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  • mariana alv
    mariana alv 51 minute ago

    Why does it look like we all came here for the gae????

  • Detalle
    Detalle Hour ago

    I SERIOUSLY waited for Donald Trump’s face to pop on that screen repertoire of clowns to make it funnier and more legit too..... Clown ass-wipe!! 🍊🤡

  • storm serway
    storm serway Hour ago

    How dic Cena not break that kids neck? Turning her at that speed

  • Flawless Genocide

    Respect the juggalo.

  • Amber Dawn
    Amber Dawn Hour ago

    Oh my FLIPPIN god I just read a comment of what it really was ;-; “you don’t stare at a man’s coconut chuck” Chuck’s mind: Wait What? *small blush* -\\^\\-

  • Lizzy Macy
    Lizzy Macy Hour ago

    OMG JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT!!! i love him cause ive had a crush on him since i seen him in that 70s show lmaoooo

  • Woosher Dooser
    Woosher Dooser Hour ago

    Enjoyed the movie....

  • valjrmr
    valjrmr 2 hours ago

    that woman seems not friendly at all lol

  • Dash Cam
    Dash Cam 2 hours ago

    John wick who?

  • DjBishnu Tanti
    DjBishnu Tanti 3 hours ago


  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 hours ago

    It is a seriously awful movie. Kirk Cameron is a terrible human being and an even WORSE Christian.

  • No Pride
    No Pride 3 hours ago

    Did you not learn anything from the Jason Bourne movies? At least chose a girl with a little bit of muscle

  • DuskPlays57
    DuskPlays57 5 hours ago

    Suprised there wasn't ronald mcdonald

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon 6 hours ago

    I had a dream where the cast from it came to this party my parents were throwing and I was to shy to say hi and when realized it was a dream was sad

  • Zarni Woop
    Zarni Woop 6 hours ago

    if it has Dan Cortez I'm in

  • J boi games
    J boi games 6 hours ago

    Fuck you!

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo 6 hours ago

    If The Rock and Cena ever have a talking smack I can’t wait for the Rock to bring this movie up

  • space pony
    space pony 6 hours ago

    May the force be with u Anakin

  • space pony
    space pony 7 hours ago

    Hayden looks better as Anakin for star wars

  • the videos 123123
    the videos 123123 7 hours ago

    No they got it all wrong Cena is not a smokejumper he's a cock smoker

  • Haluk L. Aka
    Haluk L. Aka 7 hours ago

    Dumbest movie like ever. In soviet days (which ended in 1991), mobile phones (newer models such as Nokia 3310 that came out in 2000), flat screens (which weren't a thing for another 10 years or so) and laptops... Luc Besson is suffering dementia probably

  • mkhach04021
    mkhach04021 7 hours ago

    I liked this movie better when it was The Game Plan with The Rock.

  • Piper Tarver
    Piper Tarver 7 hours ago

    Ride or die!!!

  • Fajar Maarij
    Fajar Maarij 7 hours ago

    Finnick is such a gentleman

  • Yosh Pro
    Yosh Pro 8 hours ago

    0:47 Richie ruins the moment

  • TheLovelyLadybug
    TheLovelyLadybug 8 hours ago

    “Another scary clown.” “Oh, that’s Gerard Butler.” *WHEEEEEZE*

  • Estrella the gacha weirdo

    0:01 didnt know pennywise had wavy hair 6 3 6

  • Red Dragon Emperor
    Red Dragon Emperor 9 hours ago

    Our John Cena, Kindest man I've ever seen

  • Thunderwolf 89
    Thunderwolf 89 9 hours ago

    this reminds me of the pacifier

  • Loki
    Loki 9 hours ago

    The actors who are significantly different than their characters are the ones who are the true masters of acting.

  • Sohel Mazhar
    Sohel Mazhar 9 hours ago


  • Jake Collard
    Jake Collard 10 hours ago

    Cena with long hair isn't the move

  • Leanne Whitaker
    Leanne Whitaker 10 hours ago

    The pizza has a killer clown I watched killer clowns from outer space

  • Joey Rodriguez
    Joey Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    John cena is funny

  • Leanne Whitaker
    Leanne Whitaker 10 hours ago

    One of these people are from stranger things

  • Janet Deveza
    Janet Deveza 10 hours ago

    Congrats to your movie ms.elizabeth

  • Seif Eldin Khyal
    Seif Eldin Khyal 11 hours ago

    Finn Wolfhard your so funny 5:02

  • GreenAaron Gaming
    GreenAaron Gaming 11 hours ago

    Him doesn't put Ronald McDonald in the video: Me: *Wait that's illegal*

  • Sheri
    Sheri 11 hours ago

    I love Jay Ryan, ever since he was in Beauty and the Beast series.

  • clownation90000000000 clownation90000000000

    ... how the fuck can a demon be nice? They have red eyes and horns and are sins that dislike God. Stop talking shit, bro.

  • Samba Warrior
    Samba Warrior 12 hours ago

    Feminism never played a role in anything ever. The only thing it does is bitching its way to the top.

  • AS00400349
    AS00400349 12 hours ago

    Jessica Chastain was super intimidating in this video. Girl really needed a slice of pizza I think.

  • Cat In A Box
    Cat In A Box 15 hours ago

    1:27 LMFAOOOOO

  • Nass kc
    Nass kc 15 hours ago

    I still can't get over the fact that karen gillan was nebula...she's damn hot as ruby.

  • Sofie Gavlshøj Petersen

    i saw it in Yesterday i was mind blown!! I was crying through the whole movie because of the childhood memories and just the like the movie.. 🤩

  • Rock collector Evan
    Rock collector Evan 16 hours ago

    5:02 lol Finn what the heck

  • John Alex
    John Alex 16 hours ago

    I really love John but I hate the movie look like 1990 movie

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 17 hours ago

    It’s like the movie

  • Andres Supreme
    Andres Supreme 17 hours ago

    4:36 AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!!!!!!!!!! 🗣🗣🗣 Jaeden ahhhshhshsstory Dammn is like he’s super mellow or just doest like to socialize , tried or just like that BECAUSE BITCH I sense no reaction out of him . Ps I fucking love American horror story.

  • Tabrez Ataher
    Tabrez Ataher 17 hours ago

    Lady jonwick

  • faustrocket565
    faustrocket565 18 hours ago

    Jack Napier lives mothafuckas and second, Tim Curry isn't dead. the hell's the matter with you people?

  • DonKrieg95
    DonKrieg95 18 hours ago

    Macavity doesn’t look as intimidating as the broadway released version does.

  • Chris Mendez
    Chris Mendez 18 hours ago

    this whole scene is so fuckin funny aghsjsgg i cannot Wait for gotg3

  • m a
    m a 18 hours ago

    Lion King zivotinje hodaju pricaju hahahaha nevjerojatno

  • WWE Stage Creator
    WWE Stage Creator 19 hours ago

    The acting in this is atrocious, I love Cena but why is he so over the top and fake in his acting

    • MajorDude14
      MajorDude14 2 hours ago

      Over the top and fake in his acting.... it’s acting. Lol the audience is for families/children. Lol

  • tony matrisin
    tony matrisin 20 hours ago

    Homie the Clown was the best

  • NAYR.. !
    NAYR.. ! 20 hours ago

    title of the soundtrack please :)

  • Denmark Bilolo
    Denmark Bilolo 21 hour ago

    They must add the clown from zombie land

  • Sir. Gangster dog
    Sir. Gangster dog 21 hour ago

    Dickies big adventure

  • annlyn1955
    annlyn1955 21 hour ago

    I was waiting for Art the clown to show up but he didn’t

  • Justine Gail Gumalo
    Justine Gail Gumalo 21 hour ago

    It's a great film

  • blah blah man
    blah blah man 23 hours ago

    0:58 i would answer collosal is crazy lol

  • กฤตภัค เเซ่เตีย

    The 1st I was 4 years old The 2nd I was 18 years old The 3rd should I watch it with my kids!????!!!!!

  • Lewis
    Lewis Day ago

    The charges laid on me, of beastiality, could wind up getting me thrown in a cell

  • Ser Bronn Of Highgarden

    Tom hills and really doesn't belong in this film

  • U.M.A.
    U.M.A. Day ago

    I want SNL to make a Stefan MOVIE!!! ♥️🤗♥️

  • Bogi
    Bogi Day ago

    Where is the Joker😢😂

  • banananutmuffin

    no one: Finn and James: I'm a juggalo

  • Cornwallis, god and savior

    It is homophobic that none of the beauty community people are represented here

  • Maxwell 24
    Maxwell 24 Day ago

    The Writers Did A Great Job On The All The IT Movies And The Actors Did A Amazing Job 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Luigi Miguel
    Luigi Miguel Day ago

    2:43 I see where he got the inspiration with the hair and eyes

  • Hannah Goodwin

    I love how the kids and adults have the same sense of humor and make very similar jokes...

  • Elite
    Elite Day ago

    LOVED IT they gonna break the box office watch ✋🎀👑👑👑

  • The Black Joker

    1:51 only real fans know

  • StrawberryMilks

    B u r g. E r k I n g

  • WolfBløød
    WolfBløød Day ago



    I wish they brought up Art the Clown from Terrifier. I'd have to say he's the best killer clown since Pennywise himself, and definitely the creepiest. Also, ICP is the shit, lol.

  • Jayden Chavez
    Jayden Chavez Day ago


  • megayeet II
    megayeet II Day ago

    Anyone realise Finn wear the aj1 lie Travis Scotts

  • mamba1770
    mamba1770 Day ago

    I like kellis jeans

  • Daria Konoplinko

    Oh man, Jessica irritates me so much for some reason

  • Jack White
    Jack White Day ago

    0:59 did anyone else think colossal is crazy

  • Peter SQUAD
    Peter SQUAD Day ago

    Who else is watching IN 2019 in movie theater

  • YuriGamerYT
    YuriGamerYT Day ago

    0:25 Iron Man (With mega hulk buster About to stab Natasha): You are so dead Bruce...

  • Ashutosh k
    Ashutosh k Day ago

    isi madarchod ne mirzapur mai bawal macha rakha hai

  • Remeez Jackson

    Are you Fucking kidding me This Man Ruined an entire Generation. He cannot act or wrestle. We all Fed up of you Cena. Literally

  • TsukiKageTora
    TsukiKageTora Day ago

    What about Art the Clown??

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine Day ago

    Souls be lost if you have the Devil for a boss

  • Chuck Tanner
    Chuck Tanner Day ago

    This is like Suburban Commando and Mr.Nanny.

  • Ben Carter
    Ben Carter Day ago

    Micheal Myers is now a smoke jumper without the mask

  • Nangiohshwa Shadap

    John Cena... You're old...

  • • ᴄᴜᴘiiᴅ •

    I can imagine horny men watching this 10 times a day

    STARKNIGHT Day ago

    Did they seriously make rock the bad guy??

  • Sana R
    Sana R Day ago

    bad and hard movie, cannot finish to watch.

  • Eya Jerbi
    Eya Jerbi Day ago

    It's when ?

  • exposed
    exposed Day ago

    It breaks my heart that there are actually guys like this in the world. Like do they even think about what they’re doing??

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar Day ago

    Hello sir Hobbs &shaw Kay hua from kiyo ha

  • Triff Mangle Slip

    Only 2 of these kids got their wishes lol

  • BrandonPRO #1
    BrandonPRO #1 Day ago

    Its all about clowns

  • BrandonPRO #1
    BrandonPRO #1 Day ago