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  • Rogerin
    Rogerin 11 minutes ago

    Nombre de la aplicación

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 53 minutes ago

    Sweet home mamajama!

  • Jefferson Wandermurem


  • 0 subscribers with no videos Hot pocket

    hotel california next

  • Anima Ju
    Anima Ju 2 hours ago

    Top demais!

  • GamerPete101
    GamerPete101 2 hours ago

    1:36 Fuck off. That's not how you play it.

  • mhern57
    mhern57 3 hours ago

    It's so easy! ...Said no one. Except for this guy who designed it.

  • Jerry Hack
    Jerry Hack 4 hours ago


  • NYRangers0623
    NYRangers0623 4 hours ago

    Forty six and two by tool.

  • Casey Westendorf
    Casey Westendorf 4 hours ago

    Do a Camelot by NLE Choppa toutorial

  • fullcirclejams
    fullcirclejams 5 hours ago

    i watched a minute & a half and decided this guy has too much time on his hands, get a job sir !

  • Gilles Sulaiman
    Gilles Sulaiman 5 hours ago

    why half of the comments are about incest ?

    TOP TUNE 5 hours ago

    This is epic man !

  • Magicux BTW
    Magicux BTW 5 hours ago

    *Kiiller Queen, Daisan no bakudan, bait za dasto*

  • Tristan _
    Tristan _ 6 hours ago

    I bet you can't do the free bird solo

  • Loris Mangin
    Loris Mangin 6 hours ago


  • Andrey Berezhnoff
    Andrey Berezhnoff 6 hours ago

    запиши плз на нормальном телефоне также,а то это говно слушать невозможно,а ты молодец!

  • T H E V A N S
    T H E V A N S 6 hours ago

    Smells like IPhone

  • Shariq Azim
    Shariq Azim 7 hours ago remind me my childhood...👍

  • Osman Buğra OKUL
    Osman Buğra OKUL 7 hours ago

    My garageband keyboard do1 do2 but his c1 c2 c3 they give different sounds how can change?

  • Baran Yildiran
    Baran Yildiran 7 hours ago

    remake pls?

  • Steve Gardenhire
    Steve Gardenhire 7 hours ago

    A great tool to teach our kids to play music crappy!!

  • John Drake
    John Drake 7 hours ago

    Боже, че так долго. Такое дерьмо

  • Victor Gustafsson
    Victor Gustafsson 7 hours ago

    *Abortion left the chat*

  • Eli TheScienceGuy
    Eli TheScienceGuy 7 hours ago

    I remember doing this with real instruments...#loopstation...

  • Kevin sa
    Kevin sa 7 hours ago

    When you playing dead and the school shooter mumbles under his breathe "damn this boy always had the fattest ass" unbuckling his belt

  • anime HD
    anime HD 7 hours ago


  • anime HD
    anime HD 8 hours ago

    Nice cover!

  • Mr. Prius
    Mr. Prius 8 hours ago

    when your cousin and wife have the same phone

  • Anarhist Я
    Anarhist Я 8 hours ago

    Вот эт заморочки.......... Но очень классно.

  • William Roman L.
    William Roman L. 8 hours ago


  • xB3RK1Sx Tv
    xB3RK1Sx Tv 8 hours ago

    Pretty Cool❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Confused_Bot
    Confused_Bot 9 hours ago

    Try Fortunate Son!

  • Villanova kacan Kacar
    Villanova kacan Kacar 10 hours ago

    really great...more jackons numbers please..?? love you

  • ek bass
    ek bass 10 hours ago

    No clue how you did that, but its amazing

  • TToPDaY
    TToPDaY 10 hours ago

    Мой iphone взорвется после этого)

  • トト
    トト 10 hours ago


  • ikusan desu
    ikusan desu 10 hours ago

    Awesome bro. Support my channel

  • 드레이븐
    드레이븐 10 hours ago

    tooooooi difficult

  • Kanav Dhawan
    Kanav Dhawan 10 hours ago

    I rather play real guitar

  • koochietart
    koochietart 10 hours ago

    Dbm Gbm Cbm Fb A D G Abdim

  • Andrew Blake
    Andrew Blake 12 hours ago

    Or you could just play the guitar

  • what evah cj
    what evah cj 12 hours ago


  • 100 Subs without a video Challenge

    It sounds like take on me when it only has The drums

  • S C
    S C 13 hours ago

    Next video, Bon Jovi Livin A Prayer

  • Andrea sis sos sus sidoti

    It's good

  • Kippp Nippp
    Kippp Nippp 13 hours ago

    Way to much I'll just pick my guitar.

  • Indraprasad Suvedi
    Indraprasad Suvedi 14 hours ago

    Super ... Wow! 👌🙏

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales 14 hours ago

    Guitar center be like

  • XxLunaxX Gacha
    XxLunaxX Gacha 15 hours ago

    I saw your video smooth criminal by michael jackson and i was so suprised because i am too stupid to do that and i scrolled down your videos i landed here now i tried to do that and guess what.... your past you can do it better than me i couldn’t do it i was too stupid XD

  • moscowguitarman
    moscowguitarman 15 hours ago

    Is this recorded in one take? I suspect not.

  • Вася Чё
    Вася Чё 16 hours ago


  • APi Channel
    APi Channel 16 hours ago

    How to make this clip ? Please help me. Thanks.

  • YNW Tobi
    YNW Tobi 16 hours ago

    Even tho liluziVert is my 2nd cousin his music still trash 😂

  • YNW Tobi
    YNW Tobi 16 hours ago

    Even tho liluziVert is my 2nd cousin his music still trash 😂

  • D J
    D J 16 hours ago


  • big gene
    big gene 16 hours ago

    I would like dirty Diana by Michael Jackson done

  • kram Null
    kram Null 17 hours ago

    Now Sweet home Alabama is longer than Freebird...

  • cherbutler85
    cherbutler85 17 hours ago

    There’s gotta be an easier way.

  • Jordan E3
    Jordan E3 18 hours ago

    This man has way too much spare time

  • Drachenlord
    Drachenlord 18 hours ago

    At 4:25 the part, where everybody waits for.

  • Марк Марков
    Марк Марков 18 hours ago

    Хуй разберешь.Я на гитаре проще сыграю и все.

  • Fatih Bozdag
    Fatih Bozdag 19 hours ago


  • Xx0ME0xX
    Xx0ME0xX 19 hours ago

    The things i watch at 1 in the morning....

  • Adam’s Eve
    Adam’s Eve 19 hours ago

    Great. Now I just need to hit up my cousin

  • CherrypOp Stars
    CherrypOp Stars 19 hours ago

    Кто русский жми сюда | | | |

  • broski_ boi
    broski_ boi 20 hours ago

    Is tHaT A jOJo RefREnCe

  • justmehow
    justmehow 20 hours ago

    Great stuff for sure but thats a brain melt just rememebering all those buttons to press

  • paramedic79ca
    paramedic79ca 21 hour ago

    You at least deserve a thumbs up and a comment for all that work.

  • Arun Arimaly
    Arun Arimaly 21 hour ago

    Powli bro powli 👌👌👌

  • Darth Jar Jar
    Darth Jar Jar 22 hours ago

    The two quiet kids in my class were playing this in music for our assesment...

  • Z Train
    Z Train 22 hours ago

    That’s a good song, but when it was on guitar hero I heard it wayyy too much!

    THE MAGICAL WORLD 22 hours ago

    I want app

  • keith michael
    keith michael 22 hours ago

    This is the most exhausting video I've ever seen. It would be less work digging a five thousand foot hole with a stick.

  • Kratos3082
    Kratos3082 23 hours ago

    and the doors?

  • Hades
    Hades 23 hours ago

    Master !!!

  • twisted chopz
    twisted chopz 23 hours ago

    Do one by Metallica

  • Cachorro Malandrão

    0:50 🅱ASS

  • Benjamin Melanson

    Did you know they changed the movie entirely? Maybe call it "SONIC: The Hedgehog Trailer 1 Theme" instead.

  • SycheL
    SycheL Day ago

    *Another One Kicked In The Nuts*

  • Electric Playa

    Wow it really works! 🙈🙈

  • Copper2014
    Copper2014 Day ago

    Do something from Led Zeppelin

  • DylanMitchell _777

    I was literally waiting for the “sweet home Alabama” part but it never came

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Day ago

    The guy is ok. But can he score over a 1000 on snake on a Nokia 5210 ?

  • Fritz A. Claus

    I accidentally read this as, “We are number one.” 😂


    Is this an app or a programme? Can I download it from the play store?

  • nadson santos
    nadson santos Day ago


  • Juani SP
    Juani SP Day ago

    Is it an app? If it is, what's the name?

  • Victor Putini
    Victor Putini Day ago


  • Blue Ez
    Blue Ez Day ago

    How dare u betray couch

  • Я есть Зефирка

    Я с первых нот поняла что за песня 😁😁😁


    Dónde aprendiste a tocar así?

  • Pedro Hentona
    Pedro Hentona Day ago


  • Pedro Hentona
    Pedro Hentona Day ago


  • Arnas Pilipavičius Pleaseeeee, make this song


    One of the coolest songs iconic movie and soundtrack as well great job my friend

  • Time TRAVEL
    Time TRAVEL Day ago

    Request BACK IN BLACK

  • Ahmed Aichaoui

    Dem yuo veri good 😍✌️😘🤚🤗😄😊

  • 555trumpet
    555trumpet Day ago

    иии все вмести с 4:50 1-2-3-4 Вруби погромче свой мафон соседей попроси отлить сейчас мы дернув косяков шестой забой начнем мочить Яцына Павел вам сейчас споет сыграет высший класс ведь плесени кроме него не может петь играть никто

  • pstrzel
    pstrzel Day ago

    2019 and still not heading for Venus.