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Im Leaving.
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Let's Talk | REKT Update
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Save The Person Challenge!
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Chainsaw Bowling Challenge!
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What's On My Face Challenge!
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Free Your Weapon Challenge!
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DON'T Get Caught Challenge!
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GIANT Spear Kebab Challenge!
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$5 vs $100 Sword Challenge!
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Find Your Weapon Challenge!
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  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 2 hours ago

    Gunner: you literally can’t see it Me: **sees it**

  • Anonymous Incognito
    Anonymous Incognito 2 hours ago


  • Carter Rosas
    Carter Rosas 6 hours ago

    Did Mitchell leave

  • Lucas the Pikachu trainer

    one like on this comment means one like for birds with arm please science we need these

  • nicole reaves
    nicole reaves 8 hours ago

    rip rekt

  • nicole reaves
    nicole reaves 8 hours ago

    Wow... first I learned that Chester Bennington died, and now this...

  • aa kids Weinstein
    aa kids Weinstein 8 hours ago

    Something’s telling me I lost this footage

  • aa kids Weinstein
    aa kids Weinstein 8 hours ago


  • Buffy Sundstrom
    Buffy Sundstrom 10 hours ago


  • Potato
    Potato 14 hours ago

    K bye

  • Lucas Roberge
    Lucas Roberge 15 hours ago

    100% gunner

  • TestingSubject
    TestingSubject 19 hours ago

    Though you guys were sitting on a couch. Then realized you weren't. :P :D :)

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy Day ago

    Anyone else have sand in their eye

  • Misty Mink
    Misty Mink Day ago

    RIP recket

  • Abigail Jeong
    Abigail Jeong Day ago

    The video is titled “I’m leaving.” And I got sad and thought that rekt wasn’t gonna be the same w/o him anymore and then got even sadder when he said that this was gonna be the last video rekt was gonna upload....

  • Wendy Garcia
    Wendy Garcia Day ago

    bye gunner look forward to new vids. : _(

  • Jordon Park
    Jordon Park Day ago

    Wearing a mask that doesnt protect you from chemical fumes 👍

  • Junior Ulberg
    Junior Ulberg Day ago

    Woods:(runs to find Gunner) "I heard you were letting people punch you!" Everyone else: Same...

  • rayna lagge
    rayna lagge Day ago

    Was this filmed on the day that does it nope did the animal products

  • rayna lagge
    rayna lagge Day ago

    You should have put weights on the word so it would do a better shape

  • Kees Vangerven

    Down bellow

  • CM M
    CM M Day ago

    Gunner would've done better than Patrick, kid had no swing lol

  • aa kids Weinstein

    Who else came from dope or nope

  • MasterXChief05

    What’s your channel name

  • Tanner Larson
    Tanner Larson Day ago

    I’m sad but I understand why...

  • MasterXChief05

    I’m sad now

  • Karla Loya
    Karla Loya Day ago

    it is Gunner

  • Karla Loya
    Karla Loya Day ago

    mafia is patrick

  • Fatima Essaid
    Fatima Essaid Day ago

    Saw 3d object edition

  • MagicMineX
    MagicMineX Day ago

    Yea see so that's gonna be a big nope for me

  • Junior Ulberg
    Junior Ulberg Day ago

    I watched the video that Pat should stay behind the camera right before this video lol...

  • Rachel DeBord
    Rachel DeBord Day ago


  • Rachel DeBord
    Rachel DeBord Day ago


  • Sonette Van Dyk

    we love you

  • Rhiannon Watt
    Rhiannon Watt 2 days ago

    Hey I’m the other kid gangsta pigs cousin u ugly

  • Rhoy De Ocampo
    Rhoy De Ocampo 2 days ago

    Round 2 is chad

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 2 days ago

    This video is not up for sale these weapons are for trained (goofy) pros

  • Kayla Peebles
    Kayla Peebles 2 days ago

    The paper sword isn’t trash it’s recyclable I’ll go home 😂

  • Darkmere
    Darkmere 2 days ago

    Wanna give me her number, no there's another babe in that garage.

  • The crazy Theorist
    The crazy Theorist 2 days ago

    Its sad that this channel didn't last longer than a year

  • Joshua Epperson
    Joshua Epperson 2 days ago

    I love the idea, but next time please leave out the containers the food is in. That way everyone can be forced to drink it when done or whoever complains the most in the video (Conner)!!! LMAO

  • Joshua Parker
    Joshua Parker 2 days ago

    Gunner has always been amazing on every channel he has ever been on and im happy hes following his heart and doing what he thinks is right. Gonna miss you Gunner

  • sweat_domination
    sweat_domination 2 days ago

    The sad music doesn’t help..

  • _ Izumy
    _ Izumy 2 days ago

    I SMELL PENNYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chiron Crabb
    Chiron Crabb 2 days ago

    Reply if you get the stranger things reference. 😹😂😂😂

  • aprende geografia con este tio

    Saw bfdi edition

  • Wite thunder
    Wite thunder 2 days ago

    Okay miss you to see you and your next channel by R.I.P. REKT😣😢😭

  • The Crazy Channel
    The Crazy Channel 2 days ago

    Hello friend ... do you want us to grow together on youtube? activate the COMMUNITY tab and share my videos on it. I will share yours in my community. That way we will share subscribers. Regards my friend

  • vidzkilla88
    vidzkilla88 2 days ago

    0:29 gunner pointing with middle finger

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 3 days ago

    They always fight with each other like children. Nobody wants to see ya'll bickering like spoiled brats.

  • alex is bored
    alex is bored 3 days ago

    Who else is sad


    #conner for life

  • Kriti Rai
    Kriti Rai 3 days ago

    Dop or Nop

  • Holly Davis
    Holly Davis 3 days ago

    Not like Connor get Tanner back on set

  • Cynthia Guzman
    Cynthia Guzman 3 days ago

    iy fele sad

  • Joey Kylo
    Joey Kylo 3 days ago

    I feel so bad for you 1 like = 1 ❤

  • Sammie Simmers
    Sammie Simmers 3 days ago


  • Darth Zayder X
    Darth Zayder X 3 days ago

    God I miss Rekt...

  • BB BB
    BB BB 3 days ago

    I freaked cried a little but

  • matt petsch
    matt petsch 3 days ago

    That my girl 😍

  • Pyro Smoak
    Pyro Smoak 4 days ago

    Pat as Elsa omg🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 How did Pat not hear Woods say electricity??😂 How did Connor not hear Gunner say chess??😂

    AK47 KUSSSHH 4 days ago

    Do they gain more velocity frozen compared to non frozen paintballs?

  • Felix Tape
    Felix Tape 4 days ago

    1:57 Man started tearing up and so did I

  • Nolan Krupp
    Nolan Krupp 4 days ago

    Tanner said”I don’t understand sour bucks Coulter

  • a Google user p
    a Google user p 4 days ago

    I don know y I like these idiots but I do. And mint chocolate chip

  • The Spy149
    The Spy149 4 days ago

    Grammerly ad about guy and aninene had woohoo in elevator 😳

  • EziosBladez
    EziosBladez 4 days ago

    Another Hi5 studio/Channel... dead.

  • Aiden Mercer
    Aiden Mercer 4 days ago

    It's so weird how a magnetic field looks a lot like a bunch of fishing hooks

  • 이종현
    이종현 4 days ago


  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 4 days ago

    Should’ve used carbon fiber strong as diamonds

  • rehan destiny
    rehan destiny 4 days ago

    i get it you are leaving

  • Penny Rude
    Penny Rude 4 days ago


  • Jordan Meiners
    Jordan Meiners 5 days ago

    matthais at 4:01 XD

  • Bobby and coolgirl play roblox

    Were you fired?

  • One Pup
    One Pup 5 days ago

    Pew pew Then Connor turns around Peeeeewwwwwww ..... Woods turn pew pew I’m overwhelmed

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith 5 days ago

    What can I Just say Woods’s hammer was covered in more form and shrink wrapped in plastic and gunners and connors just had a trash bag on them

  • Brian Price
    Brian Price 6 days ago

    #bring back rekt

  • Aniqanubis
    Aniqanubis 6 days ago

    I’m still waiting for the ‘it was a prank’ video😭

  • Creepy Killer
    Creepy Killer 6 days ago

    Could have used resin to hold the paper sword together and made Micarta. Probably would have worked better

  • a Google user p
    a Google user p 6 days ago

    The harmonica sounds like the dont starve soundtrack

  • JAF DJ roblox
    JAF DJ roblox 6 days ago


  • crazzer005
    crazzer005 6 days ago

    Me: sees intro and hears something break Also me: so what broke, the watermelon or the weapon?

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith 6 days ago

    I’m watching this again and I still teared up


    Cup of noodles says don't microwave but I microwaved any one else and tanner is awesome

  • Joe Giuliano
    Joe Giuliano 6 days ago

    @ 4:13 "Transition"

  • Ruan Brand
    Ruan Brand 6 days ago

    Love rekt

  • A.J O'Sullivan
    A.J O'Sullivan 6 days ago

    Bye gunner your really amazing

  • Simon effect
    Simon effect 6 days ago

    I hate my life

  • Dragon Ball
    Dragon Ball 7 days ago

    Are you guys still going to post videos?

  • Wish eevee
    Wish eevee 7 days ago

    Sad that thsi channle no more but woods was best out of the show he aways made me laugh

  • Matthew Neri
    Matthew Neri 7 days ago

    i loved rekt it was so funny and everyone there just seemed liked they were just so happy i gunna miss you gunner,pat,woods,taner and all the other members you guys are amazing RIP rekt 😭😢☠️

  • aa kids Weinstein
    aa kids Weinstein 7 days ago

    You should do a build your weapon out of storage unit stuff

  • Inazuma Shirogane
    Inazuma Shirogane 7 days ago

    RIP Rekt... you will be missed

  • Walter Brooklyn t guy

    1:26 the chicken threw a massive burp

  • Walter Brooklyn t guy

    6:18 gunner throws up a burp

  • Walter Brooklyn t guy

    6:24 gunner throws up a burp

  • Kris Babetski
    Kris Babetski 7 days ago


  • silent cry
    silent cry 7 days ago

    Wood channels gone then this too~ too channels I watched the most with dope or nope and rozes channel

  • Rafael Bracamontes
    Rafael Bracamontes 8 days ago

    Lame video

  • The Theorist S
    The Theorist S 8 days ago

    Gunner is “SUCH A CHEATER BRO”