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2 years ago

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  • ptihell
    ptihell Year ago

    hey there, changing your thumb nail have maid me loose you. and plus, the old style is better i think, please dont change anything, we love you the way you are :*

  • Vickie Peacock
    Vickie Peacock Year ago

    Is everything okay? I have been checking weekly to see if there is anything from you. Should miss your soothing but informative videos. Hope all is well.

  • A Beautiful Heart

    We miss you!! :)

  • Kathy Burville
    Kathy Burville Year ago

    Miss you Ashley! Please let us know you are okay!

  • Susan Wright
    Susan Wright Year ago

    Now where have you gone??? MISS YOU ! Need my weekly dose of MakeupTIA!!!

  • Clara DV
    Clara DV Year ago

    You talked about making your planner and outlook work better together in one of your last Planner videos, could you update us on that? Or maybe give some tips on what works for you? :)

  • Susan Wright
    Susan Wright Year ago

    Where are you Ashley? Did I miss something? Miss your videos !

  • Jeus Nimrod
    Jeus Nimrod 2 years ago

    . . .unsubscribed!? Who dunnit?

    • Ashley Aleese
      Ashley Aleese 2 years ago

      Oh no! I heard that TVclip was unsubscribing people. : ((

  • Kelsey Jackson
    Kelsey Jackson 2 years ago

    Hey Ashley, I was wondering if you have or are planning to review the Artis foundation brush. I'm curious if it's worth the hype. Love your videos! Keep doing what you're doing!

  • Peggie Yang
    Peggie Yang 3 years ago

    You should do a updated video on how you decorate or design your 2016 Inkwell Press Planner. I would really love to see that... too bad Inkwell Planner is out...

  • Aurora R. Ramírez
    Aurora R. Ramírez 3 years ago

    Hi, Ashley. I just found your channel and i'm stunned at the beauty of your videos. You have a divine personality! Keep it up. xx

  • Total Animefan
    Total Animefan 3 years ago

    I just stumbled upon your channel, and I must say that I really love it! I too am pale with pink undertones and am into beauty products that are more natural. I also love your meal planning and I'm going to get into it soon. I feel like your channel was made for me and I hope that you put out more videos!

  • Emma Costello
    Emma Costello 3 years ago

    Hey there! I just have a personal question. I think we have really similar skin types. I am sensitive, acne-prone, dry and oily. I love Paula's Choice just as much as you do! What are your favorite products to use, especially regarding moisturizing? Would love your input! <3

  • Kate Krauss
    Kate Krauss 3 years ago

    Just recently discovered your channel. Really enjoying it. Thanks

  • Jenny Brightside
    Jenny Brightside 3 years ago

    Hey Ashley!! I just found your channel that's to my friend, Ashlee at The Eagal's Nest!! She raved about your channel and I'm so glad she did! Can't wait to marathon watch some of your videos tonight!

  • C Lee
    C Lee 3 years ago

    I love your channel! Some of my favorite videos are the ones that lean towards your lifestyle like the planner and goals videos. They inspire me and help me organize my life to be better!

  • Laura Vickery
    Laura Vickery 4 years ago

    Love your video's.great.

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 4 years ago

    Hi Ashley, love your channel! I am learning so much about the world of makeup and beauty products from your videos, it's a new world for me! I do have one life-long 'normal' skin type has recently changed to very dry. Nothing I do seems to be enough, can you recommend any (fairly budget-friendly) skin care products to help combat this? Thank you! :)

  • Elle Avi Skin Care
    Elle Avi Skin Care 4 years ago

    Great channel!

  • Lorena Piliado
    Lorena Piliado 4 years ago

    Hi Ashley! I just found a channel about the channel that posted videos pretending to be you, I suppose you already know, I just could not come by and say something. Hope it all works out! xox

  • Dalen314
    Dalen314 4 years ago

    I don't know if you have seen. But I think someone is pretending to be you and is posting your videos. Design Des is the channel name. There are quite a few of your videos on that channel.

  • Sara Ludwig
    Sara Ludwig 4 years ago this channel, Design Des has your videos on it. I didn't know if you knew or not.

  • Julia Bertagni
    Julia Bertagni 5 years ago

    Hello! From one redhead to another, I have a question for you. Do you know of any mascara/liquid eyeliner thats more on the auburn side? Please let me know:)

  • Monique Millan
    Monique Millan 5 years ago

    Just came across your channel through a new friend Natalie Renee Purplestars1896 here on youtube.. Too cute love how soothing your voice is to listen to.

    • Monique Millan
      Monique Millan 5 years ago

      No thank you.. I have a channel as well. and i've been looking for more inspiration. Looking forward to what else you put up

    • Ashley Aleese
      Ashley Aleese 5 years ago

      Thank you so much, Monique! : ))

  • mizsgeai
    mizsgeai 5 years ago

    hey ashley, I'd love to see your makeup collection, storage and organization! subbed :-)

  • Sara Ludwig
    Sara Ludwig 5 years ago

    I just found your channel and love it! You are gorgeous! I make beauty videos as well. Check them out and subscribe if you'd like! :)

  • FabfacesbyRJ
    FabfacesbyRJ 5 years ago

    Hey Just wanted to send your channel some love!! Check me out sometime! Thanks fabfacesbyrj

  • TheHipChickOnline
    TheHipChickOnline 5 years ago

    You are adorable! Can't wait to catch up on your videos. xoxo

  • b2sbeauty
    b2sbeauty 5 years ago

    Hello! I would love to gain your support. Please check out my channel and subscribe if you would like. I would really appreciate it!!! Thank you... :))

  • Kelly Courington
    Kelly Courington 6 years ago

    Hi Ashley! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and videos! I love how honest and down-to-earth you are!

  • AmyCat71
    AmyCat71 6 years ago

    Anyway you might put together a foundation overview/recommendation video for ladies with fair skin?

  • hlektra999
    hlektra999 6 years ago

    clinique pore refining makeup

  • Samantha Reilly
    Samantha Reilly 6 years ago

    Thanks to the new TVclip layout I found ur videos, love them sweets. I'd love you to stop by my channel sometime and say hi! xoxoxo Samantha

  • FashionStar411
    FashionStar411 6 years ago

    Hey!! ♥ Amazing channel & videos!! I LOVE your Christmas tree! I subbed! Hope you are having an amazing day (:

  • Neisha J
    Neisha J 6 years ago

    Nice channel Ashley (:

  • Chloe Lichty
    Chloe Lichty 6 years ago

    Can you do some more hair tutorials please? You hair always looks so lovely and I'd love to see how you do it! Thank you! Love your videos :) <3

  • 2508kat
    2508kat 6 years ago


  • Carolyn Campbell
    Carolyn Campbell 6 years ago

    I came across your channel this evening and after viewing 3 or 4 thus far, I am enjoying your professional approach to your reviews, tutorials and favorites. I appreciate your clarity and articulate speech, you get to the point and I do love that! I am happy to subscribe:) I don't make too many videos during a move but do stop by and say hi! ox Care

  • Melissa Parada
    Melissa Parada 6 years ago

    Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for subscribing and supporting my channel <3 I am so glad that you did because I may have never found your awesome channel! I just subbed back and I'm in the middle of watching a few of your videos xxMelissa

  • ChristasWorld
    ChristasWorld 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for subbing! ~ Christa

  • A Beauty Whisperer
    A Beauty Whisperer 6 years ago

    Hi there! I stubbled across your $20 Makeup challenge video and really liked it so I watched some more of your videos and I really like them! I subbed :)

  • Jleezyy
    Jleezyy 6 years ago

    Love your lipstick review :D gorgeous colors! I love revlons pink pop too and coral reef :) visit me sum time :)

  • Becca Durrans
    Becca Durrans 6 years ago

    cute channel!!! <3 come check out mine tooo xxx

  • AllMadeUp
    AllMadeUp 6 years ago

    love your channel your videos have a nice look to them, keep them coming doll I subbed! hope you can sub back if you like!

  • Tabitha Laker
    Tabitha Laker 6 years ago

    Estee sent me here!! watching videos now! & I love your hair!!! so appropriate for every time or the year;) Beautiful!

  • EllieCreation
    EllieCreation 6 years ago

    Aww such a lovely channel you have here! Just about to view your videos, keep up the good work! I had to subscribe feel free to do the same :] EllieCreation xx

  • 83pavs
    83pavs 6 years ago

    As always, so nicely done :). Beautiful cat! Also nice to see you in a different setting :).

  • 83pavs
    83pavs 6 years ago

    Very nicely done :)

  • MakeupbyMeganGraham
    MakeupbyMeganGraham 6 years ago

    I am glad I found your channel! You seem super sweet and have amazing makeup ^_^!

  • Beauty For Breakfast

    I love those fans in your background!

  • Mztashaturner
    Mztashaturner 6 years ago

    great channel i subbed you hun!! I hope you can come sub me back!!

  • SameeraHuda
    SameeraHuda 7 years ago

    LOVE your channel!

  • Sophie Williams
    Sophie Williams 7 years ago

    I'm New Fashion & Beauty Guru ♥ ♥ would love it if you check out my videos and sub. I'll sub you back

  • Lucia Barstow
    Lucia Barstow 7 years ago

    You are doing so well so happy for you..great videos..look awesome!!

  • daisynation
    daisynation 7 years ago

    Hey Shawna sent me - great channel! xoxo Daisy

  • Jubileition Money Leis

    Hi Ashley, I stumbled upon your videos and immediately fell in love. Not only do I love how you do your tutorials and monthly favorites, I jut love the quality of your videos. There are so many great gurus on youtube that I follow that I wish would have better video quality videos like yours. You really remind me of Marlena from Makeup Geek and Adele for some reason. Anyways, please keep the videos coming. I will be following your channel and sharing it with other beauty junkies like me!

  • SameeraHuda
    SameeraHuda 7 years ago

    Love your channel! Please stop by mine sometime! xoxo

  • Lucia Barstow
    Lucia Barstow 7 years ago

    thanks 4 subscribing, ..that was so nice of you!! I love your channel you doing so great!! Like a pro!!

  • Lucia Barstow
    Lucia Barstow 7 years ago

    I just found you on the makeupchair..I am so excited..i ahve met alot of great I am subscribing..I hope we can be friends..since we just started at the same time!!

  • strawberryLizz
    strawberryLizz 7 years ago

    hey! i love your videos :) why don't you have like 34567876543456 subs?? <3

  • Tina Tran
    Tina Tran 7 years ago

    Loving your videos, they're super well done! Please check out mine too ^_^

  • SavyBeautyTraveler
    SavyBeautyTraveler 7 years ago

    hey Great Channel. Love your video quality. ;) Subbed, please return the favor if you get a chance. Thanks.

  • Nicole E
    Nicole E 7 years ago

    Great channel! I am so happy that I found it. Subbed :)

  • sarah s
    sarah s 7 years ago

    i subbed love your channel your so beautiful..

  • Rachelleea
    Rachelleea 7 years ago

    Love your channel :) I subbed. Hope you can stop by sometime xo

  • Cassidy Chamberlain
    Cassidy Chamberlain 7 years ago

    Can we just do a happy dance for the highlighter and shady lady vol. 1. soooooo amazing! :)

  • Cassidy Chamberlain
    Cassidy Chamberlain 7 years ago

    YAY! did you buy anything?

  • DarkRuins
    DarkRuins 7 years ago

    Hey Ashley, nice channel. :)

  • 83pavs
    83pavs 7 years ago

    really liked the hair tutorial :) very pretty!

  • howrouge
    howrouge 7 years ago

    I agree with the last Cherie's comment-you are a joy to watch and your videos are so professional! I'm really enjoying your channel!

  • cherielovemakeup
    cherielovemakeup 7 years ago

    Your channel gets better with every video! I love your background and you are so professional in front of a camera, I wish I had your skills <3

  • TheExoticFashionista

    Very Nice Videos Hun

  • MyFairSister
    MyFairSister 7 years ago

    OMG Virginia!!! Totally subbed. You are beautiful! Yay another porcelain skin girl! :)

  • Mary Heuser
    Mary Heuser 7 years ago

    Your hair is SO gorgeous!

  • Kendyl M.
    Kendyl M. 7 years ago

    I hope so too! It's been a real pain in the butt for me lol

  • naniigirl22
    naniigirl22 7 years ago

    LOVE THE CHANNEL!!! I subbed!! please check my channel out and sub if you like :)

  • NONE
    NONE 7 years ago

    Ashley, thanks for sharing your giovanni news with me! LOL! Glad you're excited about it, I hope it works for you too! <3<3<3Shannon

  • Tammy's Ageless Beauty

    I want to tell you this...YOU made my heart smile...and actually brought tears to my eyes...I am so happy that you have taken something from my videos and made it work for you...but mostly ...I am honored to be a part of you and your mother's time you spend together...Thanks you so made my day ...:))

  • Agreggers
    Agreggers 7 years ago

    Woohoo another to get tips from :)

  • Kendyl M.
    Kendyl M. 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for subscribing! Let me know what you would like to see in future videos :)

  • Venessa Esquer
    Venessa Esquer 7 years ago

    I just subbed.......What type of BB cream do you use??? Clinique makes one...I wonder if I should try it out....since macys has their gift with purchase.......

  • MsKimiKiwi
    MsKimiKiwi 7 years ago

    I was trying to come to your page and accidently deleted you :( :(

  • JessicaX0
    JessicaX0 7 years ago

    thanks for checking out my channel! your eyeshadow in the evolution tag is gorgeous! subbed =) Jessica<3

  • Tammy's Ageless Beauty

    Ashley...thanks so much for subscribing...:)) Tammy

  • Tammy's Ageless Beauty

    Hi Ashley, How sweet of you and your mom...something to do together...My bedding came from a store called Ethan Allen....Have a happy day!! Thanks again...Tammy

  • Cassidy Chamberlain
    Cassidy Chamberlain 7 years ago

    Love your videos, yay for super pale girls!

  • Hayley Thompson
    Hayley Thompson 7 years ago

    yay pale girllss!! lol your hair colour is gorgeous!! subbed please subscribe to me if u like my videos of course it would mean alot :) xxxx

  • Torie Dorrity
    Torie Dorrity 7 years ago

    Ashley! I would love it if you checked out my beauty channel and gave me some feedback and suggestions! Thanks so much! HUGS :)

  • ndupe
    ndupe 7 years ago

    thanks girl that is so nice of you! you are gorgeous!! i subbed to your channel :) xox

  • 滋賀県桃子
    滋賀県桃子 7 years ago

    I love your videos♥ Awesome channel :)

  • Erin The Insomniac
    Erin The Insomniac 7 years ago

    cute channel! I subbed :D

  • Denny Bates
    Denny Bates 7 years ago

    Thank You!

  • ratherbedancing
    ratherbedancing 7 years ago

    Hi there, Ashley! Thanks for subbing! Had to sub back because your videos are fabulous! I love your makeup, girl! So glad we "met" on BlogTV! :)

  • Laura Lois
    Laura Lois 7 years ago

    Gorgeous hair color! Is it natural? :) Love your videos <3

  • Kristin Resh
    Kristin Resh 7 years ago

    I have been planning on making makeup/hair tutorial videos. I have little two kids, so organizing my thoughts, my makeup stash/space and finding mommy quiet time to do it is tough. My husband is being supportive and thinks it's a cool idea. So hopefully here soon. I'm looking forward to joining the community, doing something I love. :) I will definitely look forward to seeing your videos. You give me inspiration.

  • AKiss611
    AKiss611 7 years ago

    Oh my gosh, you are so pretty! Love your hair, and thank you for subscribing! :)

  • Kristin Resh
    Kristin Resh 7 years ago

    You are awesome :) I just thought someone should tell you. How have more people not found you yet!? I really like and enjoy your style and makeup looks. Also your background rooms you do your tutorials in are pretty. Love the wall colors, they remind me of my own house. I'm glad I found you. :)

  • Jamie Girard
    Jamie Girard 7 years ago

    love your hair color! i post beauty videos too, come check out my channel sometime! subscribe if you like it! thanks! xo

  • cherielovemakeup
    cherielovemakeup 7 years ago

    Thank you for subscribing! Your channel is lovely, I subscribed :)

  • Kimberlyuhles1
    Kimberlyuhles1 7 years ago

    I just saw you haul you did great!! and haha you are so right thats where all my money goes these days to my makeup addiction ;) lol!

  • Maclover65
    Maclover65 7 years ago

    yes I do

  • Charlotteharris08
    Charlotteharris08 7 years ago

    Welcome to youtube Ashley :)

  • Kimberlyuhles1
    Kimberlyuhles1 7 years ago

    hey hun yes you are supposed to respond on my channel like you did =] when you subscribe to someone you get notified all the videos that they post. Good luck with all your videos

  • Maclover65
    Maclover65 7 years ago

    please check out my makeup channel!

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 7 years ago

    thank you!! :)

  • Stephanie ♡
    Stephanie ♡ 7 years ago

    I love your videos! Your camera is really good too :) Can't wait to see more xx

  • Kimberlyuhles1
    Kimberlyuhles1 7 years ago

    LOVE your videos and i just subbed... what kind of camera do you use?