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Unbreakable Action Figures?
Views 4.3M3 months ago
World's Worst Wedgie?
Views 6M4 months ago
Does This Cat Have 9 Lives?
Views 2.3M5 months ago
Eric just quit Vat19.
Views 1.8M7 months ago
Better than Dude Perfect?
Views 1M8 months ago
What's in the Box?!
Views 996K10 months ago


  • Twinkle Topaz
    Twinkle Topaz Minute ago

    Diabetes: _Am I a joke to you?_

  • TheCookie Man3000
    TheCookie Man3000 10 minutes ago

    Drew a vat19 crew (

    KUKKONENHD _ 17 minutes ago

    A giant gummy horse? Make it

  • Pinkie Starly
    Pinkie Starly 19 minutes ago

    “We got this idea from the king of random” Me:*staring at the thumbnail of the king of random about cotton candy while hearing that line*

  • No One
    No One 24 minutes ago

    Me hiding from my responsibilities

  • น้องโยอิ Yo-ei สเต๊กเตาอุ่น

    Can it work with goat milk call me"lucky"

  • _milky. octo_
    _milky. octo_ 27 minutes ago

    Definition of unicorn : when god says *no*

  • Josephine Tumlos
    Josephine Tumlos 32 minutes ago

    11:39 Look at his reaction

  • ULTRA ROBIN 7878
    ULTRA ROBIN 7878 35 minutes ago

    Ever heard of the slushy maker?

  • Sri Daran
    Sri Daran 35 minutes ago

    I got all bro

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 42 minutes ago

    Diabetes:your weak Vat19:I’m you

    RAN BANANA 49 minutes ago

    Vat19: *soooond*

  • Vat19
    Vat19 49 minutes ago

    Watch until the end to see how we cleaned all of the cotton candy up!

  • TheFrenchBoi Gaming
    TheFrenchBoi Gaming 50 minutes ago

    The first time I see a kid be lucky and he doesn’t eat it. WTF

  • The taken child
    The taken child 55 minutes ago

    Yup, Nothing like waking up in the morning to get meh water hose and start *spraying my clock*

  • xanthus poon
    xanthus poon 58 minutes ago

    im sure i can finsh all of them

  • im weird
    im weird Hour ago

    Happy birthday to me


    Gummy sour tortoise

  • The taken child
    The taken child Hour ago

    *10 Products That Break When You Add Water* *Number 1: Laptop*

  • Aloha Summer
    Aloha Summer Hour ago

    Me: mom can i have a hickey? Mom: tf? Me: a hickey?! Mom: no Me: i can use it in my shoes mom Mom: ......

  • Niilo Wathen
    Niilo Wathen Hour ago

    Make Giant Sour Gummy Bear

  • billgateforever
    billgateforever Hour ago

    What would you do with unlimited cotton candy, Sell em' and be the next Elon Musk

  • X-games hotwheels

    I think the unicorn is adam huber

  • 2k subs by commenting challenge?

    *goes to festival just to get cotton candy* Vat19: are you a joke to me

    FF GAMERS Hour ago


  • Gacha Comics
    Gacha Comics Hour ago

    You can get serious diabetes eating all them donuts.

  • XxKeaton AndingxX

    The king of random dad died 😥😥😥

  • Swordy GT
    Swordy GT Hour ago

    When you got sponsored by : Burst open the fire sprinkler system, with confidence and say : "LeT mE tElL yOu MoRe AbOuT wIx.."

  • Steinar Mathiassen

    Ben is me vondering what i did with my life when he heres the baby shark song and danny does daddy shark 🦈🦈

    BEAT NATION Hour ago

    But they are really fun to play with

    BEAT NATION Hour ago

    They are sometimes dangerous

  • Ahdra Haiqqal
    Ahdra Haiqqal Hour ago

    pleas made again plz

  • Eclipse, Gacha and GD Lucas Gabriel Surio

    I’m now opening a shop with the items in the video Every item has a free water sample Sneaky Stardust Super Splashers Aqua Illusions Water Candles AquaPod Watermelon Ball Water Powered Clocks LifeStraw Spitballs AquaBot It’s free

  • シOlivia__
    シOlivia__ Hour ago


  • シOlivia__
    シOlivia__ Hour ago

    2019?! This video is nearly my age I’m 9

  • Fnaf boi FORTNITE

    Yay Collins Key!

  • Andrew DaBest322

    How many bloopers where in the bacon lollipops

  • Angel Erdei
    Angel Erdei Hour ago

    make it very spicy

  • Fake Mail
    Fake Mail Hour ago

    1:24 rip

  • B751east games
    B751east games Hour ago

    If I had unlimited cotton candy I would sell it and buy takis

    RAN BANANA Hour ago

    0:52 umm *NOT EVEN A SPOON WTF*

  • ThyReach Gamer
    ThyReach Gamer Hour ago

    That cat is not heavy like the feather but it fall feaster than father 5x Hahahaha 😆😆😆😆

  • Popcorn Man
    Popcorn Man Hour ago

    Rip gummy

  • DinoSam Gaming
    DinoSam Gaming Hour ago

    6:24 I think Kara's like into him.

  • Your Average Minecraft E-Boy

    0:24 imagine a cop pulling you up and finding these

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro Hour ago

    Imagine the amount of inverse trig involved in making this You cant even get a classroom caclassroomto do that

  • Lê Vũ Linh Chi
    Lê Vũ Linh Chi 2 hours ago

    Okay so i have watched this video every year since 2011... I'm old

  • Tony Maxx
    Tony Maxx 2 hours ago

    Anyone noticed? That picture were they showed almost all of their latest items in vat19 they had the head pillow in dude perfect overtime

    REETA SINGH 2 hours ago

    vat19 that is easy.

  • MuskratLunch
    MuskratLunch 2 hours ago

    I get that coconut joke haha 😆 niiiiiiccceeee

  • beast VN
    beast VN 2 hours ago


  • toast toons
    toast toons 2 hours ago

    0:23 turns "smoothly"

  • Rommel Galindes
    Rommel Galindes 2 hours ago


  • Pacific YT
    Pacific YT 2 hours ago

    I actually like my cereal soggy

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain 2 hours ago


  • KC Tan
    KC Tan 2 hours ago

    make a DIY one pls

  • galaxy dark side
    galaxy dark side 2 hours ago

    Snoop frog snoop dog 😂😂😂

  • ThatGirlEmma 234
    ThatGirlEmma 234 2 hours ago

    I got these stuck in my hair it took an hour to get them out

  • kashturie bhagwandin

    But if someone has your phone he could find where you live and your car keys and house location do it's one-way ticket to robbery for how much.... 59.99 damn I'll take 20

  • Jayden Ballance
    Jayden Ballance 2 hours ago


  • Katherine Kaza
    Katherine Kaza 2 hours ago

    Who said adults can color with these?

  • SSuper Pro!
    SSuper Pro! 2 hours ago

    *Realises that yoga balls exist*

  • hufflepuff potsticker

    4:42 best part

  • Alpaca Studiozzz
    Alpaca Studiozzz 2 hours ago

    Curiously awesome. Amazingly dumb.

  • Yip Yip
    Yip Yip 3 hours ago


  • Margz Alverio
    Margz Alverio 3 hours ago

    0:47I thought it was the S word

  • Gavin Rhodes
    Gavin Rhodes 3 hours ago

    If I had unlimited cotton candy I would sell it start a business because I would have no produce reducer for profit.

  • S.G.K. 213
    S.G.K. 213 3 hours ago

    2:04 Basically me when I want to see my friends gifts

  • Saanvi Krishnan
    Saanvi Krishnan 3 hours ago

    Is the toe of Satan still hotter ??

  • jilu pradeep
    jilu pradeep 3 hours ago

    I love snakes there are my favorite animal I have even put one around my neck and I'm only 12 years old

  • darkskies oof
    darkskies oof 3 hours ago

    i would drink it..

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles 3 hours ago

    Ah... good old Fastbreak_383

  • Epic Turtle
    Epic Turtle 3 hours ago

    I never have my phone dirty. My fingers are clean when i use it. Even if there is a smallest dirty thing on my phone i always clean it .

  • Nicsolas
    Nicsolas 3 hours ago

    how about 100000000000000 amazing toys are great for kidz

  • Kaitlyn Kok
    Kaitlyn Kok 3 hours ago

    3:07 ASMR VIDEO :>

  • BananaStand -
    BananaStand - 3 hours ago

    So how disgustingly toxic and harmful are those for the environment?

  • Dave Antonio Miguel
    Dave Antonio Miguel 3 hours ago

    I wish Ethan was here😔😔

  • Bren Dan
    Bren Dan 3 hours ago

    I thought the the water-powered clock was discontinued?

  • Not a perfact artists

    I miss Eric

  • Emerson Rose
    Emerson Rose 3 hours ago

    It's the circle of lifeeeee

  • Ava Eller
    Ava Eller 3 hours ago

    I've though for a long that Vat19 is just 'The Office' in real life

  • Vibration Crew
    Vibration Crew 4 hours ago

    Title says 'unlimited' thumbnail says '300 bags' So which is it??

  • Sheryll Geronimo
    Sheryll Geronimo 4 hours ago


  • Jayden Au Yeung
    Jayden Au Yeung 4 hours ago

    I used to have the smallest crocodile dentist . To bad it broke so I threw it away.😭

  • DarnCanIJustHaveAName Please?

    please let eric come back!

  • DarnCanIJustHaveAName Please?

    please let eric come back!

  • DarnCanIJustHaveAName Please?

    please let eric come back!

  • DarnCanIJustHaveAName Please?

    please let eric come back!

  • H31MU7
    H31MU7 4 hours ago

    that was fun to watch and all but yeah this whole video was cursed

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 4 hours ago

    Omg 2019

  • Ineedmore attention
    Ineedmore attention 4 hours ago

    2:15 Me:*gasp* this video is a sign of cannibalism.

  • aki 11
    aki 11 4 hours ago

    A family of sex?really

  • Sunny Siu
    Sunny Siu 4 hours ago

    I have colour changing putty

  • Rosy Kusuma
    Rosy Kusuma 4 hours ago

    Uhhhhh what

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome 4 hours ago

    I heard "the king of random" and it made me happy.

  • got em ,
    got em , 4 hours ago

    0:20 chocolate isnt a food*

  • Muhammad Aayan Imran

    me at 12:29: how DARE you.

  • Engineer everything
    Engineer everything 4 hours ago

    10:07 thank me later

  • KaiThe Killer
    KaiThe Killer 5 hours ago

    R.I.P Grant you were the dude i always inspire to be

  • p3ng w1ng
    p3ng w1ng 5 hours ago

    Try closing your eyes 😉