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Joker Review - NO SPOILERS
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  • Billy G.
    Billy G. 34 seconds ago

    i think Steve Harris is gonna get pissed and sue Marvel if they use Iron Maiden 😆😆😄😃

  • Fredrick J
    Fredrick J 3 minutes ago

    More Iron Man!! I wish they would of made more Iron Man movies with Robert Downing Jr.

  • Félix Courneyea
    Félix Courneyea 3 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who think Yelena Belova is going the be Taskmaster??

  • shiz777
    shiz777 4 minutes ago

    If this new series is anything like the last few seasons of GoT, I think I'll pass

  • Relaxing Unboxing
    Relaxing Unboxing 6 minutes ago

    so marvel is telling us that we all this year buy their movie is a waste of money? now they releasing something same movie new feathers n extras? lol

  • Johnny Tseng
    Johnny Tseng 10 minutes ago

    They’re releasing all this “Robert Downey jr” returns news to counter their loss of Spider-Man in the MCU. Pretty obvious.

  • Big Dub
    Big Dub 11 minutes ago

    who else when she said "during my long hiatus" just heard "during my own solo movie"?

  • Ryan Park
    Ryan Park 12 minutes ago

    I thought black widow said she didnt know her fathers name in infinity war

  • KudosG
    KudosG 13 minutes ago

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  • Geeky Tacos
    Geeky Tacos 14 minutes ago

    Like Superhero content? Come on over to my channel, Geeky Tacos! There is only one vid, but i'm working on others. Videos every weekend!

  • prexzone
    prexzone 14 minutes ago

    Does anyone know how Sony got the Spider-Man characters? It seems weird Disney would give it up. Spider-Man has always been popular at least in toy sales

  • Abdullah Alghenaim
    Abdullah Alghenaim 14 minutes ago

    How can the comics be animated on Marvel Unlimited? 😩

  • uncooked ham
    uncooked ham 15 minutes ago

    How long is Venom cok?

  • killbotjames
    killbotjames 15 minutes ago

    Dr Suresh

  • Thomas Gerald
    Thomas Gerald 15 minutes ago

    I think they really short changed AOS. They could have tied it in to the movies more and made it bigger.

  • haywoodyoudome
    haywoodyoudome 15 minutes ago

    Good to see a more mature movie and not an overly CGI, kiddie toy commercial shit flick (basically every super hero movie in the last 20 years). Hope it pisses of the soccer moms.

  • SamanthaJellyCat
    SamanthaJellyCat 15 minutes ago

    I'm rewatching all of the Marvel movies Iron Man- Endgame and it's making me really anxious knowing that she's going to die... Poor Bruce.. 💔💔😭😭 Hopefully we can see some of their relationship in the movie.. I'm scared because I'm running out of movies to watch and I don't know why..

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 16 minutes ago

    Personally I think the x-men or mutants are going to be introduced into the MCU because of the "Snap". Professor X is omega level telepath. He could easily blind the world to mutants ever existed. Since the snap he was gone and the veil was removed from the world. Enter the mutants.

  • Timothy Gordon
    Timothy Gordon 17 minutes ago

    I’m pretty sure we will see a sign of them in doctor strange multiverse of madness

  • John C.
    John C. 19 minutes ago

    They are probably gonna introduce mutants after the eternals movie... Probably mix in scarlet witch as a mutant stating the testing done on her created the stress needed to release her powers (like in Deadpool)

  • Benjamin Korff
    Benjamin Korff 22 minutes ago

    I think mutants will start unlocking their dormant genes because of the multiple Infinity Gauntlet snaps causing an aftermath of different things here and there.

  • Kevin Debruyn
    Kevin Debruyn 23 minutes ago

    They’re going to mic drop the xmen in the MCU lost world style. Tie in Jurassic park at the same time lol.

  • prexzone
    prexzone 25 minutes ago

    Does anyone know how Sony got the Spider-Man characters? It seems weird Disney would give it up. Spider-Man has always been popular at least in toy sales

  • prexzone
    prexzone 26 minutes ago

    Does anyone know how Sony got the Spider-Man characters? It seems weird Disney would give it up. Spider-Man has always been popular at least in toy sales

  • Nobody Noone
    Nobody Noone 27 minutes ago

    Disney realized typical liberal Hollywood BS won’t fill movie seats and threw money at RDJ. They need strong characters until the FF or X-men can carry a new MCU.

  • @LoveForWriting_
    @LoveForWriting_ 28 minutes ago

    I miss the arrowverse cant wait for crisis........but i dont want stephen amell to goooooooooo :(

  • Chip Williams
    Chip Williams 28 minutes ago

    People get their stiffy-bitts waaaaaay too ramped up over the suit.. who CARES?! he's the flash.. if he's fighting crime, that's all that matters... shut up about THE SUIT IDIOTS.

  • Ben A
    Ben A 29 minutes ago

    I love getting this early theorizing. Taskmaster would be a great independent villain. One can only hope!

  • William Donovan
    William Donovan 30 minutes ago

    Yeah I liked Got but not this much

    NERDYEA DUDes 34 minutes ago

    I remember watching a disgusting show and the second worst Spider-Man show, “Ultimate Spider-Man”, there was taskmaster in it and it made no sense and that was the first time I’ve ever seen him in my life and him trying to kill Spider-Man is just stupid

  • CompletelyCORY
    CompletelyCORY 34 minutes ago

    All I know is I’m praying that TaskMaster looks just as good as the Spider-Man PS4 one

  • Dogberry323
    Dogberry323 36 minutes ago

    What's up with this focus? The cameraman is bad

  • Rendy Gaming
    Rendy Gaming 39 minutes ago

    Just hope they don't fucked up like the last 2 season 🙄 I don't want DnD in this project

  • Dr Thanos 97
    Dr Thanos 97 40 minutes ago

    Hope this washes this awful taste of season 8 from my mouth

  • Owen Clark
    Owen Clark 40 minutes ago

    they are going to introduce wolverine like black panther then he will form together a team in his own solo movie

  • ArcaneRez
    ArcaneRez 41 minute ago

    Samuel L was awesome in those clips!!!

  • Daniel Delong
    Daniel Delong 42 minutes ago

    I think tony will run into widow while she is after or assisting some warlord who's looking to buy stark tech. I recall in iron man the ten rings claim anyone with stark tech rules their area of influence. Maybe this is when she meets him

  • Chris Larancuent
    Chris Larancuent 42 minutes ago

    Majority of the ones that already existing are going to be in the Savage Land which is why Nick Fury already knew about them.

  • Master of the Universe
    Master of the Universe 42 minutes ago

    Just have it where the fox ,Sony and MCU universe were starting to merge

  • lance White
    lance White 43 minutes ago

    Spiderman comment 😏🤣🤣

  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor 43 minutes ago

    Did you really just say ‘shooting in London near Manchester?’ Other side of the country fam 😂

  • MsWillowbayOrelse
    MsWillowbayOrelse 44 minutes ago

    Oh I am loving the idea of her last scene tying in with her first scene!

  • Wolf Pack Gaming
    Wolf Pack Gaming 46 minutes ago

    It’s probably gonna be archival footage from civil war

  • Nanda Kumar
    Nanda Kumar 46 minutes ago

    1:20 I guess he would be perfect for Zuko! 🤔🤔

  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes 48 minutes ago

    Well duh natasha isn't alive after endgame either

  • Wall-e
    Wall-e 49 minutes ago

    Any of you fangirls think BW is going to be complete horseballs?

  • Owen Clark
    Owen Clark 50 minutes ago

    I think that taskmaster is going to team up with the leader of the ten rings that would foreshadow the coming of shang chi and the ten rings

  • Yeeter Schonderdwarff
    Yeeter Schonderdwarff 50 minutes ago

    I really hope they introduce mutants using Scarlet witch and her relationship with magneto

  • M.T. Decker
    M.T. Decker 52 minutes ago

    While I don't like the idea of Prof. X hiding mutants by basically controlling what people see/remember - it is the most straight forward way - another is that they were actually there, but they blended in - hiding in plain sight.

  • Steve Nino
    Steve Nino 55 minutes ago

    They'll say that the radiation pulse from the first and second snaps is what activated the mutant gene in MOST of the population. Up til that point, mutants were EXTREMELY sparse.

  • Tushar Acharya
    Tushar Acharya 55 minutes ago


  • RMudder
    RMudder 56 minutes ago

    Taron E. Will be the next Wolverine.

  • ßolo RUN
    ßolo RUN 56 minutes ago

    At 3:50 Bruh he looks like En Sabah Nur (The blue guy) from X-men Apocalypse.

  • ßolo RUN
    ßolo RUN 57 minutes ago

    Bruh he looks like En Sabah Nur (The blue guy) from X-men Apocalypse.

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers Hour ago

    Prequels are LAAAMMEEE. No stakes.

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers Hour ago

    My taskmaster theory is that he will make a quip or joke somehow lmao


    How high are these guys?

  • Jonathan Encarnacion

    Taskmaster is an evil Batman. Tread lightly

  • tadsgirl
    tadsgirl Hour ago

    Guess Nat knew who her father was. Kind of screws that Soul Stone scene.

  • James Davis
    James Davis Hour ago

    They are going to totally explain xmen as the cosmic event if the snap unlocked the x gene

  • Papa Cold
    Papa Cold Hour ago

    I don't care about the othere cast for the X-men just let Hugh jackman to be as the wolverine.

  • e rivera
    e rivera Hour ago

    fuck black widow and the m she u. to hell with these non-powered heroes. Batman is the only one who can pull that off, the rest can suck ass. nobody asked for or gives a damn about black widow. i’m glad she fucking died keep her dead.

  • Velociraptor
    Velociraptor Hour ago

    still hoping that Bucky's in this.

  • EaNerazzuri 2
    EaNerazzuri 2 Hour ago

    I think that they always existed so kinda like they where in the shadows doing black ops missions recruiting any mutants with the help of cerebro Professor X could just wipe the parents memory of any mutant child for the sake of secrecy as how they were already there. Also as how to introduce them in a phase 4 movie end credit scene or even on Wanda vision saying it’s time that the x people to help for the worlds crisis now that the two biggest avengers are no longer living

  • Aakash Raghubansh

    Task master is related to Natasha

  • Perry the meme boi

    You guys think they'll bring quicksilver back in doctor strange 2 to somehow tie in with the mutants?

  • CBPfilm
    CBPfilm Hour ago

    I think how they going to introduce the x men. is through what happens when the eternals. while there are some mutants like magneto and professor x who have powers. the thanos snap activates more of the X gene that has been dormant this entire time. while increasing the powers of those who already had it and given power to those who didn't before. you know since they had dormant x Gene's left over by the eternals. at least that is how I would do it. (and I wrote this before I watched the full video.)

  • Michael Anthony Harvey

    I believe taskmaster was part of this program. The ability of his skill copying was probably a result of the red room, he was probably sent to go get black widow back.

  • Filip Joshevski
    Filip Joshevski Hour ago

    The roots of the mutants will probably be explained in the Eternals movie .. since the whole purpose of the movie is to unmask the hidden powers in some humans. Love your edits!

  • Kirby 4192 player Star player

    Venom 2 will make carnage go crazy and morbius will come and help venom

  • Rupert Trengove
    Rupert Trengove Hour ago

    That's a Gerryfish, not a Mortyfish

  • Carter Buji
    Carter Buji Hour ago

    Toxin is my all time favorite. Carnage’s spawn needs screen time

  • Wokis
    Wokis Hour ago

    His name should be Schmirnoff

  • Jeff
    Jeff Hour ago

    It would be cool if as soon as she hit the ground, she went to the soul world, and there was a flashback of her life and that was the movie.

  • Greyson McIntyre

    I think that Scarlet Witch will bring the mutants into the MCU, like a reverse avengers disassembled where she doesn't say "No more mutants", she would figure out that she was one of the first mutants, and she would say "No, MORE mutants!!!

  • Samuel Phénix
    Samuel Phénix Hour ago

    My theory is that Spiderman 3 will suck cause Sony can’t handle the character and they’ll ruin this awesome part of the MCU where Spidey could have taken Iron Man’s place

  • Kyle Sharp
    Kyle Sharp Hour ago

    Making a modern taskmaster will be awesome. I can’t wait until they show the trailer.

  • Antonia Brown
    Antonia Brown Hour ago

    I’m sorry but Katara and Sokka are BROWN not white if they do what they did in the movies and whitewash this cast again, they might as well cancel it now

  • Jake Mixd
    Jake Mixd Hour ago

    Task manager. Cool?

  • WhiskeyBrewer
    WhiskeyBrewer Hour ago

    Iron Maiden? Will her theme be Bring Your Daughter.....to the Slaughter or Wasted Years?

  • Raghu Seetharaman

    I feel the Taskmaster and Iron-Man/Tony Stark could've had a history and he could give some insight about the Black Widow program.

  • XDark's Tunahan
    XDark's Tunahan Hour ago

    Every day we get closer to god.

  • Raymond Anglen
    Raymond Anglen Hour ago


  • Luís Terra
    Luís Terra Hour ago

    My heart hasn't healed enough to enjoy a Targaryen Prequel trailer. It's still painful, very painful. If only I could Forget episodes 4,5 and 6 of Season 8. Please please think thoroughly before ruining another ASOIAF story.

  • Fireron 999
    Fireron 999 Hour ago

    I think Deadpool will manipulate scarlet witch into thinking she could bring vision back but would accidentally put out a wave of energy activating the x gene

  • Kenny Chapman
    Kenny Chapman Hour ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cap show up in the movie too.

  • Marnik Oude Griep

    The mutants come in because the snaps collapsed two universes into each other

  • Mark D'Asaro
    Mark D'Asaro Hour ago

    I think means are either going to be cross breed with Skrulls Multiverse hijinx or alien Tech.

  • Phillip Nash
    Phillip Nash Hour ago

    That white black widow outfit 😍

  • CHB Legendary
    CHB Legendary Hour ago

    I can’t wait for myself and audience to cheer as soon as Tony comes on the screen, I might cry again

  • Murrv Vmurr
    Murrv Vmurr Hour ago

    I note for amber heard as Vysenia and margo robbie as Rhaenys

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Hour ago

    *BREAKING NEWS!* Morgan Freeman is gonna play Magneto in the MCU.

  • Vrigash
    Vrigash Hour ago

    I don't care....

  • marlon elder
    marlon elder Hour ago

    Taskmaster won't be there villain, he'll be the main antagonist.

  • K C
    K C Hour ago

    I hope this isn't just 100% prequel story that has zero effect on present day(post Endgame). Otherwise I just won't care.

  • Ryan Potter
    Ryan Potter Hour ago

    Taskmaster is 100% a woman!

  • Ix Ypsilon
    Ix Ypsilon Hour ago

    Mutation was around all along and Xavier's school too since some time now, but everything was held a secret/the mutants just didn't know what was happening to them and tried to hide it. Somehow Xavier's student's maybe fighting Magneto bring the X-gene to the public and start the debate for acceptance. Also the Snaps' energy could have been the origin of a whole new wave of mutations, which is why suddenly there appeare mutants everywhere

  • Mann Shah
    Mann Shah Hour ago

    Taskmaster name drops Iron Man

  • Cheezbud
    Cheezbud Hour ago

    as there adding task master they gotta add deadpool so the two can fight :')

  • Cubsfan 2005
    Cubsfan 2005 Hour ago

    My theory states that hulk will regain his strength and go crazy as mega hulk and get sent off by iron man so he goes to Canada and sees some kind of random guy with three long claws 😏 slashing through people like butter and Bruce interacts and ends up getting in a fight with Wolverine so you get hulk vs Wolverine and then the fight gets so out of hand that cyclops shows up to stop them and then bam there’s the XMen