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Week 11 Power Rankings!
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  • Calvin Roach
    Calvin Roach Hour ago

    What happened to the shootout? More like shut up! 🤐

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar Hour ago

    James Winston needs to be traded to another team. I think he is done with the Tampa Bay Bugs.

  • ICY_Gamerz 168
    ICY_Gamerz 168 Hour ago

    The falcons will have a 7 game winning streak to make the playoffs Just watch

  • XTRA Lg
    XTRA Lg Hour ago

    Brandon Allen: all you need to do is catch the ball Broncos receivers at the end of the game : nah I don't really feel like it

  • Jd Neal
    Jd Neal Hour ago

    Kyle Allen is not the team future

  • A H
    A H Hour ago

    MVP !! He beat Wilson,Brady and now Watson back to back to back. 138 passer rating,4 TD and another 80 on the ground just so he can keep up with Vick’s record. What else should he do ? They gonna get that SB outta him, I believe that.

  • Kingofall 93
    Kingofall 93 Hour ago

    Criticise kirk cousins all you want but the dude throws bullets and doesn't get enough praise

  • Devon Watford
    Devon Watford Hour ago

    39!!!!! Terrible effort son.

  • Damien Fowlkes
    Damien Fowlkes Hour ago

    I never knew I could get this mad at my team smh

  • Divine_Wrath
    Divine_Wrath Hour ago

    Its time to Duel!

  • Thememeboi 68
    Thememeboi 68 Hour ago

    Let’s go saints

  • Don daddy dollaz Jr.

    They should band the media from discussing quarterbacks from now on. Or just band them from speaking on black athletes with stereotypes. It’s flat out wrong n I’m just astounded by his actions towards all the criticism off the field and not so erratically especially on it... I seen him in the 7 on 7 flag football games. #MR.7on7 is his nickname. #justpass #justgain #speedgang lol I’m so lame

  • ziyik loh
    ziyik loh Hour ago

    Falcons are sure as hell on drugs

  • Chris Delagarza
    Chris Delagarza Hour ago

    Well If that’s what the patriots got to do to win then it must be going all downhill.

  • HappyMistake69
    HappyMistake69 Hour ago

    Who do you guys have winning this game?

  • mitchellkarera
    mitchellkarera Hour ago

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Pouncey should be awarded a medal for trying to disarm this Garrett maniac. I didn't see any cops trying to neutralize this criminal.

  • Calvin Roach
    Calvin Roach Hour ago

    The bandwagon has officially left M&T Stadium! Sold out. Standing room only!!

  • lloupez l
    lloupez l Hour ago

    The Dolphins up a fight and made it interesting.

  • John Holman
    John Holman Hour ago


  • SerP3nt Miles
    SerP3nt Miles Hour ago

    8:12 ThAt’S A ToUcH-ToUc- ToU

  • Jay Zbieszkowski

    Who else has Lamar Jackson in fantasy

  • Bobby
    Bobby Hour ago

    Started him in fantasy this week😤

  • mischa barton
    mischa barton Hour ago

    Steroids are a helluva drug

  • E C
    E C Hour ago


  • Alb Tillman
    Alb Tillman Hour ago

    That’s a ta ta ta touchdown down🤣

  • johnny Lama
    johnny Lama Hour ago


  • Frida Saed
    Frida Saed Hour ago

    Masterminds josh mcdaniels and Bill belichip

  • shmbbrkr
    shmbbrkr Hour ago

    Everybody beats Rhodes. This is so sad. They don't need to put him in there again

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter Hour ago

    Should be in jail kicked out of the league

  • L osnua
    L osnua Hour ago

    "Hey, nice 20 point lead ya got there coach! It'd be a shame if somebody blew it."

  • Sean Nombo
    Sean Nombo Hour ago

    Expectations Car: 27 Atlanta: 20 Results Car: 3 Atlanta: 29

  • Nathan Pawlak
    Nathan Pawlak Hour ago

    yeah saints!!!

  • D G
    D G Hour ago

    Awesome game⭐⭐⭐🌠🔥🔥

  • johnny Lama
    johnny Lama Hour ago


  • Leon Smith
    Leon Smith Hour ago

    Two weeks in a row the Vikings defense save the day the last play of the game and they made the play to win the game let's go Vikings and that's a fact jack!

  • FakeUser NameTwo

    These CBS announcers are horrible compared to the Fox announcers.

  • Zeke Prescott
    Zeke Prescott Hour ago

    Great win team but soooo much work to do. Or else our hiccups will catch up to us. Clean it up Cowboynation! Till then I’m beyond happy for this win! Much needed win honestly, let’s hope the patriots whoop the eagles today. Currently watching that 👍😂🔥

  • Travis Donald Stanley

    1st Cousins Ol' Kin Folk Cousins Komeback Cousins. What's next?? Good times in the NFC.

  • sarah marshall
    sarah marshall Hour ago

    Wash my balls Bronco fans 😂🖕

  • Noggsy joggsy watches

    Wow the Redskins are so bad...they made us look good and we are sh&@#$%^&te

  • China Expat
    China Expat Hour ago


  • Pascal Jeanlouis

    Hearing Winston threw an interception is nostalgic

  • Quienton Thomas
    Quienton Thomas Hour ago

    Tou tou touchdown😂😂😂


    Broncos would of won if the kicker didnt miss it would of been 29-27

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Hour ago


  • Super Imaginator

    You said the St. Louis Rams....

  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed Hour ago

    Just sell the team 😒

  • StarSun
    StarSun Hour ago

    6 eagles fans disliked this video.

  • Mr. Narwhal
    Mr. Narwhal Hour ago


  • Tony Zheng
    Tony Zheng Hour ago

    Don't forget that Sanu can throw too!

  • Rhythm Styx
    Rhythm Styx Hour ago

    The reason our Defense was so good last year is because our offense. The running game runs time off the clock to the point where we were dominating the time off possession. Our defense was rested. This year we are not winning the time of possession to the degree that we rest our D. Also, if we hold the ball longer obviously they run less plays. We need to feed Pollard more and take the focus off Zeke. Every team knows if they stop Zeke they got a good shot of winning so they dare us to win another way. Passing 50 times a game is not the answer. Gotta get Pollard in the offense more.

  • gerald anthony
    gerald anthony Hour ago

    Jerry!!! Jerry!!! Jerry!!!!😮

  • cro4591
    cro4591 Hour ago

    Washington needs to buy an offensive line.

  • william johnson
    william johnson Hour ago

    Adams is a f*ckin baller

  • Erik Lerström
    Erik Lerström Hour ago

    man jets cant even tank right

  • Adam Bub
    Adam Bub Hour ago

    Our offensive tackles are complete garbage they dont give Winston any time at all, any Qb we put in would do the same without any time Winston cant even set his feet and read anything at all without a defensive lineman up his a$$. Everyone likes to blame everything on Winston and not look at the whole picture, and don't forget to mention the refs once again took any chance we had of a comeback away from us with terrible calls.

  • Comrade Kermit
    Comrade Kermit Hour ago

    Lions Offense: WE ARE GOING TO WIN Lions defense :Hold my Beer

  • determination a mi title

    Lebron owns kd

  • Learning OutsideTheBox

    That defense is going to cost us again like it did last week. Good win and all but even as a Dallas fan, I'll take us serious when we beat a playoff caliber teams.

  • ColtsFan4Life 35

    What's sad is how some still refuse to give this guy credit for what he's doing on the field. He's the complete package. He hurts you with the run or the pass and his IQ is very high. He doesn't make to many mistakes. I'm enjoying watching him shine and he's only going to get better. That's scary

  • Egg Sheeran
    Egg Sheeran Hour ago

    Whoever made this title needs a raise.

  • nicauri natera
    nicauri natera Hour ago

    Lets go Patriots

  • Forever Family
    Forever Family Hour ago

    Shout out to the OL , gallup man he got some good leg control !!!! An Cobb keep that glue on your hands man 😂 New England here we come

  • FakeUser NameTwo

    Playcalling just had to open up and then Cousins started ballin

  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen Hour ago

    Cowboys finish 10-6 Lions finish 5-10-1

  • Urinating Tree
    Urinating Tree Hour ago

    So are the Panthers back from their bye week?

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng Hour ago

    matt ryan is finally playing like a elite QB

  • BigBlueSquad
    BigBlueSquad Hour ago

    Cowyboys still sucks

  • John Madden
    John Madden Hour ago

    Here’s a guy with a strong arm

  • Bills Mafia
    Bills Mafia Hour ago

    Josh allen hasn’t thrown an interception in 5 games and has at least 2 tds in the last 6 games.. wow

  • Krista Manske
    Krista Manske Hour ago

    Finally his 84 million contract is justified...stay tuned.

  • 95A1140
    95A1140 Hour ago

    omg that cut at 3:56 was just smooth af 👌

  • cro4591
    cro4591 Hour ago

    Watch Powell juke-tackle himself: 1:52 .

  • Paul Cline
    Paul Cline Hour ago

    Texans: score Ravens: Wanna see me do it again?

  • Don Da Drill
    Don Da Drill Hour ago

    This guy still alive lol

  • Ronald Irwin
    Ronald Irwin Hour ago

    Imagine if sam darnold could stand in the pocket and pick his targets. Damn that would be awesome

  • RuthlessGamertag

    Falcons have found there identity

  • Keeping It Real
    Keeping It Real Hour ago

    They activated blue eyes white privilege

  • Curticey
    Curticey Hour ago

    So no one gonna talk about how he got popped?

  • Gandhi the Terrible

    *Sees the seats* Huh, I didn't know the Dolphins changed their colors to blue and red...

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng Hour ago

    Falcons just came in and destroyed the panthers defence damn

  • Zones Zones
    Zones Zones Hour ago

    Damn cowboys need a dominant safety or corner if so they can do it even with coach clap

  • Bluefox12 Factsbeforefeelings

    Denver 1stQ: 😁 2nd Q :🤣 3rd Q:🤨 4th Q: 🤤 End: 😫🤪🤒😷🤢🤮🚙🏥

  • James Mero
    James Mero Hour ago

    Sad to see the Dolphins win streak is done..

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator Hour ago

    lol idk why but i love the word they used. “dismantle”

    • NAD
      NAD Hour ago

      Why? Because you have a low vocabulary?

  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen Hour ago

    Lmao Zeke’s Dak warm up lol that might become a new trend

  • Cookie Nova
    Cookie Nova Hour ago

    Broncos blew a 23 point lead...

  • Tejsh Desai
    Tejsh Desai Hour ago

    This just shows that the Saints game wasn’t a fluke.

  • Kyshawn Jones
    Kyshawn Jones Hour ago

    Watch the Falcons go 9-7😂

  • Jayden Phebus
    Jayden Phebus Hour ago

    Brandon Allen looks better than Joe Flacco imo, don't know why the broncos wanted an average qb so bad.

  • Ese JuJu
    Ese JuJu Hour ago

    And the curse of losing without TY ends 🙌🎊🎉. GO COLTS

  • born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Everyone who hated on Lamar is a moron

  • Era Pi
    Era Pi Hour ago

    How does that last hit make any sense ?

  • Nphibious
    Nphibious Hour ago

    Very funny how everyone want to hope on my team and qb now🤦🏿‍♂️ . Not bad for a rb btw.

  • PainsNotYourName

    Besides that BS pi call... Were yall injured or not your game?

  • matthew banta
    matthew banta Hour ago

    He seemed a little through the first quarter or so. Lamar being a little off means that he doesn't start racking up 40 points or so on a (probable) playoff team until the 2nd quarter.

  • kingdomdominionalc

    Pay 💰 the man !!!!

  • ian neverson
    ian neverson Hour ago

    What happens when the birds don't make the postseason?

  • K-Real 414
    K-Real 414 Hour ago

    baltimore's gonna finish brady's career this postseason

  • LazerKid Gaming
    LazerKid Gaming Hour ago

    NFL tik tok is better