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  • •sushii•
    •sushii• 2 hours ago

    Muselk: “ they’re just friends” Lazybum: now Ilsa is his girlfriend so-

  • Aishani Kumar
    Aishani Kumar 2 hours ago

    Poor Bazza 🙁

  • Christopher Treviño

    Mate Lannan said that he WAS annoyed by having to pay rent, the macine said it was a LIE, SO THEREFORE HE IS OKAY WITH PAYING THE RENT TANNER!!!

  • Malici Young
    Malici Young 2 hours ago


  • Candice Carroll
    Candice Carroll 3 hours ago

    We're is lazarbeam

  • SamDiePie 'THE BEST'

    allahu akbar

  • aprilblenk
    aprilblenk 3 hours ago

    This was actually really cool. My only wish was that this was longer.

  • Axion Frost
    Axion Frost 3 hours ago

    Sky zone Alexandria?

  • Brandon Atkins
    Brandon Atkins 4 hours ago

    Lazarbeam is the funniest no question

  • Marcus Fairhurst
    Marcus Fairhurst 4 hours ago

    Is Lufu and Elliot bro and sis

  • XD_toafgaming
    XD_toafgaming 5 hours ago

    The teacher is so idiotic he gives Lannan the easiest word

  • Thorpedo Gaming
    Thorpedo Gaming 5 hours ago

    These guys are so cool when they win they’re just a couple of Aussie blokes

  • Darth Vade
    Darth Vade 6 hours ago

    It ironic that lazarbeam will one day realated to his worst enemy

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth 6 hours ago

    Lannan in the background flipping off

  • Levi’s Family
    Levi’s Family 6 hours ago

    Cray won the last one with the container LOL

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 7 hours ago

    You could have asked “do they have ads?”

  • ZEZØ World
    ZEZØ World 7 hours ago

    He’s called the ghost u idiots!!!!

  • Mingoh
    Mingoh 7 hours ago

    Cray: uhh uhh uhh Buzz: my spider senses are tingling

  • Alonso Gonzalez
    Alonso Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    Wow muskle stop stroking the carrot

  • Cole Feuerbacher
    Cole Feuerbacher 8 hours ago

    Elliotts voice almost got me caught from my mom bc I was watching this to late at night

  • HHD Henry Is Cool
    HHD Henry Is Cool 8 hours ago

    2:47 Thought it was someone knocking on my door

  • boofnut 08
    boofnut 08 8 hours ago

    Bazz is a normie

  • Kyle Tran
    Kyle Tran 8 hours ago

    ngl Elliot is kinda narcissistic

  • Chuyang Sia
    Chuyang Sia 8 hours ago

    0.53 Lazerbeam lol

  • Jonty Hartman
    Jonty Hartman 8 hours ago

    I feel like Bazza is always regretting his life decisions in hide and seek

  • Philippos Nikolaidis

    8:00 SHUT UP!!!!

  • hayley vilayvong
    hayley vilayvong 9 hours ago

    this is so fuuny

  • IMPULSE Bl0odstain
    IMPULSE Bl0odstain 9 hours ago

    5:44 is my favorite

  • tandenb
    tandenb 9 hours ago

    Marcus is the one that broke off now

  • MasterHackerZ
    MasterHackerZ 9 hours ago

    Lannan: does good in life Everyone: NANI!

  • Ronnie Vega
    Ronnie Vega 9 hours ago

    “That’s the mean team” -cray

  • Dustin Dickens
    Dustin Dickens 10 hours ago

    We can no longer make jokes on how being laser beam is more effective than a condone

  • Astro Uranus
    Astro Uranus 10 hours ago

    In the last round i saw both of marcuses feet on the blue so bazz is the real winner

  • brindon power
    brindon power 10 hours ago

    Mr beast does not flex his money stupid

  • Cressida Usher
    Cressida Usher 10 hours ago

    Get fresh in their

  • zAnbu
    zAnbu 10 hours ago

    dude wtf?

  • Lachlan Smith
    Lachlan Smith 11 hours ago

    Lannans eyes my god he’s still traumatised

  • Jarran Drummond
    Jarran Drummond 11 hours ago

    I geuse cray isint good with spice . Probity because he's not smat (I now how to spell englesh)

  • Cressida Usher
    Cressida Usher 11 hours ago



    Unbelievable video production, i enjoy it so much . Ultimate part is 1:59. *I up 1st video, Plsss check it out and tell what you think* 💘 🧡 💕

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt 7 hours ago

      ME: where is lannan going lannan: logan paul got robbed ME: oh ok then

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 11 hours ago

    I saw Bazza and thought cray’s shaved his mustache cuz I didn’t realize he was there in the intro

  • mike oxsmall
    mike oxsmall 11 hours ago

    ill might buy you a warehouse

  • Jarran Drummond
    Jarran Drummond 11 hours ago

    Hahaha very funny Liget

  • Julie Hobbs
    Julie Hobbs 11 hours ago


  • Rye Rye
    Rye Rye 11 hours ago

    Everybody is so underwhelmed when crey started the tire

  • Dead Lives Matter
    Dead Lives Matter 11 hours ago

    Legal first name is probably PrestigeClips

  • Chloe Mosqueira
    Chloe Mosqueira 11 hours ago

    Muselk: *Last on the first two challenges* Also, Muselk: *makes the bread almost first try* I'm a god, I'm a god, Marcus hurry up, I'm carrying the team

  • blue wolf
    blue wolf 12 hours ago

    This is what women feel like

  • Dylan
    Dylan 12 hours ago

    I'm 14 and I planked for 4 minutes

  • Katherine Swindull
    Katherine Swindull 12 hours ago

    fornite suckssssssssssss

  • hasan mayhoub
    hasan mayhoub 12 hours ago

    1:11 is when lannan cheats (u can see him steal the block)

  • John Cujoh
    John Cujoh 12 hours ago

    Og Lazar could get easy dub

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth 12 hours ago

    0:45, Elon Musk's next Tesla design

  • Yvane Villavicencio
    Yvane Villavicencio 12 hours ago

    Where is Marcus

  • Deowed
    Deowed 12 hours ago

    I always thought myself was fat

  • YouDoNotKillMe
    YouDoNotKillMe 12 hours ago

    Who else think tannar and cray would be a good couple

  • Essence
    Essence 12 hours ago

    Once a sweaty player, always a sweaty player (well, except lannon)

  • Allan Cora colon
    Allan Cora colon 12 hours ago

    He said the n-word

  • lazar catman
    lazar catman 12 hours ago

    Lannan Eliot Kathleen bazz Cray and marcus in need some info for christmas in Australia

  • Nova_ Vimes
    Nova_ Vimes 13 hours ago

    First time I have seen fresh irl

  • Wyatt Rousseau
    Wyatt Rousseau 13 hours ago

    I think the reason why it said that lufu has killed someone is because she has killed poeple in fortnite

  • Matt BMX
    Matt BMX 13 hours ago

    Why do they bleep s$&@ but not f$@&

  • Dino Animations
    Dino Animations 13 hours ago

    Cray is gay

  • Carter Turnbull
    Carter Turnbull 13 hours ago

    I have a fear of deep water

  • Ryan Mura
    Ryan Mura 13 hours ago

    This thumbnail was maid in Wisconsin

  • Song Beast
    Song Beast 13 hours ago

    Lazerbeam: "Who watchs Lele" Also Lazerbeam: *has less subscribers*

    • Ronnie Vega
      Ronnie Vega 9 hours ago

      She sucks lol everyone who unfollows lazarbeam because of that is dumb

  • Rani Gnanam
    Rani Gnanam 13 hours ago

    The show girl is hot af anyone know her name?

  • Reaper Ciaran0306
    Reaper Ciaran0306 13 hours ago

    Like if everyone else who had math used PEMDAS instead of BODMAS

    BANANA LEGION 13 hours ago

    the planets were wrong

  • Glory My kids
    Glory My kids 13 hours ago

    Fresh I want to now how to win a dam victory

  • Chloe Mosqueira
    Chloe Mosqueira 13 hours ago

    How Muselk says "Pasta" is amazing

  • Fordo 17
    Fordo 17 14 hours ago

    Anyone else happy they used Tana instead of Marcus? Idk why but I don’t like him

  • Nerf Central
    Nerf Central 14 hours ago

    Never know I was almost smarter than all of click

    MONARCH 14 hours ago


  • NightmareGaming
    NightmareGaming 14 hours ago

    Lannan deserves more support he’s a great man AND he made up dumb shit science!

  • Adventures_With_Bros
    Adventures_With_Bros 14 hours ago

    6:02 wtf is that laugh Elliot

  • Wolfen Heart0
    Wolfen Heart0 14 hours ago

    4:54 Accurate

  • Galactic Kyle
    Galactic Kyle 15 hours ago

    Muselk is always in Lufus team

  • Siasi Feiloakitau
    Siasi Feiloakitau 15 hours ago

    Tanner married cray and cray f***ed her her face when he said that #tanner&cray❤️

  • Da_ pretdle
    Da_ pretdle 15 hours ago

    And His GLOVES

  • Da_ pretdle
    Da_ pretdle 15 hours ago


  • Plague Voidsツ
    Plague Voidsツ 16 hours ago

    Muselk: Can’t deadlift 250lbs My dad: Deadlifts 500 🤯

  • Conall Flanagan
    Conall Flanagan 16 hours ago

    Lazarbeam you are in TVclip rewind this year

  • Mouse
    Mouse 16 hours ago

    Cray was the only reason this video was great

  • Patrick Watson
    Patrick Watson 16 hours ago

    Why isn’t Marcus in any new videos???

  • SkyHades07
    SkyHades07 16 hours ago

    i didnt think lannan was gonna be the smatest but im glad he was not muselk

  • Kate Stephenson
    Kate Stephenson 16 hours ago

    What’s happend to math and Marcus

  • Mouse
    Mouse 16 hours ago

    Cray is by far the best looking

  • Kate Stephenson
    Kate Stephenson 16 hours ago

    Right what happend to Lachlan being in click though ???? I swear they said he was in ages ago and he hasn’t been in like any

  • Sydney Leston
    Sydney Leston 16 hours ago

    They look like boomers

  • Max Chung
    Max Chung 17 hours ago

    Do you think click is like offline tv but with Australia people and on offline tv it’s with asians

  • Jack DeBlasi
    Jack DeBlasi 17 hours ago

    Does anyone else think that Marcus is fat

  • Millie Lane
    Millie Lane 17 hours ago

    Why is kath not doing it

  • Mitchell Gunston
    Mitchell Gunston 17 hours ago

    Wouldn’t Lufu be in jail if she has killed someone

  • Dark Mystic 62
    Dark Mystic 62 17 hours ago

    Your only allowed to like this if you miss marcus

  • Raine Taniskishayinew
    Raine Taniskishayinew 17 hours ago

    do you guys or girls see the wall that says "we kick ass in here" half way throw the video

  • Gleb Winner YT
    Gleb Winner YT 18 hours ago

    IKR they are really nice i live canada so i would know i always join any hosted minecraft server

  • ITZ Sportzy
    ITZ Sportzy 18 hours ago

    Laban and lufu are so chillllllll

  • Shypie 199
    Shypie 199 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed muselk was staring at the wrong camera a the way through the start