfied

  • hrb 27
    hrb 27 Day ago

    Where i can find the movie on internet?

  • Matias
    Matias 2 days ago

    woke bond , , what a shame

  • TheBeerlin
    TheBeerlin 2 days ago

    Where's Rohan? Why is Kakyoin in the movie?

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer 2 days ago

    Why is this on my recommendation this is 2 years old

  • Grey Ellison
    Grey Ellison 2 days ago

    this looks so good i’m so excited

  • Deep-fried south
    Deep-fried south 2 days ago

    Rob come back we are dying of mainstream commercial vomit music ,its like your jerrod Leto in reverse. A legitimate rockstar making crap films .

  • Druid
    Druid 2 days ago

    lol i live where this was filmed.

  • Love The Modest dress

    one who faithful from God wont watch this funny things this is not scary

  • kardki4
    kardki4 2 days ago

    @BboyZoinks Quit being a pathetic stupid bitching hater you talentless dumb-ass. Get the facts right The Crooked Man from The Conjuring 2 is not CGI but an actual actor named Javier Botet who has Marfan Syndrome. Hence the reason why he is really thin and perfect for playing the Crooked Man. You’re just a crappy illiterate negative minded low life idiotic sub-human degenerate.

  • Sonu Vai
    Sonu Vai 2 days ago

    Why now a Black president?

  • Like Beggar Police
    Like Beggar Police 2 days ago

    Y’all are so fucking money hungry, 15 second unskippable ads?

  • GamingTux
    GamingTux 2 days ago

    oh fraaaaaaancis

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Ghetto kids changed the world, didn't they?!?

  • SassyWitchDee Moon
    SassyWitchDee Moon 2 days ago

    A female 007, interesting.

  • Alt Lexington
    Alt Lexington 2 days ago

    Perhaps the aliens that visited Earths oceans in the movie The Abyss come from Alpha Centauri and are also visiting the oceans on Pandora, it would be a nice crossover, also it would explain the battle causing a stampede which links in with the network betwen the trees and Eywa causing that stampede in response to Jakes prayer and Augustines uploaded mind. The Abyss aliens gave the Na'vi a gift tree network because they lived in balance with nature, but gave Earth the Tsunami because Humans don't. Perhaps the gas giant with high pressure and deep cold is inhabited by The Abyss aliens.

  • Jacob Barlow
    Jacob Barlow 2 days ago

    I'd love Bond movies again if Craig would move on, he's the first one that doesn't fit the character.

  • substring zero
    substring zero 2 days ago

    They should just let the Bond franchise dies and start a new story with the new actress.

  • Raynz
    Raynz 2 days ago


  • Duke Damage
    Duke Damage 2 days ago

    I would like the role to stay Daniel Craig, but he apparently doesn't want to be part of the franchise anymore he's been stating such for the last two films. I wasn't too interested in them doing any of this sjw shit when there was talk about Idris Elba playing the role, but now for it to be black AND a female just clearly shows that they're doubling down with the social politics. So I would prefer JB be played by Idris, cuz at least we know he's a seasoned actor! I've never even heard of this chick...what has she even done?!?! SMFH

    • Duke Damage
      Duke Damage 2 days ago

      P.S. and before anybody tries to cry foul of racism! I'm a mulatto of black & white, so it has nothing to do with that, or even the gender really, but just the fact that they're doing it not because it's legitimately organic...but because they're trying to play the sjw tune!

  • Shane Rene
    Shane Rene 2 days ago

    Nope, Ian Flemming never entended for James Bond to ever be played by a female. This would officially be the end of the OO7 character.

    • StansStuff
      StansStuff Day ago

      Can you not wait til you actually see the film to judge? It could be awful, it could be great.

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 2 days ago

    Nah dog

  • AndySuke-Sito
    AndySuke-Sito 2 days ago

    Buen video, saludo desde Colombia

  • Naomi King
    Naomi King 2 days ago

    I hope and pray he continues his role to play James Bond 💯 cause I love him. He really grew on me and he really portray James Bond character very well I must say!

    • Antonette D'costa
      Antonette D'costa Day ago

      Yes, I hope Daniel Craig continues playing James Bond cause he's the best and so real. Emotions and actions he got me there!!