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I'm Coming to Dubai!
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STOP Saying "I Love You"
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This Is Who You Are
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I Quit (2020)
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Yeah, So...
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A Message to Bullies
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Join UPLIFT Talks
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The Poetry Of DNA
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Who Am I
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The Educycle
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  • KU 2
    KU 2 19 minutes ago

    I think to much peaple say they have depresion while the dont

  • Lisa McLaren
    Lisa McLaren 22 minutes ago

    I want to say "Hello!" To people without them thinking l want something. Lisa I'm just bring polite!

  • Tyler Snacc YT
    Tyler Snacc YT 24 minutes ago

    skool is for sex

  • Fresh Dumbledore
    Fresh Dumbledore 24 minutes ago

    After nearly 5 years , barely anything changed

  • pineapplepizza pepperoni
    pineapplepizza pepperoni 27 minutes ago

    You are a true inspiration I will keep these in mind

  • The Ananya Talks TAT
    The Ananya Talks TAT 28 minutes ago

    Magnificent ..loved it..😊

  • Epic gamer girl
    Epic gamer girl 30 minutes ago

    So true

  • OK Boomer
    OK Boomer 32 minutes ago

    So If you ever want a family, kill a kid.

  • Brett Oakes is Thick
    Brett Oakes is Thick 40 minutes ago

    I got in trouble for fuckin leaving the class to get a drink of water after asking to go get a drink 10 times at least, I had a headache, after someone gave me a water bottle, I refilled it 2 times and drank 3 water bottles.

  • Rameez Shamoun
    Rameez Shamoun 44 minutes ago

    WANT destroyed my 7 years relationship.

  • Joclynz Radio
    Joclynz Radio 47 minutes ago


  • Breanna Macion
    Breanna Macion 48 minutes ago

    Respect to this man ✊

  • I no post roblox videos
    I no post roblox videos 54 minutes ago

    My life is already wasted

  • SpellLess
    SpellLess 57 minutes ago

    He should run for president he would win 100%

  • Nico Contreras
    Nico Contreras Hour ago

    I´ll try it tomorrow, thank´s !

  • •Toasted Bagels And Gacha•

    I’m a BTS fan, and in order to go to there concert, I have to pass every single class, I’m taking high school level classes in middle school and it is nearly impossible, I want to see BTS but I can’t if I don’t pass my classes, ;-;

  • Val N.
    Val N. Hour ago

    This made me realize I've been in a 26 year marriage alone. The truth is when you first meet and fall in love the oxytocin is so strong and y'all have everything in common. Then the wedding and children and then oxytocin is gone. Romance is gone. You wake up 26 years later in a time loop. Same shit different day. My advice is don't get married. Husbands have to much access to the internet and porn they lose interest in their wives and women like me give up trying to look like the women I did in my 20's because social media glories young beautiful women and put women like me in my 40's in the grave bc they think our time is over. I love my husband ... I just wish he loved me.

  • Salty Oreo
    Salty Oreo Hour ago

    *Prince Ea:* Talks about deforestation *Finland:* "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Salty Oreo
    Salty Oreo Hour ago

    The "school" thing from a few years ago was kinda dumb, but this was pretty okay.

  • LfeIs2Gr8 t
    LfeIs2Gr8 t Hour ago

    I’m trying to quit: -being self-conscious about everything I say -overthink every situation I’m in -not let people control my day -not be so empathetic to everything -not let words get to me -get rid of toxic friendships -thinking I’m going to fail in life -getting anxiety about everything

  • Amit _Anil
    Amit _Anil Hour ago

    CBSE teachers have left the chat!

  • bqmb
    bqmb Hour ago

    Is that the real obama

  • Fire -
    Fire - Hour ago

    There is a solution to learning, just dont try at all and become a famous rapper and get millions

  • 1dragon2fire
    1dragon2fire Hour ago

    Remember kids to be happy you have to commit suiside or be homeless

  • Voltron Rex
    Voltron Rex Hour ago

    Anybody wanna become a TVclipr bit your parents think that being a TVclipr wont give you money ? Anyone ?

  • elisia francisco

    man you really give us hard pills to swallow😭 but i really appreciate the motivation and enlightenment ❤️

  • Lil Plum
    Lil Plum Hour ago

    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” -Confucius

  • Zotic
    Zotic Hour ago

    I sent this to my teacher and i got detention

  • MultiName
    MultiName Hour ago

    Where are all my diagnosed bois at Edit-no hate to his video

  • Zotic
    Zotic Hour ago

    1 millionth like

  • Clover Howlter
    Clover Howlter Hour ago

    Being a “gifted kid” just made a depressed, anxiety ridden failure who cut when I made a B

  • Jayden lim
    Jayden lim Hour ago

    I drop an egg on the floor and my mom beat me up

  • astronautic.e
    astronautic.e Hour ago

    I come from the future, and unfortunately he was right. Climate change has only gotten worse. The forest fires, melting ice-burgs, the sea-levels are rising, coral reefs are dying, etc. People and animals are dying too. Come on guys, I truly believe we can fix this no matter how long and hard this takes.

  • Legendary Noob
    Legendary Noob Hour ago

    I said all of this to my teacher I got in trouble She believed me thought

  • Jon Gee
    Jon Gee Hour ago

    Don't go to school so you can't learn anything, have no credibility with employers, and no skills. Sure, sounds credible. Yeah, sorry for not drinking your Kool Aid. Ps can you speak normally without having an anxiety attack or hyperventilating and speaking fast to piano music? Your not learning, your not remembering, is your personal failing; you teachers tried teaching you.

  • Zarya thanki
    Zarya thanki Hour ago

    I am a country singer princess every single day

  • Zarya thanki
    Zarya thanki Hour ago

    I am a country singer princess every single day

  • DFuze Vurse
    DFuze Vurse Hour ago

    Thank you so much 😂😂😂

  • DFuze Vurse
    DFuze Vurse 2 hours ago

    Im freeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Zendaya Marie
    Zendaya Marie 2 hours ago

    Sir, you help me to decrease my teenage depression of 9 years. I think you and there is another youtuber both of yours advice helps a lot, thank you so much you make my life easy.👍👍

  • Pickle flavored Mayonnaise

    You say that like I have a choice 👁👄👁

  • Infinite Goldfish
    Infinite Goldfish 2 hours ago

    Uh huh yeah and it’s 31 degrees is Colorado right now

  • Darius Marbury
    Darius Marbury 2 hours ago

    Damn.. that's dark

  • Wolfie_ gachaplayz
    Wolfie_ gachaplayz 2 hours ago

    Who cried? Only me? This is just to true to be true..... 😰😰😰

  • Nitro_ Devil
    Nitro_ Devil 2 hours ago

    I feel that school is a place no just for learning but also learning values and get friends but I also agree with prince ea

  • Chingonman 1
    Chingonman 1 2 hours ago

    I been sufdered for depression, im the end of the world, the doors of him, will close soon, just by not obeying his commandments, few of is will be saved if is the same religion...

  • Kira Queen, Bites the Dusto

    Me an intellectual: KING CRIMSON

  • visionX
    visionX 2 hours ago

    Bro this vids at 999k likes lmao

  • Dxrk Nexxus
    Dxrk Nexxus 2 hours ago

    Worst thing my mom said to me is in going to grow being a drug addict and doing nothing good with my life

  • [Music] OfficialTNJohn

    Ea: says crap Judge: WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!

  • Call me Aj
    Call me Aj 2 hours ago

    Y’all kind of wack, talking about the earth? 19 ingredients in a Mc Donald’s French fry? What the hell?

  • FIKIR FOG!!!
    FIKIR FOG!!! 2 hours ago

    Yes u r right I'm not white 😂

  • WeidPlayGames
    WeidPlayGames 2 hours ago

    My teachers would not let me finish after first 2 sentences

  • Haley Taylor
    Haley Taylor 2 hours ago

    why the heck am i still in school

  • Izuku Midoriya & Naruto Uzumaki98 -

    this is emotional and true

  • Heroghoul 12
    Heroghoul 12 2 hours ago

    It's funny he tells us to stop listening to motivational speakers yet he tries to be a motivational speaker.

  • Kadence Durden
    Kadence Durden 2 hours ago

    All of these people from history don’t have all of the bullshit that we learn in school because they learned more from living in everyday in life

  • Leanne McConville
    Leanne McConville 2 hours ago

    You should be a teacher

  • Kadence Durden
    Kadence Durden 2 hours ago

    School does bring a lot out of me it’s brings out all of my energy and want/will to live

  • FOX'S Apprentice
    FOX'S Apprentice 2 hours ago

    Prince EA is a gift to humanity

  • bEnJi Tham
    bEnJi Tham 2 hours ago

    My friend sent me this.... ._. im scared

  • pikarobot
    pikarobot 2 hours ago

    I watched this vid 8 months ago

  • D4RK
    D4RK 2 hours ago

    paying to be motivated is dumb, might as well just go to school and be depressed. happiness shouldn't be payed for happiness should be given!

  • Private Beckham
    Private Beckham 2 hours ago

    2020 Lyrics

  • Private Beckham
    Private Beckham 2 hours ago

    2020 Lyrics

  • Private Beckham
    Private Beckham 2 hours ago

    2020 Lyrics

  • Prashant Lamba - the star

    I am very anxious of my future. I think that I can never do something significant.

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado 2 hours ago

    I love you prince, no one else like you❤️

  • epicgamer30000
    epicgamer30000 2 hours ago

  • Yeyo
    Yeyo 2 hours ago

    much love

  • Sam Criner
    Sam Criner 2 hours ago


  • Donovan_lol_
    Donovan_lol_ 2 hours ago

    Don’t worry man, even if we destroy the world and it kills us all. The earth will just reset humans or another species will just dominate the earth and either make the mistake we made or not

  • Shades
    Shades 2 hours ago

    Anyone else thing she was just gona kill him by getting him hooked on ciggerets?

  • phantom boy
    phantom boy 2 hours ago

    help or country 1,300,000 its real the fireman need help if this keeps giong it will kill us

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 3 hours ago

    this is what i called rant without solution.. you think its easy to come out with education system

  • Jason Lu
    Jason Lu 3 hours ago

    Why are there so many dislikes? This video is just for edgy middle schoolers, and not people with clinical depression.

  • Bxmz FN
    Bxmz FN 3 hours ago

    Me:see prince Ea starts a new school Friends:let’s go home now my mind just exploded with modivation Me:ok lemme dive da bus

  • Winn P
    Winn P 3 hours ago

    How did he turn black tf?

  • Bipolar-Ray
    Bipolar-Ray 3 hours ago

    Ik nobody needa hear this but.. I’m a 14 year old girl from the Middle East and I weigh 159 pounds and I’m 5’4. I’ve been judged for my weight and laughed at 😕 I’ve tried losing weight too but I never have enough motivation. Even people that are close to me, my mom for example judges me for my weight. My brothers. They say I look like a pig. I started gaining weight around 7th grade and I’m a freshmen now. My guy friends have even made fun of me but when it comes to my weight/size I’m insecure. I don’t have enough courage to say anything back. I just say to myself sometimes “watch me lose weight bitches and tell me I’m fat” but i feel like a fucking pig just like my mom told me I am. I feel like I can’t change all because of what she said. I say to myself “what’s the point? My own mother said I AM a pig. Prince ea is encouraging me more than my own family or my toxic “friends” who low key make “jokes” about my weight/size. God bless you prince ea 💜

  • Martina Vlogs
    Martina Vlogs 3 hours ago


  • US Government
    US Government 3 hours ago

    Please get the school out of the kids way please

  • Victoria Sanchez
    Victoria Sanchez 3 hours ago

    I hate how teachers just yell out that one person is more focused than everybody else because they finished and worksheet before everyone else. That pisses me the hell off.

  • CrookedCookie
    CrookedCookie 3 hours ago

    The 1 millionth like! :)

  • Nuttynurbutty
    Nuttynurbutty 3 hours ago

    I have a girl friend I’m 17 I’ve been single my whole life enjoyed it too but it’s always nice to have company this girl is my first “real relation ship” I’m going on two months w her taking it slow too not none of that fuck boy shit we still haven’t said love you or even brought it up singles fun but having some one around you that genuinely wants to see you succeed and gives you your space at times is so beneficial to my mental health I just hope I don’t lose her

  • Banette
    Banette 3 hours ago

    Me: *watches the entire video and listens to his message* *"Don't do that. Don't give me hope."*

  • Reddit Steals The Joke

    He just sits there like: () () I\ I \ I / I/

  • Zakk Elemento
    Zakk Elemento 3 hours ago

    Hey guys can you teach me how to do your taxes?

  • sofia
    sofia 3 hours ago

    5K likes and I'll send this to my headmaster

  • Casperrr
    Casperrr 3 hours ago

    do you know what peaple and light bulbs have in common ? we both express different colors , have different shapes , different sizes , we're manufactured in different places somes of us bright , some dim , some clear and and some broken , we appear to be very different on the outside . but the thing about these lights is , there is one current running through each bulb . and in the same way , there is a sigular energy running through each person on this planet . doesn't matter your race , gender , nationality , thats just the bulb , inside of all that is who you really are . Energy , don't belevie your energy ? well riddle me this , say you have a friend named jim , and you've been visitng jim in the hospital until one day jim unfortunately dies on the operating table you say " oh no jim die " but his body still there , his race , this gender , but you say jim died ? because you know deep down that jim was a lot more than his body he was the intelegent energy that gave IFE to his body , ENERGY , is what we are , and energy has no color it is not republican nor democrat white or black , Energy is not christian , muslim or atheist , energy is ...ENERGY IS We are intelligent , creative , universal energy . and if we understood that then we will finally know what wise men and women have been trying to tell us since the dawn of time that , we are One .

  • XxXTyrone
    XxXTyrone 3 hours ago

    When he said "We will be equally extinct" I felt that

  • Gábhán De Brun
    Gábhán De Brun 3 hours ago

    Pls don’t do this with a shotgun in you’re hands!! And I’m going through things wit horrible neighbors and am being a target of passive aggressive behaviour an as man wit a mental illness who has been in combatant sport fir over half my life it’s hard for me not to engage it’s just building up up up up, I’m trying my best not to go up there and handle my business as I feel it her ting to that place there banging in my ceiling while in my apt slamming things repeatedly and then tapping over my head on the ceiling while I sleep, so I’m losing sleep and am pissed off with it,i just want to left the fk along, I done nothing on them only ask to lower there super loud polish rap music, a bit!! Send me strength to not rise into a mad man,and get caught going back an forth with there weirdness!! I won’t no part of their chicd like games only brave with drink n drugs on them!! 🙏👍

  • YaBoiMonkey
    YaBoiMonkey 3 hours ago

    To ima bout to email this to all my teachers and see what they think fr

  • sofia
    sofia 3 hours ago


  • Scaredy Boy
    Scaredy Boy 3 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Max S
    Max S 3 hours ago

    s a 10 year old wanting to kill my self this helped me a ton

  • Eagle 18101
    Eagle 18101 3 hours ago

    Imagine sometime in the far future historians come across this video...

  • F Toast
    F Toast 3 hours ago

    He be spitting bars If the bars were garbage

  • Sky Bound
    Sky Bound 3 hours ago

    I am watching in 2020 and I see the date... I honestly thought the video was made this year. Thank you still.