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  • Mehmet KISAKOL
    Mehmet KISAKOL 10 seconds ago

    132 milyon izlenmiş . Alt yazılı olsa bizim Türkler keşfetse 1 milyar olur bu kavgayı severiz 😂

  • Sylvie
    Sylvie 4 minutes ago

    No one: Niall: AAAAAAAAAAA

  • Aparicio Azeves
    Aparicio Azeves 30 minutes ago

    Que belleza

  • Claudiane Monteiro
    Claudiane Monteiro 31 minute ago

    Não entendi nada

  • Nerina Romero
    Nerina Romero 39 minutes ago

    Alguien esta aca para llorar?ahre

  • Freda Jordan
    Freda Jordan 56 minutes ago

    Wow, woooow, This Lady is just as good as Dusty. A very extraordinary Lady with a great voice.

  • Feridun Boyar
    Feridun Boyar 57 minutes ago

    A dream come true for that boy.....the same intro like GM and EJ...... i whish i was there on that stage

  • david webb
    david webb Hour ago

    read it ''max payne''.. need to replay that gem.

  • Christine Dennison
    Christine Dennison 2 hours ago

    Great version

  • ItsMeBeth
    ItsMeBeth 3 hours ago


  • Benedict Rodrigues
    Benedict Rodrigues 3 hours ago

    Tbh I don't know who she is too

  • Nurse Terra
    Nurse Terra 4 hours ago

    I still don't know who that judge is, so Lisa had a valid question there 🤷 but they were both very annoying. Abby went onto do some very questionable photos for the world to see 🙄

  • kss pqf
    kss pqf 5 hours ago

    Note how the lyrics of the background song say *I'm gonna start a fight* right when she proceeds to hit her face

  • Никита Звонок


  • Grade
    Grade 6 hours ago


  • Fabio Saccon
    Fabio Saccon 6 hours ago

    Gli ha rubato il panino, l'ha scoperta e si é incazzata !

  • 雑草
    雑草 7 hours ago


  • 5680 1389
    5680 1389 8 hours ago

    This is what inbreeding produces.

  • Khalid Jatta
    Khalid Jatta 9 hours ago

    A video of when it’s understandable to dislike

  • Kevin Godding
    Kevin Godding 11 hours ago

    So what happened for him after this is he still working in the bakery or did he become a lawyer 🤔

  • Pandji Nugraha
    Pandji Nugraha 11 hours ago


  • Anagrace Santos
    Anagrace Santos 12 hours ago

    ...and thats how it all started.lmfao

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar 12 hours ago

    Jajaja Despues salieron y comieron y felices de nuevo

  • Suho EXO
    Suho EXO 13 hours ago

    They look like an drug addict. 😂

  • Elle Jae
    Elle Jae 14 hours ago

    That was stunning. Loved it, Matt!!!

  • Chris Chrisnata
    Chris Chrisnata 15 hours ago

    "My sister is her cousin" Need to go back and forth through higher dimension, perhaps we'll get it.

  • Ursula Ann
    Ursula Ann 16 hours ago

    Cheryl u punched a toilet attendent in the face love...just as chavvy as them girls but a bit of fame makes her think she's special

  • Nathaniel Seth
    Nathaniel Seth 17 hours ago

    I thot he said like a silverblade

  • Anood Esa
    Anood Esa 18 hours ago

    وتذا ؟ 😭😭😭😭😭.

  • BeerChuggingGamer87
    BeerChuggingGamer87 20 hours ago

    Tone deaf I meant

  • BeerChuggingGamer87
    BeerChuggingGamer87 20 hours ago

    When people are gone deaf

  • Marlise Alengila
    Marlise Alengila 20 hours ago

    He can sing 🎤 I know how he feel I can’t dance until he did it he was so much confidence now

  • J.C
    J.C 20 hours ago

    she punches her at 5:01

  • Lorena Rigüela Aroca

    Que vergüenza de hombre.

  • Katie Wong
    Katie Wong 21 hour ago

    Do they have NO STAGE PRESENCE?!

  • Janine Mills
    Janine Mills 21 hour ago

    To see her grow from the audition to the final was a joy. Her voice is amazing.

  • Ksenia B
    Ksenia B 21 hour ago

    One of my favourite songs combined with the best boy bands ever. Makes me emotionally unstable every single time I watch this.

  • alaa Waleed
    alaa Waleed 22 hours ago

    اكو عرب بالطيارة 😂😂😂😂

  • Annie C
    Annie C 22 hours ago

    @ 2:55 - 2:56 Simon looked like he already knew their performance was going to turn out poorly... right from that very second.

  • Norma Kalchgruber
    Norma Kalchgruber 22 hours ago

    Great Joe!

  • Norma Kalchgruber
    Norma Kalchgruber 22 hours ago

    Much respect and admiration for George Michael and Joe McElderrly.

  • yaser adarbeh
    yaser adarbeh 23 hours ago

    ولا فهمت اي إشي من التعليقات😎😆

  • Microwave PRO
    Microwave PRO Day ago

    Why are they trying to male them dance on a singing show?

  • Michel van de Pol

    Simon cowell: how to make fun of retarded untalented idiots

  • Nothing Don't Mind me I Said Don't Mind me!

    What did they sing Tho? I Heard shaywong

  • Atomic flash
    Atomic flash Day ago

    What a loser

  • XANGEL 77
    XANGEL 77 Day ago

    Listen hier 🔥👇🏻

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol Day ago

    His dancing is pretty good though <3

  • Arvian Eka
    Arvian Eka Day ago

    Bahasa inggris e apik kok

  • muhamed555
    muhamed555 Day ago

    Why not Lisabby?

  • Tiahnee Macchio

    eesunt she lovely.

  • YAAEM9779
    YAAEM9779 Day ago

    His full name is : Michael believe it or not Lewis


    I love this guy omg!!!!! 😍🥰

  • biggs
    biggs Day ago

    Hilarious 😂

  • John Secret Spirit

    She's funny

  • Nestor Tupak Beteta

    "Zayn, when did you start thinking about the composition of Pillowtalk?" *Zayn links video*

  • Алина Крюк

    I really miss them🖤

  • Isabel Morinigo

    The look on Simon's face says it all.

  • Evies fun Channel

    Omg just stop talking and get on with it they’re embarrassing their selves

  • Evies fun Channel

    I dunnnnooo

  • Mar
    Mar Day ago

    This little boy wrote Watermelon Sugar wthell

  • Mar
    Mar Day ago

    My talented boiiii

  • Tiakitai Runanga

    Can't take criticism, can't sing and can't throw a punch

  • nor Damia
    nor Damia Day ago

    Bo bo you knot singing

  • ZeX
    ZeX Day ago

    Appy = IQ 73 Lisa = IQ 68 Mental retardation is clearly obvious on these two.

  • PlayerChef
    PlayerChef Day ago

    i dont understand this but nice reference from alabama

  • This is SPARTA

    She would have looked cute doing a Madonna song

  • yo yo
    yo yo Day ago

    They should have given Nial a bigger part I think he sounded the best when he sang.

  • Cipto Gunawan
    Cipto Gunawan Day ago

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  • natalie bierman

    What a voice- Wow🎵🎶♥️‼️

  • cash macgregor

    great voice, matt. and isn't sheryl cole stunningly beautiful?

  • gabe 25
    gabe 25 Day ago

    Pretty bad when you’re four years shy of 30 y/o and don’t know who you are.

  • Clara Elia
    Clara Elia Day ago

    Who says the girls act impolitely all the program, don’t realise that the audience started OUT OF NOWHERE booing when they were just explaining what they were doing there, and even when the one with striped shirt said kiddingly to stop laughing at her, everybody didn’t shut up in a minute, and this is stressful! This confusion should not exist, started because of the audience. The girls speak kinda impolite, that’s fact. But, I think the people from the audience should have done its part leaving the judges and the girls talk.. more love, less war. That’s my opinion

  • Twink Diamond
    Twink Diamond Day ago

    The original is better in my opinion. Not saying he isn't talented.

  • makiahy
    makiahy Day ago

    Here in 2020 still love this!

  • Salma Maqsudi
    Salma Maqsudi Day ago

    I'm Abby and I'm Lisa. And together... We're Abby and Lisa. *WELL THAT IS CREATIVE, ISN'T IT*

  • Paulina c:
    Paulina c: Day ago


    • Paulina c:
      Paulina c: 16 hours ago

      @felicity capstick Ikr, you're welcome ;)

    • felicity capstick
      felicity capstick Day ago

      thank you, i looked everywhere and i couldn't find them :'(

  • salioelsol
    salioelsol Day ago

    Everyone: minding their business waiting for the curly headed one to sing... Harry: *uURrRrrmm i WoRkkkkk in ahh BaKERRRry* I love this creature...

  • Tranisha Thomas

    Put a dunce cap on Louis, please! What was his problem? Harry can sing!

  • RihannaChristina

    Rihanna looked breathtaking!!!!!!!!! WHEW

  • chad anthony
    chad anthony Day ago

    Open Arms...woooohhhh I love it....

  • Young H
    Young H Day ago

    Baby girl was fed up 😭

  • Isabella Bello

    niall is just being happy and zayn is already considering leaving the band

  • ropriorp
    ropriorp Day ago

    My favourite part 1:47 omgg harry is so much funny HAHAHAHAHAHA an niall is soooooo muchhh cuuuteeeee

  • Lerato FunnyBunnyButNotReallyFunny

    Whoa now.... Zaaaaaayn

  • Lord Boros
    Lord Boros 2 days ago

    ¿alguien que me explique que tanto dijeron? no se hablar ingles

  • Judith Dodson
    Judith Dodson 2 days ago

    So Amazing! Love you Joe.

  • Olena Khalestska
    Olena Khalestska 2 days ago

    Видно что у них есть отклонение

  • Skala Darrell Godeater

    Bfff I hate Simon, but I hate this guy too much than him

  • Ayrton Ng
    Ayrton Ng 2 days ago

    It's the female version of dumb and dumber

  • Joha Porcel
    Joha Porcel 2 days ago

    Dios canta hermoso❤

  • User 123
    User 123 2 days ago

    Looking back on this she was such a young girl, so what if she was a bit of diva we all make mistakes. Yeah she went to far but I feel like the fame ruined her, her original style like in this video was amazing, it's like after the x factor they tried to make her more childish. If she carried on like this would of gone further

  • I'm Jayelee I Wish I Were A Billionare

    to be fair, natalia imbruglia was on neighbors here in australia and was a one-hit-wonder with "torn" way back in 1997. dont blame her for not knowing who she is, but the punch to her friends face,well....

  • Danny Hills
    Danny Hills 2 days ago

    Best vid of x factor she's got it

  • vincentanno1997
    vincentanno1997 2 days ago

    Why does this one girl remind me of Vicky Pollard??😂

    CREEP THE GREATツ 2 days ago

    Please comeback....

  • BADWOLF1874
    BADWOLF1874 2 days ago

    This woman is fake as fk. Wanted to comment on video about her on loose women but all comments are turned off.Wen she 1st turned up she has this OTT voice and stupid comments yet now she speaks all posh and don't make daft comments anymore,just a big blag to get on tv.#fakeassbitch

  • Pretty Flower Rose
    Pretty Flower Rose 2 days ago

    The thing is, the choreography is just plain embarrassing. The song is also wack. 😔

  • Lucas Petry
    Lucas Petry 2 days ago

    Apparently Abby did a topless shoot...

  • LheyLhey
    LheyLhey 2 days ago

    look where u are now loveeee