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  • Oliver_is_dank
    Oliver_is_dank 8 minutes ago

    967k likes, snip snip time.

    ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ 21 minute ago

    lol at the 7:28 mark she seems so convinced, it's as if, after learning the word "indoctrinated", she discovered the magical source of all her problems

  • Hopkins Von Rabbittarius
    Hopkins Von Rabbittarius 23 minutes ago

    Here from the future....Now you guys just do podcasts. </3

  • Bondii B
    Bondii B 27 minutes ago

    Has Ellen ever reacted to this?

  • Alejandro Lozano Aguas
    Alejandro Lozano Aguas 28 minutes ago

    The Navage is badass and not dumb at all. How dare you. A rare miss for y'all. And, yes Ethan, it has immediate erectile benefits.

  • ll 5
    ll 5 29 minutes ago

    This man is a predator for sure

  • ll 5
    ll 5 30 minutes ago

    I want to die

  • Catherine Duong
    Catherine Duong 30 minutes ago

    I was hoping that you were more embarrassed than you needed to be but no. No, this was sooooo cringely bad 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad Carlton
    Chad Carlton 32 minutes ago

    Joey got a nice dick so he gets a pass for everything

  • Amazhonyas
    Amazhonyas 33 minutes ago

    Ah Honey! Coupons online, testing the code AUTISM! 11:48 my man is sneaky af

    EREE REYES 33 minutes ago

    Voting is a bunch of bullshit

    EREE REYES 34 minutes ago

    Racist man

  • Chad Carlton
    Chad Carlton 36 minutes ago

    Yeah but have you seen his dick bro

  • Ramona Flowers
    Ramona Flowers 36 minutes ago

    Kim Kardashian looks like a blood elf at 9:12. :T

  • Alejandro Lozano Aguas
    Alejandro Lozano Aguas 37 minutes ago

    I've never wanted to punch someone so hard.

  • Effe Effe
    Effe Effe 46 minutes ago

    Hila always reminds me of Angelina Jolie. I can't be the only one, guys.

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 48 minutes ago

    The ultimate loser my God

  • Seba.
    Seba. 50 minutes ago

    I’m not left OR right OR centre, im14 and retarded and don’t know anything about politics and i definitely don’t give a fuck what some random retard on the internet says (not referring to Ethan)

  • Dru Kelly
    Dru Kelly 50 minutes ago

    Does your mom get mistaken for Oakland's mayor (Libby Schaff) sometimes? Also, I can't believe I just stumbled to your videos just now

  • Chad Carlton
    Chad Carlton 54 minutes ago

    "She's beautiful" narcissistic much

  • DrStarfucker
    DrStarfucker Hour ago

    omg this outro tune made me cry of joy because it just brought back all the fucking hours i spend laughing because of your content when i was really really depressed this really comes from my heart thank you so much!

  • Chad Carlton
    Chad Carlton Hour ago

    I'd still fuck him tho

  • Killer Mike
    Killer Mike Hour ago

    I'm still trying to be face deep in Kims ass

  • unapologetically canadian

    Is that Sissy Spacek?

  • Renegade the Rapper

    I think Ajit is legit wearing lipstick .......... That's so awkward if you're not James Charles

  • Surya Raju
    Surya Raju Hour ago

    It actually says Christian mothers against dancing

  • Alexander The Great

    *T H A T ‘ S I T*

  • Alana S.
    Alana S. Hour ago

    Ethan and Hila, can you please bring more videos like this back?

  • Brennan Sisk
    Brennan Sisk Hour ago

    I love you both

  • Natalia Shi
    Natalia Shi Hour ago

    Ubuntu saved my computer many times tbh

  • dingFAching
    dingFAching 2 hours ago

    "You used to be the edgy uncle that we could turn on at night....."

  • Matthew H.
    Matthew H. 2 hours ago

    Haters man

  • AltEncable
    AltEncable 2 hours ago

    Ethan Literally Looks Like A Drug Dealer To This Day, Jacket, Beanie, Beard, Gray Hair, Fatass, Total Drug Dealer.

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All 2 hours ago

    yikes 3:35

  • Shy Steel
    Shy Steel 2 hours ago

    The drone part got me dead 😂💀

  • Eatyomuffin
    Eatyomuffin 2 hours ago

    why us hila so fucking gorgeous? her eyes are so pretty

  • Ruminating Reptillian

    When your reaction video has quadruple the views of the original.

  • Lomonat
    Lomonat 2 hours ago

    Please come back

  • Jadon Papik
    Jadon Papik 2 hours ago

    2:30 Bruh

  • Christopher Hood
    Christopher Hood 3 hours ago

    I died at accidents hurt

  • autumn bella
    autumn bella 3 hours ago

    He’s so nice. My hearts broken for him... we love you hugh Mingus she’s a wild freak and needs intensive therapy and a class on respect towards our neighbors BITCH

  • aldemar
    aldemar 3 hours ago

    This will NEVER get old

  • I am Batman
    I am Batman 3 hours ago

    I fuckin love Steve o

  • SimpleGamingF2P
    SimpleGamingF2P 3 hours ago

    ricegum saying depressed people be happy is just as retard as saying to homeless people to buy a house.

    KW-GRIMLIN BLOOD 3 hours ago


  • james logan
    james logan 3 hours ago

    People like these girls have nothing to do in their lives

  • Bernardo Nobre
    Bernardo Nobre 3 hours ago

    I mean........... We're making fun of those christian moms, but then again........ Logan Paul

  • Dinh Chien Tran
    Dinh Chien Tran 3 hours ago


  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 3 hours ago

    Who gives a shit what celebrities do? What's Hugh Mungus up to? Hows his daughter doing? I remember she was battling addiction at one point I hope the Munguses are doing well. Fuck this is lame.

  • PiZzA FlAvOrEd H2o
    PiZzA FlAvOrEd H2o 3 hours ago

    Did he, did he just say Redchan? The fuck?

  • Renegade the Rapper
    Renegade the Rapper 4 hours ago

    TVclipr girls without make up: 👨 Hila without makeup: 👸

  • Renegade the Rapper
    Renegade the Rapper 4 hours ago

    Someone should make an Ethan Almost Pukes compilation

    MAYO MASTER 4 hours ago

    Oh no, Ethan and Hila had a child.... He's gonna summa that baby butt syringe

  • Kaila Lujano
    Kaila Lujano 4 hours ago

    The one on the left is ON the beach and the one on the right washed UP ON the beach. IM DYING 😂😂😭

  • tobias Oliver
    tobias Oliver 4 hours ago

    Imagine doing her so hard that her teeth fall out

  • Rav3nbut po3
    Rav3nbut po3 4 hours ago

    At 16:15 ish he outta breath from that booty shake xD

    SWITCH XL 4 hours ago

    this is me eating pizza every week

  • Renegade the Rapper
    Renegade the Rapper 4 hours ago

    Ethan, you may be a fat, hairy dude, but those puka shell wearing fruitcakes aren't any better looking than you. Always remember that bruh

  • Catherine Duong
    Catherine Duong 4 hours ago

    This is one of my favourite love stories I’ve ever heard. But, c’mon guys- you met at an Holocaust museum ON BIRTHRIGHT?! Jewish Poster Children 🤣🤣🤣 But truly, so happy you found each other ❤️

  • P4F Ace
    P4F Ace 4 hours ago


  • Gaming gunter
    Gaming gunter 4 hours ago

    ricegum is basically a tumor which you cant get rid off your brain h3h3 keep up the good work on trashing these sort of youtubers

  • jord
    jord 4 hours ago

    Fucking gold on a $30 bottle of shit whiskey God I love yt basement

  • Shane Keen
    Shane Keen 4 hours ago

    Just came to see how many people remind ethan Hawaii is the 49th STATE

  • Roberto Ibarra
    Roberto Ibarra 4 hours ago


  • Jeffrey Cole
    Jeffrey Cole 4 hours ago

    Wow there are ads on this

  • donGripo
    donGripo 5 hours ago

    4:53 I think she's pretty cute on the right!

  • Star boy
    Star boy 5 hours ago

    Best part is your video has 6.8m views, his has 2m

  • Samuel Lujan
    Samuel Lujan 5 hours ago

    Hey hey Monika!

  • Latebadger 04
    Latebadger 04 5 hours ago

    Dang 1.6 mil likes ok ok cool cool

  • Paymus Taylor
    Paymus Taylor 5 hours ago

    He needs a Dodge Challenger demon lol

  • Mateja Cirovic
    Mateja Cirovic 5 hours ago

    Video: Gets 1 million dabs/likes Me: You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.

  • max isom
    max isom 5 hours ago

    Woah that homeless guy reminds me of joji!

  • Hyperspeed 2020
    Hyperspeed 2020 5 hours ago

    On behalf of Polish people I would like to apologise

  • Lyn B
    Lyn B 5 hours ago

    Family with the best sense of humor

  • max isom
    max isom 5 hours ago


  • Alexaii Abramowick
    Alexaii Abramowick 5 hours ago

    How did they think it seems real that they caught a Pedophile in the act and kicked him out without calling 911 or anything else 😂 8:16 and were did they got the information from ? Who liked this cringe ?

  • Patrick William
    Patrick William 5 hours ago

    I was trip sitting a friend and he watched this video before it kicked in. Right as everything was kicking in he was going into an Uber to go home, I would message my friend to make sure he's okay. He thought the Uber driver was "the guy from the video" and thought he was being kidnapped by a Somali pirate "he's laughing like the guy in the video bro! What if it's the wrong car?!!" I kept messaging him and he was freaking out until he got home (30 minute car ride) then he had an amazing video. Btw what I put in quotations were the messages he was sending me.

  • qygp ygpq
    qygp ygpq 5 hours ago

    woman nowdays do real life photoshop with that much make up...

  • Luminious YT
    Luminious YT 5 hours ago

    Where's idubbbz when you need him

  • Evan Shackelford
    Evan Shackelford 6 hours ago

    damn yall niggas got 1 million likes

  • Hyperspeed 2020
    Hyperspeed 2020 6 hours ago

    Quickly sell everything so you can meet up at area 51

  • EpicCouchTime
    EpicCouchTime 6 hours ago

    Dude Teddy Fresh is so dope, Hila is killing it.

  • Hyperspeed 2020
    Hyperspeed 2020 6 hours ago

    Plot twist both of the other people were 'social experimenters' too

  • Hyperspeed 2020
    Hyperspeed 2020 6 hours ago

    Plot twist both of the other people were 'social experimenters' too

  • Jamie Kouris
    Jamie Kouris 6 hours ago

    Imagine the nazi salute "dab" you did in this video, and imagine a whole school assembly where all the kids are told to raise their hands on a 45 degree angle. We became a Nazy army after that day

  • Pollen Applebee
    Pollen Applebee 6 hours ago

    "That kid is gonna be so...badly adjusted to real life."

  • Brian A
    Brian A 6 hours ago

    We can't have jokes. No jokes, no fun, no sarcasm.

  • Abbey9384
    Abbey9384 6 hours ago

    I’m like genuinely impressed that Ian fit under that garage door

  • Killjoy McQuire
    Killjoy McQuire 6 hours ago

    Wow, that guy sounds like Rock and Morty!