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  • faulticvs
    faulticvs 29 seconds ago

    teacher : I am preparing you all for the future, so listen! me : *thinks of tomorrow*

  • bunny hunny
    bunny hunny 10 minutes ago

    But there's nothing to do im scared of haunted stick men

  • Mc_Lara
    Mc_Lara 24 minutes ago

    we need to STOP begging for this man to be President, the power is in the community and YOU are responsible for change. It's not those in power, its US, so stop asking for this and crying for that and start DOING

  • Shikari-Chan -Chan
    Shikari-Chan -Chan 37 minutes ago

    what is the difference between Education and school ?

  • Valentino Portillo
    Valentino Portillo 41 minute ago

    It was locked. You're such a liar that didn't happen

  • John Miraflor
    John Miraflor 41 minute ago

    This is so inspirational

  • Aza Bita
    Aza Bita 47 minutes ago

    Yo without school our teachers will SUFFER Why? Because they don't have jobs! I hate school but I don't think it should be like that

  • NitePremium
    NitePremium 58 minutes ago

    Why is this video under the category Music?

  • OZham Azsi
    OZham Azsi Hour ago

    This guy reminds me of a friend years back who said: "Motivation are for loosers" Reply: And you got motivated ?

  • Sam Chiong
    Sam Chiong Hour ago

    why is he crying

  • Gacha Cheese
    Gacha Cheese Hour ago

    I'm blue.

  • SickLAD69
    SickLAD69 Hour ago

    dis mans

  • Default Name
    Default Name Hour ago

    WOW this is the greatest prediction of the fire on the amazon rainforest

  • Look at my PP
    Look at my PP Hour ago

    Dont be president be president of the planet

  • Swagger
    Swagger Hour ago

    I see the video title im like what the

  • Courtney Fox's music

    I'm really hoping a teacher somewhere is watching this

  • Look at my PP
    Look at my PP Hour ago

    Bro stop talking be president of the planet already

  • SpaceForceGames
    SpaceForceGames Hour ago

    Mister TVclip man what do you do when if you drink alcohol it skips ahead to the hangover phase?

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae Hour ago

    Shouldn't school be about preparing kids for the actual real world? And for careers that they want? Dress code policies are also kind of outrageous.

  • AnaMaree Rose
    AnaMaree Rose Hour ago

    Off topic, i know, but people need to know- I'm tired of Dress Code, putting women down. Telling them to be ashamed and hide their bodies. Watching the men walk down the hallway, with their pants on the ground. Cat-calling, whistling, rating women out of 10. But it's not the men's fault, it's the women, because they were "asking for it", by having their shorts on, or revealing their collarbone. Instead of teaching boys not to objectify women, they teach the women how they present themselves is more important then their education. Blaming the wearer, for- our shoulders, legs, arms, bodies, collarbones, being sexualized. What I'm trying to say, is you might as well cover our face. Because it seems our face is too distracting to the school system. So will someone hang me a paper bag, and tell me it's my fault, how I should hide what I'm suppose to be proud of, because it's not the boys fault, the girls are the reason for our- Dress code.

  • Cry baby Seal
    Cry baby Seal Hour ago

    Yea if they where no phone you wouldn’t have this type of job

  • Jackie Llamas
    Jackie Llamas 2 hours ago

    I totally get where he's coming from and I agree. However the straight lines and raising hands to speak is helpful in class. Because have you ever had 25 children trying to talk at once and you cant hear anyone and then one of them decides to run around so they all decide to run around and push and hit each other..... sometimes classrooms get crazy, but it's up to the teacher to provide structure while teaching the kids it's ok to have fun and be themselves. But I do agree with literally everything else

  • Văn Trương Dình
    Văn Trương Dình 2 hours ago

    I always follow you on the TVclip

  • RIXX
    RIXX 2 hours ago

    “This test may be 70 percent of my grade but 0 percent of my future” CAN I GET AN AMEN IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD

  • Erich von Manstein
    Erich von Manstein 2 hours ago

    *I don't need money!* *i just need a stool and a rope!*

  • RIXX
    RIXX 2 hours ago

    Teacher: forgets to give us test that we needed 3 days ago, OMG I FORGOT EVERYBODY QUIET SO I CAN HAND OUT A TEST Next day Me: I didn’t do my homework Teacher: DETENTION 😡 Me in my head: u forgot to give us a test that we “needed” for 3 days but gives me detention for not doing my work bull crap

  • RIXX
    RIXX 2 hours ago

    I texted this to my old teacher don’t ask why I have his number

  • RIXX
    RIXX 2 hours ago

    I wish I could like this more than once

    LILYZZ 2 hours ago

    Why don’t kids just learn what their actually good at? We all will be happy and focus 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • El Otiz :v
    El Otiz :v 2 hours ago

    Parece q esta rapeando :v

  • RIXX
    RIXX 2 hours ago

    I need to show this to the head of my school district Can I get a Amen

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Why would someone fight over something be a duck or a chicken? It’s really weird XD

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Yooo Im a viewer from Sydney Australia XD

  • Samantha Miner
    Samantha Miner 2 hours ago

    This right here ,is more true than people realize.i had to be pulled out of public school and be homeschooled last year for these exact reasons

  • Daytona Fancysword
    Daytona Fancysword 2 hours ago

    Time to write a whole essay agreeing with this and about innovation playlist and to email it to my school.

  • Mishell Borrego
    Mishell Borrego 2 hours ago

    I agree and disagree with you....... You see my brother actually used to do this. Where we live it is illegal, and of course my mom didnt like it. If he had done it without skipping school we would have probably never cared but that wasnt the case. Because of marijuana he would skip school just to do it, and it was like he never went to school. Because of marijuana he started stealing money from my mom and I mean a lot of money to buy it. Because of marijuana he got involved in other drugs. There was multiple times where he would come home really high and I just remember me, my mom and my other brother just crying and crying. Because of marijuana he would sneak out from the house and drive my moms car to go smoke. That time, a police pulled him over and Thank god it was a nice cop because my mom could have got in a lot of trouble. There was also this one time where he snuck out and my mom and dad found out. That night my dad went outside in his car around the neighborhood, while we waited inside looking out from the window. As we saw a car pull up a few houses up, my dad pulled in front of it blocking it to go any further. My mom at the time was behind the car and the dumb person who drived who my brother so called " friend" almost hit my mom while they were trying to back up. I saw that two of the people ran out with a bag and 3 other people including my brother got out of the car. As we waited for the police to arrive I told the people that were with him " why would you guys get my brother involved in things like that" and I just remember the two of them laughing. Oooooh i wanted to do something to them so bad.At first my mom and dad had put him in a rehabilitation center, but that didnt work. Now he is in a millitary school and is hopfully doing good. So as you have read because of marijuana my brother would do the dumbest things and sometimes my mom and dad had to call the police on him. Wish him good luck!

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 2 hours ago

    You both have lost the Rhythm !!!!

  • TheLegoBrickery
    TheLegoBrickery 2 hours ago

    That is an obnoxious title

  • _DontAskMyName _
    _DontAskMyName _ 2 hours ago

    Thx so much I Watched hey scary movie this helps really well I recommend for people that have fears

  • Fuapau Siovaiata
    Fuapau Siovaiata 2 hours ago

    Can somebody tell me how he told the future the amazon rainforest is burning

  • TTV Gaming
    TTV Gaming 2 hours ago

    Thanks I was always lazy and sad a i wept a lot but I think you’ve shown me how to control it and I’m just very thankful

  • Tanya Rivas
    Tanya Rivas 3 hours ago

    This honestly makes me feel like we are guilty for what’s happening

    DARKOSS 3 hours ago

    no im black

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 3 hours ago

    I get that some of these facts are incorrect but he is telling the truth that our generation is actually faking mental illness and that’s not ok because that makes real depressed people look like they’re the ones faking it so guess what, stop because no one will believe you once they figure it out that you just want attention.

  • A'yah Kahananui
    A'yah Kahananui 3 hours ago

    As 2020 is approaching, this message couldn't ring anymore truth... ✨

  • KrazyKatgirl 03
    KrazyKatgirl 03 3 hours ago

    Ok, so one of our teachers this year, everyone has her for 2 class periods, she said that people left the class too much (almost no one left the class), so we're only aloud to leave her class twice a week. Not twice for each class, but twice in all. It doesn't matter if you're leaving class to go to the office, restroom, leaving early, going to work in a different classroom, it doesn't matter, if you leave more than twice a week you get detention.

  • Lexi Corson
    Lexi Corson 4 hours ago

    Mann. Run for president lmao I’m from New Zealand but idc

  • noobsoftheuniverse
    noobsoftheuniverse 4 hours ago

    I can effortlessly say I love you to my pets but I choke on my words when I say it to a person, I choke up?? Even to my family? Am I a bad person

  • Ryman 44
    Ryman 44 4 hours ago

    You guys need to stop hating on teachers their just doing their job they don't have a say in what they teach you.

  • Kyptdin
    Kyptdin 4 hours ago

    This is why I want to have financial freedom so I don't have to worry about money all the time and so I can live without worrying about money in general

  • Landen Pritchard
    Landen Pritchard 4 hours ago

    My mind is actually blown

  • Grace Bunch
    Grace Bunch 4 hours ago

    I completey understand whats hes saying. But Social Media is the only way I have found more people like me. From someones who has always been held back by there parents. Its my Freedom. Its my escape.

  • Caty the avacodo
    Caty the avacodo 4 hours ago

    I'm eleven years old and I don't know but I think my mom is abusing me. I don't know if I'm being dramatic but basically from the minute I come home a gotta do something most of the time it's taking care of my younger siblings or cleaning I can't even get ten minutes by myself before bed time I don't know what to do or if I'm just being dramatic and whenever I call her out on it she threatens to make my life worse and says I'm the wrong one

  • it is not my birthday

    "Wikipedia is your credible source" Boyinaband talked to leading scientists in fields you didn't research at all. ADHD was a big one. He used Wikipedia once, to show the difference between major depressive disorder and depression as a mood. You used random articles as your credible sources

  • Meera Geogy
    Meera Geogy 5 hours ago

    Don’t let your teachers tell you what you can and what you can’t -Meera-

  • Slaughter 93YT
    Slaughter 93YT 5 hours ago

    Man I don’t get it Drake - HotLine Bling can get 4 billion but something we need get a 1 million

  • Marisia Bonnema
    Marisia Bonnema 5 hours ago

    I don't care what you say I know I'm depressed and even though it's like that I will always be depressed I'm 8 years old nice offer everybody that says they're depressed stand up on this video and tell me that you can get through this and tell me that even though you're upset you don't have to call it depression because people called their sadness depression sometimes but they're not really depressed they're actually sad I am sad but I move on because I know that you guys that are depressed you guys are not the only ones I'm not the only one so stand up and say in your head I am not depressed you are not depressed okay so your mind right now so you are not depressed right

  • Sunflower Gacha
    Sunflower Gacha 5 hours ago

    *That’s Deep*

  • XoX Zer0 XoX
    XoX Zer0 XoX 5 hours ago

    The job that schooling now is like learning an instrument. They teach you to play every single instrument with you attempting to learn everything but, we all have specific instruments me admire and fit best for our person. They don’t teach us to learn the things we are good at. Everyone is forced to learn the same thing in the same way. Though everyone is different and some instruments suit other people they choose to waste our time learning to play something we’ll never use rather then teaching us how to put it into our actual future. They don’t teach us to make a piece of music or show ourselves and our creativity. They teach us the things that a robot could know and do. Have you ever heard a famous musician who knows how to play an instrument perfectly without creating something of his own? Have you ever heard of an artist that just drew what the teachers told him to exact? If not, then how do you expect a child to make something new and make a new future when you are teaching that child how to be in a perfect mold? All famous people that have led us to the future make their own mark, with their own gifts. And correct if I’m wrong, I’m a tired 9th grader who used to be what the schools call “smart” but I’m speaking from my beliefs and you adult seem to not be able to.

  • AcidCreates
    AcidCreates 5 hours ago

    That why my boxes of milk are *not* glass

  • Cosmoose Animations
    Cosmoose Animations 5 hours ago

    Schools take what two people are good at, one good at math, the other reading. They mix it around and we do worse than we would. Our "grade point average" is a flawed representation of who we are.

  • Gacha Crazy
    Gacha Crazy 5 hours ago


  • Wildrock Nations
    Wildrock Nations 5 hours ago

    lol this video had the opposite effect sorry but nice try, still depressed and anxious :(

  • Reactionist!
    Reactionist! 6 hours ago

    Well time to start putting out campaign posters

  • Reactionist!
    Reactionist! 6 hours ago

    Prince for president 2020

  • Gladson Dutra
    Gladson Dutra 6 hours ago

    Video foda! Obs: Tradução em Português está péssima. Cortando algumas falas.

  • Michelle Demartino
    Michelle Demartino 6 hours ago

    His videos always hit me emotionally 😓 hate to think that one day we will not be on this earth. but it then it lifts me to be as positive as I can while I am here. Some of us aren’t as lucky as others , and lives are ended sometimes even before they can really begin. this guy is awesome .

  • Royale Side
    Royale Side 6 hours ago

    I am not wise as you but I think as you

  • SickLAD69
    SickLAD69 6 hours ago

    skool headass

  • Goddess 101
    Goddess 101 6 hours ago

    This really did hit me. Everything is getting worse by the minute and all we care about is "I dropped my hydro flask sksks." I can't stress this enough when I say save our planet. Save the Earth. We've messed this up so bad that now they want us on the Moon. Sometimes I wish I could go back. Back when the Earth wasn't dying. Or maybe warn people.

  • Xtreme Necter
    Xtreme Necter 6 hours ago

    School is basically Frustrating daycare for teenagers

  • Bernadette Bradford
    Bernadette Bradford 6 hours ago


  • Ralsei enne
    Ralsei enne 6 hours ago

    *He just predicted the amazon rainforest BURNING *

  • arsh frsh
    arsh frsh 6 hours ago

    tnx dude helped a lot

  • Timotea Catalán Calixto

    Woooo!! Sounds good!! You speak very well!! It's like poetry! I really liked it!🤗

  • Emely Corsino
    Emely Corsino 7 hours ago

    0:58 - 1:09 in my case he's wrong, words and actions don't hurt as much as they made you feel, for example if someone told you something and it hurts your feelings, and a couple of months go by without talking to this person, they ask you " what did I ever say or do to you for you to be acting this way ", but that's the problem no one is going to remember what they said by they are going to remember the way they made them feel

  • kaylib debusscheree
    kaylib debusscheree 7 hours ago


  • T1m0thy Br0h
    T1m0thy Br0h 7 hours ago

    I watch 5 hrs of television of you

  • Y That
    Y That 7 hours ago

    Another stressful motherfuker. Stop moaning just say what is your solution.

  • Purple Flavored Clorox Bleach

    Boomers be fucking up our atmosphere the blame it on our phones 😫

  • Jennifer Geng
    Jennifer Geng 7 hours ago

    I literally crying rn 😭😫

  • Sean
    Sean 7 hours ago

    Fair play to the man. A lot of what we do is by choice including how we respond to things emotionally. I can usualy break the pattern with a little meditating n focusing in on dealing with immediate simple issues that may be causing a mood slump More often than not when issues are put in perspective they're usually nowhere near as bad as what you initially thought! I find it's unnecessary to give in to all the negative thoughts when we've plenty opportunity to cultivate much brighter more positive outlook

  • Max Truong
    Max Truong 7 hours ago

    The dislikes are all politicians

  • Krister Kloven
    Krister Kloven 7 hours ago


  • Duh._. Mia
    Duh._. Mia 8 hours ago

    run for president please more people need to hear this. middle schoolers and younger their children might not even know half the animals we know

    VODO GACHA ISH 8 hours ago

    wow this made me cry tbh i WAS depressed but now im not THANK YOU

  • TrialSuchi
    TrialSuchi 8 hours ago

    Let me explain my schedule to you. Let me explain how I get pressured every single day. Sunday- I have to wake up at 7-8AM and get ready for school, I come back home at 2:30PM, eat lunch and at 4PM I would go to my tutor for 4 hours and come back home at 8Pm, and maybe 9 if my tutor feels like being a dick. I repeat this routine for Tuesday and Friday, but Friday is 2 hours only.

  • Isabella Barbosa
    Isabella Barbosa 8 hours ago

    My teacher read a book called fish in a tree and at the end it said “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live it life believing that it is stupid” now my teacher asked what does it mean when someone says that. I should’ve said what you said

  • Philosophy Damage
    Philosophy Damage 8 hours ago

    If there’s no sky there’s no clouds

  • blueshadedred
    blueshadedred 8 hours ago

    son dies. "HMM. MAYBE."

  • Kamallistic Kids
    Kamallistic Kids 8 hours ago

    I get basic math is important addition, subtraction are important So is writhing and reading but everything after that is bull crap

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs 8 hours ago

    You are such a fraud

  • Smile
    Smile 8 hours ago

    I have faith that one day the ENTIRE school system will have shift because of the revolution of our inspirational videos online. Eventually.

  • Audric Cheon
    Audric Cheon 8 hours ago

    labels are just labels

  • Nicholas Clark
    Nicholas Clark 8 hours ago

    If you don't dominate space you will be attacked from it by humans dickhed.

  • Kamallistic Kids
    Kamallistic Kids 8 hours ago

    This is weird but I like the way you talk

  • The Celtic Warrior
    The Celtic Warrior 8 hours ago

    Guy has a point. Just most people are too stubborn to open their ears and listen to what he’s saying. Most of you people just come here to get mad and rant because it gains attention.

  • Jackie Minton
    Jackie Minton 8 hours ago

    He axed me

  • Teresa Tran
    Teresa Tran 9 hours ago

    0:52 Everyone thinks that we’re perfect Please don’t let them look through our curtains- Melanie Martinez:Dollhouse

  • Chantalle Schwab
    Chantalle Schwab 9 hours ago

    „The fake friends are like shadows they are with you in the brightest times and disappear during the darkest times”