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World's Worst Wedgie?
Views 7M6 months ago
Does This Cat Have 9 Lives?
Views 2.8M7 months ago
Eric just quit Vat19.
Views 2M9 months ago
Better than Dude Perfect?
Views 1.1M10 months ago


  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy 3 hours ago

    Can’t you use a paint brush

  • RainBowSlash The Great

    Didn't Eric leave? (I'm not mad though)

  • Wolfie gamer27
    Wolfie gamer27 3 hours ago

    omg I've got the best way to cheat all you have to do do is phone Danny's phone and follow the ringing but use somebody else's phone so he doesn't know it's you

  • Deserve Not Desire
    Deserve Not Desire 3 hours ago

    Its amazing how unessecary and perfectly executed those parkour moves were tho.

  • reuven dove
    reuven dove 3 hours ago

    This is how many people use liquid plumr

  • Jaiden Walton
    Jaiden Walton 3 hours ago

    Yayyyyyyyyyy I’m so happy Eric is back 🤗

  • Ed Derek
    Ed Derek 3 hours ago

    What a fucking asshole this bossman

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz 3 hours ago

    I wish they were bigger

  • Tanvir Ghura
    Tanvir Ghura 3 hours ago

    Why was Danny holding a cup for the whole time

  • Gilbert Grias
    Gilbert Grias 3 hours ago

    I miss eric

  • GlassPhoenix
    GlassPhoenix 3 hours ago

    Wait y is adam from tasty there?

  • lfclark96
    lfclark96 3 hours ago

    fuck u

  • billy bob
    billy bob 3 hours ago

    But does it have a bottle opener

  • Billy Richerd
    Billy Richerd 3 hours ago

    how many people love it that Eric is back

  • George Welsh
    George Welsh 3 hours ago

    U^ェ^U ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

  • Annabelle Gaballah
    Annabelle Gaballah 3 hours ago

    Eric is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hudson Isakson
    Hudson Isakson 3 hours ago

    I’m just waiting for a comment from Dude Perfect

  • Jack Ritchie
    Jack Ritchie 3 hours ago

    My birthday is next week

  • Chloe S
    Chloe S 3 hours ago

    ERIC yo back

  • WarThrill_s
    WarThrill_s 3 hours ago

    ERIC IS BACK!!!! : ))))))))))))))))))

  • Vanjavicko
    Vanjavicko 3 hours ago

    2008: not anytime soon 2009: not still 2010: still no 2011: nahhhhhh 2012: nope 2013: nopety nope 2014: I don't fill like it 2015: a little bit more 2016: a little more 2017: not now 2018: not right now 2019: YEAH RIGHT NOW!!!

  • brawl stars is a potato:D

    Hey vat19 let me ask you a question what happens if someone gets 2 bonus gifts

  • I like to play Video games

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like no way

  • edwrd
    edwrd 3 hours ago

    How wet is the water

  • TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover

    Pop top, drop top, but don’t drop my pop pop

  • TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover

    Pop top, drop top, but don’t drop my pop pop

  • AK - 06KN - Tomken Road MS (1153)

    is he alright

  • Kerri Lomas
    Kerri Lomas 3 hours ago


  • TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover

    P U T Y O U R B E A K I N T O I T

  • Tofu
    Tofu 3 hours ago

    Next time try pooping in the sink

  • TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover

    MMMMM COLORS- vat 19 far as I know 2019

  • Mr. Quack
    Mr. Quack 3 hours ago

    2:12 brother, I crave the LOOP!

  • Kiana Vlogs
    Kiana Vlogs 3 hours ago

    My fav part in the video: Global warming? Am I right

  • This is awesome
    This is awesome 3 hours ago

    0.22 is that an crossbow

  • TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover

    I’m so jealous of Those guys they get to eat the bear brownies ever

  • Coolestrobloxian12387.

    When this video turned 9 I turned 9

  • Uni Cookie
    Uni Cookie 3 hours ago

    I can't believe you would waste candy like that! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • Dennis3.0 Is also a legend

    But water isn’t wet

  • Gabe Talbert
    Gabe Talbert 3 hours ago

    They did

  • Mozzarella Madalyn
    Mozzarella Madalyn 3 hours ago

    ERIC IS BACK 🥳🤪😝

  • Feather Flower
    Feather Flower 3 hours ago

    It’s like 300 dollars

  • Toxic_Spirits01 01
    Toxic_Spirits01 01 3 hours ago

    Clog: exists Liquid plumr : lemme join the party Clog: ight imma head out

  • Jessica George
    Jessica George 3 hours ago

    Conclusion: You can *never* get rid of raisins

  • Al Mistri
    Al Mistri 3 hours ago

    Did first try

  • TorixX11
    TorixX11 3 hours ago

    7:17 is that a plane?

  • Mazhar Ali
    Mazhar Ali 3 hours ago

    John: are they killing it Me: obviously not!

  • Rylan Pearson
    Rylan Pearson 3 hours ago

    Go soup and waffle on the go

  • May
    May 3 hours ago

    I just hate how they play with the died for this meat and you're just throwing it and playing with it like it's...I don't know what...I also hate how you play with food in there are so many people out there who suffer malnutrition and you're just crashing it and literally stumping on it...even tho it's for entertainment should try something else except of food and especially meat, seriously guys.. overthink this shit

  • Griffingirl Badass
    Griffingirl Badass 3 hours ago

    5:14. Jamie‘s face after😂

  • Hairyicejuice
    Hairyicejuice 3 hours ago

    Try using hot glue and Cyanoacrylate to clog

  • Random Editz UwU
    Random Editz UwU 4 hours ago

    Gummy popsicle:never melts Me:LIESSSSSSS what about in da microwave ;-;

  • Alexis DoBuilds
    Alexis DoBuilds 4 hours ago

    ”Think this one's in heat.” ADUKT JOKE-

  • skyeblxssom
    skyeblxssom 4 hours ago

    Holy shhhh i am so fricking happyyyy

  • Jennifer Stephens
    Jennifer Stephens 4 hours ago

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • zarina bajar
    zarina bajar 4 hours ago

    No one: Not even a single soul: Eric: eEEEEeeeeEeeeOoooooOooooo

  • The Best EXO fan In the whole entire world luvAmber

    I used to have these when I was little

  • Panda Playz
    Panda Playz 4 hours ago

    I learned a trick with warheads I keep it at the side of my mouth and keep trying it and whe it’s sweet I just eat it

  • R Marcogliese
    R Marcogliese 4 hours ago

    I wonder how long it took to clean the pool lol

  • Robby Armienta
    Robby Armienta 4 hours ago

    Were does the sound comes from for the first one

  • nena intal
    nena intal 4 hours ago

    eric your back!!!

  • Joshua Grønvold
    Joshua Grønvold 4 hours ago

    8:35 thx me later

  • RedLemons
    RedLemons 4 hours ago

    9:04 not sure if fire and gas station is a good combo

  • Oliver On kadund
    Oliver On kadund 4 hours ago

    When phil swift had to do this OLLIE commerciaL IT EVEN WORKS UNDERWAAATER

  • Skylar Soto
    Skylar Soto 4 hours ago


  • Aiko Cruzat
    Aiko Cruzat 4 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Natalie Jednaszewski

    I don’t know if UPGRADE Is the right word

  • Ellie-Maria Giacomelli


  • Liz Aviles
    Liz Aviles 4 hours ago

    I thought eric quit

  • wise waaiz
    wise waaiz 4 hours ago

    The girl came in the game like "yeah this is easy " but then she regretted it😂😂😂

  • Thomas fan 1945
    Thomas fan 1945 4 hours ago

    *E P I C* *E R I C*

  • mott2004
    mott2004 4 hours ago

    I saw Eric the magician and instantly thought RABBIT!!!!

  • Fruitysmell
    Fruitysmell 4 hours ago

    Lowkey they dropped some bars

  • Fgteevwatcher2 Family


  • Chung Tran
    Chung Tran 4 hours ago

    *But I like soggy cereal...*

  • Fgteevwatcher2 Family

    This was posted before I was born!!!!! Like if it was posted if you were born!!!

  • Nazif Numanovic
    Nazif Numanovic 4 hours ago


  • wild wolf
    wild wolf 4 hours ago

    Great idea. To know what cards you have angle them so everyone can see them

  • Dezarae
    Dezarae 4 hours ago

    Who else REALLY wants that unicorn lamp?

  • CrippledMan
    CrippledMan 4 hours ago

    No one gonna say it doesn’t sound like Joey speaking?

  • Pijk B
    Pijk B 4 hours ago

    2:13 it looks like sperm😂

  • Lord Herrs
    Lord Herrs 4 hours ago

    Is it me or Erick kinda looks like corl from the pals

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee 4 hours ago


  • Bryant Huynh
    Bryant Huynh 4 hours ago


  • Abby rivera
    Abby rivera 4 hours ago

    I want to cry my fav person is back

  • Johan Kleverskär
    Johan Kleverskär 4 hours ago

    Mabe some bred what you can put down in the sink. And Vat19 you are the Good and i love your vidios are so Good so i whant to come ther and be wiht one of your vidios.

  • George Welsh
    George Welsh 4 hours ago

    I ordered the snow ball stress ball. But I Want All If These

  • Weird Potato
    Weird Potato 4 hours ago

    I’ve had the M-berry and a lemon. The m-berry tasted disgusting but the lemon was good.

  • Marissa Puracchio
    Marissa Puracchio 4 hours ago

    With my dirty minded self I LOVE will it

  • ツzonbik on crack
    ツzonbik on crack 4 hours ago

    slow it down he said target before he evan started to say times up

  • Jeff McCollum
    Jeff McCollum 4 hours ago

    Is the stinger still on the scorpion

  • Vincent plaz!!!!!! Nguyen

    So You’re telling me that it can clean my penis?

  • Rendijs
    Rendijs 4 hours ago

    No one: Bowling screens when you hit a strike: 0:39

  • richard baker
    richard baker 4 hours ago

    In loving memory of Eric working at Vat19 <3

  • Mikey Spagnola
    Mikey Spagnola 4 hours ago

    Wait what you did waffles in melted gummy but you don't Dip IT IN SYRUP

  • Oli Jackson
    Oli Jackson 4 hours ago

    So much COREY

  • GidRedstoneGaming
    GidRedstoneGaming 5 hours ago

    The thumbnail : they are both the same spicy or not spicy it's just a mirrored image

  • Richard Luchian
    Richard Luchian 5 hours ago

    So he's still alive

  • Mikey Spagnola
    Mikey Spagnola 5 hours ago

    I already got my but blasted from taco bell no thanks LOL LOL LOL

  • Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington 5 hours ago

    MaKey MaKey

  • tim mobile
    tim mobile 5 hours ago

    Yeeees Bring it da bck