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Joker Review
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  • Tarv B
    Tarv B 4 minutes ago

    “I have spoken...”

  • Matt Murdog
    Matt Murdog 6 minutes ago

    Woooaaahhhhh This looks lame.

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 7 minutes ago

    I have spoken.

  • Raptor 6ix
    Raptor 6ix 8 minutes ago

    fav part when baby yoda eats the frog and the Mandalorian goes " spit it out ", also where can I get a baby yoda fam.. someone plz help me!!!!

  • Dan Ortiz
    Dan Ortiz 9 minutes ago

    hmn so they will use Crisis event to cancel Batwoman?? Genius because it makes sense and you get rid of that awful show.

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 10 minutes ago

    What if Ultron wasn’t evil?

  • Wuzzie Crunch
    Wuzzie Crunch 10 minutes ago

    Am I the only person that wants Keanu for wolverine?

  • J.A.R Productions
    J.A.R Productions 12 minutes ago

    What if falcon and vulture fought lol

  • AboveHalo king
    AboveHalo king 15 minutes ago

    I think that the baby Yoda is a real Yoda species, but the scientist wants it alive so that he can efficiently clone it.

  • Dalton Farris
    Dalton Farris 17 minutes ago

    This show looks hella good

  • cole english`
    cole english` 17 minutes ago

    dr walls suit

  • M B
    M B 18 minutes ago

    Lol, where can’t we get that tracksuit?

  • DEV’S Vlogging channel

    The What if series is my favourite show for Disney +

  • Grooge The Orc
    Grooge The Orc 21 minute ago

    Where is Shazam 2?

  • Katie T
    Katie T 25 minutes ago

    ........I never noticed that Rhodey was crying in this scene. How did I miss that. How is it that this scene keeps finding ways to make me cry. HOW. Stop it, Endgame. That's not fair.

  • Timothy House
    Timothy House 28 minutes ago

    I was thinking the Purge would have been after the Mandalorians rebelled against the Empire with the leadership of Bo Katan. They had been part of the Empire under the governorship of Gar Saxon until he was killed. This was in Rebels and they didn't make any mention of a Purge during that show. Since the uprising was still going on at the end of Rebels it is easy to deduce the Empire might have cracked down HARD.

  • Scott Holder
    Scott Holder 37 minutes ago

    That Adidas Tracksuit is SSSSSMOKIN'!!!

  • Zachary Newkirk
    Zachary Newkirk 37 minutes ago

    Baby Yoda eating the lizard, frog thing! oh geez rick i hope i win i can't pay for college and disney+ at the same time XD

  • Brenda Harris
    Brenda Harris 39 minutes ago

    I liked when the child ate the frog.

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 40 minutes ago

    I have spoken.

  • JustICE Gaming
    JustICE Gaming 42 minutes ago

    This actor better be next level Jackie Chan meets Jet Li or I'll be seriously disappointed. Being a Master of Kung-Fu along with all the weaponry puts him one up on Hawkeye and Black Widow, BUT only if he was an Assassin at one time willing to kill. Either way he'll be better than the damn Iron Fist actor. Still mad about that, hope Iron Fist gets recast to another white male with at least a Chuck Norris skill set before entering the MCU.

  • T.D Gaming
    T.D Gaming 46 minutes ago

    Looks like a cool show! I'll have to give it a shot

  • Otterinmywater
    Otterinmywater 49 minutes ago

    I’d love to see a What If...? for Endgame where Stark makes an Iron Man suit for everyone; purely because my one wish for Infinity War/Endgane was to see Rocket suited up.

  • danny Flores
    danny Flores 50 minutes ago

    What if mysterio was from a different dimension

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 51 minute ago

    This's gonna suck sooooooo much.

  • Batmanfan 101
    Batmanfan 101 51 minute ago

    Bro i wish in future episodes they upgrade his vibe suit it could look way cooler

  • King McViker
    King McViker 52 minutes ago

    Maybe that person with the long robe and cane is the collector.

  • timmelstad
    timmelstad 56 minutes ago

    The baby ET-finger was an obvious miss...

  • weherevideos
    weherevideos 56 minutes ago

    What if ultron won.

  • Andy Tay
    Andy Tay 57 minutes ago

    at first I thought the zombies were Red Skrulls or Super Skrulls.

  • Andy Tay
    Andy Tay 58 minutes ago

    at first I thought the zombies were Red Skrulls or Super Skrulls.

  • Black hoodie
    Black hoodie 58 minutes ago

    hooded justice is senator keene.. i just recognized the actor..

  • Liam Geoghegan
    Liam Geoghegan 59 minutes ago

    Maybe harbingers been a sleeper agent of the monitor(s) the whole time and her true self awakens during the crisis?

  • Yeet
    Yeet Hour ago

    What if Deadpool was an Avenger

  • King McViker
    King McViker Hour ago

    I like the hairy egg. I have spoken.

  • Benjiman Cocker
    Benjiman Cocker Hour ago

    What if Stan Lee never died?

  • bently matich
    bently matich Hour ago

    new baby yoda speicies

  • AnimatedBlox
    AnimatedBlox Hour ago

    The robes and cane all scream the Collector.

  • Misty Winkler
    Misty Winkler Hour ago

    When rick turns into a teddy bear that episode is from bleach it’s an anime look it up

  • Bushgodftw
    Bushgodftw Hour ago

    what if loki was thor

  • General kenobi
    General kenobi Hour ago

    What if ‘house party protocol’ failed/didn’t work

  • Kipzstar _
    Kipzstar _ Hour ago

    Can’t wait for this

  • Lil Skies 747
    Lil Skies 747 Hour ago

    They shouldn't have messed with Sam Raimi on Spiderman 3... If they didn't do anything bad and let him do what he wanted there would've been 6 spiderman tobey films

  • furious destroyer jr

    I think that they will begin to create the next avengers and bring along a new big team with Peter as the iron Man of the new svengers

  • Jonathan Lima
    Jonathan Lima Hour ago

    That is cool that avengers 5 is comming soon

  • Ethan Cook
    Ethan Cook Hour ago

    Well since Tom is only gonna have a few scenes, the cape could possibly be his

  • Jacksu Blue
    Jacksu Blue Hour ago

    All that footage is The old from years ago

  • Atomic Punk
    Atomic Punk Hour ago

    Why does the Mandalorian kill the Jawas as if they were fair ducks? It is a cruel action, miserable, unnecessary AND NOT FUN. It was also not necessary to kill the cave bug, a distraction maneuver was enough to steal the egg. What the fuck is this shit.

  • Thom Weatherby
    Thom Weatherby Hour ago

    Ugh - no more zombies, already! I vote for the Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers "switcheroo", since they are both compelling characters to begin with and seeing her as a "Super Soldier" and him as the first "Iron Man" would really flip the script (or other dated cliche inserted here) on the classic story. I'd also like to see how Rogers inhabiting the hero role as Iron Man (using Howard Stark tech) would change the origin story of Tony Stark as Iron Man!

  • Joseph Benn
    Joseph Benn Hour ago

    When the child tried to heal the Mandalorain, was so touching, i thought.

  • LS_scape
    LS_scape Hour ago

    Donkey Kong? 5:57 Nobody is recognizing this as a copy of the tank chase scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Really?

  • Ashleigh's Dance Shack

    What if..... Spider-man joined the Fantastic 4?!?!?

  • Shotty Gabels
    Shotty Gabels Hour ago

    I doubt they wouldn't do this, but: What if Killmonger beat T'Challa and went forward with his plan.

  • Eric Poirier
    Eric Poirier Hour ago

    Im so happy with mandalorrian. Very good and plausible story. Its not an ugly scenario like spaceball star wars8. Very satisfy so far with the 2 episodes so far on disney +. Good to see back the jawa and their machine.

  • Anthony E Huggins Jr

    evidence links coming soon

  • Richard Derasp
    Richard Derasp Hour ago

    The first episode I watched I was like Meh it’s ok but episode 2 has me hooked.

  • Trend Savage
    Trend Savage Hour ago

    wait E.Nigga?

  • DaRP Kai
    DaRP Kai Hour ago

    Venom y carnage son los mejores, una mierda que pusieran a venom como una waifu en su película ¬¬

  • Aiden Evans
    Aiden Evans Hour ago

    I don't like the ending all together. It wasn't earned

  • laureta zaimi
    laureta zaimi Hour ago

    Well all these are more b... than the actually ending. No way Jorah would have left Dany alone to celebrate and Missandei and Greyworm living her after she takes the iron throne. For this one they actually makes the right decision to not go for it.

  • Richard Frankenberg

    The Sandcraler scene is a call out to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  • Spicey weeny
    Spicey weeny Hour ago

    He did it!!! He did the thing!!!!

  • Eshdh Hdhd
    Eshdh Hdhd Hour ago

    It's been 3 seasons and they still haven't released the Kethuloo episode from the intro credits

  • Sheiner Naranjo
    Sheiner Naranjo Hour ago

    I have always been a fan of your channel. I finished watching LoK today and thought yo might be able to have videos about it, since it is so good and i found them. Cant believe you make them. This show is so beautiful and it means a lot to me. Im so glad that you make videos about both series and i hope you never stop creating them. Hope that with this netflix change, you can keep discussing about what they drop.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Hour ago

    I know they won’t but I want an Age Of Apocalypse episode. Maybe in a future season after the X-Men are introduced.

  • CruzContrl 6
    CruzContrl 6 Hour ago

    What if Thanos’ mom succeeded in killing her son?

  • Sam Elowitch
    Sam Elowitch Hour ago

    It's unbearably stupid to have a baby-Yoda who floats around in a baby carriage accompanying the bounty hunter until combat happens and he gets conveniently pushed out of the way until it's time to use his Force powers. Suspension of disbelief is quite difficult here. I also dislike the idea that one so young can apparently have well honed Force powers presumably without any formal Jedi training-this eliminates the notion that effective Force use comes from careful study and training under a master (as we learned in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). Instead, now it's like “all little green Yoda-resembling babies are as powerful as a Jedi padawan from birth.“

  • Ben Gonzales
    Ben Gonzales Hour ago

    Thank you for this. Very detailed.

  • I Am Lif3ofdreads
    I Am Lif3ofdreads 2 hours ago

    Nive brand new video for me to watch thank you for making this

  • david cariens
    david cariens 2 hours ago

    what tv station do they come on? Telling us the time alone, not very helpful

  • Markus Daxamouli
    Markus Daxamouli 2 hours ago

    I dig it...but in an age of Disney posting trigger warnings to old classics..how do they square the hosting the violence in Mandilorian. Im totally cool with it, but i see future PC Babies crying the violence is too scary.

  • Superko Bros
    Superko Bros 2 hours ago


  • Gary Threat
    Gary Threat 2 hours ago

    The Jawas ruined Cadbury creme eggs for me :-(

  • J B
    J B 2 hours ago

    It’s no guardians of the Galaxy without a Gamora 😭😭😭

  • Choking Doberman
    Choking Doberman 2 hours ago

    The race he fights in the cavern appear to be weaquay

  • Mohammed Zahid
    Mohammed Zahid 2 hours ago

    loving the mcu what if series already and i mean everything but zombie chris evans which is same as f**ked up as f**king marvel zombies WHY MCU WHY ZOMIBIES WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosita Lestari
    Rosita Lestari 2 hours ago

    "What if it's Thor who get killed by Thanos in Infinity War. And Loki is the one who join Wakanda Battle and Endgame."

  • nojan930
    nojan930 2 hours ago

    I want them to do the spiderman snap alternate episode

  • Phillipe Philly
    Phillipe Philly 2 hours ago

    I want to see a What If Sif picked up Mjolnir?

  • Miss. Write
    Miss. Write 2 hours ago

    42 means death ☹️

  • Planet2A
    Planet2A 2 hours ago

    Waiting for more episodes, " I have spoken"

  • Starfighter052
    Starfighter052 2 hours ago

    Favorite part was definitely when the Jawas all opened “The Egg” and just started munching away lol. I just thought it was really silly Your vids are the best Charlie! :D

  • Catalin Aslan
    Catalin Aslan 2 hours ago

    I think you should GO back to twilight little vamp. You dont have The shape of batman and i think The role dosent fit You. No fellings sry

  • Nathan Balin
    Nathan Balin 2 hours ago

    If Netflix brings book 4 of the last Airbender. They might be able to beat disney+ 😛

  • Casper D.
    Casper D. 2 hours ago

    It's ok...it's simple..and entertaining. ..I liked both esp.'s 1 and 2..so Friday was wondering when it was streaming...thanks...

  • Anthony E Huggins Jr

    links to evidence coming soon

  • DBZ Maniac
    DBZ Maniac 2 hours ago

    I’d like to see a What if Captain America wasn’t frozen in a block of ice or a What if Ultron was exactly what Tony wanted him to be (what if Ultron was good).

  • Party Time
    Party Time 2 hours ago

    Charlie are you going to be doing videos on His Dark Materials?

  • Dan Fick
    Dan Fick 2 hours ago

    I would love to see what if Peggy Carter gets the syrum!

  • RiPpEd_1
    RiPpEd_1 2 hours ago

    No way The God Butcher is in this. He is so OP. It took 3 Thors to beat him in the comics...

  • Abdi Hallo
    Abdi Hallo 2 hours ago

    The whole gang is finally together

  • jesse Johno
    jesse Johno 2 hours ago

    Baby Yoda looks so cute in this review.

  • Rocky Benavides
    Rocky Benavides 2 hours ago

    What if T’Challa’s dad did not die!! 🤯

  • Misty W
    Misty W 2 hours ago

    Evil Morty is going to have to wind up with something that will force him to level out. Clearly an Angelic Rick would not work out because Morty would walk all over that. So, we'll need a different character that makes him forget some key portion of a plan that will lead to his downfall. Just my guess...

  • Anhphong Tran
    Anhphong Tran 2 hours ago

    You make so many leaps. Ben Kenobi healing luke? really? Oh Werner Herzogs character sending the other bounty hunters? Are you sure? It could be anybody. Stop jumping to false conclusions.

  • Wyatt Romero
    Wyatt Romero 2 hours ago

    I think they will bring Loki to the O.G. universe

  • rag yawa
    rag yawa 2 hours ago

    Fuk this shit

  • Wyatt Romero
    Wyatt Romero 2 hours ago

    I’m guessing the Mandarin had similar training as Dr Strange.

  • sattarm91
    sattarm91 2 hours ago

    Hello Charlie, will you make videos for See tv series from Apple?

  • Saint Akins
    Saint Akins 2 hours ago

    Hopefully Disney don't be greedy while working with Sony & Marvel, let's try to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. So we can later have Miles Morales Spider-Man hanging out with King T'challa Black Panther in Wakanda along with Storm.