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Week 3 Power Rankings!
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Daniel Jones Named Starter!
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  • Basil and kashaan
    Basil and kashaan 2 hours ago

    How are saints 16 they should be like top 5

  • Game Goats
    Game Goats 2 hours ago

    Go Patriots!

  • Cody Schuman
    Cody Schuman 2 hours ago

    Does not belong on the list!

  • Maximus Bray
    Maximus Bray 2 hours ago

    Chad beebe is such an underrated receiver

  • LatinoPackBuster
    LatinoPackBuster 2 hours ago

    Rematch this Sunday!!!

  • Amir Baddi
    Amir Baddi 2 hours ago

    Coming from a bears fan, the bears and Vikings are too high.

  • Jaret Rojas
    Jaret Rojas 2 hours ago

    Bucs will be back top ten this season

  • Erik Majestic
    Erik Majestic 2 hours ago

    you cant just feel Miami mood in the begging saying we gonna lose

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 2 hours ago

    Eli is a hall of famer, class act. He is my favorite sports player ever.

  • TJ
    TJ 2 hours ago

    Manning may not be winning like he used to but he's still making that money honey

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 2 hours ago

    Eli didn't deserve this. This organization failed him.

  • Noah Arkeologist
    Noah Arkeologist 2 hours ago

    Lions beat Chargers. Chargers 10 spots higher still. Smh.

  • pete vanderpool
    pete vanderpool 2 hours ago

    Brown,Gordon,Dorsett, Edelmen ... forget it. Patriots win again 16-0

  • MafiaboysWorld
    MafiaboysWorld 2 hours ago

    I would say the Top 5 is pretty spot on this week. Bloody amazed they got that many semi right. 🤷

  • Big Ben Smith
    Big Ben Smith 2 hours ago

    Wow 😮 the browns beat the jets

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky 2 hours ago

    Yaaaasss more afc west teams losing!!! Chiefs 16-0, all else 1-15 !!!

  • nman 0811 Heat!!!
    nman 0811 Heat!!! 2 hours ago

    I don't think a team deserves disrespect more than the Dallas Cowboys. They just kind of deserve it. They did it to themselves.

  • Brad Rich
    Brad Rich 2 hours ago

    U dont spike the ball on 3rd down w/o timeouts at least throw for the 1st down or throw it incomplete and give the kicker a chance 7 yards out of range still might might it

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar 2 hours ago

    Where is David Montgomery Bears touchdown?

  • Mike Hegarty
    Mike Hegarty 2 hours ago

    Holy clickbait batman!! It says highlights, jets, and browns all in one sentence. 😃🤣😂

  • SeabassSharp
    SeabassSharp 2 hours ago

    Jimmy Graham?

  • jellosmello
    jellosmello 2 hours ago

    Good lord, this is my first time seeing all of these guys after years of just podcast.

  • Lizard _yeboi
    Lizard _yeboi 2 hours ago

    Wait so if Philadelphia decides to wear their alternative away jersey in the jets home. This will be fun

  • Michael George
    Michael George 2 hours ago

    Calvin Ridley's TD catch should be on here, and Carson Wentz's throw should be higher

  • Haitor Rivas
    Haitor Rivas 2 hours ago

    Bridgewater could be a better qb..needs to learn the defenses much faster and run with the ball and arm strength.

  • ERRE O
    ERRE O 2 hours ago

    Cowboys have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. Top 3. Smh. They're 1 and done in the playoffs.

  • TheDeliman
    TheDeliman 2 hours ago

    you'd think the browns could have gotten a Mahomes type with all their drafts

  • Richard Blaine
    Richard Blaine 2 hours ago

    As a dolphin fan, I'm already looking forward to spring training

  • Saqib Nazir
    Saqib Nazir 2 hours ago

    Cardinals are too low

  • Luke Ferraro
    Luke Ferraro 2 hours ago

    Those two penalties were straight dogshit. The refs were terrible the entire game for both teams

  • Maureen Saunders
    Maureen Saunders 2 hours ago

    Sounds like there were more Browns fans there than Jets fans.

  • Matsimela McMorris
    Matsimela McMorris 2 hours ago

    I give it to Brady he worked the system with that tuck rule.

    DINGUS WINGUS 2 hours ago

    How are the bears so high

  • DrWatsonater13
    DrWatsonater13 2 hours ago

    I'm surprised the nil was able to find 11 mins worth of highlights. Overall, a bad game.

  • Andrew Segura
    Andrew Segura 2 hours ago

    All the obj hype for 3pts. 🤣

  • Mr NiceKnife
    Mr NiceKnife 2 hours ago

    Sink Eagles sink.

  • Archit Namboodiri
    Archit Namboodiri 2 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who thought this was an eagles game

  • Mr. Gentlezombie
    Mr. Gentlezombie 2 hours ago

    Why did they put Thursday Night Football on a Monday?

  • Steven Martin
    Steven Martin 2 hours ago

    Reporter: so, I see you guys always score in the fourth quarter Kyler: yea, we just keep coming up short.... Reporter:😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Geiger Jr
    Adam Geiger Jr 2 hours ago

    12 ... I'll take it ...

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos 2 hours ago

    The best NFL host ever. I would put him on Monday Night Football.

  • Matsimela McMorris
    Matsimela McMorris 2 hours ago

    That looked painful

  • Random Commentor
    Random Commentor 2 hours ago

    Lol. Saints best play is a second down sack that Goff kinda just fell down on

  • Dean Charadon
    Dean Charadon 2 hours ago


  • Jeannie Glickson
    Jeannie Glickson 2 hours ago

    Some are saying the Bears shouldn’t have won the game because of the rough the passer penalty. Do you know how many unfair penalties the Bears have had, even this year? Packers were guilty many times of holding Mack, but they were never called for it, and that also could have affected the outcome of the game.

  • Paz Cavejitto
    Paz Cavejitto 2 hours ago

    Saints draft Joe Burrow and rehire Joe Brady a combination to spark ⚡️ Saints rejuvenate the franchise...! “Bridge over trouble Water 💦 “ is a disaster a colossal miscalculation of unconscionable epic proportions ...this egregious compensation is unrecoverable Micky

  • Fábio Pires
    Fábio Pires 2 hours ago

    Boa tarde. Faço parte da produtora Camaleão, somos do 8° semestre de Rtv na Metodista, e estamos produzindo um pgm de futebol americano. Gostaríamos de utilizar o vídeo que vcs explicam as regras básicas para o nosso projeto acadêmico. É possível? Com quem posso falar sobre isso?

  • Keysシ
    Keysシ 2 hours ago

    I thought the dolphins were playing the cowboys

  • Aktiver Pessimist
    Aktiver Pessimist 2 hours ago

    We should tell de Fins they get a bag of nuts if they finish top 10, then they would stop tanking like china against protesters.

  • Tyler Morro
    Tyler Morro 2 hours ago

    I miss Amari Cooper, man

  • kenneth kennedy
    kenneth kennedy 2 hours ago

    L. Bell is gonna fade-away into oblivion playing for the Jets. That’s what happens when you chase the dollar and not the championship.

  • Brandon Ortiz
    Brandon Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Looks like he cut some weight. Looks more agile.

  • SquidTeamSIX
    SquidTeamSIX 2 hours ago

    How are the chargers that much higher than the lions when the lions just beat them?...

  • Austin Dixon
    Austin Dixon 2 hours ago

    I love my lions but why didn't Patricia call timeout before half when Chargers had the ball on their own 2? His time management needs work

  • Brock Lesnar 2020
    Brock Lesnar 2020 2 hours ago

    Man the saints dropped

  • Shannon Croghan
    Shannon Croghan 2 hours ago

    Definitely not Baker’s best game

  • George Parris
    George Parris 2 hours ago

    Please LISTEN to my music on my TVclip channel

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 2 hours ago

    Jets D could barely tackle wtf? Guess we know whos not going positive this season.

  • ArcangeloSports NOS
    ArcangeloSports NOS 2 hours ago

    The Jets are bad, the Giants are bad, the Steelers are bad, but we can all laugh at Miami

  • lorenmorgan2010
    lorenmorgan2010 2 hours ago

    No way Philly is a top ten team!!!

  • SquidTeamSIX
    SquidTeamSIX 2 hours ago

    Saquon barkly is the new ladanian Tomlinson... A generational talent on a shitty team thats wasting his prime.

  • Mekhi Morris
    Mekhi Morris 2 hours ago

    My team is #7. Let's go

  • Scott Gerber
    Scott Gerber 2 hours ago

    The dolphins play wasn’t lucky it was stupidity on the patriots lol

  • Piddles McGee
    Piddles McGee 2 hours ago

    Cop in the background at 0:52 was all of us watching live

  • Fight boom Fight
    Fight boom Fight 2 hours ago

    Mitch is some hot garbage 🗑. All the people that said he was gonna be up for mvp 😂😂😂

  • Damien Ortiz
    Damien Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Somebody get bell out of NY

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 2 hours ago

    Me:Hey sir who owns Miami dolphins Siri:Tom Brady

  • Dr. Thicc boi
    Dr. Thicc boi 2 hours ago

    Perfect game but you hate to see stef kick like that Idk if hes gunu cut it anymore 😔

  • joker dc1162
    joker dc1162 2 hours ago

    The Patriots are too high they have not played a real football team the Steelers dont count anymore because they dont have there starting qb and a really bad defense

  • Les Carpio
    Les Carpio 2 hours ago

    Glad they're good sports about it

  • Blu Red
    Blu Red 2 hours ago

    At least we have to give credit to the Miami defense for keeping the patriots to 13pts in the 1st half while being on the field for 90% of the time...

  • tejash patel
    tejash patel 2 hours ago

    Raiders for god sake, get your own stadium

  • tejash patel
    tejash patel 2 hours ago

    Bears passed on him to get Trubusty 😂

  • Israel Estevez
    Israel Estevez 2 hours ago

    Excelentes los videos de las mejores jugadas, felicitaciones! 🎊🎉👏👏👏👍🏽👍🏽🏆🏆

  • Plantbased Outdoors
    Plantbased Outdoors 2 hours ago

    Somebody got this all wrong. Cowboys should be #1.

  • Alex H
    Alex H 2 hours ago

    Seahawks are way too high. 49ers have played much better first two weeks.

    • Juug
      Juug 2 hours ago

      ong n bears have been trash especially their offense, they cant manage to make more than 1 TD, I'd put Bills n 9ers over them

  • Griffin Tubridy
    Griffin Tubridy 2 hours ago

    Anyone else notice just the pace of play by the patriots is just so much faster and crisper. Now that is how you dominate

  • Alan Gamino
    Alan Gamino 2 hours ago

    Here's Skip's TD highlights for the Dallas Cowboys: - 2:55 - 4:38 - 5:24 - 8:14 On to our NFL 100 Game Of The Week against the Miami Dolphins since Super Bowl VI in [1971] season.

  • Nick j
    Nick j 2 hours ago

    Any 49ers fans???

  • Jacob Gomez
    Jacob Gomez 2 hours ago

    these list are stupid as hell the cowboys are 4 but they only played the giants and the redskins both in the 20s but green bay faces the bears and the vikings and are below them.

  • jacksdrums1
    jacksdrums1 2 hours ago

    on the play Dak to Gallup , Dak was hit in the face no flag , didn't matter

  • Connor Riggs
    Connor Riggs 2 hours ago

    Despite the lions best efforts, they one the game

  • Matty L
    Matty L 2 hours ago

    Wow. I can’t believe this Eli was amazing and there it goes

  • I'm wrong because,
    I'm wrong because, 2 hours ago

    Dak settling in

  • Bowser Fan
    Bowser Fan 2 hours ago

    I'm with ok of the Texans at rank 14, but Cowboys at rank 4? That is too high. They are playing against easy teams like Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins. The only challengers are Eagles, Rams, Saints, and Patriots. Plus I know Drew Bree will be out against the Cowboys because of surgery I think.

  • Chris Escobar
    Chris Escobar 2 hours ago

    Flacco completed like 58 fourth downs and still lost ..

  • Travis Mabe
    Travis Mabe 2 hours ago

    when you have everything on offense besides an oline

  • MunchthatCrunch
    MunchthatCrunch 2 hours ago

    These teams are in the same league as the Patriots huh. NFL becoming the NBA.

  • njgrplr2007
    njgrplr2007 2 hours ago

    Who has a team that's ready to compete for a Superbowl, but just lost their starting QB for most of the year? The New Orleans Saints. Trading Eli to the Saints would be provide the Saints with a path to the Superbowl. The Giants could get some draft picks to help their rebuilding process. Eli could get an opportunity to pad his HOF resume and Daniel Jones gets an opportunity to prove himself. If youre the Giants, the worst case scenario is you're picking Trevor Lawrence or Tua next Spring.

  • GameXCube
    GameXCube 2 hours ago

    I am a broncos fan watch them make that field goal broke my hart thinking were had won

  • P K
    P K 2 hours ago

    Bell shud be the highest paid back in the league

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle 2 hours ago

    😢 disrespect

  • Jordan Quisenberry
    Jordan Quisenberry 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who don’t think OBJ is NOT a REAL PERSON

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Don’t like the niners just came to watch jimmy garapollo always knew he had potential

  • Frank V
    Frank V 2 hours ago

    You got teams without their starting QB ranked much higher than teams with their starting QB. That makes no sense. The Bears are about as bad as Denver so far so how the f'ck do they rank so high? This is garbage.

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez 2 hours ago

    Why the change............what a stupid question?!

  • Shahriar Rayhan
    Shahriar Rayhan 2 hours ago

    Josh Allen played out of his mind

  • Jack Benton
    Jack Benton 2 hours ago

    Something I haven't seen ANYBODY mention is just how GREAT Greedy Williams has looked so far. He made several really nice plays in this game, and did the same in the Titans game. In the first two games of the season, he has actually looked better than Denzel Ward has. I guess that is both good AND bad (IDK what is going on with Ward but he has looked horrendously bad in the first two games of the season), but the fact that Greedy could end up being an elite starting CB that Dorsey snagged late in the 2nd round is great news for the Browns.

  • GM 360
    GM 360 2 hours ago


  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 2 hours ago

    Greg Williams is a better DC then I thought. He held the browns pretty good with a helpless jets team kept punting the ball every 4 minutes. Jets D only gave up that one long TD in the 2nd half. I thought Greg Williams was overrated cuz of the saints thing I thought he was more hype then actually defense but he’s better then I thought. He’s workin with a sorry garbage jets team don’t even belong in the nfl