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  • Ponuru
    Ponuru 7 minutes ago

    Natchitoches is pronounced Nack - it- ish

  • TakeAHike
    TakeAHike 12 minutes ago

    Anybody on here been, lived in Corona? I live in Charlotte NC, thinking about moving there

  • SuperAwesomeWeirdGuy
    SuperAwesomeWeirdGuy 13 minutes ago

    "But do you think of islands? Deserts? Volcanoes?" Yes. I live here. lol

  • Daniel Beckham
    Daniel Beckham 16 minutes ago

    have no idea what your talking about first el paso is on the other side of the state and not next to dallas second their aren’t any 99 cent stores in el paso

  • Ari & Jay
    Ari & Jay 30 minutes ago

    No Philadelphia ? Ik surprised

  • Michael Rowe
    Michael Rowe 31 minute ago

    They really really took the long way to Vermont! “Leaving Maine and heading East finally end up in Vermont “?

  • Soccer Playa
    Soccer Playa 47 minutes ago

    My state is finally the best at something ❤️

  • Puzza Productions

    Nick you can't joke about it unless you're iowain

  • Rodney Dudgeon
    Rodney Dudgeon Hour ago

    Everyone thinks OSU is the greatest thing in the world, but you gotta remember the football team doesnt play anybody good. Pretty easy to go undefeated. Dumbasses.

  • Jeremiah Holguin

    Born & raised in the 432 & proud of it !

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker Hour ago


  • Ezequiel Soto
    Ezequiel Soto Hour ago

    I live in scranton

  • pyrrhic victory
    pyrrhic victory Hour ago

    You forgot to Drive by mayer Madeleine rojeros homeless Village on Broadway. if you would have drove by there you would have seen hundreds of homeless people some of which doing sexual acts on each other while police drive by. not a good place to drive your children through

  • terry ferguson
    terry ferguson Hour ago

    Mostly big cities,but,yes,getting bad all over.You know why?We wresslte not against flesh and blood,but against spiritual wockness,in very high places.Their are demonic principalities over regions,driving the crime and violence.Get into your pray closet and pray,for you fellow man.REPENT,and learn spiritual warfare and deliverance.Learn to break off generational curses.See all videos by Derek Prince,Win Worley,and Jo9hn EChardt.See the video the book of Enoch.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nepgilim.Read the book of Acts,and the 4 gospels in the king james bible.Read Daniel 9 and psalm 106 KJV.THis is why.Israel broke God`s covenant.He scattered them,and overthrew their seed among the heathen nations.REPENT,and turn to Jesus Christ,before it is to late.

  • loveforanimals33 Shourbaji

    I Lived in West Knoxville my whole life. And trust me the more time goes on , the more I realize a lot of crime is happening on the west side too don’t be fooled by the outside. south Knoxville as well has some stuff. I don’t know this this video was somewhat judgmental and one sided.

  • Alejandro Mata
    Alejandro Mata Hour ago

    “Give me your brokest, tired and dumbest” What did you think was going to happen? Take most of the people running away from corrupt dictatorships that they more than likely had a hand in creating by vote or support, how do you think they are going to vote? Most migrants end up in metropolitan areas, and if they are warm? Even worse! Born and raised in Miami here, I would know. I have seen the change as all the crap from other metropolitan cities ends up washing out here in migration, we are a preferred septic tank for the rest of the country. Take into account the growing stupidity and complacency in society and newer generations we are not going to be getting any smarter any time soon.

  • Gary Sturgeon
    Gary Sturgeon 2 hours ago

    You drove right by Lee Plaza and didn't even show it.

  • Adam Robles
    Adam Robles 2 hours ago

    I’m From The Valley, It Ain’t That Bad, Brownsville,Texas

  • Guy Fawks
    Guy Fawks 2 hours ago

    Detroit, flint, Saginaw are disgusting places full of Criminals and yes I mean blacks.

  • Gio Brandao
    Gio Brandao 2 hours ago

    Nun of these cities are dangerous 🤣🤣

  • Isaac Guerra
    Isaac Guerra 2 hours ago

    I think Juan is awesome

    PRO NOT FOUND 2 hours ago

    Surprised that Freeport somehow dodged this list, and Pasadena 🤮

  • jane hyden
    jane hyden 2 hours ago


  • Reginald Uy
    Reginald Uy 2 hours ago

    How about South Houston?

  • HitManTwo3ree
    HitManTwo3ree 2 hours ago

    Keep californians and new yorkers out of here. Stay in your shitty libtard states.

  • Lisa Melberger
    Lisa Melberger 2 hours ago

    I live in Warren County, we are not Hill People, we have alot of farmers, you know nothing about our state and should keep your mouth shut

  • HitManTwo3ree
    HitManTwo3ree 3 hours ago

    Uhmmm pretty sure Afghanistan is not apart of south central Asia lol.

  • FR3SH N1CK
    FR3SH N1CK 4 hours ago

    Haha right after saying no cussing you say 'no damn baby stickers on there? "family friendly"

  • y’all going to jail PERIODT

    100% of ppl in the world waiting for their country lol

  • DrizzyRED
    DrizzyRED 4 hours ago

    I was waiting for him to say Baton Rouge

  • Holly Tyler
    Holly Tyler 5 hours ago


  • scronx
    scronx 5 hours ago

    Seen briefly at about 10:08 is the evil lurking behind the cheer, the pretty colors and clever slogans: "We're all liberal". What you're describing is ,militant armies of extreme socialist Dummacrats. They celebrate their liberation by supporting policies that enslave and impoverish everybody. Through lawfare and left-fascism the gaystapo crushes the Bill of Rights in concert with the ACLU and numerous similar cancerous growths.

  • Rahul Narayan
    Rahul Narayan 5 hours ago

    don't make India as worst😠😠😠 Go the hell man😠😠😠

  • Mike Tost
    Mike Tost 6 hours ago

    The best move I ever made was moving south and far away from PA.

  • denzelsnipes69
    denzelsnipes69 6 hours ago

    I'm surprised Utah and Montana didn't make the list. Utah has a similar climate to Colorado. And when I went to Montana last December there was tons of snow in Big Sky and West Yellowstone.

  • Larry Harris
    Larry Harris 6 hours ago

    Most are around Houston, what a surprise!

  • Benjamin Lilly
    Benjamin Lilly 6 hours ago

    Put the numbers up for Bellmead...cause I don't believe it's that bad in Bellmead Tx...

  • jetscreamer212
    jetscreamer212 7 hours ago

    Trailer Parks: The white boys project.

  • Frank Cartet
    Frank Cartet 7 hours ago

    We from Georgia r also called cracker 😂😁😁

  • bellavoci
    bellavoci 7 hours ago

    States with the least snow has Alabama listed at no.3 but Mississippi is highlighted at the end of the video!!!! I think he meant Mississippi.

  • Joel Jungle
    Joel Jungle 8 hours ago

    I’m surprised NYC wasn’t added 😒

  • Sherada Straughter
    Sherada Straughter 8 hours ago

    Where’s Vidor & Cut N Shoot?

  • Brucifer Mephistopheles

    Can't believe Minnesota didn't even make the list!

  • josephine
    josephine 8 hours ago

    tumbleweave lmao

  • Bruce Jones
    Bruce Jones 8 hours ago

    I work in Danville....seen a few houses sell for $2000

  • Pharaoh
    Pharaoh 8 hours ago

    South side Pomona, Los Angeles, San Bernardino county, Victor Ville, Santa Ana, Compton, Walts, South Gate, and many more near Los Angeles! I only know Southern California not up North!

  • Amir Rodriguez
    Amir Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    Kanye is from Chicago.

  • Kirk Winters
    Kirk Winters 8 hours ago wtf

  • Kirk Winters
    Kirk Winters 8 hours ago

    Dude drop the cheesy commentary and you have a great product. Focus on the facts, which when you do, you have a good show.

    NYAN TPAG 9 hours ago

    Those are 95% of Texas towns

  • Jorge Torres
    Jorge Torres 9 hours ago

    Bootyeshia is my little sister’s name 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sandra martinez
    sandra martinez 9 hours ago

    white people build western countries and all the colors want what we built because there to lazy to build there own countries so they run from there's

  • GetThemLyrics
    GetThemLyrics 9 hours ago

    I’m 26 years old and lived in Alabama my whole life. I’ve seen snow maybe 5 times and only maybe 6 inches deep twice.

  • Awesome Asa 142
    Awesome Asa 142 9 hours ago

    This guys obviously nuts. I live 20 minutes from Cleveland, which is also close to Humble(which is definitely NOT south Texas) and my school played Port Arthur in Football. I have been down the street that he showed in Cleveland multiple times. One of the places on the left is an old movie theater and the other used to be a gym my dad went to and now it’s a dance studio. Some of the stuff he said was true, but he is also very mixed up. Also "Mappy" needs to go!!!!!!!!!

  • TheKinfolk2011
    TheKinfolk2011 9 hours ago

    I'm from KY, but I had the pleasure of going to Milwaukee in the middle of January some years back. NEVER. AGAIN! lol

  • RBeast
    RBeast 10 hours ago

    Who is this guy, and why does he think he has the right to review the greatest state in the nation, at least make stuff correct on the map,, cmon dude

  • な素 敵
    な素 敵 10 hours ago

    I love Missouri! I live in Jefferson, and my grandparents live in Louisiana. It’s actually fun here though...

  • Trump’s A FatAss
    Trump’s A FatAss 10 hours ago

    I dont want any red state people moving to California. And no more New Yorkers either.

  • D. S.
    D. S. 10 hours ago

    Love seeing the poorest of poor white people.....

  • adrian webb
    adrian webb 10 hours ago

    Why they clownin on st joe

  • Dorathyexplorer
    Dorathyexplorer 10 hours ago

    Oh our Los Angeles-- it has a lot of problems but the diversity of cultures, availability of special ed in schools, & Medi-Cal healthcare is pretty special.

  • HST
    HST 11 hours ago

    What is the most Rasist city in US ?

  • Un Cat
    Un Cat 11 hours ago


  • Kyle Davy
    Kyle Davy 11 hours ago

    Chillicothe squad where you at?

    LAKER NATION 4 LIFE! 11 hours ago

    You are not funny and you are filled with misinformation

  • Al
    Al 11 hours ago

    Being single is great!!!

  • Joseph andrew
    Joseph andrew 11 hours ago

    Lived in Monticello its the most shitty place I've ever lived and I'm from Inkster mi. So he was right about that

  • Jonathan Kosyjana
    Jonathan Kosyjana 11 hours ago

    Top 10 stateist states. GET ON IT! =]

  • Jonathan Kosyjana
    Jonathan Kosyjana 11 hours ago

    Really Vermont. I was just there a few weeks ago, head back in a few days to snowboard. Though Utah and Cali would have been on here

  • Tori Tw!sT
    Tori Tw!sT 12 hours ago


  • William Estrada
    William Estrada 12 hours ago

    🙌👐👐👐🙌👐🙌🙌🙌👐🙌👐#SAFESNOWPACKS °

  • Trump’s A FatAss
    Trump’s A FatAss 12 hours ago

    We can get 800 inches per winter in the Sierra

    DICK DASTARDLY 12 hours ago

    You had to apologize b4 the video. Lame!!!!!

  • Angelique Morales
    Angelique Morales 12 hours ago

    And yes you jerk we do speak English here in El Paso, just because we have a large Hispanic community does not mean that we don’t speak, read, and write in English.

  • Johnae dropping the pounds

    Wow! I actually lived out east half my life and this video is a comedy show 👎

  • Angelique Morales
    Angelique Morales 12 hours ago

    Yo El Paso is the tip in the West...

  • CptTexas1
    CptTexas1 12 hours ago

    Forgot Ranger bruh

  • David Clark
    David Clark 12 hours ago

    Nick must not be from Texas! Boring commentary,cheesy animation and audio, called it Water Burger, used screen shots from Google maps etc,etc....If he's not here,We don't want him.

  • KippySmi7h
    KippySmi7h 12 hours ago

    Would you say “Baltimore, Black, Liberal” like how you say “*city* White, Conservative, (old)” X To Doubt

  • Thomas Tracy
    Thomas Tracy 12 hours ago

    Is this a comedy video? It’s surprisingly inaccurate. Much of what is stated is dated & without merit. Seems a bit like a republican scam video, trying to make a great state seem unappealing. Gonna take more than this sad little attempt. Kinda funny that he tried though.

  • Lonnie Porter
    Lonnie Porter 13 hours ago

    Here's the ACTUAL worst four cities in Oregon: Portland Oregon City Eugene Salem

  • out of the loop
    out of the loop 13 hours ago

    Eastern and central Oregon kids still goes to school

    • out of the loop
      out of the loop Hour ago

      Life can’t stop for few mo lol

    • Rebel 7
      Rebel 7 8 hours ago

      out of the loop , and you still go to work

  • joshua rhines
    joshua rhines 13 hours ago

    He highlighted Mississippi as number three instead of Alabama.

  • Note salt 906
    Note salt 906 13 hours ago

    Fun Facts about the UP 1. We are the birth place of PRO hockey ( Canada still invented the sport but we made it pro) 2. The Inventor of the Blackbird was from here. 3. We have A lot of iron and copper 4. We are the TRUE northern Michigan (don’t listen to those grumpy old trolls from under the bridge) 5. We call people from under the bridge trolls 6. The Detroit Redwings came up here and played the Marqutte Prisons inmate hockey team (SB nation did a thing on it) 7. The Marqutte prison has never had a successful escape (Do to you can freeze to death in the summer, the prison is between highway and forest 8. We can be just as easily divided as we can be united (in sports we will hate each other but roast us we will all take you down) 9. We single handily took a websites rating from 4-5 star to 1 star (tic pic)

    • Note salt 906
      Note salt 906 13 hours ago

      I also forgot to mention we almost had the capital in the UP also Calume if interested

  • Sunlight Music
    Sunlight Music 13 hours ago

    Hey I’m really smart and I’m live in Nevada and please don’t judge Nevada

  • TSK L
    TSK L 13 hours ago

    Da worst list I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  • joel Martin
    joel Martin 13 hours ago

    I did not know vermont got the most snow but it definitely justifies our trash talking to Massachusetts for being soft.

  • Taylor Hutto
    Taylor Hutto 13 hours ago

    You forgot Iowa where it snows for about 6 months a year

  • Penguin RagE
    Penguin RagE 13 hours ago


  • Sunlight Music
    Sunlight Music 13 hours ago

    I live in Nevada and I’m a big nerd

  • Krimson Crescent
    Krimson Crescent 13 hours ago

    1 rule bout kankakee,you don’t go into detail about us.

  • MrSINZ777
    MrSINZ777 13 hours ago

    What about OAKLAND, RICHMOND, and COMPTON ? How are these places worse then that??? I don't agree with this list at All!! He did have STOCKTON Right Tho.....STOCKTON AINT NO JOKE

  • JAY Montgomery
    JAY Montgomery 13 hours ago

    No Utah or Idaho?

  • Davadid
    Davadid 13 hours ago

    Um ok. El Paso is in west texas. Like.. THE FARTHEST WESTERN TIP! And I’ve been loving here my whole life it really isn’t that bad it’s just that the good doesn’t get enough spotlight. We have moubtains, parks, playgrounds, and above all, a close community. 915 is the best. #ElPasoStrong

  • Ilene Bryant
    Ilene Bryant 13 hours ago

    dont forget to add mostly like to kill whole family/shoot up school

  • chr0nicstupidity
    chr0nicstupidity 13 hours ago

    What's a "Michiganer"??

  • Disney Plus
    Disney Plus 14 hours ago

    Why can’t it be that one person on the comment that just tells us the states that were on this video and the time

  • Disney Plus
    Disney Plus 14 hours ago

    It was probably the cortezes in mexico

  • Uof Alabama
    Uof Alabama 14 hours ago

    Sorry but this list was lame as hell

  • Uof Alabama
    Uof Alabama 14 hours ago

    Isn't Parkland where that mass shooting happened? The kid killed like 20 kids at the high school and the cops hid out?