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World's Worst Wedgie?
Views 8M8 months ago
Does This Cat Have 9 Lives?
Views 3.2M9 months ago
Eric just quit Vat19.
Views 2.2M11 months ago


  • gaming with GGoo971
    gaming with GGoo971 3 hours ago

    yo every time you like this comment i get an email

  • Ilovepho567 That’s my Roblox account btw

    Lol imagine the ball broke when they jumped on it lol I would love there reaction lol

  • Carson Hutcherson
    Carson Hutcherson 3 hours ago

    Bad. News. Bears.

    MATER DOIT 3 hours ago

    Fire it out of a paintball gun

  • The Ultimate Fat Fuck

    Finally a new toy

  • Derek Godfrey
    Derek Godfrey 3 hours ago

    Snow step snow step snow step Danny Julander tracked in the snow trying to find his bear

  • Scool Suck
    Scool Suck 3 hours ago

    You just said (let’s make a website named vat19

  • New Englander
    New Englander 3 hours ago

    Middle piece gang

  • Little Midnight Flame


  • Mysterious Gaming
    Mysterious Gaming 3 hours ago

    Me uses the water candle thing Them: ....... Them: why you using gasoline Me: uhhhhhh it’s for my ex :)

  • Mackenzie Hurlbut
    Mackenzie Hurlbut 3 hours ago

    So we’re omg

  • Elizabeth Onionzzz
    Elizabeth Onionzzz 3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the red haring on the stall where the girl said he's in a blue shirt btw i didnt watch da end of the vid so if they say it was a red haring pls dont say im faking

  • Grid Gaming
    Grid Gaming 3 hours ago

    $20 for a magnet? I mean

  • Diego Ovadia
    Diego Ovadia 4 hours ago

    I don't even know why I'm watching this, I'm allergic to corn. -.-

  • Najen_Ket
    Najen_Ket 4 hours ago


  • Dan-The-Squid
    Dan-The-Squid 4 hours ago

    They should have just advertised this as a Khet reskin from the start

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio 4 hours ago

    At 6:33 you can here the bullets bounce off

  • SleepyHollow6124
    SleepyHollow6124 4 hours ago

    You know this is the kind of channel that would put for the title: You've never seen these kinds of *balls* before. Lol

  • Ilovepho567 That’s my Roblox account btw

    *me eats ice cream* feels bad *

  • Mauricio Rivas
    Mauricio Rivas 4 hours ago

    My brother eats chicken feat and loves it , Mexican stuff

  • Bette Boo
    Bette Boo 4 hours ago

    Danny:I borrowed the company card and taking one dollar every minute Next. Week Danny's kids at Christmas. Daddy got me a eraser . Danny :this cast is so itchy.jammie:mwah ha ha

  • Magdalena Borkoski
    Magdalena Borkoski 4 hours ago

    I'll take the dog treates not the candy ones though

  • SepticZombie
    SepticZombie 4 hours ago

    How much did this cost just from coins alone.

  • Ilovepho567 That’s my Roblox account btw

    Idea: fill up an entire bowl with flood just floof

  • nooby
    nooby 4 hours ago

    Microsoft Edge?

  • Churchill Jared Christopher Ray 何偉麟 P6B8

    Image a black guy in this video

  • Churchill Jared Christopher Ray 何偉麟 P6B8

    The road to 10mil subs!

  • Moore of Colleen
    Moore of Colleen 4 hours ago

    pls collab with me we should do a candy vs real part 2 together. it would be awesome

  • Jordi bruh Gaming
    Jordi bruh Gaming 4 hours ago

    I think they got shimmering and sparkle switched

  • Mixed Up Films Studios

    10 what?

  • omar vlog
    omar vlog 4 hours ago


  • Over Priced
    Over Priced 4 hours ago

    Lol it'll stay in a bag

  • Turfy The Turtle
    Turfy The Turtle 4 hours ago

    Stop -online- real life dating

  • Mixed Up Films Studios

    That ink attempt for a slushy, you killed Bendy!

  • Right capacity channel Box Of Mystery The box will touch your heart

  • 4eyes 5brains
    4eyes 5brains 4 hours ago

    Just use a table saw

  • Razor High Flyer
    Razor High Flyer 4 hours ago

    *I'll take 30!*

  • JakePlays 104
    JakePlays 104 4 hours ago

    This part of hidden in plain slight who else found it

  • SaberMcTaber
    SaberMcTaber 4 hours ago

    Wow kids, PG-13

  • Anzel Chan
    Anzel Chan 4 hours ago

    Jamie on 7:54 🤣😂😂

  • RoyaleRubyXOX
    RoyaleRubyXOX 4 hours ago

    Thumbnail: "defies gravity" Me, who is seeing wicked this year: *TELL THEM HOW IIII AM DEFYYYIIINGGG GRAVITY!* No joke, I love your videos.

  • Leah Sambrooks
    Leah Sambrooks 4 hours ago

    I wanted it :(

  • Sad Goose
    Sad Goose 4 hours ago

    Water is not wet

  • Bunny1 0561
    Bunny1 0561 4 hours ago

    Dose it work with pounds and pence

  • Cookie_Bookie
    Cookie_Bookie 4 hours ago

    10:40 Me when I realize it’s only Tuesday

  • Aaron Moore
    Aaron Moore 4 hours ago

    Who else saw Danny @7:35?

  • Logan Lockwood
    Logan Lockwood 4 hours ago

    It will “drive him crazy”

  • •night fly•
    •night fly• 4 hours ago

    "You may enter." *"no"* "Yes." *_"N O O O O O O O"_*

  • versadre waters
    versadre waters 4 hours ago

    In the Future how do I apply for the job? I mean it

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer 4 hours ago

    This is kind of useless... BUT I... still don’t need it

  • Prxmise
    Prxmise 4 hours ago

    Why does the thumbnail look like somwthing else? If u know what I mean

  • SolgerLemp
    SolgerLemp 4 hours ago

    There's like a lot more easier ways to get in it without causing all that damage to the cash

  • Flying Smore
    Flying Smore 4 hours ago

    Did you know that inside the putty there’s flaks of lady liberty.

  • Fatima Glitter
    Fatima Glitter 4 hours ago

    You're. Tabasco.

  • Jack Collier
    Jack Collier 5 hours ago

    Never show me this again recommendations

  • LPS Peanut Butter Productions

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got click baited into 11 minutes as so did you.

  • Golden Man
    Golden Man 5 hours ago

    This was in my morning work at school

  • Fatima Glitter
    Fatima Glitter 5 hours ago

    I. Love you joey💋💋💋👄❤️👄💋💋💯🎀

  • De
    De 5 hours ago


  • Dagua Webb
    Dagua Webb 5 hours ago

    "Kill It With Your Teeth!!!!!" -Jon

  • Lorraine Tourish
    Lorraine Tourish 5 hours ago

    That is really big

  • br3nnan has no banter

    That blood stuff is black pudding comes from a pig if you cook it it's very nice

  • Oh That's Cool!
    Oh That's Cool! 5 hours ago

    They forgot the evil man from the movie

  • Jacksepticye Fan
    Jacksepticye Fan 5 hours ago

    And this is why people are obese😂😂

    JACINTA PHAM 5 hours ago

    Does anyone notice that the fire is actually a video on a TV

  • Jromo Cortez
    Jromo Cortez 5 hours ago

    DaNnY DeViTo

  • Grace Hopper
    Grace Hopper 5 hours ago

    “ thank you for the bucket”! 🤣

  • thumbsquid1507
    thumbsquid1507 5 hours ago

    Just get a tank to shoot it. Easy.

  • C Hartwell
    C Hartwell 5 hours ago


  • broomsterm
    broomsterm 5 hours ago

    Now what? All that citric acid (pH 3.2), baking soda (pH 9), and corn starch (pH 7.0) - not to mention the coloring - inevitably changed the pH of the water. Will it have to be drained and refilled? What is that - about 30,000 gallons of water wasted?

    KZ BACON 5 hours ago

    5:04 Regretting past decisions

  • Jromo Cortez
    Jromo Cortez 5 hours ago

    Eric:Comes back without telling anyone. Me:HI ERIC YAYA! Eric:If we don’t get out of here alive, no one is! Me:YEAHHH! Wait what..?

    KZ BACON 5 hours ago

    A summary: People eat foreign cuisines and Ben takes the role of Jon

  • Grace Hopper
    Grace Hopper 5 hours ago

    Bro that’s a motor oil 😷🤒 ☠️

  • Crocogator
    Crocogator 5 hours ago

    I love vat19 because they’re sort of like the office but real

  • Ahmad TheTaterTot
    Ahmad TheTaterTot 5 hours ago

    Thats a mi"stake" Danny.

  • the meeper
    the meeper 5 hours ago

    *wants to work there* uhhh remind me to remember to pack a change of clothes.

  • Pasteli The Neko
    Pasteli The Neko 5 hours ago

    Who else saw Collins Key at the beginning?

  • Nicholas Bonsky
    Nicholas Bonsky 5 hours ago

    9:08 that is why we came

  • Álvaro Corona
    Álvaro Corona 5 hours ago

    The hair once is horrible

  • Chiken Morris
    Chiken Morris 6 hours ago

    People out here complaining that if you hit it harder it tips over, it’s not supposed to be fucking invincible it’s just supposed to prevent you accidentally knocking it down

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 6 hours ago

    How am I supposed to open this beer with no bottle opener? Where’s all the beer? Me: The beers in the bottle, duh.

  • Sunset Safari
    Sunset Safari 6 hours ago

    0:41 who else saw redfurd (sorry if I spelled that wrong) in the back round

  • theminecrafter3000
    theminecrafter3000 6 hours ago

    8:10 only if you are massaging a very small person

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 6 hours ago


  • Fnaf Arthur
    Fnaf Arthur 6 hours ago

    Seems kicking does the trick i ripped the holder off. It hangs on it always hangs on.

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 6 hours ago

    OMG I saw this in hidden in plain sight😂😂😂