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  • Shaniyah Johnson
    Shaniyah Johnson 19 seconds ago

    Did this dude just say , Meek Mill more famous than Nicki ? 😭 are you fucking kidding me

  • Corey the boss 18
    Corey the boss 18 26 seconds ago

    Welcome to the party

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee 30 seconds ago

    Nipsey wasn’t getting 1 if he was still alive so just stop. Nobody in mainstream was mentioning him

  • Console God
    Console God 39 seconds ago

    His voice doesn’t match him he kinda look like the retarted version of Tyga and 50 cent

    TWITCH IMPAACTT 48 seconds ago

    Do polog or tjay

  • Sam Blixk
    Sam Blixk Minute ago

    Fuck popsmoke lmao nigga needed his mom to bail him out

  • Till Alefelder
    Till Alefelder Minute ago

    Rip Kobe 😭

  • M J
    M J Minute ago


  • flvwy
    flvwy Minute ago

    fly high

  • Ferrari guy
    Ferrari guy Minute ago

    R.I.P. Kobe Nice vid btw

  • Amber Brantley
    Amber Brantley 2 minutes ago

    love him ..

  • k j
    k j 3 minutes ago

    pop couldn't stop moving lol !!! i knew he was high @6:46 @6:55 @7:00

  • Michael T
    Michael T 3 minutes ago

    who the hell gave JLP the pass to rock the Arc'Teryx smh

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee 3 minutes ago

    😒that face when you scroll and scroll for time stamps

  • jayluv luv
    jayluv luv 3 minutes ago

    Looking dirty # funky fresh

  • Travis Nora
    Travis Nora 3 minutes ago

    Who remember on the movie uncle drew wen shaq said pass the ball kobe knowing dey was teammates an close dat line itself feel hurtful #Mamba4Life

  • Nike For life
    Nike For life 3 minutes ago

    Rip KOBE

  • FrnnkEducation
    FrnnkEducation 3 minutes ago

    Rip Kobe. Rat ass snake ass sociopath akademiks probably kept beating his meat while eating Cheetos simultaneously. I hate this scumbag. I know he doesn't give a damn about anybody

  • Off Hills
    Off Hills 3 minutes ago

    Shit im a day 1 mf soon everyone ik will be bumping his shit

  • jayluv luv
    jayluv luv 4 minutes ago

    Save ur money lawyer fee coming for that case🤔

    ATM X NET 4 minutes ago

    Ya niggas be overpricing ya sneakers OD like wtf

  • Lynzie Hoag
    Lynzie Hoag 4 minutes ago

    “A wise man will change, a fool will stay the same” -The Gates of Kevin 💯

  • Lukasz Semkowski
    Lukasz Semkowski 4 minutes ago

    His theets whiter than lil mosey

  • JAH
    JAH 4 minutes ago


  • Charles Philosopher Eley


  • U tube Killuminati
    U tube Killuminati 4 minutes ago

    Kevin Gates out here feeding the rats

  • Brown skin Mesh Clark
    Brown skin Mesh Clark 4 minutes ago

    I see a lot of “ I need a Dreka in my life” on here lol y’all probably had a Dreka and didn’t even know it

    DEXTER2K 4 minutes ago

    It’s crazy he mentioned Kobe rip 😔

  • Darren Tep
    Darren Tep 5 minutes ago

    i feel like he’s not really answering the questions 😭

  • U tube Killuminati
    U tube Killuminati 5 minutes ago

    Shout out to the people who choose to be different and dislike this bulshit

  • Edwin Diaz
    Edwin Diaz 5 minutes ago

    0:47 “you can not say pop and forget the smoke!”

  • P3SLAY
    P3SLAY 5 minutes ago

    Pop smoke up in all the stores

  • ye ye
    ye ye 5 minutes ago

    They pricin air force at $300

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee 5 minutes ago

    I need a time stamp. I can only bear these voices as minimal as possible my guy

  • Davis Lennie
    Davis Lennie 5 minutes ago

    Look at Akademiks licking his lips cuz he gets to talk abt Nicki. Dude is obsessed

  • Ariel West
    Ariel West 5 minutes ago

    His bottom teeth aren’t the same color as his top 😂

  • Guwop Hicky
    Guwop Hicky 5 minutes ago

    Since wen 2 pairs of forces 300 wtf

  • Connor Avery
    Connor Avery 6 minutes ago

    Imagine the horror of watching your 13 year old daughter die 😢

  • Joey Doiron-Le
    Joey Doiron-Le 6 minutes ago

    Joe: Hey Rick Ross, how much you paid for your Maybach? Rick Ross: “Huh”

  • December1014
    December1014 6 minutes ago

    Les Twins Air Jordan 1’s!? Bruh them the Fearless jawns.

  • Myguel Myranda
    Myguel Myranda 7 minutes ago

    Wooo back baby 😘

  • Ariel West
    Ariel West 7 minutes ago

    He has a big body and a small head lol

    TRAVISTEN COM 7 minutes ago

    Still can't believe it. R.I.P this felt like wben i heard about aaliyah R.I.P

  • ToksYT
    ToksYT 8 minutes ago

    when you doing polo g man long overdue

  • MikeyArtCFocused
    MikeyArtCFocused 8 minutes ago

    Definitely wasn’t expecting him to pay with a card lol.

  • Nick Loco
    Nick Loco 8 minutes ago

    $147 for white af1????? Am I the only one seeing this

  • Eric
    Eric 8 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe

  • Zeus
    Zeus 8 minutes ago

    Am I the only person who think he sounds like Cassanova? 🤔

  • Kathy Burke
    Kathy Burke 8 minutes ago

    I can't wrap my head around spending $8k + on sneakers.

  • Burning Psycho
    Burning Psycho 8 minutes ago

    watching this now n them talking bout kobe after he passed really hit different

  • Kev gaming Channel
    Kev gaming Channel 9 minutes ago

    Rip to my boy Kobe 🙏🏿💔😢

  • Iconic Heritage Radio
    Iconic Heritage Radio 9 minutes ago

    Loving the way this King giving praise to his Queen.....very interesting man ...need more like him all praise

  • 666P BLACK666
    666P BLACK666 9 minutes ago


  • Myguel Myranda
    Myguel Myranda 9 minutes ago

    Dislike for what ? Better watch another video dumbass

  • yurpe
    yurpe 10 minutes ago

    No one : Stadium Goods : $294.00 For All White Forces

    PLAYBOI CARTI 10 minutes ago

    rip Kobe

  • Pranay Pant
    Pranay Pant 10 minutes ago

    Khaled doesn't under that people like getting fked up for

  • Shamari Brown
    Shamari Brown 10 minutes ago

    I fw pop maaan lol he a funny dude. He just gotta warm up to u

  • Justin Tavares
    Justin Tavares 10 minutes ago


  • Naxfa
    Naxfa 10 minutes ago

    rip kobe <3

  • baquegood1ify
    baquegood1ify 11 minutes ago

    My respect for these two just went up to a 💯. Like attracts like!! I knew as a child that I was different .just like Kevin, I'm tapping into my spirituality full force now!! SALUTE!! ☮️ be upon you and your beautiful wife ♥️

  • Dominic Flores
    Dominic Flores 11 minutes ago

    $294 for some all whites?? I’m sick 🤣😭

  • Frankie Nieves
    Frankie Nieves 11 minutes ago

    Overbite So hard ya bottom lip keep going missin

  • Big ØppZues
    Big ØppZues 11 minutes ago

    🔱💫💫 🔱ℹ️T Me

  • Liopergon SD
    Liopergon SD 12 minutes ago

    American white women throw the word sexual harassment as much as wayno uses the letter b

  • Maëlena Bozbiyik
    Maëlena Bozbiyik 12 minutes ago

    C'est bizarre c'est une vidéo française et je vois que des commentaires en anglais je la faut m'expliquer 😂

  • JohnnyA VLOGs
    JohnnyA VLOGs 12 minutes ago

    Best interview ever by a power couple ✊🏿

  • Icy Brown
    Icy Brown 12 minutes ago

    I ain't into that dirty talking on the internet but: he made her wet

  • yurpe
    yurpe 13 minutes ago

    No one : Pop Smoke : I fuck with Kobe Me : 😞🥺

  • NoLimitAA3
    NoLimitAA3 13 minutes ago

    Kobe Gianna John Kerri Alyssa Christina Sarah Payton Ara Rest In Peace ❤️

    BIG NUGZ 13 minutes ago

    RIP kobe

  • YoSAmm
    YoSAmm 13 minutes ago

    Nobody and I mean no fucking body should be surprised that the Grammy is rigged

  • Jared Dywan
    Jared Dywan 13 minutes ago

    A interviewer should not wear that material jacket

    SEASIK MANNY 13 minutes ago

    They charged him 300 for 2 pair of white forces wtf

  • DrMacadoo
    DrMacadoo 13 minutes ago


  • Super Gang
    Super Gang 14 minutes ago

    Rip kobe

  • Frankie Nieves
    Frankie Nieves 14 minutes ago

    You Should Prob Pay ya mom back that 250k on her house instead of buying shoes bro

  • IAM_SamBeezy
    IAM_SamBeezy 14 minutes ago

    Seem like they ask questions but don’t listen and acknowledge the answer that they received. The conversation stays stagnant in the same place until Kevin changes the topic

  • TSM Jose Papalito
    TSM Jose Papalito 14 minutes ago

    Pop smoke looks like Andrew Wiggins

  • Angelo Pabon
    Angelo Pabon 14 minutes ago

    Woo back

  • Lonzo Bando
    Lonzo Bando 15 minutes ago

    So we going to ignore the fact Stadium Goods selling 2 pair Of AF1s for damn near $300 😂😤

  • Sebastiano Tarda
    Sebastiano Tarda 15 minutes ago

    Nice Video 🎥👌🏻

  • Ssence Tidwell
    Ssence Tidwell 15 minutes ago

    The lil chunky 1 with the beard is straight lost lol...go back 2 your roots homie and start reading so u dont look scared shocked and confused...

  • Gustav Søndergaard
    Gustav Søndergaard 15 minutes ago

    Nev: Obviously you got the drip Also Nev wearing a pink winther jacket

  • Rohan Lakhanpal
    Rohan Lakhanpal 15 minutes ago

    when he paid $300 for 2 regular air force 1's

  • rome 20
    rome 20 15 minutes ago

    This nigga plays in the turtle movie

  • Zack Stay Woke
    Zack Stay Woke 16 minutes ago

    Should have done a episode with Kobe Bryant before passed smh

  • garcia Evelyn
    garcia Evelyn 16 minutes ago


  • XSALTYXPopcornX
    XSALTYXPopcornX 16 minutes ago

    Rip 🐐

  • Thomas STENTON
    Thomas STENTON 17 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe lets take a second to pray for his family ❤️🙏 I still remember the days of shouting Kobe when I threw paper in the bin 😓😢

  • Bitter Habit
    Bitter Habit 17 minutes ago

    4:07 “I fucked with Kobe” RIP KOBE

  • Darren Junior
    Darren Junior 17 minutes ago

    Every time somebody say Cocaine white joe gets nervous 😂😂

  • Real ChinnyDan
    Real ChinnyDan 17 minutes ago


  • Kabir Humayon
    Kabir Humayon 17 minutes ago

    Why were the af1's so expensive?

  • ForReal Nard410
    ForReal Nard410 18 minutes ago

    *The fashion designer gonna have this nigga lookin crazy but he's not going to give af as long as he gettin paid!*

  • Gustav Søndergaard
    Gustav Søndergaard 18 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe😭

  • Quest Barron
    Quest Barron 18 minutes ago

    Living proof of getting better with age

  • Hazel Hallas
    Hazel Hallas 18 minutes ago

    This one weird dude 😂 but he cool ok ok

  • Stormy Caris
    Stormy Caris 18 minutes ago

    Meek was wrong PERIOD. Why are you approaching your ex while she out with her man to apologize for yall old toxic relationship? Now flip this scenario and imagine Nicki Minaj approaching Meek and his cum dump ( his words not mine) with a slew of niggas in tow... Nicki's man did what he was supposed to do even if he was outnumbered he defended his wife. If Meek was sincere about reconciliation, he would've reached out to a mutual friend to mediate. Hell he could've asked Jay to do it. Meek is and will always be side nigga. He ain't have that same energy yall praised Cardi for having at a prestigious gala where Nicki played it cool ... but out in the streets where she could get out the gate, she's problematic... GTFOH AK.

  • Quest Barron
    Quest Barron 18 minutes ago

    Jeff is cool af