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how to read more.
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5 essential life lessons
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how to ace final exams.
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how to plan your week.
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  • Unreal Alien
    Unreal Alien 33 seconds ago

    Omg I needed this video lol

  • Uwais Ougradar
    Uwais Ougradar 13 minutes ago

    heads up mariana you said at 1:59 having a good morning routine can be “detrimental” which means harmful but love the video 👍🏼

  • hrvdb jdvrks
    hrvdb jdvrks 15 minutes ago

    I might got a tipp for you: i bought a really cheap alarm clock an amazon. 30 minutes before alarm it lightens the room in small steps so it wakes up because of the light instead of noise. This makes it more natural an relaxing as it wakes up softly and slowly. You should try it out and maybe even film a video about it! These clocks are named sunrise alarm clock.

  • Elizabeth Lucy
    Elizabeth Lucy 18 minutes ago

    so interesting! thanks for sharing and being so informative. You definitely motivate me as a small healthy lifestyle youtuber 🌿🙌

  • PH hs_ain
    PH hs_ain 24 minutes ago

    she always Seeks to make our life more brighter, always try to make new and funny ways to help us to be more productive... Mariana we can't thanks and appreciate your effort and times .... ❤❤😘😘🌹🌹🌹💕💕😍😍

  • Suus-Arido
    Suus-Arido 29 minutes ago

    On one hand: mornings give more time and productivity. But on the other side: me is night creature and me need 10 hours of sleepy time.

  • R S
    R S 30 minutes ago

    This is too high of a goal for me. How to be motivated to wake up.. everyday?

  • SSR T
    SSR T 34 minutes ago

    I was always a night person, but ever since I started waking up early I observed that if you start your day right, i.e. in a relaxed manner, the rest of the day is relaxed too.

  • Lilia Lena
    Lilia Lena 40 minutes ago

    Thank you for including tip #5 as well. It's too easy to feel guilty when you are just not able to get up early without feeling horrible.

  • Lukas Hilmar
    Lukas Hilmar Hour ago

    Thank you for the video. The most titles like these are pure click bait and doesn't deliver any value. But your videos are honest and well proven . Have a nice day =)

  • Sadia Afrin
    Sadia Afrin Hour ago

    You are a life saver for me in my college life............ Thank you for your efforts and sharing

  • Jassim Koya
    Jassim Koya Hour ago

    Brilliant content! Small mistake at 2:00 though... "Creating a morning routine that is practical as well as relaxing can have a detrimental impact on your day..." Whoops.

  • Gabriel C.
    Gabriel C. Hour ago

    Thanks from Brazil!! I got Notion for free and I love your videos!!!

  • Dea Hasanaj
    Dea Hasanaj 2 hours ago

    Im loving this 2019 series so muchh. Definitely the best bts🎒📚 /productivity 2019 youtube channel.

  • Dávila Á.
    Dávila Á. 2 hours ago

    I see a blonde, hyperactive ninja, I like it. Nice video, as always X

  • अनुपम तिवारी

    I wanna know about that Alarm App. It was looking so cool with Sleep Tracking Info.

    • Silvana
      Silvana Hour ago

      It‘s the normal iPhone Sleep App.

  • Simply Studying
    Simply Studying 2 hours ago

    Thank you for the video and tips! I have to say that you had Naruto on the background, so tick on girl! I didn’t know you were into anime! Love it! 💕

  • Priety Sanjay
    Priety Sanjay 2 hours ago

    Are you an otaku?

  • murderplanner
    murderplanner 2 hours ago

    Thank you for adding the last part about us night owls. That sometimes, despite it being the trend in the productivity community, it’s just not for you

  • Rekha V Kapse
    Rekha V Kapse 2 hours ago

    A must watch video..!! And the saga of Great videos Continue..!!!✨💫👍

  • Vini
    Vini 2 hours ago

    Thanks for notion promo code!! 😊😊 I got upgraded plan!! Happy that finally I got a tool to get ALL ALL my life together!! Ps- and yes I am one of night owls !!!

  • Li Lov
    Li Lov 2 hours ago

    hello, may I know what's the application that you used for bedtime? it's like an alarm ? thanks

  • Vignesh Vitsmeon
    Vignesh Vitsmeon 2 hours ago

    I hate this ipad I love the older one......

  • Jitin Mishra
    Jitin Mishra 2 hours ago

    I sleep at 4 or 5am after study ... I am a night 🦉

  • TheMrsX
    TheMrsX 2 hours ago

    Thanks so much for the notion code ☀️

  • alexa jl
    alexa jl 2 hours ago

    may i know what tablet you're using in the video? :)

  • Jana Žáková
    Jana Žáková 2 hours ago

    I have to wake up at least at 6AM for monday-thursday classes this semester. I am more of a night owl and it's really hard for me to wake up early AND be concentrated till evening. I usually feel really tired by the end of the week and just want to sleep till noon on Saturday. It takes all my will not to do that, because I wouldn't be able to make waking up early a habbit that way.

    • Mariana's Study Corner
      Mariana's Study Corner 2 hours ago

      I also have to wake up at 5.45-6am every day! It’s hard in the beginning but you’ll get used to it. Just make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep and plenty of rest during the weekend

  • Hrythm
    Hrythm 2 hours ago

    Are you Naruto Running to Area 51?

  • TimeFlies - Time Management

    Being consistent Is the cornerstone of your success in any initiative. Thanks Mariana for another great video! *At what time do you guys wake up?*

  • Sara Angel
    Sara Angel 2 hours ago

    I got notion! thank you Mariana! <3

  • Saniath90 Chowdhury
    Saniath90 Chowdhury 3 hours ago

    Waiting for this type of video for so long... Finally

  • Admir Barucija
    Admir Barucija 3 hours ago

    Your videos always inspire me, I love them so much!! ❤️❤️

  • James
    James 3 hours ago

    Oooo I noticed that Ipad Pro ;)

  • Carla Arriaga
    Carla Arriaga 3 hours ago

    THANK YOU . i appreciate this so much!

  • Sawan Kumar Sahoo
    Sawan Kumar Sahoo 3 hours ago

    From this video now on i like you more,,coz you are a naruto fan like me,,,i knew it..yeahhhhh 😍

  • Ishi Singh
    Ishi Singh 3 hours ago

    Hurray!!! I am early again!! I just love Ur videos...they are so motivating And I specifically needed this video because idk why I have sleeping way too much these days waking up really late☹️ But!!! Now I have a solution to my problem....I try my best to wake up early from tomorrow Thank you so much Mariana♥️

  • althea
    althea 3 hours ago

    aaaah im early

  • Better PhD
    Better PhD 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! My morning routines are... as soon as my eyes are open, I go to a bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face with a cold water. Then drink a full glass of water. It is hard to go back to sleep after these three. Then, I go to my home office to write things for my channel or research and read a book. What is the most important morning routine❓

    LIFE WITH RENZ 3 hours ago

    What is the name of the app?

  • Archana Paul
    Archana Paul 3 hours ago

    Very nice video as thanks for the tips Love you Marianas

  • Gnossienne Magika
    Gnossienne Magika 3 hours ago

    Needed this right know lmao. Woke up at 12:30 today :(

    • Ishi Singh
      Ishi Singh 3 hours ago

      Lol me too!!! But I woke at 12

  • Vivian Hoang
    Vivian Hoang 3 hours ago

    I was feeling very unmotivated just now, but your videos always get me productive!!

    THE_SPOILT_ GENIUS 3 hours ago

    Uggh I’m fifth... but love ur vids

  • Chiara M.
    Chiara M. 3 hours ago

    I was searching in your channel a video about morning routine right now 😂

  • Tiffany Montgomery
    Tiffany Montgomery 3 hours ago

    Wow I'm first! Love your vids!

  • Faryal Qamar
    Faryal Qamar 3 hours ago


  • sakunthala lakshmi
    sakunthala lakshmi 3 hours ago

    4th like 1st comment live you Mariana

  • MaX Weber
    MaX Weber 5 hours ago


  • Yuumie -Chan
    Yuumie -Chan 6 hours ago

    How to be productive: • Have aN aEsthEtiC House/room. • ALWAYS drink coffee. • Eat fruits only cuz fruits. • Have A MacBook, AirPods, a Kanken Bag, and have cuTe ass stationary. Literally every “productivity” video.

  • Paty Ferreira
    Paty Ferreira 6 hours ago

    Mal posso esperar! Será muito bom e útil ver "gente como a gente" trabalhando duro e, ainda assim, estudando 🤗 boa sorte!

  • Rabbit Lotus and Pearl

    I'm full-time employed and want to learn Latin. But for various reasons I don't make any real progress. I'd be happy if one of your videos also focuses on Latin specifically and the methods you use to make time and learn the language. Thanks. And congratulations on getting the job!

  • Nil々 Bam
    Nil々 Bam 8 hours ago

    I love you india (Gujarati)

  • Benedetta Gg
    Benedetta Gg 8 hours ago

    Michelle from Michelle Reed

  • Eleonora Festari
    Eleonora Festari 10 hours ago

    Yes, yes and yes! Having a full-time job since 2010 (!), I always had problems carving out some free time for learning and exploring my many interests, so this kind of video is really appreciated. PS: good luck on this new adventure!

  • Ana Amaro
    Ana Amaro 12 hours ago

    Hi Mariana! I also a portuguese and I'm trying improve my English to became fluent. Can you share what you have done to speak fluently? You pratice with natives? What's the problems you have face? And congratulations your speaking ( in sense of pronuciation and ritm) are very good! Sorry for any mine written mistake!

  • Cleo Cheng
    Cleo Cheng 13 hours ago

    This is gonna be really helpful!! I am working full time and needs to learn Japanese. I would love to know your routine!

  • Yuumie -Chan
    Yuumie -Chan 16 hours ago

    How To Study ? Is Solving Questions Actually A Good Method For Practice? BC like I can’t solve Any Of them.

  • Adrian Lim
    Adrian Lim 17 hours ago

    This is the budget per month. Anything you use to keep track of expenses that can be incorporated into this google sheets? Or you change the budget to reflect actual spending?

  • Yuumie -Chan
    Yuumie -Chan Day ago

    One more thing is that you should choose your outfit at night, because then you won’t lose time on the morning!

  • aditi bodhankar

    hey Mariana. I wanted to follow you on instagram but your account was not available. Is there a problem with it?

  • Paula Rodrigues

    Ebaaa! Japonês! Eu estou aprendendo japonês também. Vou adorar dicas sobre isso <3

  • Esther Duran
    Esther Duran Day ago

    Where did you get the planner from ?

  • Sierra Clark
    Sierra Clark Day ago

    What do you guys do when your biggest problem is planning like that whole part of “getting things done” makes me SOOOO TIRED

  • Alessandro Cardi

    Ma rega studiate invece di perdere tempo ahaha

  • Beatriz Araujo

    Is this just me that's seeing notes in portuguese ?

  • DaiZzy Elh
    DaiZzy Elh Day ago

    شكرا على الترجمة

  • Rachel Guapa
    Rachel Guapa 2 days ago

    I am trying to learn Japanese, too! I would recommend you Rachelleea, her channel is pretty helpful for working students.

  • FrenchZër
    FrenchZër 2 days ago

    Je t'aime

  • Lucie O'Toole
    Lucie O'Toole 2 days ago

    I have found a web page that could help students: I hope you approve!

  • Eleni Anagnostopoulou

    That was extremely helpful and thank you for your template!🙌🏻

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 days ago

    thanks Mariana, this was super useful! :)

  • tomususan
    tomususan 2 days ago

    Ali Abdaal is studying in med school, is working in hospital, has a yt channel and unrelated company. Has plenty of time management tips. I've read that learning 2 or more languages simultaneously is more harder than focusing on one. As a person who would also like to learn a lot of foreign languages, looking forward to see your progress. Best of luck at your new job!

  • Emma K.
    Emma K. 2 days ago

    OMG... I'm researching this kinds of experiences or tips for a long time. I want to find a balance strategy for my job and my personal leaning process . 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Gabriela Cândido
    Gabriela Cândido 2 days ago

    Eve Cornwell, I LOVE HER CHANNEL i think you will find helpful and fun:

  • valeb410
    valeb410 2 days ago

    Hi Mariana! I've been following you since you were Alice 😉 It's great to see your progress, congrats on your new job and good luck!! I'm also a student and work full time. It's been hard but so worth it! I only have one class left to graduate but decided to take it next year so I can focus on my health and relationships now. In my experience, those are the main things that we neglect when working and studying so it's nice to see you made a decision to put your history degree on hold for now. Good luck with everything!! 😘

    DIEGO SILVA 2 days ago

    como aprendiste ingles ??? necesito consejos

  • Pink Cupcakes
    Pink Cupcakes 2 days ago

    I would ask my teacher for a copy of the test so I can use it to see what the test is like, but some of the tests are on a computer.....

  • Republic of gamer
    Republic of gamer 3 days ago

    I needed a shadow teacher for half month because of my new subject so I am starting to watch you video

  • Federica T
    Federica T 3 days ago

    Good luck Mariana!

  • Diliana Pavlova
    Diliana Pavlova 3 days ago

    I don’t like the fact that when you upload this to your account, and start actually using it, you have filled up the 1000 blocks, meaning you have to already pay to actually start doing anything.😢

  • journal lift8
    journal lift8 3 days ago

    subtitle Indonesian please !!

  • gatosandwichera
    gatosandwichera 3 days ago

    I was wondering wether you have considered transferring to a distance learning university. You could easily take a couple of subjects per year and continue with your history degree, even if it were a little bit slowlier. Don't take me wrong, I find it amazing that you have chosen to study languages instead, I'm just curious about why you decided this. I personally am about to start studying my second degree at a distance learning university while I work, so I'm particularly interested on this!!

    • gatosandwichera
      gatosandwichera Day ago

      @Mariana's Study Corner I see! Thanks for the reply!! My first university didn't offer distance courses either and I chose one that is only distance learning based! I thought it was possible to transfer the passed subjects' credits to other universities all through Europe. But anyway you are right, better waiting than throwing a year through the window!! Have a nice day!

    • Mariana's Study Corner
      Mariana's Study Corner Day ago

      The university where I’m studying doesn’t provide distance learning options. Instead of throwing a whole year out of the window I can still try to get back to it when my work schedule is a little bit more stable

    • gatosandwichera
      gatosandwichera 3 days ago

      Oh and congratulations on getring a job on your field!! I wish you the best of lucks!!

  • Sudha sagar
    Sudha sagar 3 days ago

    am also a research scholar with intense blogging the the initial days of my research nd blogging, i used to get more stressed nd freakout becz of my poor balancing skills...then with some consistent practice i gained some lil wins winning my first 1000 followers for my blog ( my first review paper nd a technical research pape ready to get published ... :) i followed these tips vch may be useful for anybody here.. actually am a mom of a 5 yr toddler nd a busy homemaker too.. 1)every day from 3:30am to 7am is strictly my time...i definitely do my research work in this time pocket very intensely with much more passion in the pure everybody will be sleeping inside nd outside of my i just really love that time.. 2)7 to 9 is meal prepping nd all home dinner prep also...then i send my family to their works school etc 3)9 to 12 is my relaxing time.. i just strictly get unwind all my tiredness to stay cool..take a nice power nap,wrkout,brkfst nd take a nice shower... 4)again from 12:30 tp 3:30 pm is a my time pocket to work so intensely on my research..then i strictly stop working after 3:30pm.and i make sure finish my unfinished tasks in my lil breaks of my pomodoros(25mins each) just to keep my mind so fresh by doing some physical works(like folding clothes,laundry,dusting,mopping,chopping veggies, ..) 5)then i go to pick up my son from school and spend some time with him while working on my passionate blogging till 7 :00pm.. 6)then we hv our dinner at 7:30pm nd wil sleep in between 8:30 to 9pm..thats it..i make sure to get enough rest in my weekends to stay in track to reach my life dream....hope this is useful. :).. to know lil more like this u can follow my insta account (sudha.sudha554).. :) :)

  • Iretta Hanson
    Iretta Hanson 3 days ago

    I love this so much! I love that you're challenging yourself by learning languages in particular! I feel like for me I make every excuse to not make time for learning Spanish but if you can do it, I can do it too!

  • Tonee1200
    Tonee1200 3 days ago

    Good luck dear Mariana !!! Thank you very much.. your videos are so inspirational !!

  • Yuumie -Chan
    Yuumie -Chan 3 days ago

    How do humans actually do this shit

  • ashok chhaapola
    ashok chhaapola 3 days ago

    Thanks from india

  • staargiirl
    staargiirl 3 days ago

    Ps: I started studying french last month. And hope to start german as soon as I can. Some things that have been working: 1. Listen to french songs on the way back home 2. Hear short podcast/youtube videos (up to 6 min) in french 3. Study french half an hour before or after work. It's a slow progress, but it's better than the zero I was at before 🤓

  • staargiirl
    staargiirl 3 days ago

    Wohoo! I loved the change :) as a worker and curious person I'm findind hard to balance both and keep studying after a full-day job. Hope to get some useful insights 😊

  • Isabella Cotching
    Isabella Cotching 3 days ago

    brasileiraaaa ameeiii

  • Pusatici
    Pusatici 3 days ago

    I LOVE your desk setup. Wooden theme is so relaxing, and you keeping the setup minimalist is very pleasing to look at.

  • Pusatici
    Pusatici 3 days ago

    Yea... I was preparing monthly task charts and hanging them on my wardrobe just for keeping everything under control; but, this would work really better... Still, not working offline is a big bummer.

  • Miss Love
    Miss Love 4 days ago

    You are honestly such an inspirational power woman to me. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Jana Žáková
    Jana Žáková 4 days ago

    Good luck in a new job, it's amazing news! I hope you'll have a chance to finish your history degree. Only full-time working youtuber is SimplyNailogical, although she makes mostly comedy videos, so not sure if that would be inspirational 😅

  • Yvonne Molina
    Yvonne Molina 4 days ago

    I am so excited for you to embark on this new journey. I am in a similar situation as you and cannot wait for the content to roll out! 😊

  • Miss. ArtMind
    Miss. ArtMind 4 days ago

    Ok I hate u for using hightlighters on booooooks! Ahahah anyway I really like that u give me a lot of motivation! My worst problem in study is that I procrastinate a lot, Idk why and in every session of exams I swear to myself that I won't do that this time.. But I alaways do. Somebody help me!

  • Dattebayo Jess
    Dattebayo Jess 4 days ago

    How old are you?

  • Hrythm
    Hrythm 4 days ago

    May The Force Be With You Mariana. 🐕🍍

  • MissMama lifestyle
    MissMama lifestyle 4 days ago

    What envelopes do you use babe? Love them

  • Arifa Abdul jaleel
    Arifa Abdul jaleel 4 days ago

    I am a full time parent and completing my degree online, with yearly exams, I hope this will help me more.