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  • Tiggerbeast Lopez
    Tiggerbeast Lopez 3 minutes ago

    Shiit I only been a fan for 6 years

  • RaisiM1222
    RaisiM1222 3 minutes ago

    Lmao Chris all over again.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 minutes ago

    Welcome back to Sup, Super Mario Maker! Smash the like button too

  • Frying Panda
    Frying Panda 9 minutes ago

    10:33, WILLIAMS, wait who?

  • Mupocha brutus
    Mupocha brutus 9 minutes ago

    Wellcome back to sup super mario maker hope you grabbed snacks too

  • Ahmar Scott
    Ahmar Scott 17 minutes ago

    9:56 Damn dash you hit that note, with a vibrato too, nice, I don't know about after that though, you got it though dash with practice.

  • Alan's Plushie Bros
    Alan's Plushie Bros 17 minutes ago

    First thing I see in the video is eat shit in die in the wall

  • The Adventure let's play
    The Adventure let's play 19 minutes ago

    Welcome back to sup, super mario maker, and its version 2

  • Erick Ramos
    Erick Ramos 23 minutes ago

    What the hell dashie today is Friday the 13 you Are supposed to play that

  • Ronnie Beats
    Ronnie Beats 24 minutes ago

    Seeing dashie shirt realizing that’s what CD stands for

  • Chika From Wii Sports
    Chika From Wii Sports 28 minutes ago

    0:31 “lemme take u back To 2006teff”

    BiGCHiLDSUPPORT 29 minutes ago

    dashie where the skits at

  • Supernightcode
    Supernightcode 30 minutes ago

    Song-(“Welcome back to sup- super Mario maker how do u do 2”)

  • CorruptedWolf
    CorruptedWolf 30 minutes ago

    Who is Tina and Lori

  • Dumb shit Science
    Dumb shit Science 32 minutes ago

    Welcome back to sup. Super mario maker i take w here 2

  • Weintral Cureton
    Weintral Cureton 36 minutes ago

    Thrreep take a bath use soap,make sure u put on deodorant,put on some nice clothes,now ima take u on a date

  • Silver Lime
    Silver Lime 37 minutes ago

    Im sure this had been posted before but,, doesn't dashie kinda look like Ricardo?

    MISS DANGER 41 minute ago

    more storytimes with dashie would be so dope 😂🧡

  • hyde ROBERT
    hyde ROBERT 42 minutes ago


  • ghost
    ghost 43 minutes ago

    dashie screaming when his mic was muted made me lose it yall 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 45 minutes ago


  • Aharonm Richardson
    Aharonm Richardson 50 minutes ago

    Is it funny that my captions saying Da Cheese instead of Dashie?

  • Its Void
    Its Void 55 minutes ago

    Yo he said wario and wario here 10:39

  • Leon S.Kennedy
    Leon S.Kennedy 56 minutes ago

    23:23 i almost piss in my pants!! Omg 😂

  • starshine 21
    starshine 21 56 minutes ago

    I'm dead his reaction when he said I cheated on my boyfriend with his dad 🤣

  • CocoRice -
    CocoRice - 58 minutes ago

    4:47 Dashie should freestyle off dat beat🔥

  • Savage_juice_box
    Savage_juice_box 59 minutes ago


  • Savage_juice_box


  • Tom Mccarthy
    Tom Mccarthy Hour ago

    Welcome back to Supe Super Mario maker Hitler hates the jew

  • Tom Mccarthy
    Tom Mccarthy Hour ago

    Welcome back to supe super Mario maker, its all for peach’s puh

  • Tom Mccarthy
    Tom Mccarthy Hour ago

    Dashie 2019-“is there only one L in Tunnel”

  • snake lord 777
    snake lord 777 Hour ago

    I remember getting this when it came out, loved it. ( I'm 19 now )

  • Sosa Mikey
    Sosa Mikey Hour ago


  • Edwin Hulitt
    Edwin Hulitt Hour ago

    That profanity

  • Garra Xansainty
    Garra Xansainty Hour ago

    Welcome back to sup.. super Mario maker you said 2 2 soon

  • Wave Gang
    Wave Gang Hour ago

    "Welcome back to Soop--- super Mario maker.... high blood pressure 2"💀

  • Juliantheboss1
    Juliantheboss1 Hour ago

    Welcome back to soup super Mario maker 1 sike it’s 2

  • Bettle J
    Bettle J Hour ago

    13:20 life advice

  • Kenny Bob
    Kenny Bob Hour ago


  • Finally Loved
    Finally Loved Hour ago

    THREEP quick go to the future and steal fit dashie's stapler CONGRATULATIONS you just Played Yourself

  • KaylaCannot
    KaylaCannot Hour ago

    My birthday was Friday sep 13. And it was a full moon

  • Jason Watson
    Jason Watson Hour ago

    Come back to soup maker eat that pussy no pause

  • White Flash of the Leaf

    Play this again for real for real

  • Shameyre Sparrow

    i think dashie going to win at gang beasts or runJDrun win at gang beasts

  • Weintral Cureton

    Welcome back to sup, super Mario maker, next time more than 2

  • Super Luigi Odyssey

    Daaaaam u good 12:19

  • jakes plush kingdom

    Hammer bro is my faveroute chariter in this game

  • Love Kvlt
    Love Kvlt Hour ago

    Yo Dashie is the best editor ever!!!

  • purpleman
    purpleman Hour ago

    when you nut and she keeps sucking 34:37

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera Hour ago

    I always give you thumbs up bro cuz i love your content FR!! Keep doing your thing my boyyyy!!!! 🔥

  • August Solheim
    August Solheim Hour ago

    Dashie plays a lot of trash levels. Hope he plays some good ones soon...

  • lina Ilhamy
    lina Ilhamy Hour ago

    Hye dashie i just wanna ask, about the last part, can u grab the tikkie bom n go to the door and left the boom to blow up the brick ?

  • We Sip Tea
    We Sip Tea Hour ago

    11:40 - 11:50 : little siblings when they see you have snacks and candy.

  • Pokemanking12
    Pokemanking12 Hour ago

    ur editing off the charts

  • Thomasina Wilson

    Threep take your tooth paint it blue now you have a bluetooth

  • Meme MACHINE_08
    Meme MACHINE_08 Hour ago

    Welcome back to sup super mario maker i take the L for you

  • SuperMonkeyBros
    SuperMonkeyBros 2 hours ago

    The other game I think was “3am At The KrustyCrab”

    WATER MELON 2 hours ago

    She got a boy friend s

  • Nano Sings,Draws and,Vlogs.

    "Welcome back to sup, Super Mario Maker, forget you too."

  • Jose Blanco
    Jose Blanco 2 hours ago

    I think Dashie had a third ex? What was her name? Patricia. *Triple shits dom*

  • JerQuan vlogs
    JerQuan vlogs 2 hours ago

    "Welcome back to sup- Super Mario Maker here is Tina"

  • Xenic
    Xenic 2 hours ago

    THREEP *Dash inside a buffet. Ask the waiter for some puh, congratulations you now have dashie*

  • pat
    pat 2 hours ago


  • Xenic
    Xenic 2 hours ago

    Welcome back to sup - super mario maker *peach wont give me puh* (Then complain off beat)

  • corvs
    corvs 2 hours ago

    17:18 y’all hear him say “shouldn’t you be collecting food stamps or something?” i’m done

  • Dis Dude 87
    Dis Dude 87 2 hours ago

    Welcome back to sup, super Mario maker, wario thicc too

  • Madeline Jacobsen
    Madeline Jacobsen 2 hours ago


  • Jae_cook_ em
    Jae_cook_ em 2 hours ago


  • ElectricNippleSalesman ___

    Good vid my dude

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    My boi salty

  • gamingwhat Eman
    gamingwhat Eman 2 hours ago

    that video made me pass out

    GECKO 2 hours ago

    You grippin' that controller too tight, mah boi

  • Dario Brizuela
    Dario Brizuela 2 hours ago

    How do we get a dashie plush. 😂 he cold 🥶

  • Javier Garcia Serna
    Javier Garcia Serna 2 hours ago

    that crap gives me chills that was kind scray

  • DavidTG
    DavidTG 2 hours ago

    i raged in the second round wt# was that sh*# omg DX XD

  • Pratigya Berwal
    Pratigya Berwal 2 hours ago

    Scarfy laughing at all Dashie's jokes is so cute ❤️

  • Trilliamog Dlocog
    Trilliamog Dlocog 2 hours ago

    NEXT THE SHIT If you feel you have to my boi...just NEXT it!!!!

  • Tiffany Mitchell
    Tiffany Mitchell 2 hours ago

    Wel-come-back-To-sup- super Mario maker- here-we-go-again

  • Daniel Stevenson
    Daniel Stevenson 2 hours ago

    4:42 Dashie screams Satins minions

  • Crows
    Crows 2 hours ago


  • MarkyGames
    MarkyGames 2 hours ago

    Threep!!! Grab a banana, pell it, eat it! Congratulations!!! You are now full of Puh-tassium *PAUSE*

  • Dion Phagoof
    Dion Phagoof 2 hours ago

    It's my PUH and I need it now! Call J. G. Diughworth, 877-PUH-NOWW!

  • Nintendo
    Nintendo 2 hours ago

    Kakashi: “Naruto what is that shit on your face” Naruto: “what is wrong with you people. I was born with this shit i had it my whole life.”

  • gabieisthebomb3
    gabieisthebomb3 2 hours ago

    Man Dashie called it that grandpa would get him when he got the weapon key lmao!

  • Sonic Fan 829
    Sonic Fan 829 2 hours ago

    Welcome back! To soup super Mario maker this is number 2!

  • Sausage boi 536
    Sausage boi 536 2 hours ago

    Air flowing Dashie who was in the studio?!?!?!?!?!

  • Liger Sensei
    Liger Sensei 2 hours ago

    Don't die dashie, live for Link!

  • thatnnja
    thatnnja 2 hours ago

    Can’t even lie I preferred the camera microphone

  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams 3 hours ago

    Lmao. You really could have beaten the 2nd level.

  • Deadly 091
    Deadly 091 3 hours ago

    More Wario land shake it

  • Tellz
    Tellz 3 hours ago

    Only OG fans know those bells where from the game “Emily wants to play” in the intro

  • Spacer Noob
    Spacer Noob 3 hours ago

    Dashing were is cory

  • Spacer Noob
    Spacer Noob 3 hours ago


  • Sactown_cm 15
    Sactown_cm 15 3 hours ago

    Dashie play granny 2

  • Arjun Khakh
    Arjun Khakh 3 hours ago

    Who’s watching 6 months later because they want dashie to complete the game 100% Who else has fully completed the game 100% as well btw?

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega 3 hours ago

    Be toadette

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega 3 hours ago

    Be toadette

  • Arjun Khakh
    Arjun Khakh 3 hours ago

    Please keep making these series Why you stop man? DACHIE! 🤣😂😂

  • Milay Anime
    Milay Anime 3 hours ago

    Can somebody please animate the stapler story

  • SuperninjaYTbro
    SuperninjaYTbro 3 hours ago

    My eyes