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  • Dylan Domchek
    Dylan Domchek 5 hours ago

    This channel is the greatest.

  • Michael Banton
    Michael Banton 9 days ago

    Tyler Johnson please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 11 days ago

    give us Teodosic (15 points, 4-7 3Pt, 1-2 FT), three assists, two rebounds and one block vs Trail Blazers

  • nisino25
    nisino25 14 days ago

    I have a favor to ask you
    Why haven't u uploaded videos with 60fps since 2015-16?
    The videos that u upload says actually 720p 60fps every single time though the video is 30fps for sure
    I'm a ur big fun since previous channel, please keep making videos for NBA lovers like me!!

  • Cant Win Krillin
    Cant Win Krillin 15 days ago

    Malik Monk highlights?

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 15 days ago

    Malik Monk vs DET please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 15 days ago

    Kennard vs CHA please

  • Jacob Kirkpatrick
    Jacob Kirkpatrick 16 days ago

    Where's the Caleb Swanigan highlights? 18 points in 18 minutes!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 17 days ago

    give us Skal (15 points vs Spurs)

  • Zach McCollum
    Zach McCollum Month ago

    Yo Dawk can you upload Devin Harris' 47 point game against the Suns from 2008-09 season?

  • Trmn8r
    Trmn8r Month ago

    Where are the Timberwolves player season highlights?!?!? You forgot us. KAT and Wiggins all you gotta do :)

  • Chavezponja x
    Chavezponja x Month ago

    rasheed wallace career high please

  • Russell Westbrook

    do a Curry vs Isiah thomas!

  • Drew Colgan
    Drew Colgan 2 months ago

    Can you make one for Isaiah Thomas?

  • Trishton Watson
    Trishton Watson 2 months ago

    Hey How about a Derozan Compilation for 2016-17, you have more than enough clips to do one and were seeing ppl who didn't make the all star team get one (i.e. D.Booker)

  • Damian Harkless
    Damian Harkless 3 months ago

    dawkins i use your videos to analyze and break down players, is this content copyrighted by u? if so im asking permission if i can talk over your video that you got from nba!! holla back!

  • Danny K
    Danny K 4 months ago

    Yo bro make a kyrie vs steph curry video bro don't be foul like that cuz wen kyrie had 19 u most def made a video so make the one I'm requesting funny ass Dude. @ freedawkins

  • Isaac Baugh
    Isaac Baugh 4 months ago

    I don't know how you get so many vids up so soon after the game, but thank you. You rock

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 6 months ago

    Shabazz Napier vs Pelicans please

  • Levi Jackson
    Levi Jackson 6 months ago

    Just checking on you buddy, hoping all is well.

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 6 months ago

    Rudy vs POR please

  • Raidori17
    Raidori17 7 months ago

    Dirk is going OFF! 14 pts in the first quarter, 6 pts left until he reaches 30,000 career points!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 7 months ago

    Hassan vs Sixers please

  • Osiris, The God
    Osiris, The God 7 months ago

    We need those Candace Parker finals highlights!!!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 8 months ago


  • Shop Wya
    Shop Wya 8 months ago

    Hey bro I just created my own t shirts. I saw a video where you would an ad up. How can I go about doing that with you?

  • K B
    K B 8 months ago

    why the fuck would u post whiteside then delete .... fuck u man , your biased . heat won 12 in a row and he played better than alot of the videos you posted

  • Eric Lu
    Eric Lu 8 months ago

    how come u post trash ass highlights of garbage players and then super stars scoring 15-18 points? if so, why no marc gasol or mike conley highlights?

  • Luka Jelenko
    Luka Jelenko 8 months ago

    why are uploading highlights when someone score 15 points but when Dragic scores 26 with 11 assists there are no sign of this upload !!! shame on you

    • Luka Jelenko
      Luka Jelenko 8 months ago


    • K B
      K B 8 months ago

      exactly man , wtf is wrong with him

  • Pablo Perez Rodriguez
    Pablo Perez Rodriguez 8 months ago

    What about yesterday's Hernangomez match? Could you upload it?

  • Pablo Perez Rodriguez
    Pablo Perez Rodriguez 9 months ago

    When are you going to upload some Spanish players highlights? They play in the league too dude

  • Mark Ramada
    Mark Ramada 9 months ago

    Can you do Tyreke Evans please?

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 9 months ago

    Gasol vs GS please

  • House of Guards
    House of Guards 9 months ago

    Thanks for the uploads Dawkins, really appreciate them, can we please get Otto Porter (32 Points upload) and John Wall 18 points & 16 assists?

  • Matthew Fung
    Matthew Fung 10 months ago

    Hey bro, would there be a highlight video of julius randle in the match 17/12 in Cav?

  • Pablo Perez Rodriguez
    Pablo Perez Rodriguez 10 months ago

    Spaniards play in the league man, upload a couple of videos of them too

  • Eduardo Varela Gonzalez

    The spanish players are playing too in the nba, think about it ;)

  • Eduardo Varela Gonzalez

    Please more about spanish players

  • Finn Jake
    Finn Jake 10 months ago


  • Jovelio Caccam
    Jovelio Caccam 10 months ago


  • Trevor Villalobos
    Trevor Villalobos 10 months ago

    No love for Hayward and his 31 pts 7 ast?????

  • Eliran Azolay
    Eliran Azolay 11 months ago


  • Nandan Raghavan
    Nandan Raghavan 11 months ago

    Can you please put up some Goran Dragic videos? Would be much appreciated

  • frsh4
    frsh4 11 months ago

    followed you for years but u cant post a Whiteside video? fuck you

  • Samuel Baptiste
    Samuel Baptiste 11 months ago

    No T.J. Warren highlights vs Warriors?

  • Cory Gill
    Cory Gill 11 months ago

    Post some Tim Frazier highlights, he is balling.

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog 11 months ago

    Hassan vs ORL please

  • Jhon Sebastian Moreno

    the highligths of antoni davis vs magic

  • Grant Blaser
    Grant Blaser Year ago

    why dont put any damian videos on

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Gobert please

  • Joseph Sim
    Joseph Sim Year ago

    Hey, why don't you do some highlights from the WNBA finals? Pretty close games and entertaining!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    KCP & Ellenson vs MIL please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Taurean Prince vs Magic please

  • Jerry Shwe
    Jerry Shwe Year ago

    Can you do one of patrick mccaws 18 pts last night GSW vs nuggets. he hit a game tying shot and a game winner.

  • Wanheda
    Wanheda Year ago

    Another Bender/ Chriss/ Ulis video would be awesome!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Bender & Ulis vs Mavs please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Fred VanVleet's 31 points vs San Lorenzo please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Abrines vs MEM please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Luwawu vs MEM please

  • Denk Ananas
    Denk Ananas Year ago

    Why is the name FreeDawkins?

  • Mark Waters
    Mark Waters Year ago

    Can you please do Zach Lavine vs Charlotte 10.10.2016? I couldn't see the game but he killed it from the box score. Also I love all your Lavine highlight videos, thank you!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Hernangomez vs Lakers please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    please upload highlights of rookies if they had decent game.

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Wade Baldwin IV vs Magic please

  • cat caddy
    cat caddy Year ago

    I dunno who is your video editor but, he is doing great job !!

  • Journal of the Warrior Fan Videos

    Where do U get the highlights for your videos ?  I've gotten started myself............

  • DevoDaSqaud Gamer

    My last name is dawkins FreeDawkins

  • DevoDaSqaud Gamer

    My last name is Dawkins +FreeDawkins

  • xZisT
    xZisT Year ago

    Intro song pls

  • Rishi Kanagarajah

    Can you do an anthony davis one?

  • Trishton Watson
    Trishton Watson Year ago

    no raptors compilation...???

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Year ago

    dunno if u care or not Angla Indira litteraly copied ur comp video

  • Kevin Hegarty
    Kevin Hegarty Year ago

    terry rozier SL higlights plz!!

  • Luka Jelenko
    Luka Jelenko Year ago

    Goran Dragic 2015/2016 highlights regular season and playoffs please upload

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    Robert Brown Year ago

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  • Alec Brazil
    Alec Brazil Year ago

    dawk can you do kj mcdaniels of rockets :( please man

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Terry Rozier and Ognjen Kuzmic please

  • montavis mcneill

    do you have curry and kyrie ball handling highlights from this year coming anytime soon?

  • Ryan ho
    Ryan ho Year ago

    Can you make highlights for alan williams, Tyler Honeycutt and Arinze Onuaku

  • Ensign Gaming
    Ensign Gaming Year ago

    Anthony Brown of LA Lakers please!!!

  • Vick Panchal
    Vick Panchal Year ago

    Norman Powell, Bruno Caboclo, and Pascal Siakam highlights?

  • Alec Brazil
    Alec Brazil Year ago

    dawk can you do a highlight for sam dekker :D thanks man!

  • 葉凭芳
    葉凭芳 Year ago

    I want to watch Courtney Lee's game in Magic.Could you make it???Please

  • UncleDrew
    UncleDrew Year ago

    Great channel the videos... Can you make Irving's 15/16 full season highlights?... tnx

  • Pharaoh
    Pharaoh Year ago

    HEY BRO! I have a suggestion, why not add a shot counter . like on the side ?
    it will really be great for your channel. especially with those 40+ point games.
    its just a suggestion :)

  • Aes Sedai
    Aes Sedai Year ago

    i am in taiwan and i got block in Kyrie Irving & LeBron James HISTORIC Performance in 2016 Finals G5 vs GSW - UNREAL 41 Pts Each!
    please unblock it!

  • Brandon Ruffin
    Brandon Ruffin Year ago

    Where the highlights at though?

  • Boaz Zion
    Boaz Zion Year ago

    No new video today from game 4?

  • rtms tana
    rtms tana Year ago

    Dawkins hope you make greek freak dunkilatioooon pleeaase.It sgonna be sick

    LØRD MCD Year ago

    Thanks for the vids, Dawkins. +FreeDawkins Can we got some CP3, Dame Dolla, DCuz & PG13 2015-2016 Comp's?

  • Young
    Young Year ago

    hey I'm really enjoying your video. thanks for your work. I just wonder why your channel name is 'free'dawkins

  • 514 ngt514
    514 ngt514 Year ago

    Thank you for doing all this work. I really appreciate your effort!

  • oscar veliz
    oscar veliz Year ago

    Hi, you coluld upload highlights of blake griffin playoffs 2016 vs portland

  • Jett Bosnak
    Jett Bosnak Year ago Hinrich, rose kill C's vid?

  • Angel NBA
    Angel NBA Year ago

    you are the best nba youtuber

  • Angel NBA
    Angel NBA Year ago

    what software do you use to edit your videos

  • Jermaine Smith
    Jermaine Smith Year ago

    how come you don't ever upload videos of raptors players? Amazing channel beyond that

  • Vincent Monteleone

    Can you PLEASE do one of the those "all season dunks for Lebron" from this season! his dunks were nasty this year. Thanks! keep up the good work!

  • Valerii Oliinyk
    Valerii Oliinyk Year ago

    Hi Free Dawkins!!!!
    You could tell me how to make highlights of the NBA and don't have strike with their side?
    Sorry to bother you.
    Thank you for the answer.

  • Caleb 32's Tv
    Caleb 32's Tv Year ago

    Yo this guy uploads nothing but Stephan Curry

  • FTown M
    FTown M Year ago

    Love u brah!! Need todays Steph vid tho

  • Trey Niles
    Trey Niles Year ago

    Where the kobe and steph highlights man xD

  • Systemfehler53
    Systemfehler53 Year ago

    Dawkins the real mvp

  • Asim Khan
    Asim Khan Year ago

    Blake Griffin highlights today pls

  • Russ Wes
    Russ Wes Year ago

    Wiggins please, no vids of him in a long time

  • WingYin Lam
    WingYin Lam Year ago

    where is Monta Ellis vs rockets 23pts 6reb 7ast
    also Monta Ellis beat Spurs 26pts

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan Year ago

    wheres the raptors at yoo

  • ratatatat56
    ratatatat56 Year ago

    awesome videos, you should get a deal with the nba

  • abdallah ballsohard

    hey dawk, can you please upload lowry 28 pts and derozan 28 pts against the pacers

  • thejets24revis
    thejets24revis Year ago

    I'm mad you aint upload russells highlights from yesterday

  • Goose Ignite
    Goose Ignite Year ago

    Thank you so much for these videos!

  • How To Make Sushi

    Welcome back😍 🆒

  • thatguyonstage
    thatguyonstage Year ago

    you've gotta do a highlight video for Rubio after that cold blooded game winner

  • Henrie Storm
    Henrie Storm Year ago

    Hey Dawkins, I don't know if its me who hasn't seen them yet but it'll be cool to drop some Paul George highlights. I've been waiting for you to post them up.

  • Henrie Storm
    Henrie Storm Year ago

    Hey Dawkins, I don't know if its me who hasn't seen them yet but it'll be cool to drop some Paul George highlights. I've been waiting for you to post them up.

  • 范燊
    范燊 Year ago

    u barely oploads monta ellis highlight!!! why?

  • thehotsung8701A
    thehotsung8701A Year ago

    tire of you sucking curry dick all day. Curry is an overrated piece of trash. Get that through your thick skull.

    • nokour ndm
      nokour ndm Year ago

      +thehotsung8701A oh dang the lakers rip fudge man

    • thehotsung8701A
      thehotsung8701A Year ago

      +nokour ndm

      He lost to the Lakers yesterday and he got outplay by another unknown scrub in Huerta.

    • nokour ndm
      nokour ndm Year ago

      +thehotsung8701A is not a weak era this is the golden age a of basketball and remember basket ball gets harder and harder evey year new champions new team so buckle up for in advanture

    • nokour ndm
      nokour ndm Year ago

      +thehotsung8701A tell me something if someone touched your hand while you are on shooting motion would you have a chance of making the shot or missing

    • thehotsung8701A
      thehotsung8701A Year ago

      +nokour ndm

      He play in a weak era where a slight touch is consider a foul.  I can't touch your hair bro, if I do it a foul!  He also play in an era that benefit perimeter player.  

  • cb4allstar4
    cb4allstar4 Year ago

    Could you please block all the annoying Warriors bandwagons infesting your channel?

  • thehotsung8701A
    thehotsung8701A Year ago

    06 Kobe > Curry all day.

  • Johnny U.
    Johnny U. Year ago

    fuck this harden hater

  • Graham Riley
    Graham Riley Year ago

    Dawk, it pains me to see so many people bitching about not getting the highlights they want. Thank you for putting in all the time & effort for the people. You use power of the internet well. Hope you're somehow getting compensated for all this.

    • cb4allstar4
      cb4allstar4 Year ago

      +Graham Riley Curry fans are ungrateful for anyone in the NBA other than their fav. player who they probably started watching only two years ago

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Hassan vs GS please

  • leox1118
    leox1118 Year ago

    hey buddy, if it's not too much work, could you put the splash bros highlights together? thanks man you are awesome!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Lowry's triple-double please

  • Tomas Antonelli
    Tomas Antonelli Year ago

    derrick rose 22pts vs lakers


    You upload 18pts Porzingis (who cares of 18pts?) and not 27pts of Gallooo!!!


    We want more Gallinari highlights!!!! You never upload Gallinar's highlights!!!!

  • Jarkid Shen
    Jarkid Shen Year ago

    Hey, Dawkins, Please make the highlight of Lopez !!! Don't always ignore the Nets when they win !

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon Year ago

    kyle lowry should get a playlist

  • coa
    coa Year ago

    Hey man do you get paid for making these kind of videos or they just dont pay you since u dont use your content :) love the videos

  • Harvey Mack
    Harvey Mack Year ago

    What kind of software do U use to put these videos together ?

  • Caleb 32's Tv
    Caleb 32's Tv Year ago


  • Caleb 32's Tv
    Caleb 32's Tv Year ago

    IM starting to be offended that your not uploading the clippers Highlights Its kinda pissing me OFF!!! (>ლ) ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

  • Zheng Hao
    Zheng Hao Year ago

    May I ask you a question?
    how do make cover image have red zone ?
    what software?
    thank you

  • Kawaii Leonard
    Kawaii Leonard Year ago

    Where's the Lamarcus highlights vs LA? I swear the Spurs highlights here are far and between.

  • ThePinkVoodoo
    ThePinkVoodoo Year ago

    Lamarcus Vs. Davis!!!

  • zThunderboltz
    zThunderboltz Year ago

    Hoping you will also put Kevin love's highlights for the pacers game. he was clutch

  • Zulu
    Zulu Year ago

    Congrats 200k subs!

  • Rudyard Pue
    Rudyard Pue Year ago

    Please post some Smart highlights! He dropped 26 last night and hit some crazy shots.

  • Chadi Tolaimate
    Chadi Tolaimate Year ago

    DeAndre 17& 19 Pls !
    Keep up !

  • Cody Morgan
    Cody Morgan Year ago

    Hey, I wanted to say thank you. I just thought about the time and effort it would take to create these highlight reels for each player for each game and that's countless hours you've spent working on these. I appreciate your hard work!

    • DeMarDeLeonard #Raptors #Spurs
      DeMarDeLeonard #Raptors #Spurs Year ago

      Ikr he only uploads stars thats why i head over to GD if he dawk doesnt have what ime looking for because GD usually does

  • Equisdé Flechipollas

    Mc demoledor canal recomendado ok

  • kash
    kash Year ago

    upload the cousins 56 please

  • Adithya Krishnan

    derozan highlights ?

  • Tyron Cheer
    Tyron Cheer Year ago


  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon Year ago

    rondo & cousins highlights

  • andre filipe
    andre filipe Year ago

    do andrew wiggins and karl anthony-towns vs pelicans

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean Year ago

    can you make Marcus smart's triple double highlight please. Thanks!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Lillard vs Utah please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Aldridge vs Porzingis duel please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Robin Lopez vs MIA please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Jackson and KCP vs BOS please

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon Year ago

    b jennings 17 & 6 in 18 mins

  • zathomas1930
    zathomas1930 Year ago

    Hey @FreeDawkins ........ where do you get footage for your basketball highlights?

  • luis angulo
    luis angulo Year ago

    hey free dawkins what is your name

  • Mik K
    Mik K Year ago

    Clarkson and Randle? Where is Noel???

  • TND Reacts
    TND Reacts Year ago

    could u put in a cameron payne video

  • Nate Lawson
    Nate Lawson Year ago

    Could you do tj warren? Thanks.

  • Dimas Valdés
    Dimas Valdés Year ago

    Can you do like a Klay Thompson 3's this season video?? It will have a lot of visits....klay shooting video this season. He's doing well: 20 ppg ; second in threes made (first steph) PLEASE! :) Thanks!

  • Tomlinson J.
    Tomlinson J. Year ago

    can we get demarcus cousins vs the pacers? 11/23/15

  • Chris B
    Chris B Year ago

    20 pts for porzingis and hezonja combined , well well , but then you could maybe load dennis schröders 18 pts up to your site don´t you?

  • Mychal Pinson
    Mychal Pinson Year ago

    Brandon Jennings Grand Rapids Debut

  • CharlesDaQuick
    CharlesDaQuick Year ago

    John Wall @ Spurs 2015-2016 highlights please?

  • Christopher Tinana

    if it wasn't for this channel, i would be very bored at work!


    Please upload all videos chris paul , sometimes I can not see him play!!! please please please

  • WhoisWhip !
    WhoisWhip ! Year ago

    Wassup boss, love the edits, NBA scouting teams need to gibve you a chance. But is there anyway you could start throwing up game footage on the Orlando Magic players/team? Would love to see there standout clips since they arent televised (ever). Thanks in advance?

  • City Boy Highlights

    I need some subs

  • 高橋涼介
    高橋涼介 Year ago

    derrick rose 9pts 3ast

  • Samuel Baptiste
    Samuel Baptiste Year ago

    Brandon Knight's game against Chicago today? He heated up and it was awesome to watch! Thanks for the uploads!

    TEA-EZ MIXES Year ago

    Thanks for all your hard work do you think you could make a giannis highlight montage part 1

  • Raidori17
    Raidori17 Year ago

    Can I get Jabari Parker's 17 pts 7 reb, 2stls(three nasty dunks!) vs the knicks please! thanks!

  • Easy Mode
    Easy Mode Year ago

    And now the wait for the Curry Vs. Lowry Duel!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Tony Parker 17 points vs Spurs please

  • Sean Adams
    Sean Adams Year ago

    Yo, I love watching your clips, but how come you never do any Orlando Magic? Last time you put up a Magic performance was over two weeks ago, and there have been plenty of good performances since.

  • Chadi Tolaimate
    Chadi Tolaimate Year ago

    Lance Stephenson vs Pacers, 19pts please !

  • Raidori17
    Raidori17 Year ago

    could you post deron williams' 30 pts 8 reb, 6 ast against portland please? :)

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Whiteside 6 blocks vs NY please

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Parker vs Suns please

  • Jonsin
    Jonsin Year ago

    The NBA should just hire you to do these videos. Fans really want to see full highlight videos and for some reason the nba wont do it.

  • SUL A
    SUL A Year ago

    Hey Dawk what's up. I really appreciate all your videos man! Keep doing your thing even when the system tryna hold you down.

    Quick question...could you do a combined video of John Wall, Bradley Beal & Otto Porter's game last night against the Pistons? I feel like that would be a perfect compilation. Would enjoy that one

  • cheekongng
    cheekongng Year ago

    Holy crap i missed u man. I had to watch Gd's highlights in your absence. But damm you edit way better, Keep up the good work.

  • Near Noah
    Near Noah Year ago

    Would u pls add defensive play to your video. It'll be excellent.

  • 彭小凱
    彭小凱 Year ago

    hi ! your highlight movie is great!! can i share and embed in my blog?

  • The Liquidator
    The Liquidator Year ago

    please, Elfrid Payton vs Timberwolves

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    thank you

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Dirk vs Sixers please

  • Skunk Harrison
    Skunk Harrison Year ago

    will you be able to put up any college videos anymore?

  • Boyuan Lyu
    Boyuan Lyu Year ago

    can't imagine my life without this channelSo glad you are back!!

  • Darkskin LuffyINJURED


  • Drink more water

    Welcome back Dawk!

  • DB Cooper
    DB Cooper Year ago

    Welcome back! Thanks for the uploads.

  • Redcell89
    Redcell89 Year ago

    OMG your back thank the lord!!!!

  • Shadow Killer
    Shadow Killer Year ago

    Welcome back!!!!!!

  • Albert
    Albert Year ago

    Thanks for all the uploads!

  • jobbhorog
    jobbhorog Year ago

    Whiteside highlights please! 20 points, 11 rebounds, 6(!) blocks vs Toronto