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Our Baby's Nursery Reveal!
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  • Felicity Guillen
    Felicity Guillen 29 minutes ago

    Is no one going to talk about TRINA VEGA (Daniella Monet) FROM VICTORIOUS IS HERE?

  • Felicity Guillen
    Felicity Guillen 30 minutes ago


  • AzianSpirit
    AzianSpirit 54 minutes ago

    I’m glad Joey went back to his original hair color, the blonde color wasn’t working for me. And the House is gorgeous, I definitely could see it play out on CRIBS or in the home style magazine.

  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account Hour ago

    When you realise a baby is better then you

  • miel 24K
    miel 24K Hour ago

    Hey I think your membership link is broken

  • Amida
    Amida Hour ago

    How are they not millionaires ?? They can do literally anything..

  • Ciaran Mc Cay
    Ciaran Mc Cay 2 hours ago

    I want to live here omg!!! Also moon is literally the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!

  • Animals and Anxiety
    Animals and Anxiety 2 hours ago

    Imagine being called moon 😂

  • Sirenity Blue
    Sirenity Blue 2 hours ago

    Almost all of the campuses and the Online program shut down and now I have to find a new college :(

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago

    (way too much space)

  • Cooper Day
    Cooper Day 2 hours ago

    that house would be 300k in georgia after remodeling

    • Cooper Day
      Cooper Day 2 hours ago

      @wnnalis cioov so do i it is beautiful

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago

      I love the style of the house ❤🏡

  • Wly Trz
    Wly Trz 3 hours ago

    19:35 Lol😂😂😂

  • Kate Ellenberger
    Kate Ellenberger 4 hours ago

    Love your landscaping except that poor ancient cycad being removed!

  • Kay Lasha
    Kay Lasha 4 hours ago

    Awwwl yaaaa im soo soo happy #congratulations again to you and your husband

  • dekumun
    dekumun 4 hours ago

    I wonder what the people think when they look at the rug and know that Mr. Kate cuddled on it :0

  • Paige Gibson
    Paige Gibson 4 hours ago

    Love this so, so much. I really love how u gave it a modern feel and update while embracing the 1920’s original aspects of the house.

  • Ali 07
    Ali 07 4 hours ago

    Are any of you grown ups. The Asian guy- UGH!

  • Diane Lewandowski
    Diane Lewandowski 4 hours ago

    The house looks great! When it’s time to upgrade, it will take no time to sell. Great job!

  • Carlie Taylor
    Carlie Taylor 5 hours ago

    Hi mr.kate I wanted to ask how I can contact you so my room can get a makeover

  • Mterry5932
    Mterry5932 5 hours ago

    Beautiful home and family!

  • pamela Allen
    pamela Allen 5 hours ago

    My favorite look!

  • Tanzeela Zafar
    Tanzeela Zafar 5 hours ago


  • Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox 5 hours ago

    Are you guys worried by giving out your blueprints that you are not only putting you in danger but Moon? Hoping this is all fake to seem real because this seems really dangerous during these times.

  • Gatcha Bex
    Gatcha Bex 5 hours ago

    Yay I am so happy that Dalia won!!! I thought Jordan’s room had to much colors that were boring I loved both the rooms though

  • Carlie Taylor
    Carlie Taylor 5 hours ago

    @40 seconds in the video is it just me or do you see a hundred dollar bill?

  • Lea Zheng
    Lea Zheng 5 hours ago

    this is such an amazing transformation

  • georgina walter
    georgina walter 6 hours ago

    Amazing! You guys are absolutely amazing and I am happy for y'ALL ON YOUR NEW HOUSE AND COMPLETE FAMILY.

  • sarai diaz
    sarai diaz 7 hours ago

    I cried when it said “the end” 😭.

  • Marty UwU
    Marty UwU 7 hours ago

    Moon is a perfect little Joey 🥺

  • AG Animation
    AG Animation 8 hours ago

    Moon is soooo gorgeous!!!🌗💛

  • Shelley Norlund
    Shelley Norlund 8 hours ago

    Great job!

  • Sharon Dosunmu
    Sharon Dosunmu 9 hours ago

    Guys I literally started watching this as soon as you bought his house and this is so beautiful and I’m so happy for you ❤️

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 9 hours ago

    Wow that’s the coolest house ever! I’m obsessed with the kitchen nook

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan 9 hours ago

      So beautiful! You all have inspired me to get into designing and eventually design my home one day! So happy for you all !!!

  • Rolling Larios
    Rolling Larios 9 hours ago

    Wow it’s so cool I’m Guatemalan too (:🇬🇹

  • Janet Ek
    Janet Ek 9 hours ago

    Im in love with the new house 🙏🏻😍

  • Double Diamonds
    Double Diamonds 9 hours ago

    I had too subscribe when you said PLANTERLIER

  • Norah DeJournett
    Norah DeJournett 10 hours ago

    I wish she would do my room 😂😂 i have so many dreams that won’t be fufilled 😂😂😂

  • Hope E. Wan Kenobi
    Hope E. Wan Kenobi 10 hours ago

    Aweeee Moon baby! Such a precious bundle of joy! I cried tears of mommy joy when watching this video. Lots of love ❤️

  • Kristen Montgomery
    Kristen Montgomery 10 hours ago

    I love the style of the house ❤🏡

  • Stephanie Zheng
    Stephanie Zheng 10 hours ago


  • cassie manetoa
    cassie manetoa 10 hours ago

    I love it . Love ur baby . That how is truly a labour of love nice job

  • Llamacorn 8
    Llamacorn 8 10 hours ago

    I'm surprised that Nikki is wearing pink fingernails

  • Marshallese MUA
    Marshallese MUA 11 hours ago

    Wow wow wow 😍🥺🥺👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Stephanie Holmes
    Stephanie Holmes 11 hours ago

    I love both rooms

  • Jazmine Herrera
    Jazmine Herrera 11 hours ago

    Sad ):

  • sunflower stiles
    sunflower stiles 11 hours ago

    anyone else realise they forgot to show the after of the little landing off the dining room that leads to the bedrooms

  • Carlee Beers
    Carlee Beers 11 hours ago

    After moon

  • Tammarah LaBranche
    Tammarah LaBranche 11 hours ago

    I am so behind on watching this, I've been binge watching Mr. Kate videos. Your bow is so cute girl rock it!

  • JessiePlayzRoblox
    JessiePlayzRoblox 12 hours ago

    not reading the comments bc i havent finished but im voting jordan <3

  • Noran Saad
    Noran Saad 12 hours ago

    “U look rlly cute” OH GOsh no we already got a baby in there 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Casey Mills
    Casey Mills 12 hours ago

    Hahaha banana pealer!!!!

  • Taylor McKinney
    Taylor McKinney 12 hours ago

    I’m over here crying with ya! 😭😂💙

  • Adalyn Ennis
    Adalyn Ennis 12 hours ago


  • Adalyn Ennis
    Adalyn Ennis 12 hours ago


  • abigail Deprey
    abigail Deprey 12 hours ago

    this is a beautiful home

  • Sydney #lifestylist
    Sydney #lifestylist 12 hours ago

    So beautiful and it really looks like love lives there! But yikes on the LA price lol

  • Dipper Pines
    Dipper Pines 12 hours ago

    Prolly the most pleasing video EVER!! Idk why tho but 🤯🤯🤯

  • Marita Rindheim
    Marita Rindheim 13 hours ago

    Oh i have waited for this for soooo long, like this made me emotional

  • Rajbir Kaur
    Rajbir Kaur 13 hours ago

    Such a cute baby

  • Gabriella Saunders
    Gabriella Saunders 13 hours ago

    Can I plz have mine done mine is old and wrecked plz I am begging

  • Louisa Weseloh
    Louisa Weseloh 14 hours ago

    Do you know that Moon is Cancer and it says cancer is Moon sight and they Love the Moon....isnt it funny😁

  • ocean bubble
    ocean bubble 14 hours ago

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did they go over the budget? lol i probably couldn't help myself too tho ><

  • Makayla Trueblood
    Makayla Trueblood 14 hours ago

    Can you decorate a tiny house?

  • Claudia Vasquez-Smith
    Claudia Vasquez-Smith 14 hours ago

    Your home is absolutely beautiful! What an accomplishment! Now your family is complete! I love old homes, they have such charm!

  • Princess Bubbles
    Princess Bubbles 14 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but Moon seriously

  • BelleMcNarland
    BelleMcNarland 14 hours ago

    My name is coco so I was always asked what it means/ why I was named that and I really love having a unique name. Great for you he’s going to love it and you!♥️

  • imi
    imi 14 hours ago

    Watching in 2019 🏕

  • Roxana Torres
    Roxana Torres 15 hours ago

    Im from Texas, this question might not apply, but do you guys have central Air Conditioning? And if so, how did you work around that, since older homes didn't factor in AC back then?

  • Katilyn White
    Katilyn White 15 hours ago

    So beautiful! You all have inspired me to get into designing and eventually design my home one day! So happy for you all !!!

  • Brianne Revolorio
    Brianne Revolorio 15 hours ago

    Beautiful house! Beautiful baby!

  • Shawnna Werner
    Shawnna Werner 16 hours ago

    The house is absolutely beautiful and the changes have really enhanced our home. I am so glad that Moon is such a good baby. Really chill. He really looks like Dad.

  • ChocoHate Cake
    ChocoHate Cake 16 hours ago

    I have watched this channel for a year! You've all come so far in life and my family are starting a home decorating job thingy kinda like yours. Guess this is my inspiration!

  • Gokce Gucveren
    Gokce Gucveren 16 hours ago

    He looks just like Joey 😍

  • Katelyn Paige
    Katelyn Paige 16 hours ago

    i found it funny that they covered the paint brand because they weren’t sponsored 😂

  • K.S Brownies
    K.S Brownies 17 hours ago

    I swear, I thought that lady was wearing a pink hijab on the Thumbnail.

  • Jazmine Vaughan
    Jazmine Vaughan 17 hours ago

    I luv this sm!!! 😭😍

  • Emma Morris
    Emma Morris 17 hours ago

    I am in awe of your guys’ talent!!!!!!!

  • Shine like a diamond
    Shine like a diamond 18 hours ago


  • Έλενα Τσίγκα

    If you want to see just the reactions 20:42 thank me later

  • Kelseyguurl
    Kelseyguurl 18 hours ago

    Love you new intro with baby moon!

  • Izzy Tube
    Izzy Tube 18 hours ago

    Why don’t you VS each other

  • Maddiexox
    Maddiexox 18 hours ago

    I would pick Jordan’s but Darylas room is good because there’s kids in the donation too

  • SuperGirlyVlogger 11
    SuperGirlyVlogger 11 18 hours ago

    Hi guys

  • jordan atha
    jordan atha 18 hours ago

    jesus christ $840k

  • Brenda Rivera
    Brenda Rivera 18 hours ago

    Allison sounds just like iluvsarahii😭

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi 18 hours ago

    But they have a baller tv but no crib....pass.

  • tybearious
    tybearious 18 hours ago

    Bye sisters

  • gregory grimm
    gregory grimm 19 hours ago

    Who cares? No one.

  • Kartika Bhati
    Kartika Bhati 19 hours ago

    Honestly for the 21:33 minutes of this video I was only watching moon 🌙 he is smoooshie pie ❤️

  • Inquiri
    Inquiri 19 hours ago

    He looks like his dad! So sweet

  • שני דורון
    שני דורון 19 hours ago

    The pink wall with the watercolors came out soooo beautiful!!!! Loved it!!

  • Kreacher
    Kreacher 19 hours ago


  • Sasha Dizrilay
    Sasha Dizrilay 19 hours ago

    u remind me of halsey

  • Lydia Quinnett
    Lydia Quinnett 19 hours ago

    What was so offensive in this video that it got so many dislikes? Great job guys! You've put a lot of love and work into that house and it shows.

    TRINITY GAMING 19 hours ago

    My dad wanted too name my sister moon and nickname her moony, but we didn't like it Edit: It's because she's a girl, I love the name for him

  • Jess Young
    Jess Young 20 hours ago

    You guys need to go into the renovation market! You could keep your current house, but buy other houses and do them up in order to make a profit. You did an amazing job with your house, it’s stunning. xo

  • Sylvie Olivier-Clarke
    Sylvie Olivier-Clarke 20 hours ago

    Been watching this series since day one so crazy that it’s over! House looks so so incredible !!

  • Danielle Nesmith
    Danielle Nesmith 20 hours ago

    I love the whole room . I like the way joey can take a lot of stuff combine stuff and look brand new. I had one of those white shelves . I gave it away to a friend of mine

  • Danielle Nesmith
    Danielle Nesmith 20 hours ago

    Thats a geat job joey and kate. 😊🌲

  • GKJ
    GKJ 21 hour ago

    Wow 😯