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  • TheWarriorofDestiny

    And now the solo!!!

  • Hasitha Demantha

    This's the best one so far for me.

  • Kjeld Larsen
    Kjeld Larsen Hour ago


  • Dookie Mead
    Dookie Mead 2 hours ago

    2nd guitar riff is wrong. One of the notes is off.

  • Kevin Nabri
    Kevin Nabri 2 hours ago

  • xXItz _CutiieeXx
    xXItz _CutiieeXx 2 hours ago

    Me : That’s a cake walk! Later Me : *downloads and tries to copy* Later Me : *some other music plays and everything goes wrong* Me : I just did it! My sister : Are you playing some alien song or something? Me : *stares and listens to music* Later Me : *deletes this app* You really are a talented “GarageBand” player! I tried but it didn’t work for meh, so better get off and you got a new sub!

  • Hjnintendofan109
    Hjnintendofan109 2 hours ago

    Do Tank from Cowboy Bebop next

  • ulycez clower
    ulycez clower 3 hours ago

    Paranoid black Sabbat :3

  • WorkDinosaur 765
    WorkDinosaur 765 3 hours ago

    Let me sell my kidney and buy a I phone XS Max

  • Xx_DUSTY_xX
    Xx_DUSTY_xX 3 hours ago

    Cool. Now do an ARCHSPIRE Track. 🤘😜

  • savetattoo
    savetattoo 3 hours ago

    Can you do styx too much time on my hands, lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shenai Nyariri Drum covers

    Please please do Brazil or paracetamol by Declan McKenna

  • Seth Squatch
    Seth Squatch 5 hours ago

    Plz do we will rock u

  • Lucas Godsk
    Lucas Godsk 5 hours ago

    Can you do sweet child o mine or paradise City

  • Jason Tittle
    Jason Tittle 5 hours ago


  • Michael Chadson
    Michael Chadson 5 hours ago

    Can u do Livin on a prayer, bon jovi?

  • Lmao Hahalol
    Lmao Hahalol 5 hours ago

    Metallica-Nothing else matters

  • Paro Bhatt
    Paro Bhatt 6 hours ago

    Hooooo!! Today's Smartphone

  • merc _yt
    merc _yt 7 hours ago

    3:14 is better than any bass drop ever

  • OliviaGamesBr
    OliviaGamesBr 7 hours ago

    ruined the song. It really was awful, sorry. DISAPPOINTED TOO

  • The Fire Turkeys
    The Fire Turkeys 8 hours ago

    The office theme song please

    BARBEARIAS TAVARES 8 hours ago

    SHOW !!!

  • mcanekmictlan
    mcanekmictlan 8 hours ago

    it's great, congratulations

  • Jostin Blanco
    Jostin Blanco 8 hours ago

    Tengo android :V

  • Homem Aranha
    Homem Aranha 8 hours ago

    Algum BR ?

  • Alef Rodrigo
    Alef Rodrigo 9 hours ago

    Qual o nome do aplicativo

  • Jonathan Beckham
    Jonathan Beckham 9 hours ago

    It just doesn't work for my old rocker ears. Too clean, too digital. Too boring.

  • Haus of Afrodita
    Haus of Afrodita 10 hours ago

    final countdown (stranger things edition). here for it tbfh.

  • Nola Joe
    Nola Joe 10 hours ago

    How about Thin Lizzy "Johnny the fox" 😏😏

  • Frank Ferguson
    Frank Ferguson 10 hours ago

    Cool but you're missing some notes

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 11 hours ago

    Eruption by Van Halen?

  • Chuckling/mattsblockland Channel

    Roses are red violets are blue when I listen to AC/DC my neighbours do to

  • コリンヴィルԱնգելիկ

    I want to fuck mother of Steve Jobs.

  • SteamworksStudios
    SteamworksStudios 12 hours ago

    I admire your editing skills, but please listen to the songs you’re covering a few more times first before remaking them. Hotel California has a half-timed rhythm, and it’s not so heavily Latino as this sounds.

  • Rollin Duffy
    Rollin Duffy 12 hours ago


  • Kevin Labranche
    Kevin Labranche 13 hours ago

    So no ones gonna break this down step by step😐

  • Dmitry Bud
    Dmitry Bud 13 hours ago

    С басом уже не верно!

  • Merlin Josebas
    Merlin Josebas 13 hours ago

    disapointed. Keybord really?

  • zebil animation
    zebil animation 14 hours ago

    wow so beautiful skill

  • SRT Sorbs
    SRT Sorbs 14 hours ago

    Very impressive!

  • Marcus Lara
    Marcus Lara 14 hours ago

    this is good

  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross 14 hours ago

    Too much fuckin around!! Lost interest after 30 seconds.

  • mansoor ishag
    mansoor ishag 14 hours ago

    It's amazing

  • Claire 721
    Claire 721 15 hours ago

    here at 42k views!

  • TV Rock
    TV Rock 15 hours ago

    This video makes me think i can do this! If i had a IPhone...😅

  • HEAT _
    HEAT _ 15 hours ago

    Babushka boy pls)))

  • Peoria & Eastern Railroad lewsader


  • The Madfranklin Show
    The Madfranklin Show 16 hours ago

    So cool! Didn’t know you could do this!

  • phoetra nusantara
    phoetra nusantara 16 hours ago

    Wuapik tenan cuk.🖒

  • Naga Veera
    Naga Veera 16 hours ago

    what is the app name

  • Lukas Sjöblom
    Lukas Sjöblom 16 hours ago

    You need to show how you do it, i cant make it on garage band,becose you swith the notes and much More thing to fast.

  • Mesh
    Mesh 16 hours ago

    wrong melody wt.f

  • fenderland hendricks
    fenderland hendricks 17 hours ago

    In short, play guitar, play drums, play bass...Nothing to see... or to ear!!! generation " push button"!

  • fenderland hendricks
    fenderland hendricks 17 hours ago

    no interest. just to impress those who can not play the instrument. Empty and tasteless.

  • fenderland hendricks
    fenderland hendricks 17 hours ago

    aucun intérêt. Aucun feeling. C'est juste pour épater ceux qui ne savent pas jouer d'un instrument...


    Anyone watching on 20897 August?

  • Alouise van Loggerenberg

    It sounds sounds so good!

  • Zita Kis
    Zita Kis 17 hours ago


  • Bagaskara
    Bagaskara 17 hours ago

    Amazing, who create this software 👍

  • Enmascarado Jose
    Enmascarado Jose 18 hours ago


  • Robin Nurminen
    Robin Nurminen 18 hours ago

    Do circles by Post Malone

  • Keanu
    Keanu 18 hours ago

    Very cool! Pleas do my neck my back by khia next!!

  • Lucas Bueno
    Lucas Bueno 18 hours ago

    Eagles Hotel Califórnia

  • Jorisvaldo _.
    Jorisvaldo _. 19 hours ago

    Next: AC/DC Back in Black

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez 19 hours ago


  • Otamabread
    Otamabread 19 hours ago

    Why did you use a keyboard for the bass? I get why you used it for guitar cause there isn’t enough frets but still, also Cliff didn’t play the bass riff that fast and he used a pick

  • Sanju Subba
    Sanju Subba 20 hours ago

    Which app is these

  • Petr Kruger
    Petr Kruger 20 hours ago

    Ахуеть !!!!!

  • Mike Labovski
    Mike Labovski 21 hour ago


  • leandro rocha
    leandro rocha 22 hours ago

    Como o cara aprende a mecher num aplicativo desse kkk

  • Devi1234 Devi1234
    Devi1234 Devi1234 22 hours ago

    vere level

  • Wilco Lennon
    Wilco Lennon 22 hours ago

    that drum beat was possibly the most annoying thing ever

  • Just Papy
    Just Papy 23 hours ago


  • madthunder bushkin
    madthunder bushkin 23 hours ago


  • Lucy Fernandez
    Lucy Fernandez 23 hours ago

    please do Raining Blood

  • Lars Stutz
    Lars Stutz Day ago

    Well done my friend. But i have to admit that one note of the lead guitar part is wrong. It kinda disturbs the whole song.

  • Sleeper23
    Sleeper23 Day ago

    Jump by Van Halen

  • женя баталов

    Go lil peep Benz .

  • Rudi Hardiansyah

    🎵té né néé néé... té né né né néé... 🎵😁

  • Rusty Gunn 7
    Rusty Gunn 7 Day ago

    I was thinking you'd begin singing, too. Awesome though.

  • Bob Morgan
    Bob Morgan Day ago

    Someone that understands music and the power of Garage Band

  • Артем Еросеев

    Я на своем НОКИА 3240 тоже могу.

  • Attrxcted -
    Attrxcted - Day ago

    i do these step by step and somehow they come out different it’s so annoying 🙄

  • Pat Davis 2403

    You should have used the "massive slam" sound effect for the *_"thun-der"_* part

  • Captain Gerry
    Captain Gerry Day ago

    Mostro 🤝

  • Terry Sun
    Terry Sun Day ago

    it was just too amazing!!

  • Rafa Salcini
    Rafa Salcini Day ago

    2:37 that synte seems like stranger things muszic

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez Day ago

    Try Panini-Lil Nas X. I think it has good background instruments and beats to remake!

  • NameMePeter
    NameMePeter Day ago

    That seems like a lot of work

  • gianni schiralli


  • El Joker
    El Joker Day ago

    Shitty beats are popular rn smh

  • Victor Hugo Ferreira

    This is amazing !!

  • Facundo Suárez

    Muy bueno, desde Argentina.

  • NILA
    NILA Day ago

  • BoogityCarrot
    BoogityCarrot Day ago

    You should do “Love is like oxygen” by Sweet Also keep up the GREAT 👍 work!

  • xX Kristalight Wishes Xx

    He’s just a genius

  • Just a normal and random commenter

    wait i don’t get the joke? also, anybody know why did a classmate of mine chose to play this song in piano class?

  • Clash
    Clash Day ago

    That melody at 2:02, should have been an actually lead guitar loop in the song!

  • Clash
    Clash Day ago

    Such a simple beat. But, that bass has so much personality by itself. It's almost like the bass is saying, "I do what I want!"

  • akowalz
    akowalz Day ago

    Nice. The main riff isn’t quite right, but the sound is really good!