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  • SoggySoup
    SoggySoup 23 minutes ago

    Froggen ftw

  • Hōrō Sha
    Hōrō Sha 46 minutes ago

    brah katevolved is just in a whole different league

  • 이정민
    이정민 3 hours ago

    양세바리가 왜나오냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • nguyễn đình huy
    nguyễn đình huy 3 hours ago

    7:00 name music??

  • Daman Waraich
    Daman Waraich 5 hours ago

    Scrubnoob for Rengar???

  • 蒋Bruce
    蒋Bruce 6 hours ago

    what are those bgms

  • Isaac Ahlquist
    Isaac Ahlquist 6 hours ago

    Yo where tobiafate at

  • Emolia T
    Emolia T 6 hours ago

    I really hate the musics on league's clips

  • ChrisAngel
    ChrisAngel 8 hours ago

    Where is Riste?

  • TF2 stands for titanfall 2

    How could you forget Tobias Fate’s GangPlank

  • lukaL
    lukaL 8 hours ago

    lol ive seen some korean lee sin, the guy legit presses 6 buttons in 0.5 sec and ends up behind guys back he wanna ult, just crazy

  • Eugène Mailloux
    Eugène Mailloux 9 hours ago

    music is pur garbage

  • Chedy Y
    Chedy Y 9 hours ago

    Arthur lanches,top 1 world teemo. Brazilian player high elo

  • Chedy Y
    Chedy Y 9 hours ago

    Cheed the best bard

  • Beast Of The North
    Beast Of The North 9 hours ago

    I’m mad Tobias isn’t here

  • Ricardo Mora
    Ricardo Mora 10 hours ago

    Tf blade?

  • Thomas Lin
    Thomas Lin 10 hours ago

    Where is fogg’s tryn?

  • BlackRoseAnarchy
    BlackRoseAnarchy 11 hours ago

    Where is AP0 with mord and yamato with his kassadin

  • League of trash
    League of trash 11 hours ago

    He must've forgot el truko

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille 12 hours ago

    You took Yassuo out of all the Yasuo mains? I'm disappointed. You could've picked Yasuicide at least.

  • Hachi
    Hachi 12 hours ago

    Moe without beard is best moe

    BLUEWOLF11 12 hours ago

    You forgot about tilterella

  • Flying Ostrich
    Flying Ostrich 12 hours ago

    SirhCez mains Nasus not Signed.

  • Flying Ostrich
    Flying Ostrich 12 hours ago

    Panunu is literally the best gragas. I learned all from him lol

  • Andoni Calvano
    Andoni Calvano 12 hours ago

    Fist song?

  • Elijah Anglacer
    Elijah Anglacer 12 hours ago

    Where llstylish at tho.

  • QuackingCracker
    QuackingCracker 12 hours ago

    I'm surprised no RTO in this vid

  • Goran of Slavs
    Goran of Slavs 12 hours ago

    How dare you not include Tyler1??? He is literally the most entertaining and fun guy out of them

  • Rxwen_LP
    Rxwen_LP 13 hours ago

    yasuo biggest inter world wide

  • Hiraiii
    Hiraiii 13 hours ago

    No night core for box box :c

  • BuyMyAdds
    BuyMyAdds 13 hours ago

    No Scrubnoob/PSZ?

  • NucGuzys
    NucGuzys 13 hours ago

    Kd eu kakakak sou mono ryze 2kk de maestria

  • Batuhan Eroglu
    Batuhan Eroglu 13 hours ago

    Top katarina is jaxres... not katevolved

  • ZK 950
    ZK 950 14 hours ago

    Lol Tryn main? I don't even need mastery to have Penta with him

  • クバサスケ
    クバサスケ 14 hours ago

    Xayoo is beter Lee sin

  • Hypergiant Star
    Hypergiant Star 14 hours ago

    Where’s tf blade, t1, LL stylish, scrubnoob, etc.

  • 1M 8
    1M 8 14 hours ago

    Best play 2:15

  • dani belghiru
    dani belghiru 14 hours ago

    Fogged is a good player not trynda, trynda is retarede easy

  • Efe Emre
    Efe Emre 15 hours ago


  • Danilo Cerqueira
    Danilo Cerqueira 16 hours ago

    Brtt draven Jovirone/Erasus Lee sin Jukes yasuo Arthur lanches teemo Rakin Vladimir Edit : Hydrogen gangplank

  • emin seddat başkök
    emin seddat başkök 17 hours ago

    adrian riven

  • Hawk-Nightcore
    Hawk-Nightcore 18 hours ago

    Tyler ma boi, the only guy that can outdamage this fking obnoxious, obnoxiously loud music.

  • Izumi Satoh
    Izumi Satoh 18 hours ago

    Mising Manny

  • Ngọc Nguyễn
    Ngọc Nguyễn 19 hours ago

    Pink ward hight IQ....

  • Kyle Anselmo
    Kyle Anselmo 19 hours ago

    How about Zwag?

  • gregory etzioglou
    gregory etzioglou 19 hours ago

    BUT Where is Pun1sher?? The Cassio god

  • Louis' Storyline
    Louis' Storyline 19 hours ago

    15:50 how does he get vision on ahri?

  • Thanh Ngân Bùi
    Thanh Ngân Bùi 20 hours ago

    The kata in the baron cave was insane 12:20

  • RA Spectah
    RA Spectah 20 hours ago

    Trash music made me not watch... sux

  • theStaja
    theStaja 20 hours ago

    How could you not include LLstylish (the face of zed) and instead u put this zedxsmurf guy

    • Umut Rahmanoğlu
      Umut Rahmanoğlu 14 hours ago

      Zedxsmurf is rank 1 and rank 2 at zed in lol skill playing in euw chall with 2 acc and over 15 kills most likely every game

  • Phillip Nguyen
    Phillip Nguyen 20 hours ago

    1:53 Faker, WAT WAS THAT??

  • Lone Squirrel
    Lone Squirrel 21 hour ago

    Master is the best creator for League of LEgends! I actually created my own channel called "Lone Squirrel" ...check it out and i will always follow back!

  • Hoàng Pico
    Hoàng Pico 21 hour ago

    Where is Yellow Dog Bronze 5 from VietNam sever :<

  • Brian Hombrar
    Brian Hombrar 21 hour ago

    Adrian Sierra is a better Riven main IMO

  • Φώτης Παπαδόπουλος

    This video sucks not having ll stylish...

  • DredGuitar6083 L.
    DredGuitar6083 L. 22 hours ago

    2:22 r u serious

  • Nhật Nguyễn

    Let me ask what are the new music boxes from the 6:55 main box box are ??

  • Nicko Tmlln
    Nicko Tmlln Day ago

    Do a video about best in roles Like NB3 best in jungle, faker best in mid

    • DodoMax YouTube
      DodoMax YouTube 14 hours ago


  • Montange Moment

    Where is my cowsep ??

  • Aljaž Jesen
    Aljaž Jesen Day ago

    That tornado at the end defineatly didnt hit hahaha

  • Sander Mees
    Sander Mees Day ago

    Gosu is not a one main he plays a lot of meta adc champs

  • SkyLong deft
    SkyLong deft Day ago

    Why it's always NA

  • NZ Divisionary

    only streamers, rip

  • Brandon Garcia

    Imagine thinking box box is better than Adrian

  • murdered by malice

    where the jungle mains at tho

  • guaxel 7rtl
    guaxel 7rtl Day ago

    Akali armi

  • subala la
    subala la Day ago

    Name song 9:30 plsss

  • J Genke
    J Genke Day ago

    pinkward is how i imagine all shaco mains now

  • Jaime Hernandez

    You should put Manute with the old mordekaiser or holdem hammers with jayce

  • 検事黒
    検事黒 Day ago

    its call One trick, idk why this tick me off so much. Nice vid though

  • Aiden Radford
    Aiden Radford Day ago

    Pink ward shouldn’t use facecam

  • Kellay Diohen
    Kellay Diohen Day ago

    I thought shroud was the Thresh dude.

  • 周源
    周源 Day ago

    one champ only and twitch only... lol

  • Elbert Salenga

    12:12 OMG

  • Rawr Raaawr
    Rawr Raaawr Day ago

    Not including Stylish for Zed... Fail video

  • Abror Kosimov
    Abror Kosimov Day ago


  • Sad OldBoy
    Sad OldBoy Day ago

    Isnt bunz the tresh god

  • Golden
    Golden Day ago

    People saying he didnt put certain one tricks up there... you should realize just how many one tricks are out there and the fact that he only used one or two clips of each one trick and the video still ended up being almost 20 minutes. This video would be like 40 minutes - and hour if he included every one trick streamer that ever existed

  • John Bravo
    John Bravo Day ago

    Panunu, boxbox, ll stylish, yassuo <3

  • Yox
    Yox Day ago

    Zwag needs to be put in one of these

  • Berat Şahinkaya

    İ love zedxsmurf 💞 best zed from belgium ✋

  • Mey
    Mey Day ago

    Annie bot isn't at 6mil, hes actually at 7.9mil

  • ShotZ
    ShotZ Day ago

    Ratirl is human trash

  • Ricardo Kaká
    Ricardo Kaká Day ago

    I think madlife is god sp, not one champ

  • Halo Giang
    Halo Giang Day ago

    Dopa ???

  • Tung Hoanh
    Tung Hoanh Day ago

    Vayne noob

  • Doom Rammus
    Doom Rammus Day ago

    Couple people I would of change bc of my opinion LLstylish, Adrian riven tommy309 yes I know those people are more popular but I feel that there better at their champs then the people listed

  • Mandarin Duck
    Mandarin Duck Day ago

    Rezone Heimerdinger ?

  • JM Portz
    JM Portz Day ago

    panunu xsaber RTO Azap Swag Adrian Riven

  • Jim Delpiter
    Jim Delpiter Day ago

    Where is the tresh god mr.bunnyfufu?

    • David Vo
      David Vo 8 hours ago

      Jim Delpiter so Bunny vs Madlife, who you think is better?

  • Yaszerix Uncut

    Give me Tobias fate

  • Văn Chính
    Văn Chính Day ago


  • Candydeluxe
    Candydeluxe 2 days ago

    WHERES yozu!

  • joey gonzales
    joey gonzales 2 days ago

    bunnyfufu is the god thresh

  • KenKane Ki Tokyoo Ghoul

    Box box better played riven on controller then i on keyboard

  • ColeX
    ColeX 2 days ago

    I played against 3,5 mln zed. I won by my 80 k points akali

    • Vampirus
      Vampirus 22 hours ago

      Points usually say nothing much about a player but 3.5 million. Wow

  • Leandro Bastos
    Leandro Bastos 2 days ago

    Why is box box here

  • Big Man Riotous
    Big Man Riotous 2 days ago

    Where is Tyler bro? Why did u put a Trynd and Veyne main like who cares but didn't put an actual good hard champ main that everyone cares about? Trynd main 😂

    • Porñstar DRAVEN
      Porñstar DRAVEN 2 days ago

      Imagine placing that midget in the " onetrick" title ,he is just too famous and you think he is good ,check jackspektra pornstar zilean and v1ncent

  • Charlss b
    Charlss b 2 days ago

    Where is the man himself, Tobias fate

  • Hussein Gebai
    Hussein Gebai 2 days ago

    Amazing video but will never like cz the bad words in it about GOD . U were able to mute such if u cared