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  • Jussimir Pasold
    Jussimir Pasold 31 minute ago

    Loved that you included a 3D render scene in the comparison.. most tech reviews don’t take that into account

  • Wot The best
    Wot The best 52 minutes ago

    видео топчик!

  • IYeet dog
    IYeet dog 2 hours ago

    U both look alike

  • Teun
    Teun 5 hours ago


  • milan subotic
    milan subotic 6 hours ago

    1:52 'all the megapickles' I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Cuebix
    Cuebix 6 hours ago

    The only thing that can beat this phone is the software that Apple desire to use to slow it down overtime.

  • Camacoyote8
    Camacoyote8 6 hours ago

    Just to say this was a good video but you didn’t say enough about the good items you needed to take more time

  • TheRealEssay
    TheRealEssay 7 hours ago

    Just got mine today from the XR. Heaven. 🙌🏾

  • Preetam Nalla
    Preetam Nalla 8 hours ago

    Me still watching on my iPhone X (not that there’s anything wrong with it)

  • Elias Abarca
    Elias Abarca 9 hours ago

    Their lucky my sad life has to borrow a my brothers phone

  • JNew402
    JNew402 10 hours ago

    What kind of tv stand is that?

  • Luke F
    Luke F 11 hours ago

    Come to las Vegas

  • Hunter McAuliffe
    Hunter McAuliffe 12 hours ago

    6:18 the mouse

  • Bossome 05
    Bossome 05 12 hours ago

    This pc is the definition of overkill

  • Lavanya Ravi
    Lavanya Ravi 12 hours ago

    Can v buy for 2020?

  • Shiftnote Productions
    Shiftnote Productions 13 hours ago

    now i feel bad that i picked an 8 plus over an xr simply for the screen :(

  • Clubryan 43
    Clubryan 43 13 hours ago

    Is it possible on the normal ipad

  • Ace Alexander
    Ace Alexander 15 hours ago

    Nice video and Thanks≧◠‿◠≦✌

  • fujingamer games09
    fujingamer games09 16 hours ago

    Comment for iPhone 7 plus Like for s8 plus I give my comment a like I just love the s8 plus

  • Mike Chivy
    Mike Chivy 17 hours ago

    Shoulda gone 75 inch. Youll regret only going 65

  • Alex_00 0
    Alex_00 0 18 hours ago

    Ok comment what you would pick NOT BECAUSE YOU LIKE APPLE OR SAMSUNG

  • Bike X The World
    Bike X The World 21 hour ago

    Love your channel. I‘ve bought a Mac Pro 2019 16 core with a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo rendered a few projects in After Effects and was surprised by its underwhelming GPU acceleration. Have you made similar experiences? Do you know any fixes?

  • fasweeafd
    fasweeafd 22 hours ago


  • soggybread
    soggybread 22 hours ago

    killurself wanna be zoomer

    GURTEG SINGH Day ago


  • Tejas dhaliwal

    No one: Mr. Morisson : megapickels Me :oh

  • X-Blaze
    X-Blaze Day ago

    Where do I get final cut pro for older os

  • 77ciccio77
    77ciccio77 Day ago

    I finnaly can open 3 Chrome Page whit 1.5 TB of ram

  • Анастасия Кирилюк

    Can add ANY of this or other gadget to your wish list, look and friends, family can buy it for you. Check

  • ger Oran
    ger Oran Day ago

    The design of the S6 is still beautiful.

  • Techie-X
    Techie-X Day ago


  • Hates Money
    Hates Money Day ago

    How did you record it

  • Hates Money
    Hates Money Day ago

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

  • Hates Money
    Hates Money Day ago

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

  • Hates Money
    Hates Money Day ago

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

  • Hates Money
    Hates Money Day ago

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

  • Mohammad Aslam

    I will say just wooooooooooooooooooow

  • VeryCoolAlan
    VeryCoolAlan Day ago


  • XoviDoesStuff
    XoviDoesStuff Day ago

    Omg the Austin Evans joke LOL

  • Kirito -kun
    Kirito -kun Day ago

    Bruh my iPod 2018 gets full charge in 15 min

  • Nicole The Roblox Player

    Omg please go to ny i need an iPhone so badly I have a android it kinda sucks

  • rusyda maheswara

    android fanboys are always judge phones by numbers

  • Dominus Gutter

    Quick question but why does IPhone needs Samsung?

  • diamond girl
    diamond girl Day ago

    Them rich kids be like Airpods in one ear and Galaxy Buds in the other.

  • Aliyu Shagari
    Aliyu Shagari Day ago

    Still waiting for the review

  • Aliyu Shagari
    Aliyu Shagari Day ago

    When’s the AirPods pro review coming. You said it was coming shortly about 2.5 months ago

  • ReBeL
    ReBeL Day ago

    0:57 ir u could just.... connect a mouse

  • Yon Wallace
    Yon Wallace Day ago

    can it be used with the latest Ipad air?

  • JD x Scorpion
    JD x Scorpion Day ago

    Should’ve gave the lady with the 5 a 11 too

  • Jeff Rendered
    Jeff Rendered Day ago

    recently(late 2019) switched from windows to MacBook pro...2015, 13 inch retina. 16gb, 512 ssd, i5 2.9ghz...for $500, i thought it's a pretty good deal.

  • SeJ0 A
    SeJ0 A Day ago

    Samsung make some very nice screens for Apple... 👍

  • Resti Toçi
    Resti Toçi Day ago

    (No hate) but everything bad you said about the galaxy, were not a problem for mine. I have no idea why

  • Bella Caldwell

    Which iPhone XR can’t pick between : Coral Or red And the iPhone 11: Purple or green

  • Elliston Ensor

    Really helpful. Will save me loads of time on multi cam edits. :) All helpful information without any extra waffle.

  • Richard Mendoza

    Jonathan rocking that Goodfellow and Co. We need a closet video since you have some great style!!!

  • George Sudler
    George Sudler Day ago

    Awesome video. Love videos like this. I'm starting to get into the whole tech thing and u really have a lot of options

  • xxBXTxx
    xxBXTxx Day ago

    A Samsung display is probably the only display where people can fully agree that its the best in smart phones. my brothers s10e is just so gorgeous when i put it next to my iphone x. no competition at all, i also own a S9, resolution is better but it doesn't get as bright as his s10e

  • Poppie Shivute

    Please do a giveaway I need e iPhone please

  • Melo
    Melo 2 days ago

    Hey Jonathan..I’d really love to win one for my birthday.Its in February 3rd

  • Shania Gibbs
    Shania Gibbs 2 days ago

    fav color is red

  • Dylan Hill
    Dylan Hill 2 days ago


  • SunShine Productions

    That like 10 yr old kid getting the iPhone then there me. Almost sixteen and never had a phone...🥺😞

  • Shiv
    Shiv 2 days ago

    "slofie" "Megapickle" You're welcome

  • Jay Snip
    Jay Snip 2 days ago

    Dude battery on the 11 is pathetic

  • LuckiiCharmz85
    LuckiiCharmz85 2 days ago

    Your vid is one of the BEST I've watched on this phone. Upgrading come February and I'm excited. I never get phones when they are 1st released. Like to wait a while to see what the overall census is. I've been considering starting a blog/vlog so I'm sold on the cams alone. I was going to wait for the iPhone 12 but I can always get it in 2021 bc I can upgrade every yr. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • B T
    B T 2 days ago

    My cousin just came over with his iPod and now I want one and I’m super jello


    Good video but i guess you haven’t had 3 bang in a day😂🤣😂

  • Akexey Gumeniuk
    Akexey Gumeniuk 2 days ago

    Don’t buy beats my don’t turn on anymore after 4 months

  • Mobile Store Adda
    Mobile Store Adda 2 days ago

  • Eve
    Eve 2 days ago

    I came to see the iPhone 11 Pro Max but then I saw Jonathan and couldn’t take my eyes off of you lollol

  • Yung Glyph
    Yung Glyph 2 days ago


  • Shaun McInnis
    Shaun McInnis 2 days ago

    Do you guys understand that portrait and landscape are the same quality photos? It’s less megapixels because part of the photo is cropped off but the qualtry is the same.. dang

  • MiDaY_i
    MiDaY_i 2 days ago

    Looking like when the heck will my broke ass be able to afford an iPhone😭😭😭🔥

  • JAVELAUD Christophe

    *It is a very nice upgrade from the X.•ᴥ•>**** The color is attractive and it feels good in the hand. It works very well so far. The battery life is also impressive.*

  • dimzio ziogas
    dimzio ziogas 2 days ago

    *I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro 256gb in space gray because i wanted the big screen and 3 cameras. I am very happy with the phone.◓◓>**く ** The screen is bright, sharp and looks great. The cameras produce excellent photos and videos. Battery life is great, better than any other phone i had in the past. Not many people review the voice quality of phones. Well, i want to say the voice quality is excellent. It is loud and clear on both sides of the conversation. I talk a lot on my phone so voice quality is important to me. FACE ID works very well. It is fast and reliable*

  • Shiv
    Shiv 2 days ago

    Wait how'd you get the sky to be purple without anything else changing color lo??

  • Muhammed Ayham
    Muhammed Ayham 2 days ago

    Try Huawei mate 30 pro

  • Gerald Christian Luna

    I love my Bluedio headphones, its been 3 years now and still in superb quality. Also love Herschel bags

  • Stunami
    Stunami 2 days ago

    There is no uniqueness of integrated graphics. GPU is where mac's weakest bottleneck. Their strength is that its a unix machine. stable.

  • Hammodi Alshallawee

    X0.75 is his actual speed

  • andras Szabo
    andras Szabo 2 days ago

    *Just got a few days ago to waited to upgrade as long as I could•ᴥ•>**** My 7+battery was shot I I couldn’t here the earpiece very well anymore. The display is unreal on this new iPhone seems very fast. Don’t miss the home button at all. Facial recognition works awesome even in the dark. Was using it all day yesterday and part of Friday and had 38% battery left so nice to charge wireless too. cant wait to use the camera more think it’s gonna be awesome. Making me nervous not having g the case or screen protector yet still haven’t showed up.*

  • matthew shaw
    matthew shaw 2 days ago

    this is one of the greatest videos ever uploaded to youtube. you have inadvertently captured creation in its truest form

  • Game and Life
    Game and Life 2 days ago

    Next year, I’m wanting graphene batteries in the iPhone. The battery life would be so much better and would be a reason for me to upgrade

  • Everything Arena
    Everything Arena 2 days ago

    man apple is really bringing us to the future

  • Liran Peleg
    Liran Peleg 2 days ago

    Me like the Bay Area monsters

  • Marie-France Boulet

    *I had the smaller IPhone 7 and decided to go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.•ᴥ•>**** I love it! So glad I went with the larger phone. The photos are amazing. Ordered my phone directly from ATT and it was shipped promptly and the set up was so easy!*

  • GamingMetWinstonXD
    GamingMetWinstonXD 2 days ago

    *I have been an i-Phone fan since day one.•ᴥ•>**** However, due to problems with the XS Max, I switched last fall to Samsung Note 10 Plus... no thanks, HATED it!!! I went back to i-Phone and bought the 11 Pro Max... LOVING it!!! I highly recommend this great phone!*

    • Anthony Darr
      Anthony Darr 9 hours ago

      Duolingo Bird ikr lmao

    • Duolingo Bird
      Duolingo Bird 10 hours ago

      GamingMetWinstonXD what kind of comment is this? It’s set up like a spam/scam comment but it’s not..? Lmao

  • Karim Six
    Karim Six 2 days ago

    *I got this phone as an upgrade from the xs max.•ᴥ•>**** Love the new camera on this phone, the new features took a few to adjust to. Night mode is amazing and new filters are excellent. An extended battery life is just icing on the cake.*

  • Hidden Cratez
    Hidden Cratez 2 days ago

    I own one and I say it is 100 percent worth it

  • Jaleska Alba
    Jaleska Alba 2 days ago

    That. Boy had a flip 𝚙𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚎 🤣

  • iiCaxtus
    iiCaxtus 2 days ago

    Me on TVclip Watching the video: 30% reading the comments: 70% Read more

  • The Gaxmor
    The Gaxmor 2 days ago

    Waiting for iPhone 12 then imma upgrade from a iPhone 7

  • Dark Enegry
    Dark Enegry 2 days ago

    Yellow is my favorite

  • Helfen sie uns die Menschheit zu retten

    If I didn't have known that this was shot on a smartphone I would have been so lost. The only time you saw it was a phone's camera was when he zoomed in and pixels started to show, because it's digital zoom.

  • Chezya Paramitha
    Chezya Paramitha 3 days ago

    Ohh wow

  • Zakiel PC Gamer
    Zakiel PC Gamer 3 days ago

    i hate MAC but i like thsi video

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang 3 days ago

    3:08 *Buys bookshelf *Puts toys and games on it Book: Am I a joke to you?

  • Señor Lorn
    Señor Lorn 3 days ago

    what happen to phil´s face?

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    You are comparing 250$ phone vs 700 $.

  • Shiv
    Shiv 3 days ago

    Hands out video: Never comes out. Im not mad doe. Nobody really cares about it now.We're just disappointed by it.