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  • sehun's anus
    sehun's anus Minute ago

    Who would have thought that an ex member of EXO and FilthyFrank would make a song together... My god.

  • Ahmed Bikar
    Ahmed Bikar 5 minutes ago


  • Daniel Natzke
    Daniel Natzke 8 minutes ago

    5:50 So Yachty's admitting that a hedonistic life is what brings him happiness. How ennobling and exemplary!

  • Van Damme
    Van Damme 10 minutes ago

    Meanwhile lil kids in Africa starving to death... #fuck the world baby 💩🌍 Call me hater or call me human Whatever you want...

  • WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss
    WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss 10 minutes ago

    Ferg and Hawk need to release a tape called 900 birds.

  • CLASS.713
    CLASS.713 23 minutes ago

    This is becoming my new favorite show on TVclip. Thank you from the Nawf side of Houston ☂️•

  • mrcorleone4
    mrcorleone4 36 minutes ago

    these dudes lying talking about they look at women's hands u know how many ugly chicks got nice hands and feet lmaooooooo brothers be capping dope conversation Tony Hawk been cool for decades, that food looked delicious and Aleali is gorgeous and I cant see her hands or feet..... facts

  • Jack Waner
    Jack Waner 39 minutes ago


  • Old Veteran
    Old Veteran 46 minutes ago

    Get real economic people on the show, not consumers- Analysts. This ain't it chief!

  • La Filosocueva
    La Filosocueva 47 minutes ago

    But did y'all know he's biracial?

  • xXderantsXx
    xXderantsXx 48 minutes ago

    I don't know if anyone caught this Ed mora...Ed is short for Eddie...Mora just add another "r" after the r and it's Eddie Morra. Limitless is my favorite movie, so I had to point this out.

  • Zhenos
    Zhenos 52 minutes ago

    So I’m looking through the comments to see if anyone commented about the Travis Scott 1’s price. Anyone else ?

  • KYLE washington
    KYLE washington 52 minutes ago

    French blue's never had a pair of twelve's always wanted a pair;

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 52 minutes ago

    Haha you could feel the pain

  • ČiaNeVilius
    ČiaNeVilius 56 minutes ago

    lil pump is the type of guy that would call the police on a cop

  • Edvard Munch
    Edvard Munch 56 minutes ago

    This was very, very awkward lol but I can tell these guys are humble with the best intentions

  • KYLE washington
    KYLE washington 59 minutes ago

    Wish u can cop me a pair of 12s 21

  • Ryan Siegel
    Ryan Siegel Hour ago

    simply 350 😂😂

  • Dillian Lawrence

    Naah quavo didnt hate on Joe, Joe been hating on the migos so what typa rapper not gonna say shit?.

    HESUS FRIENDS Hour ago

    I think we would get a long.

  • Juslike EyeCit2
    Juslike EyeCit2 Hour ago

    This is the 1% talking to the 99% that have zero wealth. Dreaming much?

  • Nigel
    Nigel Hour ago

    😳 ok

  • Adrian Caces
    Adrian Caces Hour ago

    Lavar be like: Never been worn only a couple of times. 🤔

  • Koty Claiborne
    Koty Claiborne Hour ago

    Ugly as hell

  • Ange Guti
    Ange Guti Hour ago

    4:53 about cristinao comenting on other stars copying his celebration... why didnt he felt like that when this guy recreated his celebration??

  • James Kam
    James Kam Hour ago

    this is kinda pointless he can get all this stuff straight from nike if he wanted to

  • Anshuman Tripathi

    airjodan 4 for 2800 yen ? omg thats like 1800bucks in my currency ..i gotta move to japan.

  • cliff cliff
    cliff cliff Hour ago

    Wowwww nahhhhh wtfffff

  • cliff cliff
    cliff cliff Hour ago

    They robbed this nigga😥

  • Devil IOS
    Devil IOS Hour ago

    Now put Lesnar buying some sneakers.

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan Hour ago


  • A Ramírez
    A Ramírez Hour ago

    Heard a theory about him being undercover and the more I look at things... the more sus some shit looks

  • Stoned Ape
    Stoned Ape Hour ago

    they should call these " people selling shoes they are paid to sell pretending to buy them " ..... oh thats kind of long tho

  • Weabouu
    Weabouu Hour ago

    370 for spizikes!!!

  • Higher World
    Higher World Hour ago

    For these young black entrepreneur to having a good life, Is great to be black in America.

  • Slime Peso
    Slime Peso Hour ago

    Im definitely coppin🔥🔥

  • JuanPa Ca Al
    JuanPa Ca Al Hour ago

    Pensé que está entrevista había salido este mes!

  • tyrell welsh
    tyrell welsh Hour ago

    24:55 anybody hear yatchy sippin water

  • Colin Nickels
    Colin Nickels Hour ago

    Never knew ynba as a person until now... complete asswipe compared to other rappers

  • nomadxpert
    nomadxpert 2 hours ago

    The B roll was outta place in spots

  • Itz Ultima
    Itz Ultima 2 hours ago

    Perfect time to recommend this youtube

    ALEX JAYTONA 2 hours ago

    Jay's verse was spectacular.. PERIOD.

  • BM Wahid
    BM Wahid 2 hours ago

    What shoes is Cudi wearing?

  • A Lou
    A Lou 2 hours ago

    “ yo hood” Gentrified ass neighborhood 😭😂😂😂😂🤣

  • gChap
    gChap 2 hours ago


  • Mr Samiigkkk
    Mr Samiigkkk 2 hours ago

    fucking asshole

  • Nubian Emporer
    Nubian Emporer 2 hours ago

    This was terrible

  • Tonu
    Tonu 2 hours ago

    I’m wondering what will tecca become in a few years ahead

  • Szymon mr
    Szymon mr 2 hours ago

    International Star who can not speak eng nice low IQ 😂

  • Toks Ach
    Toks Ach 2 hours ago

    If Black People are really about change it starts with knowing WHO YOU ARE and then knowing WHO YOUR ENEMIES ARE as well Without righteous Unity, black people will carry on the legacy of INSANITY

  • billie mylove
    billie mylove 2 hours ago

    right so a thrift store, is it like a charity shop in the uk or just a cheap shop that you luckily find? sorry if im being stupid lol

  • Andres Guerra
    Andres Guerra 2 hours ago

    Here before Complex cancel him too💀

  • Karlos Martinez
    Karlos Martinez 2 hours ago


  • KUro_ LFD
    KUro_ LFD 2 hours ago


  • Justin Egar
    Justin Egar 2 hours ago

    I did not expect him to pop off like that in the end 😳

  • megamorran
    megamorran 2 hours ago

    holy shit video presented by the us army, god damn thats a flex.

  • djjlc
    djjlc 2 hours ago

    Ak is a bitchhhh, I see the show is down to 4 days a week now lol 😂

  • DERRICK Gordon
    DERRICK Gordon 3 hours ago

    I agree with you Sir Wesley. Black is power , and our dollars are more powerful than that !!! If we don't invest in us , we can't expect anyone else to !!!!! EDUCATE, THEN PARTICIPATE, TO ELEVATE OUR PEOPLE !!!!!

  • Smooth 23
    Smooth 23 3 hours ago

    Happens When a Silly masked Dude Talking bout Yeezy Gets more Views Than The entire Complex Crew .. Why You Hatin Complex ??

  • P1_ ZEBZY
    P1_ ZEBZY 3 hours ago

    Do u wanna like let joe talk 😂😂

  • Robb holmes
    Robb holmes 3 hours ago

    I fuck wid tony hawk the long way

  • Omar Rye
    Omar Rye 3 hours ago

    ever inviting Kanye in?

  • Coach E
    Coach E 3 hours ago

    Complex get some that actually cares about a sneaker review where is the light 💡 skin homie

  • Олег Гридин

    Complex sneakers? Model?

  • Jeeses99
    Jeeses99 3 hours ago

    It's not in the legs. It's in the ass. Train your ass

  • randy typebeats
    randy typebeats 3 hours ago

    SEARCH : [Rarri Rel] - I know him and this episode is some subliminals, WATCH! he’s from Virginia . Ak is wearing a “Virginia is for rebelz” shirt and wayno wearing the Ferrari logo (hence , rarri rel) . It adds up ! boi gonna be a ‘CHAMPION’ (nadeska’s shirt) he also love Kid Cudi from his Instagram post (@RarriRel)showing tribute to kid cudi’s Man On the Moon !! He also moved from Ohio a few years back and saw Lebron play a preseason game against the Atlanta hawks at Xavier University Oct.7th ,2015 , which was his first time seeing Lebron ever , the king( Aks wearing cavs hat) idk I look at things like this and this is a close homie of mine ! He’s amazing ! And I support him heavy because he deserves the opportunity to be called a great !CHECK HIM OUT !!!!!

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan 3 hours ago

    Original gangster! He could talk or try talking in English, but he values his language over English. He is not out to impress the Americans he is the best boxer and earning 100s of millions.

  • Iyoub
    Iyoub 3 hours ago

    This shit is inspirational af.

    MR PEEVES 3 hours ago

    Christian Bale could play this guy in a movie

  • William Rivera
    William Rivera 3 hours ago

    With a bunch of irrelevant ass thots...lmao

  • Darxskio
    Darxskio 3 hours ago

    Those arraign in the background tho 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Advertisement Mistakes

    2:25 Can anyone tell me song name?

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 3 hours ago

    These people are not qualified to speak with authority on these issues. Where are the scholars & experts? These celebs should fund & support those who have the expertise.

  • Max B.
    Max B. 3 hours ago

    He didnt give a fuck about the shoes he just picked random ones off the shelf lol

  • Shizzy 215
    Shizzy 215 3 hours ago

    We need a movie or documentary on this GOD

  • Iko Mike
    Iko Mike 3 hours ago

    What a bad of taste......

  • joihnn mulrow
    joihnn mulrow 3 hours ago

    I was in Summer-hill last night (Old Braves Stadium area, now GSU Stadium) and it is really sad how our community identity is gone. There are 3 hipster bars and at 9 p.m on a Saturday night Gay white guys were walking on the street drunk. Literally just like T.I said. I slowed down and looked at the races of the people at one outdoor bar and there were no black people out of 30-40 customers. Once you turn on the inside streets all you see is Subaru's, Tacoma's and 500K + houses for sale that are renovations of old historic homes. The Westside is the last front just as T.I said and as a developer I will tell you that it is a Gold mine in terms of planning. Sidewalks, grid pattern, and Marta stations at the most convenient locations, also the City and GA dome are 5-10 minutes away with no traffic. We can't let white folks take over the Westside, these ppl are not moving in the neighborhood because it is cheap or because they like it. They move in there knowing about the crime, and demographics only for financial incentive 5-10 years down the line. For them its all about money because last time I checked white folks avoided Black community's like the plague. If you are a homeowner in Atlanta DO NOT accept any offer that is good on your home. I understand you might make 50-100K profit, but don't come complaining about gentrification because you are part of the problem. You can't gentrify something you don't own unless GDOT is trying to build a road/highway in your community and that is a completely different conversation. The East Side got gentrified and one of the big reason is that black folks sold there home to white men knocking on their door with offers that would make you slap your mama. If they had turned down the offers it would still be an African American community today.

  • Black Peace
    Black Peace 3 hours ago

    The "New Black Media" could have had this forum for real a long time ago but they have not. Other than tonetalks bringing on Killer Mike it has been one long editorial on the "New Black Media". I support the "New Black Media" but I am not a sheep.

  • Gangster Lebron
    Gangster Lebron 3 hours ago

    I’m new to the shoe game and I’m trying to get some of kawhis shoes,what do I do to get them?is there an app that notifies me? Can’t seem to buy them anywhere

  • Lurkkk
    Lurkkk 3 hours ago

    Theres a difference between Air Max and Zoom Air

  • Donda Nana
    Donda Nana 3 hours ago

    Tony Hawk def got the N word pass

  • TrayDuece14
    TrayDuece14 3 hours ago

    This is the most boring episode ever..complex need to do more with ppl that actually worth watchin🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sylvain Auclair
    Sylvain Auclair 3 hours ago


  • eric chaves
    eric chaves 4 hours ago

    Em is worth 210mil. lol

  • pisamyworld
    pisamyworld 4 hours ago

    The white man is always looking for the next Messiah in the black community so they can silence him. Hope all the brothers on the stage watch their back and stay healthy. History has shown us that anyone attempting to bring up black people were met with violence. JFK, MLK, Malcolm, Black Panthers, Medgar Evers, etc...

  • Yalonda Preyer
    Yalonda Preyer 4 hours ago

    I love his style and family

  • Tu Sancho
    Tu Sancho 4 hours ago

    And this nigga akademiks just built like a fat black nigga

  • Macdaddy
    Macdaddy 4 hours ago

    Great job guys bet they won’t put this on tmz

  • The Best Cow
    The Best Cow 4 hours ago

    Anyone get epilepsy from the start

  • ルーズベルトフランクリン

    まじでやばいな 撮影直前にやってるやろこれ

  • Waynetertainment
    Waynetertainment 4 hours ago

    ferg literally looking like a d-line

  • Arjan Cheng
    Arjan Cheng 4 hours ago


  • 90loneeagle
    90loneeagle 4 hours ago

    There’s no going back boys....

  • Henrique Castilho
    Henrique Castilho 4 hours ago

    It is just me or on the minute 6:10, she lefts the credit card on the table next the computer

  • No CZEŚĆ
    No CZEŚĆ 4 hours ago


  • Nick A
    Nick A 4 hours ago

    Not a fan of them off court but would definitely rock these to play ball for sure.

  • ObsidianWarriors
    ObsidianWarriors 4 hours ago

    Not trynna be a dick but he seems like hes in a rush or is shy asf

  • Marc Washington
    Marc Washington 4 hours ago

    Them brothers articulate as fuck.

    F1NGER B4NG 4 hours ago

    *Can we get a count on how many times they said LIKE*

  • Michael Tarubal
    Michael Tarubal 4 hours ago

    Lol my lebron 15s are sitting in the box cause it's unstable. So. This big of an air unit with no good support and outrigger are no nos for me.