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  • sowailm salea
    sowailm salea 17 hours ago

    who won the iphone x give away

  • Everything LV
    Everything LV 2 days ago

    Why didn't you go to Las Vegas?

  • ZoomRanker
    ZoomRanker 5 days ago

    Your videos are awesome. Hope you make more. Great Channel!

  • Review The Cheapest

    You are my favorite tech reviewer.

  • Palaniappan Ramasamy

    when is the iPhone x giveaway

  • Mahendra Verma
    Mahendra Verma 16 days ago

    Hey Jonathan .. I really `Need this phone please my phone really broken and i cant afford new one

  • Themika T
    Themika T 17 days ago

    plz upload a vid soon, I cant wait to see it

  • Juan Camacho
    Juan Camacho 25 days ago

    Hey Jonathan, I am a big fan of your channel. I am looking to change up the name of my channel and make it more of my own instead of a group channel. One that I can review tech videos and do vlogs with. Do you recommend using my own name, vs a channel branded name like "Tech with Joe Somebody" for example?

  • Mohamed Shaapan
    Mohamed Shaapan 26 days ago

    awesome channel!

  • Jon Gibson
    Jon Gibson 26 days ago

    speaker on my phone is shot plz help

  • Rashid Ansari
    Rashid Ansari 27 days ago

    lets hope for the best

  • Kevin J. Woods
    Kevin J. Woods Month ago

    Hey Jonathan, I was wondering if you've heard of the anti glare coming off of a MacBook pro screen, and if you know of any solutions that could repair it? I have a 2015 MacBook pro and this has become a recent problem on one of the corners, which is disappointing. I have considered putting a screen protector on it, but was not sure if that would work. What would your thoughts be, and would you be willing to make a video about any possible solutions?

  • anonynmous 2007
    anonynmous 2007 Month ago


    SARA SAGOLA Month ago

    Hello, I just viewed the video about hooking up two iMacs together to make one a duel display, I have 2 iMacs (newer nones with thunderbolt) how do I connect them? Do you have a link for the display adapter ? Thanks

  • jervy caballero
    jervy caballero Month ago

    Christmas is near i just wanna ask Jonathan Morrison for a gift a samsung s8+ or iphone x?? would it be possible? :) advance Merry Christmas to all.

  • ZoomRanker
    ZoomRanker 2 months ago

    Great channel! Great Videos! Tnx

  • Kamal Tailor
    Kamal Tailor 2 months ago

    Dagnabit Jonathan! Y4U Upload, then Remove!
    Silly Sausage!

  • Fruity Things
    Fruity Things 2 months ago

    How to create Cartoon Profile Pic like MKBHD? See here:

  • Omar Hamroud
    Omar Hamroud 2 months ago

    I am 16 years old. I live in Morocco, Kenitra. I am dreaming that I have an iPhone but my social situation does not allow my parents to provide it to me. So I will help you if you can

  • Luxury Wrist Watches
    Luxury Wrist Watches 2 months ago

    What does tld mean?

    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM 2 months ago

    Cool channel bro

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 2 months ago

    Can you please do an updated version of your 2011 macbook air set up with a $500 budget?

  • Thabiso Mulaudzi
    Thabiso Mulaudzi 2 months ago

    Morning Jonathan i am a huge fan of your unboxing videos my question is have you ever given away anything to your outside of USA fans or do you only give to your USA fans?

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 2 months ago

    Can you please do an updated version of your 2011 macbook air set up with a $500 budget?

  • BasicallyNuclear
    BasicallyNuclear 3 months ago

    Do a dream desk for small spaces like 45 inches and below, no budget if its reasonable lol.

  • Amitt Bhardwj
    Amitt Bhardwj 3 months ago

    where is Jonathan?

  • Rick Aqua
    Rick Aqua 3 months ago

    can i make you a cartoon for a shoutout ??
    my instagram rick_aqua

  • Scott Rodes
    Scott Rodes 3 months ago

    Jonathan, do you know if Krystal Key is ok? I'm worried about her.

  • Farhan Tanvir
    Farhan Tanvir 4 months ago

    iphone 7, 7+ or galaxy s8--which phone will last 3 years?

  • Joshua Gutierrez
    Joshua Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Hey Jonathan, can you do and apple watch giveaway?

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez 4 months ago

    I found something interesting on Amazon. There called Joroto Bluetooth sports earbuds with 24/h playback/battery life. can you check them out?

  • Dimoraza Astures
    Dimoraza Astures 4 months ago

    Recently my LG G4 has died of calling it in the death subite or bootloop forums and the SAT tells me that it is a one-off case that only happen in a few cases. My phone is still under warranty but from what I have read lately I think they are laughing at all of us that we call LG as a serious brand, and it would be interesting to know how many people have affected this problem to make a joint claim and to recognize their Responsibility and give a solution for all.
    Recientemente mi LG G4 ha fallecido de lo llaman en los foros muerte subita o bootloop y el SAT me dice que es un caso puntual que solo pasan en algunos pocos casos. Mi telefono esta todavia en garantia pero por lo que he leido ultimamente creo que se estan riendo de todos los que cofiamos en LG como una marca seria, y seria interesante saber a cuanta gente ha afectado este problema para realizar una reclamacion conjunta y que reconozcan su responsabilidad y den una solucion para todos.

  • Wing_ Pics
    Wing_ Pics 5 months ago

    Hey Jonathan, can you please tell me how you get this light in your videos where its in a basket and its kike little rocks with bulbs in them. please reply thanks so much :)

  • Mike Kaira
    Mike Kaira 5 months ago

    do u have a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus Dual sim card for sale if so please contact me at 4048205962

  • Aaron Childers
    Aaron Childers 6 months ago

    Are you planning on making a "Best Back to School Tech" video for 2017? School is about to ramp up and people are looking to spend money. Get on it big man!

  • krupal tandel
    krupal tandel 7 months ago

    You haven"t done a Tech Bag video in a while now! I was looking for a bag which can store both laptop and dslr and 2-3 lenses! If not a video, can you suggest me some over the comments!

  • Ceena Hamad
    Ceena Hamad 7 months ago

    who won the giveaway of "The Best Tech Under $50! (June 2017)
    obviously not me :)

  • Millennium Media Ltd
    Millennium Media Ltd 7 months ago

    hey jonathan..hope you dont mind me sharing my work with debut music video..for you and your wishes. bal kumar..

  • DAVID RoastTV
    DAVID RoastTV 7 months ago

    hello, my name is sahil i am very big fan of apple macbook, i would like the free macbook do you have any damaged one you don't want. please i want one. THANKSS

    DSIEGE 7 months ago

    Jonathan can you do a artist desk setup at please try your best not to use anything mac

  • Zubair Kamran
    Zubair Kamran 7 months ago

    Hey, are we allowed to take pictures from your videos and use them commercially ?

  • Ajay Mohan
    Ajay Mohan 7 months ago

    Do you have any recommendations for a dream desk for PCs? I have a Mini-ITX tower which I want to hide (i.e. in a cubby) and have cable management to just the monitor and speakers on the desk so I maximize my work area. I prefer solid wood pieces and a modern look but am willing to consider other options. The key point here is that the desk has to look extremely clean with no cables showing and with the PC hidden/tucked away. Your dream desk setups are awesome but many of them are just geared towards Mac Laptops.

  • lois comstock
    lois comstock 7 months ago

    Jonathan I wanted to thank you for the insight on the ed desk very great idea I like it you have a great night.

  • Kotoba
    Kotoba 7 months ago

    I have students who want to broadcast themselves. But they are not sure how to have a good looking video while on a college budget. Do you have any equipment suggestions for “budding” bloggers?

  • Harbin Redrick
    Harbin Redrick 7 months ago

    what happen to your last upload!?

  • Edison Carl Jackson
    Edison Carl Jackson 7 months ago

    LG G6 and LG v20, which one speaker is better?

  • Emilio De la Rosa
    Emilio De la Rosa 7 months ago

    I've been messing around the slickwraps page and have not found the bamboo wrap without the logo. Jonathan, if you could share with me how you got the wrap with the bamboo and no logo plus a custom Crispy AF logo that'd be a great help!🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Casey Dashtban
    Casey Dashtban 7 months ago

    the most dead section on youtube

  • Abdul-Rehman Pasha
    Abdul-Rehman Pasha 7 months ago

    dude please review the Sumagic Bigbox Bluetooth speaker! gotta get your take on it before i buy one!! thanks !!!

  • Angelo Calantuan
    Angelo Calantuan 8 months ago

    Hey man. Could you do a room tour? Hahah your place looks cozy and inspiring.

  • roxxcity
    roxxcity 8 months ago

    2016 iMac fully upgraded or 2016 macbook pro fully upgraded for video editing and heavy after effects use? Would be hooking macbook pro up to LG 5k monitor. Just want whatever is better and faster. Portability or cost not a concern thank you!

  • Kris Rana
    Kris Rana 8 months ago

    Do a best laptop for programming, photo/video editing. one under $1000 and other under $1500.

  • Biso G
    Biso G 8 months ago

    Hey Jonathan. Quick question, when will the winners of the iPhone 7 Plus/ Galaxy S8 be announced and where? Fingers crossed!

  • Mohammad Deoun
    Mohammad Deoun 8 months ago

    Who won the giveaway for the Iphone 7 Plus and/or Galaxy s8?

  • OverlordALPHA
    OverlordALPHA 8 months ago

    Jon where are you man?

  • everlasting207
    everlasting207 8 months ago

    hey! you don't do gadgets under $25/50 anymore? :P

  • Jason Pereira
    Jason Pereira 8 months ago

    I have a 2015 macbook pro with retina and Im really struggling to find a good monitor that doesn't brake the bank. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Elliot Deans
      Elliot Deans 8 months ago

  • MarsMan 火星
    MarsMan 火星 9 months ago

    so good channel for me

  • Josh Lampright
    Josh Lampright 9 months ago

    Can you do a review on the AnonaBox?

  • Callum Gee
    Callum Gee 9 months ago

    It would be super awesome to see you put together a desk setup with a sit/stand desk, targeted towards video post production, with studio grade speakers etc, while integrating all that glorious smart tech we all love so much. Please, and thank you.

  • Ah Kinchil
    Ah Kinchil 9 months ago

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint reader was placed next to the camera because it was the only place where it could easily be implemented after having to scrap their original plan of using a new ultrasonic fingerprint reader tech under the screen. Putting the fingerprint reader in the middle of the back would have required too big of an internal redesign. We can expect Note 8 to have either the ultrasonic under-the-screen reader or a smartly placed conventional fingerprint reader. I'm hoping for the ultrasonic one though.

  • GenkaiTaughtMe
    GenkaiTaughtMe 9 months ago

    Hey, I'm a huge fan of the channel and think you are a super talented dude. Unfortunately, your videos are getting kinda dull. It's stuck on phone reviewer mode. I get that its probably the easiest way to views but you are way more talented to stay in that lane.

  • Tze Lim
    Tze Lim 9 months ago

    Hey Jonathan, when would we find out when the draw happened? I have notification turned on and subscribed to your awesome channel just curious to see when/who won? Cheers

  • Marcus Lagerstedt
    Marcus Lagerstedt 9 months ago

    Hello Jonathan M,
    You seem to be liking the new MacBook like I do and maybe you felt that the new way to charge it is rubbish compared to MagSafe. Do you think you could pressure Kickstarter and name the project Kickstarter Snapnator. I think it's sad that Kickstarter doesn't care about their customers and I know that no project is a sure thing. But a project that gathered more than 300 000 dollars should be able to produce something. Your a big youtuber and you have a great channel and i really enjoy you desk setups and gadgets under xxx $ is very good.
    Just trying to get thru to kickstarter so the maybe would have some more demands on creators that gather much money and maybe check them out.
    With regards Marcus Love you channel

    MANISH PATEL 9 months ago

    i have note 4 do u think that i have to upgrade to S8 or S8+ or i have to wait till note 8 announced ?

    GIGGLR 9 months ago

    After checking TVclip comments for just two minutes I always sleep like a baby: waking up every two hours and crying.

  • sri harsha
    sri harsha 9 months ago

    Hey Jonathan, subscribed to your channel, so is there a Galaxy S8 give away?

  • Mohammad Deoun
    Mohammad Deoun 9 months ago

    Man your videos are awesome. Hope you make more.

  • Yash Parmar
    Yash Parmar 9 months ago


  • Ruben Avisena
    Ruben Avisena 9 months ago

    i like most of your videos... i'm inspired to be like you reviewing products etc... nice job jonathan

  • Rahul Pawar
    Rahul Pawar 9 months ago


  • Asees Chadha
    Asees Chadha 10 months ago


  • ZaCker
    ZaCker 10 months ago

    Hey Jonathan, have you tried connecting the Switch to the LG 5k monitor? Was wondering if it would work as well if used with a USB-C to HDMI adaptor.

    • Zarkex 3D Design
      Zarkex 3D Design 9 months ago

      The Switch does not work with any adaptor and will work with any Monitor.

  • usmannaeem
    usmannaeem 10 months ago

    Can you do a durability and water resistance test of the Xperia XZ Premium. Similar to the one you did for the LG G6? I am struggling which of the 2 I should get.

  • MrKit
    MrKit 10 months ago

    Hey Jonathan, I love my Dell XPS 15 but the HDD is slow and the SSD very small. Can you recommend any USB C external Harddrives? Would love to hear from you, or maybe even watch a comparison video! Great work, keep on with your videos!

  • iAMIR
    iAMIR 10 months ago

    I need help to build my dream desk!!!!

  • Galen Daly-O'Donnell
    Galen Daly-O'Donnell 10 months ago

    What does TLD stand for

  • Derrick Denney
    Derrick Denney 11 months ago

    were do you get your music for videos?

  • Uthpala Hettiarachchi
    Uthpala Hettiarachchi 11 months ago

    jet black airpods from colorware with the jet black iPhone!!! you gotta do a video for that
    maybe throw in some black charging cables too and it'll look fantastic

  • Himalay Cherukuri
    Himalay Cherukuri 11 months ago

    Dude, please do a video on Synology Network-Attached Solution.

  • Lohash Lakra
    Lohash Lakra 11 months ago

    Dear Jonathan:
    I am traveling from India to US (Boston) for the first time.
    I am a big fan of yours and watch all your videos.
    Need your help to buy a Laptop for myself, I want a Windows laptop for myself
    Please a good Ultrabook
    I think of options Like Dell XPS 15 or HP Spectre 360.
    Please advice which one should i go for and from where can i buy this.

  • TheMaan2008
    TheMaan2008 11 months ago

    I like/love you ;), dude...

  • Joshua Reavis
    Joshua Reavis 11 months ago

    What does tld stand for?

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad 11 months ago

    I love your videos

  • Guillermo Navarro
    Guillermo Navarro 11 months ago

    What is a good rechargeable battery brand/kit?

  • Sassan Shokoohi
    Sassan Shokoohi 11 months ago

    Hi Jonathan. As we all know, you guys have a very large office space and use many wifi connected devices. So, I was wondering what networking gears you're using to keep all these devices connected and working reliably?

  • Will Darbz
    Will Darbz 11 months ago

    hey, when are u gunna do a dream desk for someone in the uk. I feel our tech scene and support is lacking. please help the uk get some awesome setups.

  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams Year ago

    could you do a vid. on the biggest, baddest MACBOOK ever? Thank you soooo much!

  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams Year ago

    could I get a review on the MacBook air? thank you!! u r the best!!

  • Melissa Tang
    Melissa Tang Year ago

    Hi Jonathan, what are some of the best pico projectors out there?

  • Liam Skinner
    Liam Skinner Year ago

    hey Jonathan could you please do a surface 3 pro dream desk with only using things you can buy in New Zealand????

  • CoolTechGadgets
    CoolTechGadgets Year ago

    Just Subscribed your chasnnel! Love it

  • Regina Santiago
    Regina Santiago Year ago

    jonathan can you give me the links to all the lamps and lights you have plz?

  • Sven-Preben
    Sven-Preben Year ago

    Okay i just found this channel, and it reminds me a shitton of Marques Brownlee's channel

  • Arnold Wijoyo
    Arnold Wijoyo Year ago

    what does tld mean?

    VINO VIBEZ Year ago

    HEY THERE, I watch Dream desk 4 video and it was really inspiration and cool ...I want similar setting like that but have no idea where to start from, any help please.

  • Live for Christ Resources

    I'm trying to video me teaching on a whiteboard. I have three box lights but I can't seem to get enough light, especially since the closer I move the lights to the whiteboard or me there is a glare of the lights. Any vids you can recommend? Basically I'm asking how to light up for video using a whiteboard. Thanks so much!

  • GabakTech - Cursos de Computación y Tecnología

    please make video MAC PRO 2013 vs MBP 2016 ;-) speed sharing video FCP

  • Hue Huehuehue
    Hue Huehuehue Year ago

    classic apple fuck boy.

  • PanditG Fitness
    PanditG Fitness Year ago

    How could I do icloud unlocking because I have forget my password...

  • Alan Hsu
    Alan Hsu Year ago

    I love the dream desk series, but some people (like me) have small apartments. it would be awesome to see a dream desk designed for a small space. Looking forward to it!

  • Nathan Rose
    Nathan Rose Year ago

    Hey Jonathan, what is the difference between the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s's screen resolutions when watching basketball on youtube? Are they pretty similar?

  • Attilio Patania
    Attilio Patania Year ago

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for you work. I would to ask you if you can add, when you make a review about the new macbook pro, a parentesis related to Xcode performance during the build time for a sample project. As App developer I would to buy the new macbook pro 2016, but it could be interesting to evaluate the difference on day by day programming. I'm using a macbook air mid 2011. for sure there will be a benefit, but I don't know how much.

  • Ayan Deb
    Ayan Deb Year ago

    which led rgb strip are you using?

  • Jordy Sanchez
    Jordy Sanchez Year ago

    Anyone know how out dated his Amazon tech gear is

  • Adrian Muller
    Adrian Muller Year ago

    What keyboard do you use mainly?

  • Moritz Holzinger

    I really can't decide. New MacBook Pro:
    Space Grey or Silver?
    Space Grey is cooler but Silver is more resistant (scratches...)?

  • james krupa
    james krupa Year ago

    Can you recommend a pair of open back headphones with the largest soundstage possible, something that will really shock me, for a decent price?(for music)

  • Danny Amoateng
    Danny Amoateng Year ago

    Hey what is your email I want to send you something

  • OOPS!
    OOPS! Year ago

    Nice channel, brought here because of Austin Evans, surprised i haven't subscribed to you sooner.

  • Jewish Weeb
    Jewish Weeb Year ago

    hey, we have the same last names!!!

  • Spoonless
    Spoonless Year ago

    I think this guy is freebooting some of your vids

  • Marko Stupić
    Marko Stupić Year ago

    When can we expect Microsoft Surface Studio or you are just a Apple tester? :)

  • Mike Ironbreaker

    What would be a good usb 3.0 to hdmi adapter that would support HDCP so I could watch my iTunes movies on a second monitor connected to my 2012 non retina MacBook Pro? I tried the Diamond BVU3500 which they claim supports HDCP, but doesn't. I just want to add a monitor. I don't want to have to go out and buy 2 monitors that can be daisy chained, If I can help it. Thank You.

  • Theodor Kourtoglou

    The most beautiful "setup" videos out there. Congrats Jonathan!

  • Soufiane Siris
    Soufiane Siris Year ago


  • Cisy Yang
    Cisy Yang Year ago

    Dear, Ugreen offers an awesome gadget, Charging Dock for Apple Watch [MFI Certified] (With 2 USB Charging Ports), wonder if you would like to share in your channel?
    This helps to charge your Apple Watch directly, no need to connect your charging cable or charger before use, all included into this product already.
    Also sent email for more details.
    Hope you can give some feedback.

  • khmais souki
    khmais souki Year ago

    when will you announce the winners names of "the 12 iphone 7 giveaway"

  • Ben Cregeen
    Ben Cregeen Year ago

    hey i need help. my iPhone 7 dropped out of my pocket from a small distance, but onto a gravel sort of ground and without a case on. It's now got three small dents and two minor marks on the back and side (one dent on the silent switch). Any idea what i can do or where i can get a replacement back???? I hate not having it in good condition!! oh and btw its black if that makes any difference in terms of how hard it would be to get a replacement rear housing. i would appreciate it a LOT


    hey what is your snapchat user name

  • Aniket Mamoriya
    Aniket Mamoriya Year ago

    +Jonathan Morrison Is the iPhone 7 giveaway closed?

  • Andrew Mujuni
    Andrew Mujuni Year ago

    hey jonathan i now this sounds stupid but have you already picked the winners for the iphone giveaway

  • ArchiDesign
    ArchiDesign Year ago

    Hey Jon, Can you make a video about Best USB Type C accessories for the New MacBook Pro. (HardDrives, Portable Chargers, Cables, Adaptors, [Dongles], some interesting stuff. Thanks

  • avi0590
    avi0590 Year ago

    can you suggest me on a great camera phone under $400 unlocked to be used in US?

  • Clement Yu
    Clement Yu Year ago

    when and where are you going to announce the iphone 7 giveaway??

  • Jun Peng
    Jun Peng Year ago

    Hey, Jonathan, with the new 13inch MacBook pro retina on hand, will you make a video about the best usb type c dock that will work with these new MacBooks? I have placed my order for one, but I am wondering how to get my monitor, ethernet, mechanical keyboard connect to the new MacBook.

  • DreamLife Pictures1

    this is a great channel thank you!

  • funk rocker
    funk rocker Year ago

    Hey Jonathan, UR opinion on swipe slate 8 budget tablet...

  • Armando L. Robles

    This is my favorite channel, seen most of his videos, he always have the latest version of all my favorite electronic devices, and i found the motivation to create my own channel base and the fact the i have to take the Nclex the Nursing test, so i can record my self and teach other, and after i pass help other and keep them update, i would say thank you and congratulations on your subscribers and your channel

  • Alex Yuman
    Alex Yuman Year ago

    hey jonathan... does samsung galaxy s7 edge coral blue color now in the US? i heard it came out at samsung singapore shops. hope you make a video un-boxing it.

  • Butternose
    Butternose Year ago

    Just good karma. I'm at my lowest point in my life right now. I want to start a youtube channel. I don't have a computer or any equipment, and this is the last money in my account - down to the penny. I see this as an investment in the universe. Hopefully I'll reap an unbelievable return.

  • Tufayl Rahman
    Tufayl Rahman Year ago

    waiting for the mac book pro unboxing vid

  • Aryan gupta
    Aryan gupta Year ago

    man where do you get that much money

  • Victoria DeAngelis

    Will you a video on the apple tv 4th gen, or am I just not finding it? Good stuff, keep up the good work!

  • Kapil Yadav
    Kapil Yadav Year ago

    in The Best Back to School Tech! (2016) video at 2:11 i see something saying "IF YOU'RE READING THIS THEN LET ME KNOW". Well how am i supposed to let you know it ?and what does that mean ?

  • Vane Mitev
    Vane Mitev Year ago

    Hey, I want to ask you whuch one is better, Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 or LG G4 ? Thanks

  • Alaia Gomez
    Alaia Gomez Year ago

    OH ! and gave it a thumbs up!

  • Alaia Gomez
    Alaia Gomez Year ago

    I already subscrived to your channel and commented on your give away video

  • Alaia Gomez
    Alaia Gomez Year ago

    Hello how do I send you the screen shots for the iphone 7 give away?

  • nipu datta
    nipu datta Year ago

    What should be your advise for buying new smart around 300$? could you give some option for it? Also added, i use smartphone for working purpose and apps using & light gaming. As i am an I.T. guy, i need a smart phone which works fast.
    Thank you in advance for your advice.

  • christianiscool94

    +Jonathan Morrison I knows its too early to ask this but is there any release/rumors on iphone 7 S plus?

  • silicon _
    silicon _ Year ago

    You promised us a Oneplus X review 😭

  • Rhys Smith
    Rhys Smith Year ago

    Can you do the review on the Amazon Echo ??

  • Ajmal Khan
    Ajmal Khan Year ago

    Please can you make a review on Oppo F1 Plus ?

  • deepak bhardwaj
    deepak bhardwaj Year ago

    what is the date of giveaway result

    NASHIT HASAN Year ago

    make a video on new jaybird freedom vs new beats powerbeats3 vs new beatsx

  • Henil Patel
    Henil Patel Year ago

    Keep up the good work!

  • Toxic Aura
    Toxic Aura Year ago

    PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING!The real reason why I want the iPhone 7 any color is because I'm from Atlanta, ga I have been living there all my life till this year. This year I moved to Dubai in the U.A.E because my mom got a teaching job here that makes more money then the U.S.A not that we didn't have money its just good to have a little extra. I had an ipod but then it broke so I cant talk to any friends or family without a device. IM HOMESICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK not talking to any of my bestfriends and family makes me so sadddddddd Please let me be one of the 12. AND THANKS FOR THE OPPURTUNITY TO HAVE SUCH A NICE GIFT. and CONGRATS ON OVER 1.6 MILL

  • Clarence Ochinang

    iphone 7 mattblack :( i still own a iphone4 huhuhuuh

  • Ben Borel
    Ben Borel Year ago

    Yo i'm from France and i hope to win an iphone 7 please. Ps : i love your channel.

    SYED HAHA Year ago

    i love iphone 7 and your video, hope i win the giveaway.

  • lonewarrior 3232

    Hey what if my phone is to out of date to download the app for the iPhone 7 giveaway

  • Kevin Applewhite

    Yo I like the jet black

  • Jenille Tacata
    Jenille Tacata Year ago


  • Chris mason
    Chris mason Year ago

    Jet black please bro please

  • Cole Beckerman
    Cole Beckerman Year ago

    Do a video on the Google Pixel!!

  • Inferkid
    Inferkid Year ago

    Please share your birth year and birth place so that you can have a profile on the famousbirthday website. Cx

  • ZR1 Gamer
    ZR1 Gamer Year ago

    Can you please review the Xperia XZ ? I think it's the best flagship of 2016

  • Shakye Samarakkody

    Hey jonathan,
    make a video about best ultrabooks >$800 .I'm really confused in buying one

  • Saiesh Audi
    Saiesh Audi Year ago

    I wanted your E-mail Id as i wanted to ask you hat i must do to make my own dream desk

  • Vick Power
    Vick Power Year ago

    Hey Jonathan
    Big fan of your work and the videos. All are very helpful. I was wondering if you can make a video about the Macbook Pro charger. Specifically, any tips on preventing the fraying that happens. I have changed 3 within the past 4 years, and the cost, around 85 bucks, ain't pretty. Thanks!

  • Jaden Gomes
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  • Daniel Tamale
    Daniel Tamale Year ago

    Jonathan, really crisp tech videos here :)
    Looking for headphones below $100 for movies, music and usual school grind.
    Audio Technica ATH M40x or Sennheiser Urbanite?
    Please advice.

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