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Top 25 Rookies of 2019
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Breaking Down the MVP Race
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  • Gappy Gang
    Gappy Gang 10 minutes ago

    when your a lions fan

  • VannTheDawn
    VannTheDawn 11 minutes ago

    Paul rudd now commentates NFL games? What a versatile actor.

  • Jeff Mohler
    Jeff Mohler 12 minutes ago

    Pat's beat him last year, we beat manning on the regular, enjoy, but were coming.

  • Evan Justice
    Evan Justice 13 minutes ago

    Russell Wilson 🔥🔥🔥

  • goat
    goat 15 minutes ago

    When he said 👺 👔 🙌 👖 👞 I felt that 😭😭😭

  • Kimberly Mason
    Kimberly Mason 16 minutes ago

    No Wayyyy Cardinals pass up on Lamb or Jeudy... I understand they need O Lineman, but give Murray another Explosive Weapon! 💯🏈

  • Nathan Zhang
    Nathan Zhang 16 minutes ago

    I feel like some teams had much better plays

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson 16 minutes ago

    Matt Ryan and Jamies Winston both are picked off by the defense for a pick-six. Not good!!!

  • Durrell Kitchen
    Durrell Kitchen 17 minutes ago

    Chiefs def. Texans 51-31 🏈!!!!! AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Sunday, January 12th, 2020 Courtesy of CBS/KCTV 5

  • Viridiana Sotelo
    Viridiana Sotelo 17 minutes ago

    Miller is a goatt

  • Kimberly Mason
    Kimberly Mason 19 minutes ago

    Jordan Love @ #13 ...I'd h8 to be the Colts he's mediocre at best. .He throws a lot of Interceptions & he's very Inconsistent. ...

  • Daddy sotelo
    Daddy sotelo 19 minutes ago

    I was at this game!!

    BAMBAMKAM#31 19 minutes ago

    did you use android to record this?

  • NameIsQuaadirBerrian
    NameIsQuaadirBerrian 21 minute ago

    Warning: Odell will be coming out with a new celebration. He is going to smack the ass of a player aggressively

  • spencer
    spencer 23 minutes ago

    Pat should do every game

  • michael baker
    michael baker 23 minutes ago

    poor Oakland. 10 years of games, and their best one is an easy pick?

  • T Bear
    T Bear 23 minutes ago

    Grant deplit is gonna be around 10-15. No way 23. And jefferson will be a little earlier and where’s Clyde Edwards-heilare

  • Rocco Vazquez
    Rocco Vazquez 24 minutes ago

    Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are coming to save the Super Bowl Halftime Show!

  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston 27 minutes ago

    And they think they are going to beat the chiefs?

  • The Executor
    The Executor 27 minutes ago


  • Marie Kondo
    Marie Kondo 27 minutes ago

    Jimmy G is in the super bowl

    EUGENIO MONTOYA LEAL 27 minutes ago

    No freaking way Delpit falls past 15

  • gary coker
    gary coker 28 minutes ago

    ty yes tristan wirfs to cardinals great pick but will keim do it one of worst gm's ever

  • ll Abysss ll
    ll Abysss ll 28 minutes ago

    Want more of Pat

  • xXMarkus WesterdahlXx
    xXMarkus WesterdahlXx 29 minutes ago

    This fool has the world record for longest long jump in the world I think 12 ft 3 and 3\4 inch

  • Lucas O
    Lucas O 29 minutes ago

    Irvin Smith Jr.’s gf was going crazy

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVid 31 minute ago

    KC should get Hunt back..he fits in the KC offense..

  • CasmX
    CasmX 32 minutes ago

    And now the man is leading The Chiefs for the first time in 50 years to The Superbowl.

  • Murdurerr
    Murdurerr 32 minutes ago

    49ers this defense that keep doubting this offense

  • polo bubble vest
    polo bubble vest 33 minutes ago

    BYE BYE!!! :D

  • rs4race
    rs4race 33 minutes ago

    SF wouldnt have made the superbowl without this guy.

  • SC_R1P TV
    SC_R1P TV 33 minutes ago

    Who is the guy who done the impression and did he ever play? We all know him from this moment but I'm curious. Did he do anything else?

  • Peter Fuschetto
    Peter Fuschetto 35 minutes ago

    its just funny bc as soon as the kicker kicks it off and the ball is in the air all u see if flashes from fans

  • kingboo2307
    kingboo2307 35 minutes ago

    He was right about the Broncos not going to the playoffs. But he said they would go 2-14 OH WAIT THEY WENT 7-9 ALSO HE GOT OTHER TEAMS WRONG to

  • Thomas Norlander
    Thomas Norlander 35 minutes ago

    He is Houdini

  • Oliver Emsick
    Oliver Emsick 37 minutes ago

    Scouts inc has delpit as a top 10 talent and Xavier McKinney as a end of round 1 guy what a joke.isiah Simmons is too low Josh Jones outta Houston will go day one. That raiders pick will be Curtis weaver not that random ass LSU backer.

  • Parker
    Parker 37 minutes ago

    Ravens need Kenneth Murray

  • kosrules
    kosrules 38 minutes ago

    I'm sorry Jordan love is not the QB for the colts he might be good but you still have Jalen hurts ,Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm , Justin Herbert

  • King 4 Life
    King 4 Life 38 minutes ago

    Look at all that melted cheese on the field

  • King 4 Life
    King 4 Life 38 minutes ago

    Don't forget to take the knee

  • Ayanna Roberts
    Ayanna Roberts 39 minutes ago

    Andy dalton is the next hail Mary king when Rodgers retires I’m also an eagles fan.

  • Van Merchant
    Van Merchant 39 minutes ago

    Antonio gates looks like a linemen

  • Reny YT
    Reny YT 41 minute ago

    Wait was devin McCourty not selected

  • Brayden Glynos
    Brayden Glynos 41 minute ago

    Jabrill peppers should be go blue

  • Daly Lazare
    Daly Lazare 42 minutes ago


  • Alex Miranda
    Alex Miranda 42 minutes ago

    hard to tell if there's more people on the lamar hate bandwagon or the lamar love bandwagon. Y'all need to chill. His personality alone is something to admire let alone his physical and mental abillities

  • Calvin Loffer
    Calvin Loffer 43 minutes ago

    I'm imagining Derrick Henry jus laughin maniacally in a corner somewhere about his comments on Tom Brady

  • xRaZOr BrAE
    xRaZOr BrAE 43 minutes ago

    why is this my recommended 4 years later...... smh

  • Ssolaym Rrezki
    Ssolaym Rrezki 45 minutes ago

    Mostert for Super Bowl MVP

  • Josiah O'Connor
    Josiah O'Connor 46 minutes ago

    Isaiah simmons????

  • Snazzysnail
    Snazzysnail 46 minutes ago

    Bullshit QBs there not macholmes

  • Meme Central
    Meme Central 46 minutes ago

    I have no idea how to play any sport

  • Chris
    Chris 49 minutes ago

    chiefs lost the first championship with the pats and now win this one Titans lost this game so they will win the next championship next season😎 #titanup

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 49 minutes ago

    Barry Sanders 1 Walter Paton 2 emit Smith 3

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson 50 minutes ago

    5:57 Chiefs 35, 49ers 7 LMFAO

  • Stirbis69
    Stirbis69 50 minutes ago

    Washington shoves webb down 79 yards

    WILD BILL 50 minutes ago


  • Vision
    Vision 52 minutes ago

    I hope tee Higgins is on the board when the packers pick

    • Stephon Love
      Stephon Love 27 minutes ago

      Vision me too I’m a Clemson fan and a packers fan so it’s a ruff week for me

  • venombh21
    venombh21 52 minutes ago

    there wont be another cam newton for a century!! he is the chosen one!!

  • Missael A
    Missael A 53 minutes ago

    RIP texans 51-7 RIP titans 31-7

  • PiggyBanks
    PiggyBanks 57 minutes ago

    Brandon Graham should be an X factor on madden

  • Jamie Pelose
    Jamie Pelose 57 minutes ago


  • Tavi Channel
    Tavi Channel 57 minutes ago

    Mahomes' passing pocket is anywhere behind the line of scrimmage. WOW!

  • Manman the madden mobile god Hall

    Joe burrow doesn't have a big arm wth

  • SSG Panda
    SSG Panda 59 minutes ago

    Give Dez another chance!

  • Erik Seidler
    Erik Seidler Hour ago

    Emmitt ALWAYS had a big hole to run through, Barry pretty much NEVER did.

  • ookry
    ookry Hour ago

    Who's watching after KC made it to the super bowl.

  • lisandro luna
    lisandro luna Hour ago

    “Look at the cowboy boots” this home got me 😂

  • Antonio Hernández


  • Snide Train
    Snide Train Hour ago

    Let’s keep things movin here

  • SoxoNYC
    SoxoNYC Hour ago

    Is it me or does anybody else love that stare down when nick foles asks for a philly philly

  • Daniel Bonham
    Daniel Bonham Hour ago

    Maybe someone who knows defensive coverage can answer this.... how do you realistically go about trying to cover Megatron? Too big to jam or press, too tall and athletic to sit on the outside... double teams don’t matter due to height, how do you stop him?

  • anon
    anon Hour ago

    Dat perfect spiral... just wow 😯

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez Hour ago

    Damn you football gods, if only Fitzgerald would've gotten just one championship everything would be perfect.

  • Smart Kid Jimmy
    Smart Kid Jimmy Hour ago

    Justin Herbert probably is going to go earlier than 14

  • Trevor Brewer
    Trevor Brewer Hour ago

    Jalen hurts?

  • DJ BLANK 702
    DJ BLANK 702 Hour ago

    Niners were trash here & only lost by 11 .. chiefs are the same squad

  • DJ BLANK 702
    DJ BLANK 702 Hour ago

    Chiefs are essentially the same team... niners are light years improved than this video 😎😑

    • Harry Johnson
      Harry Johnson 47 minutes ago

      Niners are still trash. No way they win.

  • patches439ify
    patches439ify Hour ago

    Why did they get rid of richard rogers? Dude was good

  • John Boguszewicz

    My first super bowl

  • aola wili
    aola wili Hour ago

    Tevin Coleman injures shoulder Mostert: “It’s all coming together”

  • English YT
    English YT Hour ago

    Who here is coming back after these 2 are in the superbowl and you wanna see who will win

  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker Hour ago

    Man i wish it was atleast march already

  • Leonardo Pacino
    Leonardo Pacino Hour ago

    They won the fourth superbowl and never went back. Now they are finally going back. Good for them👍

  • Next To Nobody
    Next To Nobody Hour ago

    #99???!? Gtfoh no.

  • J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias Hour ago

    The Dolphins should be trading down for more picks. Find a team willing to trade up because y'all need help

  • DiMi G
    DiMi G Hour ago

    Why you didn't comment on the Seahawks pick????

  • Xplay Tube
    Xplay Tube Hour ago

    Minha mae do ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • JRP 1
    JRP 1 Hour ago

    Oregon qb is better than tua

  • kremit the hampster

    So you're telling me jordan love > jake fromm?

  • venombh21
    venombh21 Hour ago

    vikings won for what?! oh yeah they Made the Play offs fn Boring! CONGRATS..

  • 41 0
    41 0 Hour ago

    Ravens at 22:05📢 #Flock🔥

  • Unmasked God
    Unmasked God Hour ago

    I agree on the browns pick. We NEED a better O-line

  • Cloo Viewer
    Cloo Viewer Hour ago

    Aron Rodgers: I will make them regret not drafting me to their team Niners: we're waiting.

  • Cullen Anderson
    Cullen Anderson Hour ago

    30:28 fellas

  • Red Wave209
    Red Wave209 Hour ago

    This is a preview of Superbowl 54 lol

  • Mohab Galal
    Mohab Galal Hour ago

    I wish Andrew Thomas fell to the Browns, but it ain't gonna happen

  • Jose Francisco Villanueva Espinosa

    This is the other side of excellence. 2 of the best QB of all time in the best team ever. And at the end of the day they were 2 persons doing his best at his job.

  • FailureGaming
    FailureGaming Hour ago

    Where's Favre's rifle to Greg Lewis?

  • Sublime392
    Sublime392 Hour ago

    Best halftime show ever. J Lo this year? Seriously?? RIP Tom Petty ❤️