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Things Artists Would Never Say
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  • kris nelayan
    kris nelayan 39 minutes ago

    i love your painting

  • Maplewood w
    Maplewood w 2 hours ago

    this is the most helpful tutorial i have found on youtube for anything ty

  • A Corner of The Internet

    I am going to use this idea and downgrade it significantly because I am poor but want to make an undine costume

  • Mish R.
    Mish R. 5 hours ago

    As an artist, I really enjoy watching your videos, but mostly because of your personality and how inspiring you are as a person. All the tips are a definite bonus, too! May I ask what your accent is? It's beautiful! (Not hitting on you, by the way! I'm a happily married lady:)

  • Safiyyah Abdullah
    Safiyyah Abdullah 6 hours ago

    soooo trueeee

  • Izza Borealis Dries
    Izza Borealis Dries 6 hours ago

    This is Awesome so simple can't wait to try as homeschool project ! thanks Izza

  • Cal cannon
    Cal cannon 9 hours ago


    DIA RIAD 9 hours ago

    But-but isn't magenta, cyan blue, and yellow the REAL primary colors

  • Elizabeth Brandon
    Elizabeth Brandon 11 hours ago

    Very helpful techniques. Thanks

  • Danger Major
    Danger Major 11 hours ago

    If I may but what type of paper do you use for watercoloring? and what branch?(I can't read the labels,sorry🙏)

  • Galaxy’s Rose
    Galaxy’s Rose 13 hours ago

    Mako ...💗 Hello , I’m from Iraq 🇮🇶. (mako) in our accent means ( there isn’t ..) ,so mako ( there isn’t ) understanding , mako( there isn’t ) boring or being in art block. There is enjoyment and love . Just pick your colors up and have fun 😃 I really started to like to use water colors actually I started to love using them and I have fun at the same time instead of feeling that drawing is something I have to finish ....Thank you 🤗🌸

  • Griffin Creech
    Griffin Creech 13 hours ago

    Is that just regular masking tape that you use?

  • Lilja Rantala
    Lilja Rantala 14 hours ago

    The primary colors are cyam, magenta and yellow ye dingus xD

  • very nice its best sonkusare

    I dont have hot glue

  • Chen Atomli
    Chen Atomli 16 hours ago


  • Maricon Plana
    Maricon Plana 16 hours ago

    good job and well done in your drawings

  • Barbie Girl
    Barbie Girl 20 hours ago

    Have you ever considered using clear sealant spray paint to seal the art and give it a matt or shine look before removing the tape?

  • 🔥Lèśłèŷ & Gûśîôñ💖


  • visual A101
    visual A101 21 hour ago

    Your painting are very beautiful,there is much perfection in them, I love that 🥰🥰🥰

    KARINA ELLIOTT 21 hour ago

    I love art channels.

  • Solomon Bacharach

    Is your name actually Mako? That's a German name I've never heard, just curious. Love your work :)

  • Mamakusa 123
    Mamakusa 123 Day ago

    What type of paper do we use? And where can i find the paper youre working on ,in this video and whats it called. Some sort of canvas notebook or something. Please tell me? Plsssss

  • Amy Biebel
    Amy Biebel Day ago

    YAY! Nice work lil lady ! I love watching you work. I had such a chuckle with your facial expressions. Acrylic pouring is so beautiful...and what a mess. This would make for a great “Ladies Day Out” Happy Pouring to you.

  • Princess Khaela

    Your style is amazing! I love it 💕 #macoficationsquad

  • Didi Espi
    Didi Espi Day ago

    Out of all the water coloring videos I’ve watched I found this one really helpful. Thank you so much!

  • Behappy Now7
    Behappy Now7 Day ago

    Wow thanks

  • GoFloGo
    GoFloGo Day ago

    LMAO this still turned out good, I TRIED to paint the Mona on a purse on my channel lol let's just say I struggled

  • Man Yu Chen
    Man Yu Chen Day ago

    This is amazing! I’m currently painting the starry night with oil paint!

  • hlbsweetie
    hlbsweetie Day ago

    What if you try painting fire

  • oh boi
    oh boi Day ago

    I don't know how but somehow the video discouraged me to Paint with watercolor

    • oh boi
      oh boi 14 hours ago

      I have litterally no idea

    • makoccino
      makoccino 15 hours ago

      Aww why?

  • Manisha Patil
    Manisha Patil Day ago

    Loved your painting and i am going to try it now

  • Frank Rathmann

    Hallo welche Pinsel verwendest du nun ? und welches Papier?

  • Tired Rat
    Tired Rat Day ago

    I already subscribe and have watched this video but my art teacher just posted this on the classroom resources so here I am again :D

  • Urooj Fatima
    Urooj Fatima Day ago

    Well,for im from India,I ve used almost all of these.Indian stuff if greatly good,really

  • Sweet life
    Sweet life Day ago

    Weren't u in troom troom

  • Krissia Leanne

    where can i buy refillable pans?

  • ngocngan vo
    ngocngan vo Day ago

    Wow phụ đề Tiếng Việt này!!!😁😁😁

  • roshni rao
    roshni rao Day ago

    30 secs in and i already found my idea! Thanks a ton, Mako

  • Sanjay
    Sanjay Day ago

    O hello miss, my drawings are not like that you drawn on left side I can draw much better than you

  • DaGarabatos
    DaGarabatos Day ago

    Great video!! It was surprising to me hearing that Van Gogh looked more chalky in comparison to Koi, my understanding of chalkiness is that it is more like a "feel" or a texture once the paint is dry. For instance, Koi watercolors when more concentrated but still rather thinly it can develop a chalky feel to it. I think I have tried Van Gogh like maybe just once in my life but I remember they felt almost like an artist grade watercolor, yes they are not as transparent but they don't feel or look chalky whatsoever! That's my understanding:) maybe i'm totally wrong since English isn't my first language either but let me know if I'm mistaken! Keep it up with the great content🤩

  • sunset. and.vines

    I try this and it worked, the result is very good! Thanks mako !!🌷💖 I posted it on my ig account : @sunset.and.vines

  • Rich Potter
    Rich Potter Day ago

    Boils down to: 1) don't be cheap 2) don't be impatient Great suggestions. Now I have to get a porcelain palette. :)

  • Zea Alanis
    Zea Alanis 2 days ago

    what does it mean when you say "meant for scanning and reproduction" ?

    • Zea Alanis
      Zea Alanis Day ago

      @Carl AK Santos now I understand! Thank you.

    • Carl AK Santos
      Carl AK Santos 2 days ago

      It means that the artwork you've made would be scanned on a scanner/printer to be reproduced as digital prints rather than framed directly. (This is because when you use low-lightfast mediums, like poster paints, it would fade away or change color quicker when exposed to sunlight compared to other mediums.)

  • Toriii Blair
    Toriii Blair 2 days ago

    When are u gonna do a giveaway???

  • Coumba Kena
    Coumba Kena 2 days ago

    I actually succeeded at this

  • Kennady Savage
    Kennady Savage 2 days ago

    I really like how you tell people what to look for. It helps people who are limited to all different types economic situations.

  • Zebra12325 Jeff
    Zebra12325 Jeff 2 days ago

    What's gouache?

  • Maces_Beauties
    Maces_Beauties 2 days ago

    I did not know this I’ve been doing it wrong. Omg

  • Randi H
    Randi H 2 days ago

    Saw a painting of a white dog in a sketch book near the end of this video. Is there a tutorial for that?

  • Sums Gaming and more

    Who else just uses school pencils?

  • PastelDemons
    PastelDemons 2 days ago

    You inspire me (I’m ten years old) and I want to be an artist when I grow up you really help me

  • Nazek purples you
    Nazek purples you 2 days ago

    Omg this is so useful!!!

  • Parth Rodrigues
    Parth Rodrigues 2 days ago

    Can you show how you handle all your paints and brushes while you paint? Also, I love your voice

  • El Psy Congroo
    El Psy Congroo 2 days ago

    That's not how you are supposed to use watercolor pencils. What's the point in buying pencils when you use them like normal water colors

  • Thomas Spiroch
    Thomas Spiroch 2 days ago


    • oh boi
      oh boi Day ago

      No need to shoud

  • Rachel McKelly
    Rachel McKelly 2 days ago

    Thanks for the recommendation, TVclip but I don't have patience even though I'm always bored.

  • Goshness Goooshness

    No mistakes. Just happy little accidents~Bob Ross

  • G1manime
    G1manime 2 days ago

    Thanks again for the information. I had already bought before watching and realized, once watching this, I bought the cheapest with the most quantity. Not sure what my palette is made of but we'll see.

  • G1manime
    G1manime 2 days ago

    Thank you! I watched this after buying my watercolor and I feel after watching this, I made the right choice for me.

  • G1manime
    G1manime 2 days ago

    I liked the presentation. Thank you for the helpful tips. This will be my first time using watercolor paper. I am a bit worried about what kind of tape to use as my previous uses with paper, it pulls pieces of paper off with it or rips it. Just wow though, I remember in art class in grade school when they gave us those watercolor sets to use, they never taught us these things and had us use printer paper.

    • G1manime
      G1manime 2 days ago

      @makoccino Okay. Thank you!

    • makoccino
      makoccino 2 days ago

      I usually use washi tape and make sure use a hair drier to heat the glue before removing the tape 😊

  • Isabella Olsen
    Isabella Olsen 2 days ago

    I specifically choose schminckes aqua gold and silver pigments for best coverage, and they work so beautifully. a shame this wasn't shown in the video because they do cover with opaque nicely!

  • LunaDaMisfit
    LunaDaMisfit 2 days ago

    Just a question I'm wondering (pls reply anyone who's used it before I need help ;^;) Is CANSON AQUARELLE sketchbook and DALER ROWNEY watercolour tubes good?

  • LunaDaMisfit
    LunaDaMisfit 2 days ago

    I personally like watercolours in tubes. You can put them in pans and let them dry. And cheaper that pans like alot( ◜‿◝ )♡

  • Kiran Bhalerao
    Kiran Bhalerao 2 days ago

    Extremely beautiful and outstanding video! Your all videos are enjoying mako! Lots of love from India!👍👍

  • Anja Galan
    Anja Galan 2 days ago

    I can't download the PDF, it wasn't sent to my email. :(

  • C C
    C C 2 days ago

    Wow. Thank you for sharing your tips

  • Eunice Callos
    Eunice Callos 2 days ago

    I dont know how to make my project by painting im watching everything...MyGoshhhh

  • Monica Nirbito
    Monica Nirbito 2 days ago

    I love Colleen Poster Color Even they are very cheap, it doesn't matter if you have enough skill to hack them Also, I don't have enough money for Winsor and Newton :(

  • Jazz Perky
    Jazz Perky 2 days ago

    Oh! Wow Very beautiful l'm going to find a technique for coloring . but it's also difficult.

  • Negid Mazumdar
    Negid Mazumdar 2 days ago

    Why is this Red here?????😶

  • po. cky
    po. cky 2 days ago

    1:48 oh no...just by looking at it, it feels uncomfortable

  • jocie Luna
    jocie Luna 2 days ago

    This is amazing. Quick explanation and very effective when it comes to describing the steps. I love your paintings!

  • Judea Christene Napoles Matuguinas

    I love poster paint💖 I am still practicing on how to use watercolor😅 Now I know their difference Thank you for the video💖💖💖 Your channel helps me a lot😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Natasha Slevin
    Natasha Slevin 2 days ago

    This is brilliant 😻 so glad I found this video 💕

  • CTZX :3
    CTZX :3 2 days ago

    This is so relatable When I tell my parents that I got an A for art "seriously? You can get an A for art and not for your other subjects?"

  • lakhvir kaur
    lakhvir kaur 2 days ago

    I think the video is really helpful . It helped me alot. thanks for sharing.

  • adorably smug little bastard

    That cat painting is brilliant

  • Harishankar Sahu
    Harishankar Sahu 3 days ago

    Very nice video

  • Phee phi Pho phum
    Phee phi Pho phum 3 days ago

    My favorite brushes for watercolor are quill mop large and small, filbert, cat tongue and dagger, but i love All Brushes!

  • Comni
    Comni 3 days ago

    What brushes do you use? I’m trying to figure out what thickness to use and thank you for creating this tutorial

    • Comni
      Comni Day ago

      Thank you... do you know where you can get those 😅

    • Bearsh thebear
      Bearsh thebear Day ago

      Looks like a princeton watercolor brush

  • The Official Queen of Chickens!

    So pretty!!!!! 0o0 also what is sailor moon?

  • Y ee
    Y ee 3 days ago

    In my country, watercolor and acrylic is about the same price. Gouace is a lot cheaper there.

  • 김땡땡
    김땡땡 3 days ago

    Beautiful and easy♡ 👍👍👍

  • shahad saad
    shahad saad 3 days ago

    You made me love arts! 🥰 ty this was so much helpful

  • BloodRoseKitten
    BloodRoseKitten 3 days ago

    I actually have a set of liquid watercolors that aren't dye based and I love them since I don't have to spend the time activating them as I paint. The brand is "Dr. Martin's" if anyone was curious. 😁

  • Joselyn Somoza
    Joselyn Somoza 3 days ago

    Wow!!! Love the video and result!💗

  • gv105468
    gv105468 3 days ago

    So can you draw with eye liner and use it like a drawing Pen u buy from the store or the ink won't last on paper. From a guy who knows nothing about make up

  • Hồng ngọc Trần

    Thank you so much for your lesson :)

  • thainghi phan
    thainghi phan 3 days ago

    What is kind of the paper that u are using

  • LJ Pitzer
    LJ Pitzer 3 days ago

    I am going to try. It looks so fun!

  • Anisha Jain
    Anisha Jain 3 days ago

    I am from India. I use the tube paints. You just need to add more paint to get a vibrant colour and less water. Also the fevicryl acrylic paints are nice if you want to use it. I find the brush pens really cool, one tip is that you should not put too much pressure on it or the tip would bend. Also these are student cheap art supplies, you can use the professional ones though I have never tried them. The brush quality is not really good here if you buy the cheap ones.🙂

  • Art Network
    Art Network 3 days ago


  • Sanjana Bhandari
    Sanjana Bhandari 3 days ago

    Very nice l very like it your craft l think you are perfect in this craft

  • The Official Queen of Chickens!

    What paper thickness do u use for watercolours ?

  • SpectateArt
    SpectateArt 3 days ago

    Hah I do art for free since I’m still a 12 yrs old who everyone thinks I don’t earn money because I’m a kid :)

  • 日没PastelSunset
    日没PastelSunset 3 days ago

    Oh my god! thank you i needed this for a art contest i will tell you if i won or not!

  • Irisienne Flora
    Irisienne Flora 3 days ago

    Makoccino-the most innocent boi in da world

  • Ксения Короленко

    Thank you helped, idiosyncallis

  • Akshitha's art gallery

    Fantabulas tips👍 Thanks for sharing

  • Syasya Playz
    Syasya Playz 3 days ago

    thank you this video is helping maybe for me i draw its pretty although im just 11