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  • MalikEmmanuel
    MalikEmmanuel 2 hours ago

    This is like watching a WNBA game

  • bigblue999
    bigblue999 2 hours ago

    Do Madden next with the Browns going 190-0 the next 10 years.

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation

    This is so hard to watch with that cringy girl laughing ever 5 seconds

  • HuskyWarrior 0029
    HuskyWarrior 0029 2 hours ago

    The scary thing is, Ray's prophecy was damn on point. Goddamn

  • TheTot Process
    TheTot Process 3 hours ago

    Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley.

  • BranJ89
    BranJ89 3 hours ago

    How are Shaq, Kenny and Ernie still alive when the 40 OVR apocalypse finally happens?

  • TheMW2informer
    TheMW2informer 3 hours ago

    I mean, making 1.9billion dollar profit on a NBA team isnt something a "horrible businessman" would do is it?

  • Aurcus Two
    Aurcus Two 3 hours ago

    RIP Avril...Lol

  • Willdawg 00
    Willdawg 00 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else that Jiedel did this exact video? Just not with charts...

  • Kris C
    Kris C 3 hours ago

    Do one on the big 3 celtics and big 3 heat

  • Paulo Brasil
    Paulo Brasil 4 hours ago

    So you simulated the NBA before the racial barriers came down! good for you!!

  • Giorgio Gazzola
    Giorgio Gazzola 4 hours ago

    We curse in traffic and we don't care

  • aswells review
    aswells review 4 hours ago

    I witnessed this. I was never the same as a florida state fan

  • TheNamesDitto
    TheNamesDitto 4 hours ago

    I dont regret watching this all in one go

  • Sam HW
    Sam HW 4 hours ago

    Please tell me the next video is you guys adding a 7"7 18 year old 99 ovr with every single badge 😂

  • gogojojo331
    gogojojo331 4 hours ago

    Anyone else get a 2k ad before this video?

  • Daniel Summey
    Daniel Summey 4 hours ago

    Rabid Seahawks fan here. This was one of my favorite Seahawks seasons to watch. The team was... scrappy. They played to their competition. They’d show up against quality teams, then get ran over by bad teams. Hasselbeck was banged up all year, but was really good when he was in.

  • Trollololol
    Trollololol 4 hours ago

    Kickers get no respect untill we win you a Superbowl in the 2nd quarter of the game.

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson 4 hours ago

    It would have been interesting for you guys to examine the amended rules of the new trash NBA. I wonder if the rules would reflect a logical change in the game as the 40-overalls took over, or would just be random changes.

  • Mr. Madden
    Mr. Madden 5 hours ago

    Kinda happy Harbaugh left. Management of that team was HORRIBLE, and he was the only one (besides the talent on the field) trying to make it work.

  • FeathertopDT
    FeathertopDT 5 hours ago

    2:55 is wrong. Scoreboard is never hidden. Only the time left.

  • FeathertopDT
    FeathertopDT 5 hours ago

    This rule only exists in like rural leagues. This happened in a Grand Final in South Australia last year and from memory the rule wasn’t enforced.

  • Austin Graham
    Austin Graham 5 hours ago

    Why did I just watch that

  • The Scatman
    The Scatman 5 hours ago

    MJ loves a bet.....he sure does!

  • Visaural
    Visaural 6 hours ago

    25:07 0-82 challenge complete

  • Mayo Hosko's Lego With Spider-Man and Elsa

    What the f***ck is this pointless video

  • Bob Sally
    Bob Sally 6 hours ago

    I liked the vid when the guy st the beginning said, I’m not

  • Kel Tsang
    Kel Tsang 6 hours ago

    It would be IMPOSSIBLE for Magic to teamup with MJ even if he continue his decision going to the NBA. Bulls will not have that bad of a revord when Magic would be there. Unless.. Magic gets HIV earlier Or Bulls do a Spurs, where they were able to get Duncan even with the Admiral on the lineup.

  • Krystal Giove
    Krystal Giove 6 hours ago

    Five seed is always an undesirable seed. You often face a quality opponent from a smaller conference who is motivated to make their splash on the tournament in the 12 seed. You often find a pair of 12's upsetting 5's in each tourny. Typically those 5's were also teams who had the potential to be higher seeds at some point but started to fizzle late in the year.

  • Y2kSd4
    Y2kSd4 6 hours ago

    WHO F kKk innn careeeesss, G0 Fkkk Ur selfff & the Resssttt of themmmm N!%μθ觧§§§§

  • Anthony Badillo
    Anthony Badillo 6 hours ago

    Action Jackson pick 2 on Brees. MNF 2018 💪🏽

  • The Scatman
    The Scatman 7 hours ago

    1) The origins of how Gary Sheffield became the angry Black man of the era.....! 2) Why Wayne Huizenga was never brought up on charges of creating false records.......! 3) Why the iconic Derek Jeter decided to own this franchise is beyond me!

  • ISeeFlashingLights
    ISeeFlashingLights 7 hours ago

    You and/or your editor have an amazing way to edit this series.

  • Captainwilts
    Captainwilts 7 hours ago

    Still better than the 2017 season

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 7 hours ago

    "Personal reasons" got me

  • Jack Teo
    Jack Teo 7 hours ago

    If you are not good at anything, its just god trying to simulate some stuff for his youtube channel.

  • Dragon Press
    Dragon Press 7 hours ago

    Is albert Pujols clean ? I've been a firm believer that Barry Bonds should never end up in the Hall of Fame and the League should strip his record for the fact he was juicing that's got no place in baseball like I'm not saying he is but I mean the fact that he's hitting that many home runs suggests Albert might be on the juice

  • Brock Mak
    Brock Mak 7 hours ago

    Dare you to try this on NBA 2k20.

  • Dante Colon
    Dante Colon 8 hours ago

    30 years bruh what

  • Jawn_life11
    Jawn_life11 8 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see this done in other games like madden and mlb

  • BigMonkeyOnAStick
    BigMonkeyOnAStick 8 hours ago

    This is one of the greatest videos ever made

  • James the PlayStation Guy

    This is such an amazing idea to just create crazy sports future's. I love it

  • Keith S. Hembree
    Keith S. Hembree 9 hours ago

    I suggest you guys choose the primary weapons if you don’t know how to play bullet force on freegames66, take your time and explore.

  • Petter Nybråten
    Petter Nybråten 9 hours ago

    Siberia called wants its somberness back

  • Aaron〈3DoTO
    Aaron〈3DoTO 9 hours ago

    who knew all the 76'ers need is a guy named Buckner to actually win some chips.

  • Declan Conroy
    Declan Conroy 9 hours ago

    All you Cubs fans would have done the exact same thing as Bartman anyway. The only good thing about them winning a title was not having to listen to all that constant whining for a while.

  • ItsSupermanDoe
    ItsSupermanDoe 9 hours ago

    The 90 rebounds 6 points thing had me crying laughing

  • Uncle B
    Uncle B 9 hours ago

    PER crashed the game bc u played it on XBox!! (Sony for life!!)

  • Declan Conroy
    Declan Conroy 9 hours ago

    Johnathan Buckner's MVP season should be the subject of a full length chart party video.

  • TheVisigoth
    TheVisigoth 9 hours ago

    Elena is the second best SB contributor. Seth is first obviously.

  • Kristian Wanner
    Kristian Wanner 9 hours ago

    You could have made the stats look even worse cause the league voted on 20 second shot clocks so 6 points is even worse lol

  • François Tarrida
    François Tarrida 9 hours ago

    And where's the head coach in all that?

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 10 hours ago

    This was really great I loved this

  • EdmacZ
    EdmacZ 10 hours ago

    And now, both of them are pretty much out of the picture. Brown is in New England, and Ben is out for the year with an elbow injury. Everything corrects themselves eventually.

  • Alex Staso
    Alex Staso 10 hours ago

    So u guys stole a video already done by another youtuber nice

  • The Wind-Up Sweetheart

    although the jokes don't land, this was still an informative video!

  • ganninia
    ganninia 10 hours ago

    can you do the how the celtics big 3 + rondo fell ep. thanks

  • KeegoTheWise
    KeegoTheWise 10 hours ago

    Please make more of these, this was fantastic!

  • Football Thoughts
    Football Thoughts 10 hours ago

    Sb 53

  • robbiesilverwolf
    robbiesilverwolf 10 hours ago

    Why do I see complete bias in this video?

  • Cooper Anderson
    Cooper Anderson 10 hours ago

    One of the best sports accounts on TVclip. And that's on Jah.

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra 11 hours ago

    i love how they treat it like a criminal investigation

  • TheVisigoth
    TheVisigoth 11 hours ago

    Pro Set is a really great design, so trash vid.

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw 11 hours ago

    20 million over 10 years to do nothing...

  • JellyOnMyDick
    JellyOnMyDick 11 hours ago

    Knowing how glitchy and slow myleague gets after a few decades really makes me appreciate this whole mess

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw 11 hours ago

    The refs deserved one this game

  • JellyOnMyDick
    JellyOnMyDick 11 hours ago

    24:22 is a glitch that happens only when trying to sign centers sometimes, you just can't for whatever reason

    MARTIEN BÉLANGER 11 hours ago

    The three referees scheduled for that game were named Ron: referee Ron Fournier and linesmen Ron Asselstine and Ron Foyt.

  • Kevin Heckeler
    Kevin Heckeler 11 hours ago

    That was a superbly entertaining waste of time.

    MARTIEN BÉLANGER 11 hours ago

    4:17 not exactly «his own fan» since that occurred in Québec City against the Nordiques.

  • RoyFizzle
    RoyFizzle 12 hours ago

    This is assuming the knicks were smart enough to draft someone like curry

    • Ranf Marco
      Ranf Marco 10 hours ago

      Knicks always draft good talent then keeps trading it away for mediocre players.

  • Off_mah_lawn
    Off_mah_lawn 12 hours ago

    29:00 They do look like champagne bubbles!

  • Rick Nash
    Rick Nash 12 hours ago

    Why is this so scary

  • Joe O'Sullivan
    Joe O'Sullivan 12 hours ago

    Jon Bois! Could always use a little more Jon Bois in my life.

  • r villa
    r villa 12 hours ago


  • Ron Froehlich
    Ron Froehlich 12 hours ago

    Sand can glow in the dark. I've seen it in the Outer Banks at the end of September

  • Ken Norton
    Ken Norton 12 hours ago

    Only complaint is I wish they had simulated a couple seasons with all the 40’s and shown the stats of who won MVP, best record, etc. I’m curious is the MVP only averaged like 8 ppg haha

  • Stephen Rea
    Stephen Rea 12 hours ago

    This is art

  • Triplechomending
    Triplechomending 12 hours ago

    i am a simple man. men who don't qualify as "not jon bois" are my weakness

  • Tb0n33999
    Tb0n33999 12 hours ago

    This is horrifying and I love it.

  • StsFiveOneLima
    StsFiveOneLima 12 hours ago

    1.9K Vine 'stars' disliked this video.

  • _k1ng.sm8kes_
    _k1ng.sm8kes_ 12 hours ago

    can you do WWE and WCW content

  • diego nunes
    diego nunes 12 hours ago

    Please do it with QBs!

  • aj johnson
    aj johnson 12 hours ago

    I actually watched the whole video and I’m still asking myself, “WHY???”

  • Ethan Tinklenberg
    Ethan Tinklenberg 12 hours ago

    I hadn’t noticed that Peterson’s number was 28 before now, oh my god it’s prophetic.

  • Michael J
    Michael J 12 hours ago


  • Der männliche Mann
    Der männliche Mann 12 hours ago

    Split the NFL in 4 Groups of 8. Let them play each other twice a year and send the top 2 teams to the playoffs. Or 2 groups of 16 and let them play each other once a year and send 4 teams to the playoffs. And then you play 2 games per playoff round. One at home and one away. Except for the final. Done. Top Pick goes to Champion, 2nd to Super Bowl loser, 3rd to the better one of the semi final losers etc. Thats Bullshit giving rewards for losing.

  • Austin Hansen
    Austin Hansen 13 hours ago

    I wonder what pro sports will die out by 2058.. now you guys sent me into a wormhole!

  • Tanner Johnson
    Tanner Johnson 13 hours ago

    Oklahoma would have won the national championship without Tebow around that year.

  • Jeffrey Li
    Jeffrey Li 13 hours ago

    I lost it a little at, "The Golden State Warriors went 0-82"

    NO PATS JIM 13 hours ago

    Should look at how Saints kicker Tom Dempsey was able to kick field goals with half a foot, remembered for a THEN RECORD 63 yard field goal in 1970.

  • Ignacio Arellano
    Ignacio Arellano 13 hours ago

    John Connor ??? Please, Jon Bois is the true leader of the rebelion against machines

  • Anthony Olivares
    Anthony Olivares 13 hours ago

    28:41 did you not watch last years Super Bowl?

  • tommy
    tommy 13 hours ago

    Dang, i forgot how stacked the niners were, smith, gore, crabtree, davis, willis

  • DeltaNine
    DeltaNine 13 hours ago

    This was a ride from beginning to end. Please do more of this, please.

  • Srinath Chippa
    Srinath Chippa 13 hours ago

    This totally feels like the big Short where they predict the housing bubble crash

  • brandon albaugh
    brandon albaugh 13 hours ago

    I’m so stoked to see where this goes. Best series so far.

  • Ken Gibson
    Ken Gibson 13 hours ago

    That was hysterical.

  • Anthony Barrick
    Anthony Barrick 13 hours ago

    what about the 1 point free kick?

  • Matthew
    Matthew 13 hours ago

    Jimmy G ought to stop the bleeding a bit.