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i can't hide her anymore...
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  • Kaylan O
    Kaylan O 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one watching in 2020

  • debra nevens
    debra nevens 5 hours ago

    Beautiful. She so deserve that can.. may God bless you..

  • Sam Shibe
    Sam Shibe 5 hours ago

    The thirst for clout though🤡😂

  • Fajar arjaken
    Fajar arjaken 5 hours ago

    Anjay jd pengen

    RONIKS 5 hours ago

    99% ShE's GoNnA gEt AlOt Of FaKe FrIeNdS Me: *really nicca*

    AUSTIN VAN BEEK 5 hours ago

    Porsh gt3rs is my dream car I love your videos

  • Motion venom
    Motion venom 5 hours ago


  • Jarkie Badminton
    Jarkie Badminton 5 hours ago

    Hi tanner

  • Manny The goat
    Manny The goat 5 hours ago

    Wow to faze rug aren’t you guys friends

  • Neymar jr
    Neymar jr 5 hours ago

    Next video killing people kid and make them a new one

  • Alex Budar
    Alex Budar 5 hours ago

    Do it red

  • Sharpay TV
    Sharpay TV 5 hours ago

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  • Audrey Wang
    Audrey Wang 5 hours ago

    I was smiling for 12.23 minutes the whole time.

  • Bryce Clark
    Bryce Clark 5 hours ago

    5:40 😂😂😂

  • Jenieveb Mingaray
    Jenieveb Mingaray 5 hours ago

    smash my phone pls 😂😂😂😂

  • Trisha Helmer
    Trisha Helmer 5 hours ago

    No stop right now

  • Eternal _Plays
    Eternal _Plays 6 hours ago


  • Focus Bob
    Focus Bob 6 hours ago

    Automatic....these young ass people can't afford an uber

  • Anthony Enright
    Anthony Enright 6 hours ago

    OMG this is so

  • kaylee phillips
    kaylee phillips 6 hours ago

    i hate when people act rich

  • Matthew Cloud
    Matthew Cloud 6 hours ago

    This video beats out his other droping his sister off in a gtr by a couple million views

  • Repy -_-
    Repy -_- 7 hours ago

    Give back the record

  • Gabriela Roblero
    Gabriela Roblero 7 hours ago

    peopel from school omg can i tack a pic in there mind dang there so rich!!!!!

  • Jesse Tepezano
    Jesse Tepezano 7 hours ago

    Wet socks on sand with sand in socks

  • Raghavan Elango
    Raghavan Elango 7 hours ago

    Do a giveaway

  • Josie Elliott
    Josie Elliott 7 hours ago

    Nasty can we say good digger 100% yo

  • DiSc GuY
    DiSc GuY 7 hours ago

    This video could have been maybe 10mins if u didnt keep repeating yourself. Must have been first car accident ever but come on wasnt that bad. I had a friend die next to me in car role over accident. Your fine grow up kid

  • Quinn Vitu
    Quinn Vitu 7 hours ago

    me when i exersize 15:12

  • Mr PC
    Mr PC 7 hours ago

    Tanner: WE'RE GOING TO RACE A TESLA Isn't it illegal to race like this on public roads? (I don't mind, but be careful)

  • Trent Roderick 2
    Trent Roderick 2 7 hours ago

    Looking fresh

  • Frankie Quiring
    Frankie Quiring 7 hours ago

    i like him more as a youtube

  • Quinn Vitu
    Quinn Vitu 7 hours ago

    donald: cute little house me: OKAY, WHAT?????

  • Yves Hof
    Yves Hof 7 hours ago

    Again showoff.. Hope you ll crash one day

  • Yves Hof
    Yves Hof 7 hours ago

    Showoff... You're a little kid

  • FaZe MaNo
    FaZe MaNo 7 hours ago

    tanner at 9:20 its called a manu and kiwis are really good at them #nz you have to land on your tail bone

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee 7 hours ago

    I’m wactching in 2020 and this shit mad funny when she said grandmaaa

  • FaZe MaNo
    FaZe MaNo 7 hours ago

    tanner at 9:20 its called a manu and kiwis are really good at them #nz

  • Richard Rico
    Richard Rico 8 hours ago

    A rug

  • Danny Garvin
    Danny Garvin 8 hours ago

    Dude this guy never post anymore, but he is still awesome

  • Damon Charette
    Damon Charette 8 hours ago

    Bro she almost yanked that E-Brake 😂 the entire time her hand was on it it was giving me anxiety lmao

  • Nico Cua
    Nico Cua 8 hours ago

    Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!!!!!

  • Cesar Barajas
    Cesar Barajas 8 hours ago

    8:15 always use your seatbelts

    NBA SUPREME 8 hours ago

    Isn’t Donald 13 How can he drive?!?

  • Luis Coronel
    Luis Coronel 8 hours ago

    u dumb the limitation of speed is because of the passanger and pilot seatbelt

  • DiSc GuY
    DiSc GuY 8 hours ago

    This was so nice of tanner and she puts up with so much BS from that kid

  • King Ofromania
    King Ofromania 8 hours ago

    whats was hapebed with that girl.with fiat500

  • Madison Mills
    Madison Mills 8 hours ago

    She looks like Taylor

  • Vlew Channel
    Vlew Channel 8 hours ago

    Who’s here after the whole Romeo thing

  • Kaleb Parmelee
    Kaleb Parmelee 8 hours ago

    tanner i'm kaleb i love your videos i'v been yosing my brothers account brayden parmelee so if you have any thing from him it's me not him

  • Blake Clenenden
    Blake Clenenden 9 hours ago

    Tanner fox has a kid

  • Michael Ciardullo
    Michael Ciardullo 9 hours ago

    oooh that xbox noti tho

  • Kaleb Parmelee
    Kaleb Parmelee 9 hours ago

    it's cold here in wisconsin

  • Merpast
    Merpast 9 hours ago

    like why havent you gave z a car

  • Lamoi Bell
    Lamoi Bell 9 hours ago

    *me sees my brother pull up in a Lamborghini* Me: oookkkayyy jesus *sees his friend pulls out a red paper like thing* *Me: takes a u turn walks to the back of the school jumps the fence and walks home*

  • jaco kruger
    jaco kruger 9 hours ago

    jo did you stop your channel or not

  • Wyatt Young
    Wyatt Young 9 hours ago

    So stupid

    NORMS ATV 9 hours ago

    I love these type videos so kind of you to do so . In return i will like and Sub help reach your goal well done !

  • Apprentice Creater
    Apprentice Creater 9 hours ago

    I hoped they saved their data to iCloud

  • Deonna L McElrath
    Deonna L McElrath 9 hours ago

    He rich rich

  • Aleigha Westbrook
    Aleigha Westbrook 9 hours ago

    I love u

  • Aleigha Westbrook
    Aleigha Westbrook 9 hours ago

    I lobe you

  • Aleigha Westbrook
    Aleigha Westbrook 9 hours ago

    I love you

  • Inverted 311
    Inverted 311 9 hours ago

    Dudes a genius.

  • Tea Crnic
    Tea Crnic 9 hours ago

    Anyone else thinking of the rich kid in kick ass?

  • Brody Darl
    Brody Darl 9 hours ago

    You should put her in a video

  • Brody Darl
    Brody Darl 9 hours ago

    Where is Your sister

  • NoName
    NoName 9 hours ago

    To those who play NFS, seeing a lambo wont be that much of a surprise, or well it depende on them

  • Danielle Nesmith
    Danielle Nesmith 9 hours ago

    Im not a subscriber but ive beem watching him a few days . Im an adult an admire this young man he doesnt seem to hold his amount of subscribers as really snobby rich dude.

  • Munashe Marutsi
    Munashe Marutsi 9 hours ago

    Late but damn you guys are hot

  • Cryptic174
    Cryptic174 9 hours ago

    Legend says jay is still at the school

  • RedDude198 Or DisrpctRed

    Free car I guess

  • Sam
    Sam 10 hours ago

    This video is as fake as my grandmas teeth

  • Noemi Ibarra
    Noemi Ibarra 10 hours ago


  • Szellem 98
    Szellem 98 10 hours ago

    Csak egy semmire való gyökér gyerek aki szülők pénze nélkül sehol se lenne! 🙂

  • Benjamin Ellender
    Benjamin Ellender 10 hours ago


  • Kellen Hatfield
    Kellen Hatfield 10 hours ago

    Yes please

  • Wabu
    Wabu 10 hours ago

    bless her and many others who needs blessings

  • DJ 8
    DJ 8 10 hours ago

    i was

  • DiamondCookie Cream
    DiamondCookie Cream 10 hours ago

    Ligit so many people arount omg

    SUUHH_DUDE 10 hours ago

    i know im hella late but that was a damn good choice in a car i have the same one and love the hell out of it

  • Red Rogers
    Red Rogers 10 hours ago

    How did it get a plate on thd front

  • Tommy Witherington
    Tommy Witherington 11 hours ago

    You will be buy a new one

    CALCU1ATOR ! 11 hours ago

    And then the way she looked at the camera come here boy😋7:15

  • Pradhyot Hada
    Pradhyot Hada 11 hours ago

    It has to be a yes

  • •Čøøkîe Gøø!
    •Čøøkîe Gøø! 11 hours ago

    Fake friends Let me introduce myself

    CALCU1ATOR ! 11 hours ago

    She says that a junior mint so cute😋

  • K A K A S H I
    K A K A S H I 11 hours ago

    This is when faze rug called you right

    CALCU1ATOR ! 11 hours ago

    7:06 she says coconut milk so cute

  • A A FAM
    A A FAM 11 hours ago

    We don’t have Starbucks every were

  • Foot Ball
    Foot Ball 11 hours ago

    Little late sorry

  • Nenad Kis
    Nenad Kis 11 hours ago

    Broo sand one for Serbia

  • Gatcha_ Cupcake
    Gatcha_ Cupcake 11 hours ago

    When she went (°▽°) I felt that

  • Blaise Hagers
    Blaise Hagers 11 hours ago

    can u please make girl's clothes and shorts please

  • NoyNation13
    NoyNation13 11 hours ago

    In the with real and we kick out the fakes Then there shouldn’t be any sound in this video because it’s all fake auto tune

  • Jinhit Ent. CEO: Worldwide handsome Jin, you know

    What if they can’t get the notes and pictures saved??

  • Altajh Horton
    Altajh Horton 11 hours ago

    Can I have it please

  • Keith Kathrein
    Keith Kathrein 11 hours ago

    Thanx to Mr.beast, I'm subscribe to u. Xoxo.tangelina.s

  • Peter Quiring
    Peter Quiring 11 hours ago

    Don't keep it

  • Scaterzz
    Scaterzz 11 hours ago

    marko how tall are you 6.5 no 10.5

  • Nesy DZ
    Nesy DZ 11 hours ago

    Fucking rich boys 😢😢 .. I'm jealous 😢