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  • Hamanoo McD
    Hamanoo McD 31 minute ago

    thats the dumbest engineer ..

  • Jody Porter
    Jody Porter 3 hours ago

    I still love my Asus C304ca M3 $400, yes i love the go but too much money, the entire point of Chromebook is a machine that is all compromise but in a good way, its like having a sports car with low horse power that actually becomes a more enjoyable drivers car as you can use all of the power. I got my Chromebook as my second device once my android tablet died, i figured my work always gives me a windows laptop so why buy another one, so i figured it would be my sit in a cafe and enjoy content and do some small work machine and yes when i traveled on business i also only took my Chromebook as so light, long battery life and when Travelling i'm more editing things then building things so perfect travel machine. But over time I installed linux on my Chromebook so i can use ChromeOS or Linux ubuntu 18.04 so now i have best of both worlds, small light great content machine that can actually get serious work done as well. I love where ChromeOS is going, it reminds me of Apple in the early 2000s when they first switched to linux based operating system, ChromeOS has evolved alot in the past 12 months

  • helmy surachman
    helmy surachman 8 hours ago

    Seems more speaking about form factor, not the spec. Looks like the specs is lame.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 4 hours ago

      I talk about the experience. You can look up a spec sheet anywhere.

  • Neon
    Neon 9 hours ago

    16:9 is a TV format, movie format is 21:9 (not actually 21:9 but very close)

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee 10 hours ago

    Wtf, you used logic and reasoning on a review? Screw you, I subscribed.

  • K. SharkyBot
    K. SharkyBot 11 hours ago

    I got the basic pixelbook go and honestly I love it. It just feels great and is very easy to use. Ye it isn’t windows or Mac, but if you don’t need that just the build quality will please you.

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez 14 hours ago

    The speaker grill on the Pixel 2XL is why the sound gets muffled and crackels over time. It needs to be scrubbed with a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. The audio is great on this device. It does have a more filtered bass-y sound to it.

  • Ben Leonheart
    Ben Leonheart 16 hours ago

    Brandon! checked this video, it's pretty nice!! Also, I have done all my articles, every single insta post and all my discord interactions through my original pixelbook! the keyboard is godly! Thanks for the review of the Go... now ... I'll have to consider it O_O Also, Brandon, the unlocking your device with your phone; does not necessarily work only with Pixel phones. I did all my stickers on this chromebook :P and i've recently been making gifs, editing my youtube videos on it and it's pretty decent :) Wish you the best, Brandon!! google best! 😎

  • Trikloe
    Trikloe 18 hours ago

    timothy de la ghetto aint slick

  • Bazsi. 28
    Bazsi. 28 18 hours ago

    Turn Speed at 1.5

  • D4Darious
    D4Darious 19 hours ago

    I want one.

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    I'm a bit upset that your ASMR Channel only has 461 subscribers and you're an audio engineer. Come on people don't you like ASMR?

  • Nerdsmith
    Nerdsmith 20 hours ago

    Was wanting a OP 7t but went with this because i picked it up for 250 at tmobile. Love the phone, but my biggest compalint is how slippery it is. I have the just black and it slips away just by looking at it.

  • Justin Landis
    Justin Landis 20 hours ago

    Great video as always, Brandon! You always present your points in a well thought out, balanced way. I use CrOS exclusively and would consider buying the Pixelbook Go it if it were at least a convertible. I would really like a detachable though. Knowing how much I can do on CrOS and how fast and reliable the devices are, I have no problem spending that much on a device of this quality. CrOS can't do everything but it can definitely do much more than what people give it credit for. I am happy you reviewed the Pixelbook Go. Hope to see some other Chromebook reviews! in the future Thank you.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 12 hours ago

      @Justin Landis 🙏🙏🙏

    • Justin Landis
      Justin Landis 12 hours ago

      Thank you for replying to my message, Brandon. I really appreciate the love and effort you put into your videos. Looking forward to the next one!

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 16 hours ago

      Thanks so much, Justin! I really appreciate that feedback. I haven't messed with CrOS as I'm still a bit new to Chromebooks but I'll check it out!

  • Captain Gabe
    Captain Gabe 21 hour ago

    Ayyyyyyyyyyy, that title. I get it. 👍

  • duiga
    duiga Day ago

    Dude I really was hoping this was the drone for me. But I kept getting all sorts of problems with it so I returned mine and bought Mavic 2 zoom. The main problem I kept having was the camera rotating to the left whenever I increase or decrease altitude . It even fell from the sky due to bad motor. I’ve owned dji Mavic 1 for 17 months now and have never had one issue other than my rear led going out. Dji has always been solid with the Mavic line ups for me

  • Sanchir Bolormaa

    What if samsung makes the s line: also other phone lines, lag free and compatible with the s pen and sell the s pen separately. Like the s line or the note line could be like the ipad pro line of the but for phones. Also, the s pen line could work for the s tab. Just make great software for greater note taking and drawing for across the board. Foldable can be like a mini tablet type thing.

  • Stephen Gushev

    Damn dude! Love this video! I completely agree with you on both the cons and ESPECIALLY the pros. Very fair and completely unbiased views unlike some other reviewers. Also since you wanted to hear specifically, my battery life on my Google Pixel 4 XL is absolutely amazing. I never need to charge my phone when I'm out anymore. Never a concern it's gonna die anymore. Also I really love your bit and completely agree with your vision on Google's ecosystem and their goal with their products. I'm definitely all in with Google. I just really hope soon they open actual stores. Think that's coming soon? And YES this phone was do definitely made for me, love it. Best phone I've ever used. Upgraded from my original Google Pixel 2016 (non XL) which still works great. Especially after this video, I've definitely subscribed to your channel now.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Day ago

    You mentioned there's no LTE and that reminded me that I'd read sometime in past yr that Google Fi would some day be able to seamlessly connect to chrome books using built in eSim. that would be cool but haven't seen it released yet. Would still love to have this anyway. great review! 👍

  • Sergey
    Sergey Day ago

    I have the OG Pixelbook and still love it, even to this day. 💯 It's my favorite "Made by Google" hardware product, aside from the Nest Home Hub. Personally I find the Pixelbook Go a little cheap looking, after seeing one in person. Plus it's not able to go into proper tablet mode etc. I get it, some folks do t care for that feature. Don't even get me started about last year's Pixel Slate. Lol 😬🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 Day ago

    OS TEN.....DAMNIT ITS 2019 OH ES TEN....not oS ex....

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 Day ago

    are people really that stupid to where even when someone says "hey THIS monitor is 6k, and is as good as this monitor that is 43k" you all are idiots. you need someone to just flat out say "this monitor is not for playing fortnite Linus." smh

  • AverageAsianJoe

    Congrats an getting those reviews!!!!

  • robert chavez
    robert chavez Day ago

    I have used every single Pixel Device and have had no issues whatsoever. I'm currently on the P4XL and I love it.

  • Ian Corzine
    Ian Corzine Day ago

    I think I really like the Pixelbook Go - great little device for basics.

    KIT LEUNG Day ago

    Airpod sucks

  • Win Zaw
    Win Zaw Day ago

    Season's greetings Mr. Pixel.

  • Mr Heru
    Mr Heru Day ago

    Moral of the story : Dont Bother with google products anymore.... 👏

  • Christian Segarra Rios

    Would you recommend Chromebooks for students? I'm talking about the OS itself not sure if that is the actual name of it. I saw some Chromebooks on sale the other day, but didn't know if it would be worth it.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      They're particularly helpful if your school integrates with it already. They're lightweight in terms of software and are largely based on cloud based apps and storage. If you need specialized software or things beyond the typical writing papers, email, surfing the web, it may not be the best choice. I'm a bit new to Chromebooks myself so I see them as supplements, but my use case and needs are unique.

  • Septien Patterson

    These ASMR segments are 😴🥱😪

  • Renee Davis
    Renee Davis Day ago

    Brandon, since I've recently discovered you I've really grown to appreciat your reviews. I'm currently in the market for a laptop w/windows 10. I use Microsoft office everyday and do A LOT with pictures. Looking towards a capacity of AMD 4Core 8G 1T. Any recommendations?

  • Jerome Ortiz
    Jerome Ortiz Day ago

    I would reevaluate that Pixel Slate. It's been on sale for 450.00 with key board and pen included. Those that have recently purchased it, have nothing but positive things to say. Because Google has fixed the initial issues it had.

    • Jerome Ortiz
      Jerome Ortiz 23 hours ago

      @This is Tech Today Hope you do, would love to see a review video of it from you!

    • Peter Merritt
      Peter Merritt Day ago

      A lot if folks reviewed the Celeron version which has been discontinued. My m3 slate has had no issues although I wish the keyboard was stable on non-flat surfaces. At $450 I couldn't pass it up.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      Interesting! Part of me wants to save the money and I'm not sure if I could make a return on buying it. The demand for it seems so low now. I'll think about it more though!

  • dee sheppard
    dee sheppard Day ago

    Happy holidays to you and your family have a great 2020 and dont change your channel keep it the way it is its great

  • dee sheppard
    dee sheppard Day ago

    Young brandon always good to see you the pixel book was like the pixel phones overpriced the whole idea of pixel was taking over from the nexus line which was great and fairly priced but unlike the nexus line they had alot of problems and overpriced they tried to be apple and apple prices which they are not i hate apple but just saying

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      They are a bit out of touch with the pricing. Hopefully, they figure it out.

  • Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa Day ago

    The Hush lyrics in the song dropping at the same time the "hush keys" are being mentioned... Pure Edit Magic 🤓

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Day ago

    I have the original pixel book I do love the look and feel but I am careful because of the premium design to avoid scratches etc and this new pixel book go seems more hardy robust and the top looks like my pixel slate Core i5 128gb works really good(purchased last week) now all the bugs are gone. This pixel book go seems like a more practical design for the life on the go great name for the product and great review Brandon

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez Day ago

      @This is Tech Today Welcome have a great holiday season

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      It's waaaay more refined and makes more sense with itself. If the price isn't an inhibitor, then you won't be disappointed! Thanks for the kind words and for watching. Luis!

  • Clément Hardy

    How use the pixelpen on PixelBook Go ?

  • Chilly
    Chilly Day ago

    Great video!!

  • encycl07pedia
    encycl07pedia Day ago

    212th I can't believe Google is actually pricing these laptops so high considering the Chrome OS, while secure, is a very dumbed-down and limited OS. Why would anyone who's serious about tech buy a Pixelbook? I bought a Chromebook for my mom because she needs the better security and doesn't do much besides web browsing and word processing. For $1500 (I can't believe that's a serious price), your laptop should do EVERYTHING, not just Android apps and Chrome extensions and a paltry physical storage space.

    • andyH_England
      andyH_England 3 hours ago

      400 million iPad sales and hundreds of millions of Chromebook sales and Windows fandoms still claim Windows is the be-all and end-all! Funny enough not everyone wants or needs a Windows laptop and are glad to be shot of them. I can do 95% of what I want on my Pixelbook and I would not swap it back to Windows. I have a 4-year-old laptop for the odd 1h every week whereas I use the Pixelbook 8-10h a day. As for the price, having a quality product, if your workflow means long hours of use, makes it all a little less tiresome. My 7th generation Pixelbook still performs as fast as I need with plenty of headroom, i7, 16gb RAM 500gb and got it for £950 (half-price) second-hand, a few months old. Would recommend if for anyone who does not want the hassle of Windows.

    • Jody Porter
      Jody Porter 4 hours ago

      Yes they are priced very high but if your someone that works for gsuite company or your a school teacher and are in the chromebook eco system and want something nice then i guess you might get one, I'm an IT person for over 20 years and I have a chromebook, Asus but I have Linux Ubuntu 18.04 installed on it.

    • Tobi Olusola
      Tobi Olusola Day ago

      Honestly Google don't seem to care about market share. Seems like they make these devices for there own amusement and for brand recognition. A uncommon take is that apple relies on there hardware and software for profits. Google has other revenue streams and so there isn't the drive for innovation and investment since it's not there bread and butter.

    • jt speed13.1
      jt speed13.1 Day ago

      You can use linux plus you can also in stall some windows apps through cross over

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      I think it's the group that grew up with Chromebooks, but yes, the price is bonkers.

  • Ken Matharoo
    Ken Matharoo Day ago

    Gosh Brandon no need to flex so hard 😅

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      lol, I'm flexing as much as the Pixelbook Go...which is not much. OHHHH!!!! 😅

  • simon saucy
    simon saucy Day ago

    Wow great video 👏 I just picked up the Samsung tab s5e loving it, just wished it dudnlot have Samsung bloatwair. What are some accessories you think I should get?

    • simon saucy
      simon saucy Day ago

      @This is Tech Today o dang thank. Keep up the good work!

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today Day ago

      For that one? I honestly don't know. Sorry!

  • Kidd Luffy
    Kidd Luffy Day ago


  • Daisy Knowles
    Daisy Knowles Day ago


  • Daisy Knowles
    Daisy Knowles Day ago


  • This is Tech Today

    🔥PROTECT YOURSELF FROM FRAUD & GET $5 FREE ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE WITH PRIVACY.COM: (Sponsored) 🚨 *QOTD: Do you use Chromebooks as your primary device? Do you see any appeal for the Google Pixelbook Go in your life? How do you feel about the price? Is it too high or a reasonable amount to you?*

  • AvocadoHusky
    AvocadoHusky Day ago

    me watching this video on the Google Pixel 4 XL

  • cole terry
    cole terry Day ago

    This was a great video, I've had galaxy phones for over 5 years and notes at that and still learned a ton. Thanks!

  • Ed Thomas
    Ed Thomas 2 days ago

    I have that smudge right at the top as you demonstrate. Where did you learn about it? I can't find mention of it anywhere else...

  • MiZto3
    MiZto3 2 days ago

    My Pixel 4XL is pretty good. Other than the annoyances with the refresh rate, Soli radar, and etc. I still enjoy the solid life intergration with my daily life and the Android ecosystem which I now have fully immersed myself in. Then again, I switched from the iPhone SE and had that phone for 4 years so... I guess the Pixel 4XL was sort of the grand phone for me immediately after I got it haha.

  • Nikko M
    Nikko M 2 days ago

    _Technology is meant to fade in the background and blend in seamlessly with your life._

  • Ezemba Sunday
    Ezemba Sunday 2 days ago

    Watching on my galaxy A70

  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 2 days ago

    Yeah great but... its not the best phone for the money so... RATIONALLY buy that one instead of this one.... wow I should be a reviewer...

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 2 days ago

      I have no idea what you're talking about so maybe it's a lot harder than you make it out to be.

  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 2 days ago

    Razer 2 has zero lag, buttery smooth 24/7/365/500,000yrs. +4000mah battery for 1 day + with moderate use. no I cant flip track with my hand (yet) but also... Who tf ever cared. Fine with my crazy loud ff speakers too. rzr3 with amoled yes please

  • AJ Hill
    AJ Hill 2 days ago

    First two steps and life changed

  • oswalk Romero
    oswalk Romero 2 days ago

    You are as funny as a kick in the a$$

  • Hayden Chamberlain
    Hayden Chamberlain 2 days ago

    I agree with everything that you've talked about and I really love the Pixel's.

  • Modern Slice
    Modern Slice 2 days ago

    wow, the dislikes on this one.

  • Hayden Chamberlain
    Hayden Chamberlain 2 days ago

    I noticed that you didn't talk about the Pixel 3a, is there a reason? I'm just wondering. I have one and it's amazing

  • Paul McMullan
    Paul McMullan 2 days ago

    Totally disagree with the feedback on the gesture feature. Gestures is my favourite feature. The screen is so much cleaner and it's very responsive.

  • drkastenbrot
    drkastenbrot 2 days ago

    As an audio engineer I'm very happy with the buds. They dont have very big drivers but the sound quality is excellent and leave no compression artifacts even with high bandwidth noise. If youre in the samsung ecosystem, that is. I have been using LG V Series phones before with a varity of headphones going up to Audeze LCD-X. The Buds are absolutely great for what they are and so far I have been using them more than all my wired headphones.

  • Dewi Ristanti
    Dewi Ristanti 2 days ago

    2 finger swipe down also available on s8

  • Nikko M
    Nikko M 3 days ago

    I'm 5:56 into the video and I'm feeling Phone B is the Google Pixel 2016 just because I (still) use my OG Pixel and I know its camera very well. The other two (Phone A and C) don't look familiar to me in terms of how they capture the images. Sharpness, dynamic range, exposure, colors. They seem off to me so I'm not feeling either of them are captured by my Pixel 2016. Let's see.

    • Nikko M
      Nikko M 3 days ago

      Okay, I got it right! Yipee. But wtf, that's so surprising. I was really surprised when you revealed Phones A and C and did not expect them to be flagship phones (yes, I know it's in the title and probably mentioned in the video but things easily vanish from my mind hahaha). But what in the ass? iPhone X and Pixel 2? TBH, the portrait images looked like they were from budget phones. Damn. That's the REAL surprise.

    • Nikko M
      Nikko M 3 days ago

      Also I easily recognize the hard cut that separates the subject from the BG is from the Pixel 1!!! I hope I'm not wrong. I'll get so embarrassed.

    • Nikko M
      Nikko M 3 days ago

      P.S. Phones A and C look super low qual to my eyes

  • Oscar Pineda
    Oscar Pineda 3 days ago

    Nope, the reason people like apple products, it's because they're Apple.

    • thejayeee
      thejayeee 2 hours ago

      Oscar Pineda That’s a very biased view of people who like Apple products.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 3 days ago


  • Emily Mack
    Emily Mack 3 days ago

    I got the limited edition orange Google pixel 4 XL yesterday at Verizon, and I am pleased to have it but right from the start have been experiencing problems I found on my own, like the ones you mentioned. I have only made one phone call so far and I couldn't hang up. The white balance seems way off on the camera and my recorder on most applications have a tapping and static noise. There is a glare on the camera which bothers me a lot but what can you do. I had just assumed the camera would be outstanding because I still have my Google pixel XL and I feel I enjoyed that camera more. Other than those problems, which hopefully some can be fixed, I like it and I'm very happy with what Google offers on this device.

  • Greg Fultz
    Greg Fultz 3 days ago

    Great video! Great tips!

  • atlgator
    atlgator 3 days ago

    Bravo man! Learned a lot here. Great job.

  • NNunez09
    NNunez09 3 days ago

    That's really weird. I have the galaxy s10 plus and usually get 7-10 hours of screen on time with adaptive battery on

  • Destiny Rose Brown
    Destiny Rose Brown 3 days ago

    Can you put a case over the skin from d brand?

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 3 days ago

      Absolutely! I do it all the time. They even have the "GRIP" case that can be used with the skin. Check it out!

  • Gene Godsey
    Gene Godsey 3 days ago

    This was an awesome video. I love your prospective. I am a Hugh Google fan and user and it was very pleasant to hear your opinion and I am definitely subscribing to your channel. Thanks again.

  • Clara Kapustka
    Clara Kapustka 3 days ago

    Hello! How do I add the weather to my home screen as a widget?

    • Francisco Africano
      Francisco Africano Day ago

      Just search for "weather" using the search bar, then expand the weather to open google weather. In the settings there's an option to Add to Home Screen.

  • Kryptic Knowledge
    Kryptic Knowledge 3 days ago

    You absolute legend. I can do more on my S10 plus now. 💪🏾😊💪🏾

  • Sly Carl
    Sly Carl 3 days ago

    I used secure folder and hit apps to hide my porn collection from my wife hahahahhaa

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 3 days ago

      I feel sad for your wife. Wives are a gift. Cherish and invest in them.

  • Terry Situ
    Terry Situ 3 days ago

    They should have the 50% off if you buy it with Google Fi at day 1. That is one stone two birds

  • Aidan Bau
    Aidan Bau 3 days ago

    I'm watching on a snapdragon 400. An upgrade is very much needed.

  • Laura Carter
    Laura Carter 3 days ago

    If you want a Mac 🖥 don’t choose the 1.5 tb ram one it’s way to powerful.

  • Just Tristan
    Just Tristan 3 days ago

    Some1 know how to get the snapsound back? xD (Fellow S10 user)

  • Macky Mac
    Macky Mac 3 days ago

    Does it have like secure folder like from Samsung? Where you can move apps that needs more security like bank apps, even pictures or other files that you want to be more secure, that will ask you a password or in Pixel 4 / xl case face unlock.

  • ozzy cobblepot
    ozzy cobblepot 3 days ago

    Now this is a really good tips video that I needed....Thx m8...

  • Jer ZJ59
    Jer ZJ59 3 days ago

    Imho, i dont think they blew it at all. I used to be an apple guy. Ever since they first launched. Till one day i tried an S5 when those came out and i was hooked. Then went to the note series and i have a hard time finding another phone like the note series. Least for me, anyway, i use those phones like a workhorse and the whole art stuff etc so i actually need it. I just always come back to the note series. The only thing id say i wish they had on it or is missing, is 90hz refresh. However, it isnt gonna be a deal breaker. Better or for worse im sure there was a reason it was not part of it and Thats okay. So i guess depending on who you are, like you, you say they blew it, but in my usage, nope, they did not. Not at all. :)

  • Ryan Chew
    Ryan Chew 4 days ago

    Only issue I have with it is no expandable memory.

  • Nameesha Jaggi NJ
    Nameesha Jaggi NJ 4 days ago

    What is come alive feature and lively universe in wallpaper setting?

  • Alia Woods
    Alia Woods 4 days ago

    I love you guys! Please do the sony Wf-1000xm3's.

  • marshall galusky
    marshall galusky 4 days ago

    4xl's been p litty

  • Chaz McCormack
    Chaz McCormack 4 days ago

    Wow Great video!!! New Subscriber!!😁👍🏼

  • Jef Dinglasan
    Jef Dinglasan 4 days ago

    For tio number 1, how do I save the .5 animation? I mean is it okay for the developer option to be always on and available at the bottom screen? I like the .5 but I cant save it.

  • Christian Segarra Rios

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the pixel buds 2. Once google gets a smart watch and decent pair of wireless earbuds I'll dive into the Eco system.

  • Howard Hankins
    Howard Hankins 4 days ago

    I just got the new Galaxy Note 10 plus phone

  • Evan Jiang
    Evan Jiang 5 days ago

    I just got my 4 and coming from iPhone I found the battery life is terrible. I'm thinking about the going to for XL. Do you know how many screen hours it can increase by going from 4 to 4 XL?

    • Evan Jiang
      Evan Jiang 4 days ago

      @This is Tech Today good to know ,thanks

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 4 days ago

      I've been getting around 6 hours so I'd go with that one!

  • Cereal Man
    Cereal Man 5 days ago

    So Google upgrading their Tri Force of Failure to the infinity Gualent of Failure.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 5 days ago

      I hope you didn't spend all day trying to come up with that.

  • Boi wtf
    Boi wtf 5 days ago

    i have an iphone 7 and i asked my parents for this phone. and all of my friends are asking me why, i'm sending them this video

  • Jefferson
    Jefferson 5 days ago

    i have the note 10 +....I still think typing is faster and more convenient

    YISON 5 days ago

    Good smile you both

  • Gojira gaming !!
    Gojira gaming !! 5 days ago

    Im gonna work hard for a s10+ rn i get 15$ per week sometimes 20$ but idc how long tbh

  • Mr. Kru
    Mr. Kru 5 days ago

    where did you buy those lil plants on your table, please link :D

  • Legandary Prime
    Legandary Prime 5 days ago

    Pixel 4 is the best phone I have ever tried. It so smooth and quick. It's all connected throughout your computers and tablets since Google is on everything and it's super easy to transfer files. Don't let these people hold you back from buying the phone you want, you won't be disappointed

  • Fueled By Coffee
    Fueled By Coffee 5 days ago

    First time on your channel. Instant subscription! Very entertaining on how you review these buds.

  • alexandro templo
    alexandro templo 5 days ago

    Make more videos like this, the channel will explode

  • Andrew Neal
    Andrew Neal 5 days ago

    200 times per second (Hertz), faster than we can hear? I thought he was an audio _engineer._ lol The upper ranger of our hearing is 20kHz (20,000 times per second), meaning we would hear a 200Hz hum/whine through anything that is refreshing at that rate. But with it being the feedback mic that refreshes at that rate, it's all good; no issues there since it's too fast to hear a volume shift, updating every 5ms. Though, if background noise changes a lot, you might get a whine every time as the feedback circuit levels out, since the volume might change at a regular rate, therefore oscillating, until reaching equilibrium. But it may be done better than this, and cause no whine whatsoever; this is just my observation of the what-ifs.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 5 days ago

      @Andrew Neal lol, that's so funny

    • Andrew Neal
      Andrew Neal 5 days ago

      *+This is Tech Today* It probably just flew over my head. Lol I thought he was serious.

    • This is Tech Today
      This is Tech Today 5 days ago

      Humor seems to have been lost in this one.

  • ShymonMusic
    ShymonMusic 5 days ago

    Was buying Pixels few days after launch, no issues...

  • Dante The Great
    Dante The Great 5 days ago

    I have a confession to make 🙁..... First off, I didn’t watch this video for weeks now, I thought you were going to diss the phone. At that time I didn’t own it yet. I was giving a thought to replacing the Note 10 Plus which was a backup to the Pro Max. I’ve always despised Android, but despite my disdain for Android for whatever reason I’ve always had a Galaxy Note (had them all). I was tired of the 10 Plus, like I said Android was a problem. But I still needed an Android toy...funny isn’t it? We humans have issues 😂. I just couldn’t pick any shiny device from China or One Plus whatever. Nokia was definitely out of the question. I seriously considered the Fold thing from Samsung. But it would have been another Note (or 2 Notes 😂). Then I thought...why not the new Pixel? I wasn’t really enthused about that proposition. It was another Android p.o.s I thought. 99,9% of reviews of the phone wasn’t good. I got the impression this was the biggest shit that happened in 2019. Out of the blues it clicked for all made sense. If all the popular TVclip reviewers (wankers) had nothing good to say about this phone, it must be my phone. It must be the phone I wanted. Without testing it in the stores I ordered it. Since I’ve got it, it hasn’t left my sight...(always like that when the toy is new). Not really, it’s just different. It’s simple. It’s understated. It’s fluid. It’s a beast. It’s so me. And the camera?! Forget about it.. Got it setup with a Moment 18mm Lens. Forget about it. This isn’t a phone for everyone. It’s my iPhone from Google that runs Android. I think I can live with that. Can’t complain. Nice review though.