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  • Paul Madariaga
    Paul Madariaga 7 hours ago


  • Jenny Titus
    Jenny Titus 7 hours ago

    1:41 BABY oil?? Oh my!

  • Steven Ayala - EAR Ayala

    “There was a lot of things on my plate.” We believe you Andy, your physical showed us.

  • Good Life
    Good Life 7 hours ago

    Great job Rabio Raheem

  • bennyv03
    bennyv03 7 hours ago

    I watched their fight last night and it looked like Charlo won really easy. Gave Harrison 3 rounds maybe..

  • fernando grecequet
    fernando grecequet 7 hours ago

    I like Crawford but he needs to get rid of this man, because I truly believe he can compete with anyone pound for pound and make real Money before it's too late.

    JOE BLOW 7 hours ago

    All you boxing experts. You know “Errol’s face,Porter got robbed.” Go ahead and watch that left hand with 45 seconds left in round 11. Anybody see Spence touch the mat in that fight? Now go watch the fight again and count the body shots Spence landed. Yeah they count just like head shots. The judge that had it 115 112 for Porter WITH the knockdown must be related to him. And yeah Spence caught him below the belt but that’s because the shorter boxer was holding the taller boxer’s head down because the body work was hurting him. Old school. Hold his head down and get some low blows,get warnings or a point so he stops hurting you. Yeah boxing experts,ask Shawn if there was red in the toilet. Spence will box him and knock him out in a rematch. Money

  • Boxing Critic
    Boxing Critic 8 hours ago

    SUBSCRIBE to my channel family ✌✌

  • Alex garcia
    Alex garcia 8 hours ago

    At this level if the fighter isnt listening to the coach on basic disciplinary matters I would refuse to train the fighter. That's what would have been best for Ruiz

  • ReturnZ
    ReturnZ 8 hours ago

    Who else had their phone held next to their ear at least once throughout this video

  • TheXoxarkangelxox
    TheXoxarkangelxox 8 hours ago

    At least he’s admitting to his f up most of people don’t have the huevos for this . Is not like we didn’t see it coming . Poor kid from night to day becomes heavyweight of the world . He’s def gonna blow off steam and spent some cash and party . He’s young , Latino and the champ . Props to you Champ , train better and concentrate if you get a third fight .

    • bofursgun
      bofursgun 7 hours ago

      TheXoxarkangelxox "He’s young , Latino and the champ", you say when referring to the obese ruiz Wrong on all counts. At the age of 30, this is not exactly young for boxing. And no - he's not the champ. He got beaten fair and square by the superior boxer, Joshua. Did you miss this fight? And do you have anymore excuses for this fat joke who is a disgrace to the sport of boxing and a one hit wonder who got lucky?? *LOL!* His 15 minutes of fame are up. Sorry to spoil your fantasies with facts:)

  • 1 9
    1 9 8 hours ago

    The second coming of Bruno lol

  • Vito Anderson
    Vito Anderson 8 hours ago

    I like wilder 😆

  • Vito Anderson
    Vito Anderson 8 hours ago

    Joshua vs wilder anyone?

  • Dmitriy Pak
    Dmitriy Pak 8 hours ago

    Lopez will knock Commey fuck out

    LUIS COLON 8 hours ago

    The first thing Bob talked about is Lomachenko not Bud

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 7 hours ago

      Sometimes you save the best for last.

  • Tupac Amaru Shakur Poetry

    Get back to school fat boy!!!

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt 8 hours ago

    Why are you screaming?

  • Jus Beeb
    Jus Beeb 8 hours ago

    Great sportsman, much respect

  • Yaseen Ismail
    Yaseen Ismail 8 hours ago

    Aj you were in the blessed lands of Saudi Arabia Regardless of where you fought... you were blessed by the all MIGHTY

  • Antonio Sanchez
    Antonio Sanchez 8 hours ago

    His opponent felt his bicep at the end of faceoff, this guy will be tough Saturday night, but Bud outboxes him

  • jay
    jay 9 hours ago

    Lol is jermell Charlie a boood or something

  • Gibraltar Gibra
    Gibraltar Gibra 9 hours ago

    Feel bad for Ruiz he had more skills than Joshua but "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" . Let's see the third fight🥊

  • Lee Westlake
    Lee Westlake 9 hours ago

    Michael, you were slick, fast and unnaturally strong, but you caught an unlucky one square under the chin and the rest is history. You would have made a great champ - perhaps in another life.

  • What the Flip TV
    What the Flip TV 9 hours ago

    "There is no fucking way he wins the second time tho."

  • KxNE
    KxNE 9 hours ago

    I don't think AJ believes he's reached his prime. He knows fury and wilder are masters at the sport so if I was him I'd want to fight them when I feel in my prime. He's said it before that he still feels young to the sport and has more to learn. But as he gets older they get older so I think he needs to hurry up

  • Berto Zepol
    Berto Zepol 9 hours ago

    Yahawa is the lords name

  • Berto Zepol
    Berto Zepol 9 hours ago

    Joshua is not black like black Americans. Also Mohamed Ali and Joshua not the same peoples

  • marc walsh
    marc walsh 9 hours ago

    I’m not being funny why does the fact he was Mexicans first heavyweight champ,excuse he aint good enough too beat elite class twice,he ain’t good enough for a trilogy fact,I carnt stand listening too him period sorry fans,he a waiste man

  • Berto Zepol
    Berto Zepol 9 hours ago

    There not the same blacks

  • RumbleYoungMan Rumble

    Harrison’s voice tone annoying as hell. Sounds like an old man

  • Hg Wg
    Hg Wg 9 hours ago

    There th th th th th th th th th th th th th there the future. 😁 Og Bruno 💪🏾💪🏾

  • ZacFisher
    ZacFisher 9 hours ago

    Usyk vs Canelo who wins¿

  • Demetrice Wright
    Demetrice Wright 9 hours ago

    Clown no back of the head punches

  • Blake Mello
    Blake Mello 9 hours ago

    Mean Machine 2x Olympian...21 wins - 17 of which are KO's. No losses. Guy is a problem for anyone...super compact, strong, and really digs into his punches. If Crawford can get rocked by Gamboa this guy can certainly do the same. 300+ amateur fights... he is managed by same stable Loma and Usyk are in. People comparing this guy to Jeff Horn don't know boxing....this guy is highly skilled. Just looking at their builds it is clear Crawford won't be the stronger man, but he could be the more skilled. Will be awesome fight...Machine already said he is just going to bum rush Crawford and go for KO...make it a phone booth fight. Will Crawford have the power to keep the guy off him? Also, everyone acts like Crawford doesn't get his fights he gets flushed against plenty of fighters and will leave himself open at times. Lets see if he can take a flush power punch from this guy....will be awesome fight!

  • Shano Gixxer
    Shano Gixxer 9 hours ago

    He doesnt want a 3rd against Ruiz, he will loose again. Fight one he got knocked the fuck out. He coudnt hurt Ruiz.

  • Sean Oxborough
    Sean Oxborough 9 hours ago

    Forgotten about this , lol, he didn't quit, he didn't wank online, didn't accuse Joshua of shagging wife lol, oh yeah didn't fight brook

  • John Davies
    John Davies 9 hours ago

    You aint getting no re-match talking that talk. Thought this guy was legit as well all he can say is i won one he won one

  • Baphomet Satan
    Baphomet Satan 9 hours ago

    Fuck this pork👊👎🐷

  • CloudStrife
    CloudStrife 9 hours ago

    AJ you got knocked the fuck out by fat boy stfu. You got exposed


    Throw him in wil Dillon whyte

  • ready 2fly
    ready 2fly 9 hours ago

    Everybody was calling Abel Sanchez a hater but exactly what he said came out true...

  • Gunter Vogler
    Gunter Vogler 10 hours ago

    OMG & this amateurs talking about fight with LOMA, are u seriously ? give me a break )

  • Dan kny
    Dan kny 10 hours ago

    His voice when slowed down can create suspense especially in a movie.

  • Negan
    Negan 10 hours ago

    He would get schooled by AJ amd fury he's got no experience I've seen him fight a few times though he's definitely a upcoming boxer to look out for

  • The Real Ricky P
    The Real Ricky P 10 hours ago

    Bud late stoppage🔥🔥🔥

  • Andy Knight
    Andy Knight 10 hours ago

    TOP BLOKE ... clever fella too.

  • Henri M.A
    Henri M.A 10 hours ago

    Harrison said Charlo got "LITTLE MAN SYNDROME."

  • Monda Chewon
    Monda Chewon 10 hours ago

    Eddie Hearns tongue is right up his as hole

  • Rene Brito
    Rene Brito 10 hours ago

    If charlo lose again he gonna cry again 😂

  • Cedrick Alexander Fitness

    Kudos to Andy Ruiz Jr for taking ownership over his shortcomings. No excuses. He didn’t prepare himself as well as he should, but that doesn’t take away from the fact he’s a damn good fighter. He’s a game opponent, dangerous and for anyone willing to trade with him in the center of the ring, he’d be a problem.

  • Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol

    Oh we’re gonna miss chisora and dillian when they retire !!

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 10 hours ago

    Dubois is just as trash as Joshua. 2 robots

  • Lil Tick
    Lil Tick 10 hours ago

    Trad a gies

    THOMAS STEVENS 10 hours ago

    Let's Go Champ

  • EL Rey valencia
    EL Rey valencia 10 hours ago

    acepto las disculpas que le pides a tu publico pero tienes que demostrar que eres el campion del mundo una vez mas para k mexico tenga todo tu apoyo solo en veces se tiene una oportunida en el mundo tu tienes dos demuetranos de que estan echos los mexicanos y te podremos en un altar

  • shevah sheppard
    shevah sheppard 10 hours ago

    Forget a trilogy fight the boogey man Ortiz that would be a great one

  • realnesx
    realnesx 10 hours ago

    Waste man your a grown man. Your coaches told you but you didn't listen. You could of done so much more. The next fight should be called no excuse. AJ had he's issues before first Ruiz fight Ruiz partied and didn't train properly so perfect headline no excuses

  • Ashes Vids
    Ashes Vids 10 hours ago

    When they started to argue with each other it sounded like people at my school with beef fam 😂😂

  • llneonwilson
    llneonwilson 10 hours ago

    Manny fight Crawford. U bum. Now. Stop hiding. Start fighting.

  • R8ZE_Logester 68
    R8ZE_Logester 68 10 hours ago

    Let’s go champ Yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Premier productions Liverpool

    This man is just as much a legend as AJ himself

  • hobnob1979
    hobnob1979 10 hours ago

    TOO LATE!!!

  • lol lol
    lol lol 10 hours ago

    Hes so boring

    PLEASANTGIFFT 10 hours ago

    Joshua last fight reminds me of Mohammed Ali.

  • CRB
    CRB 11 hours ago

    The human rights over there are atrocious but these guys would walk pass a kid getting raped for a bag of $ because this is their 1st time they’ve touched real $ & at 40 years old. Smh

  • CRB
    CRB 11 hours ago

    “Report things the way they suppose to be reported” mean while he engages in journalistic payola w/eddie Hearn & matchroom. What a joke

  • mabood1212
    mabood1212 11 hours ago

    Compare this with Ali's statement after he came back from Africa: "Thank God my grandpappy got on that boat!" Ali was 100% correct...and an infinitely better fighter than Wilder btw.

  • Shane Stewart
    Shane Stewart 11 hours ago

    Even the women are all bigger than Floyd.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 11 hours ago

    This chick is a very good moderater respect!

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 7 hours ago

      Yes, smooth did her homework professional!

  • Lenny Marcus
    Lenny Marcus 11 hours ago

    Love big daddy bunce

  • Harvey P
    Harvey P 11 hours ago

    Your win over AJ was way better than AJ's over you Andy

  • Ugwumsinachi Ofoegbu
    Ugwumsinachi Ofoegbu 11 hours ago

    No velocity I mean no volume

  • Marshall L Smith
    Marshall L Smith 11 hours ago

    (Radio Raheem) Andy Ruiz was born in this country, not Mexico.

  • 1lovetiger
    1lovetiger 11 hours ago

    He is dedicated showed respect to boxing and he deserved to be a champion. Great respect for AJ he proved himself as a real warrior

  • Hamdan
    Hamdan 11 hours ago

    🤔🤔 Well, we don’t know what he’s talking about, us living in the other part of the world, other countries are also available. But Radio Rahim was not scared , respect ✊🏽 big man ting

  • Kristian YaKa_NatioN
    Kristian YaKa_NatioN 11 hours ago

    If anyone remember, I watched a video of boxing talk with Ade, he refused to do an interview with Ade, saying he doesn't do interviewed. Kind made him look like D**** but here we are. 🤷🏾‍♂️. Good guy from what I see, but incident wasn't a good look radio.

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling 11 hours ago

    Made me tickle guys good sports

  • afshin dehcordie
    afshin dehcordie 11 hours ago

    Get lost idiot

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 11 hours ago

    If you eva face wilder you beat him

  • leopldo alvarez
    leopldo alvarez 11 hours ago

    yes you did but recall how many times you fall to the floor in the 1st fight looking around and thinking oh god this is it i never step in the ring again 😅

  • 1lovetiger
    1lovetiger 11 hours ago

    Anthony J did not make excuses after he lost.he went and worked his butt off and proved himself as a true warrior . I liked Andy but he didt give any respect to boxing. No discipline at all. He makes 20 of excuses and he said there is no excuse. The real warriors accepts their defeats and go for the next journey of their victories. Brave man no excuses but humbled.

  • Hamdan
    Hamdan 11 hours ago

    seconds out round 1 🔔 🔔 With all due respect to every TVclip boxing channels, Radio Rahim is only one who’s not scared to ask questions. Radio Rahim

  • Big Boss FA
    Big Boss FA 11 hours ago

    Tyson fury?

  • Schmuck
    Schmuck 11 hours ago

    I really wanted someone to just creep up behind logan and freaking shoot him

  • Info 809
    Info 809 11 hours ago

    He is already an all time great. He does not have to fight.

  • Maria Dejesus
    Maria Dejesus 11 hours ago

    Ok Mr. Man Floyd so fight Spencer.

  • Gio Mz
    Gio Mz 11 hours ago

    Real Pussy champ!!!!Run faster than Usain Bolt😂🤣

  • James douglas
    James douglas 11 hours ago

    Radiooo Rahim

  • jjsiegal
    jjsiegal 11 hours ago

    No Problem Andy. Just come back and beat some other opponents and then Joshua 3

  • Ramon Barbosa
    Ramon Barbosa 12 hours ago

    Nope! You are not getting another shot at the title. You went from hero to a big fat zero!

  • Jason Meza
    Jason Meza 12 hours ago

    Gtfo tony! Comparing that aaK performance to Ali's rumble in the jungle? 😆 ALI got the knockout! ALI was scared of Foerman at times in that fight but he fought back bravely showing heart and knocked out Foreman. AJ was scared all night vs Ruiz and ran. Then smiled and stuck his tounge out at Ruiz like he was beating him up. 😆 AJ full of bs.

  • Mike Yaraghi
    Mike Yaraghi 12 hours ago

    Well there you have it everyone, KSI DID NOT score a knockdown.

  • DOE John
    DOE John 12 hours ago

    Bum of the month tomato 🍅 can

  • Boom
    Boom 12 hours ago

    Radio Rahim drops fire freestyle on SiriusXM

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 12 hours ago

    Idgaf but Ruiz put that foo to sleep he couldn’t even knock him smh lol fuck all y’all shit talkers

  • Rolando Mota
    Rolando Mota 12 hours ago

    Excuses are like assholes every one has one.. nobody want to see a 3rd fight bro.. hit the gym tuffff loose weight

  • mightycelt
    mightycelt 12 hours ago

    TVclip Christian prince brothers

  • Chris Thornburn
    Chris Thornburn 12 hours ago

    tyson what a plonker

  • S Chaudhry
    S Chaudhry 12 hours ago

    Big respect to Anthony for showing respect to Islam. Really taken a liking to him and how he's handled himself since the June loss and now this amazing Win.